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ink-stained skin // reggie mantle soulmate au

Ink-stained Skin

Ink-Stained Masterlist

Words: 1.3k

Summary: Reggie attempts to contact his soulmate through words written on his skin. (Y/N) attempts to push her soulmate away.


(Y/N) sighed as the writing appeared on her skin. It had read:

‘I got football captain!‘ 

with a smiley face drawn at the end. Pushing herself up from her seat, she made her way towards the bathroom in hope of getting rid of the ink incorporated into her skin. It had been the third time in a week that her soulmate had written to her and it had been the third time in a week she had ignored the words he wrote.

She didn’t want to push him away but she also didn’t want to be with Reggie Mantle, the guy, who on most days had an iQ lower than her six year old cousin. Sure, he was built like a God and sure, he had enough sporting ability to make up for the lack of hers but she couldn’t be with him. Of course, she couldn’t be with him, not when they spent ever waking moment disagreeing over the simplest things. She knew it was him, however she tried her hardest to hide her identity from him.

He had tried to figure out who the person he was destined to be with ever since he realised that they existed.

He was eight when he first realised that his soulmate existed. Unlike the rest of his friends, he didn’t have a name etched into his skin, neither did he have a countdown on the wrist of his prominent arm. To Reggie, there was no sign of him having a soulmate. Until the very day, he saw a messy sketch of what seemed to be a rose appear on his right forearm during math class. He gazed around the room, wondering if it was anyone he already knew. Every year since, on the exact date, a rose appeared on his right forearm.

The sign of his soulmate’s existence that caused him to reach out to them occurred when he was thirteen. He felt a pain in his ankle that caused him to drop to the ground in the midst of a soccer game, clutching it in hopes it would stop the pain.

Later that evening, he picked up the purple sharpie that sat atop of his wooden desk and pressed it against his skin, doodling a frowning face, following it with the words:

‘I hope u r okay.’

He sat waiting for a response from his soulmate, shaking his leg impatiently. He sat waiting for a response; after an hour of waiting, he attempted to contact her again, etching the words:

‘ur probably asleep, i hope u get well soon’ 

and followed it with a doodle of himself.

She stared at his writing, only just noticing how messy it was. Analysing it closely, she realised it was his writing. It was Reggie Mantle’s writing. She recognised it from anywhere. Who wouldn’t recognise their lab partner’s writing?

It had been two weeks since Reggie had wrote to (Y/N) informing him of his new title as the captain of the Riverdale bulldogs.

She felt upset but she didn’t know why. She wasn’t that into Reggie. Looking down at her arm, she noticed a drawing of a sad face followed with the words:

‘silent treatment?’

She let out a small laugh at the words, deciding it would be an appropriate time to reply. After eight years of ignoring him, she finally replied to his words.


She sighed, maybe she had judged Reggie before even giving him a chance. “Oh god, what’s gotten you in this state? Is it Mantle?” Kevin spoke, earning his best friend’s attention. “So when are you going to fuck him?”

(Y/N) spun around in her chair and dragged herself toward him and smacked his arm. “I hate you.”

“Does he even know his infamous soulmate is you?”

“No and he’s not going to find out until we graduate!”

(Y/N) was about to join Kevin on her bed, when she felt a tickling sensation on her left forearm. She smiled at his response, his words making him seem like an excited child during Christmas.

Reggie looked down at his arm, smiling to himself. She had finally written back. “Dude, she wrote back.” he grinned “Andrews, she finally wrote back!”

“I’m happy for you, cap but coach wants us on the field.”

He spent all of practise counting down the minutes until he could reply to his soulmate. He was unsure whether his soulmate was a female or a male but it never really mattered to him.

After showering, he picked up a pen only to notice that his soulmate had drawn a small rabbit on her left wrist. For most of the eight years he knew of his soulmate’s existence, he had always thought that they were left handed, as the drawing of the rose always seemed to appear on his right forearm. He took his place next to Archie, waiting for coach Clayton to enter the locker room with the information about their next game.

Archie looked over at his smitten captain, knowing that there was no way he would be paying attention to a word their Coach had said, too infatuated with the new drawing on his arm. “She actually wrote back. What is she doing?” he mumbled to himself, pulling his phone out from the back pockets of his jeans, wanting to text her.

Reggie was pulled out of his trance as he heard Archie’s mumbled words, his eyes widening slightly, Archie must’ve known who his soulmate was. “She? You know my soulmate!”

“Reggie, calm down, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Reggie nudged Archie playfully “Tell me.”


(Y/N) could barely react before Kevin snatched her phone off her and answered Archie’s incoming call. She let out a groan, knowing that it would be related to Reggie.

“You’re writing back to Reggie? (Y/N), that’s a disaster waiting to happen.” Archie exclaimed as soon as she answered, causing Kevin to laugh. “You’ll never be able to hide your identity from him until graduation if you continue replying.”

“My god, Andrews, you sound like you’re in the midst of a mental breakdown.” Kevin scoffed “Plus, she’s only just started drooling over Mantle.”

“I’m coming over! I’m bringing food!”

Reggie sat in his car waiting for Moose to get back with their food. Looking at himself in the rear-view mirror, he noticed a bruise had formed on his bicep. Instantly, he picked up a pen and wrote to her, drawing a winking face

'how did u get ur bruise? hope you haven’t been fighting’

Within a few seconds, his soulmate had already responded.

'SORRY!!!! the door handle was a lot higher than i expected. hope you didn’t feel it.’

Reggie let out a small laugh, not even realising that Moose had joined him in the car.

“Dude, you’re whipped and you don’t even know who this person is. What if it’s some old dude who’s kidnapped your soulmate and is trying to lure you to his house?” Moose groaned. “You did order a steak burrito right?”

A new semester meant new classes, new activities. (Y/N) slumped into her seat during home room, Kevin to her right and Reggie sat behind him. He glanced up from his desk, only to be met with Kevin, whose head instantly shot back to face his best friend.

“Got a problem, Keller?” He spoke, earning a scoff from (Y/N) “You too, (L/N)?”

“Don’t inflate your ego any further there, Reginald. It might burst.” (Y/N) responded, turning back to face the front, not wanting to speak to him any further.

(Y/N) then realised the reason why she had been so hesitant to reveal who she was to him. It was because he was one of the most egotistical people she knew and the person she spoke to through her ink-stained skin was nothing like the person she knew.

As soon as the bell rang, (Y/N) pushed herself out in attempt to beat the crowd that would be gathering in front of her locker. As she rushed, she failed to weave through the desk, hitting her hip on the corner. She let out a groan, clutching her hip instantly.

Reggie felt the pain grow in his hip as he watched (Y/N) try to groan and walk the pain out. His eyes widening and a gasp falling from his lips.

“It’s you. You’re my soulmate.”

Roomie (M)

Originally posted by jjks

Summary: When you first moved in with Jin, you thought you had hit the roommate jackpot. Turns out, living in the same apartment with this gorgeous man is a lot harder than you thought it’d be. He didn’t do anything wrong, and neither did you. It’s just this pesky thing called sexual tension.

Member: Jin

Word Count: 6k

Genre: Fluff, Smut

A/N: Gotta give the shoulders hyung some love.

When you first moved in with Jin, you thought you had hit the roommate jackpot. Not only was he kind, he did his fair share of the housework, and he could cook. And cook well. His good looks didn’t hurt either.

… Except they did. And as the weeks went on and turned into months, you found yourself growing increasingly frustrated. It doesn’t help that it was the first time either of you had a roommate of the opposite sex. It led to situations where you’d walk out of the bathroom in only a towel, hair dripping wet, and he’d be in the living room watching a show, trying to keep his jaw from dropping to the ground.

Or when he’d come back from a morning jog and be so sweaty that he’d strip his shirt off the moment he stepped in the apartment without thinking, just wanting to get the drenched fabric away from his body. And you’d be left in the kitchen trying not to have your breakfast dribbling down your chin. It was an automatic reaction, but both of you found your habits gradually changing as time went on.

Why couldn’t you have had an average looking roommate, or even a slightly above average one?

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there was no milk, so i poured soda in my cereal

prompt request by @the-space-cows-keep-mooing

reddie oneshot (lowercase intended)


richie and eddie were best pals, everyone knew this. despite the constant arguing and name calling, the two could never abandon one another. that’s why 5 nights a week, eddie would wake up on richie’s brown stained, clothing ridden floor to the sounds of his animal-like snores. he was still bitter that richie denied him the privilege of INNOCENTLY sleeping in the bed with him, richie’s excuse being “i don’t wanna catch aids from your drool,” but deep down he was just nervous about being that intimate with eddie. was it gay to share a bed with your best friend who you want to hold hands with and kiss on the cheek all the time? richie struggled with that question a lot.

eddie woke up this morning the same way he normally did, squeezing the sides of the worn pillow richie lent him to his ears to block out the sound. the moment his eyes fluttered gently and he finally began to fall back to sleep, his stomach let out a GIANT growl. eddie was never one to ignore his bodily cues, fearing if they’d gone untreated he would explode or something along the lines of that.a pout on his face, he rolled himself up and and came to his tube-sock clad feet, turning his back slightly to glance at richie. the boy was sprawled as far out as he could on his unmade twin mattress, his glasses still on his face and pressing a mark into his cheek. eddie was unaware of the smile that danced it’s way onto his own lips as he waddled out of richie’s room, through the hallway, and into the petite kitchen.

richie’s parents weren’t home, nor were they ever, but eddie knew his way around the tozier household better than his own. the only thing that he didn’t know about the house was that in the top shelf in the cupboard above the bathroom sink was an extra inhaler that richie kept for emergencies. another growl pronounced itself and eddie pushed himself up onto his toes to grab the box of lucky charms in the cabinet above the greasy gas stove. a clean bowl was already laid out for eddie, blind to the fact that richie cleaned one for him last night because he knew he wouldn’t eat breakfast out of one of the nasty bowls piled in the sink.

as eddie pulled open the refrigerator and reached his hand in to grab the milk, he was hit with a realization; there was no milk.

“shit..” he muttered to himself, a slight panic kicking in. he figured he could just pour the cereal back into the bag as he shut the fridge, opening up a different cupboard, only to find it was empty. he sighed, moving on to the next; empty. then the next; empty as well. and finally, the last food cupboard in the house; nada. at this point his abdomen was cramping, unable to go much longer without food. this final moment would lead him to a decision he didn’t want to make. he opened the refrigerator door a second time, his eyes scrunched closed at first in fear of seeing what it beheld. after the door had screeched open, he slowly opened his eyes and to his horror, he saw that all the fridge contained was a half empty can of mountain dew

eddie gulped, readying himself for what he had to do. his shaky hand reached in to grab the soda can, pulling it out and setting it down next to the bowl of sugary cereal. he made a quick mental prayer, silently apologizing to his blood sugar levels for what he was about to eat. taking the can in his hand once more, he tipped it over the cereal bowl and quickly let out a shrill scream. ᴀ ʟᴀʀɢᴇ sᴘɪᴅᴇʀ, okay well, a spider smaller than a penny that eddie believed to be  ᴀ ʟᴀʀɢᴇ sᴘɪᴅᴇʀ , hopped out onto one of the rainbow marshmallows in the cereal bowl. several more screeches followed afterwards as eddie sped back down the hall, hopping directly onto richie’s back, tears streaming down his face.

richie jolt awake, grumpy but also concerned as to why eddie was riding his back. “what the fuck is your problem?”

