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OMG MIMI PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME? I've come to you because you always help people out and perhaps you'll see my outcry for help too ;-; I keep seeing bts in some desert and with arab things on their head and I just don't know where it's from ;-; BUT I REALLY DESPERATELY WANT TO KNOW ;-; PLS HELP ME MY FELLOW ARMY FRIEND ;A;


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There you go my fellow army friend ^^ (The photos were so magical, it’s still one of my fav photoshoots. the boys were glowing under the sun it was mesmerizing)

peter only realizes that clint barton is hearing impaired when he sees clint and natasha rapid fire signing in the middle of battle after everybody’s hearing is shot by a bomb, so peter realizes he doesn’t actually know any asl and decides to learn, he posts an ad looking for someone to tutor him, wade wilson shows up and peter doesn’t connect the dots at first because he just hadn’t seen deadpool’s face before, it hits him in the middle of their tutoring session when wade makes a casual reference to his job

peter files that away to deal with later and finishes the lesson, against his better judgement he keeps going, because wade is actually a really good teacher and maybe peter doesn’t want to stop the lessons because at some point along the way he started looking forward to the days they met up, he likes talking to wade

peter starts hardcore flirting after getting over his initial shock at himself, he asks wade how to sign i love you, and peter signs back i love you too

wade brushes it off because they’re just practicing, and peter didn’t actually mean that, and this is the one thing that wade does that he doesn’t feel ashamed of and he doesn’t want to ruin that, specifically because he likes peter, he doesn’t want to ruin what they have

peter gets more and more desperate as wade doesn’t seem to be getting the message, he starts purposefully making mistakes when he’s signing so that normally innocent phrases become blatant innuendos, it’s fun watching wade squirm, but if he doesn’t catch on soon peter may just jump him

like you, like me

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Title: like you, like me
Pairing: Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Genre: Doctor!AU/Friends to Lovers!AU
Summary: Baekhyun notices one night in the middle of his shift at the clinic that he wanted a woman like her, and perhaps, she wanted a man like him.

Hey.  So I totally forgot I was up for night shift today and I am in desperate need of some dinner, so if you could pass by and bring me some takeout I would love you a lot more than I already do now.

Baekhyun could be a little bit forgetful at times and honestly, she doesn’t blame him. The work of a doctor was walking up and down the hallways in order to attend as many patients as possible and get them to live, also make them feel important even when a flu was much less important than a heart attack, so the fact that her friend forgets about eating isn’t surprising to her, but it surely is annoying. After throwing on the first shirt she saw and deciding for a pair of comfortable shoes, she picks up her keys and goes off to find somewhere that is open at eleven at night with warm food to deliver to Baekhyun. The doctor wasn’t her best friend, truth be told, they hadn’t shared enough secrets about one another to even be called that, but they were very close friends. After her roommate from college had introduced her to her new boyfriend –in this case, it was Byun Baekhyun- she had always had left that space between the two but remained good friends, even after her roommate broke up with him because he was too immersed in med school, even when her roommate stopped talking to her altogether for some strange reason, he was a good friend –not exactly the best listener but a mood-maker at its finest, he could always make her smile and she was always one to listen to his problems, so she wants to keep a friendship like his. Hence why she walked towards the clinic Baekhyun worked at with a box full of tacos and his favorite soda on the other hand.

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Cozy Preview

I did it guys…. I am working on the most tropey one-shot ever!

“What trope is that lovelynemesis?” You may ask…

*Heavy sigh* 

Reader and Bucky are camping in a tent on a chilly, winter night… despite a mission gone wrong and Bucky giving reader the cold shoulder, can they come together and find the warmth they both so desperately seek?

Rating: Explicit


Opening a tag list… let me know if you want to be on it! (If you are on my permanent tags, I got you babe!)

If you heard Bucky snore one more time, you were going to smother him with your pillow.

How can the man be asleep in this bitter cold?

You were frozen.

Frost bite was creeping into places it shouldn’t be in.

You couldn’t feel any of your limbs and you were pretty sure that your heart rate was slowing.

A rock was poking into your backside through the padding of the sleeping bag and your pillow was lumpy. You also thought that a spider had taken up residence in your little cocoon of warmth. But you couldn’t be mad at it, it was fucking cold.

Hunkering deeper into your sleeping bag, you gritted your teeth as another rumble from Bucky echoed in the small space.

