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harutaka in -over the dimension-

—their first interaction in the novel takes up most of the second chapter. haruka is supposed to be designing the enemies for the game they’re making for the school festival, but he’s spacing out and can’t think of what to draw—so takane starts yelling at him. haruka thinks to himself that he wishes she’d stop being so rude, particularly because he’s worried that no one will want to marry her because of it.

—they start talking about what kind of enemies haruka should create. he didn’t want to draw zombies like takane suggested, so they come up with a solution together. he’s happy and inspired when takane suggests they base them off animals instead.

—takane smiles at haruka, which he says makes him smile too.

—haruka came up with the game’s title the day before, but no one has voiced it aloud yet. he gets excited upon realizing that takane’s going to be the first one to say it.

—haruka notes that he’s happy takane inspired him in deciding what enemies to draw.

—he’s on a roll with designing the characters. the thought of takane being excited about it is his…….driving force, to say the least. says he “salivates” at the thought of it lmao and he blushes a little even. he wants to impress her and have her compliment him.

—haruka talks on the phone with kenjirou and thinks about how he’s having trouble creating the game’s final enemy. he gets excited suddenly, then asks kenjirou if he has a picture of takane he could borrow.

—haruka’s over at kenjirou’s house the week before the school festival to work on the game, and he’s spending some time with ayano. after she’s gone, he notes that there’s only one person his age that he feels comfortable around (takane.)

—he closes his eyes and euphorically images her—in very precise (and almost provocative) detail. he notes that he doesn’t need a picture of her, and he can imagine takane more vividly than any photo.

—he’s then overwhelmed by the urge to say her name out loud, and decides to since no one’s around. he starts to when there’s a knock on the door, at which point he feels embarrassed. (in the illustration he looks so blissful when he’s thinking about her omg.)

—kano comes in disguised as ayano. then asks haruka if he was thinking dirty thoughts just now. haruka freaks out and comments (almost guiltily,) that no, he wasn’t, then specifically notes that he was thinking about takane though.

—it goes on to the school festival in the next chapter, there’s a long description (which is honestly kind of on going throughout the whole chapter,) of haruka observing takane playing video games. he’s amazed and even inspired because she’s so good at them, and lives up to her title as “dancing flash ene”.

—not really too ~concrete~ in terms of harutaka but it was still really funny to me: takane calls haruka a dumbass for being as excited as he is, and he just agrees like HELL YEAH I’M A DUMBASS.

—haruka watches shin and takane face off in headphone actor, and notes that he’s feeling unexpected jealousy. he says he wants to be able to play games with takane, and make her feel as excited and “impassioned” as she feels right now.

—he congratulates her even though she lost.

—he comments again in his mind that he wants to play video games with takane, casually mentions it to shintaro, then gets incredibly excited at the prospect when shintaro offers to teach him how.

—later when he and shin are playing video games, shin says that haruka and takane should battle—but haruka still feels too inexperienced to do so, and he’s afraid that takane won’t wanna play against him again if he flat out loses to her the first time.

—in the next chapter, he and shin are at an arcade keeping an eye on momo—when takane calls haruka. takane tells him that it’s ayano’s birthday, and she’s throwing a party for her. haruka wants to attend but has to take care of momo first, so he can’t right now. he then lies to takane about where he is, because he knows that takane doesn’t like shintaro—and he doesn’t wanna put her in a bad mood for hanging out with him instead. after they hang up, he feels terrible for lying to takane.

—takane implies that she wanted to bring haruka to the arcade herself, and also teases him a little that he lost his chance to go with her.

—takane is at the arcade with ayano, and it turns out they’re gonna be facing off against haruka and shintaro in a tournament final. it’s haruka against takane, and shintaro against ayano.

—takane calls his and shintaro’s costumes freaky without knowing who they are (since they were wearing masks,) and haruka gets a li’l emo lmao.

—haruka realizes this is the first time he’s facing off against takane and gets nervous since he hasn’t mentally prepared himself.

—haruka only wins because he calls out takane’s name during the match……for some reason, and distracts her. takane isn’t mad later when she finds out he lied to her, but tells him not to lie to her ever again.

—towards the end of the chapter, takane gets flustered that he isn’t paying attention to her when she’s talking—he’s distracted thinking about how he’s going to die.

—at the beginning of the next chapter, he’s thinking about when he battled takane just because.

—shintaro comes and visits haruka at his house, he thinks about how he considers shintaro to be a good friend. haruka then says he’d also consider takane a friend, but doesn’t feel quite right about calling her that. he admits that his feelings for her might be love, but he can’t act on or even acknowledge the fact, because he knows he’s going to die.

—he goes for a walk later that night, he says he wanted to do something special before he dies. he thinks about how great it’d be if he and takane could face one another in the upcoming dead bullet tournament, and says it could be a precious moment of his life, and he doesn’t feel like it’s wasted.

—haruka’s last moments alive, spent with takane:

“The sounds around me seemed to echo mindlessly in my ears, and soon I could only pick up the barest nuances of Takane’s words. What did she say? I didn’t know. She sounded real sad, though.

Ahhh, I’m sorry, Takane. I’m really sorry. I’ve received so much from you, but I couldn’t give you anything in return.
I bet you’re angry about it. Well, you can be, if you want. You can punch me, even. If it helps you get over it, you can do anything you like.
Oh, but don’t take it out too much on people besides me. You might run into all kinds of wonderful people later on in life. You need to treat them with the care they’ll deserve. 
Yeah. That’s right. You’re a kind, gentle girl, Takane. You need to keep on smiling. You need to be happy. 

So, please, Takane. Stop crying…”

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Jaehyun and his youtuber girlfriend? Filming boyfriend tag video haha :)

Hello there! First off, haven’t written a scenario of my ult in so long ;;; Thank you for requesting this & I hope you enjoy it although it took me forever to finish. Ah, Jaehyun is totally boyfriend (and husband) material. 💘


Listen: [1]

You finished setting up the Canon T5i and looked through the screen monitor to ensure that the camera was placed at the right angle. Lights, check. Camera, check. Now, all that’s left was the action.

“Are you ready, babe?” You called, as you made last minute touches to the room that would be the background setting of the video.

Jaehyun had finally concurred to appearing on your YouTube channel to film the boyfriend tag. Your subscribers had sent in requests since early last year, as you had always mentioned him in your videos, but never uploaded any footage of him. After months of begging, a month’s worth of pizza on you, and a promise to pack him lunch everyday for three months, you had finally coaxed him into making an appearance on your channel.

He appeared right at the door, popping his head in before smiling nervously. It wasn’t like him to be so shy, he is articulate and a naturally gifted speaker, so you found it quite adorable that he had spent the past week contemplating what to wear and how to act on camera.

He was dressed in a cream cable knit sweater today, paired with his favourite pair of vintage Levi’s. His hair was slightly parted at the front, coloured a chocolate brown. You couldn’t help but marvel at the sight in front of you.

The corners of his lips turned upwards as he begin to realize that you were checking him out. He walked closer to you and embraced you with his strong arms as you buried your face in the comfort of his sweater. His familiar scent wafted into the air, wood sage and a tinge of sea salt.

You peeked at him gingerly, the bottom half of your face still resting on the fabric of his shirt. “Are you nervous?”

He looked down at you, his sharp eyes transforming into crescents as he broke into a docile smile and nodded his head slowly. “A bit.”

“Why? Aren’t you the definition of ‘mom’s friend’s son’?” You teased, unravelling your hands from his back, reaching upwards to cup his face.

He leaned forward, trying to steal a kiss from your lips. You giggled and ducked to avoid him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek instead.

“Can I get one more kiss? The cheek one didn’t count.” He pouted.

“I’ll give you one if you answer the questions about me correctly, you know that.” You flicked him on the forehead lightly.

He chuckled, elongating his arms such that his right hand was now hovering in front of the camera lens, as if he was covering the camera’s eyes.

Then, he leaned over and planted a soft kiss directly on your lips.

He could feel you smiling into the kiss, but you immediately pulled back before things could escalate any further. “Stop cheating,” you murmured, a sheepish smile slowly spreading across your face.

“Alright, alright.”

“If you get even one question wrong, you know what you’re in for, right?” you teased, curling your hand into a fist.

He laughed, taking his position on the white leather loveseat. “I guess I’m lucky I have a good memory.”

You wiggled your eyebrows, skipping towards the camera set up at the front of the room to press the record button. 

“We’ll see how well you do, Jae. We’ll see.”

You took a deep breath before pressing record, then quickly walked back to your position beside Jaehyun on the loveseat. He scooted closer, blinking slowly a few times before nodding his head and focusing his attention back on the camera lens.

“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!” You started, before breaking into laughter and covering your face with your hands. Jaehyun turned to you and raised his brows.

“This is so awkward. I’m not used to filming beside you, even though you film me sometimes,” you whined.

“Do we have to start recording again?” Jaehyun whispered quietly, pointing to the camera.

“Yes, genius. Let’s set up the camera again.” you jokingly teased.

“Oh right, you can just edit it out.” He flashed you a sheepish grin and instinctively covered his face with his hands, a habit of his when he was embarrassed.

After an uncontrollable fit of giggles and a sip of water, you decided that you were ready to film again.

“Let’s go, take three.” Jaehyun whispered under his breath.

You barely kept in another fit of giggles, but managed to start the introduction without making any mistakes.

“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, we’re going to do the highly requested and long-awaited boyfriend tag.” You smiled, turning beside you to make eye contact with Jaehyun, as he nodded obediently.

“We decided to spice things up a little and make it a little more interesting. We’re each going to ask each other ten questions that we’ve prepared on our own, and if we answer any of the questions incorrectly, we’re each going to get a little punishment.” You continued.

“The punishments are going to be different each time since the questions vary in difficulty level. Basically, we prepared various levels for punishments which will be revealed once either of us makes a mistake.” Jaehyun added.

“Are you ready for this?” you turned to your right slightly, your eyes meeting each other.

“Of course. More prepared than I was for my SATs.” He replied with ease.

What a smooth talker.

You clicked on the ‘Notes’ app on your phone and did a quick scroll through, overlooking the questions you had prepared before clearing your throat.

“Okay. First question. I’m starting off easy, just so you know. When was the first day we met?” you smiled cheekily, waiting for his answer.

“January 14, 2014. Exactly a month before my birthday.”

“Too easy,” you teased.

“You can challenge me, you know. I’m better than that.” He chuckled, his gaze fixated on you.

“It started off easy.” You emphasized, turning to face him again.

You were distracted by the light that his phone screen emitted on his face, a luminous glow further highlighting the contours of his face.

How gorgeous he looked right now was beyond you.

“Bring on the hard questions, but it’s my turn now.” He winked at you before reading his first question aloud.

“What was the first gift that I gave to you?”

“Was it the silver necklace with the dainty hexagon shape in the middle that you bought me when we were browsing the streets of Hongdae together? I think that was our fourth date or something… or was it something else?”

“Guys, I have a terrible memory.” You scratched your head, slightly abashed.

“And in what you lack, I make up.” he propped his head to the side and smiled widely, his dimples deepening.

“Jae, please. We’re on camera.” You blushed.

“_________, first present. Think harder. I think this one’s pretty memorable.”

“Hint please?”

“First. First present. But also first something.” he emphasized, cutely putting up his index finger.

“OH MY- THE BLACK AND WHITE PLAID BUTTON UP SHIRT. It’s literally my favourite gift but it’s so precious to me I haven’t worn it since we met two years ago.” You continued.

“_______, you failed, so punishment time or?” He nodded coolly.

“Wait Jaehyun, wait! Before the punishment, reveal the story behind the first gift.” You gushed with excitement, recalling the very first time you had met him.

He instinctively placed his hand on the nape of his neck. You could tell he was a little flustered.

“Really?” he mouthed.

“Awww, are you shy?” You placed your hand on top of his and gave him a little squeeze. “Alright, we’ll save the story for next time. It’s a little embarrassing to talk about.”

Just as you were about to direct your next question to him, he started speaking.

“It was actually the first day we met. At that time, I was a part-time barista at a coffee shop and _______ was a customer. She was waiting for her coffee when one of the other customers was in a rush and accidentally bumped into her while rushing out, spilling some drinks on her. I guess he was in a rush but he didn’t even apologize and just ran out. She was drenched and all she did was grab some extra napkins from the dispenser and wipe at her shirt. So yeah, I found that ridiculous and without thinking I took off my shirt and told her to change into it.”

“Don’t worry guys, he was wearing a t-shirt inside.”

“By the way, how did you even manage to catch that? I remember it was pretty busy that day.” you added, smiling at him sweetly.

Jaehyun simply smiled and shrugged.

“I didn’t even think twice before taking my shirt off. Like I literally could have been wearing nothing inside.”

“Shirtless barista makes the headlines.” You teased jokingly, clutching your stomach to prevent yourself from doubling over.

He just shook his head and laughed softly, casually placing his hand on top of your head to ruffle your hair.

“_________, don’t change the topic, punishment time. Level one is… let me see… ”

“Lemons.” you finished his sentence, a look of regret washing over your face.

He smiled, eagerly getting up from his seat to grab a lemon wedge that he had sliced up from earlier.

You reluctantly took it from his hand and began nibbling at the lemon, wincing whenever you took another bite as the acidity instantaneously spread throughout your mouth.

After you finished half the wedge, Jaehyun swiftly grabbed the lemon from your hands and popped the rest of it into his mouth.

“It looked too delicious.” he replied simply. “It’s actually good, not too sour.”

“You little pig, why do you love food so much.“ 

You cracked a smile, immediately reaching for the glass of water in front of you to wash away the sour taste that still lingered in your mouth.

