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RFA+V and Saeran finding out that MC is really protective of their s/o and having to hold them back from trying to beating up someone who talked crap about them. I'm not sorry MC will fite anyone. Even themselves. I will go down with this headcanon


  • Ok, he’s supposed to be the one getting pissed when his director gives him shit???
  • Yet here he is, holding MC back, trying to shut her up so that she doesn’t make things worse for him.
  • “Okay, okay, okay, I’ll apologize, just let me go.”
  • “Sir, you’re lucky to have Zen as part of your cast for this musical. It’s a wonderful production, but I would advise you to treat all of your actors with more respect before it causes a problem.
  • When she turns back around to see the disappointed look on Zen’s face, that’s when she remembers she was supposed to apologize.
  • “Oh yeah, and I’m sorry I tried to punch your face. I hope it helped get my point across, though.”


  • “He called you a what?!?!”
  • “Oh god, MC, please don’t start anything…..!”
  • “No, I’m gonna go give this guy a piece of my mind!!! That’s bullying! God, I hate bullies!”
  • She literally drags Yoosung out of the car and forces him to show her where this asshole might be.
  • “Oh look, the annoying kid’s girlfriend is trying to come to his rescue! What a bunch of freaks! If you have a problem with me, handle it yourself, you fa-”
  • MC’s fist landed hard on his jaw, then she pushed him up against the wall. She’s yelling about respecting others and “people who only have shit to say should keep their goddamn mouths closed!” and Yoosung is freaking out.
  • Yoosung grabs her by the shirt and literally drags her away.
  • “Be assholes to ANYONE again, I dare you! There’s enough of my fist to go around, fellas!”
  • Nobody ever bothered Yoosung again.


  • Okay, all they wanted to do was run to the convenience store for some lunch. The past week, they’d only been able to spend time together at night, assuming that MC wasn’t already asleep by the time Jaehee got home.
  • According to Jumin, the report that Jaehee had submitted to him earlier in the day was “trash” and she’d have to use her lunch break to fix her mistakes.
  • “MC, you know how Mr. Han is. We can have lunch tomorrow.”
  • “Oh, yeah.. That sound’s good, Jaehee.”
  • …….
  • “You realize that Jaehee is the hardest worker that you’ve ever come into contact with, right?!? Having her work for you is more than you could ever ask for and sure as hell more than you deserve!!!”
  • When Jaehee heard the commotion and ran out, Jumin was pushed up against a wall with the front of his shirt balled up in MC’s fist.
  • Jaehee just sort of picked MC up and ran off with her before any of them got any angrier.


  • “Yeah, I did an interview with him a few weeks ago about C&R’s possible cat hotel line, and the guy was awful! Jumin Han is one of the most arrogant bastards I’ve met, and that’s coming from someone who does celebrity interviews for a living.”
  • MC called up A! Celebrity News in a rage, requested she get an interview, and damn it, she was not hanging up until she got one.
  • Jumin came with her to the interview. Before they went on the air, MC had a small amount of time to talk to the interviewer.
  • “Actually, I’m not interested in an interview. I only wanted to confront you concerning what you said about my husband earlier this week.”
  • When MC lunged at him, Jumin grabbed around her middle and told her that he doesn’t care about what some shitty news program has to say about him, so neither should she.
  • Jumin literally carried her outside and threw her into the car to avoid being sued.


  • He took MC to an amusement park, and they’d been playing games for hours. 
  • The guy at the dunk tank was insulting everyone who walked by, calling them “scrawny,” or “weak,” or even shouting “Hey ugly!” at some of them.
  • When he shouted “Hey, little frilly thing in the pink! Think your frail little arms can take me down?” at MC, she was sucked in.
  • She got three goes at it, and every time she missed, the dunkee laughed.
  • “Oh, why don’t you give the boy a try? He’s obviously been working out, what with the juggling and everything! God, the clowns really do get more breaks than us!” He started touching his hair, implying that it was Seven’s red hair that ‘gave him away.’
  • MC’s last ball missed, making her sigh and the man in the tank laugh. “Hey, Maybe you should be getting back to your posse! I think I saw balloon animals and red hair go that way!”


  • MC wasn’t really paying attention, and V literally didn’t see where he was going. 
  • When V bumped into a guy with two waters in his hands, he immediately apologized.
  • “Fucking idiot, watch where you’re going. You fuckin’ blind of something?”
  • None of the water had even spilled?? Why the hell was he so angry?????
  • And he picked on something that V couldn’t control???? oh no.
  • MC took both of the waters from him, dumped them both on top of his head, then threw the cups at his face.
  • V grabbed around MC’s waist, picked her up, and started walking in the opposite direction.
  • “Darling, I don’t know where we’re going, but we’re going somewhere to calm down.”


  • If someone so much as thinks something bad about Saeran, MC is going to kick ass.
  • Saeran waits for her to do some damage before he actually tries to help. 
  • Fights are exciting and she usually wins anyways. What do you want from him????
  • They’re banned from quite a few places because one of them ends up fighting someone almost every time they leave the house.
- yoongi scenario | puppy bites don’t hurt much -

♡  when you and Yoongi fall out, Min Holly’s on a mission to make things right again 

genre: mild angst, mostly fluff
word count: 1.6k
♡ requested by @inkjeonn >> based on this

[Min Holly’s POV]

I don’t understand humans. They don’t make a whiff of sense. Not the funny plastic bricks they talk into, not the moving picture boxes they watch, and certainly not their table manners. (Why do they use funny sticks to eat, when it’s so much easier to lick straight from the bowl?) But the one thing that confuses me most is you and Yoongi. Just when I think I’m getting the hang of you two, you’ll go and do something weird, and I’ll get confused all over again. Your emotions are as jumpy as spring hares. Why, just this morning, you were getting on so well. You were sitting together, chatting over breakfast, and Yoongi had pushed his chair closer to yours, so he could hold your hand over coffee and scrambled eggs. His other hand was empty and readily available to supply me with bacon rinds under the table, which I was very thankful for. My master is so good. I love him so much. Wait… Where was I going with this? Oh, yes! You and Yoongi, I was talking about you and Yoongi, and how you had fallen out.

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Modern!AU where Hawke accidentally calls a phone sex line and Fenris picks up. Things get interesting. (I have a weakness for Fenris's voice so I thought that would be fun)

I know this is probably not what you were going for, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Sorry for the wait!

“Do you think the tie is too much?” Hawke asked. Varric rolled his eyes up from his magazine. He snorted.

He said, dryly, “Uh, yeah.”

Hawke took the tie off. He looked in the mirror again, ran his hands through his hair.

“Stop that,” Varric told him.

“Walk me through this again,” Anders said, too casually. “You met this guy on a phone sex line?”

“It was an accident,” Hawke said. He wondered if he should shave. He lifted his arm and smelled his pit. Did he stink? It seemed like he was sweating an awful lot.

“How do you not know you’re calling a sex line?”

“Look, I – it’s complicated.”

The blond’s expression was flat. “So somehow you call a phone sex line, and don’t realize you’ve called a phone sex line for long enough to get a worker on the line, and – did you wait to figure it out until after you got off, or - ?”

“It wasn’t like that.”

“I fail to see how.”

Hawke paced. He checked the clock. He wondered if he should put on more cologne.

Varric seemed to read his mind. He said, “Don’t even think about it.” He returned to his magazine.

Hawke popped a handful of breath mints instead.

“We talked,” he told Anders. “We talked for hours.”

“And he charged you by the minute.”

“His voice is – it’s just – “

“Probably why they hired him.”

Hawke stopped. He looked at his roommates. “You guys think this is dumb.”

“You making yourself a wreck over some disembodied voice that already racked you up a hefty phone bill?” Varric asked. “Nah.” He didn’t even look up this time.

The doorbell rang.

“You don’t even know what he looks like,” Anders said, following him into the entrance hall. Hawke stared at the door. He wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans. “He could be bald. He could be old.”

