i did a double take when i saw it

Basically the same thing

We’re playing a game based in the country of Skyrim and we had just reached Riverwood. I’m playing an Imperial rogue and I entered the general store with our Khajit bard.

Bard - “Hello, sir. We would like to purchase some health potions.”

Lucan (store owner) - “Of course, that’ll be 50 gold per potion!”

Me - “That seems like an awful lot, I don’t suppose you could reduce the price a bit?” *Cue nat 20 persuasion*

Lucan - “Well you seem like nice folk, I suppose I could reduce the price to… 10 gold each, let’s say.”

Bard - “Perfect! We will buy 15 potions good sir.”

*money transaction*

Ooc me - “I wanna roll to steal more potions.”

Ooc Bard - “Yeah! I’ll distract him with a performance and you can pickpocket!”

DM - “You know what, just roll…”

*18 performance and 21 sleight of hand*

DM - “Okay, so you steal 3 more potions and all your money back too.”

Ooc Bard - “Sweet! I’m headed to the inn.”

Me ic - “Lucan, was it? Is there anything you need done? Perhaps anything you had taken? *referring to Golden Claw quest*

Lucan - “Wow, how oddly specific yet relevant! I had a golden claw stolen by bandits just the other day! I would appreciate some help getting it back!”

Me - “Oh, you mean this?” Ooc - “I hand him a crowbar.”

DM - “Okay, first off fuck you. Second, you’re gonna have disadvantage on that roll.”

Me - *proceeds to get 23 and 21 on deception*

DM - “fuck you, he might get a 20 on insight.” *rolls a 3*

Lucan - “Wow, it seems smaller than when I last saw it! Thank you for getting this back to me! Where did you find it?”

Me - “Just on some bandits.” Ooc - “That’s true, I found this in the mine we just cleared out.”

DM - “Fuck you, I hope your character dies.”

Lucan - “Thank you so much! Here, take this reward!”

DM - “Add 400 gold to your inventory, and fuck you.”

Me - “Just doing good as always sir! Have a fine day.” Ooc - “I pickpocket my crowbar back.”

DM who is done with me at this point - “Just fucking roll.”

*rolls with my 20 dexterity and double proficiency sleight of hand* - 26

DM - “You get your crowbar back and fuck you.”

BTS Reaction- s/o Sleeping with a stuffed animal

A/N: Oh thank god I am not the only one! I have a giant teddy bear too… so I would definitely absolutely love to do this reaction. Apologies for posting this late!! I know its been a long time since this was sent in. Happy reading 😊 and I hope you like it!

**gifs are not mine. Credit to the rightful owners. Sourced from google images**



Jin would be so happy and so smiley and giggly he would not be able to help himself 

After coming home from tour he found you fast asleep on the couch, probably waiting up for him he assumed. You shuffled around and he saw the Mario plushie had given you before leaving. His eyes lit up and he smiled. He found it so adorable that you kept the plushie with him and used it when sleeping. He found the plushie almost dangling off the edge, but he tucked back into your arms and smiled lovingly at you. He kissed your temple and whispered “Goodnight my baby” before picking you up and taking you up to the bed to let you sleep comfortably. 


Yoongi wouldn’t be able to help but smile as he saw you sleeping with the stuffed dog he had given you. 

Yoongi felt a sense of strange happiness as he saw you clutching the mini stuffed dog tight to yourself. He chuckled. He admired you for some time before he realized he had been sitting for a very long time. “Oh y/n..” he shook his head and smiled to himself. He stroked your hair gently and kissed you on the top of the head. “Why can’t you cuddle me like this?” he asked your sleeping form, though he knew he wouldn’t get an answer. He smiled softly feeling so warm and fuzzy that he could have kissed you silly right then and there but he held back because he didn’t want to disturb you. 


Hoseok would melt into a puddle of goo, totally hyper and excited. He would take pictures of you from various angles, and then wait for you to wake up and show you

Hoseok took pictures from every angle he could think of while you were sleeping cuddled up with the plushie he had given you. After a while when you had woken up he shoved the phone in your face. “Look at you being all cute. its not fair” he pouted. Your eyes widened as you saw hundred pictures of you from different angles, and some that even had him posing next to you. “babe! you are so adorable and you actually kept the plushie with you” he wrapped you up in a tight hug and kissed you all over the face. “I am dating the cutest person ever!!” he said in excitement. 


Namjoon would not be able to stop laughing because he found it so cute that you still slept with a small stuffed animal. Might accidentally wake you yo though while trying to be affectionate because he’s clumsy

Giggles erupted from his mouth as he saw your face pushed against the back of the stuffed plushie he had given you. He had to cover his mouth with his hands so as to muffle the sounds. He stepped towards you wanting to kiss you but he ended up tripping on the mattress under the couch and fell on you. You woke up with a start and Namjoon pushed himself off you. “Oh my god I am so sorry for waking you babe. I just wanted to kiss you because you looked so cute sleeping with the plushie I gave you. I am sorry!!” he said all of it in one breath. 


Jimin would absolutely melt because he is the type of guy who would love cute lil things like this. So when he would see you, he would admire you and gush to himself on the inside. 

Jimin came home from practice to find you sleeping peacefully. He did a double take because the first time he missed the white teddy bear you were clutching to your chest. He moved a bit closer and the smile on his face grew wider as he saw you sleeping with the teddy bear he had given you on your first date. He took out his phone and took a picture of you. He then kissed you softly on the forehead whispering “Sleep well my baby prince/ss” He retreated back out of the bedroom softly. He stared at the picture even after he had taken it, kissing the screen because he just could not get enough of the sheer cuteness. 


He would end up waking you, most likely drowning you in kisses and hugs because he would be over the moon about the adorableness of the situation 

You eyes fluttered open as you felt his lips onto yours. “Sorry, but I couldn’t resist it” he smiled warmly at you after pulling away. He pecked you again, and then once again. “You still have this?” he asked, taking the teddy bear from your and examining it, running his fingers over the fur. You nodded, yawning. He kissed you on the nose, and hugged you. “You are so cute babe. I love you so much” he swayed you side to side in his arms. He then tucked you back in bed, wrapping the warm blanket around you again, and placing the bear in your arms. He gave you one last look, threw a small flying kiss your way and exited the bedroom.


 He would feel so touched that you kept the teddy bear he gave you and used it as a source of comfort. He would find it so cute that he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. Would probably take pictures and videos as blackmail material for later.

Jungkook smiled so wide when he saw you sleeping with the stuffed panda bear “Thank you “ he said softly so as not to wake you up. He felt so touched that you kept it with you. “I hope that this keeps you safe during the night” he said and gently kissed both of your cheeks. Remembering that it would be good for blackmail later he vlogged the situation on his phone and gushed over how cute you looked sleeping with the plushie he gave you. “Isn’t y/n just the cutest thing ever?” he raved in the vlog. He even took a picture of you and made it his home screen with the intention of taking strength from it in times he needed it. 

I hope you liked it!! and please excuse and spelling and grammatical errors :)


Pairing: Wade Wilson x Reader

You pulled down your sleeve, making sure to cover the crude words on your hand. Since you were little, you had always dreamed about what your soulmate would say to you. Your questions were answered when the beautifully carved words appeared on your hand when you were 16. Years later now, the prospect of meeting your soulmate made you more nervous with each year.

Your friends and their friends all had sweet messages engraved on their skin. From cute pick up lines, to quirkier ones, to greetings, to normal words someone would say upon meeting their soulmate. But you? No. You were the exception. Sure, it made you anxious to meet your beloved but at the same time, you were comforted that despite how crazy the words were, they were unique. They were different from all the others.

“Earth to Y/N,” Pietro called out, “It’s time.”

Brushing aside your thoughts, you nodded. “Right, sorry.”

“Were you having innapropriate thoughts about me again?” He teased.

“You know what, Maximoff?”

Clint shot Pietro a warning look for him to behave. “We’re at the drop zone. Remember, bring in the target unharmed,” he glanced at Pietro again, “that means no broken bones.”

“I swear, it was an accident,” Pietro mumbled.

You stepped off the jet while Pietro sped past, purposely close to you so the sudden burst of air caught you off guard. You growled and caught up to him. “Clint said no speed unless needed.”

“Clint says a lot of things,” Pietro drawled in a heavy accent, “most of which I don’t listen to.”

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GoT Afterthoughts 7x07 The Dragon and The Wolf (Jonsa Edition) SPOILERS

So here we are -the finale. I’d like to bitch about how badly we’ve been ripped off by D&D, but I don’t want to be repetitive. lol

We begin our episode outside the walls of Kings Landing. It looks like the Unsullied have abandoned Casterly Rock for a display of power and muscle, and are quickly joined by the Dothriaki -whooping and hollering in a most obnoxious way (I truly dislike them). Jamie and Bronn watch from atop the ramparts for some lively “cock banter”, ya know, since D&D are epic writers and such.

Side note: I love how they slowed down Dany’s theme song here. At least the musical score is never disappointing.

We get a nice aerial shot of Euron’s huge fleet, as what’s left of Dany’s sails towards KL. Jon, ever a Northerner, is NOT impressed with KL.  Stay true to your roots, Jonny boy. Suspiciously (not really), Dany is absent. Gee … I wonder if she’s planning on a flamboyant dragon-styled entrance?

The Hound goes below deck to check if Bones is resting comfortably. The box is quiet -must have been that Dramamine they gave him to counter his seasickness. Nope -he’s awake, and clearly feels their hospitality leaves something to be desired.

Side note: I wonder if Jon inquiring how many people live in KL is a foreshadowing of a future disaster there? Remember that there are casks of Dragon fire buried everywhere beneath the city. I’m almost positive that will come into play next season.

We jump quickly to Cersei in the Red Keep who’s been informed that Dany isn’t with her entourage. How much you wanna bet that Cersei’s thinking the same exact thing I wrote above? She informs Ser Gregor that if anything goes wrong, he’s to kill the silver haired bitch first, then her brother and then the bastard who calls himself King.