THERE’S A FUCKING GIANT SPIDER IN MY CEREAL I SWEAR TO GOD IT’S OUT TO KILL ME THAT ASSHOLE HAD FANGS THE SIZE OF MARS JESUS FUCK,” eddie was out of breath at this point, heaving and having trouble catching his breath.

richie blinked his eyes a few times, quick to react to eddie’s breathing struggle and running into the bathroom to grab the inhaler on the top shelf. he returned to his room where eddie crouched in the top corner of his bed, and scrambled over to him only to shove the wrong end of the inhaler into his mouth with his other hand gently rubbing eddie’s back.

eddie reached to adjust the inhaler the proper way, quickly realizing that this wasn’t any of the 3 he had in his fanny pack he brought over. it took him a moment to understand that this was one richie had given him, leading him to find out richie kept one for him. his breathing evened out in this moment, making eye contact with the bug-eyed-boy in front of him. eddie had no words.

a few seconds later, richie had noticed that eddie was fine now. he nervously sniffed, stepping back off the bed. “so, where is this son of a bitch spider you’re telling me about?” 

it’s in the kitchen, it came jumping out of the mountain dew can. i swear if you don’t go down and ki-

why were you pouring mountain dew? i thought you were allergic to that shit?

there was no milk, so i poured soda in my cereal.”


SO THIS IS MY FIRST ONESHOT… AND MY FIRST REDDIE ONE, AT THAT okay sorry i’ll stop typing in caps but this took me a good 3 days maybe! i think it’s kinda cute! thank you @the-space-cows-keep-mooing for sending in this prompt starter! i had a different idea at first but i think this turned out pretty decent. 

please feel free to send me your feedback, any suggestions, constructive or destructive criticism, what you liked, etc will be highly appreciated!! also feel free to suggest me more oneshots or prompts or just send me any sort of message (:

I got a request for yandere Pennywise. I’m not too familiar with yandere if I’m being honest, all I know is that it’s pretty much an extreme obsession? I think? I don’t know, hopefully this came out okay! And I also hope this stays more true to Pennywise’s character, I’ve been making him a little OOC 😭

ALSO!!! Warning! There is some non-con in here, but it’s not smut. He’s very forceful. Please don’t read if that makes you uncomfortable.


The first time he saw you was when you were sitting outside of a coffeeshop, catching up with an old friend from high school. You were absolutely oblivious of him, since he had transformed himself into an older man who sat at the table beside you. You didn’t pay any attention to him whatsoever, you were listening carefully to your friend’s words and also telling her about everything that’s happened to you recently.

Little did you know, Pennywise was also getting to know you better. He wouldn’t take his eyes off you… you were beyond perfect to him. He had never seen a human more beautiful than you. Your bright eyes and gorgeous smile brought a new sensation to him, he was falling deeply in love with you.

Your friend noticed the man staring and gawking at you almost the entire time, but decided against saying something. She knew how gorgeous you were, and it wouldn’t have been the first time she noticed a stranger checking you out.

When you two parted ways, it was getting a little darker outside. Since you were living in the city, you decided to walk back to your apartment and the weather was amazing, the slightly chilly breeze felt good to you.

As you headed down your street, you grew confused as you heard the sound of bells jingling behind you. Turning your head, you stopped in your tracks and glanced behind your shoulder, but only to see nothing there.

Spinning your head back around, you stepped forward and gasped as you bumped into the person in front of you. You would have fallen backwards if it weren’t for the strong arms that wrapped around your waist protectively, pulling you closer.

“Oh my god, I’m so sor-”

You cut yourself off as you glanced up at the tall clown in front of you, and noticed the way it was gazing down at you… almost as if you were a piece of meat for it to feast on.

“There’s no need for saying sorry, pretty girl,” the clown spoke as he grinned widely, and you noticed both the lisp in his voice as well as his two big front teeth.

It was nearing Halloween time, so maybe this person was very good at makeup.

“I-I just wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking,” you let out a nervous chuckle, feeling the clown’s arms unwrap from your waist. “I like your makeup, it’s really good.”

Your words brought a smirk to his face, and you noticed the way his eyes traveled down your body. You knew this was unsafe, but your mind was saying otherwise. The clown was seeming fascinating to you.

“Why, thank you,” he murmured, stepping back to bow in front of you.

You couldn’t help but smile at his actions, pulling your sweater over your chest as the wind picked up a little. He noticed this, and moved slightly closer towards you.

“Are you cold, beautiful? Where are you heading to? It’s getting late, you know. There are a lot of weirdos out here… I could walk with you wherever you’re going. I wouldn’t want you getting hurt.”

His words made your eyebrows furrow together. The clown did seem genuine, however, he had a very odd way of doing so.

“No, um, it’s okay. I live really close by,” you said, biting down on your lower lip as you looked up at him.

The clown began salivating as you did this, and you noticed a line of drool forming out of the corner of his lip. Swallowing thickly, you released your lip from your teeth and stepped back from him.

“I should uh, I should get going. It’s getting dark out here. Have a nice night,” you mumbled slightly before you stepped by him, beginning to walk towards your apartment.

“Would you like a balloon, sweetheart?” the clown purred, making you come to a halt. “Or, maybe some flowers?”

Turning back around, you noticed he had a red balloon in one hand, and in the other were a dozen of dark red roses. Maybe the clown didn’t mean any harm.

“Oh, um, thank you,” you blushed lightly, unsure if you should take the items from the clown.

He gazed down at you, noticing the way your cheeks had turned pink. It was something he wanted to see again. Extending his arms out, he handed you the flowers first, then the balloon.

“Don’t thank me. Your boyfriend is a lucky man,” he commented, his gloved hands resting at his sides.

This made your face heat up even more, making you look down. The shyness now radiating off you made him even more attracted to you, wanting nothing more than to destroy your innocent nature.

“No boyfriend. I should really get going. Thank you for the flowers, and the balloon. They’re lovely,” you smiled before you spun back around.

As you reached the door of your apartment complex, you looked behind your shoulder and noticed the clown was now gone. It saddened you a little, he was weird although he was very sweet. You couldn’t remember the last time you received flowers from anyone.

Heading upstairs, you unlocked your door and stepped inside. You set your keys down then removed your shoes, quickly doing so. Afterwards, you stepped into your kitchen to place the flowers in the only vase that you owned and filled it with water.

You carried the glass vase towards the table and set it down in the middle, and smiled at them. After a moment, you turned back around and walked into your bedroom. Turning the light on, you unbuttoned your jeans then laid down on your bed, closing your eyes as you did so.

Pennywise watched you from your closet, running his tongue over his lips. He wanted you, and he needed to have you. He never had a desire so strong for somebody before, and he was going to act upon it. Appearing in your doorway, he stepped into your bedroom and you suddenly heard the bells jingling again.

Opening your eyes, they grew wide as you saw the clown standing right in front of you.

“H-how the fuck did you get in here?!” you nearly screamed, moving up on your bed, trying to get further away from the clown.

“You left the door unlocked, my pretty girl,” he purred, reaching over to grab your thighs.

You cried out as he pulled you closer towards him, making you wrap your legs around his waist.

“You’re going to love me, just like I love you. I’ve been following you around all day, darling. No one else is to ever touch you again,” he said darkly, his eyes suddenly glowing yellow as he gazed down at you. “Do you understand me?”

You felt your eyes water, wanting to push the man away, but it was as if he was manipulating your mind somehow. Nodding your head, you looked up at him and swallowed, reaching out to place your hands on his chest.

“Good girl. I will keep my eyes on you at all times, and I will always see what you’re doing. I will always be around with you, even if you can’t see me. For now, I need to leave. I will come back,” he paused, leaning down as he closed his eyes, pressing your lips together.

You thought about fighting against him, but you could tell how strong the man was. Instead, you pressed your lips to his and held onto his shoulders.

When you opened your eyes, the clown was no longer there. You were confused to say the least, and also scared out of your mind. But part of you was excited to see the clown again, and you knew the time would come soon.

Things We Don’t Say

Summary: At the age of 23, Adrien thought he was pretty independent finally living separately from his father. He had his job, friends and Marinette to whom he still hadn’t confessed after years of silently loving. Then one night a phone call changes everything. A forced, “you don’t really have an option if you value your life” marriage to a childhood friend whom he hadn’t seen in years or prove that you have your own fiancée until the sun goes down. Marinette will help him. That’s what best friends are for, right?

Part 1                                                                                           Read it on A03

She shouldn’t be home yet - Adrien thought but decided to knock first anyway. No one opened.

“So far so good,” he whispered to himself and pulled out his own key. The blond poked in his head first before entering and looked around. The space was desolated.

“Marinette?” he called her name just to make sure he was there alone. Receiving no answer, Adrien grinned to himself.

Great. I have a few hours then.

The young man carefully put a few bags and a bouquet of flowers on the floor and was about to take his shoes off when an overexcited dog appeared out of nowhere and knocked him down.

“Hey, Tikki.” Adrien couldn’t stop laughing as he tried his hardest to prevent the invader from licking his face all over. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy her affection because he did. A lot. However, today he had to look perfect. No messy hairstyles and sloppy drool on his jaw allowed.

“There, there, girl,” he petted the puppy. “I am happy to see you too! Really, really happy. Now let me go, please.”

Tikki, a one-year-old ginger cocker spaniel, stepped back and gave Adrien a chance to get up.

“Today is the big day, girl,” the blond said once on his feet. “Today I’m finally going to tell your mommy the truth.”

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katie-wants-donut  asked:

#5 sonamy (whether it's classic, Boom or modern you decide) Please. Your stories are amazing 😄

Oh sweet chaos.. 0-0;

Whatever you say…

Prompt (Boom Universe)

“And what if I’m torn!?”

“Oh please! It’s piece of meat!”

Sonic gasps, “IT’S A CHILIDOG! You bag of bones!”

“Ah! You blue jerk!”

“How am I being the jerk? I~ didn’t insult the chilidog.” he gestured to the luxurious food in his hand.

She swiped it away.

He freezes, before diving for it, and then rolling to reveal it. “Nice save!” he complimented himself, before Amy growled and started storming off.

“You’re so immature! First I ask if you’re doing anything tonight, and the next thing I hear, you’re standing me up for a AMERICAN.” she gestures back to the food in his hands. “A freakin’ hotdog.”

“CHILIdog. Geez, you’re as bad as Eggman with identifying different species.” he scratched behind his head.

