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‘Fresh Off the Boat’ to ‘One Day at a Time’ Are the Family-Friendly Shows Leading the Charge for Youth Coming-Out Stories

On Netflix’s reboot of “One Day at a Time,” teenage daughter Elena (Isabella Gomez) wonders about her sexuality and first tries dating a boy and then even viewing some porn. She concludes that she’s gay, and comes out first to her mother and eventually her whole family. Each family member has varying reactions to the news. By the end of the season, she wears a stunning white suit for her quinceanera, in lieu of the traditional puffy ballgown in a moment of triumph, but her father, who isn’t comfortable with her sexuality, abandons her before the father-daughter portion of the dance.

Gomez has seen for herself how important representation is onscreen having heard from fans.

“I’ve gotten a lot of young girls coming up to me and being, like, ‘Because of Elena, I feel normal, and I feel like I can come out,’” Gomez said at TCA this past summer. “But what’s really crazy is getting adults coming up to me and being, like, ‘I wish I would have had Elena Alvarez when I was 15.’ People come to the shows, and they write me letters, and they tell me their coming-out stories. A lot of people tell me that they get their parents to watch this show and then start that conversation, and it’s truly amazing to be a part of someone’s story like that.”

“How I Cope On Day 2 After Watching TLJ (or: Things That Make Me Feel Slightly Better)”

1) Mark’s Savage Shade™ (sources: x, x, x):

2) Daisy’s Subtle Shade™ @ the Graham Norton Show.

3) Amazing, IN-CHARACTER fanvids such as: x, x, x.

And I’m not even going to start on the rest of the reasons -just as important or a bit less important (I’ve lost count of them and can’t even rank them, tbh)- why I’m so terribly smad (sad and mad).

Kim Seokjin is a 25 year old who acts like a little kid. Is a mario fanboy. Owns 2 sugar gliders who he adores with all his heart, and even post videos and photos of them every other week like a little update for us. Takes care of the bts members and is an older brother they can trust and know will provide them with love and comfort. Kim Seokjin is an amazing and humble man with an angelic voice and terrible dad jokes, and should be known for his kindness and endless love for everyone, and not just his pretty face. 

allurance being endgame makes me sad because pidge is hot and i thought we were supposed to realize “hey lance isn’t that dumb”. allura is out of his league, lance is looking right over (pun intended) the beautiful, smart, amazing person who he actually has a chance with and going for the thot 😒😒😒😒 typical fuckboy

There are some toxic friendships that you just miss so much and you don’t know why. Like you know it’s better to leave it in the past but there’s always a reminder in life of that person and you think of the good times and then the bad times hit you in the face immediately after…

You know it’s best not to ever go back to it. You know your decision was good for you mentally and emotionally but…

It doesn’t hurt any less.