Now we’re back with the entourage, and we get a bit of a history lesson about the dragon pit ruins, and Jorah says something I perceived to be very important (as well as synonymous of Dany and her conquering Targ ancestors):

Jorah: Dragons don’t understand the difference between what’s theirs and what isn’t. Land, livestock, children.


We learn how over time, with entrapment, the dragons withered away to nothing, small as dogs.

This particular part didn’t serve any purpose, other than to reunite the original brotp3, Pod, Bronn and Tyrion. We see that they all still have a fondness for each other -and perhaps a foreshadowing that Bronn will be switching allegiance soon. The Hound and Brienne also have a surprisingly friendly reunion, as they bond over their adopted daughter, Arya. I’m glad they brought her up, and I’m so very excited to see a Hound/Stark girls reunion next season!

So, we’re in the Dragon Pit now, and truthfully -this entire 20 minute scene was utter garbage, and I’m pretty pissed that they wasted nearly the entire finale on this flaming dumpster, tbh.

Clegane bowl is coming. Cersei is annoyed with Dany’s theatrical entrance (and truthfully, the extra-ness of it all was kind of lame). I guess it was necessary to put Drogon in the dragon pit? But when he flew away, let’s be honest -his wings would have sent those canopies hurling away and knocked everyone on their asses, too.

Euron’s a dick. Tyrion attempts to open the floor for Jon, Cersei is her usual snarky, skeptical and extra self (I fucking love her), and finally Sandor releases Bones, and ……  the Dramamine must have kicked in? Time for a jump scare!

Bones charges Cersei and is yanked back just in time. The Hound cuts him in half, but he keeps on coming until Jon does his sales pitch demonstration (how sad do you think Kit was that they made him do this terrible scene?) of fire and dragon glass (thanks Davos, for your assistance).

Euron peaces out -all but throwing up deuces upon his hasty exit, but not before propositioning Dany. Cersei agrees to the truce -tell me honestly -did you all REALLY believe her? She suddenly became so reasonable, which is schiesty as hell, if you ask me. She throws some shade at Dany, and asks Jon to stay neutral. Cersei specifically evokes the honorable Ned Starks name, insinuating that she can trust the son to be as honorable as daddy dearest.

Did this jump out at any of you? Because of course Cersei does know that Ned was honorable -yet, she also knows that he had forsaken that very honor in the end, for his daughters -at the request of Sansa (per Cersei) to save his life (and probably hers) which was all for naught because Joffrey was a cunt, as Sandor would say -but you get the point to this clunky run-on sentence, right? And not only that, but he LIED to everyone, and especially the people he loved and cared about (his wife, best friend, family) to save the life of his nephew -and he went to his grave with that secret.

So what am I saying? Honorable Ned wasn’t above lying for the greater good, or to protect the ones he loved. Does that put some things in perspective for you?

Back to our story (however shitty it is for the time being) Jon declines. Choosing this moment to back Dany, and again “figuratively” bending the knee to her -this time publicly.  

Side note: Dany’s face in this moment. She’s so smitten with Jon.

Cersei basically tells everyone to fuck off, and exits stage left. Brienne attempts to slap some sense into Jamie, uttering two words that stop him dead in his tracks: FUCK LOYALTY. This isn’t about honor and following whomever you’re loyal to -it’s about humanity. Did she appeal to his better side? Methinks so.

Now everyone takes the time to belittle Jon for doing the very thing that they haggled him about for the entire season. But Tyrion the KING of bad ideas this season, has yet another -he’ll go talk to Cersei alone.

He magically warps to the Red Keep, somehow making it through the city and the castle without being murdered for the hefty price on his head, but …. that D&D logic, tho. He and Jamie say “goodbye” one idiot to another (hey, you guys said it -not me), and as foreboding music drones in the background, the standoff begins. But, so I guess that Jamie and Tyrion decided to let bygones be bygones?

And to one of my favorite scenes of the episode -my God, Lena and Peter SLAYED THIS SCENE! After the accusations fly, Tyrion tells Cersei to have him killed -the Mountain reaches for his sword and begins to unsheath it, but the order is never given. Cersei looks torn. Perhaps she isn’t as heartless as she tries to portray? Perhaps a tiny part of her does have affection for her little brother? Or maybe she just doesn’t want anymore Lannisters to die? I’m not entirely sure of her motivations, but she certainly looked gorgeous in this scene, though.

After Tyrion collects himself (and likely wishes for a clean pair of shorts), he downs a goblet of wine and pours his sister a cup. We know now that he does regret killing his father (despite deserving it), and that Tyrion really doesn’t want to see the end of his family. Is he lying? Doubtful. He loved her children as she did (except for Satan incarnate, Joffrey). He realizes that Cersei is once again pregnant, and somehow appeals to her better senses ….

And I’m just here SCREAMING at the TV: why do you all believe her??? This is Cersei -the son Tywin always wanted -but with a vagina (oh, the irony)!!

We jump back to the Dragon Pit where Jon is back to brooding as he shuffles through some dragon bones. He lets his disappointment in the turn of events known, as Dany decides to join him. She tells him she respects what he did (is that what we’re calling it now? did ya’ll see her face when he announced his allegiance with her? It’s cool Dany -I “respect” Jon snow sometimes when my hubby isn’t around, too 😂) and then begins telling him how the end of the Dragons is what really spelled the end of her house. The dragons made them extraordinary -without them, they are just like everyone else. (BINGO).

This leads to Jon complimenting her -she’s not like everyone else and her family hasn’t seen its end because she’s still here. Dany follows up that she can’t have children -in case you missed that last episode Jon, when she said the Dragons are the only children she’ll ever have, and then you nodded your understanding when she point blank asked you if you understood. Remember? Oh, are you just double checking? Okay my son, carry on ….

*So this is important:

J: Who told you that?

D: The witch that murdered my husband.

J: Did it occur to you she might not have been a reliable source of information? (Because clearly it’s occurring to Jon).

D: You were right from the beginning. If I’d had trusted you everything would be different.

J: So what now?

D: I can’t forget what I saw north of the wall, and I can’t pretend that Cersei won’t take back half the country the moment I march north.

So -let’s do a bit of reading between the lines here, shall we? What we know now: Dany fully trusts Jon, when she didn’t before. When Jon asks her “what now?” It’s pretty clear that he’s unsure whether or not he can trust her to prioritize the NK and his army over Cersei and the Iron Throne. And her answer lets him know that he’s in the right with his suspicions.

J: It appears Tyrion’s assessment was correct, we’re fucked.

You sure are, Jon. Better think of something quick -because apparently just “bending the knee” may not be sufficient -and you do need those dragons and army.

As if by cue, Tyrion returns -Cersei and her entourage in tow and she agrees to help and delivers one of the most epic lines of the evening: “perhaps you’ll remember that I chose to help with no promises or assurances from any of you.”


Now I want to ask if ANY of you caught the look that passed between Jon and Tyrion here? Admittedly, I didn’t on my first watch -but it’s plain as day. Remember it -I’ll return to it later, because I actually think it may be important.

Now we take a ravens POV, flying through the heavy snow towards Winterfell. Sansa sits irritatedly tapping her message from Jon on her desk. She’s not happy about the news she’s received. Seems like Jon finally decided to write home and let her know he bent the knee. You broke up with the North in a text message? Really Jon?  

Little Finger does what he’s always done -acts like he’s on everyone’s side while sewing his seeds of doubt and dissension. For those of you who were waiting for the crypt scene payoff: here it was …

While discussing Jon’s “reasons” for doing this, he drops the bomb that the Dragon Queen is rumored to be very beautiful. Why? My guess is he’s wondering if Sansa has the same subconscious affections for Jon that he displayed in the crypts.

S: what does that have to do with anything?

LF: Jon is young and unmarried, Daenerys is young and unmarried.

S: you think he wants to marry her?
(the thought obv never occurred to her, due to her reaction).

LF: An alliance makes sense. Together they’d be difficult to defeat. He was named KitN, he can be unnamed.

S: Even if I wanted to (she doesn’t) Arya would never go for it.

Shut down AGAIN, LF -Sansa isn’t going to turn on Jon. So, he switches gears back to Arya, thinking that’s the key to driving a wedge between her and Jon and setting the crown on Sansa’s head -get Arya out of the way.
He continues his little mind game, encouraging Sansa to play along, and by the scenes end, we’re made to believe she’s fallen for it and is on board. Really -unbeknownst to him, he just planted the solution to Jon’s birthright situation in her lap (when it’s revealed). Unite the North and South by marriage -together they’d be difficult to defeat …. hello Jonsa season 8!

And we’ve warped back to Dragonstone. They’re planning their strategy to head to Winterfell. Jon suggests that they sail together, and Jorah thinks Dany would be safer flying Drogon. Of course because she’s hot on Jon -she’ll take his suggestion -especially since we ALL KNOW the Northerners will NEVER see her as an ally. But she’s all: I’m going north to save them, not conquer them. 😏 So many nervous glances here amongst all the men …

The meetings over, and Theon catches Jon and Davos as they pass through the throne room (anyone else curious about what they may have been talking about?). Okay, and OMG, another important conversation with so much hidden in the narrative!

(I may paraphrase a bit here)

T: What you did in KL, you could have lied to Cersei about bending the knee to Daenerys. You risked everything to tell an enemy the truth.

But …did he?

J: We went down there to make peace, and it seems to me we need to be honest with each other, if we’re going to fight together.

See above.

T: You’ve always known what was right. Even when we were all young and stupid. Every step you take  …it was always the right step.

J: It’s not. It may seem that way from the outside, but I promise you it’s not true. I’ve done plenty things I regret.

T: Not compared to me you haven’t.

Clearly, he’s referring to betraying the Starks.

J: No. Not compared to you.

Clearly he has no intention of betraying his family like Theon did -although I do believe he intends to betray someone.

T: I always wanted to do the right thing. Yada yada. It always seemed like their was …an impossible choice I had to make. Stark or Greyjoy.

