i deserve nothing but bad things because of this

yall, when I was twelve I would have thought “mendel eats dirt” was hilarious. I know anthony is young but I don’t think he’s gonna break because he saw a silly meme that causes no harm. all these 20 something year olds keep writing long posts saying “I cannot believe someone would tell anthony about this, ugh he’s so young and he doesn’t deserve this” its a joke about eating dirt???? nothing innapropriate, nothing crude. really it’s not a bad thing. it’s just a silly joke that people thought anthony would like! and he did! just… treat him like a 12 year old. a normal 12 year old who finds stupid jokes funny

The only thing that irks me about Magicians right now

is characters trying to claim Julia is selfish or somehow at fault for anything.

Because NO.

Its as if universe is conspiring against her to bring her worst of luck in EVERYTHING. Nothing ever goes right but she still tries anyways and she still helps Kady and she still just wants to for once have everything be okay in her life.

Julia Wicker had enough bad shit happening to her to last MULTIPLE lifetimes.

Julia Wicker deserves better and I am scared for how the episode ended.

I love Yurio, I love that he’s a cinnamon roll, I love how strong he is now and I’m so happy for him.


Trash people because “is the way you are” is not acceptable for me.

Yurio is 2 years younger than me, he’s a teen like me, and even I, when i was 15, knew that no matter how you are and how you’re feeling, people that has nothing to do with your problems doesn’t deserve to be trashed. So is not a “he’s young” thing and I don’t know how Yurio family is but I know how people around him are and how they are to Yurio, supportive and kind.

Yurio’s behavior is not cute, is not acceptable, is toxic and I’m very disappointed of seeing that people of this fandom accepts it.

Shade Comes From Mind Reading, Darling | Pearlet/Jalaska/Trixya/Biadore | Ramona


-holy fucking shit this took so long to write i started in like february lmao

-i made an author blog bc thts what the cool kids are doing so hmu on artificialramona

-someone called kenny pops up in this fic a bit, he’s jinkx’s best friend/tour manager/general tiny bean. he’s the one who keeps appearing on courtney and adore’s snapchat n arm wrestled violet

-god bless kiwi for beta-ing this fic n being me pearlet data base ilu bb

-this is dedicated to cheshire because i am a horrible person n they wanted to collab on my witchcraft idea but then i just wrote it on my own n i will literally die feeling bad about it

-i worked bloody hard on this i deserve a ridiculously long author’s note


“It was just a general psychic thing, nothing specific. I don’t understand why it’s only certain thoughts,” Jerick explains, “it’s like my narrator got sloppy with their plotline or something.”

warnings: drug/smoking mentions in the chapters “oops” and “shit gets weird.” i tried to do the most tasteful pearlet smut i could in the chapter “accidental voyeurism isn’t as funny as it sounds.” alcohol consumption in the chapters “american horror story: brian mccook” and “another layer on the crazy cake” and mentions throughout.

fic drinking game: take a shot every time jinkx is referred to as “the redhead.“ word count: 13.4k

•song inspo for the pairings•

Pearl and Violet // Me vs Maradonna vs Elvis by Brand New

Adore and Bianca // Somebody Else by The 1975

Trixie and Katya // Wicked Little Town and its reprise from Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Jinkx and Pearl friendship // Comfort by Basement

Jinkx and Alaska // The Only Exception by Paramore

“i hate the wittiness and ability to evoke distress in me ramona withholds and i am planning on sabotaging both in the future. i hate ramona. god, i hope ramona dies. i hope i die.” -kiwi


Right At The Very Beginning (A Very Good Place To Start).

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I'm so ugly
  • I'm so ugly. I'm fucking hideous. I'm so fat. I'm a waste of space. I'm a fat blob that nobody wants. I'm an ugly fat disgusting thing and nobody in their right mind would like me. I'm such a gross piece of rotten human I don't deserve anything but a bad, short life in isolation. I'm a useless piece of trash that's rotting on the side of the road.
A Quiver Is Not

A little hurt/comfort for @obsessions-and-dreams because she deserves nothing but nice things and is having a bad day. I hope things get better, darling! Until then, let Hux suffer with you!

“An arrow is easily broken. A quiver of ten is not.” -Japanese Proverb (or so says the internet!)

