i deserve this much okay

I dunno if it’s some sort of comfort but bnha wasn’t the only one with sketchy pages. I mean that I know if there was only one other manga like that so hopefully both of them aren’t sick or something 😭 I hope Horikoshi and Tabata are okay and that they get some rest anyway



Stop scrolling for a minute.



Your existence matters. 


You being here makes the world a better place. 


You deserve good things.


You’ll be okay.


I love you very much.




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Adult life: AKA Saeran trying to feel like a productive member of society.

-Saeran doesn’t want to feel like a burden to those he loves
-He wants to feel like he contributes to his and Yoosung’s household (he doesn’t have to, but he wants to)
-But doesn’t have an interest in college, or getting a job with… people
-He does some back end / programming / debugging work for his brother and his toy company
-It doesn’t fulfill him, but it’s something to do and keeps him out of public retail
-Saeran just doesn’t like most of the human population??
-But holy shit he cares??? SO much for kids???
-He is extremely passionate about children’s rights, and needs, and children having an advocate.
-Yoosung says he should look into pursuing a job as a social worker
-But that takes… a lot of schooling… and in the end you can do so much to save a child and then they end up in  bad orphanage or foster home
-wait foster homes… are a thing? Proceeds to do 10000 hours of research on foster homes
-and how shitty they can be
-how the kids can have a lot of issues due to neglect and abuse
-and how South Korea does not have a good history of domestic adoption
-and how siblings can be split apart and adopted by families of other nations
-oh no his heart is breaking
-makes it his mission to be a foster caregiver and an advocate for neglected / abused children
-Is extremely nervous that he will not be good enough / the foster father these kids need but he knows in his heart he has to be
-Yoosung always wanted a big family and had always liked the idea of adoption (since he learned that Rika was adopted it’s stuck with him) so he is 1000000% down
-They get a really big house with a big yard and garden
-They strive specifically to foster older kids and siblings to keep them together
-They’re that foster family with like 12 kids with different backgrounds and their family photos are always huge and none of them look alike
-They also foster a lot of animals (Cause Yoosung, being the vet, has to save all the animals too)
-The kids get all the new free toys from Saeyoung before they hit store shelves. Saeyoung p much uses them as play testers lmao

Saeran: Are you using my children for child labor?
Saeyoung: WHAT??? NO!!!! I’M JUST… SANTA!!
Yoosung: Then why are you recording this with a camera, taking notes and asking the kids questions about which toys they like the best?
Seayoung: *changing the subject* WOW! WOULD YOU LOOK AT HOW MUCH FUN THEY’RE HAVING!!!

-But no really the kids love the toys and love feeling like they help make the toys
-Saeran can understand these kids SO MUCH and helps them SO FAR into recovery and it also is so rewarding to him
-They are the best dads. Multiple big hugs for every one every day. Not negotiable (unless the child isn’t ready). So much love for each one of their children!!!
- Not everything is easy, but they never give up on any of them. Ever. E V E R.
- Some of them are very reluctant to accept the love Saeran and Yoosung offer them
- (Saeran can fucking RELATE)
- Some of them feel like it’s inevitable that Saeran and Yoosung will abandon them
- (Saeran can FUKKIN R E L A T E)
- Some of them are never at a point where they can live on their own and they never have to. They have a home and family for life.
-Have to get an extra extra large bed for their bedroom because some of the younger ones are always sneaking in at night to sleep
-also like at least two pets at the foot of the bed at any given time
-They set up an organization for the kids and animals
-Jumin helps them and funds this organization from the ground up because he gatta help the pets… also I guess kids are ok too.
-Jaehee becomes the branch operator for the organization through C&R because holy shit this is important to her too
-Zen becomes a public promoter / one of the public faces cause YO THIS RESONATES W HIM AS WELL
-Organization becomes one of the top renowned ones in the RFA
-Sets up scholarships for all the kids in the organization
-If any of the kids who grew up in the organization want to pursue social services, being a foster home, veterinary fields or raising / training emotional support animals: everything is free and provided for them
-Multiple GREAT foster homes created in the organizations name
-The most fulfilling thing Searan has ever done
-Saeran and Yoosung leave a legacy that will last much longer than their time on earth
-Saeyoung: father of three
-Saeran: father of 30000+

Just one thing:

Amidst the chaos, I want everyone keep in mind just ONE thing, if nothing else:


“Hanarezuni sobani ite” – Stay By My Side and Never Leave.

It’s Victor’s Free Skate composition. It’s the performance that went viral when Yuuri attempted it. It’s what brought the two of them together. It’s what Yuuri inadvertently asks of Victor after their first argument, and what Victor recognizes. It’s what their relationship is based on, what this whole show is based on. It’s their love song.

This song is what started this show, and this song is what is going to finish it. (We know this for a fact from the OST itself.)

Whatever happens between these two is going to happen, plain and simple. But without a doubt, we know how they feel towards each other. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, their deepest desire is the same: to be with each other, forever. They do not want to part. Whatever the future holds, they want to face it together, and they’re going to face it together. This is what they’ve already decided.

So if you’re feeling scared or down because of the uncertainty of this next week, please just keep this one thing in mind. Let it comfort you. Believe that love wins.

Finishing Trollhunters



@oh-mother-of-darkness AAAAAAAAA AMY

  • What they say: I'm fine
  • What they really mean: Did you see the hurt on Dirk's face after Todd said he never wanted to see him again? He was so hurt that as soon as they traveled back in time, when he saw the arrow pointed at him his only response was "oh". He took the shot looking like a wounded animal, because all he cares about is Todd, he wanted to solve the case but he knew it might mean Todd hating him. I just want his happiness. Dirk deserves so much love and forgiveness and I just want him to be okay.

oKAY BUT HEAR ME OUT, because someone unmentionable said that in this official pic, Pine totally looks like he’s gonna put his arm around Lilium and also they hang out together during breaks and in episode 3, they were always?? together??? and??

this has been a long time coming, who am i even kidding…


“See it’s different ‘cause you’ve always had friends, and people want to talk to you and be around you. I never had any of that. I mean, before this, I barely even hung out with Matt, and he’s my cousin. We were close when we were little, but…I don’t know. In high school, everything changed.”

-Chronicle (2012)

all I can think about is the fact that victor jumps on plane and flies all the way to japan without any hesitation & here I am staring at my phone like damn because I can’t even get a text back

pyrocynical is a blessing, and i’m so happy i found him when i did. he’s probably my favorite youtuber, and he deserves so much more than what he has. i really hope his youtube career grows and he surpasses leafy, because he deserves, more than any other commentator on that sight, to be successful. i honestly wish him the best in life. he’s adorable, and has a very good heart. he clearly cares about what he’s doing, and is trying to improve. it’s so nice to see him making facecam videos, because it honestly feels like a really big step on the channel. not only that, but the fact that he features and credits fanart in nearly every video is so admirable, and it just shows how he does care about his fans. he doesn’t try to provoke drama anymore, and purposely avoids making videos on it, which is incredibly respectable. he’s not perfect, and he has made mistakes in the past, but he tries his hardest to amend those mistakes, if he recognizes them/if he can. the fact that he removed one of his videos because of misinformation, and how he reached out to h3h3 after the podcast just shows how far he’ll go to make amends. i don’t know why i decided to write this, but my point is that pyrocynical is a really, really good youtuber and person, who deserves so much more than what he has.

conclusion: pyrocynical best youtuber

p.s. pyro and hyojin are absolutely precious, and i love how much he admires her, and her talents in art and animation. i’m so, so happy for them.