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EXO as Yanderes

Anon Asked: I never realized how much I needed yandere x kpop until now lol. Can you do exo as yanderes pretty please 😘😘 

Of course ! Really glad that you guys are enjoying these requests! Enjoy :-)

Againnnn* A Yandere is a Character that is in love/obsessed with the main character. They’re are usually different types, but they all want one thing and one thing only. The person they are head over heels for. That’s that only thing that matters to them. They can be innocent but violent, or quiet but loving. The possibilities are endless, but that’s a mini introduction on what a Yandere is.

Suho: The Kind, but Stalker Type; He is sweet and gentle on you, giving you praises, showering you in gifts. Money is nothing to him, he doesn’t care for anyone else, the only thing that matters to him in life is you. Although other people may constantly flaunt over him everywhere he goes, he just yawns and rolls his eyes, but as you walk past him is eyes bulge and his face perks up into a smile. All his boredom fades away into excitement when it came to you. He loved to linger around you whenever he could, he always wanted to be at your side. He would walk/drive you to class or work even if it was only a few paces away, he wanted you to be careful at all costs, because he would lose it if ever something happened to you.

   “Ahhh jagiya ~ You look ravishing today~!”

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In Yandere Mode: He wouldn’t, no he just could not, let you out of his sight ever. It was at the end of the day and you had already said your goodbyes. As you walked home you could feel a pair of eyes on you but would just brush it off thinking it was nothing, but once you stopped for a second to chat with your neighbor before walking inside you phone would go off with multiple texts, “Who was that guy? Why were you talking to him? Why are you not texting me back?” one right after the other. Of course you texted back explaining who he was and asking how he knew he would just simply text you back paragraphs on how much you meant to him and loved you.

  “I don’t like seeing you smile with other guys. It makes me sick to see them try to steal you away from me…”

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Kai: The Overprotective Type: He never let you do things on your own. If it was one thing he was afraid of its that you would break. To him you were that of a porcelain doll and treated you with extra care. He reached high things for you, and carried the heavy things, sometimes all your things. Whenever he took you out to lunch he would lean in and wipe away and sauce you had around your mouth, whenever you were about to do something strenuous he would be there to tie your hair up for you. Whenever you lashed out at him, telling him how it upset you that he treated you like a child he would simply laugh telling you how cute you were, but add that you were his woman and you were to be treated like a queen.

   “I’m sorry if my actions make you feel like a little girl,but you actually make me feel like a man whenever I can protect you and take care of you like this.”

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In Yandere Mode: Everyone knew to steer clear of you. Although you two weren’t together, people still knew that you belonged to him, and of course he was so under your spell you didn’t have to ask twice to be his. No one ever messed with you because they knew if they got the bull’s little lamb, they were going to get the horns sorry my inner texan came out so no one dare try to mess with you. Once someone did without knowing and he went from 0 to 100, and let’s just say things weren’t so pretty afterwards.

   “You know I’m always going to protect you, because you’re mine and I am yours babygirl. And I’m not going to let anyone touch a hair on your pretty little head.”

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Chanyeol: The Innocent but Crazy Dominant Type; You made this boy loopy whenever you were around him. His favorite part of the day was you. He always got excited whenever he knew he was going to see you, buying you bouquets of flowers, making you cute charm and handmade bracelets and necklaces for you to wear. Whenever you weren’t in class/work he would pout and close himself off. Whenever other people tried to talk to him, the only subject he talked about or brought up was you, you, and more you. He would be the type to go over to your house and throw rocks at your window,until you allowed him entrance to your room, he was your most bestfriend, and you spent almost as your time with him.

   “What? no, I don’t have anywhere else to be except here with you Y/N”

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In Yandere Mode: Because he wanted to be around you at all times, the one thing he couldn’t stand was being apart from you for so long,especially whenever you two fought, and you gave him the silent treatment. He couldn’t accept that, not from you, the one person that mattered most to him in the world. He texted and called you constantly apologizing, but after multiple messages and voicemails of not answering him he would go to your house. But little did you know he was there. The reason you didn’t answer him was because you were in a sleeping daze and left your phone on silent. As he quietly slipped through your window you rolled over just to be pinned to the bed, as he towered above you, grinning sinisterly.

   “I don’t like being ignored Y/N. I’m going to make sure you notice me now“

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Xiumin: The Flirtatious but Protective Type; If it was one thing that he loved, it was teasing you. He loved watching your face turn red and that cute wrinkle that formed in between on your forehead whenever you glared at him when he pinched at your thighs, sometimes even going higher with the slip of his fingers. Even though he teased you so much to the point of you thinking there was just no way he could actually have feelings for you, he did. They were strong feelings, stronger than he ever felt. Although he played it cool and coi, he never wanted to show you how he really felt in fear of rejection.

  “You’re looking real sexy in that outfit today Y/N”

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In Yandere Mode: He hated whenever other guys looked at you whenever you wore that dress that was a little too tight for his comfort. He hated it even more whenever they whistled your way and made you uncomfortable with their catcalls. He would feel disgusted by them but more  by himself for acting the same way towards you. Getting all his anger in his fist, he knocked out the next guy who threw a nasty comment your way. There was no way he was going to let someone else flaunt over you that way or better yet disrespect you.

  “Why don’t you show the lady more respect. Don’t you dare talk about her that way you filthy pig. Anyone else that looks at Y/N that way next, I’ll knock your teeth in.”

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Kris: The Cold but Sweet Type; He would be the sweetest. Always making sure you keep a smile on your face and you laugh at least a few times throughout the day. He kept an eye on you at all times, making sure no one messed with you. He would drop everything for you. Skipping work to go take care of you while you were sick. Texting you constantly during the day to see if you needed anything, and call you at night to make sure that you got alot of rest and went to bed early just to stay on the phone and talk to you all night. The next day he would surprise you with breakfast or lunch to make up for keeping you up yet another night, letting you know that he just felt like he could be himself whenever it came to being around you.

