i deserve the i tried star

things from the falsettos recording that touched my soul

- there’s this moment like during love is blind where marv pulls whizzer’s hair and That’s the beginning of the hair pulling kink
- the entirety of thrill of first love
- daddy’s kissing boys got the screentime it deserves
- trina has a star of david necklace and i adore it
- after trina and mendel get married she starts wearing a bracelet he wore at the beginning of the show
- after marv hits trina he says “oh no baby i wouldn’t…”
- during chess game there was this moment where marv is like isn’t this wonderful? and whiz tries to pull him closer and is like yes
- okay but jason hid behind mendel when marv hit trina
- jason’s face during the entirety of it killed me
- i cried when the lesbians came out
- cordelia did a little head bop during “and godchild of the lesbians from next door”
- after the second racquetball game charlotte muttered, “i’m gonna keep him here”

this is all i’m coherent enough to think of but feel free to add your own!!!!

Harsh words sentence starters || Send one for my muse’s reaction


 "You’re embarrassing!“
"You act like a fucking child.”
 "Sometimes I can’t remember why I ever loved you in the first place.“
 "What did I tell you about trying to hold my hand in public?”
 "I don’t want people to know that I’m dating you!“
 "You’re pathetic…”
 "You make me sad. Just looking at you…“
 "I can’t be around you anymore.”
 "You’re not worth it.“
 "You’re nothing. Not to me. Not to anyone.”
 "Stop looking at me like that…like you’re expecting me to care. You should know better by now.“ "You’re useless.”
 "Loving you was the most idiotic thing I’ve ever done.“
 "Pretending to love you was excruciating.”
 "You thought I could really love someone like you?“
 "I’m just…getting tired of you.”
 "I have to get out. You’re ruining my life.“
 "I used to dream about you but now you’re the star of my nightmares.”
 "You’re a disappointment.“
 "I tried to love you..I really did.”
 "You’ll never be anything to me.“
 "I wished you realized how much I’ve grown to loathe you.”
 "You’re so ignorant.“
 "You look ridiculous!”
 "I’m not going out with you in public looking like that.”
 "Every one makes fun of you.“
 "You make me look bad.”
 "You’re a waste of time.“
"I’m not yours anymore!”
 "It’s not [her/him]! It’s anyone! I could love anyone more than I love you.“
 "You don’t deserve me.”

i can’t believe everything finn learned growing up tried to tell him to leave people behind, to discard empathy, to do what was best for himself and his superiors, to be cruel, and yet he still became the most empathetic, kind, loving, and brave person to ever exist. he’s so incredibly good despite everything he’s been through and i just don’t know what the universe did to deserve him

Jason Todd being a protective boyfriend

•He tries to not be that over protective.

•But he fails.




•You’re just so cute and you have such a nice heart.

•He’s afraid that someone would take advantage of you.

•You shown him so much love that he doesn’t want to loose you.

•Probably the most protective out of the Batboys.

•He always tries to stop it, but he glares at any guy who looks at you with stars in their eyes.

•Before you knew he was Redhood any guy that gave you trouble would mysteriously disappear?

•That protective arm around you.

•He’s insecure when other guys hit on you.

•Makes him feel like he doesn’t deserve you.

•Which isn’t true.

•You’ll have to cuddle him when you both get home.

•"Maybe you deserve someone like-“
•"I deserve someone like Jason Todd.”
•"Y/N, I’m an awfully-“
•"Yes, you’re awfully attractive and loving boyfriend, I know.”

•Always offers to let you wear his jacket.

•It’s kind of a marking thing saying “Hey, they are mine so don’t even try.”

•ALWAYS holds your hand.

•It’s a clear sign and it gives him comfort too.

•He REALLY doesn’t like when guys have ill intentioned thoughts about you.

•He’s the one that suggests to take the fight outside the bar.

•He knows he’ll win.

•Pretends to be sorry when you scold him.

•But you both know he so isn’t.

•He always suggest things like

•"If a guy is giving you a hard time you know I can handle it.“

•"Just like every guy since we started dating?”

•"Well there was some before that.“

A to Z (Fluff) - Bucky Barnes

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A = Attractive what do they find attractive about the other?

He loves your personality and your marks. The lil’ tiny scars, bruises, freckles, anything that makes you unique. He also loves your thighs just as much as he loves being in between them ;)

B = Baby do they want a family? why/why not?

When he starts to fall deeper in love with you, he starts to realize that it’s you that’s the one for him. There won’t be anyone else, except you. So he’s more than willing with having an anklebiter with you because he loves you.