“Okay so next question. What’s my favourite food?” you asked.

“Is this some type of trick question ‘cause I feel like it’s too easy.” He placed his right hand under his chin, and glanced at the ceiling, thinking deeply.

“Well, it’s not a trick question but it might be a little difficult. ‘Cause I like everything. But there’s only one correct answer.”

“If I could only pick one… spicy tomato sauce pasta with seafood.”

“Didn’t expect you to be so specific,” you said, awe evident in your voice.

“Am I right though?”

You made a tiny ‘ok’ sign with your thumb and index finger and nodded in defeat.

“Alright, my turn. I’ll make it easier since I should be the bigger person and give you some points.”

“So thoughtful of you.” you replied, a hint of teasing sarcasm in your voice.

“I know right. So, what is the facial feature that I’m most confident about?”

“Your eyebrows.”


“Guys, I’m really jealous of Jaehyun’s eyebrows ‘cause mine are so sparse and I always need to fill them in but he’s born with such beautifully-shaped thick eyebrows.” you turned to him and outlined his brows with your fingertips.

He wiggled his brows in satisfaction, leaning in to give you a peck just above your brow-bone.

“Jae, I’m editing that out!” You giggled.

“It’s a good luck peck to define your eyebrow hair.”

You teasingly hit his arm. “JUNG YOONOH. SERIOUSLY.”

“Sorry guys, this is probably like one of the most boring videos you’ve ever seen.”

“And you’re going to have to edit half of this out because of the PDA… or you can just keep it in?” Jaehyun joked.

“Should I?”

“Johnny would say 'I just want to show the world how much I love my girlfriend’ and I completely agree.”

Listen: [2]

Another twenty minutes passed and you were now on your eighth question. You were pretty sure the video wouldn’t be the most entertaining boyfriend tag around, but you were having a fun time filming with Jaehyun and most importantly, you had realized how lucky you were to have such a sweet and caring boyfriend. Maybe even the luckiest girl in the world, you smiled to yourself.

You always knew that Jaehyun was a detail-oriented, observant and caring person, but he sometimes surprised you, picking up on details that you didn’t even know about yourself.

“Oh, ________. You’re doomed this time.” Jaehyun smiled widely, while reading his eighth question.

“Why? I’ve been doing pretty well up until now, just a couple mistakes.” You retorted.

“The next question is sports-related.” he replied with a grin.

“Damn… really?”

“It should be passable, I always make you watch their games with me on tv and you usually do, even if you’re not paying attention.” he teased.

You glowered in response but you had a little bit of faith in yourself since you had watched a lot more sports since you had started dating Jaehyun. You just couldn’t resist his adorable antics.

“Okay, I love you ________. But tell me, which NBA team do I cheer for?”

“Give me a while to think about it. I swear I know though.”

“Mm, of course.” Jaehyun replied smoothly.

Here goes nothing. Let’s decode NBA first, you thought to yourself.

N for National. B for… baseball? Doesn’t seem right. Why are there so many sports that start with the letter b. Badminton? Something seems off. Then, it must be basketball. Jaehyun’s favourite sport is basketball! A… what did it stand for again? Shit, I forgot. Oh well.

“First, NBA stands for National Basketball A.” You replied, a smug look evident on your face.

Jaehyun chuckled and finished with perfect English, “A for Association.”

“Yes, that.” you smiled.

“Oooh, that’s impressive.” he replied, the right dimple on his cheek becoming more prominent.

You nodded. “Okay, three more minutes. Going to do more decoding in my head.”

“I’m so touched you’re working so hard.” He leaned over and bent down to give you a swift peck on the cheek.

“I’m working hard since I don’t want to do the punishment.” you simply replied.

“Why so tsundere.” A quiet giggle escaped Jaehyun’s mouth.

“And also the fact that you’re beating me by a landslide.” You laughed. “How is it possible that you didn’t even get one question wrong yet?”

Jaehyun scratched his head. “Were my questions too hard? Or yours too easy?”

“No, it’s because your memory is too good. Give me some brain cells! Anyway, let me continue. I can do this.”

“You can do this.” he replied.

“WE CAN DO THIS!” the both of you chanted, as you made a fist and pumped your arm up.

Jaehyun’s favourite basketball team. Hmm… he watches a lot of games but he is especially fond of one team. One of the heavily populated cities. It was definitely L.A… I’m sure he cheers for the team from L.A.

Now what were they called again? I loosely remember that it also started with a 'L’. Oh! It had a similar spelling to some of my favourite lip products. Lacquers? Yes… I think it was something like that. It was slightly different though. Lacers. Yes. Lacers.

“You ready?” Jaehyun asked.

“A hundred per cent ready.” you replied with ease.

“Wow, you’re really incredible.” he smiled at you and clapped slowly.

You hit him lightly on the shoulder and cleared your throat.

“The team is from L.A.”

Jaehyun immediately stood up and started clapping. “You basically got the answer already.”

“Mm, I know.” you answered.

“Los Angeles…”

“Lacers” you finished, your expression full of confidence.

Jaehyun scrunched his face cutely and doubled over, almost toppling on the couch.

“You were so close, babe! Should I just give the point to you?”

“I’m not right?!” You asked, genuinely surprised. “I remembered the name because it’s similar to lip lacquers.”

He laughed and brusquely wrapped an arm around your shoulder, bringing you even closer to him. “I’ll give you half a point for being such a cutie.” He said while gazing deeply into your eyes.

“But you still have to do half the punishment.” He continued, winking seductively.

“Jung Yoonoh, can you tell me what I got wrong first? Because I swear it was Lacers.”

“Well, you were only one letter off. It’s actually Lakers.” He nuzzled his face in your hair to stifle his urge to laugh.

“What, are you serious? I get three-quarters of a point then, not half. Meanie.”

“Anyways, what’s the quarter of a punishment I get?” You continued. A slight nervousness could be sensed in your voice.

You could see a shade of pink washing over Jaehyun’s ears as he read the punishment aloud in a voice an octave lower than usual. 

“Re-enact your first kiss.”

“Ah… so embarrassing.” You whispered, fidgeting with the ends of your sleeves.

“You wanna pass on this one?” he asked casually.

You were never exactly the shy or introverted type, but when it came to public display of affection, you were astonishingly timid.

However, for some reason, you were feeling slightly audacious today. Whether it was because you wanted to show everyone how much you liked him, or just because you felt like kissing him and experiencing that rush of nostalgia as you imagined the first time you felt his lips on yours, you weren’t sure. You just knew that you wanted to do this.

“Retract the point from before. I’ll do the full punishment.” You answered with certainty.

Jaehyun was slightly astounded, but he clearly liked your determination because you could he see him biting his bottom lip to hide his smile while he nodded in agreement.

“It’s actually easy to re-enact this one since our first kiss was at the movies. So let’s pretend the camera is the movie screen and imagine that we’re sitting on regular seats at the theatre.” You started.

You scooted about four inches away from Jaehyun in order to recreate the exact distance between the two of you during the date at the cinema. Then, you motioned to the space in between.

“Imagine that this pillow is the popcorn and this water bottle is a cup of cola. Unfortunately we don’t have the actual props,” you giggled.

You locked eyes with Jaehyun, who gave you the cue to start. A re-enactment of your first kiss together in front of a virtual audience was really odd, but it made your heart flutter nonetheless.

You glanced at Jaehyun from the corner of your eye as you cautiously curled a strand of hair behind your ear. He was looking straight at the camera, pretending to watch the so-called ‘movie’.

You could feel your heart skip a beat as you made your next move. It was almost as if you had shut out all your surroundings; you didn’t see the filming equipment and the bright lights in your room seemed to have dimmed. All you saw was Jaehyun sitting in a dark movie theatre, the only source of light being the dim glow of the screen outlining his sharp features. The memory was still so vivid in your mind, as if you were being transported back to that time again.

You drummed your fingers along the edge of your seat waiting for Jaehyun to reach for the popcorn. When you saw his hand on the pillow, you casually reached for it without being too blatant, but he had already finished grabbing a handful of imaginary popcorn.

You had turned away thinking that Jaehyun was just too immersed in the movie, but he was secretly laughing. Now that you were re-enacting the memory, it was difficult for you to refrain from peeking at him. Although you didn’t see it back then, he was intentionally concealing his smile by burying his face deeper in his turtleneck.

Jung Yoonoh, you little tease.

Next, you tried to reach for the bottle of water at the same time he did, but he was already taking a sip out of it, eyes trained on the screen.

You sighed. You still remembered how you were feeling a little dejected about how the movie was clearly more interesting to him than you. In all those dramas you had watched, the boy would usually try to initiate skinship with the girl at the theatre. You decided to try one last time anyways. After all, there wasn’t a rule in the book that said girls couldn’t initiate skinship first.  

When Jaehyun finally changed his position, leaning a tad bit closer to your side, you attempted to lie on his shoulder, all the while trying to be subtle.

You closed your eyes and smiled, expecting his warm wool turtleneck to make contact with your skin, when you realized that he had already switched back to his initial upright posture. On top of that, you probably looked like a dumbass right now, head cocked to the side, leaning on invisible air.

You imitated the exact expression you made that day, eyebrows furrowed and lips slightly downturned. At that exact moment, he leaned over and quickly gave you a short but soft kiss on the lips before returning to his upright posture, reverting his attention back to the imaginary movie screen. You were in total shock, but managed to take a quick peek at him. His arm was casually resting on the headrest, his hand slightly covering his mouth to keep from smiling too widely.

Your rounded eyes were still enlarged as the reality of what just happened hit you. So he was paying attention to me all this time? His attention was still on the screen, but he secretly took your hand with his free hand and interlocked his fingers with yours.

Jaehyun swung your entwined hands back and forth as you turned to smile at him. The two of you burst out laughing as he let go of your hand and you both applauded each other, “Okay, this is so embarrassing. But I did my punishment. I hope it wasn’t too much of a cringe-fest to watch.”

“I could see that you were really into it though.” Jaehyun commented cheekily.

You blushed.

“I was just trying to give an accurate portrayal to my subscribers!”

“But hey, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that you were laughing at me the whole time back then. I thought I was being natural with my moves.” You continued, while playing with a strand of his sleek brown hair.

He chuckled softly. “You don’t know how difficult it was for me to hold back my laughter. Too cute.”

You poked one of his dimples lightly and leaned over to give him a peck on the other one. Too adorable to resist skinship.

“Alright, time for the next question! Hang in there guys, we’re almost done. Okay Jae, the next one might be a bit hard. Are you ready for this?”

Jaehyun nodded. “How difficult can it be, am I right?”

You giggled while reading your question aloud. “If I could only wear one outfit everyday for the rest of my life, what would I wear?

“Have you been paying attention to my wardrobe?” you questioned.

“_______, you love clothes. It’s almost impossible.”

“Just guess, my Mr. Perfect soon to be Mr. Ninety-Nine Percent.”

“Well there’s always the black skinny jeans with the grey varsity sweater combination that you love wearing. But then there’s also the pleated skirt with blouse outfit that you love wearing to events… and then there’s the fitted plain white tee with Levi’s, that’s a classic, you can’t go wrong with that. This is so hard,” Jaehyun whined, his head leaning on your shoulder.

“Wow, Mr. Jung. I can’t believe this is the first time I’m taking a point off. Incredible.” You teased.

He placed his face in his hands and smiled shyly. “Ah, I wanted to get all the questions right. So what’s the correct answer?”

He peeked through his hands timidly.

“You’re too detailed. All I have written down is an all-black outfit. Black is the new black, Jaehyun. It’ll never go out of style, so… it’s perfect.” You bit your lip to keep from laughing too much as Jaehyun made faces at you.

“Punishment?” he asked, his voice slightly reluctant.

“Punishment for question nine is to do aegyo…” You paused for a bit before continuing. “That’s too easy for you, not fair.”

Jaehyun sighed. “Trust me, it’s not that easy.”

You pinched his cheeks as he pouted.

“You’re so good at it though. My cutie valentine boy.” He brightened up and smiled devilishly at your compliments.

“I’m not going to prepare chocolate on Valentine’s Day. I’m the chocolate myself, what would I buy chocolate for?” He started, his voice oozing with honey.

“The man born on February 14! It’s me, the choco-man!” He continued, placing one finger on his cheek, smiling widely.

You placed your hand on your mouth to refrain from laughing too loud, as Jaehyun’s eyes were noticeable crescents now. He was squinting his eyes because of the abundance of 'sweet’ lines.

You poked his cheek and placed that finger directly on your mouth.

“If you say so… hmm it’s salty?” You joked.

Jaehyun furrowed his brows and dabbed his finger on his tongue to check himself. “Oh! It’s sweet!”

He bent over, clutching his stomach from laughter, gesturing a 'X’ with his arms to signal that he was done. “Seriously, are you posting this online?” He pretended to cry.

“That was so cute!! How did you come up with that?” You squealed.

“It’s in my genes.” He replied flatly, before wrapping an arm around your neck and tickling you.

You squeaked as he tackled you and aimed for your most vulnerable parts, tickling your waist and under-arm area.

“JAE!!! STOP IT’S SO… TICKLISH… OKAY… I’ll stop laughing at you. Okay, stop. Let’s continue.” He steadied you and fixed your messy hair, then stole a quick kiss before nodding at the camera.

“Okay, so next… when did you meet the family?” Jaehyun asked.

“The date that I met your family right? Not when you met my parents? Or both?”

“Just when you met my family,” he replied, a coy smile on his face, remembering the moment.

“December 25, 2015. I went over to your house for a Christmas party and met your parents and I messed up the food, it was really embarrassing.” You recalled.