  “I’m sorry Y/N I know I kept you up again,but I cooked you up your favorite dish for breakfast, make sure you eat it all so you can focus today.”

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In Yandere Mode: He would never want to act out violently in front of you because he didn’t want to scare you. As you two were walking and chatting away, you both stopped as soon as that persistent guy who had been following you around stepped in you way trying to spark up a conversation with you. Kris stood there a fake smile upon his face, as he inched closer feeling his hostility grow, but it soon turned into anger once he tried to lay a hand on you. He grabbed his by the shirt, picking him up off the ground and blankly stared at him, with an icy yet most calm tone.

  “You don’t have any right following her around like this and bothering her, and I’ll be damned if I let you touch her. Now walk away.”

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LuHan: The Aggressive Type; No one got even the slightest bit close to him. Although girls admit he was handsome, they were too afraid to approach him. He came off as the badboy type. He didn’t give a damn about anything or anyone. The only thing that he ever took interest in was you. Though you two hardly spoke, he still considered you his one and only friend, hoping that you two could be more later on. He knew he had to fix his attitude first, he didn’t want to snap at you and push you away. So whenever you came around he smile, he laughed, he talked, he took interest. You made him a different person, you made him the kind of person that he longed to be, and he wasn’t about to let that go.

  “I know I may seem scary or mean, but I promise you that I would never do anything to hurt you Y/N… I really like you..”

       noooooo that gif!

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In Yandere Mode: He pounced on anyone that talked bad about you, look at you a certain way, even accidentally bumped into you. He was hotheaded whenever it came to people around you. He didn’t want people saying your name so freely, and he definitely didn’t want anyone touching you. He lingered and hovered around you, making sure that whenever anyone wanted to talk to you, he made sure he was right there behind you, making sure they didn’t get grabby. Even though he was in love with you, he didn’t want to push you away from your loved ones or people who he thought you took interest in, in fear of you hating him in the end. The only time he became physical was whenever anyone tried to bully you or become handsy with you. He just could not stand seeing you being touched by another man besides him.

  “I want you all to myself,me and only me Y/N, I’m sorry if I’m asking for too much or being selfish..”

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D.O: The Quiet but Cunning Type: Although you two had never spoken as friends before, he was head over heels for you. He was the most respected, but yet he gave all that respect to you for he thought you were kind, funny, selfless, witty, and smart. You had the whole package and he wanted to see what was inside. He tried small gestures here and there to get closer to you. He would “accidentally” bump into you, a little harder than he should that way he could grab ahold of you and catch you before you fell. He would try other acts to make him seem like the hero is every situation to appear cool and brave in front of you, because he wanted your eyes only on him.

  “She is beyond perfection and she deserves someone who is going to treat her nothing less than that.”

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In Yandere Mode: If he saw someone talking to you, he would have none of it. He hid behind the corner watching as the stranger asked you for you number along with meeting up with him the next day at that cozy cafe in the first booth and he walked away after you kindly gave it to him, excited to finally be asked out. As he turned the corner, he was met with Kyungsoo and his three friends as they proceeded to teach him a lesson. The next day as you walked up to the first booth at the coffee shop you were surprised to see D.O sitting there, with two warm cups already as he looked up and gave you a warm yet mysterious smile.

   “He doesn’t deserve you. No one does. They aren’t good enough, but me and you. We make a perfect pair.”

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Baekhyun: The Submissive Puppy Type: He followed you everywhere. Where you went he was right next to you with a big smile. He worshipped the ground you walked on, to him you were his Goddess. His favorite thing to do was latch onto you. Throwing his arms around your waist at random times nuzzling into you. Although at first you protested, getting flustered and telling him he was too close, but after a while of getting used to it you just let him latch onto you, while you occasionally stroked his soft hair. Even though you weren’t dating, he introduced you as his girlfriend to everyone you both met. He was drunk on you but he wanted more, he could never had enough of you, he wanted. No. He needed all of you.

  “Ahhhhhh my jagi looks so so so soooooooo beautiful today! But that’s how you are to me everyday !”

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In Yandere Mode: He loved to be in contact with you, weather it be via text, email,or calling. But his most favorite form of contact was to be able to touch you. He itched to touch you in some way weather it be when you sat by him and he played with a lock of your hair, to brushing hands with you, but there were times for him that not having that kind of contact made things unbearable. It made him go crazy whenever you two would fight and you denied him access to touching you. He would fall to his knees and cry and whine out begging you to touch him in any way that you pleased weather it be in pleasure or pain…which was his favorite whenever he was in his yandere mood.

  “Please Pleasee Y/N, I need your touch…it hurts…caress me, hurt me ..do whatever you want to me…just touch me.”

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Chen: The Cute but Dangerous Type: The one thing that made you roll your eyes was this boy. You hated it whenever he jabbed at you teasingly or joked around, sometimes a little too far. The only reason he kept up with this cheesy front was because he didn’t want to seem boring to you plus his most favorite sound was the sound of your laugh. At times when he laid off the joking he back serious and opened up to you talking to you about anything and everything for hours on end.

  “I know I joke around alot, but that one thing that isn’t a joke is the way I feel about you.”

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In Yandere Mode: The only expression you ever saw on him was happiness, so you were surprised whenever you started to walk up to him and you heard him threatening someone who had been bothering you all week. He cornered the stranger, his voice sounding deeper than you’ve ever heard. Once he ran off and Jongdae turned around and came face to face with you, all he could do was smile.

  “Sorry that you had to see that Y/N. Gosh I really hate that side of me. It’s like I’m a different person.”

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Tao: The Bitter-Sweet Type; The only thing that pulled at his heartstrings was you. Whenever you were upset or pouted he did all he could to make that go away and bring forth a smile from your lips. He was the most happiest when you were happy. Although you weren’t dating he would hug you letting it linger for too long, hold your hand or interlock arms with you whenever you two went out somewhere and you even had a mini-anniversary every month to celebrate the relationship that still budded between you two. You were the screen-saver for his phone, and he even let it go as far enough as him putting “Jagiya” under your contact name. Although you thought it was all make believe when it came to his love-attraction towards you. To him it was all very real.

