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=The Women and Girls of Sonic=

Before anyone asks where characters like, Sally, are; I wanted to focus purely on the main game canon, and the Storybook games, for this photoset. The only exception I made was for Sticks, because she has a profile on Sonic Channel, and at the very least she did appear as a playable character in the latest Sonic & Mario Olympics game. So I didn’t leave Sally, and any other female Sonic characters from the franchise out of this, due to any dislike or personal bias.

Edit: I forgot about Lah from the short, “Night of the Werehog”.(Which is canon to games as far as I’m concerned.) Here we go.

Dirkweek Day 1

So, this is for @dirkweek day 1, which is supposed to be canon or earth c. I chose the latter. It was supposed to be a quick comic and as always happens, ended up being much larger than planned, because I’m bad at this. :P
My headcanon of how that particular advert Dave, Jade and Karkat see on tv came about.
(I also could see Dirk following the footsteps of his alternate self a bit with the puppet porn thing, because Dirk is always Dirk. Plus Dave is a photography fan so it could be a way for him to bond. And who else would most want to pin Jake’s ass so predominantly into the world?)

Apologies that I’m not great at character voices, though I did my best! :)
Enjoy guys!

Edit: Okay, so I’ve mentioned before I know pretty much nothing about uploading stuff on tumblr, but this keeps getting blurrified. Tried turning it into a photoset which helped a little, but if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong (other than uploading something way bigger than tumblr likes) and how to fix it, please let me know by… whatever means you do so over tumblr. :x Sorry!


Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Six)

From the DVD commentary with Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), and Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler)

[talking about climbing the rope ladder to the zeppelin]
Noel: Now, how high did you guys climb on this ladder?

Shaun: It was high!  It was very high.  It must have been about 20… 25… 30 feet

Camillie:  Really?  And you were hanging on at 25 feet?

Shaun: It was on a crane in the middle of this runway, with a massive fan blowing on us, and we’re swinging around.

Noel: I love how your hair blows in the wind as well

Shaun: Thanks, mate.  We had harnesses on, so we couldn’t actually fall off.

Camille:  Oh!  What are you moaning about then?

[talking about the TARDIS landing in Jackie’s flat]

Camille: How much do you love the TARDIS?  Wow!

Shaun: I love the fact that the TARDIS comes back - into your kitchen!

Camille: Yes!  It’s in the lounge

Shaun: Oh, is it the lounge?  Brilliant! Has it done that before?

Camille: No.  Look!  It’s sitting in the lounge, I love that!

Shaun: It’s just like - there it is!

Camille:  It’s great, isn’t it?

Noel: Did it break the coffee table or something?

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vilkasdaina replied to your photoset “Ok so I thew this down in like 15 minutes but the idea of Sigyn-…”

*sobs* (Can we see the hypothetical cradle!Loki?)

I didn’t expect Sigyn to get that far, like Thor stops her before she even gets close to the Cradle. BUT IF SHE DID I imagine the Loki clone would fall apart in her arms because a) Loki’s really alive so there’s no soul to put in the fake body and b) his DNA is alien and the Cradle is geared for Midgardian substances. 



“I-I don’t understand! Why isn’t it working?!”

loccent-commander-choi replied to your photoset “Rob in Good Times with beach blonde hair and Kristen below with a…”

??? She did her hair like this long before rob filmed that movie. How could she have copied him????

I don’t always respond to comments but thought this was a teachable moment.  Perhaps @loccent-commander-choi doesn’t follow RK as closely as I do, but here’s the timeline.

  • Rob filmed Good Time starting in January/February of 2016
  • Kristen bleached her hair in April of 2016.  Her new look was debuted to us on April 11th.  

I posted this pic on April 18th, since this was one of the earliest pix that wasn’t a pap pic.

We got one picture from Rob on the set of Good Time thanks to Eric Roberts which I posted on March 12, 2016.  A month prior to Kristen debuting her blond locks.

Edited to fix dates…


I know I’m ahead of everyone else, but today is the 11th for me! Welcome to the future. And I hate dealing with such a massive time calculation between EST and JST. So I figured a handful of hours early would be ok.

I got you for the  Expanse Valentine’s Day Shipper Exchange! I did a photoset with complimentary drabble. The prompt you gave me was with Amos and Naomi and “Something from their history, I’d like to know more about their past and why they’re so protective of each other.” 

This takes place before the start of the books and show. I’m filling in an unspecified thing here, but I’m going with when Amos and Naomi are both on the Cant but Holden isn’t in the picture yet.

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summerplayshouse replied to your photoset We’ll learn.  T o g e t h e r .

One of my favorite Fergus scenes is where Jamie comes back from the Bastille the first time and finds Claire and Fergus waiting up for him. He picks up Fergus and takes him to bed but before he leaves, Claire kisses him while F is in his arms. Like a little family, it gets me every time!!

@summerplayshouse that is actually my favorite Fraser Family Moments, too! It played out on screen even better than it did in the book, I feel. Always warms my heart to see this little family unit together 💜

I wish we had gotten to see them with Wee Fergus more, but I cannot wait to see how this family dynamic works 20 years later with Not-So-Wee Fergus, too!


InuYasha Icons pt. IX

I couldn’t finish all the requests I’d gotten last time, but I did now! So here is for the anon who asked for icons of Rin and for @lordsesshomarru who asked for Sesshomaru icons! I hope you’re pleased with the results. I had never colored Rin before, but she’s such a cutie, I had fun!