He’s finally, finally, on the last report of the day, three hours past the end of Alpha shift with a bright kernel of pain which has settled right behind his eye that he knows will morph into a migraine if he doesn’t get to stop staring at a screen soon.

He presses the approval for the requisition, scrawls a sloppy signature and hits the button to finally send all of the days forms when the screen of his datapad flickers, freezes, then blinks to black and stay there. He stares in disbelief for a moment then gives the thing a hard shake while desperately pleading with it to power back on. When shaking it doesn’t work he smacks the damned thing on his desk and watches with a jolt of happiness when the screen lights up.

The screen lights up, and then immediately the pad lets out a staticky shriek and goes black again.

He wishes he was the sort of man prone to outbursts of emotion- he’s certain throwing the thing against the wall would solve nothing, but it would probably make a satisfying sound. He wonders if crying would do anything to relieve the throbbing pressure in his head.

Kylo finds him, long minutes later, with his eyes clenched shut against the bright lights of his office, his previous headache having evolved into an excruciating migraine which the light only makes worse. He’s dreading having to call for another datapad, his stomach churning with the thought of forgoing much needed sleep to stare at a screen while his temples pound and he slogs through work he has already done but is forced to do again.

“What-” Kylo begins, and Hux winces at the sound.

“If you must speak, speak softly,” he commands as fiercely as he can while not raising his voice above a whisper.

“You need to rest,” Kylo says softly, crouching down, his hand hovering near Hux’s face but not touching.

“What I need,” he grits out, “is for my damn datapad to start working again, so I don’t have to redo everything I’ve already done.” He pauses after he says it, the thought of all that hard work gone due to faulty technology making him want to cry again. He draws in a shuddery breath. “But I would settle for this headache to go away so I can at least work in peace.” He presses the heels of his palms against his eyes, the pressure momentarily warding away the pain. When he pulls them back starbursts dance before his eyes.

“C’mon,” Kylo coaxes, a hand on Hux’s arm urging him up. “Let’s go to your room. You can use mine, and at least it will be dark.”

When he looks at Kylo, at his watery eyes and the scar that bisects his face and the soft expression of concern that pulls his lips down and etches creases into his forehead he finds he has no will to fight. Just nods, and lets himself be led.

In the months since Starkiller things have settled between him and Ren. They’ve been united by their failures and humbled by their losses. They found, both broken and beaten, that it was easier to claw their way out of the ashes with help.

How fitting, Hux thinks, that all it took was the destruction of his life’s work, his complete humiliation, to learn to work with others.

And then, three nights ago, with one more Corellian Brandy than he really should have had warming him, making him stupidly rave, he had kissed Kylo. Had brushed his thumb across the smooth pink skin of his scar and cupped a hand around the soft edge of his jaw and pulled Ren close and parted his lips and kissed him.

He shivers with the memory of how Kylo had moaned, had melted into the touch and pulled Hux close, closer, their bodies pressed hot and tight together.

It’s only when Kylo waves open the door that Hux, leaning his shaking weight on Kylo, realizes Kylo has led them to his own quarters and not Hux’s.

He tries to protest when Kylo leads them straight to his unmade bed but he doesn’t have the strength, every movement seeming to cost him more energy than it should so he allows himself to be bullied onto the bed, Kylo sliding in beside him to sit propped up against the headboard. He’s ragdoll limp with pain as Kylo arranges him, pulls Hux’s head into his warm lap. Hux burrows close, presses his forehead into the scratch wool of Kylo’s robes.

“I need your login credentials,” Kylo whispers, handing him a datapad, the casing scratched from rough handling. And how unfair that Kylo’s pad works flares to life as he punches in his passcode while his own, despite his care, has died.

He starts to fight when Kylo pulls the pad back. “Hux, please,” Kylo says, prying his determined fingers off the pad. “Let me help.”

He makes a noise of complaint but relinquishes the pad. Kylo’s hand, big and strong, settles on his neck and he can’t help the whimper as he rubs the stiff muscles. “Form 1098-B,” Kylo reads, voice low and his fingers still working the knots from Hux’s neck. “Request for transfer of personnel- Maker, Hux, how do you not have a headache everyday, having to do all these?”