  “Ah~ You know I love you…Well you know what I mean I love spending time with you…that’s all…..”

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In Yandere Mode: He could text you for hours, maybe even days if you didn’t have class or work to go to, but if you didn’t answer in time he would become more and more frustrated after a while. His anger would first be directed towards whoever was around him at that time, throwing snarky and ugly comments their way, next if you didn’t reply within a few hours or so he would be sarcastic and vile towards you once you finally answered. Although you knew of his short temper you couldn’t help but feel saddened by his words. As soon as he read back to what he said and go an “Just leave me alone,” from you in response, he would throw his phone, then thrash around, throwing things in his room making a giant mess, screaming and yelling. Once he was done he would go buy you more gifts than he could carry and surprise you at your doorstep pleading for forgivness.

  “Please Y/N don’t leave me alone, It was stupid for me to say those things to you. I’m sorry I just thought you didn’t want to talk to me and you’re all I have!”

Lay: The Romantic Type but Dominant Type; The one thing that this boy loved doing was showering you in love. He didn’t care if you or anyone else knew how he felt about you, all he wanted to do was make his feelings known to you. Even though you felt as if it was all a joke he tried everything he could to reassure you. You couldn’t help but think he was just teasing you, after all he was wanted by many other women and you thought you could never compare to them. But he assured you that you were it for him. He wrote love ballads about you two, took you out every night or cooked for you at least once a day. He could open up to you about anything and would always tell you that one day he was going to marry you whenever you allowed it.

   “I love you so much Y/N I wish you could see what I do. One day I will marry you, until then at least let me call you mine”

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In Yandere Mode: He couldn’t stand anymore of your laughing and teasing when it came to his love for you. He didn’t know how else to show you besides doing the one and only thing that would wipe that grin off your face. Because even though he loved seeing you smile, he also loved nothing more than seeing you blush and shake and that’s exactly what he wanted to see. As soon as you finished laughing at his super lovey dovey poetry for you, his smile faded into a serious frown before turning into a devilish grin. He then proceeded to slam you against the wall and breathe heavily into your ear while harnessing you up by your thighs,holding you still in place.

  “Let me show you how two people really show love for eachother,with body language.”

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Sehun: The Possessive Type: Eye-rolls, tsk tsk, and sarcasm was all that was directed towards you whenever you were around him. You tried to steer clear from him because you thought you annoyed him, when in all honesty he was madly in love with you. His attraction would be the kind of that of younger children where the little boy likes the little girl but is too shy and afraid of getting hurt so he tugs her hair or teases her. That’s how Sehun would be towards you. Although he felt major attraction for you he never wanted to admit it, even though he didn’t think anyone was good enough for you he would throw himself right in that category.

  “Dammit why is she sooooo cute?!”

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In Yandere Mode: The one thing he would not tolerate was other people picking on you. He got majorly ticked off whenever they poked fun at you and you frowned. He would instantly stick up for you, standing in front of you protecting you from the bullies. They would just laugh and point out how it was okay to do so since he did the same. Those kind of comments set him off, because he felt angry towards himself that he was that way towards you, but would turn around and claim you were dating ,and thats why he was that way towards you. When the bullies dispersed he would immediately become flustered,stuttering and looking door averting your gaze telling you how it was all a joke to get them to back off, thought secretly he wish it were true.

  “N-no….I don’t like you not like that… your-e okay just I don’t know….”

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Black Rose [Part Ten] [M]!


Pairings: Minseok x main protagonist(Iseul) x Luhan

Mafia AU

Ongoing series

Warning: Mature content such as; violence, mature language, abuse, smut, drug use, suicide etc.

Read at your own Discretion!!!!


Black Rose. The most feared and infamous Mafia in Seoul, with a leader just as infamous and just as feared. The whole country has heard of her, yet no one has encountered her and lived long enough to tell the tale. She’s cold, undetectable, invisible even. It’s like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands. Impossible. She walks over corpses to get what she wants and she wants revenge. All of her targets endure hell and eventually gruesome death. Her next target: Kim Minseok.

Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Part Fifteen | Part Sixteen | Part Seventeen | Part Eighteen | Part Nineteen | Part Twenty | Part Twenty-One | Part Twenty-TwoPart Twenty-Three | Part Twenty-Four | Part Twenty-Five | Part Twenty-Six | Part Twenty-Seven | Part Twenty-Eight | Part Twenty-Nine | Part ThirtyPart Thirty-One |Part Thirty-Two |  Part Thirty-Three(soon) | Part Thirty-Four(soon) | Part Thirty-Five *Final* (soon) | Epilogue 1(soon) | Epilogue 2(soon) | Epilogue 3(soon) | Epilogue 4(soon) | Epilogue 5(soon) | Epilogue *Bonus*(soon) |

Requests are open :) xx

Word Count: 3,960

Part Ten:

Iseul looked down as she spoke to Minseok, her voice betraying her as sobs were threatening to come out, but she pushed them down and took a shaky breath, locking eyes with Minseok. 

“I need to tell you about him.” her voice whispered as she swallowed the lump in her throat. 

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Unpopular Opinion: Kris and EXO

I just thought that multiple tweets weren’t enough to satisfy my need to let out all my emotions. Since May, I have endured a lot of shit just because of a fandom and to be honest I have never, ever felt so tired because of a fandom I have. So I will voice out my opinion because this is my blog, I can do whatever I want just as long as I will be responsible for my words. And I will be. Whatever I post here will be subject to the judgment of other people so please, feel free to comment on my ask whatever rebuttals you have against this post, I will take it, and I will converse with you in a civilized manner.