“Augh.” she rolled her eyes, and started to walk away again.

“Hold on!”

Sonic gripped her arm.


“I wasn’t done defending my friend yet!”

“Well, that friend certainly must mean more to you than your REAL friends!” she put her hands on her hips, leaning forward as she finally had it, stomping her foot one last time to the ground.

“OOHH! I’m so done with your attitude! Why are you so stubborn!? Do you want to go on a date or not!?”

“…D-Date? I thought you said we were hanging out?”

Amy widened her eyes, realizing her folly as she clammed her hands over her mouth.

“D-da-da-whaaat? PFft, boi please.” she leaned against the door frame, looking away. “That’s what the hip and happenings are saying now adays…” she bit her lip and sweated profusesly.

“…Ames?” Sonic raised an eyebrow, holding the chilidog in both hands now.

He waved it in front of her face, as she avoided looking at it too.

“…You can’t lie to the chili…”

“Gr…erk…” she twitched.

“Alright! FINE!” Amy flung it out of her face, screaming as she threw her hands down in front of her. “I WANTED TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU! Is that too much to ask!?”


Sonic watched the chilidog fly into the air, as the two both watched as it soared through the air, letting little chunks of the chili-meat fly off every now and then.

Sonic rushed to save it again. “Nooooo..!” he slid for it.

Dropping to his knees, he caught it, and held it up high. “YES! Two for two!”

“You mean one.”


Amy stood outside the door, and slammed it.

He flinched at the wood against wood, before getting up. “..Wait.. Amy?”

Amy stormed down the dark street, and headed quickly home. “I can’t believe he almost found out! And he STILL cared more about that stupid… dumb chilidog! I mean, I made it for him, but he could have at least been thankful enough and-”

She stopped.

“I… I made it for him.” she looked up, realizing maybe the chilidog was more than just some hunk of meat with sauce on it.

She turned around, before shaking her head and rolling her eyes. “Grahh.. I won’t be the first to look back this time!”

“Good! That means I won’t need to go back!”


Amy was scooped of her feet.


Bolting into her home through her window, the two crashed down as Sonic rolled along the floor, landing face-first on the couch, and getting up.

“Phew. Definitely not my roughest landing.” he leaned up, happy for the soft terrain.

Unnnntil Amy swung a hammer in his face.

“You think you can waltz in here and make up for treating me second to a literal food product!?” she gestured to represent the chilidog.

“Actually, it’s more like…” he hesitated, but then took her arm and gestured it around his stomach. “Here now.” he sweat dropped as he smiled sheepishly up to her.

She looked annoyed.

“You didn’t give me a lot of time to enjoy it!”

“I wanted to hang out with you! Not have you drooling over the chilidog and say goodbye right after I graciously hand-delivered it to you!”

“You wanted to see me?” he looked up, smiling like a kid.

“Well, I… I mean, like anyone else would.” she looked away, growing self-conscious again.

“I~ remember when you first said you wanted a trip in my hammock, thinking it cool. You did the same thing when I said you could, but you refused to get on it with me sitting beside you.”

She turned away, a faint blush on her cheeks. “I hate how all of a sudden, you think you can read me.” she closed her eyes and continued to keep her head away from his peering eyes.

He smirked, “Come on, Ames. What do you mean by all this?” he drooped his eyes slightly.

“…Nothing. Now… get out of my house!” she sounded lazy as she swished her hand to the door.

“…Alright.” Sonic hit his knees with the palm of his hands and got up, dusting himself off and then looking Amy over.

“…You sure are cute though… when you’re mad.” He then started to walk out.

Instantly, Amy reflexed and threw him back towards her face.

“What… what did you just say?” she blinked, shock taking over her.

“I said please don’t hurt me and I swear I’ll never say it again.” Sonic looked terrified, she was holding him by his bandanna.

“No.. what? Augh.” she shook her head, “I mean the other thing…” she looked away and then back, losing her tough-girl attitude, and Sonic could suddenly see she wasn’t as scary as she usually is.

“… em… stop staring and just repeat what you said already!” she yelled out, as he suddenly knew what he needed to do.


He leaned down and lightly held a kiss.

Minutes felt like seconds as he pulled away.

“…I said… I don’t remember.” he looked away, his eyes looking frozen as he realized what he had just done.

“…I’m… I’m thinking there was something in that chilidog.” Sonic tried to excuse his behavior.

“I’ll have to find the recipe again.” Amy pulled him back in for another one.

He flailed a moment, before completely surrendering to the sensation of it.

She pulled back, and he was literally starting to melt down to his knees, leaning completely and letting her lift him by the scruff of his bandanna now. “Woah. Comedy Chimp lied. That freakin’ rocked.” he had drooped eyes, before shaking his head and looking amazed.

“Wait.. did I just..” Amy looked up, and dropped him like a hot potato.

“Whoah!” he fell flat to the ground, before leaning up. “Yeah. I would be freakin’ out too if I kissed me.”

What she didn’t see was his lips trembling.

“I… I .. I have to go!” she ran out the door, slamming it as she heard him getting up.

“H-hey, wait!”

He banged on the door. “Amy! Where will you go!? This is your house!”

She was spread up against the door, her mouth a deep, open frown with her teeth showing, spazzing.

She then realized the logic of his truth and swung open the door. “Oh yeah.” she kicked him out. “You should go!” she then tried to slam the door again.

“Wait-OOOOOWWW!” his foot got jammed by her.

“Oh my gosh! I am SO SORRY!” she opened the door, covering her mouth and looking around, “Uh.. Um… j-just come in.”

He hobbled in one leg, as she set him back on the couch, letting him lift his leg up.

“Ugh! I just- I’m so confused right now!”

“W-why..” he was rubbing his poor foot.

“Because!” she flung ice at his face.

“OOOWWW!” he held it to his eye, letting it slowly drag his face down as he pulled it away. “Geez, are you here to kill me or-?”

“I just hate how you’re making me feel right now!” she threw an apple at him, making him lean back to dodge it and catch it, ‘phewing’ as he did, before looking back at Amy.

She was gone.

“H-huh?” He looked around, “Amy?”

He slowly got up, watching his foot and hopping a few times, over to the kitchen.

Amy was huddled down, gripping her legs, head down.

He examined her for a moment before sitting down next to her, up against the island counter. “…Do you really hate me that much?” he side glanced over to her, lifting his good leg up and leaning forward, against it.

“Cause I sure as heck didn’t mean anything I said.”

She peeked up a little, and when he saw the small opening, smiled and continued, pretending he didn’t see her shift.

“I mean,” he gestured up. “I may get mad at you sometimes, but I would never say I hate you.”

Amy felt bad just then, and lowered her head again.

“Ah!” he freaked out, realizing that was probably bad. “L-look, that… thing …we just did? D-don’t worry about it.” he slowly moved to his knees, trying to comfort her. “I’ll just go now and we’ll pretend the whole thing didn’t happen, alright?”

Right before he was about to leave, she pulled his bandanna towards her again.

“If you leave now… I really will hate you forever.”

He gulped, blinking in his surprise.

“Oooo… k? Now I’m really confused.” He furrowed his eyebrows, leaning closer. “Don’t you want me to leave..?”



She pulled him back into a hug, and kissed him quicker this time, before pushing him away and covering her face, sending him half way across the room.

“WHHHAA!!” he hit his head. “Ughh… if every time that happens, I might need to start wearing a helmet…” his eyes rolled around, before he shook his head to keep them straight again.

She looked away, “Like you even want it to happen again…”

He leaned up, “Woah… what has made you so hateful today!? And… surprisingly… open too..” he touched his lips, still unsure of why he wasn’t, himself, overreacting.

For some reason… he wanted to make her more mad.

He got up, still twitching from the pain in his foot.

“If love’s a battlefield, you certainly give it a new meaning.”

She threw a hammer at him, and he just narrowly dodged it, spinning around before landing on his bad foot.

“AHHHH-ph.” he shut his mouth, closing his jaw and pushing his head down to do so. “Em.” he squinted his eyes a moment, enduring the pain as he looked back at Amy.

She glared at him, then looked away.

“…You.. You can be so violent!”

She threw another hammer, and he happily leaned back, almost all the way down to his lower leg, matrix style, and leaned up again. “Heh, but you’re no match for the fastest thing a-OFFPH!” he struck a pose and waved his finger around, signature grin, before she threw another hammer directly at his face.

“Owkawy. I swee whawt’s gwoinwg won.” he muffled through the hammer, as he tilted his head with it, as if it was permanently stuck there.

He gripped it and tried to rip it off, succeeding and then holding it just in case she threw more. “Ha… You’re fighting how you feel, right?”

She threw another hammer, but he deflected it. Smiling.

“You’re worried I don’t mean it. That I’m gonna somehow play ya and this whole thing will end in our friendship being ruined forever, is that it?”

She narrowed her eyes more, but this time, her frown was a sorrowful one.

“Well. I think you doubt me too much!”

“What are you saying!?” she finally blurted out, getting up and staring at him.

“I don’t want to be deceived!”

“Deceived?! Oh, is that who you think I am?!” Sonic looked angry, walking towards her and pointing a hammer accusingly at her.

“Well, maybe I don’t want to face defeat! Be rejected in front of the only girl I’ve actually cared about on this level.”

“Level!? So what, I’m a game to you!?” Amy stepped forward.

“With all the hammer’s you’ve thrown at my face, and my injured big toe, I would say YES. You’re probably the hardest boss I’ve ever had to face. Because I can’t face you. You’re unfaceable!”

“How so!?”




“Waiting to be fed!? Ugh, you’re so-!” she leaned forward.

“Yeah?” he stepped forward.




“REALLY!? Cause I really want to eat your face right now!”

“Then do it!”



They suddenly were so close that the two just launched at each other, completely dropping the act and the hammer, and were completely absorbed in one another.

A little while later, they pulled away, panting.

“…I… I don’t know what just happened.” Amy admitted.

“I do… thankfully.”

Sonic and Amy didn’t take their eyes off each other, or remove their hands from around the other.

“..What does this mean?” Amy gasped out.

“…It means…” Sonic stepped more foreward, putting his head to her forehead.

“I’m gonna need you to deliver some more chilidogs.”


“A.S.A.P…” he leaned in for another one.

“…You can be that hungry?” Amy leaned back, wanting to pull a fast one before he did, smiling.

He smirked, “Starving.” he shook his head with the motion, and the two were quite different after that.

Not yet

I really loved the concept. Fluff warning!

Anonymous: YESSS!!! DADDY BLURBS AY!!! I know valentine’s day is over but hooow about Harry’s idk 8 year old son having a teeny tiny crush on one of his classmates, so they go shopping or they craft something together. And you have that tiny boy, who looks just exactly like Harry and is just as charming, with his soft curls and green eyes and blindingly white teeth, and he has that cute little british accent you only notice when you listen carefully or he talks really fast. And omg!!! Just daddy Harry!!!      