Confirmation here. Jon’s angry. He’s angry that Theon betrayed their father -who although may not have been his true father, he treated him like a son-better than Theon’s own father -sound familiar?

J: Our father was more a father to you than your own father ever was.

T: He was.

J: And you betrayed him, betrayed his memory.

T: I did.

J: But you never lost it. He’s a part of you, just like he’s a part of me.

Jon may as well be having this conversation with himself next season! Well - at least parts of it.

T: But the things I’ve done …

J: Its not my place to forgive you for all of it. But what I can forgive, I do. You don’t need to choose. You’re a Greyjoy and you’re a Stark.

*I love this little nugget, because I feel like it gives credence to my Wars of the Roses meta theory -that Jon will combine both sides of his heritage/houses into one. Although, the deeper meaning behind it, is he’s allowed to be both without betraying the other. And …. he will always be a Stark.

The conversation continues with Theon explaining that Yara tried to save him -she needs him now. And Jon gives Theon his blessing to go get his sister: “So why you still talking to me.”

This scene with Jon was truly beautiful, with true healing quality for Theon. A little bit of old Theon emerges when he doesn’t stand down to one of Yara’s men and takes a hell of a beating (damn, he really is a Stark -can’t keep my babies down!) and succeeds in rallying the men behind him. Not for him -for Yara!

We return to Winterfell where a very forlorn Sansa stands upon the ramparts in her and Jon’s “spot”. Is she thinking of him? I believe so -but that might just be my pesky shipping goggles. Sophie Turner has looked exceptionally beautiful this season -like bewitchingly so. She’s always been lovely -but damn. Shaking off her sadness: my skin has gone from porcelain, to ivory, to steel -she steels herself for what must be done, and orders the guard to have her sister brought to the Great Hall.

We flash to the Great Hall. Arya is escorted in, as Sansa and Bran sit like they’re about to judge her. Arya and LF share a “fuck you” stare, and Arya asks Sansa if she “really wants to do this?” Sansa replies that honor demands it, and after Arya’s “get on with it”, Sansa rattles off charges, and then flips the script on LF, leveling the charges on him.

Haha! He blinked so hard, I thought he was about to fall over! As Sansa annihilates him with charges, he stumbles with excuses, but all 3 Starklings gangbang his ass, and he’s done for.

Using his own lessons and words against him -the student has surpassed the teacher. “I am a slow learner, it’s true -but I learn.”


And with a nod of Sansa’s head, and despite his resorting to crying and begging, Arya slits his throat before he even realizes what hit him. For all his scheming, what was his legacy …? I would have liked to see him go out with a bit more fight -but maybe that’s the point.


To the Starks, who fought to make it back to Winterfell and each other -family is everything. They’re a united front.

We jump back to KL for the last time this season. Jamie is going over battle plans with the Lannister soldiers. Cersei dismisses them and asks Jamie what he’s doing- he tells her that he’s planning his expedition north. Cersei resorts to her usual cruelty: “you really are the stupidest Lannister.” She tells him it was all a ruse, and Jamie’s not happy about this. After accusing him of conspiring against her and telling him that Euron didn’t really tuck tail and run, but instead went to pick up the mercenaries she purchased with the help of the Iron Bank, Jamie finally grows a pair! He pledged to ride north and he intends to. Cersei’s last bit of treachery is FINALLY the straw that broke the camels back!

Cersei threatens his life -reminiscent of her earlier scene with Tyrion. Jamie calls her bluff, and again she doesn’t act on it. And as our hero leaves for the North, Winter has finally arrived at KL. (Told you better things were in store for my Golden boy … can he really be TPTWP?)!!

We head back to Winterfell -Sam and Gilly have arrived and Sam seeks out Bran. Not gonna lie -this part confused me a bit, because I thought Bran was all knowing ….yet, he asks Sam WHY he’s come to Winterfell. Also -it’s Sam who informs him that Jon isn’t a bastard. Also -why has Bran told this to Sam, and not his sisters? Unless he has? And we just haven’t seen it? Like the Starks conspiring against LF? Makes me wonder of the other things that may have happened offscreen this season, too ….

Bran does what he does and goes back in time to witness Lyanna and Rhaegar’s marriage -Roberts Rebellion was built on a lie. Jon’s real name is (barf) Aegon Targaryen, and he’s never been a bastard -he’s the TRUE heir to the Iron Throne -all of this over boatbang, sucking all the romance out of the coupling and painting it in an ominous light -just as I suspected. Remember when I told you all that CONTEXT was everything, and that there was a reason we found out about Jon’s parentage prior to boatbang -and the reasoning behind overlapping R/L’s wedding wasn’t to depict this EPIC romance, but to instead imply incestuous overtones and foreshadow the future Targbowl? Yep. That’s about it in a nutshell. But, more about boatbang towards the end -as well as my suspicions …

We return back to Winterfell, where our Starkling sisters are perched upon the ramparts. Here they confirm their bond, both understanding the true strength of the other, and that despite each others quirks -they love one another and will take care of each other ….just as their father would have wanted. “When the Snows fall and the White Winds Blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”  Despite their losses, the Starks are a pack, and they will endure.

Lastly, we shoot to Eastwatch, where everyone’s favorite ginger is perched atop the lookout post -probably daydreaming of Brienne. A horn blows as the NK’s army has finally reached the wall. Viserion, gorgeous blue eyes shining soars through the air with the NK on his back, and shooting flames to match his eyes -the wall begins to crumble.

We see people getting caught up in the destruction -hopefully not Tormund, because I’ll fucking riot, as the wall falls and the dead march forward into Westeros.

Winter is here.

Okay, so back to boatbang. Aside from the basics I outlined above -let’s break the scene down.

Jon stands before Dany’s door. His expression is troubled. He heaves a heavy sigh, then he lifts his hand to knock on the door -yet he hesitates before actually knocking. Why?

After Dany bids him entrance, Jon closes the door and we see Tyrion emerge from around the corner. Unless he’s been stalking Jon -he has perfect timing. Why is this? Could it be that Jon was just with Tyrion? Could that look they shared at the Dragon Pit mean something? Could Jon be the means as to which  Varys suggested Tyrion find a way to make Dany listen? Tyrion’s expression doesn’t look like jealousy to me -he looks concerned, worried even. Has he conspired against his queen, knowing how smitten she is with Jon, to stay the course and maybe feels guilty because he knows she’s falling for Jon and he’s playing her? Have secret discussions been going on offscreen, like with the Starks, only to be revealed later? You’ve kind of gotta wonder this season …

Look, whether or not you subscribe to the undercover lover theory or not, you’ve got to admit that there’s been a lot of oddness surrounding this rushed romance. Two episodes ago, Jon was ready to hightail it out of Dragonstone and never look back (and he didn’t, although Jorah did), and we’re suddenly supposed to believe he’s smitten? I guess If I shipped them, I’d want to believe that -but what about Jon’s odd behavior? The fact that while Dany has literally poured her heart out to him, yet he’s managed to share absolutely NOTHING personal with her is a HUGE damn red flag to me.


Could he be attracted to her? Sure. She’s quite beautiful and he’s not blind, but it seems that D&D have been hiding little clues within the narrative -they’ve also managed to successfully sabotage this relationship before it even got off the ground -with the parent reveal last season. The way I see it, is we’ve got a strong case here, and a 50/50 chance that this is all for show and Jon’s actually LISTENED to Sansa -that he’s being smarter than father and Robb, that he’s NOT a Northern fool -and he REALLY does know how to play the game. All this talk of Ned, and honor?

OR, he is truly a damn fool and Jon Snow really does know nothing …. I just can’t stand by this. If I’m wrong, fine -but everything screams at me that that Jon knows Cersei was lying, or just doesn’t trust she’ll follow through. Jon knows that  once Dany figures that out, she’ll probably want to go back south with her dragons and armies -pledging himself to her clearly didn’t work (as witnessed by her words at the Dragon Pit) -but clearly she’s smitten with him …he’s seen her heart eyes. What’s a sure-fire way to get her to commit to the war and assisting the North in fighting? Why, committing to her man, of course.

So, back to analyzing the sex scene. There was no lead up -no first kiss, no tender caresses -just a closed door and then BAM two naked (damn Kit, daaayum!) people. Dany seems to have taken the aggressive stance on top. Jon  flips her into missionary, and before he thrusts, STOPS -again, like at the door, he’s hesitating as he looks down at Dany, regretful -like he’s not sure he should do this -NOT because he doesn’t want her (he IS a man, after all), but because he’s feeling guilty about what he’s about to do (to her), as she stares up at him all dreamy-eyed and awestruck, and he doesn’t feel the same way. Make no mistake that I do believe he likes her as a person, but love is not reciprocated here.

He heaves yet another heavy sigh, with this same haunted expression, and then pants as he steels himself to go on -seemingly forcing himself to continue, squeezing his eyes shut as he kisses her. All I heard in my head was Arya saying “get on with it”.

This was not romantic epic love. Jon didn’t look at Dany like she hung the moon. We’ve all seen the way he’s looked at Sansa -

Vs. a very intimate moment with the woman he “supposedly” has fallen for?


I may be wrong about undercover lover, but I think that there was so much more than meets the eye here.

Buckle up babies -we survived season 7 and boatbang.