I mostly side with Kris. Some EXO fans on Twitter had already called me out, saying that I was a fake fan. I refuse to believe that I am a fake fan, but I am merely biased. My bias is Kris, so I choose to side with him. And these are my reasons why:

  • During the first week of the controversy, there were a lot of rumors. EXO was probably still living together in one dorm or something. They must still probably see each other every day, especially EXO-M who had countless appearances on the Chinese media when this controversy was just starting to arise. And, knowing the boys, they should know about these ‘rumors’ just by logging in to their social media accounts. But then when the 'rumors’ were proved to be true, what did these boys do? They posted on their Instagram accounts, saying “EXO as 11" (Tao, deleted) and "I feel betrayed” posts. This is what angers me the most. Didn’t they have the common sense to talk this out first with Kris? Did they ask Kris about this? I doubt that, because they turned to social media immediately when the issue surfaced. And it’s sad, because this is the mere reflection of our generation, that communication is now based more on smartphones than actual…verbal talking. Sure, if I were a band member, if I were an EXO member I’d get mad, like “dude our concert’s in a week why would you do this” but I’d hear Kris’ side out. I doubt no one heard what Kris had to say because I think that no one even dared to ask. And it’s sad, they’re idols. Everyone reads their SNS posts. They should have been more careful with what they post because they are under scrutiny by the public eye. It wasn’t very responsible of them to post those things just because at that moment, during that night, they were mad. This made more fans worry about the situation.
  • It saddens me to see the decline of EXO in the two months that we have followed this controversy. Decline, meaning wars in the fandom itself and the other controversies that followed. SM Entertainment has again proved that they are a shit company based on how badly they handle simple issues such as this one, by failure to release proper statements. Although I completely understand that the Kris issue will have to wait (because legal matters and they’re not really allowed to talk about it), it’s still unfair to those who want to know what really happened. I bet the boys, the remaining 11, also want to know what really went down because they didn’t even bother to ask Kris, in my opinion. I think it would have been better to see the remaining 11 saying that they’d support Kris, or that they were hurt but are willing to forgive, than to call Kris out on his shit and tell everyone that “this is the beginning” like no, please, so you’re just hypnotizing your fans now? You’re like telling the fans that no, this is where we start, Kris is gone so he’s not relevant? I’m just…I’m angry. At this whole situation.
  • What Heechul said in one interview was that it was irresponsible of Kris to create a stir a week before the concert. Now the remaining boys have to re-do choreographies, recordings, etc. I agree to this. It was irresponsible, but there are a lot of what ifs. I saw a post on Tumblr saying that what if Kris did this on purpose? What if he did this to show the world that SM Entertainment is a shitty company? I like to think of this theory, because if I were Kris and the odds were against me, and this was the only option available, I’d take it. Because now, everyone gets to see just how shitty SM Entertainment is in handling their talents. This was the proper moment, maybe this was a test to show how SM Entertainment will handle a situation. Although irresponsible, this theory is a bit cool. I’d use it in one of my revenge theories then.
  • I tweeted one time that Kris looked like he was about to cry in an instagram post (click here). Look at his face. Look at how his eyes sparkled. It looked like he was about to cry and I pitied him…I wondered what happened. And now I think I understand. Maybe during these times that he was taking these pictures he was thinking of a plan of action.

I know these aren’t enough reasons but believe me, these are enough for me. I side with Kris because he’s now pursuing his dream of becoming an actor and, although he said in the XOXO album that his favorite thing is EXO, he chose to sacrifice it to pursue his dream. When you want to live your dream, some things have to be sacrificed. This is what Kris did. He had two roads and he took the other road, the road that strays away from the road of EXO. And if that is his choice, then I will be there, along with the others who continue to support him, and we will respect it.

But we can’t say for sure what will happen. Personally I don’t want Kris back in SM. I want him to win, to have the liberty to choose his own path. SM Entertainment must have been like hell for him, that’s why he wants to break free.

If SM Entertainment does something bad to Kris I swear to God I will shove Titans in the stockholders’ asses. It’s already unfair that Kris only had one lawyer and SM Entertainment has six. I just want to play a fair game against the enemy. I hope, I sincerely hope, that Kris will not be suffocated any more. I hope that he will be okay.

I side with him. I’ll still support EXO, though. Music-wise, because EXO’s music is good. I’ll reblog photos, I’ll listen to the music, I’ll watch the MVs. But I’ll side with Kris, and I’ll be with him till the end.

28. Surprises 2.0

“If I knew Better, I Would Do It Better”


“Don’t fucking touch me,” he gritted smacking my hand away. I understand his frustration but taking it out on me, there is no need for that. “Let me help you babe,” I mumbled going to grab the cloth while I used my other hand to ice my lip, he moved away from me completely.

“Yo you’ve done enough Kristen. Shit,” he hissed while wiping the cut under his eye. Folding my arms over my chest I sent him a hard glare.

“The fuck you looking at?” He asked looking at me through the mirror.

“You’re really about to blame this shit on me? I questioned in an annoyed tone.

"This shit is your fault Kristen, I already told your ass what it is when it comes to Rae, she may not be my girl anymore but she’s still my friend and someone I will always care about,” he yelled.

“What’s your point?” I asked now stepping to him. “I told your ass about disrespecting her,” he said.

“Again I ask what is your point?” He sucked his teeth and walked out the bathroom, hearing him open draws and the unzipping of a bag I ran in the room. “What are you doing? Where are you going Dom?” I asked him.

“I’m not going anywhere you are, I’m calling the jet for your ass,” he said I felt the tears begin to form. “You’d really do that over her Dom, you claim you don’t want her anymore and love me but you’re about to send me packing because I feel as though she’s threatening my fucking relationship,” I cried looking down on him.

“She ain’t threatening shit Kris, you’re the one fucking damaging this relationship, you and your insecure ass-” he paused chuckling. “She made your ass breakfast and she’s a threat fuck out my face with that fake shit,” he waved me off and continued throwing my things in the bag.

“No the threat is the fact that she’s always going to have your heart, why even pursue me and you know where your heart is, you know how you truly feel? You made me this way Dom and I’ll be the first to admit I shouldn’t have taken it out on Rae, it should have fucking been you,” I yelled pushing him hard as hell making him fall over on the floor.

