i deserve nothing but bad things because of this

  • me: ugh, something really crappy has happened, I kind of want to talk to someone about i--
  • bpd: if you mention this to anyone you're being attention-seeking and manipulative by trying to act like you have problems when you DON'T. you are a horrible person, and anyway if you DID have problems, you would deserve them because you deserve nothing but bad things, so SUFFER IN SILENCE.
  • me: ....fuck you're right


hey you.

stop scrolling for a moment.

i just wanted to remind you:

  • you’re amazing
  • you’re wonderful
  • i’m proud of you
  • you deserve everything in the world and more
  • there’s nothing wrong with you
  • no matter what people say, you’re the best ever
  • i support you
  • you’re strong
  • you’re beautiful
  • nobody thinks you’re annoying
  • even on your worst days, you shine brighter than the stars
  • you’re needed on this earth
  • i’m sorry if you’re having a bad day, things can only go up
  • keep on keepin’ on
  • things will always get better
  • you’ve got this
  • take care of yourself because you deserve it
  • you’re unique
  • i’m here for you
  • nobody is better at being you than you are
  • i love you

that’s all.

you can continue scrolling now.

friend: are you okay?

what i say: i’m fine

what i mean: simon lewis had to watch his best friend and girlfriend, who he thought was in love with him, kiss someone else because she desires him more. then he was almost put in prison for a murder he didn’t commit but he didn’t try to escape (even though he could have) because he thought he deserved to be punished. and when he found out who actually committed the murder he risked his life to bring them to justice, not because he was framed and arrested, but because he didn’t want someone to get away with killing an innocent person. then simon proceeded to break up with clary, even though he is still completely in love with her but is aware she does not love him back. now he has to temporarily live his life without his best friend while he tries to get over her and simon has done nothing to deserve any of the bad things that are happening to him and i hope he knows i love him.

New Writing Prompts
  • “How did you lose it?”
  • “What are you listening to?”
  • “What’s your favorite color?”
  • “Well, that’s pretty rude of you to say.”
  • “You’re making me blush.”
  • “Are you flirting with me?”
  • “It’s lonely here without you.”
  • “I can’t stand the thought of a life without you in it.”
  • “Just kiss me already.”
  • “We’d make a cute couple.”
  • “I want to take care of you.”
  • “Can we cuddle?”
  • “I need a hug.”
  • “You’re special to me.”
  • “You’re awful but you’re mine.”
  • “You’re cute when you’re angry.”
  • “I’ve liked you for a while now.”
  • “Will you marry me?”
  • “Dance with me!”
  • “So that’s it? It’s over?”
  • “Thanks for nothing.”
  • “Are you upset with me?”
  • “You’re a monster.”
  • “We can’t keep this up forever.”
  • “I don’t need you anymore.”
  • “Why do you hate me?”
  • “I thought you loved me.”
  • “You put us both in danger.”
  • "I don’t understand you.”
  • "This is gonna hurt.”
  • "I don’t really care what you think.”
  • "I can’t do that.”
  • “This is completely different.”
  • "I went easy on you.”
  • “You’re lucky to be alive right now.”
  • “Do you think you could teach me?” 
  • “What could go wrong?”
  • “I didn’t push you…the wind pushed you. ”
  • “Well, if that’s really what you want.”
  • “Listen, I really don’t like you, but you have kittens so I’m going to be over a lot.”
  • “I see you there all the time.”
  • “That’s not a good sign.”
  • “I had to see you again.”
  • “What are you afraid of?”
  • “Come over here and make me.”
  • “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”
  • “Stop interrupting me!”
  • “I came to say goodbye.”
  • “Isn’t this amazing?”
  • “Catch me if you can!”
  • “It’s just your imagination.”
  • “I can take care of myself just fine.”
  • “Just shut up and kiss me.”
  • “How long do we have?”
  • “Am I ever going to see you again?”
  • “You make me feel invincible.”
  • “Leave me alone.”
  • “You need to leave.”
  • “I hate how much I love you.”
  • “That’s starting to get annoying.”
  • “How did you find me?”
  • “I don’t want to talk about it.”
  • “You can’t just sit there all day.”
  • “I’ve liked you for a while now.”
  • “Don’t argue. Just do it.”
  • “I wasn’t going to wait around forever.”
  • “You deserve better than me.”
  • “Could you be happy here, with me?”
  • “Do you wish things had happened differently?”
  • “The world revolves around the sun, but my world revolves around you.”
  • “Enough with the mind games!”
  • “Promise me you’ll stay safe?”
  • “Did you just freaking boop me?!”
  • “You will always be my everything.”
  • “Catch me!”
  • “That’s the first time I’ve died in a while. Guess I was overdue.”
  • “I love you. I hope you know that.”
  • “I bought this because I thought you’d like it.”
  • “I just feel safe with you. Like nothing bad can happen.”
  • “I don’t like when you say things like that. To me, you’re perfect.”
  • “I like it when you say my name.”
  • “I love kissing you.”
  • “I’m just glad you’re safe. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you.”
  • “You’re so beautiful.”
  • “I’m really lucky to have you.”
  • “Don’t tell me not to worry, because I’m going to do that anyway.”
  • “I made you some breakfast.”
  • “If you’re so cold, why didn’t you say something? Come here.”
  • “I guess time flies when you’re with somebody you love.”
  • “No, I don’t want to say goodbye. Not now.”
  • “I think I might be better off without you.”
  • “Don’t tell me what to do.”
  • “I don’t want to do this without you.”
  • “Stop yelling and listen for a second.”
  • “I just want you to be safe. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you.”
  • “Please, just…be safe. Come back to me.”
  • “I’m so, so sorry.”
  • “Don’t say that. You’re going to be okay.”
  • “Please don’t leave.”
  • “Why would you think something like that?”
  • “I thought I’d never see you again.”
  • “You can’t just leave like this.”
  • “I missed you so much.”
  • “Like what you see?”
  • “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
  • “Try to stay quiet, understand?”
  • “I didn’t know you were so sensitive.”
  • “Don’t be so rough. There can’t be any marks.”
  • “I like it when you say my name like that.”
  • “I really don’t care. You still look hot and I’m trying not to kiss you senseless right now.”
  • “I asked for a helpful opinion, not…whatever that was.”
  • “I was trying my hardest to mind my own business, but you’ve really done it now. I have to know.”
  • “Disappointment comes in many shapes and size, you know? Mine comes in the shape of you!”
  • “I can’t believe you’re making me do this. It’s humiliating.”
  • “People see your scowl and run for the hills. I can’t have this when my guests come over.”
  • “Some of this was found in the ship, the other half found in a cave. Aliens? Confirmed.”
  • “Maybe this place wasn’t as haunted as people claimed it to be…wait, what was that?”
  • “None of this is going to matter when I can change the outcome.”
  • “Let’s leave this to the professionals, because we most definitely are not.”
  • “It’s incredibly hot out, so why am I still cold? Ugh.”
  • “Something about this is fishy, but I can’t put my finger on what.”
  • “This disappointment on my face is for you.”
  • “It’s a good day when I don’t have to see you before six thirty in the morning.”
  • “Isn’t that what friends do? Look out for each other? So that’s what I’m doing.”
  • “My ‘good enough’ barely scratches their ‘this is how things should be’.”
  • “Taking things for granted is what I do, apparently.”
  • “I’m not proud of my actions, hence the change. I don’t think there’s anything bad about that.”
  • “Oh come on, you can’t chase something that doesn’t exist.”
  • “I have yet to have an opportunity to say ‘I told you so’, but if I hang around long enough, I know I will.”
  • “I know about three people in this world and I trust none.”
  • “Something tells me this nightmare isn’t over. Not yet.”
  • “I wanted to show you how genuine I am about this.”
  • “I cannot convey to you how much you irritate me on a good day, let alone a bad one.”
  • “All of you are to blame for this, but I can’t say I’m surprised.”
  • “The last person I’m going to listen to is you, if I’m being truthful.”
  • “Must you be so quick to judge?”
  • “Hey, nerd! Go kick their butt.”
  • “You are loved.”
  • “Morning, lovely. I see you got out of bed. I’m proud of you.”
  • “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you happy.”
  • “Someone, someday, is going to write a sappy poem about you. And even though it’s super cliche, you will love it to pieces. You’re so adorable.”
  • “I hope you have a wonderful day.”
  • “You are your worst criticizer, seriously, all those things you’re worried about, they are absolutely fine.”
  • “Keep going, love.”
  • “Look at you, you’re amazing.”
  • “It’s okay, you’re allowed to cry, just let it all out.”
  • “You’re strong and I care about you.”
  • “I love and support you.”
  • "You’re numb. You’re tired. You can’t seem to do anything. You want to give up. Well, I’m here to say, please. Just one more push, just one shower, one tiny task, one more day of looking after yourself. It’s hard, but I’ll be here on the other end, I’ll be there when you close your eyes tonight and you picture me, with the biggest smile on my face. One more, for me, for you.”
  • “A woman has needs, sir. And right now I very much need to break every bone in your body.”
  • "Did you fall out of love?”
  • “I knew it was a mistake from the beginning.”
  • “I can’t talk to you anymore. Goodbye.”
  • “I’ll be gone by Tuesday. Can’t keep them waiting forever, can I?”
  • “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you then.”
  • “Please don’t let go. I don’t want to be alone yet. Just hang on a little longer.”
  • “I don’t wanna die yet! Please! I don’t wanna die!”
  • “I have so much I need to say, please, let me stay long enough to speak, please.”
  • “Just let me go already. I have nothing left in this life. Let me move on.”
  • “I can’t feel it. It’s just gone, like it was never there.”
  • “I want to run again, please. I don’t care, just let me run!”
  • “You let her die because you were a coward, you don’t deserve my pity just because you feel guilty.”
  • “I don’t want them to see me like this. I can’t let them.”
  • “You can’t just give up. Please, please they need you. I need you.”
  • “Just stop…please. It’s not going to work.”
  • “This can’t be happening. I just…I just started! It’s not fair.”
  • “You’re just going to let her die?”
  • “You’re pathetic. A parasite. If anything, you’re the predator, not prey.”
  • “I’d do anything for you but would you do the same for me?”
  • “I don’t know, and I’m sorry but that’s not the kind of person I am.”
  • “Look, I don’t mind taking sketchy jobs. What I mind is being lied to about whether these jobs are sketchy.”
  • “I’d say I’m doing this because I’ve lost control of my life, but let’s be honest: I never had a handle on anything.”
  • “There are worse people to be stuck here with, I suppose, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about it.”
  • “As fascinating as this is, I have other things I’d rather be doing. Like sleeping.”
  • “I’m too cute to stay mad at. Wouldn’t you agree?”
  • “This isn’t the endgame I dreamed of. So disappointing.”
  • “I can’t imagine that this is what we were supposed to do. It seems too easy.”
  • “The struggle I’m experiencing is not being able to find the right color. It’s so frustrating.”
Bad day