“Mom thought you were adorable but she said that you should learn some cooking skills from me,” Jaehyun chuckled.

“Hey! I’m better now okay? I even cooked for your parents and they loved it.” You bragged.

“True. Chef Jaehyun really helped you polish your skills right?”

“Yes, I acknowledge that!” You laughed.

“Wow. We’re already at our last question.” Jaehyun pointed out.

“Hope we didn’t bore you guys to death! So my last question is… Jaehyun, when do I find you the most attractive?” You tried to hide your smile and lowered your gaze a bit. Why did I think this was a good question again?

When you glanced up, you could see that Jaehyun’s smile had reached his eyes. So adorable.

“I think I’m going to get this question wrong too. ________, you should tell me these things, you know… when you find me the most…” He paused for a bit.


“Oh just guess!” You answered, evidently flushed by his teasing.

“Hmm… is it when I’m driving with one hand on your seat? I remember how you blushed when I first drove you around right after I got my driver’s license. That kind of seems too typical though… no, not that. When I’m ordering for us before the movies or restaurants. When I’m done ordering you always give me that look.”

“What look?” You asked, mouth slightly agape.

“You know, that… 'I’m so lucky to have you’ gaze.” He did his own rendition of that gaze of yours, causing you to hit him playfully as he caught your hands and wrestled around with you.

“No it’s not that! Jae, you’re getting worse at this.”

“Oh really? What is it then?” He clearly didn’t mind that he got the question wrong, he was just really intent on hearing the answer of when you found him the most attractive. He was giving you that gaze again. His sharp eyes exhibiting his confidence and curiosity.

“It’s when I look at your backside when you’re in the kitchen cooking for me.” You answered shyly.

“I feel all fuzzy and warm inside when I observe your backside in the kitchen. It makes me feel at home for some reason.” You continued, your voice softer than usual.

Jaehyun adjusted his position so that his back was now facing you.

“You know, you can hug this when I’m cooking. Since it’s so attractive.” He turned his neck to look at you, his gaze sharpening such that he was emitting a seductive aura.

A deep shade of red spread across your cheeks, but you still tried to hide how flustered you were.

“I will,” you replied, placing your hands around his waist and leaning on his broad back. It was so comfortable.

Listen: [3]

After Jaehyun did his punishment, which was to eat a piece of sushi with a large wad of wasabi between the raw fish and the rice, which he easily aced, filming had almost come to an end.

It was time for the last question.

Jaehyun cleared his throat before reading his final question aloud.

“What is my fondest memory of you? It’s a hard one 'cause I never told you before.” He commented, shyly averting his gaze from yours, a slight smile pulling at the corners of his lips.

“Hmm… I seriously have no idea.” You pondered aloud.

“I’m just going to give this a shot even though I’ll probably get it wrong…”

“'Cause I’m really too curious about what your fondest memory of me is.” you continued, looking directly into his eyes, an abashed look on your face.

He held your gaze for a while until the two of you noticed that you were still filming, and he looked away, clearly shy.

“So, any guesses?” He smiled softly.

“The first time we saw each other, at the coffee shop? I mean, I think I left a pretty big impression on you.” You teased, giggling at the same time.

He paused, holding your gaze, the corners of his lips turned up in a knowing smile.

For a moment, you thought you had the right answer.

“Close, but not quite.”

You looked at him in confusion, slightly puzzled.

“________,” he started.

You nodded.

“Yes, Jaehyun?”

“So… I actually never told you this. But the coffee shop, it wasn’t the first time I saw you.”

Your eyes widened, slightly taken aback yet full of curiosity.

“My fondest memory of you starts like this. I was on bus route 148, just any regular day, coming home from school. That was the first time I saw you. I didn’t think much of it, if I had to admit though, you did catch my attention a little bit. But the bus approached the next stop, and a pregnant woman had boarded the bus. As I was about to stand up, I noticed that you had already stood up to offer your seat to her. I don’t even know if you remember this, honestly, but there was this man that came in and sat down just as she was about to sit down. You really started to catch my attention when you started to explain how the seat was for the pregnant lady, but you still managed to handle the situation well, even though he was being an asshole. I haven’t seen people like that in a long time. I was about to get up and at least try to strike up some conversation with you, but the next stop was your stop, and you had already left. So two weeks later, when I saw you at the coffee shop, I was just thinking… I didn’t want to let the chance to talk to you slip away again.”

“So that’s why…” you started.

He nodded before you could continue.

“The spill was a good excuse for me to talk to you.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You had always thought that the coffee shop meeting was your first. And although it was, you would’ve never thought you ever crossed paths with Jaehyun before that.

You blushed at the thought of a teenage Jaehyun, noticing your actions.

“So, why didn’t you ever tell me this?” You placed your left palm under your chin, gazing at him earnestly. 

“Well, it’s embarrassing, I didn’t want to make it seem like I’m a total romanticist.” He bit his lip and sighed softly.

You wanted to seem cool with it, but it was difficult to hide how touched you were.

Jaehyun felt your warm touch, as you placed your hand on the left side of his cheeks, visibly pink.

For a moment, you tuned out your surroundings again. You even momentarily forgot you were filming. This would probably be too much for your subscribers, but this would be footage you’d keep forever.

“I’m glad you took that chance.”

You held onto the ends of his sleeves, as you leaned closer for a passionate kiss. You could feel Jaehyun responding as he embraced you lightly, yet kissed you deeply, paying no mind to the camera.

gif cr: taeyounq

anonymous asked:

hi! I was wondering if I could request an angsty turned to nsfw Jumin scenario/imagine/hc (whatever you prefer for it) where he gets back from a business trip and MC is mad at him because he barely called her the entire time he was gone and they argue a little but she ultimately ends up teasing him as a "punishment" I need frustrated Jumin in my life (omg I'm so embarrassed requesting this hahaha)

Hello, anon! I couldn’t angst for the life of me, but I think I got a little carried away with this one. 

I know I’m cutting this at a crucial part, but should I make a part two, or just be a tease and leave it at that? Teehee.


Reversing Roles (Jumin x MC)

It’s quiet and a little unsettling.

I’m tired and sleepy, but I don’t think she would appreciate it if I dozed off.

She told me to wait for her, but it’s already been a couple of minutes. Where did she go?

These were some of the thoughts that raced inside C&R director Jumin Han’s mind as he was blindfolded and tied to the bed. He was starting to feel queasy and frustrated, and his stomach churned at the thought of you cruelly leaving him in this condition all night as punishment.

He was used to always being the one giving orders and tying you to the bed, but how exactly did your roles reverse?

2 hours earlier…

“I’m home, my love,“ Jumin greeted as he opened the door to the new home that you and him started to share until recently. However, instead of you welcoming him, it was Elizabeth the 3rd who greeted him alone at the entrance. 


“Hello, Elizabeth,“ Jumin carefully placed the paper bags he had been carrying onto the floor and bent to stroke under Elizabeth the 3rd’s chin. He smiled, as he was rewarded by a series of purrs.

That’s strange. MC and Elizabeth the 3rd usually greet me together, but it’s only Elizabeth who welcomed me home this time.

“Where could MC be?“ Jumin thought out loud. As if answering his question, Elizabeth the 3rd started to make her way to where you were. 

Picking up the bags, he followed her, and as he neared the living room, he heard you talking to somebody on the phone. “…no, he hasn’t called ever since. All I’m left with was a handwritten note from the day he left for his business trip, and I’m worried…..it’s been a week, but he said he’d only be gone for three days…“ 

You were facing the window overlooking the nightscape. There was also an empty bottle of wine and a half full wine goblet on the side table. How long had she been drinking alone? 

“No, we didn’t fight or anything….yes, I tried calling him multiple times, and all I got was voicemail. I even asked Jaehee to have him call me back if he calls her, but she couldn’t get a hold of him either….I miss him, Zen….yes, yes, I know, thank you for worrying. I’ll call you back when he gets home. Bye,“ you ended the call and started to cry. Jumin couldn’t bear that he’d unexpectedly made you upset, so he dropped the bags, crossed the room in a few strides, and embraced you from behind, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“I’m sorry to have worried you MC, but I’m home now my love,“

“J-Jumin??? How— how long have you been there? “

You dried your tears, broke away from his embrace, and observed him. Aside from the sad look he gave you, he was put together and clean shaven. At least he came home safe…

“Why didn’t you return any of my calls and messages? Didn’t you know how lonely and worried I was?!?“

“Oh, about that, I—-”

“I try to understand how busy you are with work, but sometimes, I wonder if you’re just using that as an excuse to ignore me.“


“Am I not worth your time anymore, Mr. Jumin Han?“

“ENOUGH!!! You were talking with Zen earlier, shouldn’t I be the one getting angry instead?“

“What? Am I not allowed to talk to anybody anymore? Zen was only trying to reassure me that you’d be coming back, Jumin! Who knows what you’ve been up to in that trip? Even Jaehee couldn’t contact you!“

“If you’re trying to accuse me of cheating on you, then you’re mistaken, MC! You know how I hate that my father changed women as if he were just changing his clothes! I would never do that to you! You know how much I love you; how could you suspect me like that?“

His broken tone had you coming to your senses, and you stood there in stunned silence as Jumin pinched the bridge of his nose, a frown marring his handsome face.It took him a while to calm himself, and he looked straight at you when it seemed like he had regained his composure. 

“Sit down, dear,” he motioned for you to sit down on the loveseat. He sat beside you and attempted to embrace you, but you were still sulking, so he settled for holding your hand instead. “Will you let me explain, my love?“ you were pointedly avoiding eye contact, but you nodded.  

“The reason the trip got extended was because the negotiations almost didn’t go through. I thought I was only there to finalize the deal with the client, but I found out that somebody on our side messed up, and I had to fix it somehow,“ “…but the lack of phone calls?“ Jumin chuckled and sheepishly rubbed his nape. 

“Well…that was because part of the condition was to spend time with the client’s 3-year old child, and the brat somehow got hold of my phone and he threw it in a lake. By the time we found the phone, it was already unsalvageable even when one of the staff thought to put it in a bag of rice overnight,“ by this time, you could tell that he was distressed because he wouldn’t normally use such words as “brat“, but you couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the thought of the C&R Director chasing a toddler around.

“Oh you poor thing! So that’s why. But you could have asked to borrow somebody else’s phone and called Jaehee at least. She was also worried because her calls wouldn’t go through either,“ you almost wanted to forgive him, but you were still holding out.   

“If I could call somebody at that time, I would have called you first… but then, all my contacts were in that phone, and I didn’t have any numbers memorized. I’m sorry, MC. Please let me make it up to you,“ he looked hopefully at you, like a child expecting to get a present that he always wanted.

“Hmm… I don’t know, Jumin. I told you to carry a copy of your contacts list in a small notebook before, but you never listened.“

“I know, and I’m sorry. I’ll order Assistant Kang to make me a copy of my contacts first thing in the morning.“

You shook your head. “No dear, you have to do it by yourself. Jaehee was already neck deep in work the last time I checked. You could at least lessen the projects that you give her.“

“Alright, no more unnecessary projects. Please forgive me, I’ll do anything you want.“

You perked up at the thought of your husband offering to do anything for you. “Really? Anything?“

“Yes, my love, anything.“

“Well, there IS something I’ve been meaning to try…“

Jumin heard the door open and close, followed by the sound of somebody moving around the room. “MC, is that you?“ “Did I permit you to talk?“ “No ma’am,“ he had used that tone on you a couple of times, so he knew not to address you casually.

There was a soft thunk by the bedside table, and he felt the bed dip, and the smell of your citrus and green tea shower gel permeated his nostrils as you sat beside him. “So, what shall I do to you first, Mr. Han?“ your tone was seductive, like honey smoothly gliding over his soul. “You do know that I intend to get payback in full after this, don’t you… ma’am?“ there was a sound of rummaging from his right side.

“Cheeky bastard. If you’re going to get payback after this, then I might as well make it count. I wonder though, should I just take off that blindfold and eat a sandwich in front of you? Or should I build a block tower instead?“ “MC…“ there was a hint of warning in his voice, and a tick in his jaw. It was  fun teasing him like this, but you knew not to push your luck.

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KP- I'm crying omg, Ignis almost fighting the stranger in his bed 😂 I imagine Noctis is adamant that he's too comfy to leave and says he has nowhere to go anyways because SOME asshole named GLADIO kicked him out. Ignis softens a tiny bit but is still reluctant to let Noct stay, tho he looks harmless enough he supposes, just too sassy for his own good. Cue awkward bed sharing maybe? ;) Bonus: Ignis stretching out before bed and noct pretends to be asleep but he's watching like ?! DAMN! I'M GAY!

I’m sorry this has taken so long, but at last it’s time for a side-Ignoct catch up post!! These two are almost as bad as Promptio when it comes to being totally obvious-slash-oblivious about their mutual crushing. So I hope you enjoy this post featuring flexible Iggy and Noct’s Big Gay Awakening :3 

Originally posted by epitafiosambulantes

(idk where this gif is from but it’s too appropriate not to use…?????)

Noct appreciates the view under the cut! v v v 

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Dolls Are The Last Ones To Mate

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Comedy

Summary: Request fic for @thestarryknightsky. “THEY MAKE VINYL POP FIGURINES OF MCR and also is it okay if I request a Gerard or Frank x reader where reader buys one and they find it and it’s just their reactions and stuff?”

You were in the middle of your third date with the Gerard Way. Part of you still couldn’t believe you’d even met him, let alone gotten him to go out with you. You felt like the luckiest person in the world.

You two had gone out for a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant, had a lot of great conversation and great food. Now, you were kissing passionately on your front porch, not quite wanting to say goodnight just yet. Gerard pressed you against your front door, and your fingers tangled into his long, black hair as his tongue found its way into your mouth.