“Mornin’ Love” Harry said coming from behind as you bounced your 3 year old daughter, Snow on your hips.

“Mornin’ Happy valentines day peaches” you said leaning a bit so that you can touch your lips to his welcoming ones. You kissed a bit and smiled. But it couldn’t last long as the three year old in your arms started whining.

“Happy valentines day baby, and to you too snow.” harry cooed as he took the the toddler from your arms and showered her face with kisses making her giggled. 

“mum I have t’go out with jake today.” Your eldest said from living room.

“Yeah i remember Rose” you said over Harry’s shoulder and winked as your 16 year old teen gave you a thumbs up.

“You didn’t told meh!!!” harry said as he turned to face Rose who was already out of the house to school. You giggled as you rubbed Harry’s arm.

“Its okay haz” You said and kissed his pouty lips. Rose was daddy’s girl and Harry always whined at the fact that how quicky she’s growing up already.

“My baby” Harry pouted and you giggled again as he went in the livingroom to play with Snow. You perched up a bit on your tip toes to get the flour from the top when you felt a soft tug on your shorts. You glanced down and saw your eight year old boy. At least one out of three was mumma’s baby. He stared at you with those big green eyes, his hair in a mess and curls at the end of his hair were everywhere. 

You smiled and picked him up. His cheeks were all pink and his ears were red probably because how much he moves in sleep, rubbing his cheek on the pillow.

“Morning baby!” you said cheerfuly setting Noah on the shelf a bit away from stove.

“Morning mumma” he said wrapping his arms round you, hugging himself to your chest. Your heart swells seeing your kids. Little angels that you and harry made with all your love.

A soft smile creeped up on your face as you ran your finger through his soft brown hair.

“What’s wrong bubba?” You asked as he tightened his grip around you.

“Hey there bud!” Harry cheered entering the kitchen with snow who was almost asleep on her father’s shoulder. A little slight of drool wetting Harrys shoulder as her bubbly cheeks were squished on it. Her hands were around Harry’s neck. She had lots of cute rolls.

“hi daddy” Noah’s voice was muffled because he still had his face hidden in your chest.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked looking at you with a questioned face. You shrugged and pulled away from the hug.

“Tell us sweetie” You said

“i-i like a girl” Noah admitted as his cheeks turned red. Your eyes widened as Harry did the same.

“S-sheisverypretty. I-I likeheras muchas daddylikes mommy.” he said. You giggled on the trait of him which he got from you. Speaking fast. Harry on the other was slow speaker and so were the other two  girls, well no one knew about snow but Rose did speak slow.

“slow down honey.” you said kissing noah’s nose.

“i like a girl mommy. Her name is susan and she is very pretty and i like her as much as daddy likes you” Noah finished. He was so cute that you couldn’t help but kiss all over his face.

“Aww buddy” harry said handing you snow as he picked Noah up. He instantly wrapped his arms around Harry’s neck smiling. Both of their dimples popping up as they shared a cute moment of father and a son.

“I think tha’ I and Noah need t'talk yeah?” Harry said and you nodded. Harry knew how to handle kids well. He pecked your lips as he made his way to the couch carrying on son.

“So. Tell m'more about this girl.” Harry said sitting on couch with Noah on his lap.

“She is in my class and sits beside me. She has loooong pretty hair. Jus’ like mommy and she’s very beautiful. I-I’ve noticed how yeh look a’ mommy. I look a'her the same way daddy.” Noah said shyly.

Harry’s eyes softened and so did his heart. It seemed like yesterday he was born and today he grew 8 years old. His little man was growing up too fast just like his other two. Harry leaned in to press his lips on his son’s head.

“What d'yeh say if we make a card fo’ her?” Harry suggested as Noah ran upstairs happily to get the craft work.

Your own eyes filled with tears as you saw them leaning on the kitchen door. Your little family was your everything. Especially the one who made this real.

You walked to Harry and sat beside him.

“You ready fo’ a daughter in-law?” Harry asked wiggling his eyebrows smirking.

“Not yet”

Klance - SURPRISE!

AAAAAAA!!!! This is SUPER late, but literally JUST on time for me to post on Lance’s birthday, so long as I’m quick with these notes!!!

So I won’t go on any further except to apologise for any mistakes as I AM rushing to get this posted quickly!

Allura still found herself both confused and wary of most Earth customs. They very rarely made any sense to her, though she did become fond of a few of them. She couldn’t fathom what Earth must be like, with such rich culture, and couldn’t help but let the paladins’ enthusiasm get to her whenever they spoke of another custom. She was now curious as to what they’d show her next.

Allura /was/ still wary, as learning about Earth culture did not always work out well for her. She had decided that “pranking” was her least favourite. Thus, when Hunk and Pidge ran into the bridge, mouths moving rapidly as their words blurred incoherently, Allura felt a mixture of fear and excitement.

Eventually, Coran managed to coax them into speaking in actual sentences. They started talking about having been curious as to how long they’ve been away from Earth, Pidge mentioning using the Castle’s logs to calculate the length of time. Then Hunk chipped in, saying how they then converted it into “hours” and Earth days. He began speaking about dates, though nothing like any Allura had ever heard of.

“So we’ve worked out that today is the 28th of July!” Hunk finished, a huge grin spread across his face.

“So? What’s so special about the 28th?“ Keith asked, making Pidge and Hunk jump, too caught up in their explaining their discovery to notice when he came in a dobash ago. They both let out a sigh of relief, Hunk muttering how glad he was that Lance wasn’t a morning person. The two of them both exchanged a look before stating that the conversation would need to change location. Allura was confused, but didn’t question them. She just needed to know what had got them so worked up. They settled on relocating to Pidge’s room, having dismissed everywhere else, including Keith’s room, to his confusion.

Once there, they explained everything. It sounded like a good idea, but you could never know when it came to the paladins. They were just too unpredictable. However, Allura let the last of her fear slip away as she gazed around the room. Hunk and Pidge were beaming, and even Keith had a small smile, and combined with the buzzing auras they were giving off, the good mood was infectious. Besides, it was rare to see them all so excited, especially since Shiro’s disappearance.

Lance was confused. He’d woken up and immediately headed to the bridge to go and check up on the princess, who was always up early. To his surprise, the bridge was empty, no sign of either Allura or Coran. This alone was odd, but when Lance found no sign of anyone in the dining room or kitchen, a bit of worry started to grow in him. Lance, however, ignored it, making his way to the council room, and then the hangars, only to find them all empty. Okaaaay… /Now/ he was starting to worry.

He check the labs, but still found no sign of anybody. /That/ was odd. Pidge spent nearly /all/ of her free time working in the labs. What had started out as a quick search for Allura was now turning into a full on hunt for /anyone/.

Tired of searching, Lance headed to one of the bedrooms which had been repurposed into Kaltenecker’s room. He often went there if he just wanted to relax and chat nonsense to someone who didn’t judge him or send him away after 5 minutes.

"What the quiznak?!” he exclaimed upon finding the room empty. This was ridiculous. Had the others gone off somewhere without him? Taking Kaltenecker, but /not/ Lance?! Nah, /that/ was ridiculous!

Walking the corridors of the Castle alone made Lance remember quite how big the place was. The towering white walls and the metallic sound of his footsteps’ echoes made the place, which he had started to think of as a second home, feel cold and intimidating. And so very empty.

It was quiet. Unnaturally quiet. Normally Lance would be walking with someone, and even if he wasn’t he could still hear the others either working in the labs, discussing plans in the bridge or chatting in the dining room. Even the engine sounded muted.

A shiver worked its way down Lance’s spine. He shook his head, lightly slapping his cheeks as he took off in a fast stride. He had /just/ about forgiven the Castle for trying to kill him, he couldn’t afford to let himself be scared now. Lance McClain did not get scared!

He checked all the rooms he passed, going back to the bridge and kitchen to check they hadn’t gone there in the time he’d been searching. He even went to check on the pool. When he got to their rooms, another idea struck. Were they all just asleep? It didn’t seem very likely, as Lance knew he was almost always the last to get up, but then again, they didn’t exactly have clocks in the Castle, so maybe, for once, Lance had just got up before everyone else.

He went to Hunk’s room first, knowing he’d feel less embarrassed if he showed how worried he had been to his friend. He tapped lightly on the door, waited for a few moments and then knocked slightly harder. Still no response, even when he called out to him.

He did the same with Pidge, but still nothing. This kept on getting stranger. If Pidge wasn’t in the labs, nor in her room, then she had to be with the others somewhere. Finally, he opened Keith’s door, not trusting him to respond, even if he was still in there.

“Kei-…” He didn’t bother to finish the greeting, his eyes falling on an empty bed. He sighed, slumping as he turned to leave, when he spotted a note on Keith’s bed. His curiosity winning over (there wasn’t much resistance) he snatched it up. On it, in Keith’s messy scrawl, was Lance’s name. He unfolded the paper to find a short note, inviting him to join everyone. Only, it didn’t specify where.

“Stupid Keith, how the hell am I supposed to find you now, when I’ve already been searching all morning?” He threw the note on the bed, crossing his arms as he sat down beside it with a huff. Was this a sick game they were playing with him? It would’ve been nice to have known about it before hand instead of making Lance worry.

He stared down again at the note, only to realise it had fallen upside down. In the corner was a scrawled mess, and Lance picked it up to inspect. Next to an arrow, which was pointed from the edge, obviously meant to be from the message on the other side, was a couple of words. Though working out what they were was a challenge, as the writing was even smaller than in the message. He realised that the second one must be “room” and with that, worked out that this was supposed to be the location. Had Keith not left himself enough room to finish the message on one side?

Now to decipher the first word. It either began with an ‘l’ or ‘t’ and ended with a ‘g’. He thought hard about what rooms he hadn’t yet searched, standing up when the answer came to him. How had he been so stupid?

Tucking the note into his pocket, Lance made his way down to the training room. He strode through the doors as they opened, only to find himself in complete darkness.

“What the-”

SURPRISE!” Lance jumped at the loud shout, flinching as the lights suddenly came on. The others were gathered in front of him and proceeded to shower him in confetti, or in Pidge’s case, chuck it at his face. He spluttered as he tried to remove the confetti which had fallen into his open mouth. What the hell was going on?!

“Guess what today is!” the little gremlin exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.


“Come on, Lance, take a guess at what the date is today based on what we’re doing!”

“I dunno? April Fools?” Hunk and Pidge laughed whilst Coran and Allura looked lost. A moo sounded from behind the group and Lance strained to see past them.

“Was that Kaltenecker?! Why is the cow in the training roo-” At last he spotted Kaltenecker standing next to a table laid out in the centre of the room. Above the table floated a hologram, and Lance froze at the writing.


Keith watched from towards the back of the group as Lance froze, realisation and shock plastering his face as he stood there, stunned. Finally, he took a step forward and the group parted so that Lance could walk up to the table. He didn’t even glance down at it, however, his eyes still glued to the hologram. They all gathered around the table and finally his gaze moved from the message to all of them.