The doorbell rang again. Hawke swallowed, and pulled it open.

Fenris stood on the other side.

“Hawke?” he asked, unsure. The voice was the same. Hawke’s knees felt weak.

His own voice came out a little high when he managed, at last, “Hey.”


Fandom: Once Upon A Time (TV Series)
Pairing: Emma Swan/Regina Mills | Evil Queen
Rating: T/PG-13 for mild language, brief drug use
Links: AO3 & FF.Net
Warnings: The briefest of legal drug use, Meta
Summary: Emma is a comic book writer at the San Diego Comic Con, trying to help her youngest fan find his mom.
Notes: I would like to thank my Once RP group for helping me brainstorm. They might be mostly Hookers but I would literally fight anyone that has a negative thing to say about them. Thanks guys. Much love to you. Also, I wrote all of the SQW prompts as potential first chapters. Some of them I’ve very happy with. Others I’m still looking at sideways. Looking at you Day 2 and Day 3. But it’s all good. I may finish these potential multi chapter ficts if people want them. Since they are all romantic is some way, expect a rating change in the near future. 
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, or whatever the hell else. They belong to Disney, ABC etc, etc, I claim no rights to copyrighted material, and this story is purely for entertainment purposes.

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“Um… Hi, my name is um… Ashley… and um… my question is for everyone…”

Ashley was young. No older than 16. Her long blonde hair was stuffed under a beanie and she was wearing a t-shirt with read “You Can’t Take the Sky From Me,” under a heavy coat that was a bit much for San Diego in August even in the cool air conditioned Convention Center. Her jeans were full of holes, but they weren’t the fashionable kind. They were the kind that only came from wear and tear.

If she was wearing Chuck Taylors and had weed in one of her many jacket pockets, Emma Swan could swear she was looking a living photo of herself at sixteen.

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Sarah Shahi and the Canary Yellow Ferrari (POI 2x22 God Mode commentary)

Jonah Nolan: “The Amazing Sarah Shahi I think she had a lot of fun shooting this episode. Firing guns, driving Ferraris.”

Richard J. Lewis (director): “She loved driving that car. She was very good at it.”

Jonah: “Oh, she was very fast.”

John: [catches Shaw’s shotgun]  “What’s this for?” 

Shaw: “To help you feel less inadequate while I drive this thing.”

- POI 2x22, God Mode

Greg: “Ohhh! I love that line!

Jonah: “That was a good line, that was courtesy in part of my wife.”   

Lewis: “Here’s when Sarah really impressed us with her driving coming up here. She– she just said: ‘Can I, can I just take it?’” 

Jonah: “Never driven this car before?”

Lewis: “Yeah. Jeff Gibson gave her a little tutorial.” 

Greg: “Did she really drive that?”

Lewis: “Yeah, she’s driving right there. Speeding away.”

Greg: [sounding almost in awe] “Look at that.”

Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar Children, my humble opinion on the movie, aka Why i didn't like it—Fair warning TONS OF SPOILERS AHEAD.

First and foremost i have to say that as one grows older, one loses hope for proper adaptations to beloved books, there’s always flaws, little things changed here and there, that ultimately wound the fans, but are sometimes swallowable. With my age i no longer go to the movie theater to watch adaptations expecting a completely faithful retellings on screen, but rather for the sake of watching the world come to life. However, this adaptation has broken my usually diplomatic posture on the subject. 

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been a fan of Tim Burton work, he was, in fact, part of what impulsed me to ever want to become a screenwriter, I always found his morbid style to be one of my favorite things, of course his work has gone soft over the years, in fact, the last movie he worked in that I in fact enjoyed was Coraline, which, he did not even direct but produce. Dark Shadows was one big disappointment that struck me right to the heart, so I had truly hoped he would get up, once i heard he’d gotten his hands on the MPHFPC rights

I’m not going to lie, I first saw the movie trailer and that was what impelled me to read the books. And  although i’ve only read the first one I came to love it nonetheless, Although it of course has flaws, like absolutely everything, i found it’s characters loveable, hilarious and well thought out. (then again, nothing but my humble opinion)

However, having seen the trailer and knowing ages would be messed around with, as well as the Olive and Emma peculiarities swapped, i most honestly went in with low expectations…Which later ended up on a freefall down The Devil’s Kettle in Magney State Park. 

The book deals with some pretty serious themes, and the movie downplays so many in order to keep things under a PG-13 rating, the character aging  up was completely pointless and the essence of some of my favorite also lost. 

The changes 

—My first complain goes for Millard, he is by far my favorite character in the book, his sass and his brains make him an endlessly compelling character, and spite of him having no physical appearance, the character’s actitude tells us that he’s one of the oldest. At least Emma’s age or even one year older. Now, the aging down is not exactly the problem but the fact that his entire character was basically erased. All his sass was gone, his witty one liners and important contributions such as being the one to find the map with the loops, the bullet he received and his time journal…All erased, the characters entire brilliance fades and he is reduced to like five lines in the movie, which, mostly consist of “ok” “yeah i know” and “Aw” 

 —Then there’s Olive, who suffers the same kind of treatment. The peculiarity swapping had absolutely no point, just having Emma blush as Jacob ties a rope around her waist, THAT’S IT . her character is also reduced to very few lines and aged up for the sake of an unnecessary, completely forced romantic relationship with Enoch. The script intends to maintain her childlike tendencies, but fails miserably making her appear downright dumb instead. 

—We move on to Emma, who, while i never particularly loved i did recognize as one of the toughest characters. She was hot tempered, she did not trust easily and we all know how her relationship with Jacob began. She was however reduced to a blushing princess who was batting eyes at him from the first second they landed eyes on eachother. She was completely kind and condescending from the very first moment and not for once doubted him being Abe’s grandson, matter of factly it seemed she knew. In case you’re wondering, it was absolutely pathetic and the performance bland (meanwhile i do not criticize Ella Purnell as she is very young and was probably handed a shitty script) i will say that i do not know who that girl was, but she was not Emma Bloom. 

—Even Abraham’s character was shit on. They reduced his relationship with Emma to a completely non existent one quite literally, his relationship  with Jacob was erased as well and the bond he shared with his grandfather completely downplayed, they did not speak of his time in the army as it was, or of his relationships with the other children and how much they cared for him, or about why he’d chosen to leave. Not even the fact that his children thought he was cheating was addressed properly (the characterization of jake’s dad was dreadful too, but that’s not the worst to happen to this movie) By the time Jacob gets to the peculiar home (to which they, I shit you not, carried him after he fainted) all of the children know Abe is dead,  and do not even mourn him. His jewish heritage is also erased

Jacob’s depression was so minimized it does not even qualify as depression, the storytelling was rushed and it ended up omitting important aspects of his trauma and taking away (completely) the scenes in which he opens up to Dr Golan. Whose participation in the movie is so bland, the shock of finding out, that Dr Golan is in fact Mr. Barron in disguise, is not even half as satisfying (been condescending and trying not to say it is not satisfying at all) 

Assa’s performance was also quite disappointing, considering i’ve seen him in roles in which he proves he can act. Jacob was completely emotionless, and his delivery of the dialogue made it seem as if he was reading it straight from the page for the first time. Alot of his emotional turmoil was omitted and the scenes with his grandfather and with anyone overall had less impact on me than a mosquito bite does. 

On another note, which has to do more with the character than the performer, Jacob was also portrayed as this Bad ass in control kid all the time. A natural leader who knew how to use a crossbow like it was an everyday article for him. We’re talking the same kid who was in shock for two pages straight when he managed to kill a Hollow on luck. He was not scared, or shocked or moven at any given moment, he was just there, ready to save the world like he knew absolutely everything there was to know. 