Season 8 is ours and Jonsa is STILL endgame. It is known. 😘

EXO react to coming home to you asleep in lingerie

m8y if you think this is too erotic you haven’t met me

Also this is gender-neutral :3

Sehun:*he didn’t notice you were asleep at first but he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw your peaceful face. Was very conflicted after seeing you exposed like that and he couldn’t just forget so he thought of a bunch of excuses for waking you up, none of which were any good but that didn’t stop him*

Kai:*you’d think he’d be shy but not today. When he walked into the bedroom to see your body lying asleep and barely covered he couldn’t help but wander over and sit gently next to you and gaze at you he creeping, tracing every curve of your body with his eyes lustfully, unsure if he should wake you*

Tao:*already ripping his top off when he caught a glimpse of you in lingerie only to realise you were sleeping so he pouted and waited for you to wake up. When you didn’t for a long time he eventually resorted to taking his laptop into the bathroom to relieve his frustration nothing*

dana dis gif for u

D.O:*very fluffy and turned on when he walked in on you almost naked and fast asleep. He carefully climbed onto the bed beside you and cuddled up to you, admiring every inch and curve of your body as he settled a hand on your thigh, a gentle attempt to wake you because even he couldn’t resist your bod*

Chanyeol:*surprisingly he didn’t wake you up when he came stumbling into the apartment after staying late at the studio. He smirked at the sight of you sleeping on the bed wearing his favourite lingerie that you owned. Since you’d probably tried to stay up for him, he didn’t see the harm in gently shaking you awake there was a lot of harm you were not happy*

Chen:*naturally his first instinct when he walked in on you sleeping and basically naked was to wake you up and continue what you’d semi-started. In the rush to undress you further, he forgot how cranky you get when you first wake up and didn’t expect you to moan at him - in the wrong way aahha im so funny. However as you stared at his pouting smiling face you couldn’t resist jumping on him because who could let’s be honest*

Baekhyun:*when he returned home to you sleeping on the couch in lingerie, he wasn’t about to settle down. So he ran through a mental list of ways to wake you in the most ‘accidental’ way and eventually dropped a pile of books on the floor. It sure woke you up, but as it was an ‘accident’ he didn’t get the blame and instead got the pus/dic*

“Oops :3”

Lay:*the biggest struggle of his life was not waking you up and banging you right there and then. You looked so gorgeous and quiet lying there asleep in very exposing clothes and he had difficulty leaving you there in peace. Resorted to carefully covering you with a blanket so he wouldn’t be tortured by your body and left the room*

“Resist, boi”

Suho:*he crept through the apartment late at night after a long day of practise, expecting you to be asleep - which you were. But he was taken aback when he saw you asleep in lingerie, and although you looked so beautiful lying calm and sleeping, he thought you’d look even more beautiful underneath him*

sudaddy has been messing with me i needed this

Kris:*walking in on you asleep on the couch in lingerie was the perfect surprise for him that evening. You stirred as he closed the door - possibly a bit loudly on purpose - and once you sat up all you saw was Yifan across the room, beckoning you over. His eyes were lustful and you quite happily jolted the sleep from your limbs and wandered over to him, anticipating whatever he had planned*

Luhan:*quietly sneaked into the house after staying late at work and saw you fast asleep in lingerie that complimented your body perfectly. He felt the biggest urge ever to march straight over to you, pick you up and pin you against the wall, removing the few clothes you were already wearing, and sure enough that’s what he did*

Xiumin:*did a double take when he saw you half naked and spread out elegantly on the couch. However in your wait for him to get home you’d dozed off, and as adorable as that was to him he couldn’t help but wake you and have you spread out in a different way what i what nothing*

going through all my xiu gifs and narrowing it down to one real struggles

Idon’t own the gifs, credit to respective owners

Not Falling For Your ‘Jeojangs’

Wanna One’s Park Jihoon X Reader [fem ver]

Lee Daehwi ver


Word count: 3270

• as much as you love your best friend, Park Jihoon, you’re not super impressed by his job choice for the summer
• and the fact that his new job involves interacting with other customers in the most heart racing manner
• but he’s your best friend? That’s all he’ll ever be, right? ;)

hey anon, I hope you still like this even though I added bff - bf even though it wasn’t mentioned by you but I had to come up with a plot. ( I am so cliche I shld quit ) You can re request when my request box opens again! Thank you, anon.

- admin L

When your best friend - whom you had known since middle school and of nine years - Park Jihoon, told you that he applied for a job at the new flower boy cafe near your house, you laughed and told him not to joke about things like that. You nearly shoved him off his bed when he said he was serious about the matter.

“What? Y/N, you don’t think I’ll make a good flower boy?” He exclaimed, mildly offended. “Yah! All my hyungs call me the flower boy.”

“Full offence but Sungwoon is the flower boy,” you replied, pulling up your phone to show Jihoon photos from Sungwoon’s latest photo shoot. “I mean, look at that. This is pictorial evidence. How are you the main flower boy? Once, you wore a yellow t-shirt and daisy patterned pants. I think that’s the closest-”

“Okay! Thanks for the information,” Jihoon shouted, the tips of his ears going red when you brought up his dark past and terrible fashion sense.

“Okay, but seriously, why do you want to work there? Didn’t you say you were traveling for this break?” You took a sip of Jihoon’s drink before planting the bottle back on his bedside table. Your tongue swiped over your bottom lip and Jihoon caught that, he shifted his gaze as heat rose to his face. 

“I mean, I am but it’s only for a week so I have the rest of the time to go work and earn some money. What about you, what’s my favourite girl going to do?” He reached for his drink but you swiftly lifted it out of his reach. Jihoon wasn’t that tall. ( is he? idk, let’s just pretend you’re tall af too )

I’m his ‘favourite girl’. Why is my heart beating so fast because of that? I thought I moved on from my crush on him. Why do I still feel like this?

Truthfully, you couldn’t move on. It seemed like there was no better guy than your best friend, at least in your school or even your neighbourhood. There wasn’t that… connection you found with Jihoon and it puzzled you.

“Am I not your only girl?” You pointed out, drinking his drink again. Jihoon rolled his eyes but sighed and agreed. “It’s a good thing though, I can’t seem to click with anyone else.” He waddled across his bed to where you lounged and tried to snatch his bottled drink again.

You tried to suppress the emotions rising within you.

Y/N, calm down. Calm down. Don’t be like this.

“Yah, the flower boy cafe is only going to get customers because you’re working there. The whole school has a crush on you, Jihoon. They’ll flock there because ‘Jihoon Oppa!’ is there,” you imitated a higher pitched squeal of a Freshman infatuated with Park Jihoon.

Jihoon was not even the slightest bit impressed, in fact, he wrinkled his nose in disgust. “God, why am I even friends with you. Yah! You don’t even call me oppa, I’m older than you.”

You blinked. “By like two months. It doesn’t count. Unless you’re into some kinky shit….then…..I gotta call Guanlin to come collect your ass.”

Jihoon blushed tomato red and tossed a pillow at you. “Yah! Don’t do this to me!” He wailed dramatically.

Going back to his question, you responded, “Well, probably not much. Maybe get work at my uncle’s flower shop nearby so I can feed your flower boy reputation.” It actually sounded like a decent idea, at least better than the original one which was lazing around your house and moping over Jihoon.

Jihoon placed a hand on the small of your back comfortingly, smiling. “I just hope that this Summer will be filled with fun and good memories for us both. It’s our… tenth? summer spent as friends. Toast to that!”

He made you laugh and you proceeded to pass his drink back to him. He frowned when you wrenched it back. “Can I get a kiss first?” You teased. “Come on. Practice your fan service, flower boy.”

A pang shot through your chest at the thought of Jihoon kissing random people for his job.

It’s his job, Y/N! No strings attached! It’s for his job, he has to if they request, you assured but it didn’t make you feel any better.

Jihoon pressed a quick peck to your cheek and held out his hand for his drink. You passed it back to him reluctantly, fingers brushing and a million sparks ignited in you.

“Are you staying for dinner? You know you’re always welcome here,” he grinned. Shaking your head and getting off from his bed, you replied, “No, I’m sorry. My parents want me back home.” It was a lie, they allowed you to stay simply because they were super close to the Park family too.

Jihoon’s smile faltered but he nodded understandingly. “Okay, I’ll walk you back.”

That, you couldn’t deny.

Ever since that day, you prayed that his application would be denied since half the high school’s population had also applied to work there but of course, the universe held something against you and Jihoon was one of the few successful applicants. It was two in the morning when he called you to tell you about the wonderful news. The worst part was that you had to pretend you weren’t breaking on the inside, maintaining for cheerful tone despite tears running down your face and onto your pillow. You felt silly for crying over such a filial matter but you couldn’t stop the tears.

You spent nights thinking about his tender words and loving gazes directed towards you and now they would be for someone else. Not to mention any of his crazy aegyo. You hated it yet you wanted it. It was selfish, so to take things off your mind, you approached your aunt and uncle and asked if you could work for them at their flower shop. They happily agreed and worked things out with your parents.

Your aunt patted your back. “Your cousin could learn a thing or two from you. All she wants to do this Summer is visit that new flower boy cafe,” she complained, shaking her head in disapproval. “She says her friend, Jihoon? Is working there and she’s going to support him but I don’t buy her lies.”

Jihoon? Her friend? Puh-lease. You’re a Freshman, we are Juniors, stay in your league.

“Oh. Jihoon is… actually my best friend so…”

“Good lord! Please don’t mention her to him. She shouldn’t be thinking so much about boys ( charli XCX hurh hurh ) at such a young age. I doubt he would take interest in a Freshman anyways,” your aunt commented which drew a nod in agreement from you.

But it was clear cut that people were already targeting your best friend’s heart and hopefully none of them shoot a bullseye.

“I would, however, approve of you dating him though,” she said a while later. “It’d be cute.”

“What? Me? Him?” You spluttered, large eyes growing wider in shock, nearly trimming a flower off of its stem.

Your aunt nodded, beaming. “Yes, why not. I’ve seen the way you look at him and the way he looks at you. It’s cute, to be honest.”

Reluctantly, you shook your head. “I don’t think so. Everyone likes him and I’m only his best friend….” you trailed off, talking about it only made you feel miserable.

“Ahhh, that can change. I know you’re going to say something like ‘If he liked me, he would do something’ but no, who says he has to make the first move. It’s up to you, do what you want but you should. Y/N, remember, love can’t kill you.” ( life advice from yours truly™ )

Great, just wonderful. You thought as you exited the shopping mall only to meet a downpour. ( sobs bc IOI ) 

It was the second week of the holidays and so far, all had been well. The only thing that stood in your way was the rain. See, your uncle had sent you to grab lunch from the mall nearby but you didn’t exactly foresee it raining on a sunny day like this one. Of course, the only time you needed an umbrella was the time you never had one. To make matters worse, it was Summer so you didn’t have a hoodie or anything remotely shielding with you. You were dressed in Summer attire and a gust of cold with made you shiver.