“A-are you serious?”

“We wouldn’t joke about it being your birthday, bud! Come on, today’s all about you!” Hunk then bent over to pick up the cake from the array of food he’d cooked for the meal. He lit the candles and held the cake out towards Lance before he cleared his throat and began to sing, joined by the others in an interesting rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’.

Keith could feel his cheeks heat up gradually as he continued to sing. Keith was not a singer, and had definitely never sung in front of people before. Yet his embarrassment was eased by the small slipups by Allura and Coran, who had practised hard to try and memorise the song. By the end, Lance was laughing softly, and the sound made the humiliation worth it.

“Guys, I just… I mean… Thank you!” Everyone smiled, letting out cheers when Lance announced it was time to dig in.

The feast looked amazing, even in its alien nature, and the smell was almost making Keith drool. It seemed like he was not alone, as everyone hurried to take a seat at the table and Keith sat beside Pidge, Lance taking the seat to his left.

As soon as they were sat, they dug in, filling their plates with the delicacies and wasting no time in digging in. Everyone but Hunk exclaimed at the taste. Somehow- Somehow he’d…

“Hunk! Oh my GOD! How did you do this?! This tastes like /human/ food!” Lance had recovered from the shock the fastest to quickly express everyone’s surprise.

“With a lot of experimenting!” Hunk laughed. “I hope you like them all, I made sure to try and include your favourites!”

“Huuuuunk!” Lance quickly jumped up from his seat to rush around the table and throw his arms around Hunk’s neck. “You’re the best friend a guy could ever want!” Hunk thanked him, patting his arms until they finally released him and they continued on with the meal.

Pidge and Hunk explained briefly how they’d worked out the date, and soon the conversation had been dragged off down another topic. Keith allowed the warm atmosphere envelope him, the buzz of conversation and the energy of the people at the table made the atmosphere comfortable and warm, and unbeknownst to him a large smile adorned his face for the entirety of the meal.

“Oh right, I nearly forgot!” Suddenly a piece of paper was shoved in front of Keith, his eyes crossing as they tried to focus on it. “WHAT was /this/?!” Keith took the paper from Lance’s hand, realising that it was the note he’d left on his bed.

“What is it?” Pidge asked as she leaned closer, peering to see what Lance was talking about.

“The note that told me where to go. Though /why/ you chose Keith to write it is beyond me! His writing is almost impossible to read when it’s small! What would’ve happened if I’d never found you?” Beside Keith, Pidge’s smirk was growing. Damn.

“Oh? Did you go check all our rooms?” She didn’t need to tell Lance this. It didn’t mean anything.


“Well, I’m guessing that you didn’t try to go inside mine or Hunk’s rooms, otherwise you’d know we’d also written notes for you to find. It’s interesting that you went inside Keith’s though…” Keith gently shoved her off his arm. He looked to Lance, wondering how he’d react. Not that there was anything to react /to/, but… Thankfully, the meaning behind Pidge’s teasing seemed to escape Lance whose confused face never faltered until he started up a new conversation, allowing Keith to breathe a quite sigh of relief.

After Keith had had his fill of the pizza salad (honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up!), it seemed the others had also had their fill, Allura and Coran seeming extremely keen to try more of their food. At this, Hunk produced a knife and handed it to Lance, sliding the cake over.

“Make a wish!” Pidge exclaimed as he brought the knife down to make the first cut. He handed out the slices, though Keith noticed how Lance had made his thinner than the others and caught the smirk Lance directed at him as he put Keith’s plate down. Keith let it slide. It was Lance’s day after all.

The cake turned out to be some sort of rigid moose and tasted nothing like normal cake, instead it seemed to have layers of flavours ranging from vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, coffee and many other fruit. Lance was back to his usual dramatics, moaning whenever he reached a new flavour, saying it was the best thing he’d ever tasted.

Once all the plates were clear of any trace of food, Keith leaned back in his seat, his hand resting on his stomach. He felt delightfully full.

“That was perfect, Hunk! The best present ever!” Keith flinched at Lance’s words, a horrible fluttering feeling replacing his pleasantly-full buzz.

“Oh yeah? Guess you won’t be needing my present then!” Pidge taunted, earning a screeching from Lance who quickly backtracked, making grabby hands at Pidge. She sighed and placed a box in Lance’s hands that were straining to reach across Keith. He quickly opened it to reveal one of their small orange timer tablets which Pidge had confiscated from them all several days ago.


“It’s not just a timer, if you’re wondering. A while back I was thinking about creating a written messaging system which we could utilise whenever we couldn’t, or didn’t want to speak, so I made modifications to the timer so that it can receive and send messages, which are encrypted when anyone other than the receiver tries to hack the signal, essentially providing an easy and safe-”

“Wait, wait, w-w-WAIT!! Did you just make me a space phone which can text?!”

“If you’d let me /finish/, you’d also know that it can take photos, record videos and has a memory of 50 petabytes.”

“PIDGE, you little GENIUS!”

“You can leave out the 'little’ y'know.”

“I’ve got to try this out right now! Come on, you need to be in the first pic!” As Lance started taking what Keith suspected to be the first of millions of selfies, Keith watched as Coran produced a blue and white jacket from beneath the table where he’d been hiding it.

When Lance turned around and spotted it, he cried out rushing over to Coran. He slipped his jacket off, donning the new one which fitted him perfectly.

“It’s something from when I started serving Alfor. It’s too small for me now, but seemed like it’d be just your size. Plus I do think that blue looks quite good on you!”

“Coran, are you sure you want to give this to me? I love it, I really do, but it’s something from your time back on Altea…”

“No, no, no! Please have it, it’ll just be collecting space dust otherwise. I’d much rather you gave it a purpose again!” Lance’s eyes grew misty as he launched himself on Coran, who happily returned the gesture. The warm display almost distracted Keith from his nerves. Almost.

Allura stepped up to Lance once he’d finished embracing Coran. Lance opened his mouth, no doubt to say something stupid, when Allura leaned forward and placed a light kiss on his cheek.

“That’s my present for you. I’m afraid I didn’t have anything else to give.” Lance shook his head, finally returning from the shock he’d gone into at the contact.

“No! No, it’s- it’s fine, more than enough! Thank you!” Now Keith was the only one that remained, and it seemed the others came to the same realisation, all turning to face him. Keith’s throat felt dry and hoarse. He looked down to his side as Pidge nudged him lightly, nodding encouragingly. It wasn’t much, but it gave him the strength to clear his throat and speak.

“I’ve, um, got something to show you?” Ughh… Why did he sound so unsure?! He was being pathetic.

“Oh?” Lance questioned excitedly, his happiness visible from the way he bounced on the balls of his feet.

“And that’s our cue to leave! Enjoy!” Pidge called as she waved, making her way out of the door, soon followed by Hunk, Allura and Coran.

“Wait, what?” Keith didn’t explain, couldn’t explain, his nerves back in full force. He went over to the table to retrieve the mind projecting headset and noted how Lance’s eyes tracked his movements, his eyebrows raising as he spotted the device.

“Can you,” Keith cleared his throat as his voice came out raspy. “Can you close your eyes?”

“As long as you promise not to do anything weird!” he taunted even as his eyes fell shut. Keith took a breath before putting on the headset and focused on the image he wanted to project. He watched as it came alive in the room, as the oranges and reds of the desert replaced the stark white of the walls. The detail was amazing, though he put that down to the Altean engineering rather than his memory. Finally, Keith brought out the remote that Coran had given to him yesterday. With one last glance thrown at Lance, he pressed the button and watched as the room started the simulation.

“You can open your eyes,” he muttered, his gut twisting in anticipation for what was to come. Lance looked around at the landscape, one of Keith’s favourite views of the sun setting in the desert, and Keith waited for his reaction.

“I-I don’t know what to say,” Keith flinched, well aware of how this looked after such great presents. “I-it’s beautiful! Wow, like- woooow…” Keith noted that Lance hadn’t yet spotted Keith’s surprise slowly forming above the two of them. “Are you making this? It’s so detailed! I almost feel like I’m back on Ea-” His speech cut off suddenly and Keith watched the droplet of water roll down Lance’s nose, where it had landed.

Soon more droplets fell, and Keith could feel as his hair started to flatten and his cheeks become gradually soaked. Still Lance stood frozen.

When he recovered from his shock, Keith expected Lance’s energy to return. Maybe he’d dance and run about in the cool rain that fell from the clouds by the ceiling of the training room. However, when Lance finally moved, it was to close his eyes as he rolled his head backwards to face the clouds, arms spreading to his sides slightly. He stood there perfectly still as he formed the softest smile Keith had ever seen. Keith watched, entranced by the peaceful sight, as Lance’s clothes grew wet and hung heavily upon him, as his hair plastered his face and neck, ignorant to the feeling of it happening to himself. He didn’t dare speak, the moment suddenly so fragile and peaceful.

After some time, though Keith could not recall how much, Lance raised his arms above his head, palms facing the clouds, before he brought them to his face, running then upwards so that they brushed his bangs from his face.

“How?” How… what? How did he make it rain?

“Oh, it turns out that the training room can simulate different conditions, and I asked if Coran could add a setting for rain. Coran, Hunk and Pidge finished finalising the simulation probably last week. Apparently they just had to make a system for creating miniscule droplets from which-”

“How did you know I missed the rain?” Oh. So that’s what he’d been asking…

“Um, Coran mentioned it when I offered to explain what rain was. I was planning on showing it to you at some point, and when I found out it was your birthday, I thought that it was the best opportunity…” Keith trailed off, averting his eyes from Lance’s intense stare. “A-Anyway, my memory’s not great, so I can’t properly picture it raining in the desert, but you can use this to come up with your own scene.” Keith began to lift the headset, the image of the desert starting to pixelate as it lost connection, but before he could remove it two hands pushed it firmly back down.

“No, I want to see your rain.”

“Oh…” Keith found himself unable to think of anything else to say as he watched rivulets of water stream down Lance’s face, following the curves of his cheeks as he smiled.

“Thank you.”

“What? Oh, it was really nothing!” Keith rushed, feeling like the ridiculous fool Lance often made him out to be. “To be honest you should be thanking the others, they’re the ones who put in all the effort! I only came up with the idea-”

“Yeah, well, it was the /best/ idea.” Keith felt his cheeks burn, even under the cool water that continued to fall.

“Still, I’m sorry I didn’t have an actual present to give you…”

“Ugh! You never listen to me!” Keith was about to protest, knowing that it wasn’t true, hoping that Lance knew that too, when Lance hurriedly continued, his voice suddenly stuttering as he stumbled around his words. “W-Well, since you’re so stu-stubborn. I guess I’ll just have to s-steal a present from you!” Keith frowned in confusion, opening his mouth to question what he was meant when Lance surged forward.