You watched the canvas of the tent shake with the force of the wind outside. The bright moon offering the only light.

This mission had gone bad from the start and even gotten worse as the days went on.

This was the rock bottom.

People make a house a home.

The Rogue Is Back in Town by Anna Bennett

St. Martin’s Press:: 2018
Historical Romance - Regency 
352 Pages

This book. This book I ADORED.

Look about 70% of what I read is romance, and of that easily 80% or more is historical. It’s what I do. It’s my jam. In a genre this big, with this many readers, we can easily specialize and I’ve been a predominantly historical romance reader since I was a child, cutting my teeth on 80’s/90’s Avon romances. 

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(That’s a re-enactment. Sadly I am not a RIDICULOUSLY adorable dog.)

So trust me when I say The Rogue Is Back in Town is a standout historical romance novel. I want it in my hands, like now. NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press were kind enough to provide this fabulous ARC copy in exchange for a review, but my ravenous book collector heart desperately needs a hard copy as soon as one becomes available.

TRIBiT is not the most adventurous novel I’ve read this year, in terms of crazy road trips, murders to solve, or other various assorted hijinks that often enliven a historical romance novel. Most of the action is contained to the single house that is at the center of the plot, with a few scenes here and there taking place in other settings. But despite its geographic confinement TRIBiT is a lively, engaging novel based upon the premise of two people, at completely cross-purposes, who are never-the-less drawn to each other emotionally and physically.

Lord Samuel “Sam” Travis is the black sheep of his family, and he’s hopped one too many fences into pastures that didn’t belong to him… to say. In disgrace with his elder brother, Nigel, Sam is forced out of his home on strict orders not to return until he has negotiated the eviction of an old man squatting in one of the families neglected properties. What Sam didn’t count on was the old man’s fearsome and fiercely attractive niece.

Miss Juliette “Julie” Lacey, on the other hand, is the last of her three sisters (the other two have married) and caretaker of her aging (BUT SO DELIGHTFUL) uncle. The house, which she is determined to protect, is not only his whole life, housing both his academic work and all the memories of beloved wife, but it is also Julie’s life. She was only a small child when her Uncle adopted the three Lacey sisters after their parents died. Her childhood took place in this crumbling old house, which is in many places physically touched by her memories (like that banister she broke the year that she also, not so coincidentally, broke her arm).

Houses are a thing for me. Anyone familiar with my reading history and my academic work knows that I have a bit of an obsession with the way that spaces function in romance novels. That goes triple for houses. They are alive in a way that no other structure can replicate, because houses contain – just like the one in TRIBiT – whole lives within them. They retain memories, and some people would go so far as to argue that houses have memories.

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(I will NEVER resist the urge to make a Crimson Peak reference…)

So I loved that at the center of Julie and Sam finding each other was this house that, in the end, they find themselves coming together to save.

Things that I loved:

1) The house – obviously. It’s a bit ramshackle, and drafty, and it creaks and groans. But it’s charming, and comfortable. It’s lived in. Could it use a little loving care? Yes. But even in its faded state it’s beautiful. Because it’s a home.

2) The chemistry between Sam and Julie is fabulous. Really it is. Julie has always been self-conscious about her lively and somewhat passionate ways, but Sam never once let’s her doubt that he finds her anything less than extraordinary.

“She was sensuous and bold and free. And Sam didn’t think less of her for it. Rather, he respected her.

AND THE CONSENT. If you want affirmative consent, you’ve got it. I mean I literally wrote “THE CONSENT” in massive letters in my journal because I was really impressed.

3) But then, consent and respect are what you get when your hero is a Beta Hero. Sam’s a flirt, don’t get me wrong. By his own insistence he’s at least 90% rogue. But he’s also a respectful, kind, compassionate, protective (but not excessively possessive), and emotionally accessible hero. And I love him. And I want to marry him – but Julie got there first. Sam is also, in a way, a deeply wounded hero. I can’t explain too much without giving away part of the plot, but basically Sam has spent his entirely life thinking that if he was going to be called a rogue he should act like a rogue. But where it counts Sam’s not 90% rogue, he’s like 10% rogue… maybe.

4) The Villian. And maybe you’re like: wait, you loved the villain? Yes. But not in the way that I usually … love a villain. *cough* No this is the sort of villain (like Black Jack Randall, for example) that I love to hate. He was SO EVIL. I was in a total rage toward the end of the book. I was shouting at the book. I was just seeeeeeeething with disgust and hatred, because this guy is so vile. He’s one of those men who thinks that his position of power, shielded by a sterling reputation, means that he can do whatever he wants. To whomever the wants. He believes he can buy himself what he wants, and when faced with opposition he reacts with violent coercion, and cruelty.

