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The Only Exception💕-written by me-

Only exception-

Phan- one shot

Warnings- depressing thoughts, swear words, implied sex and fluff that is it. (and Phil smokes but I don’t know if that counts)

Time Period- Highschool Phan.

Word count -1474

Dan sighed as he closed his eyes and rested his forehead against his locker. Waiting for the hallway to clear out so he could leave. School was hell. Hell was probably nice word for it. Hell would probably seem like heaven compared to this place. Dan was pushed into lockers and called a very offensive word for gay. It hurt him a lot basically because HE WASN’T GAY. He never put a label on himself and he dated both girls and guys. Yes both and yes that exists. He was attracted to both just guys more so and what sucked even more was his boyfriend Jordan just broke up with him.

The night of the big fall dance. It was the only dance Dan ever wanted to go too. He loved fall. The pretty colors and that it was a simple dance and you didn’t have to bring a date.. But what else are you suppose to do if you don’t have a date. I mean his friend Tyler said he could tag along with his boyfriend Troye but he knew he’d be the instant third wheel. So that brought back the question. What do you do without a date? Guess find someone to screw in the bathroom.

Now don’t get him wrong. He’d had sex before a fair amount of times again with both boys and girls and he wasn’t against it but he likes it simple. In bed and at least some what romantic be on a first name basis and be able to text them a few weeks later like “You wanna come over and play playstation?” Without it being awkward.

“Dan?” He heard a voice call out and he didn’t even have to look up to know who it was. It was Phil Lester. “Yes Phil?” He asked. “Why are you leaning against your locker like the world just ended or your constipated?” Phil asked causing Dan to laugh for the first time that day. “Sorry, just thinking, long day Phil.” “So you’re not constipated? I can give you a stool softener.” Phil told Dan. “Phil oh my God you spork. Why would just randomly have that?” He asked looking at him for the first time since he came into the hallway and he looked amazing as always. Blue shirt on, tight black Jeans and his cigarette in his hand. “It happens to everybody Dan! Now come on I want to smoke.” Phil said causing Dan to sigh but follow him nonetheless.

Phil and Dan had a strange relationship. Dan thought but everyone agreed. Phil had issues with getting close to people so when him and Dan got to close for his liking he took a break for a few days dropping all contact which hurt Dan at first but he understood and when Phil came back it took like 3 minutes to jump into conversations like Phil had only been gone for 4 minutes not 4 days.

They had known eachother since middle school and were each others firsts in everything but boyfriends. Kiss to fuck buddies. They were each other’s firsts in bed and just the thought of when Phil was trying to get Dans jeans off and ended up falling off the bed in the process made Dan start laughing again and Phil looked at him really confused seeing as they had just sat down inside of Phils car, turning it on the radio coming to life.

“Dan you okay?” He asked taking his first hit of his cigarette. “Sorry sorry I was just remembering when we were 15 and we got in bed together to do the dirty and you fell off the bed.” Dan said threw giggles. “You skinny jeans were tight as hell I had to yank them off your ankles what did you think was going to happen?” Phil defended which caused Dan to laugh even more.

Phil turned his car radio off then. “Phil I like that song.” Dan said pouting. It was The only exception by paramore. “Do you now?” Phil said looking at him and Dan just nodded before they headed into a bunch of different conversations from cat names to the fact Dan faked sick to get out of gym to trying to get weird kinks out of each other.

3 hours in and 3 and half cigarettes later Phil looked at Dan as quickly as he could since he was now driving Dan home “You haven’t texted Jordan once the dance is tonight.” Phil said which reminded Dan of two things 1. Was crap the dance is in an hour and I’m not ready and 2. Phil had no idea that Jordan and him had broken up.

“Oh well Jordan and I are kinda done so Tyler said I could tag along with him and Troye.” Dan told Phil and Phil immediately went into protective mode. “Why did he cheat? Do I need to run him over with my car? I know it’s a piece of crap and can only go to like 70 miles per hour and only has 1 good wheel but I can get the job done.” He said pulling into Dans house. Dan chuckled lightly “Phil I’ll be fine I promise see you tomorrow.” Dan said because Phil never came to school celebrations or dances because he said “I’m forced to go for 8 hours a day I will not willing put myself in that building for more time then I must.” And Dan got his point.