—In spite of being a very respectable actress, Eva Green portrayed Alma as if she was on Marihuana the whole time. And alot of her jumpy factor was erased, her backstory as well, her relationship with Miss Avocet is never mentioned, and the woman (Esmeralda) arrives to the house practically jumping on a leg, even though all her children have recently been slaughtered. She spends alive way more time than she should, and not for the sake of revealing important details like how she’s meant to be an eminence among Ymbrynes and how the finest caretakers come from under her wing (including Alma herself) but to just…Be devoured in a jumpscare by a hollow (whom by the way, just like all the hollows looks like a cheap slenderman rip off for the most part)

—Wights and Hollowgasts devour…People and peculiar’s….Eyes?????

—Enoch is aged up and turned into the typical twilight-type brooding boy, which adding to the lack of expressions from the actor erase the characters entire appeal, his peculiarity is victim of a plot hole as he creates (I shit you not) a fucking skeleton army. How the fuck do you put a heart in bones. Also his temper, which, in spite of everything is meant to be amusing due to his size, is turned into something downright scary and abusive (especially toward Olive) 

—Martin’s character is erased completely 

—Browyn’s awesomeness is erased as none of her heroism is shown in the movie at all and i won’t go in depth because if i do i’ll cry. Most of Browyn’s moments were erased to the point in which she became a secondary character instead of a main one. Her friendship with Emma was also never mentioned or adressed in any way. Which erases one of the most important relationships of the movie in my opinion.

—Hugh and Fiona were never mentioned as a couple and barely seen as separate people, Which is completely painful as they were both fantastic characters. 

—Horace’s peculiarity was messed up, the terror he faced whenever he had a vision or the semi epilepsy attacks were never addressed. 

—The ending was changed completely, and switched from the lighthouse and the boat to a theme park in 2016. Where all the children join together in an Scooby Doo like action sequence in which they throw feathers at the hollows to make them visible and then let Enoch’s army kill them. All the emotion is taken away from the finale, and replaced by a cheap, generic, happy ending that doesn’t leave room of the sequels (thank god) Brownyn is never shown acting as a shield to save her friends, Millard is never wounded, Jacob and Emma never face Mr. Barron on their own. And, on my personal opinion, the scenery change is so prominent that it never feels like they’re facing any real danger at all.  

Miss Peregrine comes out unharmed, with no trouble returning to her human form and the children leave to go back to 1943 and age as normal people meanwhile Jake, instead of leaving with them stays and goes to his grandpa (who, yes, is alive and well cause apparently it’s a few months before his death) after jake tells him of the events he gives him money and a loop map and tells him to go look for the children. Jake travels through loops, and even serves time in the navy. 

Ultimately, and to finish shitting on book fans, instead of the children adrift, having to fend for themselves and find a way to nurse Miss Peregrine back to health and rowing boats in unbearable heat, while simultaneously running away from Mr Barron (who, by the way is killed by a hollow) The movie ends with Jacob and Emma kissing in a big comfortable ship, with Alma watching them from the distance 

Personally and from the bottom of my heart, I advice you: Do not waste time or money in seeing this movie, even if you’ve not read the book, it’s bland and has so many plot holes it turns the storyline into something hard to follow.. If however you have read the book, i will simply say. 

Do not put yourself through this torture my friend, it’s not worth it in the slightest. 

(sending this @jamesandlilydiedonhalloween ‘s way as she was my partner while reading this amazing book, which deserved so much better) 

ii. a walk in the park

ft. aomine daiki

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Being a man of action, Aomine is never really good at expressing his intentions through words. So when you asked him earlier in the week if he would like to join you and your English Shepherd on an evening stroll at a nearby park, he said a simple yes. What he didn’t tell you was he missed you and he would do anything virtually possible to spend more time with you. The dog’s additional company is a bonus.

Professional basketball is taking so much of his time due to the extremely rigorous training that he has to go through almost every day, not that he doesn’t enjoy it. Having himself placed in such a tier is both his pride and his challenge: there are more people out there that prove to be skillful enough to be his opponent, even though Aomine can still win against them with the support of his team. The only downside to it is that he rarely gets to hang out with you. On your side of the case, you also get lonely way too often. However, the infrequency of your presence around each other only makes it sweeter whenever the two of you do meet.

You’re beautiful today, he notes mentally—he doesn’t mean that you don’t look beautiful on a daily basis, no, you’re already stunning the first thing in the morning with your slight bedhead and PJs and he really likes watching you as you stretch, but that’s not the point. He notices how you’re dressed up fashionably without forgetting to take functionality into account, considering the warm clothing that you’re wearing, and the stylishness amplifies your natural attractiveness.

He unconsciously stares too long and you seem to sense his gaze, turning to face him.


He quickly averts his gaze. Hopefully the blush on his face would pass as something else, no matter how unlikely that is. You know him too well to mistake the pink dust on his cheeks as something else.

“No. Nothing.”

Derby, your dog, waggles his tail excitedly as he walks a good six feet ahead of the two of you, seemingly taking in the colorful foliage of leaves falling from the trees framing the walkway. Meanwhile, you’re chuckling at Aomine’s reaction, and you can’t help but tease him about it. In your defense, it’s been too long since you last had this kind of banter.

“Aw, c’mon, Daiki! What was it that you were thinking about? Did you think I look good or something?”

What you didn’t expect was his swift murmur of a reply.


That successfully shut you up, as now it is your turn to avert your gaze, looking at anything but him in hopes of getting the blush unnoticed. 

Usually, like a panther and its prey, he’d take this as a chance to pounce you with teasing lines adorned with one or two sexual innuendos about how he would like to treat you in bed, and in turn, you’d lightly punch his arm as a form of reproach. He’d either yelp in faux distress or bark out laughing.

“I-I’m serious. You… look nice.”

This time, instead of the scenario he’s accustomed to, his heart is fluttering too much to let him even vocalize the slightest of taunt. The organ is beating especially hard, as if it’s trying to break out of the prison that is his ribcage—his mind is racing as his ears are filled with the sound of rushing blood; can you hear what’s happening to him?, but in truth, there is really no need for him to wonder, because you’re experiencing the same sensation.

A small voice at the back of your mind announces that this whole situation is freaking cheesy as hell, as if someone entrusted the script to an amateur lovestruck writer. The majority of your conscience, however, argues that if this is cheesy, then you wouldn’t mind it at all. You can almost taste saccharine as the flavor seeps into your veins, travelling all over your body through blood as it warms up your chest, where your heart is beating faster than what is considered normal.

[tell me how you make me feel this way]

The two of you sit on a bench, watching as Derby plunges himself into a pile of dried orange leaves; whoever took the time to rake them into a whole mountain has to suffer through the whole process again, as the leaves are now scattered all over the place thanks to the antics of your pet. Aomine and you chuckle simultaneously at the adorable sight before you, and you subconsciously lean your head against his shoulder.

You engage in what people might register as idle banter, but with him, you hardly find anything meaningless. Talking like this—”how’s practice? I hope you’re eating well. When are you going to be free again?”—has become a simple delight now that you’ve experienced more days without him being around. Of course, the two of you text each other and calls are made regularly. Cold phone screens and muted voices through the line aren’t exactly romantic, but you take what you can get. Right now, you can feel his warmth through the softness of his bomber jacket and the rumble of his voice when he speaks…

Derby soon grows bored of meaninglessly jumping around the leaves—or maybe he’s just tired—and he struts over to where the two of you are seated, laying himself down near your feet. You reach down to stroke his back before assuming your previous position, head against Aomine’s shoulder as he stretches an arm behind your back on the bench. 

“I miss you,” you blurt out.

Usually, like a flustered schoolboy, he’d blush at your sudden announcement and call you an “idiot” or even “stupid”, although he doesn’t mean either. You, in turn, would chuckle at his blatant embarrassment, basking yourself in the feeling of successfully making Aomine Daiki, the usually shameless guy, blush.

This time, his gaze softens in agreement. His eyes say “I miss you, too”, and because he is a man of action instead of words, he quietly leans closer to your face to plant a slow kiss on your lips. Your eyes widen in surprise even as he pulls away, keeping you close as you feel his breath on your face.