Sound familiar? He’s basically every “nice guy”/”man in a position of power” in this country rolled into one… so yeah. I hate him PASSIONATELY.

5) That love declaration: “I fell in love with you. Hard. Hopelessly. Every decision I’ve made since then has been easy. I simply ask myself what would make you smile. And then I do that thing.”

6) That ending! I CRIED. It was so cute, and such a throwback to the beginning of their relationship, AND it meant that he always listened when she was speaking, and remembered even small things that were important to her.

Things I didn’t love:

1) Its nitpicky, really – but I really, REALLY wanted the aforementioned Villain to get his. On the one hand I understand that there’s a lesson here about letting go, and just being happy. Julie calls him a bully at one point and the best way to get revenge on a bully is to go on with your life and be happy. BUT GOSH DARN IT I KIND OF WANTED HIM TO SUFFER.

TL;DR ::

I know I talk up every book I read. What can I say, I’m an enthusiastic reader. But this book was truly delightful, introduced me to a new author that I hadn’t encountered before, and just completely filled my need for a sweet, lovely, funny romance. If you’re a series reader you’ll want to backtrack first, because The Rogue Is Back in Town is technically the third book in the Wayward Wallflowers series. But if you’re new to Anna Bennett’s work, and you don’t care so much about continuity (after all, like most romance novels, TRIBiT is able to standalone), I would highly recommend starting with this fantastic book.

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i just saw your siren!philip stuff, and i was wondering if you could do one where the reader is half siren half human (if that makes any sense) and her human genetics have sort of been more dominant throughout her life and she's sort of confused and philip just happens to be there and they meet and it's all cute? lol sorry if it's long --i love u-- sleepy anon

Awwww 🌊   I think I understand this, but maybe not, anyway here we go!

Being of mixed species, you were always told that both sides would show eventually. You would have to grow into one, but you felt as though the unique side never bloomed. Being human to you was nothing out of the ordinary, what you wanted was the Siren side to show. Swimming was never an issue, you were skilled at it as humans go, but you desperately wanted the gorgeous fin and scales to climb your body. They never did as hard as you wished on every shooting star. One day it occurred to you that you had never set foot in and ocean before, and perhaps salt water was the key!

Venturing down to the closest ocean shore you could find you were ready for anything. Mostly high off anticipation that this would finally be the moment you saw your missing half. Finding a wading pool hidden away, you waded into the water, a little self conscious having worn a two piece just in case it in fact worked you’ve be able to see the beautifully vibrant scales nicely. 

“Come on, please,” you whined to yourself, feeling the commanding tides pulling you in before releasing you with ease as they swayed to and fro, “oh come on! I’ve been waiting for so long and what? Nothing?!”

Waiting a while longer you tried to calm down, hoping it would magically happen, but you still felt the mushed sand beneath your feet and squishing in your toes, no fin. 

“Really, ocean, really?” you tossed your arms, disappointed, “I came all this way for nothing?!”

Huffing to yourself you exited the water and plopped down on the beach, not even bothering to look at your legs, too frustrated. Just the feeling the made you bothered that they weren’t conjoined into a pretty fin. 

“That was entertaining,” a stranger’s voice said, to which you quickly turned. 

Looking up, you saw quite the attractive person, arms crossed on a rock as he rested his chin onto of his arms. He looked both amused and fascinated by you, but you felt a blush rise to your cheeks, undecided if it was due to his attractiveness or your utter embarrassment from only moments ago when you were yelling at water. 

“Oh, you uh, you saw that?” You tucked your knees into your chest trying to hide your body. 

“Yeah, I just can’t help but wonder why you’re mad at the ocean?” He tilted his head in the slightest. 

Laughing nervously you gave him an answer, “well, I’m half siren, supposedly, but I’ve never seen any fin, so I’m a little mad about that…”

“Oh, one of these?” Your new friend, flicked up the fin of his own behind him, displaying the beautiful colours and scales dripping with salty water. 

“Yeah…,” you said bitterly, “so, I thought maybe the ocean would be my answer, but I guess not.” 

“Well, I think what you have in the water is still pretty cool,” he smiled.