“Calm the fuck down,” he yelled finally standing to his feet and pushed me into the hall. Gripping my wrists tight he then brought my arms up over my head and grilled me.

“Don’t ever fucking put your hands on me again Kris,” he gritted I shook my head as the tears fell. “I ain’t do shit to you Kris, you did this shit yourself,” he said breathing in my face I shook my head as my tears began to fall down my face uncontrollably. I tried so hard to get my arms out of his tight grip but it was no use. The urge to punch him square in the face is making both my hands tingle but due to my position he’s lucky.

“You can’t even admit your wrongs in this, I see why Rae left your ass,” I chuckled bitterly. “Don’t speak on shit you know nothing about it,” he spat I smiled shaking my head.

“What don’t I know Dom, before you started fucking me you used to tell me a lot about your relationship or did you forget? You ain’t shit but my ass fell for you,” I said shaking my head he sucked his teeth and let go of my arms. Working the pain out in both my wrists I wiped my tears and stayed where he left me. He sat on the bed and looked me directly in my eyes.

“Exactly my fucking point of all this being your fault, you knew I wasn’t shit but still got with my ass,” he laughed I rolled my eyes and walked up to him.

“You have a point Dom, I knew you wasn’t shit, but you knew-” I paused as the tears started up again.

“You knew the type of relationship I was in before you, and you still do me like this. I love your ass but you will never see that, I tried so hard to over look the fact that I could never be her, and that you still loved her. I figured you get over her and see that in me but you didn’t,” I now yelled in his face.

“You’re trying to make it seem like you’re breaking up with me because I’m insecure, fuck you Dom. Fuck your whole life, this, everything is your fault. Your friends won’t tell you but I will,” I spat walking over to my suitcase.

“You should have never got with me knowing where your heart is Dom that’s all I’m saying, I’m not even mad at you, it’s just simply fuck you. You blame everybody for everything but never take responsibility for your actions,” I chuckled zipping my bag.

“It’s killing you inside that Rae will never be yours again and to be honest I know I don’t know her that well, shit I don’t know anything about her except for what you told me, but I’m glad her ass ain’t with you. You’ve taken me for granted so I can only imagine what else you’ve done to her besides things you’ve told me,” Grabbing my duffle bag I began to pack the rest of my things in it.

“You claim to be happy for her and Ant but let’s be real you’re not, the fact that somebody else has her is killing you, but here’s another thing that’s going to crush your little heart and any chance of ever getting Rae back in your good graces,” I paused putting my sneakers and hoodie on and grabbed my bags in the process.

“I wanted to share this with you and Mama J because well I rather her then anybody else you call family,” I smiled as his eyes met mine. “I’m pregnant, and you don’t have to call the jet for me, I can get home on my own. Our first doctor’s appointment is on Friday, see you there,” I blew him an air kiss and opened the door.

Chuckling I watched as Cole and Trey tired their best to run away in the next room, they’re obviously caught but I’ll let them believe I had no idea they were there. Walking down the hallway a door opened and out walked Anthony I looked up at him and just kept it moving. I understand his reason for jumping for Rae but it was uncalled for in my book. Finally making my way downstairs I stopped dead in my tracks once the girls walked back in the house.

“Ci, I’m uh sorry for all the trouble I caused here on the trip. Hopefully you can forgive me and we can still be friends,”

Ciara is really the only one whose been genuinely nice to me and accepted me since I came in the picture, while I hope we can remain friends I know that will never happen. Her loyalty lies within Rae and the rest of her girls, and not only have I disrespected Rae on multiple occasion, I fought another one of her friends and ruined her weekend.

“You can stay we’re only here for one more day,” I shook my head no. “I rather not,” I said walking over to Mama J. After pulling her into a more private area and after apologizing I let her know that she’d soon be having a great niece or nephew. Despite my ways she was happy for me and assured me that Dom would be with me for everything, that was something she didn’t have to tell me. We may not be in a relationship but we will be raising a baby, he has no choice but to be here, I didn’t conceive this baby on my own.


Standing to feet I punched the wall most close to me, I couldn’t deny this baby even if I wanted to. I know for a fact that Kris was with me and only me, I’m not even mad she’s pregnant, I’d just rather have my first born with someone else.

“Yo,” I heard followed by knocks. “Yea,” I answered laying down on the bed.

“Nigga acting like his life is over,” Ty said once walking in the room. Jumping on the bed he grabbed the remote and turned the tv on. “We saw your girl leave nigga,” Jay spoke I waved him off.

“That ain’t my girl nigga,” I announced. “Yea, more like baby mama,” Trey said shaking his head.

“She pregnant bro?” Jay asked I nodded looking up at the ceiling. “Congrats bro,” he smiled looking over at me.

“This nigga not happy about it,” Cole said shaking his head. “Well you need to get happy nigga, I’m telling you this not only because you need to hear it, but because you’re my mans,” Jay paused looking over at Ty and Cole then back at me.

“What you and Rae have is over, forever bro,” Cole said. I chuckled sitting up looking at all of them. “I heard y'all talking this morning too, just leave her alone honestly bro, her feelings for Ant ain’t fake their real. If you and Rae are meant to be it will happen trust me, you need to get the fuck over her as well,” Jay said giving me a disappointed look.

“Fuck you looking at me like that for?” I asked him. “Cause bro, despite the petty shit Kris did when Rae was involved and fighting Yana which was clearly uncalled for, her ass was good for you as crazy as it may seem,-” Trey was saying but Ty cut him off.

“But your ass so stuck up on Rae you can’t even see it,” he stated as he randomly began to roll a blunt.

“If you know for a fact you don’t want to be with her then don’t force yourself too, get back with her because you want too. But no matter what you do bro just remember you and Rae are no longer,” Cole finished.

“Tired of always preaching to you, yo ass ain’t learn by now,” Ty complained passing me the blunt. “Fuck you,” I laughed after taking my pulls and handed it off.