Keith’s eyes widened as he felt Lance’s chest bump his own, his hands grabbing either sides of Keith’s face, as he felt…as he felt Lance’s lips meet his own. Keith froze, his body stiff, arms stuck hovering uncertainly in the air beside Lance’s hips.

By the time his brain managed to catch up with what was actually happening, Lance was gone, pulling back, his face turned away to the ground.

“A-Anyway, thank you for the present!” he stuttered before he turned and practically bolted from the room, but not fast enough for Keith to miss how Lance’s ears had reddened. Keith decided red suited Lance very well, his own blush deepening at the thought. Keith couldn’t help but feel that although it was supposed to be Lance’s surprise party, it was Keith who ended up being the most surprised.

After all, he had never imagined that his first kiss would be stolen that day. Though, Keith couldn’t find it in him to complain.


DONE!!! Click here for more headcanons!

Seventeen (Performance Unit) Reaction to fighting with their s/o.


Originally posted by visual-17

Arguments with Hoshi would just be yelling at each other in very high pitched tones, letting out all the grievances about each other’s annoying habits. Hoshi had never mentioned them before because they just weren’t important to him, but during the argument he would exaggerate how much they annoy him. The fight would probably last a while, just each of you repeating the same things and complaining about anything that came to mind. Hoshi would probably end up moving around a lot during the argument, picking things up and tapping them and slamming them down onto tables again. He’d end up screaming at the end of the argument “Can we just stop this?!” and you’d both end up just standing, panting from the effort of the screaming match, staring at each other. The moment you stopped yelling you’d realise you weren’t actually mad at him, you’d just had a lot of stress to get out. You’d both sort of deflate and sit down on the sofa next to each other, exhausted. “That was intense.” “I’m sorry for what I said, I really don’t care about any of that stuff.”


A fight with Jun would break out after you did something to annoy him, and he would make an annoying comment would just kind of explode into a huge argument with lots of yelling. Jun wouldn’t be that into arguments, part of him would be yelling but another part of him would just be thinking how ridiculous the whole thing was. So arguments would probably end up with him snickering with amusement at the funny expression on your face and you’d end up yelling “What?!” at him. “You have a bit of drool, at the corner of your lip,” Jun’s jokes would not be well timed and you’d storm away. But Jun was no longer angry, and he wouldn’t be too worried about the argument. He would leave you to relax, and he’d go to the shops to get ingredients so when you came down from your room a little calmer, he would have prepared a meal for you so you could sit down and relax. He’d be quite comforting with you, perhaps offering to massage your shoulders as you watch a film. He wouldn’t feel the need to apologise since you’d both gotten stupidly angry, he just wanted to move past it.


Originally posted by saebum

Minghao really wouldn’t know what to do if he ended up in a serious fight with you, I think it’d probably come out of the blue. The fight would happen because Minghao had teased you about something, just thinking he was messing around but not realising you weren’t in the best of moods as it was. So when you snapped at him, he would sit really quiet for a long time, but you’d lose it and say something you hadn’t wanted to that would hurt him and he would snap at you. His yelling wouldn’t last for long, but it’d probably be full of spite and venom and would end up really hurting you. He would fall back into silence and just sit there, staring at you as he watched your reaction, his face not revealing the shock of what he said whilst in his mind there was just white noise of panic. As your whirled around and ran from the room he would just sit there, completely frozen in shock and unable to follow you. He wouldn’t move from his spot from a long time, you’d probably come down before he made a move towards you. You would probably approach a makeup first and he would just speak really quietly, just repeating “I am so sorry,” over and over, his disbelief evident on his face, not caring what you had said to him.


Originally posted by dino-net

Dino would be pretty tentative about bringing up issues, so he probably wouldn’t comment on anything himself. He would notice that you were feeling upset about something and he’d ask you what it was. It would be his constant bugging you about sharing what was upsetting you which would set you off, you’d reply in a way that was snappier than expected and Dino would get upset and complain about your attitude. Arguments with Dino wouldn’t include lots of shouting, it’d just be brutally honest, and kind of painful, comments made with each person getting gradually more and more upset and hurt. Dino wouldn’t let you walk away after an argument, he’d just stop suddenly and sigh and ask what you were arguing about. He would reach out for you, wanting to hold your hand, resting your foreheads together as you slowly came down from the upset feelings. Dino would speak honestly now, but he’d do it more kindly to try and come to some conclusions to fix your issues.

☼ Iris

Thank you for reading! We really hope you like it. We’re open for requests, so go ahead and message us!

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how about fem!alpha reader with omega todoroki? just fluffyness please ^-^

I did headcanons if that’s okay anon? Omega!Todoroki has me feeling some type of way with his family and all.

Hope you enjoy!

Todoroki Shouto

  • Todoroki absolutely adores it when you run your fingers through his hair. It calms him down during a stressful time like his heat or pregnancy.
  • When cuddling, you can’t help but wrap your arms around his waist protectively, a leg might be thrown over him if you’re going to sleep. He might pout, but he secretly loves it. 
  • Todoroki drools while he sleeps, not a lot, but it’s there and it’s cute. 
  • Most of the time, you like to stay up and watch him sleep. Just taking in his beauty. The fact that he is your omega? The thought makes your heart flutter.
  • In public, you always have your fingers linked together. It might not be holding hands all the time, but intertwining fingers with his makes Todoroki feel that much more secure near you.
  • He thinks your scent is the most beautiful thing. It always brings a smile to his face when he catches a whiff of your scent, instinctively making him want to follow you. He was smitten for this gorgeous Alpha.
  • During his heat, he appreciates that you are always there for him, as it was difficult growing up in a household of Alphas and Betas, his mom being the only other Omega before she left.
  • Visiting his mom with you is the highlight of his week.
  • Todoroki’s heats are nowhere near as bad as Izuku’s, yet he is still uncomfortable. He feels like he’s going to fall into arctic waters, fall into a volcano, or both. 
  • He can get exhausted with his heat. He’s constantly using his right side to cool his left, almost always using his quirk for days on end.
  • You also assist him by bringing him ice packs and water, bringing him thin sheets and blasting the ac to the coldest temperature (you have to wear a coat around the house). 
  • But when he’s too cold, his best heating pad is you.
  • Todoroki loves it when you’re the one running your warm hands up and down his right side, his body instantly relaxing under your touch.
  • Todoroki is a great kisser.
  • Before you go to work, he gives you a kiss that takes your breath away. You can easily become lost in his embrace, stumbling when he pulls away. He is perfect. 

My thoughts are such a mess right now… so let’s just dive in with a recap of each member:

  • S.Coups - Wow. My ult bias for Seventeen. He OWNED that stage. He was so much more intense with his dancing and rapping it left me shook with my mouth hanging open everytime I watched him (so the whole concert tbh).
  • Jeonghan - AN ACTUAL VISUAL GOD. Like, listen, if you don’t appreciate this man’s beauty then you’re blind. But also his vocals, especially during the unit songs, were just so amazing.
  • Joshua - Literally I couldn’t get enough of him, he was just all-around perfect. Great voice, great performance, great English, wow.
  • Jun - wOW. Jun walked onto that stage tonight and made it HIS. The My I performance left the entire audience in awe. He was constantly working it and reminding his stans as to WHY he was their bias.
  • Hoshi - This boy can move. My eyes kept being drawn to him because he knows how to make people watch him during his performance. Also he was super sweet and cute with the crowd, always saying “I LOVE YOU DALLAS!”.
  • Wonwoo - He literally could’ve stood on stage and did nothing and we would have lost it. He was such a cute softie during the talks but then he would change it up with his powerful deep raps during the songs. It was rough.
  • Woozi - By far the most impactful singer in my opinion. They were all amazing (don’t get me wrong), but Woozi’s raw passion and emotion and CONFIDENCE was just overwhelming. So proud of him.
  • DK - He thicc. Like slim thicc. There was a part where I was just staring at him during Habits because “wow he’s gorgeous” and also “wow look at those THIGHS” He’s so perfect I’m dead.
  • Mingyu - The only tall member (jklol). Told the crowd he loved us IN THE INTRO. Constantly being Mingyu and snatching every weak soul in the vicinity.
  • The8 - uM? Again. WOW? Outstanding in every sense. Even when there was 12 other men dancing and drawing the attention of the audience, I always found my way to him. 
  • Seungkwan - Vocals vocals vocals. We all know he had golden pipes, but I was shocked on how steady and soothing his voice was all while remaining powerful. As always, super sweet and smiley with the fans.
  • Vernon - He snatched me. Like legit he’s one of my biases now. The English was greatly appreciated. The rapping was greatly appreciated. The disrespect however? Still appreciated smh I’m weak for Hansol.
  • Dino - DINO. WOW. I’m still not over his glow up from this past year or so. He’s so gorgeous, and he LOOKED me in the eye and SENT me a heart. I’m gone. The whole concert I think he was trying to get me to bias him because he was just doing. the. most.


  • So, uh. You know when you go to a k-pop concert and they come on stage and you’re like “oh they’re so tall!”. Yeah, definitely did not happen tonight. (except with Mingyu.) ;p
  • Sweet intros, cutesy VCR’s, Adorable always.
  • So many clean, crisp, perfected performances. Seventeen is known for their choreography and synchronization but it’s jaw-dropping when you see it in person. They move like one person and it’s so crazy to watch.
  • Vernon telling us that when they were backstage they were so excited about how excited and energetic the crowd was. 
  • They were so sincere with us the whole time, it NEVER felt scripted or like they were just saying what they had to say. 
  • Uh. The unit performances:
  • Hip-Hop Unit - Slayed. Every. Hoe. In. The. Building. They know they killed it. They know they’re hot. They just KNOW.
  • Performance Unit - They brought their game. They let Dallas know what K-pop is supposed to look like and left their footprint on everyone’s soul. Honestly I couldn’t tell you a lot about the vocals during these stages because I was just so shaken from the choreo. Dance on my grave.
  • Vocal Unit - AMAZING. I feel so guilty that I ever slept on them. They have talent oozing out of their bodies. Passion, emotion, intimacy. They harbored it in every word they sang.
  • MY I is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. So much chemistry both with Jun/The8, but also them with the audience. The choreography with that bungee-cord-thing? Iconic. Still don’t understand how they did it so seemlessly.
  • Dino sent me a heart. Still dead. 
  • So sweaty. I’m drooling. (I could see S.Coups’s from my seat and I was highkey staring.)
  • Over 10 minutes of them just saying goodbye. You could really tell that they had a good time. Made my heart warm. <3

Well that’s all I can muster up right now. Don’t worry I’ll edit in the morning when I have a clear mind. 

I love Seventeen.

treshornyboiiz  asked:

can we talk about the brothers nicknames for each other? like their so cute. idk where theyre from but like! Justin is Juice, Travis is Scraps and Griffin is Ditto right?