“Wh-what?” you stuttered, unsure of his statement. 

“Come here, I’ll show you,” he waved you over.

Doing as he said, you seriously began questioning how desperate you were becoming, listening to a total stranger, but nevertheless, you carried on. Walking out into the welcoming water, you brought you out a little further, telling you to stand still for a moment.

“Nothing is happening,” you raised an eyebrow, unamused. 

“You’re not looking, being a Siren doesn’t just mean a fin,” he explained, following by telling you to go back to shore and look down.

Sighing, you walked back, expecting nothing. Shaking your head as the water receded from your skin, until small vivacious scaled strewn across your skin. They looked replica to the one of the Siren’s, only scattered across your legs and feet, even peeking around your waist. 

“How- I’m, how did I miss this?” You gasped with excitement, ecstatic to finally be seeing your Siren side, you gazed back to your new friend, returning to him in the water, “Thank you so much…”

Your voice faded as you realised he had never said his name, nor had you introduced yourself. 

“Philip,” he answered, brown eyes sparkling just as his scales did in the water under the sun.

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If you're still doing the ficlet shuffle thing, feanor? Or curufin, or celegorm if you want more options :)

Both? Both.

Our hope is the desperate die wise
Claim your ghost, know the wine for what it is


In the end the ships burn. In the end he pretends he doesn’t mind. In the end, he doesn’t let himself think it is better this way because they are safe.

(In the end, he tells himself that his brother would never risk the Ice.)

He says it is better this way, for what would the host of Nolofinwë have to offer them beyond ill-will and complaints? They had not the oath to bind them here, and they would return in shame and carry on in their half-innocence, back to their lives.

He laughs as the ships burn, presses his hand to his stomach and pretend the ache of lonliness doesn’t trouble him. Pretends not to see Nelyafinwë stand aside. Tells himself it is the right thing to have done and any thought that sounds like for reasons you will never admit to he pushes away, grinds it into the snow and the dirt.


What will become of us
Thrown against stone, we’re hard to get happy
All water knows leaving, hearts bleed their changes


There are bruises at his throat. He presses his hand to them and watches his brother stalk, sulking, hands clenched in fists at his side.

The air tastes of smoke, thick and choking, filling his mouth, his lungs.

“Tyelko,” his voice is a croak, low and hoarse and pained. He doesn’t know what else to say. They are their father’s sons, apologies even now, even to each other, are nothing more than empty words, empty lies. They had made their choices, and he has never backed down before now.

(If his thoughts drift to Tyelperinquar, wondering where he is, whether he’s safe, he doesn’t let it show)

“Now what?” Tyelkormo asks and Curvo merely shrugs, rubs at his throat and ignores the way his brother’s lip curls at the motion.

Now what. Worries his lip between his teeth and breathes in half-imagined ash.

tattoos i desperately want:

- punpun eyes on the back of my neck (i know a lot of people have done this but i’ve wanted it like ever since i finished all of punpun so like… i’ll match with ppl it’ll be CUTE? anyway)

- ebisu skull mask on the back of one of my arms right above my elbow (still have to decide which version of her skull mask though) love my fave

- a nikaido tattoo somewhere still thinking about it we’ll figure it out

- monhun tattoo (witnesstheabsurd’s fanart of tigrex or rajang, probably rajang, but i’m a baby so idk about this one yet might do a small mh tattoo instead)

Oke, just a little notice to those who hate Borzel and Bekkup and etc soooo much that they haaaave to send some random anon hate like “*KIDNAPS HEATHERS* BORZEL IS NOTHING WITHOUT HER” and “HAZEL DESERVES TO DIE” and “Stop ruining cuphead with your fangirl shit” instead of simply blocking me, blocking the tag, and moving on with their day, I have decided to ignore and block anon hate from now on. I am simply enjoying what I do and there is nothing wrong with that. Anon hate does not get to me, so stop wasting your time since you will get blocked in the end. I have been getting alot of anon hate recently so I have decided to do this. And if I still find hate, and one is really amusing, I’ll just respond but Imma warn you, hate anons, it wont be the answer you oh so desperately want -u-

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I also desperately want the Kids to just start showing up at Space Dad’s apartment.

uM … YES??? lol Winn would just barge in whenever like Kramer on Seinfeld because he thought of some new question about Mars, Kara would show up randomly insisting that M’yrnn just has to try whatever food she happened to be snacking on at any given hour, and Alex would be all hesitant at first about imposing but then secretly end up being the one who comes over the most.