“You wanna come upstairs for a little bit, baby?” you asked breathlessly.

“Oh, hell yes,” Gerard purred. You unlocked your door and led him by the hand up the stairs, into your bedroom. You kissed in the doorway for several minutes, running your hands over his lithe, slim body. Fuck, he was so hot.

He picked you up in his surprisingly strong arms and laid you gently down on your bed. You kissed at his neck, fingers working at the buttons on his shirt collar. Then, suddenly, he froze, eyes falling on something on your nightstand.

“Is that….me?!” he gaped.

Oh, fuck, you thought mortified, and realized that your Funko Pop ™ Revenge Gerard figurine was still sitting right there, next to your alarm clock.

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Q&A with Simon D
  • Simon and you have been together for nearly 5 years and Simon has decided to do a short Q&A video with you. Simon has already tweeted out to his fans about the questions.
  • Simon: Hey everyone. Today [Y/N] and I will be answering questions from our fans.
  • You: What's the first question?
  • Simon: Someone's excited for this.
  • You: I only agreed to this because you promise you will let me choose what we eat tonight.
  • Simon: Shh I don't want our fans to know I bribed you into this. Ok, first question is where did you two go on your first date? Do you remember, babe?
  • You: Of course. But you always telling this story so you do it.
  • Simon: I asked her to dinner at my favourite restaurant, but after dinner I found out she doesn't like the place. [Y/N] asked me what I had plan next, I told her I was planning to go to the movies. She disagreed and we went to a bowling place after.
  • You: Dinner and a movie is boring babe. Sorry. But you had fun at the bowling place right?
  • Simon: Yeah it was fun. Here, read the next question.
  • You: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • Simon: We actually met a club. It was an after party for some show. I was sitting in the VIP section and I saw her dancing from across the room. I thought wow that girl CANNOT dance.
  • You: Hey!
  • Simon: I'm just joking. But yeah, my first thought was wow she is so sexy so I got up and asked for her name.
  • You: Yeah, I remember seeing this guy who's wearing a grey GUCCI sweatshirt walking up to me and I thought, who in their right mind wears a sweatshirt to a club. Like it's so hot and stuffy in there. Then my second thought was he probably smells because I could see his sweat.
  • Simon: And do I smell?
  • You: Sometimes.
  • Simon: So [Y/N] what is the most romantic thing that I have done?
  • You: Hmm, for our one year anniversary we celebrated it at home. I had a long day at work and I told him I was fine with some take-out but this guy here surprised me. He made dinner, put rose petals on the bed and candles were everywhere.
  • Simon: I have many romantic things and you choose that one?
  • You: Yeah but I think that's the most romantic. Next question.
  • Simon: What are each other’s worst or annoying habits? [Y/N]'s most annoying habit is buying so many clothes and not wearing them. Some clothes in her closet still has tags on them. And when we go out she says she doesn't have anything to wear so I tell her to wear the clothes she bought a month ago. And when we are ready to go out, I would think she's wearing the new clothes but she wears her old clothes. Her clothes are taking up my side of the closet.
  • You: Whatever. You should buy another closet for yourself then. And don't forget you sometimes kick the blanket off the bed when we're sleeping. I'm always getting up and picking the blanket up. Learn how to keep the blanket ON the bed and I'll try to stop buying so much clothes.
  • Simon: Okay okay, I'll try. So the next question is what is your ideal date night?
  • You: I don't think we do a lot of date nights, right babe?
  • Simon: No, we don't. We prefer having lunch together.
  • You: Yeah, lunches, breakfast or brunches. We prefer spending the day together. But also, Simon sleeps super early. He gets into bed around 8:30pm. What old men do.
  • Simon: Hey! I'm not old.
  • You: Whatever you want to believe. Hmm the next question from this fan is a little out of the blue.
  • Simon: What is it?
  • You: Are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Simon: Weird fantasies or kinks? We don't have weird kinks.
  • You: Omg Simon. You just implied we have weird fantasies. I don't want to answer this one. I'm going to get a drink.
  • Simon: No, no sit down. You're staying right here babe.
  • You: I'm just going to cover my face then.
  • Simon: I won't go into too much detail or give our fans too much information. Actually I'll just say it in three words. Ready? Ok, toys and accessories.
  • You: Omg you did not just say accessories. What is that suppose to mean?
  • Simon: I told you, I'm not saying anything more. And baby, you should know what the accessories are..
  • You: Let's move on.
  • Simon: Okay last question, do you two have any funny, embarrassing sex stories? Wow our fans are something hey?
  • You: Haha yeah. I know one embarrassing story. Can I tell it?
  • Simon: Are you talking about the one with the phone call?
  • You: YES! Ok so we were at home and in the middle of 'it' , well actually we were both 'nearly there', when Simon's phone rings. The phone was on the bedside table and I asked Simon if he needed to get that. He shook his head and all that came out of his mouth was "Jay, Jay, Jay". Now imagine, you and your partner having the time of your life, you know, and your partner decides to call out his work mate's name when you're about close. It was so weird, yet extremely funny. Oh and if you didn't guess, the person who called him was Jay.
  • Simon: Please stop talking now and I'm surprised you could actually ask me a question when you're in the zone babe. Kudos.
  • You: I didn't say the exact words. I muttered, gosh. Anyway can I tell them what I told Jay the next day.
  • Simon: Aww, do you have too?
  • You: Yes. The fans deserves the whole story. So the next day, we saw Jay at the office and I blurted out what happened. I said to Jay, "my boyfriend busted a nut to you".
  • Simon: Okay okay. No more discussing this story and let's end this Q&A. You've gone too far babe.
  • You: Fine. And we're having ramen and dumplings tonight.

peacefulwizardfox  asked:

Hello! I want to say I love your blog. And I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Just remember to keep your head up and keep smiling. There is hope for you yet. Also, I want to make a request: Clones reacting to female s/o's period.

Aw thank you :33 and can I just say that your icon is so cute! Best kitty 10/10. 

  • I’m pretty sure most would have the general reaction of, WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” And freak out. These are practically children, they didn’t know what breast were until they left Kamino.
  • Rex, the poor thing, would go into panic mood as soon as the word “blood” left her mouth. He’d freak out, ask if she was ok, why was she bleeding, and who did this to her until she had to cut him off to explain. After hearing what it was, why it happens, the symptoms, and how often she had to deal with this, he felt really bad. That just sounded awful! He had been shot before and was sure that didn’t hurt nearly as bad. He becomes the best boyfriend after this, always asking if she’s in pain or if she wants anything. 
  • Cody thought it was a myth, he straight up did not believe it was real until his s/o was complaining about it. His jaw drops and he visibly pales,  then shakily asks, “Wait…you mean you actually bleed..from there?” When she confirm he almost faints right then and there. How could anyone deal with that? Every month?! It freaks him out, not because he thinks its gross, but because he could only imagine the pain she had to put up with. And still go out onto the battlefield? That was the day Cody realized..men are damn weak compared to women. 
  • Fives was the most innocent in all this, he had never even heard of such a thing. Finally one day he overheard his s/o and Ashoka having casual conversation about it, got curious, and asked what that was. Ashoka just kinda laughed and left it up to his s/o, who explained everything to him. His eyes grew ten times wider with each word. He has regrets. He pities his s/o and constantly asks if shes on her period poor thing just wants to help. Whenever she is he’ll comply to her every demand. Omg when he hears about tampons though he loses it, “how is that not uncomfortable?!” After a while he becomes use to it, so much that he’s usually the one making tampon and chocolate runs. 
  • Echo kinda already knew what it was, though never put much thought into it. That is until he woke up and his bed had a huge blood spot on it, and his s/o looked like she was going to cry. It didn’t take him long to piece it together and was quick to comfort her. He’d tell her to just go take a shower and he’ll clean up. Afterwards he’d try to get her her favorite meal, and ask if she wants a massage. 
  • Kix, being a medic, had seen plenty of female Jedi come in for tampons and such, so he knew exactly what it was. So whenever his s/o was on her’s he would often give her some pain relievers, as well as a hot water bottle should she need it. It’s not really a big deal to him, its just how the female body worked. 
  • Wolffe would also freak out the first time he saw the blood, or even if she mentioned it. He’s try to take her to a medic to “fix” her, and get confused and angry when she denies. When she explains it to him, he’s a little embarrassed, and also grossed out. He knew she couldn’t help it, it was natural, and he would never complain about it, but just the thought of bleeding from such a sacred area…it made him shudder. He would still also check to see if they needed anything, but unless they did would avoid the subject all together. 
Aqours daily chat routine
  • Chika: woah look at this emoticon I found ʕ•͡•ʔ so cute lol
  • You: you never runs out of emoticon I swear
  • Chika: thats cuz I keep finding new ones (・ㅂ・)و ̑̑
  • //Mari has entered the chat//
  • You: stop before Mari enters the chat
  • You: I didn't even finish
  • Mari: I sense the emoticons being used
  • Chika: yo mari (*゚▽゚)ノ
  • Mari: yo mikan lover
  • Chika: im You's lover wtf
  • Mari: dude chill take a joke ffs
  • //Dia has entered the chat//
  • Dia: take your jokes away from the main chat
  • Mari: nope
  • Dia: we created another chat for this kind of thing, go use it
  • Mari: ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
  • Dia: you use that emoticon all the time when you're going to grope me, leave
  • Mari: 〒_〒
  • Dia: I don't care if you're sad
  • Mari: T ^ T
  • Mari: ΩДΩ
  • Mari: ( •̥́ ﹏ •̀ू )
  • Dia: I really don't care if you are crying
  • //Kanan has entered the chat//
  • Kanan: Dia stop bullying Mari
  • Mari: kanKanan (っ´▽`)っ
  • Chika: Kanan help us
  • Kanan: yo kiddo
  • You: why r u like dis
  • Dia: please type properly
  • Mari: only you cares lol
  • You: I dont wtf u on about
  • Mari: not you We caps your name
  • You: oh lol
  • You: and I thought you were crying wtf
  • Mari: im still crying shut up :'(
  • //Riko has entered the chat//
  • //Yoshiko has entered the chat//
  • Riko: the notifications are annoying me
  • Yoshiko: wtf r u gays on about again and hey Lily
  • Riko: we always enters at the same time??
  • Chika: Ha! G A Y
  • Riko: shut up
  • Yoshiko: shut up
  • Mari: omg they texted the same thing goals
  • You: werent you crying
  • Mari: I was until my sub unit members shows up
  • Dia: one thing that bothers me
  • Dia: Is that a typo or did you mean it?
  • Yoshiko: what typo
  • Dia: is that guys or gays
  • You: I bet you its gays
  • Yoshiko: its gays
  • //Kanan has entered the chat//
  • Kanan: my phone kept vibrating whats up
  • Mari: gays
  • Kanan: you guys are always like this
  • Chika: dont talk like you arent gay either →_→
  • Kanan: im the second gayest of all chika
  • Dia: I'm not surprised, to be honest
  • Riko: then who's the most gayest?
  • Yoshiko: I bet you its Mari
  • //Maru has entered the chat//
  • //Ruby has entered the chat//
  • Mari: im the gayest of all
  • Yoshiko: omg rip
  • Chika: omg rip
  • You: omg rip
  • Ruby: sis im also gay you know
  • Dia: wait, what? Who are you going out with?
  • Hanamaru: mE
  • Mari: did you not know?
  • Dia: why the fuck do you think I'm asking
  • Chika: omg Dia just swear guys take covers Σ(゜゜)
  • You: don't overreact lol
  • Riko: I think you should
  • Dia: shut up, she's my lil'sis for fuck sake
  • Chika: omg she swear again run guys ᕕ(‾口‾)ᕗ
  • Kanan: calm down shes not a little kid
  • Yoshiko: techinally speaking yeah
  • You: id be worried tbh cuz Chika once lured Ruby with a lolipop
  • Riko: so cute
  • Yoshiko: Lily no youre mine
  • Riko: im not trying to cheat
  • Dia: The group chat is a mess
  • Mari: Ikr
  • Dia: especially you, Mari
  • Mari: ԅ(。≖△≖。ԅ) I feel personally attacked
  • Dia: you should be
  • Kanan: calm down you two
  • Chika: wtf were we even talking about in the first place lol ( ᐛ )
  • Riko: something I guess
  • Ruby: I entered late so
  • Hanamaru: Ofh mAy g'otd
  • You: wtf
  • Chika: wtf
  • Mark: omg another couple texting the same thing goals
  • Yoshiko: ruby translate
  • Ruby: im with her and theres a dog
  • //Riko has left the chat//
  • Yoshiko: omg Lily come back
  • Yoshiko: dont leave me
  • Yoshiko: I NEED U HERE
  • //Riko has entered the chat//
  • Riko: my mum just called sorry
  • Mari: that was great
  • You: someone screenshot it
  • Chika: Yoshiko cant live without Riko confirmed
  • Yoshiko: ITS YOHANE
  • Dia: screw you gays
  • Chika: omg hwat
  • Mari: omg hwat
  • You: omg hwat
  • Hanamaru: OM'g Hwa's4T
  • Ruby: sis?
  • Dia: typo, sorry
  • Mari: that is def not a typo
  • Riko: the a and u is at in end from each other
  • Yoshiko: cant be a typo
  • Dia: you're right because it's actually auto-correct
  • Kanan: dont meme Dia now
  • Mari: "screw you gays"
  • Kanan: what did I say
  • Chika: guess who just got memed again
  • Riko: this is a literal mess
  • Hanamaru: CwkaoaAgkGtu'jdv?
  • Yoshiko: wtf speak human language
  • Ruby: the dog just trampled on her phone
  • Riko: stop or I wont give you any kisses tmr
  • Yoshiko: my deepest apologies I want my kisses
  • Mari: our chats never have a solid topic lol
  • Dia: that's because y'all a mess
  • Ruby: sis did you just say "y'all"
  • Mari: probs picked it up from me
  • Dia: save me
  • [Mari has sent a link - SAVE ME]
  • Mari: this is your song
  • Dia: Why do I always get memed
  • Chika: because its easy to meme you ٩( 'ω' )و
  • You: and its hilarious
  • Kanan: What did she do to deserve this
  • Mari: nothing rly
  • Riko: but theyre gonna do it anyway
  • Ruby: sis
  • Dia: help me
  • Ruby: I cant
  • Dia: Betrayed by my own blood
  • Dia: I'm leaving
  • //Dia has left the chat//
  • Hanamaru: sHge 'lEaft
  • Yoshiko: what
  • Ruby: "she left"
  • Mari: buuu she left
  • Kanan: good for her she'll get stressed because of us
  • Chika: omg ur worrying about her are you cheating on Mari (|||゚д゚)
  • Kanan: we're in a polyamorous relationship jeez
  • Mari: yh yh Dia's bottom btw
  • //Dia has entered the chat//
  • Dia: shut up
  • //Dia has left the chat//
  • Mari: she came to say that and left lol
  • Riko: also we did not need to know that =//=
  • Yoshiko: you're bottom too tho
  • You: friendly reminder that Ruby and Hanamaru is still here
  • Kanan: cant ruin the innocent
  • Chika: you two should leave cuz Dia will kill us if we ruined you two @_@
  • Ruby: sure I guess
  • //Ruby has left the chat//
  • //hanamaru has left the chat//
  • Chika: this will probs surprise you but You is actually bottom
  • Mari: no way
  • Kanan: I thought shes top
  • Chika: she cant even pin me without turning into a blushing mess ๑乛◡乛๑
  • You: thats a lie
  • Chika: then try to top me then
  • Mari: omg a big discovery Chika is top
  • Riko: Chika doesnt get embarrassed that easily so
  • Yoshiko: unlike You and lily
  • Yoshiko: another reminder that Lily is also bottom
  • Riko: Yocchan!
  • Mari: this one im not surprised
  • Riko: I top sometimes as well
  • Mari: that one surprises me
  • Kanan: I did think you two are versatile
  • Chika: same goes to the 3rd year probs
  • Mari: yup
  • Mari: altho Dia is the ultimate bottom
  • Kanan: I'm the ultimate top
  • Mari: I die whenever Kanan top
  • You: you die when Kanan strips
  • Mari: and that too
  • Kanan: she die whenever im around tbh
  • Chika: calm your gf lol
  • You: its late so imma catch some zzZ
  • Chika: more like ur gonna sleep in my arms
  • You: yh that byeee
  • Chika: bye as wellllll
  • //You has left the chat//
  • //Chika has left the chat//
  • Mari: Yous at Chika place I guess
  • Riko: she is
  • Riko: they just came over to the balcony to say G'night
  • Yoshiko: let me sleep at your place next time Lily
  • Riko: sure my mum called earlier to tell me she wont be home till next week
  • Mari: and you can get hot and steamy~~ ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
  • Riko: stop associating us with you perv
  • Yoshiko: stop associating us with you perv
  • Mari: wow rude
  • Mari: and how the heck did you managed to text the exact same thing
  • Yoshiko: thats cuz Lily made a contract with me
  • Riko: I guess Yocchan and I are connected
  • Mari: so cute lol
  • Mari: Kanan can you come over
  • Kanan: now?
  • Kanan: its 11pm
  • Mari: but im cold n lonely
  • Kanan: be there in 10
  • //Kanan has left the chat//
  • Yoshiko: omg thats quick
  • Riko: how can she get there under 10 mins
  • Mari: her jet ski n im important
  • Yoshiko: makes sense
  • Yoshiko: unless she secretly have a pair of wings since shes a little demon
  • Riko: Yocchan
  • Yoshiko: my deepest apologies I still want my kisses
  • Mari: so cute lol
  • //Dia has entered the chat//
  • Dia: Mari, I swear to god if you don't come to school tomorrow only because Kanan is coming over
  • Mari: join us then lol
  • Yoshiko: your relationship will forever confuses me
  • Mari: lmao
  • Dia: Do I need to go?
  • Mari: yes im cold
  • Dia: give me 20 minutes
  • //Dia has left the chat//
  • Riko: that actually works
  • Mari: yee I get a rly bad cold when im cold for too long
  • Mari: Or I can have Dia and Kanan sandwich me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Yoshiko: Who allows you to be in a relationship
  • Mari: my parents obv
  • Riko: can the bed fit 3 ppl?
  • Mari: i have kings size bed sily
  • Yoshiko: but ur three grown teens ffs
  • Mari: remember that we will be sandwiched ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • //Kanan has entered the chat//
  • Kanan: im in the lift rn
  • Yoshiko: so quick wtf
  • Kanan: Mari gets real sick if she's cold when she sleeps
  • //Dia has entered the chat//
  • Dia: Yes, there is. She loves to have someone to snuggle in her sleep
  • //Dia has left the chat//
  • Riko: she entered to just say that...
  • Mari: thats because im important
  • Kanan: we're spoiling her too tbh
  • Yoshiko: you need to stop omg
  • Kanan: im getting out of the lift
  • Kanan: bye kiddos
  • //Kanan has left the chat//
  • Yoshiko: wtf im only 2 years younger
  • Mari: still a kid
  • Mari: so much to learn
  • Mari: so many positions to use
  • //Dia has entered the chat//
  • Dia: please don't ruin them too
  • //Dia has left the chat//
  • Riko: she did it again
  • Yoshiko: imma leave
  • Yoshiko: Lily I'm calling you after
  • Riko: why?
  • Yoshiko: cuz I want to hear your voice obv
  • Riko: thats so cute of you
  • Yoshiko: shuddup I want to hear you say G'night to me
  • Mari: what a cute couple you are
  • Yoshiko: shut up ur gayer
  • Riko: shut up ur gayer
  • //Yoshiko has left the chat//
  • //Riko has left the chat//
  • Mari: wow
  • Mari: I'm leaving too bYE
  • //Mari has left the chat//

