i deserve this for christmas

The sun
  • Chris: you know my dick has a lot in common with the sun
  • Victor: why? Because nobody likes to look directly at it?
  • Yuuri: because it gives people cancer?
  • Phichit: it rises at the crack of dawn?
  • Michele: it disappears at night?
  • Seung: direct exposure to it often leads to nasty sunburns?
  • Yurio: it needs to stay approximately 92,960,000 miles away from me?
  • Otabek: nobody will ever touch it?
  • Chris: gee thanks you guys! You're all such supportive friends!
  • Victor: we try
  • Everyone: *grunting in agreement*

(why am I posting wintry-themed Cap art in spring?

take it up with @amour-de-tous )

Christmas time 1938 vs. 1943

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Tracer / Widowmaker






lito has been outed to the world and is so scared and vulnerable it hurts, kala has conflicted emotions for rajan and wolfgang and doesn’t know what to do, will is loosing his mind to whispers, sun is still in prison, nomi is a fugitive, riley is worried about will and his well being, wolfgang thinks he is bad and shouldn’t be with kala (the only one who sees the good in him besides his best friend, friend who was shot and beaten up because of him) and capheus seems to be starting to lose his optimism. jonas is nowhere to be seen.
hernando and amanita would go to the end of the world for their loved ones even if that means suffering along the way.

Student Council Prez [14.5]

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Words: 1136

The streets are desolate except for the lamp posts’ glow cascading down at the sidewalks, making your shadow come alive and the crescent moon, trickling it’s own milky light behind the dawdling clouds. Every soft exhale that escapes your lips creates a cold puff of air and you dig your nose deeper into your coat, scrunching your shoulders up to try to conserve heat as you kick the pebbles underneath your feet.

Thankfully it’s not snowing but you can’t feel your cheeks or your frost bitten fingers, desperately looking for warmth in your pockets. You look down the streets of the four way intersection, wondering where he is but then you’re pleasantly surprised when you see him running.

Min Yoongi running for you - now that’s a sight you won’t ever get tired of seeing.

Your lips upturn into a smile before you quickly press them together, purposely turning away and scoffing when he gets close enough to hear. “About time you came. I thought you were going to leave me out here to die.”

“Sorry.” He huffs out tiredly, lungs on fire and you look at him, feeling guilty for pretending to be mad.

It was already Christmas break and you were leaving to your aunt’s to celebrate, your uncle joining you for the first time. You were excited for the family to be rejoined again but you couldn’t help but feel blue about not spending it with Yoongi and leaving him behind.

Your aunt would be mortified if you brought a boy along; perhaps one day in a few years but that was still too far away to think about. If you brought someone home officially to her, it would be to ask for a marriage blessing and the thought made you too flustered.

Thus, the night before you were going to leave, Yoongi had asked you to meet at the four-way street, exactly at the halfway point of his house and yours.

“Are you leaving soon?” He mumbles.

“In the morning.” You reply quietly, the both of you aimlessly walking down the street together.

When your hand accidentally grazes his, he grabs it and twines his fingers through yours. You whirl your head to him but he’s looking away with a repressed smile, staring at the night sky. “It’s pretty out.” He remarks, trying to sound casual.

“Yoongi.” You laugh. “There are literally no stars out. It’s all covered in clouds.”  

“Uh huh.” He nods with thought, more and more of his smile slipping through. You notice his ears turning red and you giggle quietly beside him. “Your hands are freaking cold.” He says with a frown as he shakes your held hands.

“It’s because you made me wait too long.” You chime out in a light voice, playfully teasing him.

He doesn’t respond, just shuffling in his other pocket for a moment before he pulls out a pair of knitted mittens and stops in his tracks. “What are you doing?” You ask as he holds up your hands and slides them into the toasty warmth.

“I didn’t have a bag to wrap them in and it’s not like I know how to gift wrap anyways.” He mumbles, barely enough for you to understand. “Last time on our retreat, you had holes in yours.” They’re red and simple mittens, a little too large as your fingertips don’t reach all the way up but incredibly warm and you feel something hit inside chest. “There. Is it warm?”