One second later, you’re kissing him, and the gesture is fully reciprocated. For what feels like a long time, the two of you exchange multiple kisses, some borderline playful and some flooding with feelings, all of them engraved in your memory as sweet as saccharine. He can’t seem to have enough of you, you gather, because each time you pull away for a breath of air he chases you into another more passionate liplock, his hand at the back of your head preventing you from any means of escape.

When a particularly chilly breeze sweeps the area and you unintentionally shiver, only then he parts away to take off his scarf just to give it to you. Apparently your turtleneck isn’t enough to repel the cold wind. Aomine gets up from the bench, tugging at your hand to do the same. Derby’s ears perk up and he’s instantly on alert, waggin his tail again.

“Let’s go home,” Aomine whispers.

You look up at him and nod before leaning down to pat the English Shepherd on his head and holding his leash. As the two of you walk back, Aomine holds your hand in his again.

“I’ll take tomorrow off.”


“Maybe the day after tomorrow, too. I’m sure the coach will let me.”

What he says warms you up more than his scarf and his hand combined.

Flower Shop (AU: L/J)

The bell over the door jingled faintly just as Lily was securing the final flower in the bouquet with a bit of wire. “I’ll be right with you!” she called from the back room, glancing over at her coworker, Dorcas. “Make sure this looks all right and then wrap it up for me, could you?”

Without waiting for the other girl’s response, Lily brushed a couple of stray petals off her apron as she moved to the front room of the flower shop. Eyeing the bunches of roses in the stand by the door was a tall young man of about her age. “How may I help you?” Lily asked. As he straightened, she was immediately struck by how handsome he was, from the sharp curve of his jaw to his long, straight nose and captivating hazel eyes. Even the somewhat unkempt look of his dark hair seemed to suit him, and it wasn’t until Lily wondered if he styled it that way on purpose or if he knew he could get away with doing nothing to it that she realized he had spoken.

Feeling a blush begin to creep up her neck, she asked, “Sorry, could you repeat that?”

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Missing You
 It had been a long day and you found yourself alone in the comfort of your home, once again. It was unusually quiet in your household and you loathed it. You had been coping well with the temporary separation from Harry but it seemed being left alone wasn’t the best state for you to remain in for too long. Usually, the space of your home would be filled with your husband and any type of company the two of you could gather into your personalized home. You had already tried to invite as many people over to your house so that you could distract yourself from Harry’s absence but you had, eventually, ran out of willing people to host. Without the presence of many friends and family, you were reminded of Harry’s being gone. It was suddenly apparent to you that your husband was not just thousands of miles away but in a completely different country than you. That realization depressed you, at least the sense of sadness and missing hit you stronger this time around. Most of the time, the two of you would never really have the time to miss one another when apart. With the busy schedules you lived by, you were constantly kept busy and distracted from the thought of one another. That was why you had suddenly been hit by a sense of longing, you were able to really think of Harry and given a chance to really miss him, not just the idea of him. You unexpectedly missed every single thing about Harry. The way he looked when he first woke up in the morning, his eyes slightly squinty and a little half-smile at his lips. You especially missed his dark, emerald colored eyes that first drew you in when you first met. The tangle of curls he would sweep out of his face with one of his random bandanas, or headscarves now that it was unbearably long. The odd string of thoughts and random words that came out of his mouth every so often you hadn’t had the chance to hear lately. The cheeky little smile you had come to live for. The way he would squeeze his eyes shut every time he heartily laughed at something quite serious you said. His distinct, slow tone of voice. Each and every freckle strategically placed on his skin that you had subconsciously memorized throughout the years of marriage. You had somehow even come to think of and miss his cute v-shaped hairline. You missed him.
 Glancing at the clock, you were able to see that the time was promptly 11:47 in the evening and you subconsciously started to wonder what time it was wherever it was that Harry was. You were almost positive of his location, so you decided to look up the time difference. It was morning where Harry was. You let out a sigh before reaching for your phone and debating over whether or not you should call Harry. What if he was in the midst of an important meeting or even yet, an intense interview? You most certainly didn’t want to be a source of distraction for Harry, but you needed to hear his voice. Knowing Harry would usually leave his phone on vibrate in another room during an interview, you thought a simple text would be best. Scrambling for your phone, you managed to slam your finger against the edge of your nightstand, causing you to groan out in pain. After the sharp pain subsided to a slow throbbing ache, you swiftly typed out a message to send to Harry:
 Hi, Love! Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and love you very much. Hope you’re having a blast wherever you may be and I can’t wait for you to come back home. Muah! 😙
 You let out a shaky sigh as you tapped on the blue send button before locking your phone and setting it back down on your nightstand. You were then knocked with the realization that your body was actually tired. You had been so caught up in the memory of Harry that you had been neglecting your body sleep. Not wanting to miss Harry’s call, should he decide to grace you with his phone call, you decided to stay up a few more minutes before going to sleep. Before too terribly long, you found yourself involuntarily drifting off to sleep, still putting up a fight to stay awake for Harry’s never-coming call. Soon enough, you let your body overrule your heart as you fell asleep.
 You woke to the piercing, irritating sound of your phone alarm and instantly let out a groan. Why couldn’t you remember to turn off the automatic alarm you set for your days off? Sure, it came in handy when you actually wanted to be productive, but that was hardly the case that specific morning. There was no way you would want to wake up and do anything. Your hand aimlessly felt around for your vibrating, alarming phone, before finally succeeding in grabbing the device. After silencing your irritating alarm, you stared at your lock screen to see you had three missed calls from Harry, two coming in seven minutes after your text message and one coming in just before you woke up. Eyes widening, you quickly sat up in your bed as you unlocked your phone and dialed Harry’s number. Hoping he would still be up for taking your phone call, you waited for his answer. After anxiously biting your lip in worry, a faint click came before anything else happened.
“Hello?” Came Harry’s weary greeting before a pang of guilt hit you. You most definitely did not take his sleeping schedule into account and you were most likely taking away precious sleeping hours from Harry.
“Aw, darn. Did I wake you?” You grumbled with disappointment.
“Hi, baby!” Harry’s voice instantly lightened before a harsh rustling sounded on the other line.
“I’m sorry, Harry. I’ll call you later, yeah?” You suggested, ready to hang up the phone and make yourself some breakfast.
“It’s alright, love. What’s up? How’re you doin’ home alone?” Harry questioned with interest, most likely leaned against a pillow, just like you.
“Nothing much; no one’s tried to break in,” you laughed before biting your lip, the sensation of missing Harry hitting you once again. What you would do to be able to hug him.
“That’s good, I reckon,” Harry responded with a slight chuckle. The two of you chatted as you normally would, sharing a few jokes and exciting moments. It made you happy, simply speaking with Harry. Sure, you wished you could see him but talking was good enough for you.
“I miss you,” you sighed out with a shake of your head, hoping Harry wouldn’t mind the small interruption.
“I miss you, too, babe,” Harry replied before clearing his throat, “I wish you would’ve come with me.”
“Sometimes I do, too,” you smiled, knowing Harry would have bought you the next flight to his location had you not specified.
“You should come out,” Harry suggested, softly, already knowing how you felt about traveling with him.
“I’d miss home too much,” you began with a shake of your head.
“Well, I’m not saying to stay with me the entire tour. Maybe just for a few weeks or more,” Harry clarified, “I wouldn’t force you to stay.”
“Mhm,” you smirked, knowing full well that Harry would do everything in his power to make you stay with him. It was just in his nature to like surrounding himself by his loved ones for as long as possible.
“Alright, alright,” Harry laughed before sobering, “but you should consider it, anyway. I don’t really like this arrangement.”
“Me, neither,” you mumbled as you stared at the blank wall in front of you. A slight pause in conversation came between the two of you before you were led to believe that Harry had fallen asleep.
“So,” Harry trailed off, slight hope in his tone.
“Hm?” you hummed out, turning your head from the boring structure in front of you to look at a picture frame containing your wedding photo.
“Did I convince you?” Harry inquired, his slight change in tone made you think he was smiling. You remained quiet as you tried to think of a valid reason to decline the invitation, but then you realized that was completely idiotic. You missed him, so you would see him.
“I suppose,” you rolled your eyes as you sunk further into your sheets, a satisfied a smile tugging at your lips.