Dan went in and got ready in the only black jeans he had, a button up white shirt and he flat ironed his hair again.

He was at the dance no more then 30 minutes later with Tyler, Troye and a couple of his other friends like Pj, Chris, Louise etc.

They talked for a good couple of minutes well it was more like an hour and Dan was actually happy he came out of the house instead of sitting on tumblr all night.

“This next dance is for couples only couples come to the dance floor.” And everybody went and Dan stood against the wall.

“When I was younger I saw my daddy cry and curse at the wind…” Dan knew the song immediately

Dan smiled and swayed to the song not caring that he didn’t have anybody to dance with till the song got to

“And I’ve always lived like this one keeping a comfortable distance and up until now I had swore to myself I’m content with loneliness. Because none of it was every worth the risk.”

He saw him in slow motion. He walked threw the crowd of couples. In the same outfit he had earlier and held out his hand to Dan silently asking him to dance to the song and Dan felt like crying. He took his hand and he pulled Dan to the corner of the room they were holding the dance since he didn’t like crowds and Dan just didn’t really like people.

“Phil what are you doing?” Dan whispered over Hayley Williams now playing softly in the background. “Something I should’ve done a long time ago.” And he slow danced with him till it got to the line of

“I’ve got a tight grip on reality but I can’t let go of what’s in front of me here.”

And Phil spinned him and pulled him to him looking into his eyes and he kissed him and it wasn’t the ‘we’re testing it out or I’m horny I want you kiss.’ This was a you’re mine kiss and I don’t care who sees and Dan couldn’t be more happier.

But of course Phil still asked him “Will you be my boyfriend Dan?” And Dan could only nod scared if spoke he’d cry. His first kiss, his first time was now his boyfriend and he was so grateful that he could call his best friend his boyfriend and his boyfriend his best friend.

Phil groaned randomly and Dan panicked for a second scared it was all a joke “What?” Dan asked quickly. “It’s the same freaking jeans.” Phil said pouting and Dan knew what he meant and he glared at him “Really? That’s what you focus on the fact I have on the same jeans that made you fall off the bed?” Dan asked him. “Yes you’re my boyfriend now sweetheart, you should be aware that your clumsy boyfriend does not do well with those jeans.” Phil said and Dan giggled “Shut up.” Dan said and Phil followed back with “You shut up.” With Dan of course followed with for being a cheeky bastard “Make me.” And Phil replied “Fine by me but you might moan a little.” Dan rolled his eyes and kissed Phil again and lightly in the background he heard

“And I’m on my way to believing..”

Rant about Connor leaving O2L

I wasn’t gonna say anything about this but the drama that is happening here on Tumblr now is really frustrating. Connor asked us to not start any rumors or drama, but that’s exactly what the fandom is doing and I can’t just sit and let it go (no pun intended) because the drama is about my favorite YouTuber who’s going through a very, very tough time now. I am aware that nobody will probably read this let alone do what I’m about to say, but it’ll make me feel better that I’ve said all of this. 

Even though I was kinda expecting this, it still isn’t something I can so easily process. I’ve watched his O2L videos from almost the start so I know that his videos used to be happier and generally better (not that they’re bad now). I definitely noticed that his videos started to get shorter and he uploaded a lot of videos saying he didn’t know what to do for that weeks video and it was very noticeable that he was under a lot of pressure and very stressed. 

As he said in his video, YouTube started to feel like a job, it wasn’t something he loved doing as much as he did when he started. I remember commenting on one of his earlier videos something along the lines that I’ll support him through everything, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. I’m supporting him and his decision to be happy again. 

We all just need to chill and process this without any more drama and rumors. He said why he’s leaving O2L in his video so watch it over and over again, as many times you need to stop starting drama about this because you’re not making it easier for Connor.

And lastly, Connor we all love you so so much and respect the decision you made and hope that you’ll be happy as you used to be. I’m sending you all my love and the biggest hug ever. ♡♡♡ 

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