He hums when Kylo’s thumb digs into an especially stubborn knot of muscle in his shoulder, turns his head a littler farther into the give of Kylo’s thigh. “For Sergeant Abbott,” he says, recalling the request. “Approve it.”

Kylo reads through the forms, approving them as Hux dictates, only presenting the pad when it requires a thumbprint signature.

His voice stays low and even, the tedious words turned captivating as Kylo reads them, his hand working the ache from Hux’s shoulders, easing the pain from his head. When he finishes he turns the pad to Hux for his signature and he finds the light doesn’t burn his eyes quite so badly.

Kylo tosses the pad aside when everything’s sent and slides down, resettles Hux until his head rests on Kylo’s strong shoulder.

“Better?” He asks, fingers carding through Hux’s hair.

“Mm, yes, actually. Thank you.”

“Of course. Hux, you know I-” Kylo cuts himself off, swallows. “I, I care for you.”

He hides his grin against Kylo’s shoulder. They’re not there, not yet, this things still too new. But maybe, someday. Someday soon.

He searches for Kylo’s hand, tries to find it without opening his eyes. When he finally finds it he curls their fingers together, squeezes it.

“Thank you,” he says again.

“Tomorrow, I could take a look at your pad,” Kylo offers. “I’m actually rather skilled at fixing things.”

Like emotionless generals who are prone to headaches, Hux doesn’t say. Just shakes his head instead.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get a new one.”

He drifts to sleep with Kylo’s fingers in his hair, rocked by the steady rise and fall of the chest beneath him, the thump of Kylo’s pulse so close to his ear a lullabye. His final thought, as his eyes drift close for the last time, is that maybe he’ll keep the broken datapad. Tuck it away, somewhere no one else will ever find it, maybe in his dresser, beneath the uniform he still keeps from the Academy, despite it being of no use to him and several sizes too small anyway. His own little sentimental secret, will pull it out when Ren is away on missions and hold cool metal casing in his hands and think of Kylo’s soothing voice and gentle touch.      

It's Monday

Monday is not entitled to the ruin of my mind
, But she makes me mad and i make up my mind
To make my Mondays bad,
But I can’t help feeling bad for Monday,
Who did nothing to deserve her ruined reputation just because her name
From the Old English Mōnandæg
Meaning ‘day of the moon,’
Which is a translation of late Latin lunae dies ;
Connect with the French lundi
And compare with Dutch maandag and German Montag
Is Monday, aka moon-day, doesn’t deserve your hate just because
You wake up and her face is the first thing you see.
She is the first, the best foot forward,
The moon who comes first after the sun,
But she’s not just the day after Sunday.
Monday is not some sticky piece of gum to rest your work foot in,
Or to cushion your head after a long day of being drunk,
She’s not the ticking clock and rocking back and forth
On a lazy afternoon hammock in the sun so you forget the moon.
The Moon-day is an immortal rhythm, her soft-smooth beats remind you that you
Have a life worth living.
And when she’s full, she wakes you up and fills your heart with water-
She’s a second chance, a fresh start.
Monday makes me mad, but so do second chances …

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leejean33  asked:

I care about you. I don't know you, but I care about you because you're human. And every human deserves a better end than that. My best friend was in the same state of mind for the longest time. Tried to kill herself, couldn't be convinced she was worth it. Nothing I said went through to her. She was the same way, believing she was a coward because she couldn't do it. A coward isn't always a bad thing to be. It keeps you safe, cautious, etc. She's doing better now. I promise you will too someday

Thank you. It means a lot

i shouldnt be upset about this but i fucking am.
i can’t lay around all day and eat/consume junk because it would make me “the bad fat”

and it would make me fatter.

i hate
people who can do things like that
do nothing and eat junk,
and still maintain a socially acceptable figure

one that one get you yelled at because people “care” about your “health”

i don’t deserve to eat. im not going to.

Oy Okay: Abbie Talk Time

I hate speaking out against things I see people doing here sometimes because I don’t want to come off as a bitch to anyone, but there’s just times I can’t hold my tongue.

FYI: I am not calling out anyone in specific or invalidating how anyone feels.

So lately, I’ve been seeing a hell of a lot more people publicly shaming others who I don’t feel deserve it.  I am not at all saying that the person did nothing wrong in someone eyes, but no one deserves to be given a bad name when they weren’t doing anything purposefully to hurt or make someone uncomfortable.  (Obviously there are some that do it on purpose, but that’s not the point I’m making). 

