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Month of Spreads: Day Twenty-Three

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Deck: Angelarium

Spread: #MyAesthetic

If this isn’t the most fun day out of the whole challenge I don’t know what is!!! I am passionate about divination, but more so I am passionate about the pleasing artwork of divination, the mystery, the beauty each cards story and how it paints the picture. I adore my cards and what they do for me, I love that it gives me art in each part of my day ❤ Soooo, I went a little bonkers on this challenge today and set up a beautiful photoshoot to show off my beauties, lol and my aesthetic xD. Let’s see what the cards have to say!

I set my place today with key components of what divination means to me, pumpkin, crystal ball, bones, crystals, each element has it’s place at my table <3. My familiar Ometa, some specially chosen herbs for beauty within and divination purposes, full collection of Grimm fairy tales with gold trim edges and of course the cards I chose are my decadent eye candy, for me personally anyways xD

In position one: Tell me what my aesthetic is: Eistibus: Angel of Divination: WELL OF COURSE IT IS 😍 Hahah, I was so happy when this came up ^^ My cards know me only too well! Divination inspires my spirit and allows me to think deep and call upon symbolism and imagination to speak to my aesthetics.

In position two: Where do I excel in this aesthetics? Matariel: Angel of Rain: I fall into the moment, I create a story simply to be told and enjoyed this brief moment before it is swept away. I don’t attempt to create an outcome I attempt to whisper possibilities!

In position three: How can I improve the quality of my aesthetic? Gevurah: Left Hand- Judgment: Do not be afraid to let go, destroy, put back together, release components that no longer suit me to make way for new pieces that speak to the heart. Give and receive.

In position four: What does this aesthetic say about me? Binah: Left Eye- Knowledge: I create for purpose, a flare for intent. A desire for knowledge. I create so that a form can be perceived by the consciousness. My desire is to light a spark for others with my own light. 🕯

In position five: If my aesthetic was summed up in one short phrase, what would it be? Tiferet: Heart- Beauty: Beauty that pulses harmony.

honestly, I wonder what salem’s long-term goals & motivations are. ain’t nobody that’s evil simply for the sake of depravity. if her aims are trite things, like power or domination (because i’m convinced she’s going to do the classic flip-switch and betray adam once he’s served his purpose; no other in-character way for that to play out) i’ll be pretty disappointed. 

i dearly hope it’s something intricate & interesting, something with substance, such as wishing remnant’s lifeforms to be destroyed so the planet can return to silence and peace (like how it was in the beginning - if my vague theory of her being one of the gods or some other immensely powerful & ancient entity is correct - because humans/faunus are the opposite of both qualities. idk. i just hope salem’s arc is done justice and not in a cliche way, because it’s the central backbone of rwby’s plot as a whole, not just a side branch of subplot. it’ll require the most attention and perfection to truly make the show brilliant.  

Letter to Mr. Gansa

Dear Mr. Gansa,

I didn’t want to write: my avoidance was vicious and unrelenting so I held onto it in desolation. I didn’t want to tap into the incandescent fury and void of pain which always sits beneath the surface of the emotional kaleidoscope that is my life. Broken, shattered at the edges, spilling out in triggers to a skewed perception of where I am and who that person is. I had to quell the screaming taint of a disenchanted terror at the destruction and hollow, pointless discarding of a most beloved character by Homeland. I realized after I began I had been writing this letter in pieces with each tweet and observation on Quinn, on Homeland: how it had failed him, us, diminished an opportunity to recognize an unending ability in Rupert Friend or influence a societal preconception and view.

I found Homeland in Season 1, searching for a gritty escape in entertainment that would provoke me intellectually and emotionally. Homeland was such a show, a view into the world of intelligence: a modern representation of an agency in action. I became an avid fan. I grew to anticipate impatiently every week when Carrie would appear and hurtle into her flawed, strong, onslaught into the world of the CIA. It became an integral part of my life and escape from the difficulties that hamper my days.