Whatever, I can run through this.

It irked you when your sneakers splashed into a puddle so you were suffering in this weather. Rain pelted heavily on you and soon, you were drenched from head to toe.

Okay, what kind of weather is this? It’s supposed to be Summer! If only Jihoon was with me, he’d- No! Stop thinking about him!

You dashed across the road and without even looking at the signboard, ducked under a colourful awning. Relieved you had found shelter, you checked your pockets for your phone. Only to find that it wasn’t there but left on the counter in your break room. A groan emitted from you and you sank to the floor, tucking your knees to your chest.

Keep it together. Keep it together, Y/N. You’re okay now. It’s fine. You’re fine.

You breathed in deeply before standing up, reading to make a couple more dashes through the storm back to the flower shop.

What shop is this anyway? Is it new? I haven’t seen it before.

You did a double take when you saw the sign and let out another series of wails. People passing by were wondering if they needed to call a priest for extortion.

Of course, of course, it has to be the damn flower boy cafe. I hope Jihoon doesn’t see me. He’s probably- Damn these glass panels!

You didn’t know whether to be happy or sink into despair when your eyes locked with familiar, large brown orbs. It was seconds before the front door burst open and Jihoon emerged, mouth hanging open in shock.


You smiled sheepishly, fully aware that your shirt was sticking to your body like second skin and your hair resembled that of a wet poodle. “Hi?”

“Oh my god! What happened? Are you okay? Come inside!” He shouted above the pitter patter of the rain, bundling you up and practically shoving you inside the cafe. Ignoring all the curious stares, Jihoon yelled a few words to his co-workers as he pushed open the door to his break room and pulled you inside. He snatched a towel from Ha Sungwoon’s bag - because that boy has everything - and wrapped it around your shivering form.

“T-thanks,” you stammered out, partially because of the cold, partially because of your close proximity. He passed you one of his hoodies from his locker, you supposed it was another one to add to your collections. Jihoon often called you to go shopping and whilst browsing for outerwear, he would rant endlessly about how his hoodies kept disappearing but he never noticed the fact that you wore a different one every time you were over at his place. He insisted it was his sasaeng fans, you smacked his arm lightly, shaking your head.

“Why? Y/N, do you not think I’m popular enough to have fans? Believe me, I am. Daewhi told me that there’s a fan account for me on Instagram. Wanna see?” He argued, pulling up his Instagram account.

That memory made you smile.

Suddenly, you realised Jihoon had left and that you were all alone in the break room. You continued to towel dry yourself as best as you could, making a mental reminder to wash and return the towel to Sungwoon. If you dug deeper into his bag, you would find a hairdryer. You sighed and shook your head, wondering why he would need a hairdryer at work.

Outside, Jihoon was hurriedly preparing hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and marshmallows, just the strange way you liked it. Ong Seongwoo and Kim Jaewhan sniggered at his antics. “Y/N is a special girl to him. He would never do anything like this for anyone,” Jaehwan mused and Seongwoo agreed.

Lee Daewhi raised his eyebrows when Jihoon charged the hot chocolate to his own credit card. “Hyung never really treats us to anything…Y/N must be really precious to him,” he murmured, Jaewhan and Seongwoo hummed in response, all curious about you. Bae Jinyoung grabbed Jihoon’s wrist just as he was about to leave with a tray of strawberry cake for a customer. “Are  you going to tell Y/N you like her?”

Jihoon could only stare at his shoes. “I don’t know. I don’t want to ruin our friendship. Besides, she has been getting close to Guanlin recently.”

Jinyoung rolled his eyes. “Y/N’s cousin has been ranting all over her blog that she spent nights crying over you and is pretty much in love with you. Do the right thing,” he hissed.

Jihoon nodded but he couldn’t bring himself to. He liked you too much to ruin the close friendship he had with you.

It hurts but if it’s for Y/N, I would bear with it. I can’t risk damaging our closeness and stopping her from entering into potential relationships. It isn’t that boys aren’t interested in her, she just seems to brush them off. So, that means that she probably has someone in mind.

He set the plates down on the table neatly and turned to rush into the room but the customer grabbed his arm. “Oppa? Can you do some aegyo for me?” She asked. Upon request, Jihoon half-heartedly performed his ‘kku kka kaa’ with a fake smile but it elicited squeals of joy from the girl anyway. He didn’t realise the pair of glossy eyes watching him from behind a door.

It isn’t a big deal, Y/N. Why are you getting so worked up over it.

Your thoughts were interrupted by Jihoon’s entrance, you glanced up to have a proper look at him and nearly laughed. Sitting on his head was a gorgeous crown of flowers that you could easily replicate.

“You look like a flower prince,” you blurted out without thinking twice.

“What?” Jihoon blinked, not catching whatever you had said.

“I said, this towel could use a rinse.” You gestured to Sungwoon’s damp towel that you were attempting to dry with his hairdryer.

“Ahhh. It’s okay. I’ll take it home to wash. Oh, you look good in my hoodies, you can keep it I guess. Just return to me whenever,” he said, placing your mug of hot chocolate on the table.

“Mhm. Thank you, it’s really good. Oh, I’m sorry! I’m probably disturbing your work and all!” You apologised, hands flying to cover your mouth.

Jihoon smiled. “Nah. I’m about to knock off soon anyway.”

Tell her! Just tell her!

There were instances in that conversation where he nearly did but the words got stuck in his throat at the last minute. So, once the rain had cleared, he watched you walk back to the florist in his hoodie but without knowing the truth.

Jinyoung was disappointed, to say the least.

The next time, you actually came willingly to the flower boy cafe. You felt extremely bad about that whole incident and decided to bring a bouquet of flowers for Jihoon to thank him.

And a new flower crown. Simply because the ones he wore were fake and he deserved a better one. You also wanted to return Sungwoon his towel, it was pretty embarrassing you held onto it for the entire weekend.

Ong Seongwoo was right at your service the second you entered the cafe even though you asked for Jihoon. He apologised and said that Jihoon was too busy with his tables. Seongwoo leaned closer., “Truthfully, it’s to get under his skin,” he whispered, chuckling.

You took an immediate liking to Seongwoo already.

Playing along, you hyped up his ‘aegyo’ and jokes. He was a visual but also a gag.

You were enjoying your time at the flower boy cafe more than you thought you would. You watched Lee Daewhi pretty much throw away his entire ego and reputation as THE president of Brand New High School’s renowned English Language Drama and Debate Society for a girl, it was entertaining, he was so smitten with her. Unlike Daewhi, Jihoon only noticed your presence when he raced past with multiple trays, he grinned but it fell when he saw Seongwoo approach with your orders. There wasn’t much he could do anyway.

You sat in your plush armchair and read a book, slowly sipping your drink and munching on a couple of delicious cookies. Eventually, the hours passed and Jihoon was finally able to breathe. He approached your table, almost skipping towards you. “Y/N! You are saved in my heart!” ( park jeojang strikes )

You looked up from the page you were on and raised a perfectly plucked brow. “I’m not falling for your awful aegyo,” you shot back.

I’ve fallen for the other things about you. You don’t need to use your aegyo on me. There’s so much more to you than just your looks.

Jihoon pouted and made a crying action with his hands. “I’m hurt!” If he were in a cartoon, there would be a dark cloud hanging over his head.

You gestured for him to come closer as you fished around in your bag for his new, fresh, flower crown. “Show me your best aeygo. I have a gift for you.”

Jihoon formed finger hearts and brought them to his lips, kissing them and offering them to you. “I love you.”

Stop it! You’re going to make me cry. I wish you meant it.

You half smiled but slipped his fake flower crown off and replaced it with the one you slaved on. “It looks so much better on you,” you complimented. “How are you so good looking?”

“What?” Jihoon used his hand to cup his ear. “I didn’t catch that.”

You furrowed your brow. “I said Ong Seongwoo is good looking!” You yelled loud enough for Seongwoo to hear and he gladly sent a flying kiss your way. Jihoon huffed and frowned, clearly unimpressed with your answer but his expression changed to one of pure joy and surprise when you produced the bouquet. He plucked a small flower and tucked it into his pocket.

“I-I just want to thank you for the other time…where I interrupted your work and all. Pretty…embarrassing of me,” you admitted, face turning red. Jihoon opened his mouth to respond but you clamped your hand over his lips. “J-just let me say something? I’ll let you talk later.”

There’s no going back now.

“I like you.” You confessed. “Like…more than a friend.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Jihoon questioned, his jaw wide open. “Say that again.”

Oh my god! He doesn’t like me back. You could feel your heart slowly starting to crack and you stifled tears. “I like Ong Seongwoo.”

“She said she likes you, Park Jihoon!” Seongwoo and Sungwoon yelled before high-fiving each other. Daewhi almost squealed.

You couldn’t help but allow the tears to flow. “I-I’m sorry-”

“Don’t be. I like you too. Let’s date,” Jihoon admitted, grabbing your hands. “Y/N, don’t cry.” He dabbed a soft tissue to your face. “You’re saved in my-”

“I didn’t fall for your jeojangs. I fell for you.” You hissed, mildly ashamed as he dried more tears.

Jihoon’s grin only grew wider. “I know, that’s why I like you even more.”


Submitted by: Anonymous 

You sat on the edge of the well, back against the wooden post, a book in your hand. Completely engrossed in the story, you didn’t notice a girl walk by and do a double take when she saw someone reading. She quietly approached, not wanting to bring you back to the current world, but wanting to meet the person who seemed to love books just as much as she did.

“Excuse me,” she said. 

With a start, you glanced up, immediately snapping the book shut and putting it behind your back in one fluid motion.

“Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to startle you!”

“It’s. It’s okay,” you stammered. “I was just enjoying the weather.”