C = Cuddle how do they cuddle?

He likes to cuddle you with your chest pressed up against his. He loves it when you’re the little spoon because you’re super tiny compared to him and he feels like you’re there and you’re his when you’re in his arms.

D = Dates what are dates with them like?

Anything’s a date when you’re with Bucky. It could be making breakfast, messing around inTony’s lab and wrecking stuff, taking Peter Parker out as if he was your kid, even just cuddling for the whole day. Anything and everything was a date to Bucky Barnes.

E = Everything you are my ____ (e.g my life, my world…)

You are my princess. I want to take care of you, make sure you’re alright. You deserve the world, the universe, the stars in the palm of your hand - and I can give that to you.

F = Feelings when did they know they were falling in love?

He knew he loved you the moment he met you, but he tried to ignore it. That changed when he found you comforting him after a bad nightmare of his. You cared about him and made him feel like “Bucky” again - not “The Winter Soldier”. As you were raking your hand in his hair Bucky whispered “I love you” to you as he drifted off to sleep and you kissed him on the forehead, “I love you too, Bucky.” Then a small smile appeared on his face as he snuggled into you.

G = Gentle are they gentle? If so, how?

He’s charming and sweet to you. He’s a real gentleman from the 40′s. He possesses the timeless chivalry that’s rare to find nowadays and you love him for that.

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Look, I love Starco, Starco is my OTP, I want Starco to become cannon. Yet as a diehard Starco shipper I cannot deny that I also love Jarco cause dang it these two are absolutely adorable together! I mean Jackie went from a boring generic love interest to a more fleshed out entertaining character. She does care about Marco, she know when he’s having one of his “Marco moments” and she tries to cheer him up! I really don’t get how anyone can hate Jackie as a character cause she haven’t really done anything to deserve hate! SHe and Star have a great friendship, she have great and realistic chemistry with Marco, and she is just an overall entertaining character!

completely 100% accurate DS9 the wire transcript
  • Bashir: i'm worried about you
  • Bashir: alright, i'm going to save your life anyway
  • Bashir: okay, fine, just lie still for a sec
  • Bashir: sure honey, just get a good night's rest, please

“The Darth Vader scenes were the last day of filming — we saved the best for last. Everyone from the crew and the production office came out to bear witness and see Vader again. As I walked past people I knew and was friends with, I watched their reactions. It was phenomenal: There was awe and excitement in their eyes, but there was also a certain level of respect that needed to be paid, and a tinge of fear. As I walked by, they would gasp, and then they would lower their heads and take a couple of steps back-as you would if Vader was passing.”

He Put The Stars In The Sky

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - @lovefan643

Obsidian Daughter of Mother Gothel because she knows repunzle her hair is long (only reaches to her hands tho) mostly unhappy due to her living conditions and her abusive mother She only comes when its dark cuz she loves the stars one day she meet Harry Hook (sorry for so many Harry Hook stories) and you suprise me from there on (an idea one of my friends had and i kinda made it better :pp)

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N) is the daughter of Mother Gothel and one night when she goes out in the night she meets the infamous Harry Hook.

Warning(s) - abuse, mentions of not wearing clothes

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i love him

callout post for Carlos the Scientist

hes the sweetest boy ever and deserves so much and have i mentioned how much i love him? no? well heres some headcanons fuc u 

he tries so hard to be funny but usually no one laughs at his jokes but Cecil thinks theyre hilarious

he one time spent 3 hours outside studying one star and the only reason he had to go back inside was because the secret police were worried about him 

he stress-cooks and if Cecil comes home to a kitchen full of food he Knows and holds his very stressed husband for a while


He loves dark chocolate and often snacks on it at work and Nils sometimes leaves bars of it in his coat pocket before he leaves the lab

HE LOVES DOGS SO MUCH!!! its insane he will pet every dog he sees especially big dogs he calls them “boorfs” which makes Cecil giggle

Hes fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and sometimes forgets English words and awkwardly tries to describe it in the broadest way possible

He loves being Cecil’s muse and will sit still for hours just so Cecil can draw him

when he feels overwhelmed, he’ll curl up into the couch and watch movies and shuts his mind off

He hogs covers and is often found in a blanket burrito when he wakes up

He is socially awkward but super super sweet and tries his best 

any way im not done with this damnet i just needed to write about my Boy

Scratched (Tyler Seguin)

Prompt: Could you do a Tyler Seguin imagine about how he changes his fuckboy ways when he meets the reader? I love your imagines and you xoxo

