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Put together a collage of all the squip’s outfits. TFW a super computer has a better fashion sense/more outfits than you do…

That bathrobe outfit though…
Don’t Leave

The always wonderful @slytherinofcasterlyrock asked if maybe I could write something featuring Joker being jealous. Obviously I’m no award winning author lol, but I gave it my best shot so I hope it’s alright :D


Harley popped her gum as she sat on the sidewalk outside of one of Gotham’s old rundown bars. She was told to wait there because “Some quick business needed to be handled.” but she knew all too well that “business” frequently means revenge. Harley didn’t mind visits like this, but was not exactly thrilled about be left out.

After finally succumbing to her boredom, she knocked on the door nervously.

“Can we go now?’

“Harley… What have I told you about interrupting my meetings?”

She could tell by his tone she’d picked a bad time.

“Sorry…” she mumbled softly. Harley sat back down on the sidewalk; crossing her arms in a huff.

Not long after, she was startled by the sound of a gunshot inside. Just as she went to look through the window, the door opened.

Harley was about to ask what happened and if he was ok, but decided against it. If he was going to leave her out, she wasn’t going to bother giving him the attention.

Harley continued sitting quietly; not acknowledging him at all.

“Let’s go, Harley…”

“Nah, I think I’m good right here.” She spoke confidently.

“What? Earlier you told me you wanted to leave. Now suddenly you’ve changed your mind?”

Joker stood over her; seemingly offended at her disinterest.

“Ya know what? I think I’ll go for a walk.” Harley said as she stood up.

“Go ahead.” Joker replied coldly.

Noticing he didn’t stop her, she began walking down the alleyway quietly with her trusty baseball bat on her shoulders.

Just as she was about to turn the corner, she heard him speak.

“Harley… Where are you going?”

She stopped, but didn’t turn around. Instead she waited.

“You’re mad at me, aren’t you?”

Harley debated whether to reply, but couldn’t help herself.

“A little…”

She breathed deeply as she heard him walking up behind her. At first Harley expected him to let her walk away, but quickly realized acting as if she didn’t care seemed to make him jealous of her desire to roam the streets of Gotham by herself. Harley put her head down as she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“I just don’t wanna be left behind all the time, ok?” She said angrily.

“Look at me…”

Harley sighed heavily and turned around; almost hypnozed by his piercing blue eyes. Joker gently ran his pale hand down her cheek as she watched him intently.

“My princess could never stay mad at me, now could she?”

Harley smiled as he moved a strand of her blonde hair away from her face. 

“C'mon, Puddin’. Let’s go…”