Summary: Virgil has a bad day. Fluff.

Pairing: LAMP (platonic or romantic).

Words: 1863 words.

Triggers/warnings: bad day.

A/N: This story is dedicated to everyone who needs to be cheered up, especially @fanfictionsideaccount, who is having a bad time, too. Although she says she deserves the things that are happening to her (I cannot judge that, because I don’t know her personally), I believe she also deserves to feel good from time to time. Hopefully, this fic can help with that. Laney, I hope you’re feeling better soon and don’t hesitate to reach out again, okay? ILY.

Everything was fine. He was fine. There was nothing wrong, nothing even remotely off. It was sunny outside, today was Thomas’ day off and their host was just doing own thing and enjoying the day. The sides had gathered in the commons of the Mind Palace, doing their own thing as well. 

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So this episode still upsets me somehow. Everyone around me is just like wow this was an amazing episode and I’m here trying to pinpoint why I still have concerns. And then I think I finally pinpointed what’s wrong. It’s Dany’s storyline. This episode really made me realize how problematic her character is no matter how much I love her.

At the beginning of the show she was introduced as this fragile young woman who awakened and seized her chance at living life on her own terms and she instantly became this symbol of feminism and girl power. All the while she retained her greatest quality: compassion. By season 3 she had become the badass Mother of Dragons everybody rooted for. At this point, I was cheering every time she accomplished something without really thinking about the other side of said something. When she torched Astapor and took the Unsullied I was like YEAH. Like everybody else. When she was celebrated as Mhysa I was like YEAH. Like everybody else. When she freed Meereen I was like YEAH. Like everybody else. Etc etc.

Until the Field of Fire where I should have been like YEAH. Like everybody else. Except I wasn’t. The scene itself was impressive but for the first time it was constructed differently. Instead of an epic and victorious variation of the Dracarys theme - as was used during every single one of her battle scenes (yes I pay much attention to the score) - we got a sad rendition of the Rains of Castamere. And so I realized what was wrong. The show had just gone on the other side for the first time. Apart from Jaime and Bronn who we naturally root for and so don’t wish to see dead, we met Ed Sheeran and his friends three episodes ago and it was a nice scene of humanizing what we still perceived as the enemy because they were Lannisters.