Tyler Seguin x Reader

Requested: yep

Includes: Negative view of Tyler

note: gosh diddly darn i love that gif

also im so sorry the ending is awkward i didnt know how to end it

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Starlight Shines Bright, But Not As Bright As My Love Tonight

“Lafayette….” Alexander gasped, his hand covering his mouth as tears began forming in his eyes. “I…I don’t know what to say…”

“Well, saying ‘yes’ would be ideal,” Lafayette joked halfheartedly, forcing a smile on his face as he tried to keep his balance on one knee. The diamond ring glimmered in the candlelight, illuminating the windowsill that displayed the inky darkness of night where stars shone brightly. Metallic gold lay twisted around the diamond, holding it in place and forming what was quite clearly an engagement ring.

“But what if I didn’t?” Alexander asked quietly, his voice weak as he attempted to keep his emotions held inside. “What if I told you that I don’t want to marry you and I never wanted to see you again because then you’d find someone who deserves your love?”

“Alexander…Even if you did say those things, and even if they were true, I could never find another person whom I hold so much affection for in my heart. If only I could reach the sky and give you a star of your own, if only you could see how brightly you shine….” Lafayette whispered, eyes wide with hope.

“Gilbert…” Alexander muttered, leaving his chair and leaning down to be face-to-face with the anxious Frenchman on the floor. He ran his hand along Lafayette’s cheek for a moment before pulling his chin up to kiss him softly, and pulling away far too quickly. “You didn’t even have to ask. I will always be yours.”

“You…You mean..?” Lafayette stuttered, beginning to shake slightly.

“Yes. I mean yes, I’ll marry you, yes, I’ll be your husband, yes, I’ll love you until our dying days, yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!” Alexander exclaimed in tearful joy. He stood up fully and offered Lafayette his left hand slowly. Lafayette stared up at him for a moment, a single tear streaming down his face, before sliding the ring onto Alexander’s finger and standing up, grabbing him by the waist and spinning them around.

“I love you, I love you, I love you!” He shouted, uncaring at what volume he spoke. He set Alexander down after a few moments of crying and spinning him around, and gazed at him lovingly for a moment before speaking in a soft voice. “My love, you look so gorgeous in the starlight…”

Alexander wrapped his arms behind Lafayette’s neck and kissed him for a moment, only pulling away for a moment to whisper, “Starlight shines bright, but not as bright as my love tonight.”

@virusap I heard that you were feeling sad

Assassin!reader x Deadpool

Pairing: Platonic

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: Cursing & gore (bc it’s deadpool)

Summary: The reader is sent to assassinate Deadpool

You’d been staking him out for about two weeks now. He was strange to say the least. You’d been watching him from the building across from his apartment which was pretty goddamn grotesque but so was the rat infested shithole you’d been staying in. Luckily he spent most of his time on jobs or doing weird shit in alleys with the local feral cats. You’d been hired by your usual client Mr. Jackson though you were one hundred percent sure that wasn’t his real name you couldn’t be bothered to care. You always delivered and so did he.

Currently, Deadpool was making dinner but was just throwing the entire pot of wet spaghetti at the wall, you sighed. This is how it’d been, you watching him, you got his schedule down for the most part and tonight was the night. You didn’t grow attached to your hits, but you had to admit you were kind of fond of the fucker. He wasn’t a hero but he wasn’t a villain either, you heard he was an annoying dick but he didn’t seem that bad. He was much better than the two men you had to work with.

You grabbed your walkie talkie from the table next to you, “Are you in position Jones?” You said, already rolling your eyes at the expected reply.

“What the hell do you think I’m sitting on this roof for the past six hours to jerk it into the wind?” He said back, laughing at his own joke.

You didn’t respond, “Bennet?” you ask.

“Yeah I’m just jerking off next to Jones.” He chuckled.

“Dude what the hell.” Jones said.

“What?” Bennet replied, confused by his own idiocy.

“Move in.” You command as you grab your bag, pretending like you don’t hear theie comments about how they don’t take orders from you.

Bennet follows behind you as you signal for three, but Bennet breaks in on two.

You huff and grind your teeth down to stop yourself from putting one in him.

“What the fu-” Deadpool shoots up. “Well I have to say I wasn’t expecting guests, excuse the mess.” He pulled out a gun from his couch cushions and began shooting at you and Bennet.

You ducked behind a counter and yelled over the com at Jones “Take the shot Jones!”

You waited for a reply but none came “Jones!” You yelled again over the gunfire

“Sorry (y/n)” Bennet said with a half-smile as he turned to you.

