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Woozi and bakery AU because I want to see what that's like and it'd be so cute and sweet! Pretty please? ;w;

  • woozi owns a local cake bakery
  • he takes making cake VERY seriously 
  • as in like very seriously he’s always very picky about ingredients and icing flavors and his decorations have to be perfect or he throws the whole cake out
  • assistants seokmin and hoshi are always stressed because they’ll start on a cake and then woozi will be like ….”no….this filling is off by a tablespoon of sugar, throw it out” and they two will be like wE literALly SPENT like thrEE batches of eggs on this cake and he’s like throw it out rIP
  • but woozi’s cakes are always so beautiful and elegant and large
  • one of his cakes was literally. bigger than he is
  • you stop by his shop because you’re marveling at the cakes and you really wanna get one for a friend of yours but like …..
  • money
  • big cakes like that are super expensive so you just sigh and like look at the display inside the shop and then at your wallet and you go
  • “looks like ill settle for a cake at like baskin robbins”
  • and woozi hears you and stand up behind the display like “your friend deserves more than a cake from baskin robbins.”
  • and youre like ok one where did you just pop out of and two they do but i dont have the funds
  • and woozi is like……”give me how much you have and ill make it work”
  • and you’re like omf thank u so much and u give him what u have and he’s like come back in two days
  • so you’re back and you’re nervous because you didn’t give a lot of $$ but the cute cake maker seemed really determined and when woozi comes out with this pretty cake, covered in icing flowers and all that good stuff youre like hOLY 
  • and he’s like “it’s pretty right? i know your friend will like it”
  • and he is obviously proud of this cake
  • and you are obviously thankful but also a little flustered because ah he didn’t have to help you out like this and u know
  • woozi pulls at the little collar chefs wear and he’s like rubbing his palms on his apron like
  • “well you know……i mean…. there is a way you can pay me…back..”
  • an you’re like omg ill do anything and he’s just clearing his throat and seokmin and hoshi are shoving each other in the back and laughing and woozi turns around like STOP and youre like what is it and he’s just like
  • “….let me take you out to dinner…..’
  • and you’re so shocked you almost drop the cake but woozi saves it in time and it’s very cute ok 

Hey guys, I‘m not exactly sure why you stick around, but THANKS SO MUCH!!! T_T I’ve finally reached 1k followers and it’s so unreal!!! I don’t deserve all you lovely people, seriously… I wanted a giveaway but tfw no $$ I am extremely financially challenged, so I’ll try to think of something ok?

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Happy Birthday, Sweet

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I’m not close enough to bake you a real cake so please accept this one :)

Hello My Lovelies,

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Happy Birthday

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Hi. So it’s my birthday today and I spent the day alone. Again. I’m really not okay. Maybe a fic where it’s the reader’s birthday but she tries to hide it from Sam and Dean because she doesn’t feel she deserves stuff?

Authors Note: Oh :( I’m so sorry. No one deserves a crappy birthday. Hopefully this is ok. A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet, xx.  


Sam watched as Y/N walked into the library with a bottle of water. Something was off today. She was quieter than normal. Not much, but enough he noticed. She was off enough that he noticed her smile didn’t quite make it to her eyes. And her laughed seemed hollow.

Dean watched as she grabbed a book off the shelf and took it to her room.

‘Something’s wrong,’ he mumbled to Sam quietly as she walked out.

‘I know, she’s not quite herself.’

‘What did you do?’

‘Nothing, what did you do? Let’s be honest, it’s usually you,’ Sam smirked.

‘Nothing. At least I don’t think I did.’

‘She’s not dating anyone right? So it’s not like they broke up?’

‘No. Maybe. Don’t think.’

The day wore on and the boys continued to grow increasingly worried. They asked Y/N about it, but she just claimed she was tired. By mid afternoon, they where losing their minds, something was wrong.

‘Do we check her phone? Maybe there’s a message or something there?’ Dean commented.

‘No, that’s an invasion of privacy,’ Sam sighed.

‘I’m not really caring about that.’

‘Plus, I already went to try that but her phone’s on her.’

Dean nodded.

‘Can you check her emails?’

‘They go to her phone.’

‘Does she have anything online we can look at, see if there’s anything there?’


‘I don’t know, dating profile, friends, something.’

‘I can look.’

An hour later Dean heard Sam swear.

‘What did you find? Whose arse do we need to kick?’ Dean growled.



‘It’s her birthday.’


‘Her birth-day,’ Sam said slower.


Sam nodded.

‘Oh. What do we do?’

‘Run into town? Grab her something?’

‘Yeah, maybe. Why wouldn’t she tell us?’ Dean asked him.

‘Because she didn’t want a big deal made out of it,’ Y/N sighed from the door.

Both men jumped and turned to look at her.

‘It’s just another day, let it go.’

‘It’s not just another day. It’s your birthday. And on birthdays we have beer and pie,’ Dean told her shocked.

‘I hate to break it to you, but we have beer and pie every day. Thus, it’s just another day.’

‘But…it’s…no,’ Dean frowned.

‘Yes. Let it go peoples.’

The boys watched as she walked out of the room.

‘We are so doing something,’ Dean grumbled.

‘She doesn’t want anything Dean.’

‘She doesn’t know what she wants. She’s a woman, they never do.’

Sam smirked at him, ‘You go tell her that. In fact, go tell a woman, any woman that.’

‘Yeah, ok maybe not the best example. But she doesn’t know what she wants.’

The two men sat there for a minute before Dean got up.

‘I’ll be back.’

While Dean was gone Sam went to find Y/N and try to talk her around.

He knocked on her door and let himself in when she didn’t answer.



‘So, I gotta ask,’ Sam said.