I was intrigued when Quinn came into full view, his humble beginnings almost an aside to Carrie’s bursting, frantic, headlong rush into a veiled intricate terrorist landscape. I didn’t invest in Carrie, I admired her, was fascinated and mesmerized by the many layered facets to her character but I found her profoundly difficult to like. There was something missing, a part that was necessary to embrace her emotionally and I could only appreciate her in a reflective view.

Quinn however sparked an intrigue, a difference, established himself as the centre of Homeland intrinsically with such composure and control. His emerging self reflection, morality and code showing his humanity which was rich and rewarding, in stark relief to those surrounding him, making their contribution seem devoid of any colour. Quinn became an essential investment and part of me so effortlessly where I felt every disappointment, every frustration, every conflict at his position. He reached out, emanating a security and substance that was reassuring and cohesive. I looked to him to lead the show, to hold the others together with quiet authority. I lived him as I have no other. It became a realization that Quinn would be the one to take me on his journey in Homeland, it would be his that I would stay with the show for.

During Season 5 I didn’t think it was possible to share so much torment or searing agony with Quinn, subtly nuanced in many ways, impactative to us all. Outrage overtook the pain at his unexpected demise. Rupert stunningly soliloquized a summation of Quinn’s worth laid bare in a love letter to Carrie, writing in exception from his internal scope of an actor understated in his representation of a Quinn shackled to a world of personal conflict, torment and regret.

I was overjoyed Quinn returned in season 6 and he was a revelation. Rupert’s gift of a soldier in such beautiful humanity, such depth and such compassion connected on so many visceral levels, it left me breathless, projecting an emotional warmth which was all consuming: his internal reach in his ability was astounding leaving me choking in an unexpected resonance. Having suffered similarly to the character due to different experiences, it was almost frightening to see him take a collective anguish and furious shame and hold it up to the light of social acceptance and scrutiny, to display this brokenness in an unapologetic exceptional manner, confront a discomfort and avoidance so prevalent for those who suffer, through a character so many had come to love wholeheartedly, hold close to them in almost abhorrent comfort at his continued torture and destruction. I found myself shouting at the screen, moved beyond tears where he invoked a myriad of shared emotions and experiences. It was disorientating, affirming, an exquisite recognition of a splintered soul. As Quinn continued to be targeted, broken down, and suffer without necessity or aim and glimpses of his torturous past arose with unrepentant venom, Homeland left me gasping, struggling to find a sensibility in it or any proper address to the abuse. These revelations and ongoing torment alienated me from the rest of the show, bar Quinn, where the almost gleeful shades of competitive harm to him became derisive, farcical, undermining those abuses into frivolity.

During the season Quinn’s range grew and I didn’t know where he ended and I began. I have PTSD and head trauma and it destroyed me, devoured who I was, spewing out an unrecognizable enemy I couldn’t befriend. Belief in kindness or those qualities that shine a light in the world as individuals or as a collective as intrinsically good was gone replaced by suffering, crippling fear and threats everywhere. Any state of grace or semblance of peace was elusive. I was considerably more invisible than any VET, because my damage wasn’t borne of a higher purpose, there was no sense to my fracture, no overriding objective to my pain and altered awareness. Quinn inspired my damage to hope, lifted me to where worth had a place, voiced my horror in eloquence, provoked overwhelming love in a character entrenched in mine and the audience’s reality, lives & beings.

Quinn’s thoughtless end was a martyr rhetoric, almost as if you didn’t know how to discard him, an afterthought. How Quinn died was glorified in a cheap and hollow accolade of the shows desperation to sell their idea of relevance: to sell the agony of grief to the highest bidder. Rupert Friend gave all of himself to create something of merit, worthwhile, entrancing: a gift to the audience and fans in tribute to those he portrayed in his generosity of talent. His senseless destruction defiled that, insulting everyone who had a connection to Quinn or who saw him and found inflections of themselves within a platform and character they loved. The audience’s invested humanity to Quinn was ridiculed because how he died was immortalized as a tribute, with no recognition or celebration for how he lived. He was dismissed, forgotten, consigned to rubbish: his sum worth the self involved lamenting of Carrie Mathison. Quinn was a representation of profound and copious parts of the human condition: so many of those forgotten, overlooked and damaged: his treatment and demise dishonoured that demographic irrevocably. He did not die a hero, he died a victim of an agency and show who slaughtered him for political strategy, for an in house fight for supremacy, for their own individual agenda’s and ego’s. Not in war, not for a populace’s safety and fundamental freedoms: a tortured statistic who had outlived his usefulness, a number, a completed sentence on a page. Unforgivable. Intolerable. Sacrilegious.