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as you saw him reach for his gun and point it at you.

“Bennet what are you doing?” You crawl back, hitting your back against the cabinet.

“You’re the target. Mr. Jackson’s orders.” He cocked his gun as you moved quickly to run.

“Hey! It’s only fun if you play along!” Deadpool said in a child-like voice as he came around the corner. “Oh.” He said as you ran past him, ducking behind a beaten to hell lazy boy chair.

Then you heard shots break through the windows, tearing bullet holes through the chair and floor around you. It was Jones shooting at you from the roof. That son of a bitch.

“You know it’s pretty rude to come to someone’s home and treat them like they’re not even there!” Deadpool said with a huff as he plopped down, on a chair with three legs in the corner of the room.

You pepped your head from around the couch and shot at Bennet who was ducking up and down from the counter. “Bennet you son of a bitch! Come out and face me!” You yelled.

He emerged from the counter, he was an idiot but he was a good shot and you’d have to get his gun away if you wanted to survive and you sure as hell wanted to survive so you could kill Mr. Jackson.

“Hey, what’s going on? You want to get out of here an grab a bite there a great Mexican place-” You turn to see Deadpool crouched next to you, face inches away from yours, you jump and elbow him in the face, knocking him on his ass. “Hey what the hell?! Okay fine! We can get Thai!” He said as he rubbed his nose.

“Not now!” You yell back, rolling from behind the chair to the couch, flipping it over and firing another shot, hitting Bennet in the shoulder.

“Hey, I get this may be a bad time but I’m just saying they have like 4.5 stars on Yelp and-” Deadpool was at your side again.

You look at him in confusion and frustration and he tilts his head as a reply. “Okay, you’re right. I’ll be back.” He leaned in closer to your face as you moved back instinctively “I have another gun under the coffee table.” He whispered in a heavy handed seductive voice as he then nodded to himself and he ran out of the apartment.

You pushed away the interaction and focused again as bennet started shooting through the couch, barely missing you.

You roll out and fire again, hitting him in the ankle as he fell to the floor, grabbing his knife and throwing it at you, hitting you in the shoulder you cried out as you closed the distance, jumping on top of him and landing blow after blow to his face, digging in your knees to his arms so he couldn’t move.

“Why?! Why does Jackson want me dead?!” You lift him up by the shirt, starring at his eyes that are now swelling and bloody.

“You know how it works (y/n). We’re all disposable. Your time was up.” His voice made your stomach twist. You never liked him but you knew his words were true.

You got off him as he coughed up blood and groaned, not daring to get up as he knew that you were far from done.

“I got this one!” Deadpool said as he ran in the room, throwing Jones to the floor who looked to be knocked out. “Whew!” He said as he wiped away imaginary sweat from his masked forehead. “Now I think we deserve same food after that.”

“You’re kidding right?” You ask genuinely confused

“You like Mexican right? You always go to that burrito place down the street.” He said

“Wh-” you started

“You thought I didn’t notice you all stalking me? I mean, I truly was flattered but the anticipation was killer.” He starred at you as you tried to recall the feeling of being watched but you couldn’t.

“Don’t hurt yourself.” He said, moving around the men to the table.

“I have to go.” You said moving towards the door, remembering Jackson.

“So soon?” You heard deadpool say as a shot followed, you half ducked down as you turned around.

“Jesus Christ!” You let slip out in surprise as blood exploded from Bennet’s head as Wade held the gun over him.

You watched as he shot Jones’ kneecap as he screamed in pain. Deadpool dropped down, grinding his knee into Jones’ knee, “Hey buddy, beautiful night isn’t it? Me and my dear friend (y/n) were hoping for a nice night out on the town. Look at some nice street lamps, throw pennies at people wearing sunglasses, you know what I mean. But before we can do that we have to visit a Mr. Jackson so we can kill him game of thrones style. Do you know where we might find him?” He nearly growled the last part as he dug in his knee harder as Jones screamed.

“I-I-” He began to lie.

“Sorry what?” Deadpool moved his head closer.

“He’s at his office! He’s at his office! At the pier!” He screamed, wriggling under Deadpool.

“K thanks.” He stood up as Jones breathed in relief deadpool pulled his gun and shot him in the head.

You didn’t look away.

“Shall we?” Deadpool said, offering his arm.

You scoffed but it came out as more of a laugh as you walked past him and down to the car that was supposed to be for the three of you.

“Shotgun!” Wade yelled as he raced against no one.

You had no idea what the hell you were thinking but maybe that was for the best.