‘No, you don’t. You want to but you don’t need to.’


Sam watched as she rolled her eyes.

‘Why not tell us?’

‘Why does it matter?’

‘Because it’s you. Because you’re important and everyone deserves something special on their birthday.’

Y/N laughed at him.

‘I’m serious.’

‘So was I. It’s just another day Sammy.’

‘You’re another year older.’

‘But none the wiser,’ she smiled.

Sam smiled at her.


‘Why should I celebrate it? Firstly, it’s not like anyone’s ever really cared. It’s just another day. I don’t remember the last time someone ever even said Happy Birthday. Secondly, and the most important reason. Why should I celebrate it when there are people out there who died because of me, who will never get to enjoy another birthday? Parents who will never get to say it to their kids or kids that will never get to hear it.’

‘The people we don’t say, their death’s aren’t our fault. You can’t stop living because of it. You can’t live a sad and lonely life because of it.’

‘I don’t know; it’s been working well so far.’

Sam gave her a sad look.

‘You work harder than anyone I know at trying to save lives Y/N. I have no doubt that if there was a chance those people could have been saved you of all people would have found a way.’

Y/N gave him a sad smile. Sam noticed the tears in her eyes.

‘Come have a drink with us, we don’t have to go out, we can do it here. Play a game, watch a movie. Something. You deserve to be happy and enjoy your self. Celebrate the milestones. Most hunters aren’t that lucky. Embrace it.’

Y/N gave him a small nod.

‘Great. I’ll let Dean know,’ he grinned, leaving her alone.

Y/N came out a little while later and found the boys in the viewing room wearing party heats, blowing up balloons, pizza and beer on the table.

‘Happy Birthday,’ they cheered as she walked in.

‘Thank you,’ she laughed.

Dean swatted a balloon at her, causing her to knock it away.

‘Music or movie?’

‘Movie, seems safer.’

‘Oh come on, I have all these games planned, like musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel.’

Y/N felt her smile fade with each passing word.

‘I’m joking,’ Dean chuckled. ‘But if there was more people here we would so be doing that.’

The night wore on, and the boys didn’t disappoint. Dean had got her a card, and they didn’t have pie or cake at the shops so he got a tub of ice cream and a packet of candles.

By 1am Y/N was about ready to pass out, she was so tired. She got up and thanked the boys, saying good night.

‘Happy Birthday Sweetheart,’ Dean said giving her a hug, kissing her temple. ‘You deserve a good day.’

‘And I got one. Thank you.’

‘Happy Birthday Y/Nny,’ Sam said, hugging her and kissing her cheek.

‘Thank you Sammy.’

‘Next year, it’s going to be even better,’ Dean called as she walked off.

‘I’m not sure it can get better.’

‘Oh just you wait. I’m going to start planning now. I’ve got dreams, Y/N big dreams for next year.’

‘Oh dear God,’ she groaned.

‘Happy Birthday Y/N!’ the boys yelled again, setting off party poppers.

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Just don’t do this with the cake. ;p

So PSAT scores came out today (for those of you who took it). So please please remember:

  1. You are not a number.
  2. This is just a starting point for you. If you don’t like it, you can change it. 
  3. Take a deep breath. You did your best and that’s all that matters.
  4. If you’re pleased with your score, then CONGRATS!!! YOU WORKED HARD AND YOU DESERVE A COOKIE AND A CAKE AND ALL THIS HAPPINESS (which unfortunately I can’t give you through a screen). 
  5. If you’re not pleased with your score….THATS OK! CONGRATULATIONS IT’S OVER. YOU WORKED HARD AND YOU DESERVE A COOKIE AND A CAKE AND ALL THIS HAPPINESS (which unfortunately…still cant give you through a screen). 
    1. Even if it isn’t what you wanted, it’s ok! You did your best and that’s all that matters!
  6. Do not compare yourself to others. You are not them. 
  7. In years (hell even months, weeks, or maybe hours), you will not remember this score. You won’t remember this number. You’re world is not ending. You are worth it, you are smart and amazing and productive and a success, regardless of your score. 
  8. You are not a number
  9. You are not a number
  10. You are not a number. 
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I have finally, FINALLY, FINALLY I REACHED MY MILESTONE, GOAL, DREAM OF HAVING EXACTLY 666 FOLLOWERS ((okay no one ever follow or unfollow again from now on thank xx))

Usually people do something like this when they reach their milestone ?? so i thought id bake a cake cause i kinda always wanted to do something like this when i reached my goal :B

(& i might upload a vid of the process of making the cake if any1 cares?///)


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(damn this post is p long, i apologise but there r too many people that i want to give appreciation to ;-;)

Things that would really make me happy after the time skip:

- Gray and Juvia together and Gray being more open and lovey dovey, like we discover that he is bringing Juvia to do all the things she wanted to do with him and he denied, like the love love slide and then after the Grand magic games where Fairy tail will Obviously be the winner thanks to Natsu,there will be another ball where Gray and Juvia will show up and he will ask her to dance, to apologize for that awful moment we all remember (ok i know i’m dreaming because they have to train and all but..well)

Lucy and Natsu running to each other and then Natsu that after all the hugs notice the undressed state of Lucy but this time is totally affected and madly blushes.

Gajeel with shorter hair and Levy with longer and a different outfit

Erza, i just want to see her happy because she really deserves to be happy so i would like to discover that she is the owner of a cake factory now!!

365 Days Chapter 5

A/N: Sorry it’s taken me so long to update. This was one of the chapters I was dreading on writing because I didn’t know how to put it into words so this chapter might be totally poop. But from here on it should be smooth sailing! I promise that next chapter is going to be worth it! Feel free to send me any suggestions/comments/feedback/ baked goods! 

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