i did a shitty edit tho


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.


GTA VThe Big One !❞[  ]

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I LOVE YOU tysm xoxo

uhmm if u want a run-down of how i planned the editing process;

i split the video into 13 parts total (bc this shitty laptop cant handle my huge-ass files rip). i did a rough edit for about ~8 of those parts, several of which i wanna really revise honestly. i didnt do 3 big scenes yet and 2 of those are bc i still need to draw my Patreon cameos, and im still waiting for refs for those. but other than that, its just gonna be a loooot of revising & detail editing.

everything is drawn out tho– (besides the cameos which i can whip up quickly) so the hard part is done. the only things slowing me down is this laptop tbh, but im finding loopholes to still edit bc honestly i could probably get this done this weekend if i wanted. but idk, things in life are coming up now and ahhh :’^) plans are being blurred now,,,,,

also; ill DEFIANTLY let you guys know when i have a release date set in mind. though the future isnt clear yet– i think im predicting before April probably. at least i hope so. i mean- im like, 1 week ahead of my schedule for this project and im feeling pretty confident. but who knows– maybe ill let it sit for a bit and come back so i can do some finishing touches, y’know?

anyways, those are the current plans for DSNHTT, & this information isnt a secret, just fyi-

PS; i upload HD pictures of some frames/character models on my Patreon, and i plan on releasing some .SAI and .VEG files on there too. if that interests any of you ;)

PPS; im also planning on making hella merch of this on redbubble and whatnot– so if you see those pop up before i actually upload the video; then u know its coming soon- in case ya’ll are just as impatient as i am haha

ANYWAYS THATS WAY MORE INFORMATION THAN WHAT THIS ASK IMPLIED but i hope future inquiries can be answered with all ive said just now aahhaa