This got me questioning everything backwards. And I realized the show made us root for Dany by never showing us the other side of things. It always painted her storyline as her vs evil men. Plain and simple. Sure the guy in Astapor was a douchebag. He deserved to be torched. And yes the dynamic between masters and slaves is problematic and needs to be changed. But when you think about it the rest of the masters were just guilty of respecting centuries-old traditions. Nothing more. Same in Meereen. When she crucified them as retaliation for the slaves that were crucified I did not think twice about it because the show just identified the masters to bad men. That’s why the Sons of the Harpy storyline never properly worked to me. They were just depicted as rebellious terrorists who didn’t accept Dany’s reign. It would have been more interesting if we could actually go into their reasons. Reasons being they do not accept this foreign ruler who would come and change the way things had been in forever because nobody likes change. And so I did not even notice when she said or did problematic things because I was only seeing her side. She fed masters to her dragons just because they were masters and on the assumption they were guilty of helping the Sons of the Harpy. Those men were potentially innocent… but I only saw the badassery in it.

Now seeing the Field of Fire and how the show established that not all Lannisters are bad I noticed how big of a contrast there is between then and now. What helped during past seasons is that we could still see a soft side to Dany. She genuinely seemed to care for the small folk. When she had to execute one of them we could see she didn’t like it. But Westeros seems like a curse to her because she seems to have lost the last of her humanity since she stepped foot on it. Where is the girl who gave her followers the choice to walk freely and unharmed if they did not wish to go with her ? Compare this to her upcoming ‘Bend the knee or die’ speech. (Although we already got a taste of it before: ‘They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one’.) Some choice she’s giving here…

Where is the wit and the clever strategy we saw during past seasons ? When she conquered all those cities, when she killed the Dothraki chiefs, that was always through a smart plan with a twist. That was part of why we loved her so much. But now she’s reduced to traditional war ? Granted Westeros is not a city. It’s seven kingdoms. Still… And I get that this is war and that she is still a better person than Cersei because she comes with good intentions (at the very bottom of her heart she’s not bad. She just goes the wrong way). Yes war means soldiers will be lost. Innocent soldiers with lives and children and families. So I’m not saying that she did a bad thing in waging war. It is what it is. Dany has always been a conqueror more than she is a ruler. And she’s a beginner. That’s why she surrounds herself with people who are more skilled in that matter yet she does not always listen to them. Sure when she takes matters in her own hands we’re in for spectacular stuff. Most viewers stop at that. But what has she accomplished here on the Field of Fire? Besides weakening the Lannister armies, she’s also weakened her own - albeit significantly less - she’s harmed her most powerful dragon and she flambeed food reserves that would have been very useful. And she didn’t listen to every single one of her advisors. Tyrion was utterly devastated in seeing this massacre. (No matter his allegiance, he cares about Westeros and its people. And he still cares about at least his brother and Bronn). He chose her and he thought that with clever plans he could have her win the throne without too much bloodshed. She didn’t listen to Barristan in the past who once told her to be merciful. She didn’t listen to Tyrion when he told her to be patient in her war. War is not a matter of days, Dany. She didn’t listen to his strategy despite it being smarter than go upfront with the enemy. Or Jon for that matter. Who told her not to do it either. Jon who seems lately to think more about the small folk that she does. Both Varys and Tyrion said they chose her because she is the one who thinks about the people first. But since she’s arrived at Dragonstone all I could see from Dany is teenage-ish behavior of someone who throws a tantrum when they don’t get what they want. ‘Call me by my rightful title’ and ‘bend the knee’ seem to be her new favorite sentences. Bend the knee and I will help you save your people, she says to Jon. Uh you know you said the North is one of YOUR kingdoms so that’s your people as well who are going to be attacked. Where is Tyrion to give her a good wake-up slap ? A good ruler thinks about their subjects first, not about their crown. Wouldn’t it be better if you’d go save everyone in an unselfish way and then maybe perhaps they would be more willing to accept you..? Because so far, again let us go on the other side. The Westerosi just see this foreign queen, the last remaining of a dynasty they consider cursed because of its last ruler… of course they are weary. Of course I can understand Jaime and Bronn going against her and Drogon.

She made Varys swear to tell her to her face when she’s failing her people. Your first failure to do your duty, Varys. Varys? Varys where are you ? Oh over here with Tyrion discussing about maybe you chose wrong again. She used to genuinely care about the well being of the small folk and I believe she still does. She still refuses (for now) to attack King’s Landing and kill innocent people. But it’s not her priority anymore. Her priority is getting people to bend the knee. Meanwhile we have Jon whose new favorite sentences are ‘Help me fight the White Walkers and save the lives of everybody’ and ‘Do not touch my sister’. Jon who was thrust into the role of being King when that was clearly not his wish. Jon who united Wildings with Northmen to save them from the White Walkers. Jon who’s trying to rally everybody to save the lives of small folk and highborn alike. Jon who initially decided to take up the fight again because he could not fathom the idea of harm coming to his sister whether it be from Ramsey or the White Walkers. Jon who left his Kingdom in the care of his sister who’s trying her best to follow in his steps in her own ways - starting food reserves, making sure that the soldiers who will defend them are warm enough against winter, preparing Winterfell as a rallying location. Just Jon and Sansa caring more for the people than the power they were given.

And so here I am. Still liking Dany as much as before but not blind anymore to her faults. I still like her better on the throne than Cersei but really who are the better rulers here I ask you Tyrion and Varys?

Friendly Notes for Jumin Haters

It’s been over a year I played MM and even after that it seems people never get tired to talk about jumin as if he is the only sinner in RFA and the only character who has so many flaws and nothing good; hence he is a bad character and doesn’t deserve forgiveness so does his fans; they are the worst and the whole internet should know about this as if the whole world hasn’t already know about this. It’s been a year yet people still don’t get over it.

Jumin Han tag here on tumblr isn’t even a safe place for jumin and his fans because it always surrounded by hate posts, false accusations, DJHIG meme and people who disregarding his character. So I beg your respect to consider these things below:

It is OK to dislike/hate Jumin Han because he or his route made you feel uncomfortable and triggering your unpleasant experience for whatever reasons no one ever force you to like him or change your opinions; we just want your respect.