You have to understand that this community is full of people with the same interest, but different comfort levels and preferences.  It takes time and a lot of conversation to reach that level of mutual comfort and understanding with one another.  So while some may tickle-talk or roleplay right away, some prefer not to and neither person in the conversation knows that the first time talking.  And I’ve seen a lot of people posting conversation pictures of peoples first time talking, one of them bringing tickling up, and then instead of being told that time is needed for comfort, this supposedly private conversation is made public and they are given a bad name without even given a chance.

If someone does something minor like that, and you aren’t comfortable tell them privately.  They probably didn’t even realize what they were doing is wrong, and didn’t know how to go about bringing it up because you’re someone new they haven’t talked to yet.  If they do it again knowing you aren’t comfortable or take things to new extremes, that’s another story.

Honestly, everyone who makes a tickle-blog is here to join with others and bask together in a place where they don’t feel judged.

  • Not everyone knows your comfort levels right away.
  • Not everyone knows your age or if you’re a minor if they didn’t read your blog description.
  • Not everyone knows how to open up about tickling stuff the right way, it could be their first time or first few and they’re a bit rusty. (I know I was!)
  • No one deserves to be publicly shamed for things they didn’t even realize they were doing wrong. 
  • No one deserved to be publicly shamed unless they do something TRULY harmful or uncomfortable to you…otherwise tell them privately, and if they don’t stop…worst case you block them.
  • Labeling someone as a “creep” because of ONE misunderstanding, without you even making an effort to tell them how you feel first is not right.
  • Not everyone is good at picking up cues that who they’re talking to is uncomfortable, hence why they may keep doing it.  You need to talk to them, tell them how you feel…not just go to an extreme of publicly shaming.

You also have to understand that someone could have JUST made their blog, and may come off weird because it’s their first time expressing it here or even at all.  Also, some people may be bad at picking up cues to someone feeling uncomfortable, so while you may be trying to hint at them how you feel, unless you outright say it they may never pick up on that hence them continuing how they talk to you.

Everyone here deserves fair chances, an explanation if they make you uncomfortable initially, and to NOT be publicly shamed…talk to them privately before you just go and post screenshots on Tumblr.  Give them another chance, tell them you’re uncomfortable tickle-talking until you know them better.  If they keep pursuing after that, thats another story.  But don’t ruin someones Tumblr experience by having them tagged in a post which is a list of “creeps” in the community, one person on that list who I actually have talked to and is not. 

Get to know people.  Give them chances.  We all say stupid shit sometimes.  Unless they truly, deeply hurt you or made you feel uncomfortable, don’t publicly shame.  One person you may conider a creep, could be someone else’s best friend in the community.  You honestly never know.

I want to buy you things, I want you to tell me if we’re shopping and you want something, I don’t want you to be scared to ask or just keep quiet, I want you to tell me if you want something and I’ll get it for you, I want to make sure you’re happy, all the time. I want to make sure nothing or nobody gets you down, I want to protect you from all the bad and cruel things and motivate you to get where you want, I want to see your smile and I want it to be because of me, I want you to wake up in the middle of the night and know I’ll be there if you need anything. I want to kiss you goodnight and make sure you go to sleep happy every single night and finally I want to show everyone how perfect you really are and treat you the way you deserve, I love you
—  the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me (via dreaming-0f-foreverr)

Those who criticized her are the same people that think that being rich and famous is like being covered in some kind of magic powder that makes life perfect: nothing can go wrong in your wonderful world, for these people Kristen deserves all the bad things that have been thrown at her because she had an amazing life and she ruined it. I thought that the media picked on her in a very horrible way. Kristen is human, just like everybody else, and she’s so young. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. It’s not fair to consider them matters of public interest. - Emma Watson about Kristen Stewart

i also feel like when dealing w a character who has done bad/problematic things you need to have a certain level of tact and self-awareness when talking about them

i love vriska but i’d never say “vriska is too good for this world and deserves nothing but happiness” bc she’s a fucking mess

and it’s Just Fandom™ but i think it’s reasonable to talk more sensitively about characters that are abusers because honestly abuse victims latch on to fiction sometimes and seeing “[abusive character x] deserves to be happy” can be very jarring and upsetting

I am going to say this once and then I am getting off tumblr for a while because man this fandom does nothing but whinge and cry and hate. 