Give Into Me : part IV

It’s been about a week since the cook out, where I was graced with the information of Jack having a girlfriend. Since then, I’ve cut my ties from him. I didn’t reply to his texts, left them on read, but didn’t reply, and ignored his calls.

I was currently getting ready to go over to Johnson’s house, Nate was coming to pick me up and we were gonna go over there, pick up Johnson and we were gonna go down to a carnival down at the pier. After an hour I was finally ready, and just in time cause Nate was calling me as I was putting my shoes on.

I walked out to Nate’s car, sliding into the passenger seat.

“looking good.” he smirked.

“shut up and drive.” I laughed, turning up the radio, before I started to dance and sing along. Nate laughing next to me.

Before long we showed up at Johnson’s, who Nate called, and let Johnson know we were here. Johnson walked out and hopped into the car.

“yo Audrey, I’m sorry but-” Jack started, but the sound of the door to the house opening caused all our attention to turn to the house to see Jack and Madison walking out of the house.

“are you fucking kidding me.” I groaned, throwing my head back against the seat.

“I’m sorry. Madison heard me on the phone and wanted to come, and then wouldn’t stop whining.”

“dude.” Nate spoke, looking at Johnson in the rear view mirror.

Since the whole thing with Jack and I, I had told Nate about it. I mean, he was my best friend. I went to him for everything, so he knew I was lying when he asked me what was wrong one night when Kendall and I went over to his and John’s place and we were watching a movie. Eventually I told him and I’ve never seen Nate so pissed.

“I’m sorry but-hey” Johnson started, but cut himself off when Jack opened the car and Madison slid in the middle, and then Jack in next to her. Jack and I made brief eye contact before I rolled my eyes.

“hey.” Madison cheerfully spoke.

“you guys ready?” Nate asked, unamused.

“yeah. Please, just go so we can get there.” I spoke.

“hi. I’m Madison, I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Jack’s girlfriend.” she spoke, leaning forward to look at me, flashing a fake smile at me.

“I’m Audrey.” I fake smiled back at her.

“my girlfriend.” Nate chimed in, smirking at me sideways.

I looked at Jack and his jaw was clenched. Nate knew, and he knew exactly what he was doing, so I decided to just go along with it.

“oh really? Nate I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.” Madison giggled, sitting back.

“yeah, me either” Jack spoke.

“yeah, we’ve been good friends for a while, and somewhere along the line I realized how important she was to me. I couldn’t let her go. Had to snatch her up before someone else did. You know what I mean Jack.” Nate spoke, smirking at me sideways.

“awe, that’s how Jack felt about me.” Madison spoke, and I turned and looked back to see her nuzzle up next to him. He was staring at me though, glaring at me actually.

I shrugged my shoulders slightly and turned around, looking in the mirror at Johnson who was trying to fight the smile on his face.

Nate reached over and grabbed m hand in his, lacing our fingers together and then bringing it up to his lips, kissing my hand.

When we got to the pier, Jack quickly got out, and Johnson got out too, and Madison sliding out after him, latching onto him again. Johnson getting out of his door, and Nate getting out and walking over to my door, and opening it for me.

I held in my laugh as he was really playing this out, closing the door behind me and then grabbing my hand and walking step for step to the pier.

“Ohhh Jack, let’s ride the ferris wheel.”

“I thought we’d hang out with everyone.” he said, as she held onto his arm, trying to pull him towards it.

“you guys should go.” Johnson spoke, looking at me and Nate. “I’ll stay down here, and probably talk to some fans, plus I hate ferris wheels.”

“let’s go babygirl.” Nate spoke, pulling me towards the ferris wheel, Jack and Madison following us.

“so, you’ve been together for how long?” Madison asked.

“technically like two weeks, but we’ve been friends for years.” Nate spoke, wrapping his arms around me from behind and resting his chin on my shoulder.

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“awe, you guys are so cute together, aren’t they Jack?” Madison asked, looking up at Jack and drawing my attention to him. His jaw was clenched, and his nostrils flaring.

“she’s alright.” Nate joked, causing me to turn around and tease.

“alright?” I laughed.

“ma, you know I’m playing, my girl is fire.” he spoke, and I could hear the smirk in his voice, hinting at something that would happen in private.

We got on the ferris wheel first, Jack and Madison behind us. Nate and I laughed about what was going on as we went around. Seeing Jack so pissed gave me some sort of comfort.

“you really wanna piss him off?” Nate whispered in my ear. Since Jack and Madison were behind us they could see us, so Nate was still playing this whole ‘boyfriend girlfriend thing.’

“what do you have in mind.” I smirk as the ferris wheel stopped near the top, Jack and Madison behind us as well, perfect view of our little cart.

“we could do this.” Nate whispered out, grabbing my face gently and ghosting his lips over mine.

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I couldn’t take it. I mean, Nate was hot as hell, and Jack was a total fuck. Sure Nate was my best friend, but we’ve done shit like this before, sure we were drunk, but still.

“okay.” I smiled before leaning in the rest of the way and met his lips.

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when we pulled apart, Nate nuzzled his head into my neck, discretely looking behind us before letting out a low chuckle.

“dude, he’s so pissed.”

“good.” I muttered.

When the ride was over we got off, Jack and Madison right behind us, and we met up with Johnson. Jack’s arm around Madison’s waist, holding his close. She leaned up and kissed him.

“thanks for going on the ferris wheel with me baby.”

“mhmm.” Jack hummed.

“Nate, babe, can we go get something to eat please.” I cooed, running my hand along his chest.

“sure thing. anything for you babygirl.” he spoke. “you guys wanna get something to eat?” Nate asked.

“I could eat.” Johnson spoke.

“yeah, let’s go.” Madison spoke, taking Jack’s hand in hers.

We started walking, and I smiled, stopping acting like I was tying my shoe as everyone kept walking a bit. And when they were far enough ahead, I got up and ran and jumped on Nate’s back, forcing him to give me a piggy back ride.

“hey babe.” he laughed as he found his balance again.

“hey cutie.” I cooed, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

“You guys are seriously so cute.” Madison spoke, swinging her hand in Jacks.


After the day at the pier, and a lot of fun, and pissing Jack off way beyond I knew possible. When we got to the Jack’s place, we got out, and Madison got in her car to leave, but not before kissing Jack. 

I rolled my eyes and followed Nate and Johnson inside. Nate rolling up a blunt on their coffee table, and Johnson turning on fifa, I sat next to Nate, having him show me how to roll one.

Jack walked in and sat down next to Johnson, but kept his eyes on me. When Nate finished rolling one, and lit it, after a few hits he held it out in front of me.

I rolled my eyes, taking it and taking a few hits from it, before offering it to Johnson, who took it.

“I’m surprised at you little mama.” Nate laughed.

“I know I usually don’t but shit happens.”

I got up and headed to the kitchen to get something to drink. I laughed, stopping in the doorway.

“Nate babe, you want anything?”

Nate let out a little chuckle “nah baby, I’m good.”

I walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a water, turning and leaning against the counter as Jack walked in. I rolled my eyes, closing the cap to the bottle before going to push myself off the counter, not wanting to be around him.

“wait, Audrey.” Jack spoke, reaching and grabbing my arm as I tried to walk past him, causing me to stop in my tracks and look at him.

“Hmm?” I hummed.

“can we uh, talk?”

“isn’t that what we’re doing now?”

“okay uh yeah.”

I waited for him to say something else. I had no words for him. I mean, I did, but none that were helpful. After a minute of him just standing there silent. I huffed in annoyance, ready to leave.

“so you and Nate?” he asked, looking up from the ground where our feet were, as we were leaning on the counters opposite from one another, so we were close, but not too close.