deancas au; 1,3k

Winter and glasses don’t mix. Unfortunately, it seems no one informed Cas’s ophthalmologist about it and she remains convinced that glasses and winter do, in fact, mix. More than that, in Cas’s case, they have to—unless he wants his sight to degrade even further than it already has due to two decades of neglect.

And so there he is now, freezing his nose off on the steel frames. He should have listened to Anna when she recommended the thick, plastic ones. They just didn’t seem very practical at the time, and now that’s just another regret.

At least, it stopped snowing.

The bright side of wearing glasses, of course—winter or not—is that Cas can now read the bus timetable without having to, figuratively, press his nose to it. He can even see the number of the incoming bus from the very crossroads and consequently spare himself the guessing and getting to the door last.

He really should have gotten glasses sooner.

Cas gathers his bags off the bench and moves towards the middle entrance. As soon as the door opens he steps into the warmth of the crowded vehicle. The puff of heated air envelops his face and—

The world goes white.

All of it.

Well, almost all of it; there are still colors and movement on the periphery of his vision. The entire center field is obscured by dense, white fog.

He stops in his tracks, shifts all heavy bags into one hand to free the other but the incoming passengers keep pushing him forward. Blinded, he attempts to move toward the rear end of the bus without stumbling. There’s too much hustle to try wiping the steam off the glasses now; with half a dozen shoulders pressing on him from all sides, he can’t even lift the freed hand.

The jam loosens, slightly, when the doors close and Cas manages to find a little safe footing. He reaches to the glasses but the tips of his fingers can barely brush the frames when the bus starts and the yank sends Cas tumbling forward.

He shoots his free hand up in a futile attempt to grab a strap and collides into someone’s chest. A strong scent of cologne fills him up as his nose sinks into the man’s collar. An arm wraps around Cas on instinct. The man stills them both easily.

“Got you,” a low voice purrs above his ear.

A hot blush creeps up Cas’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles, trying to pull away.

The steam covering his glasses begins to recede around the edges, but still not enough to make out the face in front of him.

“S’fine,” the man says, loosening his hold, but doesn’t let go entirely until Cas finds the strap over his head. “Let me help ya, buddy.”

He gently pulls the glasses off Cas’s nose before Cas can protest. He starts wiping them with a handkerchief in his other hand, elbow locked around a pole. His eyes are trained on his own working fingers, the corners of his lips are raised in a tiny smirk. He must be around Cas’s age, maybe a couple years younger, and, Dear God, even without the glasses Cas can tell he’s beautiful.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know any fluffy (possibly smut) klance or shklance fan fiction?? Only just got here, but I'm loving your blog so much and it gives me all The Feels and I just. Yeah. Just. Ahhhhhhh. Your shklance headcannon actually put tears in my eyes no joke (I didn't actually cry but the fact that I rarely cry means that a big thing for me)

you made me just so happy with this ask rn oh my goodness??
thank you for your compliments omg <3333
ha i put tears to your eyes? that’s a compliment to me haha omg tysm 
but here’s some fics i went through some recs and found two fluffy klance fics here

Drink Up by: lilypoprocks Rated: Not Rated
so this one is about lance wanting this alien girl but there ends up being something in keith’s drink then kissing happens and more gay awkwardness feels this isn’t complete btw

Starry nights and shining armor by: rhapsodyinpink Rated: T
this fic i heard is adorable but i really haven’t read either of these :o

im literally going through recs to hand these out and seeing which looks the best lol i am gonna read these two tho because they do look adorable omg 

but this one is yeah suppose to be r gay and nice and happy feely so there’s the fluff in this one and it’s a one shot

ok those two were fluffy here’s some nsfw fics im gonna read em myself like right now because they seem amazing sure i can do that for those two up there but eh i pick and choose these nsfw ones seem really nice so :^)

ok so just finished reading the first rec and HOLY SHIT ok but first obvious NSFW warning for the rest of these links don’t like nsfw things please don’t click on em ok? ok.

Nosedive by quartetship Rated: E it’s PWP and a one shot

this one is written really fucking well guys both lance and keith stay in character with their smugness and lance being a little shit but lance is so so SO sweet to keith and cares for him just ahh it’s so nice to read that? but goodness this fic is based off of this quote and it’s written as the summary as well 

“You still wanna keep going, Keith?”

“You know it.”

that inspired for this and god just read it you’ll love this like i did.

Keep On Coming Back For More by ArraFrost Rated: E

Ok so this one is made me laugh it’s got some hilarious lines and it’s super adorable im smiling all over the place with this one

please be aware you’re gonna get second hand embarrassment i started laughing bu t klvemf just yeah it’s fucking great please read this one

this one and the ones above are all klance fics btw

A Disaster Would Be an Understatement by:  VenomousSecret Rated: E

this is the nsfw shklance fic jfc it’s got a good length for this one

ok it gets a bit angsty there’s jealousy i felt super bad for lance after a bit but damn the smut is written so nciely like it really got to me it’s still such a nice read seriously but you know me lance is my boy i can’t help but feel bad for him lol als it ends kinda mm :/ if you dont want an angsty end dont read on but i actually love this fic ha

Lance’s Happy Place by: keir Rated: E
i haven’t read this but im marking this for later but man this also looks great it’s also a shklance fic there’s fanart with this fic and i swooned dont go and click on the link for the fic and look at the art if you dont like nsfw things it’s also nsfw but it’s great

also im super sorry this is probably really late response i couldn’t go on any electronics till for a long time and even still later today i won’t be able to be online and i tried spending time on this but i kept getting distracted as usual but i actually tried reading but i hope these are good enough recs for you!!! 

Vanilla dreams!

Helloo!! Sooo, this is what a dreamed. I’m really sorry for any incorrectly applied term, english isn’t my first language 😊 oh and, I love writing, and yeah I’m not the BEST writer, but anyway, I hope you enjoy my dream, maybe you can dream it too😏


We were like in a family dinner, why? maybe because I was with family irl that day lol.

It’s a calm environment inside here. My family has been planning this a few weeks ago.

Some of my aunts and uncles are here, as well as my cousins. It’s good to spend time here with them.

As for my companion, the most vulgar boy that could ever cross your life, or that’s what they say, did me the honor to come with me.
I told Ryuji about this family meeting, and of course, he made all what it’s on his will to let him go with me, after all, there’s free food.

I was sitting in an individual couch scrolling down on my phone, while he was, too, with his phone, but lying in a larger couch across the room, perpendicular to mine. If that makes sense?

To pass the time, we were exchanging playful looks; I would wink at him and he would only stick out his tongue. His cheeks, painted with a soft pink, hiding them with his phone.

After some time talking all together, one cousin, sitting on a wheelchair wearing a thick layer of cast around her foot started talking about how she accidentally forced her leg causing her to trip and break her ankle. I looked across the room at my aunt’s and uncle’s faces that were filled with worry at my injured cousin.

My face went completely rigid as I suddenly realized something… Ryuji.

I turned the other way around to look at him and he kinda gazed down, proceeding on lying his phone on his stomach frowning his brows, a troubled look on his face. I quietly said to myself “ohnonono boy no" 

I wonder if my aunts heard me..

I placed my phone on the couch and stood up. I sitted next to him; where Ryuji was still lying. I slowly bent towards him and hugged his head putting my hands above his ears thinking that in that way, he won’t listen anymore what they were talking about.

“It’s ok, it’s ok” I murmured repeatedly.