“You were reading,” she said excitedly.

“Oh, no you must be mistaken,“ you started.

The girl laughed. 

“I am not. It’s not often you see someone reading, let alone a girl. I think it’s amazing”

You started at her, dumbstruck.

“You do?" 

"Oh yes,” she said passionately. “Books are what connects me to worlds beyond this one. When I’m reading a book, I feel as if I’ve left this world and joined that of the book.” She paused, looking back at you.

“Do you borrow your books from Père Robert?”

“Oh, um, no. I just recently moved here. This is a book someone gave me back in my other village. He taught me how to read, and when I went away he gave me my favorite book as a gift.” You glanced down at the book and smiled, remembering all the times you shared together. 

“Do your parents know you read?” she asked tentatively, sitting beside you. You smiled sadly.

“No. Father wouldn’t allow it. He thinks that reading is a waste of time.”

“So does everybody else in this town,” she replied shaking her head.

You glanced down, wishing that for once your father would understand.

“I’m Belle,” the girl said.


“I’ll tell you about my book if you tell me about yours,” she said lifting a book out of her basket. You nodded excitedly.

“Mine is about two lovers in fair Verona. After reading it I didn’t want to come back!” Belle started. You giggled, finding yourself completely content. You had just found your best friend.

And so it went. You sat for hours discussing your favorite books. She told you about Père Robert, and that once she talked to him he would definitely let you borrow some of his collection. She even offered to get it for you herself, so that you wouldn’t be seen with books in the village. Thus, a new friendship blossomed. Maybe together, you two could change the minds of the world. A new adventure began.

Catboy Kang Daniel

Member: Kang Daniel // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff, Catboy AU

Plot: What happens when you encounter a strange boy in an alleyway?

Word count: 2354

Originally posted by kangj00n

“Dismissed.” The professor’s drawl set off a collection of books and laptops slamming shut as studies rushed out of lecture hall. Students were itching to enjoy the last of the warm rays of sunlight before winter would set in, with the boys already excitedly taking out their soccer balls and girls collecting in herds to go out for trips. You packed a little more slowly, mind wandering on what to do with your evening. Your best friend had been hospitalized recently from food poisoning, but the last time you tried to visit, Chungha’s boyfriend had been all over her and it was uncomfortable to sit there and even act remotely interested as he fussed over if her bed angle was at 45 degrees or not.

I’ll just go home, you decide, and you sling your bag over your shoulder and walk out of the hall, waving to a few of the students you were friendly with. The leaves had turned from a crisp orange and red to a dull brown, and they were rattling as they seemed ready to shed for the winter. You shivered at the thought of how chilly your apartment would get. Perhaps you should have invested in a thick and furry throw for the bed after all.

You were alert on the walk home. Your apartment was off campus, and quite honestly there were some sketchy alleyways you had convinced yourself to be trouble to you one day or another. You would always run past the opening, unable to figure out why they were so dreadfully frightening to you. As you prepared yourself mentally for the run, a thundering clang of metal startled you. You tensed at the sound. It was vaguely familiar, and you wracked your brain to think of what it was. Metal? Alleyways… A trashcan? You were almost certain it was a knocked over trash can, and slowly took one cautious step forward. And then another. There was no way in heaven that you would just run past this time– what if whatever it was caught you? Finally you peeked past the corner as stealthy as possible, and saw a boy who could not have been much older than you with brown hair poking out from under his blue beanie, sniffing at the knocked over contents. You watched in utter fascination as he picked up a browned apple core, before sticking his tongue out. Surely he wouldn’t…

“No!” You shout, waving your hands as he flinched and dropped the apple with a yelp of surprise. “Don’t eat that! That’s old and nasty!” He jumped away, his teeth bared. His canines were unusually sharp, and you felt uneasy. Otherwise he looked like a relatively normal boy; sure his clothes were a bit old and tattered, and he looked like he needed a good meal and warm shower, but otherwise he was quite normal. And cute.

“Don’t come any closer.” He hissed. It sounded distinctly inhuman, but you tried to push back the unease. Instead, you held your hand out cautiously. He was obviously tired, and you had nothing else to do. Plus, your mother had always taught you to have a soft heart for those in danger or unable to take care of themselves.

“Hey, I’ll help you.” You lower your tone, meeting his sharp gaze with as confident of a smile as you could muster. He cautiously took a step forward, his eyes flitting around to check the situation as well as he could. Then he looked at your hand, which was only a few centimeters away, and rubbed his cheek against it, purring loudly. You froze. Holy cow, what was this guy?

“Are you-”

“I’m actually starving. I would appreciate a meal, and maybe a place to nap a bit.” He said matter-of- factly, and you sigh. You were curious, perhaps a bit frightened, of who this boy was. Still, you could tell the only way to win his trust was through caring for him to some degree.

“Let’s go to my apartment. I’ll take you in for a bit.” He brightened considerably at this. “Do you have a name?”

“Kang Daniel. And you?”

“____.” He gives a childish grin at this, and runs circles around you in what you would assume to be excitement, his eyes gleaming in the light.

“Well, ___. Let’s get walking!” He ran ahead blindly, and you rolled your eyes at how hyperactive this guy was. Eventually he broke into a leisurely stroll, and kept blabbering about random stuff. Apparently he liked climbing into boxes and small spaces for shelter, and had a roommate but was forced out recently. He could not recall his family, but he was cheerfully certain that they were around somewhere.

“What about your age?” You ask as you pull the key from your necklace and unlock your front door. He thought for a moment, before shrugging.

“I was born somewhere in 96. I think.” That was a year earlier than you. This weird man- cat- child was actually older than you.

“I see.” He sprang into your house, looking at the clean interior with mischief in his eyes. You could already see the havoc he was going to induce. “Before anything, how about you wash up?” He nodded, before sticking his tongue out towards his wrist. You grabbed his hand, pulling it away before he could make contact.

“I meant a shower.” He frowned at this.

“You’re trying to make me touch water?” He asked incredulously, and you sighed.

“Do you not know what a shower is?” He shrugged. This was going to be a long day. You made him sit down on the dining table chair, and ran off to your room. There was a box of clothes tucked away in your closet, full of what your ex- boyfriend had left at your apartment after trips. Shirts, pants, and finally you reached and fished out a pair of swimming trunks. You came back out, praying it would fit him.

“Daniel.” You said seriously, and he looked up from the bird he had been intently staring at that was on the windowsill. “Go into the bathroom, and put this on. I need you to take off your clothes and put this on where your pants are, okay?” He nodded, before bounding off towards the door your finger was pointing at. It was going to be tough. The bathroom was tiny, and if the boy had no idea what he was going to do, then there was no point in you leaving him there alone.

“I did it!” He yowled triumphantly, and ran out. You sighed when you saw the beanie still on his head, but almost did a double take at how perfect his abs were. No lingering, you chided to yourself.

“Uh. Good job.” You fumbled with the words, before leading him away towards the bathroom once more. You locked the door, rolling up your sleeves and determined to get him clean. You turned on the shower, making sure the water was not too warm. “Get in the tub.” He flinched at the sight of the water, but your iron grip on him forced him into water. The hair poking out from under his beanie rose slightly at the contact, and you pulled it off with a quick yank.

He let out a yelp of surprise, and you felt your lower jaw slacken and fall open in shock. Poking out from his brown hair were cat ears. It suddenly made sense why his hair was so long and covered the spot where your ears would be proportionally on him. He shrunk into the corner of the tub as much as possible, and you forced yourself to breath calmly. He was a friendly creature. He would not harm you. You try to smile, hoping it did not come out as a grimace of confusion.

“Is there anything else I should know?” You say in a surprisingly calm tone. He gives a troubled stare, the water that was bothering him initially no longer fazing him. Slowly he reaches behind him, and pulls something out from behind of his trunks. A tail. He has a brown tail.

“I’ll… leave.” He got up, but you block him with your arms spread out. You were not a fan of cats, but clearly he was clueless on what the outside world was like.

“No! I’m cool with you. It’ll take a bit of adjusting, but it’s too cold for you to go out and I promise I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable so please…” Your voice trailed off uncertainly. He sat back down again, looking defeated.

“I didn’t want to scare you. I just wanted a friend, somewhere safe.” He mumbled, and your heart shattered. You offered him the shampoo, showing him how wit bubbled. He fixated on the bubbles, cheering instantly as he would dart his hands out to pop the few that would float out of his hair as you did your best to wash it. You hadn’t a clue how to wash the ears, but you were certain the suds should not be entering it. He purred when you rubbed his hair to lather, and you tried to not laugh as he became somber once more when you had to wash it out with the shower head. You let him figure out how to use the body wash.

“I’ll be back with a towel. I’ll leave it on the sink over there, and I’ll make you some food.” You excuse yourself. You exit the bathroom, only realizing then how you were soaked completely from the waist upward. You changed into your pajamas, before throwing a towel onto the counter and exited for the kitchen. You had no idea what he would eat. Did he have eating restrictions? Did cats have eating restrictions? Was he more human or cat? You settled on giving up your last salmon fillet for him, and made it with as minimal ingredients as possible. You would search online later how to satisfy a cat’s dietary needs.

He came out, still in the swimming trunks, and you cursed mentally at how you had forgotten to give him a change of clothes. They were tracking water into your dining area as he followed you curiously to figure out what the aromas were.

“Stay there!” You ran back to pick out some sort of clothes for him. Sweatpants. Crewneck. Thick socks. You came back with them, handing it to him. He took them gratefully, before giving you a quick lick on the cheek and walking off to the bathroom once more. You blushed. Was that his equivalent of a peck or was it just regular cat behavior? You sighed, trying to fight the inward squeamishness you had. In reality, you had a fear of cats. Your aunt’s cat had clawed you when you were seven, shredding the skin of your forearm into a bloody mess. There were still scars there, faint lines that seemed to tingle every time you saw a cat after that day. Even now, you were forcing yourself to see Daniel more as a human than a cat. But how does he exist?

