i depend on this album so much

taylor's albums ranked by how much they make people cry
  • Taylor Swift: This is "Teardrops on My Guitar," which made us all cry when we were 12, don't lie, and "Mary's Song" may get you to cry happy tears if you're gay like me, but overall, this is an album written by a young, inexperienced at making people cry Tay-Tay, and my lack of tears overall reflects that. A solid start and an admirable effort. 4/10.
  • Fearless: If you didn't cry over "Breathe," "Love Story," "You're Not Sorry," and "The Way I Loved You" back in middle school, you a liar. Brings back memories of lying on my bed in seventh grade, wondering why nobody loved me, eating candy. 6/10.
  • Speak Now: This has "Dear John," and if you didn't cry at that at least once, you have no soul. It also has "Last Kiss," "Enchanted," and "Back to December." Which one gets you the most teary-eyed depends on your personal preferences, but you cried at least once. Don't lie to me. 9/10.
  • Red: This is "All Too Well." Enough said. 1000000/10.
  • 1989: This is mostly an album full of bangers, not so much an album full of make-you-sobbers. That said, the live performance of "Clean" made me cry like the bitch I am, so... 7/10.
  • TS6: It doesn't exist yet. 10/10.

Guys, im gonna rant and be salty about the Girl’s Generation album/comeback.

SM is doing those girls dirty. And that’s a fucking fact.

This is their 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY FOR FUCKS SAKE. There should be more hype than this. YES the teaser videos are beautiful. But they aren’t promoting them enough. And it makes me angry because they just promoted the ever living fuck out of EXO (don’t be a pissy hater. This is a fact. I love EXO, but SM is clearly playing favorites with them right now when they should be doing more for this anniversary cause its a HUGE FREAKING DEAL.)

Now let’s talk about the actual album.

And ya’ll can be haters if you want but im using EXO as an example again.
When you buy “the war” album (from kpoptown) it comes with

- The CD
- A photo card
- Booklet/photo book
- 1 Poster.

Pretty standard right? And it even has several versions so there are different options you can choose from depending on which album you want.(in total there are like 8 different versions) WHICH IS GREAT.

Now, for the Holiday Night album it comes with:

- The CD
-1 poster.

That’s it. No photo book. No photo card. No extra little things and there is only 1 version. Which is bull shit.

Im gonna be 100% honest. SM sucks, and does shit like this all the time (i won’t even bring up f(x) how much SM has fucked them over) and i really shouldn’t be surprised. But the fact that EXO got so much promotion for a regular album, and has so many options for A REGULAR ALBUM, and Girls Generation is getting so little for their 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, pisses me off.

And i don’t wanna hear “oh they aren’t popular anymore, they haven’t been relevant for 2 years” cause that’s fucking bullshit. They haven’t had a group comeback because all of the members have been working on solo projects WHICH IS AMAZING. Taeyeon has been slaying her solo career, even after being told she wouldn’t be succesfull (suck it haters) and the other girls have been doing amazing things. So as a long time fan (they were the first ever KPOP group i got into when the music video for GEE came out) it makes me sad that they aren’t getting the love and attention they deserve to celebrate 10 years as a group.

Hands down, they have been one of the most successful kpop groups, regardless of being a boy group or a girl group, EVER. And im disappointed in SM, and other fans, for not being as upset over this as we should be.

After all the money they’ve made for SM, they did those girls dirty.

paramore survey!

hi everyone! so I saw someone do a survey for a different band asking questions such as favorite album, song, single, music video, different fan questions, etc. and I thought that it would be really fun to the same for paramore, especially with the recent release for after laughter! I’ve never done anything like this before, but I really hope it’s at least semi successful so please boost/share it as much as possible on social media! I will keep it up for about a month or so depending how many people participate, then I will post the results! please feel free to send me any questions or comments, and I will be posting updates about it on here and on my twitter!

HERE is the link to the survey thank you again for participating and boosting!

If you don’t accept my head canon, so be it I’ll run with it on my own.

Kat Edison has SZA’s “CTRL” album on repeat. Why I think so is because much of this album revolves around SZA balancing and taking control of her life amidst the craziness that is her 20s. Its very emotional and honest. This album is SZA’s journey of stripping down her insecurities for the world to hear and owning those insecurities. There is a new found confidence in her womanhood. And that’s something that made me think of Kat Edison immediately. Kat is a confident black woman who has ownership and agency of her identity (fight me if you think otherwise). I think this album is so fitting (as opposed to her ‘Z’ album) because the message behind the songs as well as the album artwork is much a metaphor of Kat. The album cover is about society’s dependency on technology–our reliance on technology and the constant urge to posting anything and everything on social media (often what we choose to post and show people on our feed). Kat, as the Social Media Director for Scarlet magazine, I feel is constantly internalizing that whether it is her as a professional or her as a person. If you have not had the chance to listen to this album, do yourselves a favor and do so and you’ll have a better understanding of my ramblings.


