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Now that this season of big brother is over, who are your overall favorite blogs?

Hmm well lets see. I actually followed a lot of knew people this season and I’m glad I did. @huntyhex is super funny and we were always thinking the same thing. Just overall really cool. @sexologii is dramatic, but a sweetheart. @bbad-orwell is pretty amazing. He get’s really passionate about the show and is really easy to talk to. Definitely one of my favorite new bloggers and I could go on. @tahny-lew @cirie-won-thirty-four @joshmartinezisdaddy  @bitterzero @eaerth@kingoftwilight @matthewdaddyclines @bbcrackedt @usernamegameon1000  @versacethotty are  other nice people I got to know this season. Also @muvaship  but I think I was following her through her main blog for awhile.

Other people I followed were @jackie-ibarras and @normani-x-kordei who alongside @hoh-robe @danielles-curls & @davonnelickey are on the younger side so if you grown ass adult are sending hate to people that are 15-17 you really do need to reevaluate your life. Especially since they’re all just really nice people.

Then you have the people I followed since bbcan5 like @juliechicken who will just drained the life out of you with her attention seeking behavior is in a league of her own. I believe I started following @cocoabutterbetch @bb19flop @pizzapocket24@sarahshanlons @sindysnguyen @sarahtilleke @missdominiquecooper during bbcan5 too and they all are really cool people with great post and personalities. @missdominiquecooper really did that with that Dre stan though lol. @youaregoinghome is a legend. @brimlies has been killing the game all around. I also followed @bigbrothermusings during bbcan5. I lurked during bb18 and like some of her stuff, but she kept talking about the plastics during bbott so I blocked her lskajsajsjajsla, but she’s super chill. 

Then going back to when I first started blogging you have people like @sirdippinghotsauce and @daeneryslegend who typically share the same opinion with me and have really great taste in video games! I remember seeing @d0nnythompson posts randomly and was like this girl is crackedT out of her mind, but I love it! I will forever follow her and @spunkyspy, I don’t know a better person! Nothing, but good things to say about these two. @dayslostson @dumbeatrees are a dynamic duo and absolutely hilarious. @davonneday is THAT bitch and @knightjackie is just a bitch. @whats-up-whats-the-issue is super witty and iconic. @snakole @bitchwebroke @j–wdj @ikamwong @tlffanypollard @helen-kim-was-pushed @cjcdeeezy are all cool. So is @notjustawave  when he’s not playing ***** *****.  @feelsg0od is also a quality blow with quality opinions! I’ll round it out with @shaolinbynature who has produced banger after banger, hit after hit. All around a great person. 

If I forgot you, that’s your fault, not mine!

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I can’t stop thinking about the scene in Revenge of the Sith when Anakin has his nightmare because he and Padmé are sharing a bed and honestly did they not realize that was risky?? like what if someone needed to speak with Padmé late in the night and walked in?? ‘sorry to wake you Senator but this matter is- OH MY GOODNESS MASTER SKYWALKER’

Markiplier Gothic

-The lucky flannel has returned. The lucky flannel will always return. You cannot seem to destroy the lucky flannel. No matter how many times you steal it and burn it in the woods behind your house, it always makes its way back to him. You have tried to warn him many times, warn him that the luck comes with a price, warn him that the flannel will one day demand that all debts are paid; he has not heard your warnings, or perhaps he is ignoring them. Either way, you sadly conclude, it is too late. He is too far gone now.
You stop trying to steal the lucky flannel.

-“Herb lore,” you hear one, solitary voice chirp. It is a voice you do not recognize.
“Herb lore.” Responds another.
A cacophony of voices suddenly surround you. “Herb lore, herb lore, HERB LORE!” They chant, although not quite in unison.
You do not know where these voices are coming from, nor do you remember when you started chanting with them. With each passing repetition, you forget a little more about the life you lived before herb lore. You keep chanting anyway.

- @markiplier uses a slightly different voice for approximately 4 and a half seconds in a video. By the time you click away and open a new tab, Tumblr has created a character out of this voice. They have named him Kevin. Kevin now has four ask blogs and twelve fan blogs, seven of which have some variant of the phrase “protection squad” in their usernames. One of them is dedicated solely to NSFW KevinxAntisepticeye fan fiction. It already has 300 followers.

-Every once and a while, you hear the Ancient Ones howling outside your window in the middle of the night. “COLA AND MEAL PLEASE, NO BREAD,” they shriek. You do not know what this means. You are too afraid to ask.

-“Markiplier’s fanbase is a bunch of 12 year olds,” you hear them say. You look around, but you can’t see any. You realize that you can’t remember the last time you saw a 12 year old at all. What does a 12 year old look like? How long have you been older than 12? Were you ever 12?
You turn to the person nearest to you. It is a middle-aged man. He has a wife and two children. He works in accounting.
“How old are you?” You ask.
“12,” he replies.
You scream.

-“Subscribe for More!” reads the cheerful font at the end of the compilation video. It is not a suggestion.

-A blonde woman in an alien-themed sweatshirt passes you in the grocery store. As she walks around your cart, her arm brushes against a six pack of Corona.
“I CAN’T DRINK THAT, OR I WILL LITERALLY DIE,” a voice booms, the noise crackling in the air like lightning. The woman glances at you and you nod, confirming that, yes, you heard it too.

-“Shares are a little low this month,” he tells you. Something about his tone fills you with a strange, primal fear. You share his videos with your friends. You share them with family. You write the URLS on pieces of paper and staple them to trees.
“Shares are a little low this month.”
You’re positive it’s a warning this time.

-You go on a date with Markiplier. “You look so familiar. Have we met?” he asks. You decide not to tell him that you have. You have done all of this before. You have always been on this date with Markiplier.
There are now two Markipliers. You are holding them both at gunpoint. You know that the one on the left is the real one, because you have done this before. You have always been doing this.
You shoot the one on the left anyway.
Afterwards, you go out for ice cream.
“Bonjour!” The man behind the counter smiles. His eyes are not yet filled with quiet desperation. He must not know about the time loop.
You go on a date with Markiplier.

  • Gryffindor: You need to get out more!
  • Ravenclaw: Why?
  • Gryffindor: Idk, socialness is good for you.
  • Ravenclaw: First of all, socialness isn't a word, and yes, social interaction is necessary for a healthy lifestyle...
  • Gryffindor: Sure, whatever, let's go!
  • *arrives at party*
  • Ravenclaw: *hides and reads book*

It was my responsibility to do this, therefore I am not sorry.