He came back out, looking satisfied, before hurtling towards the table where you had set up his food. You watched in silent shock as he used no utensils or his hands, and instead took quite and precise bites of the fillet, which vanished in a matter of seconds. He let out a content burp, before looking around.

You took his plate, and he followed you into the kitchen, waiting patiently as you put the plate into the sink and turned on the faucet. Then, he ducked his head under, lapping at the water.

“Daniel! No!” You prod him out of the way, before glaring at him. “That’s not how you drink water!”

“It’s fine, calm down.” He said, but still accepted the water bottle you threw at him with startling accuracy. “I could use a nap though.” He glanced around a bit more, before finally settling down in the sunny spot of your sofa.

You sighed, before getting your old knitted blanket and handing it to him. He took it gratefully, before pulling you down beside him. You stiffened as he curled up closer to you than you would have liked, before letting out a rattling purr.

“This was the best day of my life.” He murmured as sleepiness overtook him. The words lodged into your mind, and you softened. Help those who are in need, especially the young and clueless. “I don’t think I can even remember that much, but I’m just thankful for you.” He let out a soft snore, his head on your lap. You realized you couldn’t move without waking him, but you strangely did not want to move either. You were enchanted at how his furry ears twitched periodically, how his tail flickered ever so slightly. His dark lashes were long, and a few times you thought they were about to flutter open. What did he dream of? Did he chase butterflies and mice, or did he dream of the same nonsense humans had?

You lifted a hand slowly, before reaching down to stroke his hair. You could not help it. It was astonishing how soft and fluffy his hair was, already perfectly in place after his shower and meal. He was still shockingly handsome, even as he was knocked out in dreamland, and for the first time in a while, you could feel your heart opening up just a little for this boy. A warm hand wrapped around the one that was petting him, and you were startled from your thoughts as you saw him smiling up at you.

“After I finish this nap, I’m going to teach you how to climb trees and catch mice and hide in small spaces so we can do it all together.” He said with a content sigh. He sat up momentarily, before hugging you tightly and knocking both of you over onto the couch, his tail wrapping around your side protectively. “But for now, let’s nap.”

awful first grade teacher

In first grade, I had the worst teacher. And for some reason, she hated me. I don’t know why, but she did. And the fact that I didn’t have any friends, because I just moved schools, didn’t help. Her policy for being late was ‘if I shut the door before you’re inside, you’re late’ which was actually pretty standard for the first grade teachers. Except one time, when I was at the back of the line, and she definitely saw me coming, she slammed the door shut and told me I was late because of it. I didn’t think much of it, but it really upsets me now. This bitch also blamed for a bunch of shit I didn’t do. Like one time I put my math assignment in the basket after finishing, but then did a double take to go look at it to make sure I put my name on it, because I wasn’t sure. As I was walking back to my seat, I glanced over at my friend Noah’s book, because a sticker in it caught my eye, and this bitch just screamed ’{MY NAME}! YOU DON’T DO THAT! SEE ME AFTER WORK TIME IS OVER!’ I had no idea what I did wrong. Later, she pulled me aside and made up some bullshit story about how I walked past Noah (who was actually done with his work by the time I passed him, mind you) and told him an answer to one of the questions. She said she even saw me hold up my fingers in the '3’ motion to him. Like? What the fuck? I didn’t even say anything to him. I just glanced at him. But she insisted that I was giving away answers. I also remember her once making me stay in during recess to pick up the classroom because I made a mess, apparently. I had been sitting at my desk reading. I hadn’t done shit. She also once hid my lunch, I remember that. What a bitch.

tlrd; my 1st grade teacher hated me and made my early years in school hell. fuck you, mrs.rivas.

Okay, so my housemates are weird.

I live in this one little rental house that straddles the border of campus. (I would say look it up on Google Earth if you don’t believe me, but that would be both foolhardy and inconclusive. Nicky did once, thinking they could handle it. Gwinna got them back, as per usual.) As such, we get some weird stuff going on. Borders are important.

Two bedrooms, five girls and one person (Nicky). Sarah, Nicky, and I live in one room; Rogue, Kay, and Gwinna live in the other. None of those are true names, though Sarah is a given name and Nicky’s full given name is Annika, which they freely told us because their true name’s something different. We’ve all been…elsewhere…at least once. Gwinna’s been some six times against her will, who knows how often by choice. None of us knows what’ll happen when she gets taken again, because that’ll make seven. Numbers are important too.

Sarah mostly copes by keeping her head down. She’s a physics major, so mostly safe in class, but she does visit the coffee shop by the English building every day, where most of the baristas speak in rhyme or never, ever blink. It’s always there when she goes, though, and she’s never had the doorknob try to bite her. Perks of being a regular, I guess. She wears huge glasses and a necklace with a topaz pendant - for protection, she says. She sleeps on the lower bunk, below Nicky, who doesn’t so much mind there only being one way down from their bed. A word of advice: if you’re eating with her at the dining hall, don’t ask her - or anyone, really - to pass the salt. The shaker will probably be empty. She’s ridiculously good at pocketing salt when no one else is looking. Between Nicky’s recklessness and Gwinna actually seeming to like the Other Place, sometimes it seems like Sarah’s the only one of us with half an ounce of sense.

Speaking of Nicky: they’re a trip, that one. Never do anything at all slowly. They take a lot of risks, especially with the Gentry, but they’re perceptive to a fault, so usually it turns out okay. They’re addicted to Fritos, which double as an offensive/defensive agent besides being a good pick-me-up after track practice. I saw them throw a handful at an odd-looking bush once; I don’t know what they did it for, but I could swear I heard hissing. Most of them just avoid Nicky. They think they’re rude, almost disrespectful when they’re at their worst, but brave enough to have earned being left alone. That Google Earth thing was the only time they got taken. They don’t like to talk about it much. They major in archaeology, another risk, but they know what to study and what to leave back where they found it with a little offering of blood and water just in case. Mostly.

Rogue doesn’t have much in the way of authority problems, despite the nickname. She majors in robotics, but her real passion is paintball. She’s an astounding shot. She wears one of those paper germ masks doctors wear to class, because of that time one of the Gentry got offended by the robotics lab’s existence and let loose some…ah…spores. Thankfully Rogue had strep throat that day so she didn’t go in to the lab, but she’s been a little paranoid ever since. As someone who works with iron a lot and is reflexively polite, she commands quite a bit of respect. She keeps spare bolts and things in her backpack and jeans pockets. Sometimes she forgets to take them out, resulting in clunking noises in the washing machine that are actually completely mundane (as opposed to the ones that aren’t).

Kay is pretty inscrutable most of the time, which makes her both frustrating and fascinating to the Gentry. She’s a devout Muslim and wears a headscarf and veil whenever she leaves the house, so you can only see her eyes. (They were black before she got taken, but now they’re bright green.) Out of all of us, even Gwinna, her stay in the Other Place was the longest. She doesn’t tempt fate, but she loves her individuality, loves sticking out from a crowd. She’s an art major, huge colorful oil paintings mostly. Only Rogue has a car, so Kay’s taken over the garage as her workspace and place to store paintings. Sometimes one of them will disappear overnight, but never without her knowledge. She puts a sprig of fresh rosemary in her hair every morning, a habit she picked up after getting taken. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do, besides smelling nice.

Gwinna is strange. That’s really the only way to describe her. I’ve known her since she came as a freshman, and let me tell you, when I first met her I had her pegged as Gentry bait immediately. She’s constantly got her head in the clouds, loves the library a bit too much (two of her six snatchings were from there), likes being the last one awake at night. She frequently speaks in character under her breath; usually it’s characters from her video games, but sometimes it seems like she’s talking to someone besides herself. After her third snatching, my violinist friend Jacob, who’d just gotten back and had ended up with the Sight temporarily, said she had an eye-like symbol on her forehead and some of her hair had been replaced with feathers, but he swore she was still human. She hasn’t acted otherwise, so I’ll buy it. Gwinna is our go-to girl if one of us gets snatched - she saved Nicky from the Google Earth crisis, as I said, and without her intimate knowledge of fanfic terminology (don’t ask) Kay might have ended up with a far, far worse Deal than she did.

So…yeah, that’s us. We’re all weird. Nicky still feels like they owe a debt to Gwinna. Rogue is best at getting Sarah out of her shell. When Nicky gets too wild around the Gentry, Sarah can usually get them to see sense. Gwinna and Kay listen to each other’s nerd-out sessions. Whenever Rogue wants to go play paintball, Nicky is the first to volunteer. Sarah nags Gwinna whenever she procrastinates too much, which annoys her but tends to work. Rogue and Kay are totally in love, although at this rate they’ll never admit it.

And me? Well…that’s another story.

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Request: Imagine working with Gemma in the office, you’re  always quiet but you go to a SAMCRO party and show your wild side. Jax gets to see a little more of your wild side.

I dunno, I had fun with this. Hope y’all like it.


“So are you gonna come or what?”
You eyed Gemma over the invoices you were inspecting and raised your eyebrow.
“Is that a joke, Gem?”
She crossed her arms over her chest, pursed her lips and leant against the doorframe leading to the workshop.
“You’ve been working for me for four moths, (y/n). Anyone would think you don’t like us.”
“Oh I dont.”
Gemma laughed and you smirked at her before putting the papers back on the desk.
You began putting each invoice into an envelope ready to be sent out when there was a knock on the door.
A blush instantly rose to your cheeks and you glanced up.
“Sorry te interrupt.” The thick scottish accent spoke. “Clay wants ye te take some supplies up te the cabin.”
“Okay.” Gemma nodded.
You stood and grabbed the pile of envelopes off the desk.
“I should um go and post these.” You waved them in the air and Gemma nodded to you.
“Thankyou sweetheart.”
With an awkward wave to Chibs you made your way to the door.
You closed the door behind you and took a step when a gust of wind lifted the envelopes out of your hands, sending them fluttering to the ground.
You muttered as you knelt and gathered them, embarrassed of your clumsiness.
The mention of your name from inside the office caught your attention and you tilted your head towards the closed door, curious as to why you were being discussed. “Why does she only talk te ye?” Chibs asked. “Im guessing she aint coming te the party.”
“She’s just shy, thats all.”
“Aye, or maybe she just cant handle ‘er drink.”
You knew Gemma well enough to know she would have a smirk on her face but her next words surprised you.
“Take it easy, Scot. She’s a good girl, but she’s insecure. I’m sure in time she’ll come round.”
The familiar blush crept up your neck and you stood and made your way to your car, keeping your head down as you trekked across the lot.
Once you were in the safety of your car, with all the doors closed you let out a sigh you weren’t aware you had been holding in.
Gemma was right. The only reason you had stayed away from the parties was because you were shy. You had seen the crow eaters and the clothes (or lack of) that they wore and you didn’t exactly fit in with that crowd. But its not that you didn’t want to go. 
You bit your lip as you stuck the key in the ignition.
Fuck it.
You’d go tonight. It was time.