“Of course it’s warm. But what about you?”

“I’ll just hold your hand.” He muses, continuing to walk with his hand in yours. He turns to look at you when you’ve gone quiet and he breaks out in laughter. “Are you crying right now, Y/N?”

“No I’m not!” You stammer out, looking away. You’re not crying but more so tearing up, feeling incredibly emotional from his simple gesture.

Maybe it’s because the holiday season made the both of you too busy and your sadness for not spending it with him accumulated. Maybe it’s because you always thought he was heartless and held so many prejudices against him. But at this moment you saw him as such a sweet boy whom you used to hate so deeply and you never wanted to punch your past self so hard in the face before.

“I didn’t get you anything.” You mumble. “There wasn’t enough time and I didn’t know what to get you and….”

Yoongi chuckles. “Is that why you’re crying?”

“I said I’m not crying!”

Yoongi suddenly grabs you in an embrace, squishing your jacket on top of his and muffling your face in the cold fabric. You flail your arms for a second and he nearly falters from your immense strength. It requires everything and more from Yoongi to keep you still. “I don’t need anything from you.”

Just when you freeze, ready to melt from his words, he adds on- “You’re already my slave by contract and my girlfriend from your own will. It’s a little insane on your part but that’s all that I can ask for.”

You finally push him away as he laughs again. You huff out at him angrily as you stomp away. “Merry Christmas Yoongi!” You spit the sweet words sourly from your tongue. You shove your hand out, pointing at him through your new gloves. “And I love your Christmas gift! I’m going to wear it until I die!”

Yoongi almost falls to the ground in laughter at the contradictions in your words and your tone; sounding like you’re going to murder someone and speaking so angrily yet thanking him at the same time.

He watches as you leave, hands dug in his pocket and a smile on his lips.

The farther you walk, the less provoked you become, especially with the red gloves on your hands, his gift to you. You don’t know why but it seems like it’s only Yoongi who can get so easily get under your skin. One moment, he’s making you act crazily head over heels and the next, you want to insanely rip off his head.

No matter what, he’s always making you lose your mind.

Yoongi is suddenly tugged by the hood of his jacket, spun around and in less of a second, your lips are pressed against his for a long moment. He smiles in the kiss before you pull away with your cheeks heating up. “That’s my Christmas gift to you. Bye asshole.”

He grins watching you run off frantically like an idiot, nearly slipping on the ice. He whispers something under his breath that is head by no one except for him and the cold puff of air that leaves his lips; sweet three words that you’d finally hear much later on and perhaps someday else when you truly are his.


“The bible had a plauge of locusts, we have a plauge of pensioners*” - 5.06

Every ‘Shrixie’ moment 💖💛💖 (5/??)

anonymous asked:

hey buck, do you celebrate christmas or chanukkah? or do you not celebrate anything at all?

my mom was jewish, and my dad was catholic. it was kinda a weird combo, to be honest. my dad died when i was pretty young–WWI, you know–and we observed some christmas traditions in his honor, but my mother celebrated chanukkah, so we did too. she and the neighobors, an old jewish couple from romania who used to keep an eye on us kids while she was working, taught us some yiddish. steve picked some up too, but his first language was actually gaelic, so he had a really hilarious accent sometimes. lemmie tell you, gaelic + brooklyn + yiddish does not make for a very comprehensible accent. poor little guy. 

anyways, i grew up mostly during the great depression, so while we did celebrate, we were very poor, so we made do with what we could. a lot of the local jewish families got together to celebrate–pooled resources and kinda potlucked some things. there were a lot of families with missing members, people lost to the great war or sickness, and we all kinda watched each others backs. i dont remember a lot of details, but there’s this lingering sense of closeness that i still cherish, even though almost every one from those days is dead by now.