Riley Matthews is NOT A BAD PERSON! She does not deserve all the hate she is getting! She is not to blame for this damn triangle and she is not the only one who has made mistakes. 


People are hating on Riley for Maya going though an identity crisis…Something that is actually real to a lot of teenagers. Most fans have not even seen the full episode yet are bitching and carrying on like 2 year olds over what Riley says…WHEN THEY DON’T HAVE THE FULL CONTEXT! 

Riley does not want Maya to stop getting good grades or lose hope…SHE JUST WANTS MAYA TO START FIGHTING FOR WHAT SHE WANTS AGAIN. If you can’t notice that Maya has changed and is not her normal self…then what show have you been watching? 

Riley knows Maya better then anyone and she knows that Maya is not Maya…Riley wants the bring some of the old Maya back, the Maya who was creative and did have a rebel streak in her…AND DID PUSH RILEY TO EXPERIENCE NEW THINGS! Tbh I haven’t seen that Maya in a while. 

But of course people use anything to hate on Riley Matthews. 



This goes for all the characters! Stop whinging and hating on Maya, Lucas, Farkke, Smackle and Zay. 

Honestly if you don’t like Riley fine…but grow up and stop bashing on a 14 year old character. Because I can assure you all, that half of you were not perfect at age 14 either!

Now I am taking a break! Because this drama and hate needs to stop and people need to grow up! I am feeling so negative lately and i can;t even go into the Riley Matthews Tag anymore because people are being hateful! 

You wanna know what I find really rude?
  1. When people demand new content. Like, I’m not talking ‘cant wait for a new video’, because that’s actually quite nice to hear. It’s when people say 'post something’, 'we deserve a new video’ or 'you said you’d post!!11!1!’. Trust me, I’m trying my hardest, and I feel bad enough when I can’t post. It’s just very exhausting to hear these things being said and makes me feel like all my efforts are for nothing.

  2. People expecting me to listen to their life story/help them transition/give them advice. As much as I’d love to help you all, I can’t. Physically and emotionally, I cannot handle it. There are a lot of you out there who need someone to help guide them, but I’m not that person. I give you as much as I can through videos and I know it’s not personal or enough but there are plenty of people out there who are willing to sit there on Skype and talk to you about your feelings.
    I’ve got my own shit… transition is hard enough. It’s harder when you have people constantly talking, in detail, about dysphoria and rejection and depression. The more you’re exposed to these things the more susceptible you are - and I can’t deal with it 24/7.
    Don’t get me wrong, I care about who you are and I care about your story, but I can’t be there for everyone.

  3. Spamming me on twitter. This is above all the number 1 way to get me to block you. Do not spam me on twitter. This is a social network I use to communicate with people - business and casual - please don’t make me get a private twitter. If you respect me at all don’t spam me on twitter.
    I love hearing from you guys and I love getting @ tweets with cute pictures of pugs and Larry and stuff, but went you tweet 'please follow me x1’, 'please follow me x2’, 'please follow me x3’ etc etc etc 100 times all it does is clog up my feed, make me angry, and make me want to remove those messages by blocking you so I can see the rest of my tweets.
    It’s not cute, it’s not funny, it’s not how you express nice emotions of any kind. It is extremely disrespectful, childish, and dehumanising. I’m just a dude with a Youtube, ok? I am an every day, average, 'walk to the shop for milk in my trackies’ type of guy. I’m not a mega famous super star who has someone running my twitter for me. I see 99% of tweets and messages online. I will also follow people when I choose to, not just because people ask.

  4. Having conversations whilst I’m still tagged. So you’ve met someone new or you’ve seen a friend @ me on a website. You start a conversation. Radical! Just please, before you get excited and start raving about an in-joke or discussing how in love Liam is with Zayn’s beard, please untag me? I’m glad you’re having fun, but I don’t wanna be nose-ing in on everything you say.

I’m just a person, okay? I’m not a show dog. I can’t jump through all these hoops and reply to everyone and post video every other day. I have college and a relationship and hobbies that are very important to me.