The nicknames are great! There was an article about them really recently that mentioned as a part of their appeal the fact that the nature of their relationship means that they go even beyond the feeling that your listening to some good friends talk to the feeling that you’re there with a loving and hilarious family, and when they use their family nicknames it definitely accentuates that.

They mentioned at one point that they came from their dad. Juice was because Justin drooled a lot, Scraps was because Travis was as tough as scrap iron, and Ditto was because Griffin looked like Ditto from Hi & Lois. I feel like they talked about this in a podcast at some point, but I know that it comes up in the AMA Justin and Travis did (https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2jjhc2/we_are_justin_and_travis_mcelroy_of_the_podcast/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=comment_list)


Fred Jones: Comes from a white middle class family, he’s team captain, the stunt-driver, amateur engineer and star quarterback. Freddie leads the charge in an out of every mystery.

Daphne Blake: Of black-white mixed race, she’s the fashionista, the action girl, the black-belt with a roving reporter’s instinct and a killer manicure. Daphne is danger proof!

Velma Dinkley: Of Caucasian/Japanese descent, she’s the smart one, the science club queen and cosplay geek extraordinaire. Armed with countless smartphone apps, Velma’s quickest to put clues together.

Norville “Shaggy” Rogers: Born to a family of Lebanese immigrants, it’s the track team legend! He can throw his voice and turn cartwheels like nobody’s business! He quotes movies verbatim and makes a mean quadruple-decker-sandwich! Shaggy’s always along for the ride.

Scooby-Doo: He drools, he smells, he sheds his fur everywhere and acts like a living garbage disposal. Scooby-Doo is the ever loyal team mascot and sniffer dog.

hey! you may remember this lot from a draw i did last year! well here’s a brand new version of my modern revamped mystery incorporated design! my ‘drawing style’ has developed a lot over this past year so i wanted to draw my favourite amateur sleuths again. now watch this space, because i plan to re-open my ask blog for business pretty soon!

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Please do one where its yours and Josh's first valentine's day &he's away for work &youve never really had a mind blowing valentine's day so you're not stressing the holiday &he somehow ends up making it the cutest one ever still

AN: First of, I’m sorry that it took me so long! I wasn’t feeling so well lately, (migraines suck), so I couldn’t finish it as soon as I’d like to. I hope you like it and thank you for your request! xx (and I’m sorry that it isn’t so long)


Valentine’s Day

Words: 937

Triggers: None (at least I think so, if not please tell me!)


Valentines Day wasn’t really important to you. Besides never having a mind-blowing one, you don’t really understand the concept of it. Yeah, it’s nice to be more affectionate to your significant other on one special day, but weren’t you supposed to show your love on any other day too? You didn’t care for a bunch of flowers or eating at a pricey restaurant. Your boyfriend Josh was already giving you all of his heart, you didn’t need more.

That’s why you weren’t as sad as Josh thought you would be, as he told you that he would be actually in L.A. on the 14th of February. Tyler and Josh were working hard on their new album, which they produced in California. Of course, you were a little sad, but mostly because your boyfriend would be away for a few weeks. Josh was probably more sad, firstly because he actually loved valentines day and secondly that he couldn’t be there on your first valentines day as a couple.

You assured him more than a few times, that you two would be alright, that you were looking forward to calling him and talking over the phone for the night. 

Because they wanted to make their new album the best they could possibly produce it, they stayed long at the recording studio. After getting to the hotel room at likely 4 a.m., Josh was always too tired to catch up with you. But you weren’t complaining, he needed his sleep and a few days with simple text messages was bearable for you. 

So today, on the 14th of February, you were actually a little excited, because both of the boys won’t stay long at the recording studio, just so that they could catch on with their girlfriends. Tyler misses Jenna terribly.

Just as you were putting the laundry, you just washed, away (you never said that it wasn’t boring without having Josh around), you got a text message from said dork.

Happy Valentines Day, Love! xx
Go check the front door, I have a surprise for you.

Shaking your head, you did as he told you. As soon as you opened the front door to your apartment, you were grinning like a complete idiot. Right in front of you was takeaway pizza from your favorite restaurant to eat at, a bottle of champagne, your favorite kinds of sweets and three DVD cases, all together in one big basket. Right next to it, was a bunch of red roses and a little card.

Smiling like a complete maniac you took the basket and the bouquet of roses carefully inside. After putting the flowers into water, you read the little note.

I probably already told you that, but Happy Valentines Day, Love!
I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for it, but I hope that a little Skype date will make it better. Even if I can’t be in person there, at least you’re gonna have me making my little side-comments on the movies through your laptop (nothing’s gonna stop me from making them!). I hope that you like my idea, even if I did come up with it myself, I have to thank your sister for helping me prepare everything (it’ s hard to get everything, when I’m in L.A.)

I love you so much and can’t wait until I see you again,
Lots of love, Josh xx

(p.s. I actually wanted to get „White House Down“ since you haven’t seen it yet, but I didn’t want you drooling over Channing Tatum while I’m watching)

You couldn’t help but laugh at Josh’s little side note.

As fast as you were able to manage, you put everything for a cozy movie night up. Just as you wanted to call Josh, your phone started ringing.

„Hey, did you get the surprise?“

„Yeah I did, thank you so much! Sorry that I didn’t call sooner, but I wanted to prepare everything first. I would never have come up with such a cool idea, seriously.“

You heard him chuckle. „Yeah, well, I’m a pretty cool guy so no wonder that my ideas are cool.“

Rolling your eyes at his comment, you didn’t even bother to say anything back. You let him have it this time. „So? Are you ready, Mr. Cool-Guy? Or do I have to wait until you’re finished, I wouldn’t wonder if you spend your time being with Tyler. I swear you’re like Siamese-Twins.“

This time, Josh fully laughed. „No, I did, in fact, prepare everything already. I sat here, waiting for your call, which didn’t come, might I add.“

„Yeah, yeah, shush. Let’s start this night, alright?“

Josh agreed and you switched over to Skype. It felt good to see him again. Especially his smile. Just seeing it, made your grin even bigger. You probably looked like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, but you didn’t care. Josh should see how happy he makes you. 

After chatting for a little bit, you were engulfed in the world of Star Trek (he actually rented the newest one, knowing that you love these movies). Everything was perfect. You laughed at his little side-comments and found yourself staring at him, sometimes. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were, being with him. That boy does everything to make you happy, and you were so grateful for it. You couldn’t wait for him to return from L.A.

As you finished the movies and the pizza (Josh got some as well, but his wasn’t as good as yours), you stayed up late. Like, almost 6 a.m. late. But you didn’t care because you were with your boyfriend and it was nice to finally catch up with him. After hours of talking, you eventually felt asleep.

Never in your whole life had you such an amazing Valentines Day, and you couldn’t wait for the next one.

You Lose, I Win, Dance Monkey, Dance! (Sam Drake x Reader)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, the one below was worth exactly 2,219 of them. I took one look at this edit @vikabelieser  did and this scenario popped into my head. He’s sexy, he knows it, and he works out, now you get to watch. It’s my first time writing a reader insert fic and it was a hell of a lot tougher than I thought it would be. It’s just shameless Samuel Drake drooling but it was a good time to write. Hope you all enjoy!


Best Friends' Brother- Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: You are best friends with Sam and Harry Holland. The twins introduce you to Tom, who quickly falls for you.

Word Count: 1940

Warnings: One minor swear word & one minor use of slang

A/N: I am American and I did my best to remember things like mom/mum and friend/mate. If it still sounds very American, it’s because I’m not British.


It was Tom’s second day on break-finally home in England-and he was sat at his dining room table alone, eating lunch. Everyone was off doing other things. His mum was at work and Paddy was at school. Sam and Harry were somewhere-probably setting up a prank to play on their older brother. Tom didn’t mind that he was alone. Sure, he missed his family, but he was exhausted from the long plane ride yesterday. The only thing calling his name at the moment was sleep and food.

“Hey, Tom, we’re going to catch a movie. Want to come?” Harry asked, poking his head into the kitchen.

“Which movie?” He replied.

“Suicide Squad. It’s DC, but I’ve heard it’s amazing.” Sam said, appearing beside his twin.

“I could get fired for seeing it.” Tom laughed before shrugging, “But what the hell, I’ll go.”

“Great, we’re leaving in ten.” Sam informed him. The twins walked out of the room, leaving Tom alone. He wasn’t technically alone-Tessa was in there with him.

“I guess I’m leaving soon. Be good, Tess.” He reached down to pet her head. He cleaned up the remainders of his lunch before exiting the room.


“Why aren’t we sitting yet?” Tom asked, adjusting his baseball cap. He was attempting to conceal his identity with the hat, but he believed it wasn’t working-although he had yet to be asked for an autograph or picture. He was anxious to sit down in the theater, hoping to not get caught as a Marvel star watching a DC film. His twin brothers insisted that they stayed in the main lobby for a little while longer.

“Y/N’s meeting up with us. She’ll be here soon.” Sam replied, eating a few pieces of the large popcorn in his hands.

“Who is Y/N?” Tom questioned.

“SAM, STOP EATING ALL THE POPCORN!” A voice shouted, making Tom jump.

“That would be Y/N.” Harry laughed. You walked over to the three boys and took the popcorn from Sam.

“Geez, you fatty, you practically ate all of it.” You stated, taking a handful of the snack food.

“Did not!” Sam replied, tugging the container out of your hands.

“Y/N, you’ve met Tom, right?” Harry asked. You turned your focus from Sam to his older brother. The moment Tom’s eyes met yours, he swore his world stopped. He had never seen anyone like you before and he just couldn’t take his eyes off you. You were so captivating-where had his brothers found someone like you? More importantly, were they blind to leave you only as a friend? Tom suspected any man who could be with you would be the luckiest man in the world.

“Nope, I don’t believe I have. The name’s Y/N, also known as their only friend.” You said, pointing towards the twins.

“Hey!” Sam exclaimed.

“But I have heard a lot about you.” You stated. Tom opened his mouth to speak, but only silence came out as he got flustered. When he didn’t say anything, you continued, “Spiderman is watching Suicide Squad? Tsk tsk.”

As if you had switched a flip in him, Tom found his voice and quickly responded to your comment, “As long as they don’t know I’m watching it, I’m fine.” His nerves struck up again as he asked, “Are you a fan?”

“Of DC? Absolutely. Marvel? A little.” You replied.

“Why don’t you like Marvel?” He asked, a tad bit offended by the comment.

“I like the X-Men more than I like the Avengers. The characters are too complicated and they stray from the comics.” You stated, “As you can see with Civil War. Where was Thor?”

“X-Men doesn’t follow directly with the comics either.” Tom said.

“Oh, no. It’s started.” Harry mumbled to Sam. The twins knew introducing you two would cause some sort of an argument about DC vs Marvel. You were a massive DC fan while Tom was dedicated to the Marvel, more specifically Spiderman, side of things.

“Break it up. How about we go get our seats? We don’t need to start an argument here.” Sam interrupted you two.

“He’s right. It’s a petty argument.” Tom stated.