“so you and Madison?” I mocked, folding my arms over my chest. Jack sighed before talking again.

“why are you even with him?”

“why are you even with Madison when clearly all your friends have a problem with her, and she’s a bitch.”

“that’s not fair, she was nothing but nice all day.”

“oh, so you’re defending her now. cool”

“she’s my girlfriend!” he exclaimed

“cool, why don’t you go bother her instead then.” I fired back.

“Audrey please.” he begged, stepping closer to me.

“Please what Jack? let you explain? what’s there to even fucking explain. You just said it yourself, she’s your girlfriend. What else could you possibly have left to say?” I scoffed, turning to leave. I couldn’t deal with him. His very presence was pissing me off.

“Audrey please” he sighed, and the look on his face showed pain and hurt. His hands on my waist, holding me in my place.

“What do you want from me Jack.” I whispered out, my voice weak and cracking at the end.

“I want this.” he spoke out, before smashing his lips onto mine. 

It didn’t take long for me to get lost in this kiss. His tongue slipping into my mouth, His hands on my waist as he pushed me back against the fridge.

All these unknown feelings, something I’ve never felt before erupted in me. Anytime I was near him I felt different, and kissing him was completely different than anything I’ve ever felt before.

But as his hand slid under my shirt, his hand coming into contact with my newly exposed hip everything came rushing to me. My skin was hot where his touch lingered, and despite how much I enjoyed this feeling, I broke the kiss and pulled out of his grip, leaving Jack to look at me very confused.

“you have a girlfriend Jack.” I whispered out, grabbing my water.

“Audrey please, don’t do this.” 

“do what?” I asked, looking at him defeated. I was tired. I couldn’t keep doing this. Not only was it not fair to Madison, but to myself. 

“don’t push me away.”

“Jack, I can’t…” I started but just stopped talking. It was pointless. All of this.

“can’t what?”

“I can’t keep doing this. I can’t do whatever this is. the flirting and the kisses, hand holding, cuddling, all of it. I can’t. You’re screwing with my head, I’m fucking going crazy.”

“Audrey, I didn’t mean for it to be like this.” Jack sighed, reaching out and rubbing my arm.

“of course not.” I let out a short, sour chuckle. Like a little breath of ‘ha.’

“I’m serious though Audrey. I want this. I want me and you.”

“Jack, I want this too, but I can’t. You’re with Madison.”

“fuck Madison.” He threw his arms up. “she doesn’t make me feel like you do.”

He started pacing, running his hands through his hair, muttering.

“she doesn’t make me feel like you. I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re always on my mind, you’re driving me insane. I can’t focus. In the studio with Johnson, I can’t even get my verses right. I switch up the lyrics, I miss words, I fuck up my timing, all cause you’re always on my mind. And lately I can’t stop thinking about how bad I’ve fucked up.” he stopped in front of me, grabbing my face in his hands and resting his forehead against mine. “I know I’ve fucked up, but I’ll be damned if I don’t do everything in my fucking power to keep you in my life.”

“Jack.” I whispered out. I honestly don’t know what to say. 

“Audrey. Please. Give me one chance. Please. I want this, so bad. I want nothing more than you and me to be together. I want us to be like how we were before all of this. I want nothing more than us to go on dates. I’ll take you to the nicest fucking restaurant in the city. I want our lazy Sunday’s, where we sit around and watch movies all day, or listen to music. Fuck, I wouldn’t even care if you kicked my ass in fifa…again. All I know is I want you, in every way I can imagine.”

“Jack, you have a girlfriend.”

“I’ll break up with her. Audrey. Please. I can’t go on like this. I can’t not have you in my life. And I can’t be just friends either. I want you. I want us. Please.” he begged.

“how do I know you’re not just gonna find another girl in three months and cheat on me with her?”

“don’t you get it Audrey? I don’t want any other girl. I want you.”

“o-okay.” I whispered out as we were extremely close.

Jack looked at me shocked, wide eyed, before smiling, and pulling my face to meet his, our lips colliding. 

Shield & Hammer:  A Thor and Cap Headcanon

1.  The only persons who were totally not surprised that Steve Rogers and Thor would become Best Bros were Natasha and Sam. 

2.  “It’s like watching a pair of ginormous Golden Retrievers play together,” Sam said.

“Huskies,” Natasha corrected.

“No way - they’re all big ol’ happy Golden Retriever puppies.”

“Sam, you look me in the eye and tell me they’re not also total little shits.”


“Like I said.  Huskies.”  

3.  Thor is not a moron.  Nor is he unaware that the “gloriousness that is Pop Tarts” is actually junk food.  But he’s no stranger to depression and melancholy either.  And certainly, he is not a stranger to pain and loss.  So inevitably:

“Friend Steven!  Come and partake of this deliciousness and I will come sit with you while they tell us about the legendary Wars of the Stars and get everything wrong.”

“… wait, Star Wars is real?”

Somehow, the legends have made to Midgard, though the prequels are an inaccurate retelling of the tales of the Skywalkers.”

“Thor, you’re not trolling me, are you?”

“I swear on sweet Mjolnir.”

4.  Steve and Thor agreed that they would totally keep their gamer identities secret from Tony right up until Tony declared a Gamers’ Tournament for DoTA.  And then, the fun really started. 


“Aw, Thor, no.”

“Cap, that’s my line.”

“What is this - you are gamers too - my brain is broken - what the fuck - how the hell did this happen – what –  JAAARVVVVIIISSSSS!!!!“

5.  It was one fine and sunny day when Steve Rogers decided to teach Thor about baseball.  Thor took to it like a duck to water.  Except Mjolnir.

“Aw, shield, no.”  Yes, Steve was picking up a lot of speech patterns from Clint.  It was already beginning to worry Natasha. 

“Fear not, friend Steven!  I shall return thy shield to you! Methinks I swung a bit too hard.”

“Yeah, that’s a foul ball buddy.  Well, foul shield anyway.  We’ll try again.”

6.  When Steve found the baby girls instead of Bucky in the HYDRA base he had raided, he had been totally flabbergasted to find out that the little ones were actually created out of his and Bucky’s DNA.  Naturally, the very idea of putting the girls into foster care or letting them out of his sight was out of the question.   For better or for worse, he was going to be a father. 

Panic ensued. 

It was Thor who first stepped in and volunteered himself as a babysitter because seriously, taking care of twins was really meant to be the work of about the entire Avengers’ team.  The girls fell asleep to the sound of Thor singing them Asgardian lullabies his mother had taught him.

7.  Mjolnir had a crush on Steve.  Darcy totally called it. 

8.  The first time Steve Rogers lifted Mjolnir, he was temporarily bitty-fied due to a botched spell from a wizard apparently affiliated with HYDRA.

He did it to save Bucky from falling under HYDRA control again when they tried to use a trigger word:  Sputnik. 

9.  Thor had been totally bewildered when Steve apparently could not admit that Bucky was his “shieldmate.”   Therefore, he was recruited into Team Save the Sad Grandpas by Natasha and Sam.   Darcy was also included on this team.  Steve and Bucky were totally doomed. 

10.    “So our cubs are going to have a literal godfather?”

“Luckily, the parish priest over at St. James’ has a sense of humor.  Thor insists on doing a few blessings of his own too.” 

“Baby, I think our babies will need all the blessings they can get.”

“You ain’t gonna hear me arguing about that.”



“So that’s the plan?” Your mouth forms a thin line and your eyes gloss over in frustration.

This is going to be the fifth time you’re sneaking out of Justin’s house and it’s really getting old. Your relationship isn’t public yet and that means you’re his dirty little secret. You can’t help but feel like he’s ashamed of being seen with you. It’s been five months and you still aren’t exclusive.

“Yeah. That’s the plan. Is that okay with you?” Justin places his hand on your knee and you swat it away. You’ve been really patient, supportive really- but this has been going on for a while and you’re tired of hiding.