the avengers celebrate the holidays together, these days, and between the group of us, we cover pretty much all the winter holidays. thor does yule stuff. jane and wanda are also jewish, and steve does a very catholic christmas thing with matt. sam does kwanzaa, and i think fury does too? the man is an enigma. Dr banner does…some form of seasonal holiday? he says he grew up with christmas but isnt super attached. i think he’s planning on spending afternoon on christmas day with steve at a soup kitchen. i’ll probably be joining them, as will most of the others. scott and peter are at home doing christmas with their families. nat does christmas too but somehow theres a lot of vodka and russian foods involved, and shes been telling thor Krampus stories for like a week now.  tony grew up with christmas but now he prefers to celebrate festivus (though he is all about the latkes), and im really looking forwards to wrestling him later. he does claim to be the head of the household. clint has jumped on the festivus bandwagon expressly because he likes the ‘airing of the grievances’ part.

its not like what i grew up with. there’s a menorah on the mantle over a fireplace thats burning a yule log, and the christmas tree is actually floating about three feet off the ground to make room for the presents underneath(thanks, tony). outside, new york is covered in snow. 

but im here, safe and warm and relatively intact, celebrating the holidays with family. and that is pretty good, my friends. that is pretty dang good.


“The only thing we’re allowed to do… is to believe that we won’t regret the choice we made.” | Happy Birthday Levi! (25.12)

Reigen - "Play Game" Line (Christmas ver.)
Takahiro Sakurai
Reigen - "Play Game" Line (Christmas ver.)


Alone on Christmas? … I understand how you feel…

Translation from the Psychic Puzzle fan blog

Dear friends...

It’s been a while since I made my tumblr account and I met a lot of wonderful people here, I want to thank each one of you for being my friend, so I decided to make a post about all of you ( I hope I don’t forget anyone ^^’ )

@babypeachtaozii You are my first tumblr friend and I am soo thankful that you messaged me that day!!! I love how my url made you message me xDDD I love you soo much!!! I will always treasure you!!! I know you’re very busy and we can’t chat often, but if you ever need me, I’ll always be there for you!!!

@bobs-flowers Omg I am soo happy we met!!! You’re such a wonderful friend!!! You’re super hardworking!!! I love you soo much!!! You faced a lot of problems and I tried to help you, sorry if I wasn’t that helpful ^^’ I know you have a lot of work to do but please, always remember to rest!!!

@sosuke-of-secondearth You’re honestly soo cute!!! Thank you for being my friend and always helping when I am sad or anxious!!! I really appreciate that you message me even when you have to go to work!!! You’re really precious and lovable!!! I hope you’ll always be happy, cause you deserve it!!!

@saranghaeyeols We met on Christmas day and you’re honestly the best Christmas gift I ever got!!! I love you and your cats!!! You’re also gorgeous, stop saying you’re not, okay? I will fight you if you say that you’re not beautiful. Thank you for messaging me!!! Good luck on your exams!!! Don’t overwork!!!

@winteryethereal We met few days ago, but you’re honestly soo talented!!! And I love chatting with you!!! I hope more people will notice your talent ;) Good luck!!!

@charliefazbear We didn’t talk a lot, sorry for not messaging you >///< I really liked chatting with you and I am really thankful that I got to meet you ;) I hope we will chat again!!!

@taos-left-eyelid My lovely child!!! I am sorry for not joining the group chat!!! I love you, I really do!!! Don’t forget that!!! Also, you’re gorgeous ok? Absolutely perfect!!! I will fight whoever attacks you!!! Also, you’re really talented OMG!!! I love the stuff you write ;* I will always be there for you ^^

@sakura-gucci-panda My fellow scorpio friend!!! I love how you trust me enough to share your feelings!!! I am always here to listen!!! We are quite alike 😏😏😏 I love the lockscreens/wallpapers you make, omg, like, you’re so talented? Thank you for being you!!!

