i did a pink version too

- Ow!
- Hold still.
- Why did they have to be pink?
- Ask the cook. It’s his jeep.
- Thanks, Todd. You know, for someone who constantly talks about what an asshole he is, you’re quite a good friend. 

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
→ 1x05 Very Erectus

(i drew a version with the jeep n the machine but i got too tired to finish it, but i’ll put it up as soon as i do!)

Here is a selfie I took from a very very impromptu night out last weekend with a small group of girlies.. One of them needed cheering up so I think I literally had about 3 hours notice to get ready haha.. First time I’ve done full makeup (as in eye shadow / going out clubbing makeup) since I went to Pink’s BNO.. Even so I think I did okay.. Lol

I also bought the black version of another dress I have because it was in the sale and I love the way the other one looks on me so I thought why not have it in black too?? :p


this transparent was…..a labor of love. all the official art used here was missing pretty massive chunks out of them and needed extensive reconstruction. my reconstructing skills are sub-par at best, so making this transparent took several days because i’d have have to delete all my progress and start again from the beginning because i did something horribly wrong. >.< 

the frameless version of this transparent is still missing several chunks, but ah well. overall, it was a good learning experience and i’m extremely satisfied with the results. i hope you are too!! transparent without frame under the cut, as well as my reconstructions. feel free to use those too, and please like/reblog/credit me if you do ^^

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love&letter repackaged album minimalistic redesign:
version a: pink team and version b: blue team