After the movie was finished, you went to hug the boys goodbye. When you hugged Tom, you made sure to whisper in his ear, “For the record, Spiderman’s my favorite superhero overall. Especially the new one, he’s sticking with the comics.” If your statement wasn’t enough to skyrocket his heart, your next comment sure was, “Plus, the actor’s really cute.”

And once again, you left Tom as awestruck as when he first laid eyes on you. You could tell he wanted to say something to you, but all he could muster was a faint goodbye. You shot him a flirty smile before leaving to your car. In Tom’s car, Harry and Sam continued to talk about Suicide Squad and how the characters were developed in it.

“How long have you two known Y/N?” Tom asked, finally finding his words.

“Almost two years by now. Why?” Harry asked.

“Just wondering. I don’t remember either of you ever bringing her up.” He shrugged, “Did you know she liked DC better than Marvel? Or was that just by chance?”

“Oh, we knew.” Sam laughed, “We just didn’t think it would get that heated that fast.” He explained and watched as his older brother’s cheeks turned red.

“What’s with all the questions, Tommy? Does someone have a crush?” Harry teased.

“No, I only met her today.” He lied.

“How are you the big-shot actor of this family? You can’t lie for sh*t.” Sam said.

“You know she’s single, right?” Harry added.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Tom asked.

“We give you permission to ask our little Y/N out.” Sam replied.

“Who said anything about asking her out?” He questioned, looking at his brother as if he was insane.

“You did when you lied about liking her.”

“You were practically drooling over her too.” Harry said.

“If I ask her out, will it get you two off my back?” Tom asked.

“Yes.” The twins replied in sync.

“I’ll need her number first.” He mumbled and Harry immediately got out his phone to share your contact with Tom.


“Go away. I’m not calling her with you lot watching me.” Tom said, looking at his brothers. Patrick was home now and instantly joined in the stare-at-Tom-until-he-calls-Y/N game.

“Why not?” Sam asked, leaning forward on his elbows to rest his face on his hands.

“Because I’m not comfortable with it. Beat it or else it’s not happening.” He replied. The three younger boys groaned and walked off. Tom knew they’d be right outside the door so he went as far from his bedroom door as possible. He nervously pressed the call button beside your contact.

“Hello?” You answered after a few rings.

“H-hi, Y/N. This is Tom. Tom Holland? Remember me from earlier today?” He asked and then mentally face-palmed himself for rambling. He hated how even just your voice made his heart pound in his chest.

“Nope, I have no recollection of a Tom Holland.” You said in a sarcastic voice before laughing, “Of course I remember you. One does not simply forget meeting the new Spiderman. What can I do for you?” You asked, hoping you already know the answer.

“Well, I was wondering if you were free tomorrow for lunch.” Tom asked.

“Like a date?” You replied.

“It doesn’t have to be.” He said.

“What if I wanted it to be?” You asked flirtatiously.

“Then, yes. Yes, it could definitely be a date.”

“In that case, I’d love to go get lunch with you.”

“Cool. I’ll-uh-pick you up tomorrow then. How’s 11?” He asked.

“That will work. Tomorrow is completely free for me.” You smiled, “I’ll text you my address.”

“Awesome. I’ll see you then, yeah?”

“See you then.” You said and hung up the phone. Tom didn’t even remove the phone from his ear by the time his brothers barged right back into his room.

“So you have a date?” Sam asked with a bright smile.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do.” Tom admitted, bashfully as his brothers cheered in triumph.


*Four Months Later*

“We should have just told him no.” Sam said.

“Why did we push him?” Harry asked.

“I wish we had a time machine and we could stop this all from happening.”

“Yeah.” Both twins nodded in agreement before they were both whacked over the head with a rolled up magazine.

“Ow!” They hissed, turning around to see their mother.

“This is the happiest your brother has been in over a year. Get in the kitchen and fix the salad.” She ordered.

“Yes, mum.” Sam and Harry replied. They trailed off to the kitchen and she followed behind them. She didn’t want the twins to put such a damper on the happy mood. It was Christmas and you were spending it at the Hollands.

Michael Bublé was playing in the background and Tom was attempting to teach you how to dance in the open area of the living room. He loved how you would laugh every time you screwed up on the steps and accidentally stepped on his toes. You two had been dating for about four months and the twins had only begun to realize how close you two were. When you both first met, they definitely wanted you two to be together; but now it seemed as if they were losing their best friend to their brother. Although you were still close to the twins, they didn’t enjoy the feeling of being second behind Tom yet again.

“Forget it. I’m never going to get this.” You said with a giggle, staring down at your fuzzy sock covered feet. Your head fell into the crook of his shoulder

“You will, I promise. It’s easy, just follow my feet.” Tom replied, moving his feet slowly to the music. You lifted your head up and concentrated on keeping up with it, although it was a slow song. He held his hand up and you did a twirl.

“You’re cute when you’re focused.” He stated, making you look up at him.

“And you’re cute when trying to teach me how to dance.” You answered and he leaned down to plant a kiss on your lips. Before his lips could connect with yours, a voice called out from the kitchen.

“Tom, Y/N, dinner’s ready.” Sam interrupted.

“Geez, Sam, you just have to be a little cock block, don’t you?” You playfully sighed.

“Dinner.” He stated, disappearing back into the dining room.

“Do you think he’s upset about us?” you asked. Normally, the twin would sarcastically reply to you; instead, he just dismissed you.

“Us? Why would he be upset about us?” Tom replied in confusion.

“Because since we’ve started going out, I’ve been hanging out with them less.” You stated.

“I don’t mind.” He shrugged with a smile, leaning down to give you a soft kiss.

“I’m not saying I do, but I do feel like I’ve been neglecting them.”

“Hurry up, or we’ll eat without you.” You heard Sam call out.

“Sam!” His mother scolded. You laughed as you and Tom went to the dining room. You sat in between Sam and Tom, making sure that you included the twins (and Paddy). After all, you didn’t want to forget your favorite set of twins.


Anon: I was wondering if you can do a scenario with Doyoung. The story is, you have a crush on him but you think he doesn’t feel the same. You start talking about how good looking other people are. (Oh btw, maybe this can be in a school environment). Doyoung get all salty and end up confess his love for u. Happy ending. Thank u <3

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Doyoung x Reader

I had been eyeing Doyoung for most of Senior school. His broad shoulders captivated my attention to the fullest and his bright smiles sucked the living breather out of me. Nights, days were gone thinking how it would be to hold his hands and intertwine my fingers with his slender ones. Hours spent wanting to hear his laugh and that melodious voice of his. We didn’t share a lot of words but when we did it was always respectful salutations. On most days I wouldn’t reply, losing the ability to speak whenever he passed by. 

 He sat near the window, always busy jotting down notes. During lunch his table was surrounded by his friends and he joked and laughed unaware of his beauty and the effect it had on me. 

 "Y/N,“ my friend would say, snapping me out of daze. "You’re drooling.” I would quickly shoot her a look of annoyance as she laughed. “You’re so gone Y/N. Why don’t you try and like someone else? I don’t think Doyoung wants to be in a relationship right now.” Her words stung but they made sense. How long was I going to spend daydreaming about a boy that didn’t even know my name? 

 "I really should,“ I mumbled. I shot him another look, my heart ached. I wanted him desperately but the chances of that happening were bleak. 

 The next couple of days proved to be a struggle. I was constantly trying to avoid Doyoung and talk to other people and become more open. Over the years of school life I had made myself seem bored and unapproachable but now that I smiled and actually talked to other people, I felt better. The distant ache in my heart generated by unrequited love had found a home in me. It was never going to go away no matter what guy I was with. 

 I would constantly find Jaehyun looking my way and gleaming like there was no tomorrow. His gestures becoming much more nervous around me and his legs switching stance momentarily. He liked it, it was no doubt. My friends told me that it was a good way to start over, to be in a relationship and explore the beauty of having someone to rely on. But every time I looked at him, I knew I still longed for him. Not Jaehyun, not any other guy in the world. But him. 

 The week Jaehyun and I started going out Doyoung was chosen to be my lab partner. I almost cried when he stood up and sat next to me. His body language had changed. He seemed more stiff. He had gentle creases on his forehead indicating tension. "So you and Jaehyun huh?” That was his first question. I nodded feebly and returned to the book, flustered by his presence. This was the most we had ever talked. I could feel his piercing gaze on me. He seemed so different. Not the happy cheery Doyoung. “Do you like him?” He asked. I turned to look at him. His stare wasn’t faltering. “Do you really like him?” I knew Jaehyun and Doyoung were best of friends. They were a pair inseparable. But the way he spilled out his words seemed like they spoke of his worst enemy. 

 "Yea,“ I replied, my voice shaky and small. He softened his gaze. 

 "Really?” There was hope in his voice. Like a child wanting an explanation. I almost melted at his tone. 

 Our teacher had already begun the lecture and our heated conversation came to a halt. But it got worse when at lunch Jaehyun grabbed my hand and smiled at me. I shot a look at Doyoung and he looked furious, his eyes on our joined hands. He raised himself from his seat and held my other hand, snatching me away from Jaehyun’s soft grasp. I was pulled to the stairs and eventually to the rooftop where he finally detached his deathly grip on my arms. I almost cried at the pain. 

 "Doyoung,“ I said, holding my wrists. He looked away, rubbing the back of his neck. 

 "You can’t be with Jaehyun,” he blurted. I squinted my eyes, my chest about to burst. 

 "What do you mean?“ I said. I was shaking all over. 

 "Y/N.” He stepped closer. I wanted to step back but I was paralysed. The breeze caught up and softly blew against me. “I have liked you for a while now.” His words seemed so foreign, like a dream. It almost seemed as if it wasn’t him speaking. “I could never confess because I thought you would never like me.” I let out a small laugh, not believing my ears. 

 "Is this a joke?“ I said turning around. "Did someone tell you about me which is why you’re fooling around?" 

 "Tell me what Y/N?” “Tell you that I like you?” His eyes grew wide in shock. I almost choked on my own saliva when I realised what I said. I confessed. Silence filled the space between us until he closed it. I stared at the grey pavement as he stepped closer and his hands creeped around me like a shelter. “All this time I thought you didn’t like me. We would never talk and whenever I’d try to you’d run away.” He pulled away and brought his face closer to mine, still holding onto my shoulder. His odour was minty and fresh and his eyes were dark and deep. I almost found myself lost in them. “Now tell me, do you really like Jaehyun?”

The Donut (Drabble Challenge)

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47. “Are you trying to flirt? Because you’re embarrassing yourself.” + Sehun

You watched with wide eyes as the baker’s hands flew magically over the donuts, bestowing beautiful sprinkles onto the perfectly sculpted pink icing. You covered your mouth when you heard yourself gasp a little.

‘You… like donuts, huh?’ the baker asked, chuckling when he saw your fascination.

‘Yes,’ you nodded vehemently. ‘I love them.’

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