Can we all just agree that from this point on we’ll be nice? I’m not blaming anyone/shouting/having a go/angry. From this point I’ve forgiven and forgotten, you don’t need to apologise or feel bad. I just want us to get along nicer.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I love you all so very much. Keep your chin up and have a wonder day!

Alright I’m actually going to punch something. People hating on Bellamy has NOTHING to do with him being a MOC and literally everything with the fact that he’s helping massacre 300 innocent people.

Y'all are reaching so far, you might as well put the Ark back up in the sky so we can resolve all the show’s conflict.

Not everything is racist or sexist or homophobic. And pulling those cards when it does not apply just looks bad on everyone who really does face those issues.

Stop pulling the race card when it comes to Bellamy because that literally has nothing to do with it. Bellamy is acting horribly and doing awful things and people are completely justified in their criticism of him.

Y'all just can’t handle your fave getting well-deserved hate. Maybe pull your head out of your asses and look past the fact that he’s pretty and y'all want him to fuck Clarke.

I have genuinely enjoyed him as a character. Especially in season 2. But he’s being a selfish, easily - manipulated wanker and if you’re going to defend him, do it in a relevant way. Not by throwing out a “you people are racist/white feminist” remark. It is an insult to the movements and just make you look ignorant. (Also POC can be shitty people just fyi.)


“He dealt with some abuse when he was a kid. You come to find out he got hit in the head with a shovel by his mom and because of this, he has some issues. It’s definitely a part I’ve never played before. I get to really challenge myself with some physical impediments. I’m nervous about it, but in a really good way. Good nervous!” - Aaron Tveit  

Pru is such a pure treasure, an innocent kid and nothing else. He really wasn’t a bad guy… How could he even be? I mean just look at him… He didn’t deserve what he got…:(
And let me just add one more thing - bravo Aaron, you did an amazing job, again… but i’m not at all surprised. 

Geez, I Haven’t Posted In A While

And since I haven’t I decided to put my few cents in (which, just so everyone knows, is my opinion based on what I know, feel free to have your own) and say this. I’m still on the marketing aspect of this, because, none of it makes any fucking sense at all if she’s dead. So, here’s a new little snip-bit. 

When I asked my college professor, who teaches the English course Pop Culture, about how the writers, directors, and producers, create and display things in the show, related to marketing, effect both the shows and their sponsors; In his exact words, he said, 

Nothing is a coincidence; there’s too much money on the line.” 

Shows like TWD with big companies like AMC backing them up DO NOT make mistakes involving character deaths, it’s too risky. They DO NOT give someone any sort of unsatisfactory death, unless they are a “bad guy” and the audience feels they deserve it. Because, no matter how small the fanbase is, if they lose it, they lose money. Period. 

Any loss of profits is bad for the show and for the company. They will do whatever they can to avoid this. 

The strangeness of Beth’s death was intentional. They left the Grady story line so open ended, for a reason. AMC wouldn’t just agree to pay for an entire set to have it wasted with no other development; with no closure. I mean, how many episodes was Grady actually in for season 5? Four maybe? They rented out an entire floor of a Hospital, and closed of streets for the Grady arc. They put as much effort into it as they have with the other, more satisfactory, sets, and then they give the character that was, in the beginning, the only reason to go to Grady in the first place, a confusing death. 

I’m not buying it.  

These guys aren’t sloppy. This is their profession. No one can chalk the errors of Beth’s untimely demise up to a simple “effects mistake” because, I’m sorry, but they are not allowed to make those. And, with the producers and directors having to review every bit of the episodes once completed, there is no way that they didn’t catch this “mistake”. There are too many potential consequences, profit loss being one of them, for them to make “errors” like that. Their job is to make the advertisers happy, and a sloppy death that could end up losing a section of the audience, would not make the advertisers happy. 

Money is the game, and TWD is the deck, the characters are the cards in their hand. It’s their job to play the game right. Killing Beth off, who is a character that attracts an audience that may not have had any interest before, is not how to play the game. She was a winning card in the deck, and if they really killed her off, they’ve lost a chance at that branch of their consumers, which is not good. 

With social media the way it is now, to disrespect a character like this is not a smart move. 

Enjoy watching Beth fans pay others fans for our Wolf’s merchandise, AMC.