  • But it is NOT OK to call him an abuser when clearly he is not one of that. Just because the slightest of his behavior remind you of your abuser doesn’t necessarily means he is one of them. He was having a mental breakdown for mostly 1.5 days for the first time in 27 yrs of his life on his route. Making you feel uncomfortable wasn’t his intentions, that’s why he keep apologizing to you. He is inexperienced of expressing his emotions and he was anxious and insecure. He needs time to go back to being rational and logical jumin again and see after that he is changing and he certainly never do those things again. Is it what an abuser would do? NO!
  • It is NOT OK to spreading false accusations about him and make him looks like some kind of villain/criminal. I saw many people accused him of kidnapping MC when in fact it was not true. MC is consciously want to come to his penthouse and help him on her own will. No one force her into this, not even jumin himself.
  • It is NOT OK to always associate him with his Bad Ending traits/events; Bad Ending traits/events exist because the player encourage him to do so and make him believe it was the right thing to do. Keep pushing him doing bad things but never tell him what is right. That’s why it was called bad ends. It exist for a reason. The truest character’s traits will only show during the good route only (Good End/Normal End). Please don’t disregard his wonderful character development.
  • It is NOT OK to accuse us, jumin fans that we are an abuse apologist for liking jumin or we are ignoring his flaws or problematic behaviors because he is a male and he is so fckn attractive or the like. Also accused us for romanticizing his BE2 and call it was sexy cz this is so fckn wrong and insulting for us.
  • It is NOT OK to play victim and call us rude to make us looks bad yet you are the one who send anon hate and rude commentary in the first place and telling us to stop making positivity contents about jumin and keep coming back as anon to tell us how gross we are for even liking an abuser like him and goes 9763234581 ways to write how jumin is a bad character and how his route make you uncomfortable and even bring him down to level up your bias.
  • It is NOT OK to tag your jumin hate with “Jumin Han” tag and mention his name in the body post without being censored.
  • It is NOT OK to antagonize/attack people who started to like him with anon hate and your tons of bullshits just to seek your own validation and being rude with your insistence and keep coming back to them.

I think that’s all from me. If you want to be respected; please respect mine too. I don’t want any of this pointless discourse to continue in the future. Don’t you get tired already? I don’t know what your aim, but it’s been a year and you keep talking about his flaws endlessly. It’s not even a week since his birthday gdi. I just want peace and love jumin in peacefulness without someone telling me bullshits.


I won’t respond to any kind of offensive/rude commentary. I hope people would take this with level-headed manner, if you disagree just keep it to yourself. I do my business, you do yours. Everyone has different opinions and point of views. I only demand your respect.

Thank you.

I need your hold (っ◕︵◕ )っ

Ok guys,
Maybe this post will be a bit long but I need to talk about it, to focus my mind, just to blow off a little steam.
And I do it here. Because I have not been publishing my comics for a long time and you deserve an explanation.
And I don’t want to say nothing on my Italian professional profile on fb. Sometimes I can’t stand the hypocrisy behind that social network; the nasty things; the passive-aggressive barbs; the arrogance to know everything about everyone.
I don’t want you get me wrong: my followers and fans are great and lovely there. They would support me in every bad moment I have! I really love them!
But there are another category of  ‘people’ or ‘fans’ or ‘colleagues’ who silently complain, accuse you, thinking wrong thoughts on you even they don’t know you. Just because they are blinded by envy or something else that I don’t get.
Because for them… I’m rich ( ? ) , my life is perfect (what life is perfect?) and I never had any problems in my life ( but do you know me for telling that?). 
I should never complain because I work for a publishing house! I should always shut up my mouth because I’m lucky to have this.
Yes perhaps I’m. I know that I was lucky to find a job that I love.

But people don’t know me and they make me sick because they didn’t know problems isn’t about just around my work. What do people know about my life? 

Do they know that nothing was easy for me, that no one in my family believed in me and in my dreams? Do they know that I’m not rich and I will never be because my job is understimated in my country? Do they know that I had awful friends who abbandoned me at the worst time and while I was treating a neoplasia? Do they know that my father had an accident and lost his memory including his children? Do they know how hard I work to get a little piece of consideration? Do they know what I’m suffering when I live away from my country? How many racist attitudes did I get? How many humiliations? And everything for following the work of my husband? To see him accomplished?
Do they know that there are days when I can’t get up from bed because I’m too depressed? When I’m cry for no reason? When I always feel the pressure and expectations from others to me? Do they know that lately I’m not good at health and I can’t cure myself because sanity here doesn’t work well and I’m getting worse day by day?

Do they know that , despite this, I continue to face the day, to smile at people? To apreciate every good moment of my life? To love my friends and my fans? To draw my stories and meet the deadlines? To respect the others?

They don’t know me! That’s it!

We’re normal people and sometimes is ok to have a bad moment.
Sometimes bad moments could become a bad month, year…years. That’s why I started to going first to a psycologist and keep going to search a good doctor for my health.
I’m a little scared to go. I would like to cancel the appointment every day. But I know that I’ll be better by talking to a professional person.
I’m scared too for my health because is getting worst. But I want to be positive! And I don’t want to think about bad things or bad people. Just good things…

I hope you did not get angry with this vent!
Sorry in advance and thank you for reading me even if is written in bad english!^^
Love you guys!
I’ll never give up!

A post about the show 13 reasons why and why I don’t like Hannah Baker.

By the end of the first episode I really didn’t like Hannah. This didn’t change, not even when I felt emphaty. I’m really sorry if I’m one of the bad guys, I’m really sorry if I end up offending someone. But, remember, I’m a flawed person too. A person who needs to write her thoughts now.

The tapes: for me, revenge. As I see it, the tapes were Hannah’s way to get revenge on everyone who hurt her. They were not about explaining, making people understand, showing how people change. No, they were about payback and haunting. And if you want to tell me otherwise, I’m all ears. People told me she wanted to leave an explanation. She didn’t. Because the ones who deserved the explanation more than anyone were her parents, yes, the ones who were broken in a million pieces after her death. In fact, I cannot forgive Hannah Baker for killing part of her parents when she died in that bathtub.

Justin: we learn how Justin started everything, everything that lead her to her death. Yeah. But we also see how messed up his life was. The reason for him to act like an idiot. I grew fond of Justin. I understood him in some ways. I cannot defend him, I cannot say it was OK, none of it was. He did terrible things but in the end… He was so troubled I don’t think he could distinguish between right and wrong at any point. I feel weird cause, after all he did to Hannah and Jess, I have the strange emphaty towards him. Maybe I’m like him in some way, maybe I’m the kind who allows things to happen.