I could feel his warm breath caressing my neck. And I gently started brushing his hair with my fingertips. “It’s ok..”
He calmly placed his arms around my waist slowly petting me as I felt his lips against my skin twist into a smile.


His arms hugged me harder causing me to bend even more, pulling me closer.
“I know it’s okay, I just wanted a hug from ya”

Followed by a sweet kiss on my neck.

My face felt somehow hot by Ryuji’s tight embrace as well as a slight embarrassment caused by his little joke.

We snuggled in each other arms and took a short nap just like that.

I still wonder if my aunts were seeing us..

I snuggled deeper into him enjoying the hot night around his strong arms, just before I woke up.



Weeee! So this is what I dreamed, its kinda short but I hope I made myself clear along the story and I hope you liked it 💕

P.S.: I really wonder what my aunts would say if I snuggle with a boy like that OR EVen bring that boy to the house!! //////

Thanks for taking your time reading me!


(submitted by @llveenall)

anonymous asked:

this is my first time requesting something so I'm little bit nervous☺️ but um is it alright if I request a cop au with jungkook where you and him are both cops and he get's all protective when you go on missions? (reader is a shy smol bean who must be protected ) and she gets all embarrassed when he's up to the point where he hugs her in public? y-you don't have to do this if you don't want to!

Omg you guys are so creative with your story ideas! I seriously enjoyed writing this so much! And omg you’re so cute! Please don’t ever be nervous to send in a request!! I didn’t expect it to get this serious because I’ve never written drama before, but I kind of just let the words carry me lol Madelyn stop trying to sound like a poet. I hope you like it!!


SUMMARY: You and Jungkook are partners at the police station, and you both unknowingly have feelings for the other. It seems like a normal day until you get called to handle a bank robbery.


Originally posted by mayfifolle



You heard a loud noise coming from down the hall and you immediately sprang up out of your desk chair. You were a cop, so you knew how to deal with these types of situations, but you still got a little nervous, especially since you were in the police station, and this, of all places, should be safe.


There it was again! As you opened your door and peeked out, your hands hovered over your holster, just to be extra safe. You slowly peeked around your door and tiptoed toward the source of the sound.


When you heard this voice, you immediately relaxed and rolled your eyes. It was your partner, Officer Jeon Jungkook, furiously hitting the vending machine to try and get his powdered doughnuts out of it.

“Jungkookah, you know that machine always eats your money.”

He turned around to face you, “I know, but I can’t let it win! I will get my doughnuts someday!”

“Well could you stop hitting the machine like that? It scares m- I- I mean.. Um.. S-some of us are trying to work! … Yeah!” You shouldn’t have said that. Jungkook always made fun of you for getting scared so easily, even though you were a cop. In response, he flashed that mischievous smirk of his at you and said, “Oh I scared you, did I?” He started moving closer to you, making you even more uncomfortable. “N-No! I didn’t say that!” you started to back up, but there was a wall behind you, and you didn’t have anywhere to go. “Well you were about to, weren’t you?” he kept the smirk on his face. “J-Jungkookah! What are you doing?”

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I’m not that kind of girl - Chapter 2

Cameron Dallas Fanfic

Previous Chapter

Word count: 1′655

„Oh… Ehm.. Hi Y/N.“ I didn’t say anything and just sat in the front seat. Cameron gave a confused look to Kian. He just shook it off and sat in the backseat. Cameron started driving knowing where to drop off Kian. The whole ride was really awkward and quiet. It felt like eternity. 

Cameron tried to start smalltalk but no one really said anything. „So I guess this is it for you Kian. Thanks for… ehm… whatever see you tomorrow.“ Cameron said. „Thanks for the ride. See ya. Bye Y/N.“ Kian awkwardly stated.We waited until Kian was at his front porch. 

Cameron looked at me quite worried. „You okay Y/N? That seemed pretty .. awkward between the two of you.“ Oh boy. If only he knew. „I’m fine. If you wanna go back I can walk the rest of the way it’s not that far from here.“ I answered really not wanting to talk about Kian. „No no no. I’ll drive you. I want to make sure you’re home save.“ He seems like a total sweetheart. 

I lightly smiled and so did he. „So tell me about you Y/N. I really don’t know anything about you.“ He looked over from the steering wheel. Why did he have to look this hot? „There’s not much to tell if we’re being honest.” I didn’t feel like talking. All of this was a mistake. I shouldn’t have come to that stupid party. All these thoughts were going through my mind. „After this crossing you have to turn right.” I said hoping that this ride would be over soon. „Well I wanna get to know you. So either way you’ll have to tell me about you sooner or later.” He grinned. „And how do you want to get me to talk?” I was curious. „You’ll see. Tomorrow I’m gonna pick you up right here.” He stopped the car. 

„Cameron… This would have been real good but this ain’t my house.” I bursted out laughing. „At least I made you laugh.Where’s your house than?” I told him where to go and he followed my instructions. „So… Tomorrow I’m gonna pick up right HERE around 5pm. Alright?” He smiled so heavenly. I just nodded and got out of the car. „Thanks for the ride Cameron. See you tomorrow I guess.”

I closed the door and sneaked back around the house, when I suddenly heard steps following behind me. Who the frick is this? I turned around to see… „Cameron? What are you doing?” I half whispered half shouted. „I was curious to why you don’t use the front door? And I guess you sneaked out…” He chuckled. „Yeah and I should get back to my bed I have to get up early.” I stated scared my parents would hear us. He just smiled at me. He slowly made a step towards me. I froze and didn’t know what he was trying to do. He grabbed me by my waist and pushed me up to give me a boost. 

„How about you warn me the next time you want to help me out?“ He chuckled while I grabbed onto the branch. „Thanks Cameron.“ „Anytime princess.“ I made a face of disgust. „What?“ He questioned. „I don’t like being called names like that.“ I smiled gently. He just looked at me with a light smirk on his face than he slowly turned around and started walking back. I waited until he was out of my sight. I slowly made my way up to my room where I collapsed onto the bed.

I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock. „God damn it. I really shouldn’t have gone..“ I said to myself. „Gone where?“ I heard my sister say while entering the room. „No where. What do you want?“ I growled turning onto my stomach trying to hide under the covers. „I’m here to see if you’re up. You know you have an appointment.“I somehow managed to get up. My sister was just looking weirdly at me. „Get out Lia!“ I shouted and so she did. 

I took a shower applied some make-up to look something close to decent. I just wore a black romper and my chucks not feeling like getting a full outfit together. I went downstairs to the kitchen. „Good morning Mom. Good morning dad.“ I said as I sat down at the table. „If you want there are some pancakes left.“ My mom stated. After breakfast I got my bag and said goodbye to my family. „MOM I’M GONNA GO NOW!“ I shouted. „OKAY!“ she shouted back.

I went outside to my moms car. As I drove to my appointment I thought about last night still wondering where Sam was and why she didn’t text you back. She’s probably still asleep. Things were so awkward between me and Kian. Even worse Cameron who seems pretty cute was there too. I parked my car and took one last look at my phone in hopes Sam would explain where she was but nothing. I went to my appointment.

After your appointment/about an hour later

I walked to my car. I checked my phone to see what time it was. 11 A.M. I was in flight mode because of the appointment. I decided to wait until I was home to see if there was any sign from Sam.

I stepped in my room. Exhausted. The only thing I wanted was to sleep. Before that I checked my phone. Once I turned off flight mode I got dozens of texts. 

        I’m sorry i didn’t answer. i was with Ethan. We talked but Imma tell you 
        How did you get home?
        PLEASE tell me you’re alive I don’t want to be the reason you’re dead
        Y/N I hope you didn’t crash at Kian’s. Else I’m gonna kill you and him and

I wasn’t surprised Sam texted me but I would have never expected this.

Kian: Sorry because of yesterday. Didn’t want to interrupt. Hope I didn’t mess things up between you and Cam..

wtf was the only thing I thought.
I texted Sam back explaining what happened. As soon as she read the texts she called me. „Y/N OMG. You were hitting it off with the new guy?“ She whispered. „First of all why are you whispering? Second of all NO I WAS NOT.“ I answered quiet embarrassed. „I’m in the bathroom… at Ethan’s.“ „What?!“ I said in disbelief. „Whatever. I’m coming over. We have to talk but not like this this is weird.“ „Alright. See ya in 20?“ I said. „yeah should be enough time. Bye“ Sam said hanging up. 

I laid on my bed waiting for Sam. It was already around 1pm when Sam bursted into my room. „Tell me EVERYTHING.“ She shouted. I laughed at her. As I told her the story once again she sat there with a weird expression. 

„What?“ I asked. „Nothing just, the fact that Kian apologized and Cameron a complete stranger actually driving you home. Also I’m really sorry. First I was with Josh and than I saw Ethan and we talked and you know one thing lead to another. Than we went to his place and I crashed there. Also we’re a couple, I guess? Like unofficially. But we are.“ I smiled at her. I felt happy for her. At least someone has some good. 

„So what about that new guy? You like him?“ She questioned with a light smirk on her face. „Well he’s cute. I mean he didn’t really hit on me. I guess because of Kian in the end. But he wouldn’t had offered to drive me home if he wasn’t interested… right?“ I said concerned of what he thought of me last night. „Sure he likes you. I mean who doesn’t want a sassy little bitch in their life?“ Sam always joked around. One of the things I appreciated most. 

„We’ll see tonight. He’s gonna pick me up in like…“ I looked at my phone. 2:30pm. „two hours?“ I said surprised at how time flew by. „Hopefully nothing fancy. Have I told you how he called me princess?“ I suddenly said. „No I don’t think so.“ As I told Sam the story I realized that I was actually going on a date with him. I felt weird. Since the break-up with Kian I wasn’t out much, his party was actually the first since. I just didn’t want to go to any other partys to avoid Kian. 

Sam left pretty soon after we had discussed all the relevant topics. It was about 4:30pm. I checked my make-up and outfit, it was the same as in the morning. I went downstairs and told my Mom that I’d go out with some friend. „A date?“ She asked innocently. „Maybe.“ I stated and got my leather backpack. I texted Luke before Cameron came.

Y/N: Sup. Where were you last night?

Luke: What was last night? Did I miss something special ;)

Y/N: stfu I mean the party from the new guy.

Luke: oh you mean cam? he’s a friend of mine.

Y/N: no shit. so why weren’t you there?

Luke: Didn’t know you were there ;)

Y/N: you can act like such a fuckboy. whatever Cameron seems cool.

Luke: he’s pretty chill. whatever. so YOU went to the PARTY?

Y/N: revolutionary I know. plot twist: I had an awkward car ride with Kian :D

Luke: WHAAATTT??? 

I heard someone knock on the door. Must be Cameron.

Y/N: I’ll tell you later about it. gotta go.

Luke: I hate you and your cliffhangers.

I laughed at Luke’s remark. I opened the door and Cameron awaited me. „Hi“ He smiled at me. I couldn’t resist but smile back at him. „Hi“ I replied.

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2015 MAMA reaction compilation

So I kinda went crazy today at MAMA and instead of spamming my blog, I decided to do it in one post. Be prepared if you’re going to read it, in case you need a detailed review.

Taeyeon looking like a goddess

Exo shows up in their pajamas

Exo wins best asian style (the irony)

Taeyeon performs like a goddess

BTS and GOT7 performance = kill me now

Twice wins Best New Female Artist oh ah yeah

Big Bang best MV and Seungri’s adorable speech

Hyuna wins best solo dance yess slay ‘em girl

San E (a.k.a Naruto) winning best rap

Kwangsoo too high for the mic lol

Everyone’s looking way too tall


Taeyeon wins best female artist hell yess she deserves it

Taeyeon looks like an angel is she even real omfg

Small Baekyeon moment but not really cause Baek tries to ignore looking at her because if he does stupid people will bash them >.< (a.k.a. my heart breaking)

JYP best male artist and Twice sending hearts to PDnim how adorbs

iKon performance

All the MC girls are so pretty

Everyone is so pretty I’m so jealous

Rap break omg they be slaying

Chanyeol gets embarrassed when the camera is on him but why though he looks smokin and Suho too

Show meeeh the moneeeey

lol, Jessi’s furry pink coat is in the way

What’s up with everyone wearing pink furry stuff

Look at Hyuna go she’s so good

Fuck these commercials honestly, they’re so fucking obnoxious

omfg those male backup dancers what have I witnessed

YES F(X) GLOBAL FANS CHOICE FEMALE FUCKING YES if anyone ever says something bad about fx again i sWEAR

Global Fans Choice Male is EXO and Suho looks hella good, Baek spreading the love in that bunny sweater, Sehun and Soo looking uninterested lol. 

Seventeen and Monsta X so fresh and lovely

Best Vocal Performance Male = Zion.T


That girl’s struggle with English is real

Got7 and Twice awkwardly jamming to JYP’s songs (excluding Jackson and BamBam, they’re enjoying every second)

JYP almost haves sex with a dancer while Twice is covering their eyes lmao this is the best thing I’ve seen so far

Best Dance Performance Female Group honestly I wouldn’t be able to choose if I wasn’t biased BUT RED VELVET WON HELL YESS MY BABIES

Red Velvet looks so elegant and beautiful like damn


Bow down bitches, SHINEE WON THIS IS THE BEST THING, Key’s hat though

CL THE BADDEST FEMALE, wait wtf is that on her head, oh nvm she took it off

It still amazes me how she’s able to own the stage every single time

omg is that the girl from the bang bang bang mv

2NE1 slayed the stage, let me tell you HELLO PARK BOM

Here comes EXO, oh boy I’m not prepared

Kai’s and Lay’s little dance breaks omo


oh hello Kyungsoo where you’ve been, WOWOW ChenBaekSoo vocals

Red Velvet clapping along Exo’s songs so cuteee

All fandoms going on about unfair performance line up

Jonghyun doing some weird Harry Poter thing with some lamps

Oh snap Shinee’s on stage wtf is Key wearing

EYOOO BIGBANG how did they manage to look the same as they did during Loser promotions

Bae Bae


^ see this VIP’s and EXO-L’s, this is a sign of eace no more fan wars pls

Now Seungri is at TTS’ table what is happening

Wow, BigBang. Just, wow. The energy men…

BTS WINS WORLD PERFORMER I can hear Armys going cray in the background but hands down they deserve every award imo + they’re all so pretty

Girl’s Generation is the year’s best female group no surprises here except where is Girl’s Generation, I only see TaeTiSeo 

Best Male Group. I’m scared for my life.