“No Justin. It’s not. You said we wouldn’t have to do this anymore!” You get up and start packing your overnight bag. From the corner of your eye you can see Justin slouching on the bed.

“Look, I’m sorry but it still isn’t the best time to go public. Don’t worry about it baby.” Right now wasn’t the best time to ‘baby’ you. With a disgruntled huff you through your half-filled duffle bag straight at Justin. Startled, Justin dodges the bag.

“What the fuck Y/n.?!” He hops of the bed and annoyingly tosses the bag on the ground.

“Yeah what the fuck?! I’m your girlfriend Justin! I shouldn’t have to sneak out of your house in the wee hours of the morning! Like ugh we’re almost at six months!” You rub your eyes and scan the room for the rest of your belongings. Without seeing any you grab your bag off the floor and zip it up. If he wants to act like a jackass you might as well delete your existence from his home too. It’s not like you exist outside of it.

“Babe, come on why are you taking your stuff?” Justin tries to grab your hand and you smack it away once again. Justin scoffs and tosses his hands in the air.

“Don’t babe me right now okay? I’m fucking pissed and I’m done with this right now!” Justin rolls his eyes at your outburst and you feel your face fill with anger.

“Oh come on Y/n. We’re almost in the clear. Can we just forget about this right now? Leave your stuff. You’re going to be back tomorrow night anyway. “The amount of cuss words buzzing in the head makes you want to cut your boyfriend right now.

"I literally-don’t want to be around you right now.” Your voice cracks at the end and you feel your anger and frustration start turning into tears. You turn your back so Justin can’t see you start to break down. Feeling humiliated you ditch your stuff and rush to the window.

Pulling the curtain aside swiftly, you check to see if there is any paparazzi outside. Not surprised- there isn’t any. Why would they be up at god damn five in the morning? Your boyfriend is such a jackass.

“There isn’t anybody outside. I got to go.” You mutter under your breath and don’t bother to look at Justin. Right when you reach the handle Justin grabs your hand to pull you back.

“I’m sorry.” He gives you a hesitant tug on your hand. You look up at the ceiling and let out a loud breath.

“I might call you, we’ll see.” You give him a cruel smile and slam the door on the way out.


It has been five days since the fight. Justin has been blowing up your phone nonstop with ‘I love you’s’ and ‘Baby please?’ blah blah blah. Sadly, for him, he hasn’t been saying the right thing. All you want is for him to want to be exclusive. But no, promo, promo, promo. It wouldn’t be good for his image right now if you two were in the media. Partly because he wanted everything to be about his music and the other half…well, you didn’t really know the other half. Anyway, it sucks when your boyfriend wants to be known as single. It’s shitty as fuck.

So, here you are in your ‘Lay-Z’ sweatshirt eating movie theatre popcorn waiting for Justin’s Ellen interview to air. Apparently, there’s this super cool exclusive about Justin’s new leading lady, a.k.a the new model in Justin’s music video. Gag worthy shit.

Your phone beeps with a new text message.

I hope you’re watching…

Well of course you are. You’re not the shitty person in the relationship. You stuff a hand full of popcorn in your mouth.

“So Justin tell us about you’re leading lady in the video? Gorgeous girl huh?” Ellen Teases and the crowd goes wild. Justin gives a cheesy grin and shrugs his shoulders.

“Cute fucking asshole.” You mutter as you toss a popcorn into your mouth.

“Yeah she’s cool. It’s all work you know? I’ve been hitting the studio trying to get this album perfect.” Justin smiles.

“Ohhhh, I see. So you’re all work right now? No secret girlfriend your hiding from me? We’re close you know, I inspire your hair choices!” Ellen jokes and the crowd goes wild. Justin gives a hesitant look and shoots the camera a quick glance.

“Well I mean I didn’t say that…” Justin admits sheepishly.

You feel your heart fucking drop. You spit out the popcorn and turn up the volume on the television.

“Wait? What do you mean? Justin Bieber has a girlfriend?” Ellen asks excitedly. The crowd is going crazy. Justin’s face is beat red and he’s smiling shyly at the crowd and rubs the back of his neck.

“Omg, little shit has balls.” You mumble as you cradle the remote against your chest. Your eyes are wide and you’re staring alert at the screen.

“Yeah, she’s umm great…A real great girl. She’s great you know?” Justin says with a mix of nerves and bashfulness. The crowd awes.

“Yeah she seems great!” Ellen jabs playfully. “Any other adjective you want to throw in there before we tune out?” Ellen teases. The crowd laughs along. Justin loosens up a bit and shrugs his shoulders playfully.

“Man, she’s beautiful so yeah.” Justin smiles brightly and the crowd awes. He blushes again.

Ellen prods a little more but Justin skillfully averts more questions about you. The show continues but you tune it out. You dive for your phone and call Justin quickly. The phone rings only once.

“Where are you?” You don’t give him time to greet you on the phone. It’s silent for a second. You hear him clear his throat.

“Um…So did you watch?” Justin asks sheepishly. You smile.

“Yeah… I did.” You shyly reply. You stand up and twirl on your toes.

“Yeah?” You can feel his nerves through the line.

“Yeah.” You smile gets bigger.

“I’m outside your door…” His voice falls off at the end. You abruptly hang up and rush to your door. You pull it open. Justin gives you a hesitant wave.

“Hello?” He says pleasantly. You let out a giggle and pull him inside.

“You’re forgiven doofus. No need to be all weirdo.” You cuddle your body into his chest and let out a purr. You feel Justin relax and run his fingers through your hair. He slowly wraps his left hand around your waist and squeezes.

“I’m sorry.” He breathes across your forehead. You nod your head in reassurance and you both silently assess one another. After a minute in embrace and slow kisses, you break the silence.

“So were you shitting bricks our what?” You tease playfully. You run your hand down his chest in a seductive manner. Justin gives you a cocky grin and shakes his head.

“Maybe just a little…” He leans forward and plants an opened mouth right below your jaw. You feel the atmosphere change and your core tighten.

“A little?” You reply breathlessly. Your hand skims the waistband of his Calvin Klein’s and Justin’s eyebrow raises and he moves his hands down your lower back till he reaches your bum.

“Now you know that’s not a little.” He breathes across your lips.

“Their Pet”

Pairing: ReaderXDean (Supernatural)

Request: Eeeeeek! Hello darling! I would absolutely love love loooooove to request a one shot about either of the boys (or both or even God!cas if you wanna!! :D) as demons? And the reader (female, like maybe bobby’s daughter) being tortured while tied up to a chair? Things like close to close face, face caressing and knife play would be ahhhmaaaaaaazing! This blog is the bombdiggity as are you! Mwah! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

A/n: this one is really short, I’m sorry! I needed to whip out a lot of imagines today so some of the non-series oriented things are short.

Written By: Claire

“Please you guys don’t have to do this.” you begged, wiggling your body to try to loosen the tight knots around your wrists.

“Shut up bitch.” Sam’s harsh words stung.

“Dean, Cas, Sam, these aren’t you, you have to fight this.” you pleaded, looking into the black eyes that controlled your friends. You watched as Dean chuckled, walking over to you slowly and leaning his face into yours.

“Only if you could hear how loudly he’s screaming at me right now.” he chuckled. “Telling me that he’ll slit my throat if I touch even a hair on your head.” you watched as his hand came up slowly and brushed the side of your face.

“Please stop.” you said, your eyes beginning to water. 

“Aw, did you make their pet cry?” Sam asked with a smile on his face. 

“Looks like he did.” Cas chuckled from the side lines. You looked into the blackness that filled Dean’s normally beautiful green eyes, your own eyes yearning for the demon to leave him.

“Why don’t you stop crying and I won’t kill your little boyfriend once I’m done with you.” Dean chuckled, standing up and walking away from you.

“Don’t forget, they were never actually dating.” Sam smirked.

“Oh yeah, Dean was also too much of a pussy to ask you out.” Dean chuckled, turning to look at you. A tear fell as the truth cut deep.