Getting off the bed I dust my pants off and headed out my room. Bumping into Rae in the process I grabbed her hand and pulled her in the open room next to us. “What are you doing?” she asked pulling away from me.

“I need to talk to you,” I said she waved me off and shook her head. “Nah, not this shit again,” she said going to walk out the room but I pulled her back in.

“I’m serious Rae, don’t talk just listen,” I paused running my hand down my face.

“We were going back and forth this morning and to answer your question Rae I would of jumped at the chance had you asked me to stay, but being that you didn’t I knew where and who your heart belonged to. I’ve said it plenty times and I’ll keep saying it if I have too. I’m sorry Rae honestly, and after today’s events and everything Kristen told me I need to work on myself,” she folded her arms and looked up at me.

‘What did she tell you?“

"You really want to know?” I asked her she nodded.

“She basically told me things I need to hear, I’m not over you Rae and to be honest I don’t when if I’ll ever be, I treated her the same way I treated you, took her love for granted the same way I did you, and she helped me to realize that,” I paused her face showed no emotion and with that I became beyond confused, but continued on anyway.

“If for any reason I do manage to get you back, I don’t want anything to break us apart. She basically told me about myself and to be honest I needed that, I just need you to know I realize everything and I’m deeply sorry,” I breathed out. She uncrossed her arms and walked up to me, looking up her soft eyes met mine and instantly they began to get glossy. The last thing I wanted her to do was cry, I didn’t need that on top of my plate with everything else that stacked high.

Holding my cheek I clenched my jaw and met her fiery eyes. She was now completely livid and for the first time in my life I can’t understand why.

“What hell was that for?” I asked her. “Fuck you Dom,” she said stomping away from me. The fuck I do now.
(Later That Day)

“Yo the cars here,” Cole informed me I nodded grabbing my bags. With everything that took place today we decided that staying another night in Figi wouldn’t make sense, shit just doesn’t feel the same from when we first got here. Of course I take partial blame because despite what Kristen says this is her fault as well.

“Ci,” I called out. “Dominic Lamar,” she said I sighed shaking my head.

“You mad at me?” I asked. “More like disappointed Dom, you could’ve handled things better then what took place earlier, this was about me not you and I couldn’t even enjoy it with my family due to you and Kris,” she confessed I instantly felt bad on top of already feeling bad.

“I’m sorry sis and I will be making it up to you,” I sighed shaking my head. “I know that, I still love your ass though,” she smiled shaking her head.

“You know about Kris right?” I asked her she nodded. “Jay told me,” she answered. “So does Rae know?” I asked her she shrugged. “I didn’t tell her,” she answered I nodded. I’m still confused about her sudden anger after talking to her earlier. She hasn’t said a word to anyone just stayed up under Anthony the whole time.

“What did you do to her?” she asked I shrugged. “To be honest I don’t know,” I answered truthfully.

“In all honesty I find it funny how even though y'all aren’t together, y'all are still going through relationship problems. We most def need to get a contract going with VH1 & Mona, y'all would most def have the number one show in the whole damn world,” she laughed.

“But yo you will get dragged daily, I can see that shit now,” she continued to laugh. “Man fuck you Ci,” I laughed shaking my head as I threw our bags in the trunk.

“It’s all love bro,” she called out from in the car I smiled and flipped her off.

It’s crazy because she’s right.


*Week Later*

“Okay what time is she coming?” I asked while eating my Swedish fish. “Tomorrow at three,” I nodded writing it down on my desk calender.

“Thanks, lock the front when you leave. Goodnight,” I smiled as she left my room. Letting out a breathless sigh I closed my eyes and sat back in my seat. It’s been a week since Figi and all it’s mess and I’ve been behind on work for the last three days. I’m so damn exhausted.

“I know your ass ain’t sleep,” Placing a small smile on my face I opened my eyes and leaned forward admiring the man who stood before me. He held up a bag of Chinese take out and lord was I happy.

“Ain’t I the best?” he questioned with a smirk walking over to me. “The best there is,” I added to his corny self and reached my hand out.

“Damn I don’t get a greeting just straight reaching for the food, I can just throw it away,” he teased I sent him a death glare and quickly stood to my feet.

“I’m sorry pumpkin but I been hungry I haven’t left my office all day,” I chuckled at his face and kissed his lips, he hates the pet names but doesn’t dare complain. He’s my munchkin and I love calling him everything but Anthony. Of course he’d prefer Daddy, so cliche but I keep that for the bedroom.

“Damn what you working on?” he asked passing me a plate and fork. “Fashion show, I’m putting together all the pieces by myself it’s in two days and I’m just now starting wanna help me?” I asked him he shook his head no real quick making me laugh.

“It’s not even that serious babe,” I said he waved me off. “Nah I’m cool Rae, last time I tried helping you, you didn’t use any idea I gave you and then told me I had no style,”

“I mean look at me talking about I have no style,” he chuckled I playfully rolled my eyes and shook my head. “Do you not come to me every morning asking what you should wear to work, I’m forever hooking you up, might have to start charging you,” I joked he smirked shaking his head.

“I mean I have another way to pay you but we’ll discuss that later,” he said making me look over at him with wide eyes. “You get on my damn nerves,”

“Anyway, no seriously babe help me so we can hurry up and got home. I’ll give you an award,” I winked.

“Shit my first day on the job and I’m already getting a raise,” I gasped shaking my head. He’s such a freak nasty, but I love it.

“Alright nasty ass come on,” I said pulling up all the pieces I’m working with on the computer. He hunched over me and looked at the computer. My attention was directed to his face, I’d always find myself just staring at him. I admired as the muscles in face flexed effortlessly and his dimple showed while he chewed his food, and the way his eyebrows furrowed together while in deep thought. God sure did bless my man.

“What you looking at Rae?” he asked never taking his eyes away from the computer. “What I can’t look, it’s mine,” I said wrapping my arms around his neck he chuckled looking down at me.

“Yours huh?” he said showing off his perfect smile I adored so much. “It better be,” I said sternly he bust out laughing shaking his head.