Jess: Jess was wrecked by the tapes. She went through hell. And maybe she wasn’t a good friend. But neither was Hannah. Telling everyone how Jess got raped and couldn’t even remember it was not fair at all. Saying Jess destroyed the friendship by herself was low. And I’ll defend Jess, yeah, cause no one did, cause Hannah pointed her finger but, apparently, she didn’t fight too hard to keep the friendship. Also, friends come and go, I’m sorry to say. And you cannot, ever, blame someone for your suicide because this person grew apart and couldn’t be a real friend to you for too long.

Zach: shit with Zach was weird, I’m gonna defend him too. He had things of his own, and he really liked her, apparently, she didn’t give him a chance. And he wasn’t mean to her cause he “didn’t get what he wanted”, he was mean in response to her being an asshole, too. So, Hannah can be hurt and be an idiot, but if the others do the same, they are monsters?

Marcus: total asshole. Tipical teenager. He didn’t care much. But he didn’t deserve to be tormented either.

Sheri: wtf? She did one thing wrong and this is proof the world is fucked up and a reason to kill yourself? The girl was nothing but kind and was ate by guilt before and after the tapes, did she deserve to be haunted like this? I don’t think so.

Courtney: one more that was judged because she wasn’t a real friend and didn’t want to be so, either. Can you blame her? No. She wasn’t true to herself? Maybe. Who am I to judge? Who was Hannah? Courtney was an idiot but she didn’t deserve to be exposed.

Ryan: another idiot, yes. Bad behaviour, selfish and all. Does he deserve to live his life thinking he was a reason for someone to commit suicide? I don’t think so. He deserved to pay for his actions, he deserved to know he acted wrong. But in the end he was just an idiot who didn’t try to destroy her in any way.

Tyler: the one who really needed some therapy. He was always bullyed and laughed at, even by Hannah. He had some real problems and carrying responsibility for her suicide would lead to some things that are much bigger than what was already shown. So, this is just an example of the consequences of the tapes.

Bryce: didn’t get to listen to the tapes. We never learn why Bryce was like he was. We never see him being punished and Hannah punishes everyone but him. So Clay has to do it for her. She wanted someone to fight for her and that I understand, mainly because I cannot imagine how she felt. Do I blame Bryce? For many things, yes. For her suicide? No. Because she doesn’t put all the blame in him. He’s not the last drop so at some point she thought she could handle things in a different way, she didn’t.

Mr Porter: he was not more than a counselor, and he cannot carry responsibility for her suicide. Was he good as a counselor? Probably not. Was he useful? Not at all. Everyone is fighting their own battles day after day, he was too, and that’s why he wasn’t there for her. How could he know? Can he be guilty because he gave a crappy advice and didn’t go after her like she wanted? I don’t think so. She left. That’s on her.

Clay: she put Clay through hell, for what? FOR WHAT? he felt like crap, he felt guilty, he faced some shit he clearly didn’t deserve to. So, why? Listening to the tapes was pure torture to Clay. She affected him for good and that doesn’t seem fair at all. She put him in danger, a danger he didn’t deserve. Torturing Clay was low, and I cannot accept it, I cannot like Hannah Baker when I know she was totally aware of how bad the tapes would hit Clay.

Alex: the ultimate consequence… The list was a childish stupid shit to do, yes. Going to the boy’s locker room was too. Why did she do that? She wasn’t allowed there and it was obvious they would talk even more after that. Blaming him for destroying Hannah and Jesse’s friendship? Unfair and stupid. Alex was a thunderstorm, he had so much going on inside his head, he couldn’t even handle Hannah’s thunder, or anything else, to be honest. I would have liked to learn more about him… After all, Hannah’s suicide lead to his. So, are we to blame Hannah the way she blamed him? Alex couldn’t handle the pressure, the guilt and he gives all the signs, he silently walks to his death and noone sees it, no one cares. So what good did the tapes do? They didn’t prevent anything, on the contrary, they lead to destruction and more and more pain. Hannah wanted to be a ghost seeking revenge and she got it.

The parents: the ones who are fucked up without doing anything, without stupid tapes to explain shit. The main reason why I can’t stand Hannah is the fact that, when she killed herself, she was gone, the pain was gone, and exactly at this moment her parent’s worst nightmare began. She didn’t think of them. She didn’t leave a note for them. She dedicated her last week to torment all the kids at school but not a word for her parents. Her mother’s desperation crushed me. She killed herself but she broke them, in a million pieces, never to be put together again. Can you tell me that’s not selfish? Not even a little? I just cannot forgive something like that, because finding your kid dead in the tub is pretty much the worst thing a parent can face.

Edit: if you don’t agree and GET MAD at me, please don’t reply. If you agree or don’t and want to reply with your own non-aggressive opinion, please reply. Edit 2: in case you didn’t understand, I don’t judge the reasons for which she killed herself, I don’t dislike her because of that. I just don’t like the tapes themselves and the apparent reasons for which she left them.

You never know what to expect in life. One day you’re the most happiest then one thing happens that just ruins your day instantly, in a blink of an eye. When that thing happens your shocked, you feel numb, you feel nothing, you feel empty, you feel lonely. You don’t know what you’re thinking about, you’re just quiet, not a single word comes out from your mouth. Not a single person can fix it, the person who caused it, the one who took you happiness away from you is the only one who can fix it.

Seconds, minutes, hours, and days go by but you still feel paralyzed inside. Too many things in your head but you still can’t thing of anything. You feel confused and sometimes misunderstood. Everynight you cry yourself to sleep thinking about what went wrong? What caused it? Why did it happen? you feel something burning inside your chest but you can’t describes what it is exactly.

Everyday you smile and you try your hardest to be positive, and everyday you feel like you’re wearing a mask, you show people what they want to see but behind doors, you express how you really feel. You take the mask off only when you’re alone. You don’t want people to feel bad for you. You ask yourself everyday, why me? What did I do? Did I deserve all of this? When does the pain stop?

People say “Time will heal everything” when actually it does not. Nothing heals, it’s just that you got used to the pain so it’s normal for you. Everyday something new happens you stay stronger than the day before because of how much pain you’ve been through but you still deal with it.

Weeks, Months, and years go by and you still feel the same because of that little thing that caused so much. You wake up everyday hoping that nothing could ruin your day. You remind yourself everday to stay strong. You get up, fake a smile, and just go on with it, that’s life.