EXO. THE LORD IS WITH ME! But let’s be fair, probably every single nominee would’ve deserved it

They showed Taeyeon how dare don’t start anything Mnet (#baekyeontrashforlife)

Baekhyun is giving a speech and he’s so lovely I wanna hug him.

*f(x) voice* : “Love is 4 wa-au-au-au-aulls”


What have I done to deserve these outfits 

Kong HyoJin is adorbs as ever

BANG BANG BANG IS SONG OF THE YEAR I mean we all saw it coming that song is catchy as hell

LMAO, TOP doesn’t even have to say anything and the crowd goes crazy

Now the album oh-oh I don’t like this

JK EXO WON FUCK YEAH BITCHES Suho is so happy he doesn’t know what to say, I mean chincha saranghaja

Chanyeol’s eyes, fuck.

Pls Kyungsoo scream again.


Kyungsoo didn’t scream I’m offended.


BigBang, is GD about to cry???

Longest speech in history, but for some reason so emotional >.<

why the dramatic music oh it’s psy

You have to have guts to perform like him

TBH, looking back at it, with non-biased eyes, I agree with most of the awards


This year was definitely better for kpop!

mcreys  asked:

YESSSSS HELLO “today was the first family gathering i’ve been to since we broke up and my little cousin that absolutely adored you asked where you were and i had to lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the tub for a half an hour and look through a folder on my phone of pictures i took of you to feel okay again¨ AU for Clintasha please please please I love you

Natasha’s never been wild about family gatherings, but her enthusiasm seems to have dampened exponentially since going away to college. She hates the awkward, stilted conversations with aunts and uncles that she sees twice a year at most as they grill her about everything from her grades to how much money she’s making at her summer job. She hates the disapproval from grandparents who look down on her decision to pursue dancing instead of a more ‘reasonable’ profession. She hates having to act like a positive role model around her younger cousins. Mostly, she hates how incredibly alone she feels.

“Clint couldn’t make it this time?” her uncle asks her as she heaps salad onto her plate.

“No,” she forces out around the lump in her throat. “Something came up.”

She takes her plate to a secluded corner of the yard, hoping that will be the end of the questions, but it’s not long before her five year old cousin Henry spots her and comes running, juice sloshing out of his cup and down the front of his shirt in the process, although he couldn’t care less about the mess that he’s making as he exclaims, “Nat! Nat, Nat, Nat!”

“Hey Henry,” she says, resigned, crouching down with a napkin in hand. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

He stands patiently as Natasha wipes ketchup from the corners of his mouth and does her best to mop up the juice on his shirt, eyes flicking back and forth. “Where’s Clint? Did you bring Clint?”

All her younger cousins had hero-worshipped Clint from the moment they’d met him, but Henry had always been the most enamoured. Natasha still remembers the day Clint taught him how to shoot a bow, hand over hand, still remembers the exhilarated look on Henry’s face when his arrow had hit the target just shy of the bullseye. No one in her family knows that she and Clint broke up, and she can’t bring herself to break her little cousin’s heart.

“Sorry bud, Clint couldn’t make it tonight. But maybe the two of you can shoot again next time.”

Henry’s face falls slightly but he nods in agreement before running off to join the others his age. Natasha slides her empty plate into a nearby garbage bag, glancing around quickly to make sure no one’s looking at her before she slips away indoors and locks herself in the second floor bathroom where she knows no one will look for her for a while.

She takes one deep shuddering breath, and then a second, and then a third. And then the tears come all at once like a flood and she wills herself to stay silent as her body shakes with sobs. She hasn’t told anyone in her family about the breakup yet, not even her parents, because she knows they’d berate her for losing the best thing she’s ever had in her life. A wave of bitterness crashes over her at the fact that she’d been second to Clint even in her own family. She’d thought breaking up with him would give her the freedom she needed but it’s done nothing but make it all worse.She pulls her phone out of her pocket, scrolling through until she finds the album that holds all the pictures of them together; out drinking at a bar when they should have been studying, lounging on the beach during the summer, standing under the Eiffel tower on the spontaneous trip they’d taken to Paris one year. It’s cathartic in a way, each picture opening a new flood of emotions.She punches his number into her phone without thinking, immediately regretting it as soon as the line starts ringing. She considers hanging up but he answers on the second ring before she has time to do so.


He still has her number saved in his phone. She’s not sure whether that’s a good sign or a bad one.

There’s a million things she wants to say but the only word that comes out is “Sorry.”

She can hear his breathing on the other end of the line. “Sorry,” she says again. “I shouldn’t have called. I’ll just-”

“Tasha, wait.”

She waits.

“It was never over for me,” he says slowly. “I should have told you that when…well…I should have told you.”

God, I miss you,” she whispers into the phone, fresh tears beginning to seep from the corners of her eyes.

“Where are you?” Clint asks.

“My uncle’s place. Hiding in the bathroom because Henry was asking for you and…and…” a sob escapes her throat and she feels a twinge of embarrassment at how she must sound right now.

“Hey,” Clint says gently, the sound of his voice like a caress. “Tell him I’ll be right over. I never did make good on that promise to give him another shooting lesson.”

“Thank you,” she chokes out. “You…Clint, you don’t have to do this.”

“I’m not just coming for Henry,” he tells her. “I’ve got another promise to keep.”

For Homma who loves hs!aus, nerd!dean, and hipster!cas

        What the fuck, was the only thought that Cas was capable of possessing at this hour. What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck. It was roughly four in the morning and he had just gotten home from hanging out with a few of his friends in a local park, and he had enough alcohol and weed in his system that at first the barking hadn’t bothered him. But then it just kept on. And kept on. After thirty minutes of lying in bed, Cas decided he couldn’t take it any more and needed to silence whoever’s damn dog wouldn’t shut up in the middle of the night. Storming out of the house, he looked in every direction trying to figure out where it was coming from; he didn’t really pay attention to his neighbors except when they were glaring at him when he stumbled home in the early hours of the morning while they were leaving for work, so he didn’t really know which houses even had dogs. 

         Once he identified which way to walk, he slowly made his way down the street and eventually found the culprit looming, barely visible behind a wooden picket fence leading to the backyard. Before he could do anything else, not that he had really thought anything out besides locating the source, a boy that looked about his age came running out from behind the house to grab the dog by his collage, looking up at Cas apologetically.

          “I’m so sorry Cas really I’m so sorry I would’ve gotten him sooner but my parents are out of town and Sammy is at a friends house so I was the only one here and I didn’t hear him barking, seriously I didn’t mean for him to wake you up, I’m so so sorry,” the boy’s words all came rushing out together in one breath that Cas could barely understand. What he did understand though was his name being said, confusing him since he didn’t remember ever seeing this kid in his entire life.

         “I’m sorry, do I know you?” He looked him over trying to find anything familiar but came up with nothing. He wore glasses which were on askew as if they were grabbed in a hurry and he was wearing pajama pants with small cars printed all over them. Neither of these were things he could see any of his friends wearing.

       “Oh uh, I’m Dean. Dean Winchester? I’m in your English class?” He still didn’t remember seeing Dean before, and was going to make a comment about how this kid obviously didn’t make an impression, but before he could get the words out he changed his mind and started to blush.

       “Oh well…I don’t go to that class often um- uh sorry that I didn’t recognize you. Thanks for uh…making the dog stop,” Cas mumbled out before turning around and walking back down the street to his house. He didn’t know if it was the drugs still coursing through his veins or just a lack of sleep, but for a second Dean had stepped into the light of a streetlamp and Cas was floored by how attractive he was, causing his abrupt departure. He felt bad that he didn’t remember Dean, and almost wished he had an excuse to turn around and go back, even though the dog was quiet now. But then he remembered the car pajama pants and put that thought straight to the back of his mind before passing out the second he reached his bed.

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Honey, I'm fine (Luke Hemmings Imagine, Part 2)

OMG guys! You are so, so awesome, I can not even express how grateful I feel :) You made me so happy. The first part got almost 200 notes and it is so far the most popular post on my blog <3 Most of us aren’t on Derpcon right now, so I hope I can cheer you up a little with this part 2, since a lot of you requested it :) ENJOY!

ALSO, do any of you guys have Twitter? I would like to get to know some of you, and no one uses Twitter where I live so I get really bored on there. If you want to be friends, just message me here, or on my Twitter here

PART 1 / PART 3 / PART 4


“I said WHAT?” Luke looked baffled. “No wonder she isn’t answering my calls, ugh.” He tried calling you one more time, but you were determined not to give in so quickly. Luke was your best friend and of course you would forgive him in no time, but you though, why not have a little fun with it while you’re at it.

‘(Y/N), I’m so sorrrrrrrry. Pls answer meeee :((( ‘He texted you after you weren’t answering his calls.

‘Pleaaaaase, I need my bestie. I feel like shit and I need you to come and take care of me :(‘ He texted again. You decided to text him back, just so he knew that you were still mad at him.

‘…’ That was all that you texted him. The response came almost immediately.

‘OMG, thank god youre speaking to meee.’

‘Now will you come and take care of me?’


He texted you several messages, clearly full of anticipation.

‘You made your bed, now lay in it. ;) ‘

‘Soo, I take this you’re still mad at me, huh?’

‘Ya think??’

 He called you again, so you decided to pick up the phone this time.

“(Y/N)…”  He sighed. “I know, that you said that I shouldn’t go and I know that this is all my fault now, but don’t you think you’re overreacting a little here? ”

“Oh, my, God Luke, that is so not the point. I don’t care if you went or not. That’s your thing. But…”

“Exactly, it’s my thing. Then why did you have to embarrass me in front of all of my friends by giving me a lecture?

He interjected you and at this point, you were fuming.

Are you freaking kidding me? I embarrassed YOU?”  You screamed a little. “I was just looking out for you, not giving you a lecture! “

“Well I’m sorry for having a good time.” He interrupted again.

“Yea, well I’m sorry for trying to be a good friend.”

“Oh c’mon, honey…”

“Stop calling me honey…”  You said frustrated and hung up on him. You didn’t know this would turn out to be such a big deal, but you were furious at this point. I embarrassed him? You thought to yourself. Your phone screen lit up with picture of the two of you, as he was calling you again, but you declined while mumbling some curse words intentioned for Luke.


You still haven’t made amends with Luke after your petty fight and tonight was their concert. Their very big and important concert. The concert, that you were supposed to attend as the boys’ mental support in the backstage. But you didn’t feel like facing Luke just yet, so when Calum called you about the backstage passes; you just politely declined. But that only resulted at Luke getting mad at you.

‘Are you freaking kiddin ME? Why aren’t you going?’

‘Cuz I don’t feel like it. ;)’ You texted him back. He called you in matter of seconds.

“What?” You asked annoyed.

“I can’t believe you! You are so selfish!…” You were taken back with his words and didn’t say anything so Luke continued with his rage.

And just because you’re mad at me for some stupid little shit and you’re too self-centered or too proud to forgive me. (Y/N), the guys really wanted you there! I…” You cut him off. You hung up on him and immediately call another number.

“Hey Caleb, any chance you wanna go to a concert with me?”

At the concert

Caleb was the guy you went on one date with, but never really went on another, because Luke didn’t like him, for some reason. You didn’t really think anything about it, since you would do this a lot to each other. Give one another advice on each other’s love life and such. But since you were really angry at Luke currently, you thought, well, why not add a little bit of fuel to the fire. When you two arrived at the venue, you drank some shots and then you made your way to the very front of the audience and waited for the boys to start.

When they started, you even somehow managed to forget about the fact that your best friend, that you were currently mad at, was on the stage right in front of you. You were having such a great time with Caleb. You caught a glimpse of Calum and received a confused look from him, but didn’t really think much about it. Maybe it was due to the amount of alcohol running through your body, or the fact that you couldn’t really concentrate on anything else than grinding on your hot date. Either way, you didn’t noticed Calum speaking to Luke while Ashton was talking to the audience. You didn’t notice Luke glaring at you the whole time. But you did noticed your phone vibrating in your pocket with new text from Luke.

‘I thought I told u to stay away from him..’ You grinned to yourself. At first you just wanted to tease him, because you knew he didn’t approve of him, but now that you were having such a great time with Caleb, you decided to take it up a notch, so you texted Luke ‘Honey, I’m fine ;)’, then turned around and slowly started to make out with Caleb.


you say you want a revolution

So largely thanks to Hamilton, queenitsy and I spent most of brunch giggling over a Founding Fathers boy band AU, because we are Very Cool.  And now I really want this to be A Thing without having to write it:

(This is MY MASTERPIECE. Also Madison’s head fit onto Howie’s eerily well.)