Homeland had an opportunity ‘to effect real change’ without any intention to utilize it despite their reach and ability to make political comment or offer significant influence. A platform to transform the narrative, perspective and conversations. Quinn’s treatment was repugnant. He died in emptiness, in darkness, in torment by his own comrades, murdered without any chance at redemption, hope or having any belief he was valued or loved. He was disposed of in contempt, a social commentary Homeland appear almost proud of. This short sighted indifference has contributed to the wreckage a demographic, already devastated by the reality of their existence, experiences. The show felt they had permission to treat Quinn with a disrespectful inevitability, a mocking testament to how Quinn’s representation was held in so little regard.

Rupert Friend evoked a connection and love for a character that grew with each season until he became inexorably entwined, grew within my emotional self and inspired an acceptance, an abundance, which I will never let go of. His ability to provoke such a yearning empathy and identified humanity is a testament to his emotional range and brilliance. I will be forever grateful I joined him on his journey of revealing Quinn for who he became, which has become an esoteric part of me, because everything I cherished about Quinn ,Homeland took and smeared with empty indifference, ignorance, sullied it with disillusionment and scorn.

Whilst you, colleagues and some media have derided, demeaned and belittled fans for their reaction to Quinn’s demise and appalled rejection of your vacuous ever shifting explanations and too late platitudes, the fans recognize Quinn was far more than a character, had considerable impact above the show’s story lines, was larger and more important by his delivery than the dismissive responses you gave and therefore care enough to protest that disservice to him, to those already fallen in war and left to fall once home, to the far reaching consequences of your inconsiderate squandering of Quinn.

Goodbye Homeland. I have your trash bag waiting.

- @badfluff on Twitter

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huma headcanon: uma and harry provide each other what they could never get from their parents. uma gives harry a sense of purpose (first mate!), she sees the good in him- he's resourceful and smart. hes loyal. qualities his dad sees as meaningless because harrys not a captain, he's weak -> harry's emotional. harry gives uma confidence and support. he trusts her completely. he sees the strong powerful determined person she is, the one her mom and mal try ceaselessly to destroy, but never can.

F U C K  M E


Also the fact that you said Uma sees Harry as smart is BIG. I was just talking about this with my best friend actually because the original Hook was VERY well-educated and he would definitely make fun of Harry’s intelligence if they kept that about him in the descendants universe. Harry may not be book-smart like his dad but he IS smart nonetheless

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So if Chloe was destined to die (which is totally bullshit) and preventing it basically fucked the universe wouldn't that also mean saving Kate would also have sort of impact? At first she died regardless if Max was friendly and helpful. She used her rewind to prevent her from dying that should've done something as well. Even if Max someone convinces her not to kill herself without the rewind it should still have horrible effect, right?

(2/2) And to add to the last message about Kate. If just taking her out it without rewinding doesn’t mess up reality the same could basically said about just stopping Nathan and saving Chloe without the power. Dontnot just straight up fucked us in the end it seems.. Sorry about the multiple messages and rambling it’s just the ending doesn’t make sense to me and on top of that Chloe deserves better than dying miserable and alone on bathroom a floor..

Thanks for the asks anon! Putting thoughts about this under a cut as usual to save people’s dashboards…

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If hook is the worst...who is Rumple then? Fucking Satan?

Well dear sweet anon you must not be paying much attention to the show because it is quite obvious that Rumpelstiltskin is cursed. He is in a constant battle of wills with the Dark One. If this hasn’t been made clear to everyone in seasons 1-4, then it is certainly being made clear now. I can assure you Emma is more than likely going to do some pretty wretched things this season and do you think any one is going to call her Satan? No. They are going to say “poor emma, nothing is her fault. It is all the curse.” And yet some of them (I am sure you are included in this) are not going to give the same extension to the man who battled the curse for 300+ years. 