Take a deep breath.

You rolled your shoulders and adjusted the skirt you had convinced yourself to wear.
Music was already pumping and from where you stood, at the gate to the Teller Morrow lot, you could already see a few of the Tacoma members smoking outside.
Just twenty minutes. Thats all.
Maybe a drink, or two.
You could do this.
You unscrewed the bottle of vodka in your hand and took a swig.
With one last deep breath you took a step. One after the other, you made your way into the lot.
One of the Tacoma members noticed you and gave you ‘the nod’.
Without thinking you flashed him the finger guns, and upon realising your dorkiness, you shuffled hastily inside the club house, leaving an intrigued-and amused- member outside.
Maybe this was a mistake.
People were almost everywhere. The club house was swarming with life and with the amount of leather and bare skin clouding your vision it was a wonder you managed to lay your eyes on Tig.
He met your gaze from across the bar and the way his jaw practically hit the floor in disbelief sent your trademark blush across your cheeks.
“Holy shit!” Tig yelled, catching the attention of the people surrounding him. “She came!”
Chibs, Jax and Opie all glanced in your direction and had to do a double take when they saw it was in fact, the shy office girl in the doorway of their clubhouse.
With their eyes on you you felt more uncomfortable than you thought possible and you waved nervously.
Juice was walking past when he saw you. His eyes widened and glanced between you and the guys, a look of ‘Can you believe this?!’ on his face.
“(y/n)! I didn’t think you were coming!” He gestured for you to join him and you stepped forward nervously.
“Neither did I.” You confessed.
He wrapped his arm around your back and pulled you forward, gradually crossing the room.
The gap between you and the rest of the guys closed as shoulders pushed past you and Juice stopped in front of Jax.
“Look who showed.” Jax smirked.
“Shes actually here.” Tig said, shaking his head in disbelief but a grin on his face.
“Ye know we have our own bar, (y/n). Ye didn’t have to bring yer own drink.” Chibs gestured to the bottle of vodka in your hand.
You shrugged. “I don’t like sharing.”
“Thats my girl.”
You turned to see Gemma, a proud grin on her face and you welcomed her embrace.
“Chucky, get some shots ready.” Jax ordered.
“What are we toasting?” Juice asked eagerly as Chucky passed him a shot.
“(Y/n). She finally showed.”
You blushed but accepted the shot glass Opie passed you.
Everyone raised their glasses.
“To (y/n)!”


The crowd had diminished slightly, with a few of the partygoers heading home or outside as the night went on.
Happy was in the corner of the room, with a crow eater on her knees in front of him.
Chibs and Bobby were chatting to a few of the Tacoma guys over on the sofas.
And you were sat around a table, with a few half naked Samcro members.
The guys had been surprised when you had decided to join their game of poker, and when they had teased you about it, (”Its more of a guys game.”) they had been even more surprised to hear the  words ‘Strip Poker’ come out of your mouth.
But of course they couldn’t say no.
The rules you’d discussed were simple. At the end of the round the player with the highest hand wins and everyone else had to remove a piece of clothing.
Tig was down to his boxers, although you all had a sneaking suspicion this wasn’t because of the game, but in fact because he liked taking his clothes off.
Opie had started of modest, only removing a sock at a time and he still managed to have his jeans on but was shirtless. Not that you were complaining.
Jax and Juice had been eager to rid their shirts and they sat in their shirtless, except for their kuttes. Jax had his boxers on and his socks while Juice sat with his jeans on, but barefeet.
You however, were still fully clothed, except for your cardigan which you had draped over the back of the chair.
One by one you slammed your cards on the table, revealing your cards and you muttered a ‘Shit’ as you saw the results.
Jax had won.
He smirked at you across the table and you lifted the glass of vodka to your lips, taking a long swig.
“Come on, boys. And girl.”
“You don’t have to, (y/n).” Juice smiled at you.
He was sweet, you thought to yourself. But a games a game.
Opie removed his jeans, Tig took off his boxers (earning him a few groans) and Juice stood and untucked his jeans.
All eyes were on you, anticipating your next move.
Jax met your eye across the table and raised his eyebrow.
You smirked and stood.
You snaked your hand under your skirt and pulled your panties down your thighs. Pulling them off your legs you sat back down.
The guys watched you in disbelief as you dropped them in the middle of the table.
“Holy shit.”


“I dare you to give Happy a lap dance.”
Juice glared at you, while you, Jax, and Opie all laughed.
“Hey you wanted to play, man.” Opie chuckled.
“I change my mind, I pick truth.”
“Nah uh. No backsies.” You said as you took a sip of vodka.
Juice sighed and glanced around the room nervously, looking for the Tacoma Killer.
He sat on the sofa next to Kozik, both of them deep in a conversation.
“It was nice knowing you all.” Juice sighed and crossed the room. “Make sure my funeral has a big turn out.”
Jax laughed and the three of you watched intently as Juice stood in front of Happy. “No fucking way.”
Happy glanced up at him, waiting for Juice to speak when Juice turned, his back facing the sofa.
He threw you one last death glare and took a deep breath before slut-dropping in between Happys legs.
“Oh my god.” 

You laughed, at Happys alarmed expression.
His face became even more alarmed when Juice placed his hands on the Killers knees and proceeded to shake his ass in his face.
Happy jumped off the sofa as the three of you erupted in laughter. Juice was straight on the defence, stuttering apologies with his arms up. He was practically waving a white flag and Happy stepped to him, hovering down on him.
He muttered something to Juice that none of your could hear and you all watched as the colour drained from Juice’s face.
Slowly he turned back and walked towards the bar.
The three of you sniggered as he approached.
“I liked it better when you didn’t talk.” Juice snapped and slammed a shot down his throat before checking over his shoulder to make sure Happy wasn’t coming to get him.
You all sniggered again before Opie turned to you.
“Your turn.”
“I dare you to cockblock Chibs.” Juice blurted out.
All the guys looked at you and you shrugged.
“Too easy, Juicey boy.”
You kissed his cheek, feeling slightly bad for his dare, and walked across the room.
Chibs was leaning against the pool table,a blonde crow eater in front of him running her hands across her chest.
You approached confidently and when you reached the couple you shoved the blondes shoulder.
“Touch my old man again and I’ll shoot you in the fucking throat.”
You snarled.
The blonde glanced between you and Chibs before slinking off outside.
“What te fuck are ye playin at, luv?” Chibs asked, a mixture of annoyance and amusement in his voice.
You shrugged. “Truth or dare.”
Chibs laughed and looked behind you, to wear the guys were watching from the bar.
“Dont shoot me in the throat for this.”
“For wha-“
Chibs crashed his lips against yours and your eyes sprung wide open in sock.
Its was over before it began and Chibs pulled away, a cheeky grin on his face as he pulled you into a hug.
“If ye wanted to be my ol lady ye coulda asked.”
You laughed and patted his back before leaving his embrace and heading back to the bar, where Opie was applauding your efforts.
“Nicely done.”
You curtsied and slid on to the barstool next to Jax.
He smiled at you and you smiled back, immediately noticing the presence of his hand on your knee.
At the same time you both turned to Opie.
“Truth or Dare?”


Only the good rock and roll was ever played in the clubhouse but tonight you had managed to convince the boys to let you play something a little different to their usual choices.
The boys had been impressed when you had rapped Biggie Smalls’ ‘Hypnotise’ word for word, and even more so when you had finished your ‘performance’ by downing eight shots straight after the other.
And Chibs’ thought you couldn’t handle your liqour.
The party was dying down, although from your position, dancing on the bar Coyote Ugly style, you woulda thought it was still in full swing.
You got down from the bar and took a break, leaning against it while you caught your breath.
“Nice moves.”
Jax was watching you with a playful smirk on his face and you smiled at him.
“We should go ride.”
“Where do you wanna go darlin? Im too drunk to ride my bike.” Jax said as he took a swig off his beer. He placed an arm on the bar behind you, your bodies only inches apart.
“Who said anything about a bike?”
Jax raised an eyebrow and licked his lips, his eyes looking you up and down.
Maybe it was the liquid courage,or maybe it was the way he had been looking at you all night. Either way, something came over you and you grabbed his head and pulled his lips to yours.
You pulled away with a smug smile on your face and you grabbed Jax’s hand, tugging him to the hallway.
He didn’t resist, eager to see what exactly you had in mind and he followed you eagerly.
You lead him into the room and ordered him to close the door.
He obeyed and while his back was turned you lifted your shirt over your head and whipped off your bra.
When he turned back to face you you were sat on the edge of the bed, wearing only your skirt, your bare breasts on display.
Jax licked his lips and pulled the kutte off his shoulders. He placed it on the back of the chair and stalked across the room towards you, pulling his shirt over his head as he moved.
You admired his chiseled abs and jax stopped in front of you.
With a wink you unbuckled his belt and tugged his jeans and his boxers down his thighs, his already hard length springing free.
He watched you as you took hold of him and ran your tongue over your lips.
As you wrapped your lips around his cock Jax let out a moan.
“You should come to the parties more often, darlin.”


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