“Now you really did it, even Sam’s screaming.” Sam laughed. A sudden flash blinded you as you heard the noise of the demons evicting your friends filled your ears. The room retuned to its normal brightness and you saw Crowley standing over the body of Dean, Sam and Cas passed out on the floor as well.

“Consider this your once in a life time get-off free.” he spoke before walking over and untying your wrists. “Personally I’m a fan of this little awkward love fest happening between you and chipmunk, I like watching you both squirm.” he said watching you stand up and rush over to Dean, tapping his cheek trying to get him to wake. “I’ll let you two survive for a little longer, but don’t waste time, you haven’t got much.” he said before disappearing, leaving you in the room with an unconscious Dean, Sam, and Cas, tears still running down your warm cheek.

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#179: Nothing Underneath

Request: Can you write an imagine of 4/4 or just Ashton of you go out and you’re not wearing underwear? -Anonymous

Ashton: Your hand slowly slid up Ashton’s leg, an innocent smile on your face as he looked at you pointedly. “Something wrong, babe?” Ashton asks, hoping that his and your friends wouldn’t notice what was going on underneath the table. “Yeah, I think I forgot something,” you mutter, gently taking his hand in yours and sliding it up your dress to your heat while pretending to rummage through your purse with the other hand. “Holy fuck,” he whispers, shifting a bit in his seat to adjust himself. “Um, you should go check the car. Do you need help?” “I’m not the only one that needs help,” you wink, kissing his cheek to play off the conversation before raising your voice. “Yeah, that’d be great.” You both get up from your seats, and tell your friends you wouldn’t take long as Ashton wraps an arm tightly around your waist. “I’m going to fuck you senseless in the car.”

Calum: "Might as well not wear anything underneath if you’re going to wear that tonight,“ Calum remarks as you get into the car. "Who said I was wearing anything underneath?” you smirk, making Calum look at you, neither of you saying a word as you stared at each other. Suddenly, he reached for his phone, unlocking it and holding it up to his ear. “Hey Michael?” he questions, nodding his head as Michael responds. “Yeah, me and (Y/N) are going to be a bit late tonight.” “Why, are the two of you about to do the do?” Michael jokes from the other line. “Yeah,” Calum answers with a smirk. “Aw gross, bro,” his friend says. “Fine whatever.” Calum hangs up, looking at you intently as he mentally undresses you. “So we’re going to be a bit late, huh?” you tease, climbing on to his lap. “I may have lied; we’re going to be very late.”

Luke: “Did you lose them?” you ask when Luke enters the bathroom and locks the door. He nods his head, standing between your legs while you were sat on the counter. “It took me so long to get rid of them,” Luke groans, sliding your dress up. “Thank god you didn’t wear anything underneath.” He got on his knees in front of you, sliding you closer to the edge so that he could put his mouth on you. “Fuck, Luke,” you moan, grabbing his hair and tugging at it. His tongue flicked at your clit as he inserted two fingers, your walls already beginning to tighten. But just as you were about to reach your high, he stopped and stood up. “What the-” “Need to feel you around me,” he grunts, sliding down his jeans. He rams into you, making you yell out as he begins to thrust, the sound of your moans and his grunts filling up the dingy bathroom.

Michael: Michael rolls over, pulling you closer to him so that your back was pressed up against his chest. “Morning,” he greets you, pressing a kiss to your ear. You hum in response, not fully awake yet as you stretch. His hands slide up your shirt- well, his shirt- and he begins to slowly rub circles into your skin, making you sigh and lean back into him. “You up for round 2?” he asks, his hands sliding down to your heat. “Looks like someone didn’t bother putting on underwear last night.” With a laugh, you turn around to face him, pressing a kiss to his lips as he squeezes your ass. “Morning sex would definitely wake me up a bit,” you reply.

A/N: I’m sorry that Michael’s is a bit shorter than the rest but I’m just really tired and all of my creativity is pretty much gone today because I started writing a story in English because we were just free writing and I was trying to develop more of a plot to it like an hour ago. So. I’m all written out (does that even make sense). Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx

For Your Eyes Only

A Hiddleswift one-shot

“Hey,” she says the second that his voice greets her on the line. “Did I catch you at a good time?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s okay actually, I’m in between scenes… I’m alone in my trailer. What’s up?”

She sighs, and it ends up being more audible than she anticipated it being. “Oh, I just wanted to hear your voice … see how you were…”

He can sense that something is off. “Aw babe. You doing okay?”

“Um, yeah,” she lies, scrunching up her eyebrows, smiling into the phone as if that would be more convincing. “I’m good.”

Tom pauses for a moment, not believing her, and then asks softly, “Taylor?”

The minute he uttered her name he knew he would get a straight answer. It was a trick Tom had learned; he could always get through to her when he said her name. It might’ve been weird, but he didn’t question it.

She tips her head back on the chair and looks up at the night sky. “I’ve been better.”

“What’s wrong?”

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New RWBY Episode 5

● Oh, right. Team CRDL is still a thing.

● And now they’re not.

● Damn! Penny is fucking savage!

● Other girl…not so much. What’s her weapon, her watch?

● RUBY X PENNY GLOMPING! My two little dweebs!

● Ciel Soleil (not sure if spelled correctly). Okay, so she’s an Atlas military crony in training I guess. What, they have a JROTC program in Atlas?

● Also, she’s got like some sort of dosier on Ruby. Weird!

● “She’s like Blake, but if Blake was ordered to spend time with you.”

“Oh, so Weiss.”


● OMG Ruby, that’s a derogatory impression of synthetic lifeforms everywhere! Let me start a FNDM-wide debacle about how Ruby’s the worst character ever! #RobotLivesMatter (Yeah, see how ridiculous that sounds? That was last episode with the skirt story. Stupid, huh?)

● Awwww, Penny with the magnet and the sun hat and gosh darn she’s a cutie! ^////^

● Wow, this bitch actually timed a damn minute. Snoooore!

● Ah yeah, time for Weiss and Yang to kick ass! (Or so I would think until 1 minute into the future)

● Wow, glad to see the Arts programs in Atlas Academy still get representation. More than I can say for American schools-WHOOPS, DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD??

● Fuckin’ Flynt Coal you smooth, jivin’ muthafucka.


● Btw, masterful strategy on the part of Team Neon. Fuck with their heads to psych them out of the fight. Respect!

● Ohhhhhh, wooooooow. Weiss and Yang are getting their asses stomped.



● Damn, but that jazz composition of established RWBY songs! That’s my jam!

● Holy shit, glowstick nunchuks are pretty fucking cool! With dust abilities, ah damn son!

● Shadow Clone Jutsu! (RWBY style)


● Weiss comes back from being burned in lava with a white Atlesian technology armor suit complete with helmet and respirator. DARTH SCHNEE CONFIRMED!

● Damn, the power of slick-ass jazz musician chic saved Flynt from the lava. Who woulda thunk?

● Shoulda called this episode “Salt Central”. Seriously, Neon still talking all that smack bullshit holy fuck.


● Yeah, see why rollerskates are bad in a fight? You fuck up just like that.

● Aw, Weiss isn’t in need of an Atlesian technology armor suit with helmet and respirator. Darth Schnee decomfirmed.

● Woah, where did her color go!?

● Oh, there it is.

● Flynt, I respect your begrudging but honorable show of respect. I respect your respect, dawg. Respect!

● Oh look, Blake gets a line this episode.

● FUCK, CINDER HAS THE PLANS TO THE DEATH STAR…I MEAN PENNY! (Alright, enough with the Star Wars. I’m just excited over Battlefront and The Force Awakens.)

● More Wizard of Oz Tin Man references about Ironwood. Shit, I dunno, maybe Ironwood IS evil.

● Pyrrha, what are you doing he-OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!

● Heard rumors that Pyrrha might die. This development is scaring me that it might be true! Pyrrha can’t die! Please god no! She’s like my favorite character next to Qrow! ;~;