i deserve the braid

Courting Disaster

Imagine Fili asking you to pretend to be his girlfriend, but he ends up falling for you.

It was wonderful seeing the Mountain alive again, brimming with dwarves and dwarrows as they reclaimed the home they had lost so long ago. You had worked hard to help in the restorations, not to mention the near fatal trek which had brought you there. You would have been proud if you had the right but it had not been solely your toil which had resurrected Erebor.

You looked across the forge as it glowed yellow with the burning fires and the clanging of metal on metal. You were soaked with sweat as you shaped the silver dragon brooch delicately and giggled at your own jokes. The king was soon to be crowned and you needed a suitable gift for the humourless dwarf. You were nearly done the last pointed wing and your eagerness to show the royal nephews grew as you continued your work.

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Bon Iver brings me a pork chop as an afternoon surprise. Bon Iver fluffs up the bed, even though I rolled out after him. Bon Iver fills my ‘I Love Books’ mug with dandelions.

He is damp and dirty from chores and cooking. (I haven’t left my writing table today.) He has lamb fluff and wood chips on his flannel. (I’m wearing the socks he knitted for me, and my fingernails are clean.)

'This is awfully nice,’ I say, as he braids my hair.

'Baby, you deserve it,’ Bon Iver says. 'You work so hard.’

In recognition of the one year anniversary happening this Monday, November 30th, 2015 of the airing of TWD’s episode of “Coda” in which beautiful Beth Greene was tragically shot… 💔
I have given my daughter a ponytail + braid ‘do here a la Bethy to show my love and support for the Beth Greene (and Bethyl) fandom.💗
Please feel free to re-blog this, Tweet this, or share this on Facebook, Instagram, etc. to show that one whole year later, her fans are STILL HERE–we are STRONG and we…
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