And yes, he battled it, because you can see the good within the monster in many cases. You can see his need for love (something a monster has no care for), you can see his concern for his family (what is family to an all powerful darkness), you can his his grief and sorrow when terrible things happen (satan would never show grief). 

Rumpelstiltskin, at the heart of it all is this man: 

Originally posted by storybrooketales

He is a man who loved his son so dearly, that he shattered his own ankle and faced lifelong ridicule just so the boy would never have to grow up fatherless. Just as Rumple himself grew up fatherless. 

He is a man who loved his son so dearly, that he took on a curse to keep the boy from having to go to war. He killed Zoso with the hope of using the magic for good. 

Rumpelstiltskin, at the heart of it all is this man: 

Originally posted by docclara

He is a man who lost his beloved son because the curse of the Dark One was too much for him to handle. 

He is a man who spent YEARS looking for his son, and sacrificed everything to do it. Look at that man ^^ he is not satan, he is a broken human being. 

Rumpelstiltskin, at the heart of it all is this man:

Originally posted by storybrooketales

Originally posted by fairytaleasoldastime

Originally posted by theycallhertheblackwidow

Originally posted by fairytaleasoldastime

He is a man who loves Belle so so MUCH, and all he wants to do is please her, and protect her. Look at that third gif, the Dark One wanted revenge, but Rumpeltiltskin pushed that urge aside to roll Belle away from a car. He wants nothing more than to keep her safe, and make her happy, but as season 4 showed us, he can’t always control his actions enough to do that. 

Still confused? 

Let me make this very clear this: 

Originally posted by heroofretribution

Is NOT Rumpelstiltskin 


Originally posted by ariahastngs

Is NOT Rumpelstiltskin. 

When he is like that ^^, when he is evil and manipulative, and creepy, it is because he is possessed by a demon. 

The sad thing is that he had control over the darkness to a degree too, you can so obviously see it in season 3. But then Pan happened, and Zelena happened, and anyone who truly cared to understand the nature of the man’s burden could see that the curse had become stronger. That the demon, the ‘Dark One,’ had taken back over and in turn destroyed everything Rumpelstiltskin tried to have. 

Now this is why Hook (who will not be getting any gifs in this post cause ew) is the worst: because he is just a nasty guy with no excuse. Sure it is sad that Milah was killed, his lady love and all that, but honestly Milah was a bitch so I really don’t have much sympathy for the pirate. Also he has no qualms about pursuing Emma who is, by all intents and purposes, his stepson’s ex girlfriend. Creepy. 

He has no redeeming qualities, he only pretends to. A common occurrence is this: 

Hook: Emma I love you, I have changed for you

*Emma Turns Back*

*Hook proves he has not changed at all, that he is just a poser*

He did this ^^ just this past episode when he taunted Regina for being too soft. Like her becoming good was a weakness. That is not a man who is truly redeemed, for if he was redeemed he would be praising Regina’s softness, not condemning it. 


Because I know more Hook lovers will probably go “well regina is ten times worse than hook, she shouldn’t be redeemed either!” 

Regina is completely redeemable in my opinion. She is a) the victim of terrible childhood traumas. I mean her mother was Cora, it is amazing she didn’t turn out worse b)a victim of manipulation from the Dark one. 

She is a broken woman, and while her actions are not always justifiable she does truly try to fix what she did. She realizes how wrong she is, and for the love of her son she becomes a better person. 

That doesn’t mean she hasn’t made her mistakes in her redemption arc, but if this past episode has shown us anything it is that she is GOOD. 

To sum up: 

Rumpelstiltskin- poor soul cursed by Dark One, who has battled the evil within him for 300 years 

Regina- product of terrible things, who has overcome her need to be evil, and has truly redeemed her self

Hook- creepy creep creep who is the epitome of fuckboy.