Day One Sixty Four

It’s time for me to let you go
This time it must be true
Don’t take it personally
It’s what I have to do

No longer shall you invade my thoughts
Nor steal away my focus
I can’t think about my love for you
Or ponder why I broke us

This all happened a year ago
I’ve pined silently eight months
Desperately trying not to show
This all consuming love

No longer is it fair to me
Nor is it fair to you
I want us to still be friends
– but only friends –
Never will we say, “I do.”

Just hit a milestone!

so my ao3 stats page has informed me that I have a 100 user subscriptions now?!?!!!! like, i’m sure that’s peanuts to most of y’all hella prolific authors but I couldn’t have DREAMED of this when I posted my first work just three months ago. it’s been an absolute TRIP so far, and this fandom has been so kind, and generous, and lovely and I just. i love you absolute fucking weirdos. I really, truly do. 



4+ hours of gameplay and im this deep 

the last comic is actually true if you try to hack wrench lmao

Okay, but did Mike’s parents even thought that Mike plagiarized that essay, because he fell asleep in the fort one night, trying to contact El and, being exhausted from lack of sleep because he keeps having nightmares, he passed out from exhaustion, the latest thing he said being a teary and desperate'please come back to me I can’t do it without you’’, and then he had to make something up on the spot between periods because he didn’t want to let his grades drop even more??? Or that ‘cursing out mr Kowalski’ was because the English teacher, asked for opinion about King’s “Carrie” by one of the students said that it was and idiotic, pointless story about a pathetic telekinetic girl who couldn’t handle herself and Mike had a really bad day and this seemingly unrelated comment was just too much and the words ‘shut up you asshole!’ just left his mouth without his conscious decision?? And graffiting the bathroom stall was just a tiny 'i miss you’ which he felt pathetic writing and then and drew a huge middle finger over it just to cover the words up??? Yeah right they didn’t

There is no greater desire than to become one with you.
—  Poets Love Her
Thor Ragnarok/Loki imagines - I see you

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AN: I’m really going back to my roots here. Marvel was always what I wrote most and what I started this page with. Thor Ragnarok makes me feel really old as I look back on the many years I’ve been writing fan fiction. Loki is and will always be my main first love. Thor Ragnarok may not have been as serious as previous Thor Movies but I still adored it and Loki stole my heart like he does every time he’s on the screen. I came up with this mid movie and I couldn’t pull my phone out to write the idea down so thank god I remembered it. Also, some of the dialogue between Thor and Loki is not word for word, it’s just what I remember.

I might turn this into a series where I start from the first Thor then lead the story up to Ragnarok. Tell me your thoughts on this. 

Summary: You have always been Loki’s rock and when Hela comes for Asgard, Loki wants to go back for you but won’t admit that. You are see-er and that meant you could see where Loki is at all times, but when you can’t, you start to panic. 

Pairing(s): Loki x reader

Word count: 1,106

Warnings: Spoilers. 

When Heimdall was exiled from the city, you chose to go with him. You had seeing powers much like he did however yours differed in a way that Heimdall found interesting. 

He was your mentor and when Odin banished him, you had to go with him as he was like a father to you. 

However, this meant leaving Loki behind. 

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touken’s wedding night headcanons ((mini-fic)) 💖💍

i’ve said on my twitter (you should follow me there as well! 👀 ) that i was going to write a fic about their wedding night, but the truth is that the plot itself is extremely generic, the structure of the fic feels too weak for me to get inspired and start writing, so i decided to write down some of the headcanons that i have for it instead, this could be considered as part of my mini-fics series (read those here!), but in the end this is just a list of all the headcanons for their special night… although at the end i got a bit carried away and it ended up looking like a fanfic 😂 so i don’t know anymore…  enjoy!! ///


“This is what I’ve chosen, Kaneki,” she weeps quietly, feeling his lips on her skin. She’s smirking as she cries. “I want this, I want this so badly, and I’m really happy today, I really am… y-you have no idea how badly I wan—”

“I know,” he whispers, quieting her with a kiss. “I know.”

They stay silent for a while, kissing on the lips, kissing each other’s hands, cuddling until Touka feels her body slowly falling into slumber. She’s not quite asleep yet, she can still hear Kaneki’s words whispering “I love you” to her, firmly and desperate, he wants her to hear him. And she does.

She does.

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