These look a lot better on your icons, tumblr scretches them a little bit on the photosets (they’re 150p x 150p). Requests are open HERE! Please credit me if you use/take any of them (like reblogging the post or letting people know on the description of your blog, whichever!) and DO NOT REPOST, thank you! ^-^

  • BONUS:
Dropping Anchor 1/5

SUMMARY: As if returning home penniless and heartbroken isn’t bad enough, the last thing Emma needs is for her mom to get her a job – and for her future boss to pull her out of the harbor before she even knows his name. But Killian Jones has never been afraid of the water…

Rating: M (later)

Ao3 or FF.net 

Oh, look, yet another time I meant to write a one shot and it got completely out of hand. Hope you like it @32variations

I love the photosets @lenfaz made for this (yep, there’s five different ones) and am so happy she offered when she heard about this project! And a big thank you to @evil–isnt–born for beta duties, even if it did earn her odd looks at Starbucks. 


Being back in Storybrooke is familiar and it should be comforting, but everywhere Emma Swan looks, she sees the bad choices that landed her in this mess.


Living with her parents.

Twenty-five and starting completely over.

If only she could go back in time and tell her eighteen year old self that dropping out of college to follow her boyfriend’s band around the country was a terrible idea; that said boyfriend would develop a drug problem, that he would begin stealing to fund his addiction, and that one day she would find herself picking up a payphone – a freaking payphone – to call her father in tears from a truck stop in the middle of Texas with a rapidly swelling dose of reality on her face.

Just over twenty-four hours later, she’s back in her father’s beat up pickup, the scent of cracked leather and gasoline wrapping around her like a childhood blanket. It’s a cool afternoon in Maine, and after the Texas heat, she’s shivering before they’ve even left the airport despite it still – technically – being summer.

And like nothing ever changed, David reaches into the narrow backseat and silently offers her his old flannel coat, his scent mingling with wood smoke on the worn sheepskin lining. Burrowed into the coat, the soft plaid under her nose, it almost seems like maybe coming home is a good idea.

Before her mother’s pursed lips and thinly veiled judgments.

Before the not-so-subtle hints that Emma got herself into this mess and it’s time to be an adult.

Before the humiliating announcement that Mary Margaret called in a favor and got Emma a job before the week is out.

The job is the last straw, and the end of that conversation sees Emma down by the harbor, desperate for a bit of solitude and peace. Her eyes fall shut as she steps onto the dock, the sun warm on her skin. Summer’s lazy days are fading into the golden haze of fall, the brine of the ocean beyond the harbor carrying on the faint breeze. Soon she’ll be able to see her breath like clouds of smoke puffing out in front of her with every step she takes, and the brilliantly bright sun she’s grown accustomed to several latitudes south will give way to the watery, muted light of winter in Maine.

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“I got so stressed because of the bass when I was a trainee, that I used to cry in Hyejeong’s room.”


I’ll never stop saying your name, so I
can continue giving life to your wish.

Happy Birthday magicisfantastic!! // (5/5)


Before the day officially ends, I need to post this and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANDELION!!!! aka @simplycarmillakarnstein​ I won’t go super sappy on Tumblr because I already did that in your text but I’m glad you had a decent day (even though you had to work) and I love you to the moon and back (multiple times!) (Also, I used Negovanman moments that are us af. So basically just pretend this is a photoset of us. xoxo) 


First Sunset in ‘17

Thursday, hours at the beach, a certain spirit of isolation, other people a bit too loud, the sea, the sunset, the walking by the shore, the smell of cheap wine, remaking the world in a set of hours barefoot in the sand while having a bag of chips. Talking without really saying anything, the strong wind, the balance between the sun setting and the moon beginning to show itself. 

Maybe I did not realize that sometimes in life, you meet someone that you connect so much in a certain level—as friends, or as lovers, or as family, or as something completely different. You meet them out of nowhere, in the strangest circumstances, in the best timing. 

Maybe I did not realize that before, because everything came so natural like breathing air. You do it so subconsciously—hanging out, having coffee—that you do not notice how the stars have aligned for you already, even without having any proof.

I do not know if that makes me believe in destiny, or true love, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely does make me believe in something. 

@theleackylove replied to your photosetaddictingkdrama: drama aesthetics → love o2o …

i love the drama so much, did you watch the movie version?

I did! I watched the film before the tv show to check out if I would like the story. I found film Wei Wei more charming and relatable than tv Wei Wei, but I liked tv Xiao Nai way better. He and his friends stole the show, and the sisterhood Wei Wei has going on it’s pretty awesome. I enjoyed both versions tbh!

@helsabelle replied to your photosetJust want to share how I typically plan my…

Have you ever used Japanese manga tools like tone, paper, ink nibs? :) The actual Japanese supplies were always some of my favorites when I still did comics. I believe there are ways to emulate it on a computer, but if you get the chance try your hand at actual screen tone!

I haven’t! The tools mentioned are very expensive and hard to get here, and I have never seriously made comics before getting into Solavellan/DA:I hahah and I don’t personally like tones? I prefer the styles of Masashi Kishimoto, Kaoru Mori and CLAMP (to name a few) where they don’t use tones as much as other mangas. Not that it’s a negative thing, but it’s more of a personal preference. And I can appreciate the use of it in mangas if there are any. Hiromu Arakawa uses tones in her works and I still love her mangas :>