“You know it’s yours,” he mumbled pecking my lips. “All mine,” I smiled against his lips he nodded kissing my lips. Tugging on my bottom lip did nothing but turn me on more then I already was from him walking in my office looking as good as he did. Placing his hands under my thighs and gripping them tight he swiftly lifted me out my seat switching positions so that I was now on top the desk and he in my chair. Lifting my skirt in the process he ripped my thong off and looked up at me with a smirk on his face. I was already dripping and couldn’t wait to feel his lips on mine. Opening my legs let him know I wasn’t in for a tease and ready to be devoured. He dived right in taking his time anyway.

“Oh,” I gasped once he slowly pumped two fingers inside of me. Using my hands to hold me up as he placed my legs up on his shoulders. Sucking on my pussy lips I threw my head back in utter satisfaction, Ant sure knew how to eat me up and leave me speechless hence right now.

Biting hard into my lip I gripped the mini fro growing on top his head once his tongue found it’s way inside my hole. Oh. My. Gosh,“ I panted as my breathing got heavier, removing his tongue from my hole he placed three fingers inside of me and began to flick my clit with his tongue before full on sucking it. Felling myself getting ready to climax my legs shut tightly on his head as my body began to jerk forward due to me cumming. He continued to dig his fingers deeper inside me through my orgasm. All that could be heard were my cries which drove him to continue on with the finger fuck.

"Baby please,” I cried as I kicked my shoes off. “Damn daddy,” I moaned licking my lips.

“Shit,” I said repeatedly between breaths. Sitting back in the seat he licked his lips and sent me a seductive smile. “Taste better then the take out,” he winked licking his fingers.

“Let’s go home,”
“Rae,” he whispered tapping my butt cheek. “Babe,” he said now kissing all over my face. “Babe,” I whined pulling the covers up over me. I know for a fact I only went to sleep what three hours ago, he needs to let me get my rest I’ve been up all night, literally.

“C'mon I got you breakfast,” he announced opening one eye I peeked from under the blanket too see him holding a tray in his hand then sat completely up.

“Your ass always on alert when food is involved,” I flipped him off licking my lips at the meal that covered my plate. “You made this?” I asked him he nodded.

“Of course babe, ain’t nobody else up in here to cook,”

“Shut up, to what do I owe this delicious meal?” I asked eating my eggs he shrugged. “No reason honestly, I’m a romantic that’s all,” he stated cockily I waved him off.

“Thank you babe, it’s real good,” I smiled he nodded grabbing the remote turning it to MTV. Reruns of My Wife & Kids graced the screen making me smile like a little ass kid. This is really in my top five favorite shows.

Reaching over to my side table draw I pulled out my plan b pill and gulped it down with my orange juice, confused by Ant’s annoyed face I didn’t even question him on it. He’s either going to talk about me noticing or act as if he didn’t notice me, notice him.

Finishing off my food I placed the tray to the side and grabbed my Ipad. Due to last nights events I wasn’t able to get any work done, so being that today is my off day I will most def be getting this work done.

“You couldn’t save me any?” he chuckled walking out the bathroom in nothing but his basketball shorts. Climbing on top of the bed he laid his head on my lap wrapping his arms around me.

“You home today?” I asked him he nodded. “I called out, it’s rare that we’re ever home together, might as well spend the day with you,” he shrugged looking up at me I smiled and kissed his lips.

It was simple things like this that made me fall for Ant the way I did and as fast as I did. I swore I’d never compare him to Dom because to be honest those are two different loves, but in a way Ant is better. Dom has had his spontaneous, romantic moments but they can’t top Ant. Ant is king in that department as well as other things but we won’t get into that.

“That’s so sweet, but I feel like you have something up your sleeve, what are we doing today?” I asked him he shrugged. “What do you want to do?” he asked me.

“The spa sounds real nice to be honest, but you be acting like men can’t go there so,” I playfully rolled my eyes.

“I’ll go with you, just no facials,” he said I grabbed my phone up quick and set the appointment before he could change his mind.

“C'mon,” I said getting up. “Where we going?” he asked me

“Shower, appointment is set for 11,” he sighed and followed behind me. I’m draggng his ass with me everywhere today.
“I should of took my ass to work,” he complained as we walked in the salon I chuckled and greeted my stylist.

“You can get a shape up babe,” he shook his head no. “I’m true to the code babe, that’s been my barber since a youngin’ give me ya IPAD,” he paused with a smirk on his face.

“I’ll come up with the outfits while I wait my whole life in here,” he laughed walking away I shook my head at his no style having ass. I’m gona have to do everything over.

“What do you want baby girl?”

“The usual, just add some pieces,” I smiled she nodded and brought me over to the sink.

After my hair was done, and some shopping he surprised me with a big ass limo waiting for us outside the mall.

“Where are we going?” I asked once the limo drove off. “After everything that happened in Figi I just felt like doing something for you, I sent some exclusive ass package to Ci cause I felt bad for her too. And I mean I know we got over everything that happened before with that nigga and all,” he paused

“We ain’t really do anything to make up for it,” he shrugged.

“We did make up for it babe, but this is very generous of you I really appreciate it,” he waved me off. “But I’m the freak,” he said before kissing my lips.

“You are,” I said looking out the window to see we were deep in the city.

“The city is so beautiful at night,” I thought out loud. The car came to a complete stop making my eyes wander seeing as how I had no idea where we were, and the fact that I wasn’t even dressed for this special occasion.

“Goodnight Mr. Jordan,” a man greeted him. “Ms. Maraj,” I smiled at him and gripped Ant’s hand.

“Follow me,” he instructed as we walked through a closed off building. I grew anxious as to where he was taking us, every time Ant did something out of the ordinary I became the little kid in the candy store.

“Babe,” I gasped blushing uncontrollably he placed a smile on his face and opened his arms wide. “You like?” he asked me.