The Adrien Diaries...

15 Feb 2017

Do you know what, brain bleaching everyone’s memories would not be enough at this point. Nope. What I need is Time-Breaker. I just gotta get her here to take me back and time so I CAN BEAT MYSELF TO DEATH FOR EVER WANTING TO LEAVE THE HOUSE!

So, for whatever reason, father allowed us to finish the sleepover, with the condition that the bedroom door must remain open. …and put our clothes back on. Did I mention beating my past self to death yet?

Rest of the night went fine, we all went to bed way too late, me and Nino with our heads at the foot of the bed, Mari and Alya with their heads at the head of the bed– oh my BAD CHOICE OF WORDS!!!

I mean, we even had some pillows stacked right down the middle of the bed to keep us on our respective sides… but, unbeknownst to me, Marinette tosses and turns in her sleep… ALOT.

Morning comes, and next thing I know, I’m being rudely woke up by Nino, both of us popping a tent, (cause we are boys, and that happens and DON’T JUDGE ME I HAD TO PEE) pointing out the fact that Mari’s hand was totally squeezing…

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✿ oops this has been mostly done in my drafts for like a week and i forgot to post it. Minor trio version of this post!


  • this poor moron doesn’t know how to deal with you.
  • he likes you, he realizes, fairly early on in his acquaintance with you. It’s after you say something interesting about one of his photographs - as per V’s usual - though the content of it is… odd.
  • Actually, you didn’t even mean for him to hear it, and he doesn’t even tell you for a long time that he even did. It was a quiet admission, mumbled under your breath as you stared at one of his larger prints.
  • “Is this… what it’s like to be happy?”
  • (you’re both sad and kind of screwed up, exactly V’s type.)
  • It’s way easier for you to admit feelings regarding inanimate objects than feelings regarding people, so you accepted that you loved V’s photography long before you understood that you also loved V.
  • At first, you attributed your constant thoughts of him to, y’know, having one of his pictures on your wall. You’d stare into space, chewing on your pencil and thinking about him, and when you realized what you were doing, you’d stop, shake your head, and briefly think about how weird that was before moving on.
  • A barrier was surrounded around your heart, one that prevented the realization of “damn, I like V”, and V realized pretty quickly that it was there. V also knew that he was a Trash Person Undeserving Of You, so he made absolutely no efforts to try to broach the topic of intimacy…
  • …but you were oddly open with him, due to your fascination with his photography.
  • You’d come to look at his photos. You’d ask him about what he was thinking, what he was feeling when he produced each shot, which often leads into deep discussions of emotions. these talks give you a deeper understanding into how people think, and V really is very patient with all your questions.
  • this makes things very difficult, because V really just wants to grab you by the shoulders and say, i like you!
  • but he’s terrifed of pressuring you, so he doesn’t!
  • UGH!
  • In the chat, you get weirdly protective of him. You’re defensive when Yoosung slanders him, you try to get Jumin to forgive him for the whole “oh yeah I kept the cult my ex-girlfriend was running a secret’, and you repeatedly tell V that, what the heck, he deserved literally nothing that Rika did. When asked to examine your motivations of why you’re doing this, all you can say is…
  • he’s too nice to have people say bad things about him!
  • No other reason, seriously!
  • All the while, V suffers under his crush, because every nice thing you do makes his heart skip double-time, but he keeps telling himself that he CAN’T like you, it’s RUDE, and confessing is just absolutely off the table.
  • Eventually, your interactions with the RFA start making you… envy the idea of a relationship. It’s Zen and Yoosung’s fault, mostly, they keep talking up the idea and how wonderful it’d be, but as you get more and more attached to people and figure out your own ability to handle emotions with V’s guidance, you start maybe kinda… wanting that.
  • And, clueless of his affections for you, you express that to V. How sad you are, that no one could ever love you because you’re a broken garbage dump of a person.
  • The resulting conversation gets impassioned due to V being desperate to convince you that no, that’s not the case. In the heat of the moment, he even says, “It’s not true! There’s someone who likes you!”
  • He regrets it immediately after, but when you press for more details…
  • He ends up being forced to confess.
  • and you end up being surprisingly okay with that.
  • V is comfortable. Safe. Considerate. He is pretty much the most non-scary person to like, and yeah, he has his Rika Hangups, but him not having it totally together makes you feel a bit better by comparison. And he’s been through pain! He knows what it’s like!
  • So… V ends up stunned as you accept his feelings with relative grace, and even after a month, he still can’t believe that you’re really trying this whole dating thing.

Saeran (Unknown)

  • look if you thought Jumin was a mess, then this is just a complete fucking disaster.
  • i can’t even articulate how badly this goes. neither of you have anything even approaching the proper faculties of dealing with Feelings, and Saeran just got out of a wackadoodle religious cult. His relationship with his brother is strained, his coping mechanisms are nonexistant, and he needs years of therapy before he’ll be anything even approaching normal. The only reason he’s even in a position to eventually end up in a relationship with you - and you, with him - is because of Jaehee.
  • Or, more particularly, Jaehee’s coffee shop.
  • Saeran, coming out of Mint Eye, is Completely Unemployable, and through a complex series of circumstances, Jaehee decides that screw working for Jumin, she wants to open her dream cafe. So, a few months after Saeran’s tumultuous exodus from the cult, he ends up working at Jaehee’s small start-up business as a barista…
  • …And you end up being their number one customer.
  • You tell yourself it’s because you want to support Jaehee in her business endeavors. You tell yourself that the atmosphere is nice, and that it’s a pleasant place to work, and that you like their cake. You tell yourself that Saeran is, shockingly enough, great at making coffee, and you other people’s lattes just don’t taste good to you anymore.
  • These are all, in some small measure, true - but that’s not the real reason why you show up like clockwork every day around the middle of Saeran’s shift.
  • He’s cute, and you want to see him.
  • Now, of course you attribute this attraction to his skill at making drinks. You’re just… happy to have such an amazing afternoon pick-me-up! And it’s - normal, that you’d be glad that Saeran seems to be slowly starting to smile, because he’s had a shitty life and you’re not totally devoid of human emotion. You can be inspired by his success! And Jaehee’s success! It doesn’t mean anything!
  • And Saeran, for his part, denies that he at ALL looks forward to your daily visits. He doesn’t anticipate it, watching the clock for it to tick down to your usual arrival hour. He doesn’t start making Your Usual as soon as he sees you walking down the street, and he NEVER, EVER gets worried when you show up a few minutes late.
  • that’d be silly, and saeran is not a silly man.
  • These lies pile up into a mutual crush that is half-adorable and half-exhausting for the surrounding bystanders. If anyone even so much as mentions that he might maybe like you, he flips out and stops speaking to you for a week. This, in return, makes you unhappy… but, unable to process why you’d be unhappy that Saeran is only responding to you in grunts, causes to to sulk and to escape the situation - i.e. halting your visits.
  • This distresses Saeran, who gets anxious around the time you used to visit… and annoys Jaehee, who now has to deal with a distracted, lovelorn employee.
  • This cycle of tiffs and spats lasts for over a year, where you find yourselves put in various compromising situations - i.e. being pushed to spend time together on Valentine’s Day, you ending up at the Choi’s place for Christmas, and you spending about two hours locked in a closet with the idiot tsundere. This… sort of gets you closer? Kind of?
  • After a really emotional, three-a.m. conversation where you both talk about how it Kinda Sucks not being able to make friends and seeing everyone around you happy while you… aren’t, the two of you think that, well.
  • maybe you kind of care for each other?
  • It’s - it’s a start.