  • They are called Revolution, of course.
  • George Washington is the original heartthrob of the band and the responsible one who breaks up fights and gets them places on time and stuff.  He’s the only one who they all always get along with.  He’s the oldest and he’s been in the business for a million years - he got his start on some weird MMC-esque sketch comedy/musical show on Disney or Nick when he was like nine, playing a character just called “the General.”  People still call him that sometimes and bring it up in interviews and he’s very polite and gracious about it but privately he finds it very embarrassing.  He has a steady girlfriend named Martha back home but is very private about it.  The guys call him G-Dubs (“…and sometimes just Dubs.  Wait, why did I just get choked up over that?” #WASHINGTONFEELZ)
  • Alexander Hamilton is the baby of the group at first, and very much George’s little brother - and then suddenly he hits puberty and everyone’s like “…whoa” and suddenly, surprise!  The band has a new heartthrob!  He’s a total prodigy and super charming but also constantly in the news for various scandals, flings, and unwise public statements.  He loves G-Dubs SO MUCH YOU GUYS.
  • Thomas “TJ” Jefferson is kind of the laid-back dreamer of the group.  He keeps a dream journal and frequently tries to turn its contents into songs, which are sometimes brilliant (“Declaration” was #1 on the charts for seventy-six weeks) and sometimes bananas (no one liked “Virginia” except Madison, TJ, and did you forget you’re not in a country band?).  Smokes a lot of pot.
  • John Adams is no one’s favorite member of the band but probably the hardest-working of all of them and actually has the most solos.  He has a steady girlfriend back home too, Abby, and is actually pretty public about it, but because he’s not that popular she doesn’t really deal with any shit from the fandom.  (Mostly she’s written as the wise best friend/matchmaker in fic, either getting the Mary Sue protagonist together with her guy of choice, or aggressively shipping the fic’s main slash pairing, which is usually the extremely random and based-entirely-on-hotness pairing of Alex/TJ.  There is a small but fierce contingent of John/TJ shippers and Abby finds it actively hilarious and will read choice bits aloud to John just to watch him turn red and start spluttering.)  He and Alex get into a lot of screaming matches, even when they agree, and George is like “Just let them work it out, let’s go hang out on the other tour bus and talk about Virginia” to the other two.  Also, he and TJ are best friends even though they disagree about absolutely everything.
  • James “Jimmy” Madison is the one everyone forgets about.  He’s surprisingly indispensable - he misses a concert once because he has laryngitis and it’s their worst performance ever - but still no one really cares.  He loves TJ the most and is very hurt that TJ actually considers John his best friend.


  • Benjamin Franklin is their manager.  He knows everyone in the industry but otherwise he’s mostly useless as anything except a source of incoherent folksy witticisms.  George does all the actual planning.
  • Lafayette is their weird French pop star opening act.  Alex and TJ fight over who he likes better.
  • Laurens is Alex’s paid best friend who he might be sleeping with, no one’s really sure.
  • The Schuyler Sisters are a very successful girl group and Alex has a high-profile relationship with Eliza and eventually marries her.  That does not put a stop to the scandals, including the rumor that he’s sleeping with Angelica (he’s not, but only because she wouldn’t do that to Eliza).
  • Aaron Burr was a member of the band but quit early on when he decided they were going nowhere fast.  They basically became massive successes the next day and he’s never quite gotten over it (and his solo career is nowhere near their level of fame).  He and Alex are constantly publicly sniping at each other.

The band eventually breaks up when George decides he is 32 and tired of being in a boy band/performing in general.  (Alex sobs when George refuses to be convinced otherwise.)  They think for like 30 seconds that they might be able to keep going but then John and TJ have an enormous knock-down, drag-out fight and literally don’t speak to each other for twelve years (historical fact!).  Alex proceeds to alienate literally everyone (well, he patches things up with G-Dubs pretty quickly, and Ben is inalienable (HA!) because he literally doesn’t care what these children do), then engages in several very public flame-outs before pulling together a respectable solo career.  TJ focuses on songwriting and Jimmy becomes a very successful producer; they work together a lot.  George and John both retire from performing completely and are happily domestic.

Years later, TJ and Aaron are both up for some award and Alex is very public in his support for TJ, which surprises everyone because the bad blood between him and TJ is still going strong.  TJ wins, Aaron blames Alex, and that year Alex says something sassy to Aaron on his way to present an award at the Grammys…and Aaron STRAIGHT UP TACKLES HIM ONSTAGE and they get into a SUPER VIOLENT FIST FIGHT and it takes security a good 15 minutes to pull them apart.  BEST GRAMMYS EVER.

Years after that, TJ and John are photographed having dinner together and everyone LOSES THEIR SHIT because OMG IS REVOLUTION GETTING BACK TOGETHER???  And they’re like “What?  This is not a big deal.”  BUT IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL.

(and then, idk, they found a record label called United Songs of America or something, who cares, LET’S TALK MORE ABOUT THE SILLY PANTS THEY WEAR DURING THEIR FIRST TOUR)

A Green and Yellow Basket

On AO3!

This is for @katchyalater because she is amazing and I’ve been bothering her with my Gilmore Girls marathoning for literally months.

“Here, look at this,” Raven says as she flips her laptop around. “What do you think?”

Clarke had just sat back down in her chair at the small table in Raven’s kitchen after refilling their snack bowl. They got together every Wednesday night for a “girl’s night” which usually consisted of Raven shit talking about her customers at the garage and Clarke shit talking about her patients at the clinic. Occasionally they’d pop in a movie with some eye candy but that just led to shit talking about sexism in Hollywood. All while eating junk food of course. Girl’s night really was a hump day treat.

Now, Clarke glances at the computer screen and zeros in on the picture of… her? Which looks an awful lot like it’s from the town New Year’s party. “I think that picture is 4 months old,” is her first response before her eyes narrow as she takes in the rest of the page. “Is that a dating profile?”

“It might be,” Raven answers, not even sounding the least bit guilty about it.

Clarke waits a beat, staring at her friend across the table to see if she will elaborate but, as usual, it doesn’t look like she is. “And why do you have a dating profile for me on your computer.”

Raven just rolls her eyes as she turns the computer back around to face her, “Because I set it up, duh.” She finishes off her beer and stands up to get another out of the fridge.

“Raven!” Clarke scrambles for the computer and drags it closer to her.

“Hey,” Raven says as she pops the top off her new bottle, “even your mom thought it was a good idea.”

That makes Clarke pause and tear her eyes away from the screen to stare, wide-eyed, at her friend, “What?”

“Your mom and I were discussing-”

“Ok, for the record it weirds me out that you’re friends with my mom but it weirds me out even more that you guys discuss me and my love life.”

“Or lack thereof,” Raven mumbles into her bottle.

“What was that?” Clarke snapped.

Raven clears her throat and straightens up from her leaning position against the counter, “Like I was saying, your mom and I think it’s been far too long since you’ve been interested in someone let alone out on a date.”

“Completely my business but sure,” Clarke grumbles as she takes a swig of her own beer. She is definitely going to need more alcohol if she’s going to be able to deal with this.

“And we think this would be a good way to meet people,” Raven continues as if Clarke hadn’t interrupted. “Jump into the 21st century of dating.”

“I meet plenty of people.” Clarke has taken to glaring at the computer screen now. The cursor is hovering over the messages link on her profile which, according to the “Joined!” date, looks like it was set up three weeks ago. Her profile has 500 likes and close to 100 messages.

“When? You’re either working, hanging out with me, or hanging out with Bellamy,” Raven counters, raising a perfectly sculpted eyebrow.

“And the opportunity to meet people has presented itself in all of those circumstances,” Clarke shrugs and gets up from the table to go sit in the couch. Ok fine, she’s mildly curious about her matches and staring at the cursor wasn’t helping. But meeting people this way just seems unnatural. Sure it works for some people but it doesn’t feel like something that would work for her. Plus she doesn’t want to give Raven the satisfaction.

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My Mom's Thoughts On - Steal My Girl:
  • Alright, so my internet was out when the video originally came out so of coarse I was being very annoying. Thus when i finally did show her she was very... Judgmental to say the least.
  • *Video starts and there is a trailer sitting there*
  • Mom: Oh god what is this.
  • *Boys come out*
  • Mom: What the hell are they wearing?
  • *Harry asking where the director is*
  • Mom: You're in the middle of the desert, he probably got lost. GPS isn't a thing everywhere.
  • *Boys complaining he's late*
  • Mom: That's so scripted it's funny.
  • *Director shows up*
  • Mom: Danny Devito,I didn't know he was still alive. Oh well this is gonna be a train wreck.
  • Me: Stop don't be so mean
  • *Devito asking questions he doesn't want answered while showing the boys*
  • Mom: Can that man chew with his mouth closed please.
  • Mom: Alright, Harry's a pimp now I see, why do I let you listen to their music?
  • Me: Because you do, he's not a pimp.
  • Mom: Well he's certainly not dressed for the desert that's for sure.
  • Mom: Niall, once again the only one your allowed to marry, poor kid stuck with this guy.
  • Me: What do you have against him?
  • Mom: Nothing, but don't you think he'd have something more important to do rather than direct this video?
  • Mom: Liam, honey, you need to shave your face. And what the hell did that boy do to his arm?
  • Me: He don't need to shave, and he broke it leave him alone.
  • Mom: Did he break it on stage? OMG that must have been embarrassing, I hope someone told his mother, she'll need to know for insurance reasons.
  • Me: I don't think he has to worry about insurance.
  • Mom: Lewis looking normalish, rather sarcastic looking.
  • Me: Louis, how many times have we been over this.
  • Mom: You know I dated a Louis once, he was almost your father.
  • Me: Well I did not need to know that information, thank you.
  • Mom: Ahhh Zayn my least favorite, he looks good for being in the desert, with a girls headband on.
  • Me: *Mumbling* Dad liked him dressed as a girl.
  • Me: Well someones jealous.
  • Mom: *Evil mom glaring at me, so I shut up.*
  • * Dude giving them their things or whatever*
  • Devito: *To Harry* Love
  • Mom: He isn't going to get much love with that outfit on.
  • Devito: *To Niall* Light
  • Mom: Is it because he's got blond hair, that's mean.
  • Devito: *To Liam* Power
  • Mom: he cant have that much power, he is taking place in this music video.
  • Devito: *To Louis* Danger
  • Mom: *Bursts out laughing* The only thing he' even close to being, is a lost little boy in the middle of the desert.
  • Devito: *To Zayn* Mystery
  • Mom: He's not dangerous, and he stole my husband, not my daughter.
  • Me: Once again not my fault.
  • *Devito talking*
  • Mom: Can he not talk and spit apple pieces everywhere?
  • *Video actually starts and Liam's breaking stuff*
  • Mom: Liam Breaking things, with a broken arm, that's never gonna heal right if he keeps doing dumb things like that.
  • *Zayn with sumo wrestlers*
  • Mom: Why? What possessed a person to sit down and think of this. I feel bad now, get this child away from theses people.
  • *Shows Niall, Harry, and Louis*
  • Mom: Niall! My baby!
  • Mom: Harry you need to cut your hair, love.
  • Mom: Why does that one have have a monkey? Where are his parents? have these boys been kidnapped? Katie do who do I call and complain to?
  • *Zayn singing*
  • Mom: I'm sorry, but why is the toothpick holding back two SUMO WRESTLERS!
  • *Niall moving toward where he needs to stand*
  • Mom: The hell does that boy think he's doing?! Put on a shirt!
  • *Niall Singing*
  • Mom: Is that raciest?
  • Mom: Why do people think this is a good idea for a video?
  • *Boys singing on top of rocks*
  • Mom: This is why you young people need insurance, what if one of them fell off and snapped their neck?
  • *Niall dancing*
  • Mom: At least he seems happy to be outside without a shirt in the middle of the desert.
  • *Acrobats doing stuff*
  • Mom: How mach money did they spend on these people that have nothing to do with the song?
  • *Louis, with Devito and a monkey*
  • Mom: Someone get this child away from the creepy thing and the monkey.
  • Me: You are so mean.
  • Mom: Shut up I feed you.
  • *Zayn spilling saint on sumo wrestlers*
  • I hope they tested that paint on the skin before they threw it all over each other, someone might be allergic.
  • *Liam signing on a thingy*
  • Me: THEY WOULDN'T PUT IT ONLINE IF HE DIED! And NO! He was in Vegas and did something, calm down mother.
  • Mom: I remember when your father and I went to Vegas... I think that's about 9 months before your brother was born.
  • Me: I really didn't need to know that.
  • *Louis singing with a monkey*
  • Mom: I hope both the child and the monkey have had all their shots.
  • Mom: Maybe they are trying to knock them off one by one, Liam with the metal death trap, Niall dying of heat stroke in the desert, Zayn with the sumo wrestlers, and Louis is going to die of a monkey bite.
  • Me: Stop that-
  • Me: Alight! Adopt them! Yay!
  • *Balloons appear*
  • Mom: Now their littering balloons in the desert.
  • Mom: They are grounded, not allowed to leave their rooms.
  • *Random people in the desert doing things they are being paid for*
  • Mom: How much do you think they spent on this only for it to be as random and unorganized as this?
  • Mom: They got a marching band, acrobats, a monkey, a lion some dancers and all for what reason?
  • *harry appears to sing*
  • Mom: He, quite literally, just came out of no where.
  • Mom: I see no purpose in this, why can't he just sing in peace, why can't they all do that?
  • Mom: He needs a haircut.
  • *It starts raining in the desert*
  • Mom: They made it rain in the desert, how much did this cost? For it to rain in the desert? Do they not have a budget?
  • Mom: Now they are going to have sand stuck to them and they are not coming into my house all wet like that.
  • *Ending of video*
  • Mom: Spent all that money for nothing, I could of made a better video with a handheld camera.
  • Mom: There was no reason for me to watch that...
  • Mom: I'm leaving
  • *Mom Leaves, I hit Replay*