“I love it, but we’re not even dressed for the occasion,” I said as we shared a laugh. “Don’t worry about it girl, you look sexy right now, I know how you looked dressed down,” I shook my head and kissed his lips.

“You are something else,” I said looking out at the amazing view. I’ve never had a rooftop dinner before and to be honest I always wanted one. This right here is everything.
“You enjoy your food?” he asked me I nodded wiping my mouth. “Of course, they made all my favorites babe,” I cheesed before finishing off my wine.

“Starting to think your ass loves food more then me,”,

“I can never, this day, this night has been everything and more thank you,” I said kissing his cheek.

“Glad you enjoyed yourself but I have one more thing for you,” he said reaching into his pocket pulling out a small black box and placed it on the table. Looking from the box to him a couple times my mouth felt very dry. Grabbing my glass of water I gulped it down in a matter of seconds and cleared my throat.

“What’s this?” I asked him.

Exo React To Their Girlfriend Being A Slow Eater

Anonymous asked: EXO reaction to their gf being a slow eater (like when I eat everyone’s already done and I still have like a ¼ of my food left)

This was such a cute request! Well, we found it cute anyway. Let’s imagine that you’re with the other members too because some of the reactions ended up including other members teasing you. Oh and it was their first time noticing it too. Hope you enjoy!

- Em

!gifs not ours unless said otherwise!


I feel like Xiumin would be quietly giggling to himself as you noticed how everyone had finished apart from you. If you then tried to speed up so the others didn’t have to wait, that’s when he’d die from cuteness overload. And then, because he’s such an adorable little munchkin who loves food, he’d probably sit there staring at the food left on you plate quietly saying “Uh.. you need any help with that?” and if you said yes he wouldn’t hesitate to eat it all up in one bite.


Luhan would probably find it adorable how you take a while to eat your food and would sit there silently watching with the biggest grin on his face as you try your best to eat quick like everyone else. When you finally finish one of the beagles would start cheering to mess with you, resulting in Luhan being a bit more protective than he should be.

CY: “Hopefully it won’t take you as long to eat dessert as it did with that!”

LH: “What’s so funny? At least I actually have a girlfriend unlike you. The closest thing you’ve got to a girlfriend is Baekhyun!”

CY: “Oh shit Baek they know about us” #baekyeolforever


To be honest I don’t think Kris would even notice until he’s eaten everything on his plate. He’d pick up his drink to help his food down and would happen to look over at you as you poke at an almost full plate. Seeing this he’d choke on his drink before teasing you slightly. “Wow, Y/N. And I thought I was a slow eater.” featuring a wild Chenrus.


Suho wouldn’t really have much of a reaction to this in my opinion. He would glance at you every now and then to make sure you actually liked the food but on the inside he’d be overwhelmed with your cuteness. Once all the other members had finished he’d keep flicking his eyes between the beagles to give them the hint that they shouldn’t tease you about it because if they did he’d take away their allowance.


Poor little unicorn would be so confused. He wouldn’t know whether the food was bad, if you felt ill, if you had an eating disorder etc. As he’s eating his eyes would keep naturally drifting over to you as a bunch of questions filled his mind and he wouldn’t keep quiet about it either. Any questions that entered his head would then come straight out of his mouth because he’s genuinely worried that there’s something wrong.

“Baobei? Aren’t you hungry? Do you feel ill? Is something wrong? …You gonna eat that?”


Being one of the loudest ones there, he’d be too busy talking and making weird noises at first to notice that you hadn’t eaten much. However when he does notice he’d give you that puppy look that says ‘is everything ok?’ . Once you explain he’d understand completely and then the teasing would begin.

“Hey, Kyungsoo. I think we’ve found someone who doesn’t like your cooking.”


Chen would probably be a mix of Xiumin and Baekhyun in my opinion. He’d sit there watching you as you tried to pick up the pace of your eating with a small smile growing on his face. The more you tried to match everyone else’s speed, the more amused he’d become. Eventually you was eating so quick , for you anyway, that you forgot your manners and a massive burp echoed through the room. That’s when he would lose it and wouldn’t be able to contain his laughter as he saw the sheer horror appearing on your face.


I think he’d pretty much react in the exact same way as Baekhyun to be quite honest, although I think he’d just sit back and watch you with a huge, derpy grin on his face for a while. Then he’d be laughing so loud when he teased you about it later on that night.

“Ah, Y/N~ That was so adorable! Almost like a little baby!”


He’d mainly just be concerned that their was either something wrong with yourself or something wrong with the food. You would have to assure him multiple times that his food tastes amazing and that its just a natural thing for you to eat slower than others. Once he understands this, he’d just sit back and watch you, thinking that you’re one of the cutest human beings on the planet - and not just because you complimented his Kimchi Spaghetti.


He’d be yet another member to find this an adorable thing. Everyone would assume that random little giggles escaping his mouth were due to Baekhyun’s weird noises and Chanyeol’s goofy behaviour but in fact it was because of how cute you were being as you attempted to eat at the same speed as everyone else.

T: *giggles*

Y/N: “What..?”

T: “Ah, nothing~ Just go back to what you were doing~”


Kai would be a little worried as to why your food has barely been touched and would have to make sure that you felt ok. If it was chicken on the menu he’d keep on glancing over at it just lying there on your plate, dying for the chance to eat it.

K: “Um.. Jagiya? Can I-”

Y/N: “Just take it.”

K: “YASS"  *deepthroats chicken wing*


I think Sehun, like Chen, would actually find it more funny that cute. He’d sit their waiting for you to finish eating with a smirk pulling on his lips. You’d look up at him to see his expression, making you pout slightly in return. And, since it’ Sehun we’re talking about, expect a pretty sarcastic response.

"What’s the matter? Need some help with that? I can feed you if you want.”

We hope you liked it! If you want to see more things like this, our ask is currently open so feel free to drop a request or just say hi. We’d love to get to know some of you~

As for our scenarios, we’ll try to get our first one up later today. We’ve thought about it a lot and it’s been changed a bunch of times but it should be good enough to upload. Thank you~