@kais-daddy Omg when I first saw you I thought you were a model, why you’re so gorgeous??? Also, I really like your personality omg!!! You’re also have an amazing sense of humor!!! We didn’t chat a lot, but I hope we will!!! Ohhh!!! And take care of yourself, I don’t want you to get ill agan >///<

@kai-aaah You’re soo cute AJSHCVFJKFBD I love chatting with you!!! Though we didn’t chat a lot…. >///< But omg you’re like an angel!!! Let’s chat more often!!! ( If you want to of course!!! )

@jungkookies-babygirl I hope you’re happy, cause you deserve happiness and love!!! You’re a wonderful person and it breaks my heart to see you sad… If you’ll ever need someone to talk to, I will always listen!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful person!!!

@kurosentoki I see you being sad quite often and I hate myself for not being able to help you… I know, we didn’t chat a lot, but I still really want to make you at least a little happier!!! You’re amazing!!! I love you!!!

@milktaost I remember when I used to send you random anon messages and how cute your answers were!!! Thank you for answering them!!! Sorry for not messaging you often ^^’ I really don’t want to be annoying >///< Ahh I hope you’re happy and healthy!!! Love you lots!!!

@paulienm You’re very cute and I love your blog!!! Thank you for randomly messaging me!!! I love you even though we didn’t talk a lot!!!

@trashbxsh Thank you for liking my reblogs!!! I really appreciate this!!! I hope we will become friends :3 Love you!!!

@braziebear We probably chatted only once but omg was that fun!!! I hope we will chat more in the future :3 ( If you want to ^^ )

@exocausetearsandsmiles You’re hilarious omg I love your blog!!! You’re also soo open minded!!! Thank you for randomly messaging me ( I am literally to shy to message you cause I think that I am way to lame )

@kimnamwho We also probably chatted only once but I really liked it!!! Let’s chat again!!! ( if you want to ^^ )

@blackberryconnossieur I loved chating with you!!! You’re honestly amazing I really love you!!! :3

@xiulayallday You’re adorable! We didn’t chat, but I love your blog ^^ Thanks for being a mutual ^^

@chogiwapark Ahhhh Tesa!!!! Thank you for sticking with my lame self!!! I honestly don’t understand why are you still not bored to chat with me, like??? I love you, you’re soo amazing!!! I know you’re busy, so thank you for finding time to answer my messages!!! You also can message me sometimes, ok? ;* Love you!!!

@7deer-ofthe-dawn7 Ahh I really like the fanfic you wrote!!! We didn’t chat a lot and that’s probably because I am too anxious to message you ( You’re honestly soo cool omg ) but I still love you LOL ( please don’t judge me, I really do love all of the people I know on tumblr >///< )

@hoe4baek Ahh… We didn’t chat often, but maybe we could chat more in the future? If you want to? You’re very cute!!! I love you!!!

@swaggyt-a-o emmm…. Yeah, we also didn’t chat often but YOU’RE ADORABLE ASHCGSDHJKVS!!!! I was soo shocked when you followed my blog omg >///< Thank you for being a mutual ^^

@blancnabi Thanks for tagging me in stuff!!! I love your blog!!! You’re adorable!!! Let’s become friends!!! :3

@eau-de-low-budget You’re an amazing artist!!! I love your art!!! You’re honestly super talented, I am not lying!!! You’re a wonderful person!!! ^^

@stopjunmyeon Ahhh I am soo honored you follow me >///< You’re absolutely gorgeous and I love your personality!!! You’re amazing!!! I wish there was more people like you!!!

@1oveyoon We haven’t chatted in a while >///< I love you soo much!!! You’re gorgeous omg >///< I am happy I met you!!! Let’s talk more in future ( if you want to!!! )

I am really thankful that all of you are my friends ( well at least I hope you are ^^ I love all of you ) I am sorry if I don’t message you, I am really shy >///< All of you are soo cool and amazing, literal angels so I get really anxious to message you!!! >///< I tagged people randomly, I love all of you the same!!! Once again, Thanks for being my friends or simply mutuals!!! I cherish each one of you!!!