  • One day, a ‘manual of dating’ arrives on your doorstep, and you go through the entire RFA to find the culprit. Unsurprisingly, it’s Seven.
  • See, Seven has noticed something. You’re serious, severe, bad at jokes, and just in general  at horrible at this whole human connection thing. You’re can be kind of prickly, and while you don’t really seem to take to most people, there’s someone who you’ve been getting kinda close to. Someone who’s often there for you, and someone who seems to genuinely like your presence, which the same is true in reverse.
  • That’s right, he’s talking about Vanderwood.
  • WHAT THE HECK, you say, because that’s DUMB, of COURSE you don’t want to date Vanderwood, they’re just… y’know, they’re not a moron. Of course you like them decently. If Seven stopped being a complete idiot, you’d like him decently, too.
  • Seven laughs, but shockingly enough, doesn’t press the issue. “Just read it,” he says. “Maybe you’ll learn something.”
  • Maybe you’ll learn something your ass. Hell, you’re about to throw it away when you think that it’s kind of a shame to throw a book out, even it’s stupid. Maybe you can use it as a paperweight or something. Bathroom reading material, maybe. It’d probably be good for a laugh, right?
  • That’s what you tell yourself that rainy day a month later when you pick it up again. ‘Good for a laugh’. Maybe you’ll find something funny.
  • Maybe you’ll text it to Vanderwood to laugh about with you.
  • Vanderwood has a heart attack at the first message, which is about how there’s an entire section devoted to date spots. Hahahaha, they laugh, that SURE IS FUNNY, the idea that they would want to take you to ANY OF THESE SPOTS.
  • (it’s not true, they tell themselves before planning to MURDER SEVEN FOR INTERFERING IN THEIR BUSINESS. it’s NOT TRUE THAT THEY LIKE YOU.)
  • You keep going on, talking about how ridiculous all this nonsense is (how to have conversations? great gift ideas? fun places to eat out - seriously?) and they keep sweating bullets, particularly when, in a fit of mania, you say
  • “Some of this actually sounds kind of fun. Want to try it?”
  • “what do you mean” they respond because oh my god are you asking them out
  • “I dunno, just as friends? It could be fun.”
  • so they go on one of these “fun expeditions” with you, just as friends.
  • The entire time, they are nervous and you are OBLIVIOUS. You have fun, so you ask them out again, because you’ve never really been good at friendship and you’re not an emotionless robot. You just have trust issues out the wazoo. But Vanderwood is reasonable, capable, and actually pretty funny, so spending time with them is entertaining…
  • And unlike Seven, they don’t make stupid jokes, which is a huge plus.
  • This happens again, and again, and again, and Vanderwood just kinda takes it as it comes.
  • After date number five, you start feeling this odd, warm fuzziness when thinking about them - and you think about them a lot. Your hangouts have been on the weekends, and you start, for once in your life, anticipating something. You plan out your excursions with relentless detail, using the manual for guidance… because you know they like things organized, and the longer you spend thinking about what you’re going to do with them, the happier you get?
  • You tell Seven this at three in the morning, and he’s like, ‘It sounds like you’re in love.”
  • WHAT.
  • NO.
  • …right?
  • You get sulky and grumpy about this, because you can’t really deal with the information. You’ve never liked anyone before, but in an effort to prove Seven wrong, you flip to the section in your manual titled ‘accepting and analyzing your feelings’ and
  • whoops.
  • it’s like finding your symptoms on a WebMD document.
  • Anyway, this causes you to shut down. In terror, you stop communicating with Vanderwood, who gets really worried about you because not only are you their crush, you are their best pal, and of course they’re going to worry when something happens to you. So, after a day of radio silence, they show up at your place…
  • and when they say ‘hi’, you slam the door in their face, unable to handle even looking at them.
  • What the hell is wrong with you? You question for the bazillionth time, because even just seeing them makes your heart do this weird, horrible skipping. This can’t  be love, can it? You feel like you’re dying! How do people live like this?
  • Vanderwood is worried, and starts banging on the door to be let in. They don’t understand anything that’s happening, and all they want to know is if you’re okay.
  • You tell them to go away, and Vanderwood is heartbroken, thinking they’d done something wrong.
  • When they find out what Seven has been plotting, they’re PISSED. They go to you again, telling you that Seven is an IDIOT, don’t LISTEN to him, everything he has to say is stupid, but - speaking to them from the other side of the door - you admit that
  • no.
  • seven is right.
  • y-you like them, the book said so, and this is awful and scary and -
  • and you don’t know how to DEAL with it and -
  • As you start panicking, Vanderwood asks to be let in, and they help calm you down when you finally open the door.
  • They tell you a bunch of things. That dating is honestly pretty silly, that it doesn’t matter, and you can just… have fun with them. Stop working yourself up. It’s fine, a-and, well, if you do like them, that’s okay, because they’re… not going to reject you… because they…
  • kinda like you too…
  • They stop talking when you hug them, because ever since you read about it in that book, it’s seemed like a kind of fun thing to do.
Why girls choose the bad guys over the good guys. By: Me

I was in a serious relationship with a guy for over a year. And when it ended I didn’t know what to do with myself. I thought about what it would be like to have that again and it scared me. I am terrified of being in another serious relationship anytime soon. I have then only talked to the guys I know will break my heart. Anytime I start texting or snapchatting a guy that talks about dating and being committed. I immediately try to end things. It has nothing to do with the guy. I’ve actually lost a couple of good guys because of it. And until I grow out of this phase, I will continue to chose the bad guys over the good guys. But good guys keep doing your thing because you will soon find a girl that’s over her no serious relationship phase and will love you like you deserve. 

Target | Kang Daniel - Soulmate Series

genre: angst

member: Kang Daniel

requested: yes

a/n: thank you anon for requesting! I think this is a little bit more intense than the other scenarios I’ve written, but I hope you guys like it! Feel free to request!

summary: you had your first meeting with your soulmate in the worst way possible.

soulmate au: countdown timer - a clock suddenly appears on your wrist, telling you how long you have until you meet your soulmate.

soulmate series: Kang Daniel | Park Jihoon | Lee Daehwi | Kim Jaehwan | Ong Seongwoo | Park Woojin | Lai Guanlin | Yoon Jisung | Hwang Minhyun | Bae Jinyoung | Ha Sungwoon

Target | Rescue

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i don’t like doing this but i’m going to make that post because i want there to be a post that isn’t from someone w/ a raging hateboner for either

as a southeast asian woman, the thing gigi did hurt. “asian eyes” is a very loaded topic bc it ties in w/ stereotypes and yellowface and all that ugly stuff. it’s obviously wrong and the right thing for her to do would be to apologize and admit what she did was wrong.

the thing zayn did was not any better. yes zayn is asian like me. but besides the whole “a person gets a pass bc they’re dating someone of that race” (i don’t want to open tht can of worms rn), zayn has no place speaking in what gigi did.

the asian community is large and very diverse (and sad to say, still very divisive bc of the intra issues tht include colorism, classism, and discrimination within the whole community). the asian eyes issue does not really affect zayn because this is an issue that’s tied to southeast/east asians. it’s the same way desi issues would not affect me. so in turn, like i would have no place to speak about being called a terrorist, zayn has no place to speak about the thing w/ asian eyes. 

i still love them both but what they did was wrong and hurtful to a group of people and that does deserve some calling out and people in that group are allowed to feel what they feel. this doesn’t mean they are inherently bad people, it just means they did something messed up and it shouldn’t be defended. 

also discussing this topic, ppl needn’t bring up past mess ups because that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual topic at hand and it’s v obvious ppl who do so only do it to fuel the fire.

i wanted to make this post bc asian issues esp across different cultural and ethnic groups are v nuanced and many people don’t seem to understand that. also i wanted it coming from a genuine place, not just from someone who severely dislike either zayn or gigi or both.  

Okay, so… my photo is somewhere under the tag already but it’s from a different blog and not from my personal. Anyway… 

Whoever is scared/doubting Ezra Miller might be a little brat after reading all the stuff that has been posted under this tag, let me tell you, you have nothing to be afraid or intimidated at all. From the very first moment I stepped into the bar, he introduced himself to me, my friend, and everyone else in the bar. He was so talkative and polite and nice I didn’t even think I was talking to my favourite actor. His smile is the best thing that can happen to the world. 

Later on, as I was actually talking to him after the show, it came up that I am Mexican (born & raised) and he had nothing but nice to say about diversity and people of all kinds. He also said beautiful things about acting and life in general, and called himself a work in progress, as we all are. I am NOT erasing what may or may not have happened in the past, I am just saying that everyone has bad days, everybody says things in the wrong time, using the wrong words. He’s human. So are all of you, so please, don’t bring shit on this human being, because he’s a humble beautiful person and doesn’t deserve all of your hate and ‘disappointment’ for an event that happened. Please make sure you check your sources. 


happy chen day

happy birthday to the light of my life, my ultimate bias, vocal king of my heart. your passion, worth ethic, talent, kindheartedness, and playful nature never fail to amaze me because i can’t comprehend how someone could possess every good quality in the world and carry it all with such grace. i’m getting emotional trying to put into words what you mean to me because i really can’t explain how your voice makes me forget all the bad things, and how your smile (and your eyebrows) make my heart feel so full. i hope today and every day after this brings only happiness to you because you deserve nothing but the absolute best in life.

i love you always ♡

OK so I’ve been thinking a lot about the Wonder Woman movie, as one does, and I’ve got to say that I think part of the reason watching it was such a powerful experience as a Jewish woman was that I’ve been conditioned to expect rampant antisemitism from comics and superhero movies. Coming from being a fan of Mavel way more than DC I’m just so resigned to the fact that something that I love doesn’t give a shit about me. From nazi Captain America and Magneto in the comics to completely erasing Wanda and Pietro Maximoff’s heritage and then MAKING THEM PART OF A NAZI ORGANIZATION we have had to sit and be blatantly disrespected by Marvel for so goddamn long that we’ve come to expect nothing better from the genre as a whole. And not only were we disrespected, every single Jewish person who created iconic superheros and literally turned comics into one of the only uniquely American art forms has been desecrated by what Marvel has done to their creations. 

Then Gal Gadot, an openly Jewish woman, came on to my screen and embodied all of the Jewish teachings I hold dear in my own activism and I felt deeply, profoundly healed. Wonder Woman didn’t even need to be Jewish as a character because of how Jewish her actions were. That no man’s land scene was pure Tikkon Olam, repairing the world in large AND small ways. Sure saving that village had nothing to do with her mission to kill Ares or Steve’s mission to stop the poison gas, but those villagers’ lives were just as important as a notion of “greater good”. Her whole thing at the end about how it’s not whether good or bad people “deserve” her protection because all people are both knocked me back with how Jewish of a thought process it was. To sit there for 2 hours and watch this unfold was some serious reprogramming of what I have come to expect from superhero films.

I’m kicking around Wookieepedia again and was reading the K aren Traviss page and remembered oh yeah hey she used to called people “Talifans” for disagreeing with her math.

I’m also grumpy because I wanted to read the novelization of the TCW movie but I’m not sure I could stand to, knowing the things she said to people, but also this is why I will accept nothing of hers in the consideration of canon, even when talking about Legends.  She was notoriously bad for never reading any other Star Wars books when writing hers, she literally said the Jedi Order were Master Racers, that they “deserved what they got”, and you’re thinking like a Nazi if you disagree with her.

AND SHE CALLED PEOPLE “TALIFANS”.  Nope, I will accept nothing of hers, whether the fluffiest thing ever or the most agenda-laden bad faith thing ever. I’m never going to go after anyone else for liking her stuff, but I just cannot hold with someone who would throw such vile things at people.