Why I think Adena listens to Yuna on the daily.

If you don’t know Yuna Zarai, well then you better get to listening her music because you are missing out! Yuna is a Malaysian Muslim singer-songwriter. You’re probably thinking the reason, oh just because she’s a muslimah, Adena listens to her. Yes and no. The reason why I stand by this head canon is because the integrity of her music and her artistry reminds me of Adena’s passion for her art. Also, Yuna’s ownership of her identity (from what I’ve observed from multiple interviews)–as a Malay, as a Muslimah, as an artist–just reminds me of Adena. From her blog post here, she said “I learned how to see people’s hearts and hoping that my heart is worth seeing.” That stuck out most because it reminded me of that scene with Adena and Kat unpacking dildos. The honesty, the passion for the arts, and commitment to self are all so uncanny.   Also, this woman is a FASHION ICON™. Just go listen to her music OMG

Ok I’m done now y’all. Bye

Imagines based off of Hamilton Lyrics

*note I don’t own Hamilton. It was created by the amazing and talented Lin Manuel Miranda*

Here are some one-liners that I took from the Hamilton album for imagines!

1. “He was longing for something to be a part of”
2. “There’s a million things I haven’t done”
3. “You gotta fend for yourself”
4. “Just you wait”
5. “You never learn to take your time”
6. “That depends, who’s asking”
7. “He looked at me like I was stupid, I’m not stupid”
8. “Can I buy you a drink”
9. “Talk less, smile more”
10. “Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead”
11. “I will lay down my life if it sets us free”
12. “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory”
13. “I think your pants look hot”
14. “Do I run or do I let it be”
15. “I will gladly join the fight”
16. “Let’s have another round tonight”
17. “Like I said you’re free to go”
18. “You disgust me”
19. “Ah so you’ve discussed me”
20. “So men say that I’m intense or I’m insane”
21. “Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now”
22. “Oh my god. Tear this dude apart”
23. “They’re playing a dangerous game”
24. “I’ll love you till my dying days”
25. “I cannot be everywhere at once”
26. “We keep meeting”
27. “I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight”
28. “I’m about to change your life”
29. “It’s a pleasure to meet you”
30. “My love for you is never in doubt”
31. “I’ve been living without a family since I was a child”
32. “I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face”
33. “I’m about to change your life”
34. “I came to say congratulations ”
35. “If you love this woman go get her! What are you waiting for”
36. “I’m willing to wait for it”
37. “I can’t disobey direct orders”
38. “Don’t call me son”
39. “I’m more than willing to die”
40. “Your wife needs you alive, son, I need you alive”
41. “The fact that you’re alive is a miracle”
42. “That would be enough”
43. “I know who I married”
44. “We don’t need money”
45. “If you could let me inside your heart”
46. “I made every mistake”
47. “I need no introduction”
48. “You’re on your own”
49. “Don’t come crawling back to me”
50. “I’m dedicating every day to you”
51. “When you smile, you knock me out I fall apart”
52. “There is so much more inside me now”
53. “I’ll make the world safe and sound for you”
54. “Hear me out”
55. “You’re making a mistake”
56. “What’d I miss?”
57. “You wanna pull yourself together”
58. “Take a break”
59. “You and I can go when the night gets dark”
60. “I know you’re very busy”
61. “It’s good to see your face”
62. “I wish I could say that was the last time”
63. “I didn’t know any better”
64. “Nobody needs to know”
65. “I’ve always considered you a friend”
66. “Let’s follow the money and see where it goes”
67. “Relax have a drink with me”
68. “Let’s take a break tonight”
69. “Why do you have to say goodbye ”
70. “Jesus Christ this will be fun!”
71. “I couldn’t seem to die”
72. “Have you read this”
73. “That’s one less thing to worry about”
74. “I came as soon as a I heard”
75. “You said you were mine”
76. “I thought you were mine”
77. “I hope that you burn”
78. “I’m making my father proud”
79. “I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true”
80. “He lost a lot of blood on the way over”
81. “Can I see him please”
82. “Is he going to survive this”
83. “I never liked the quiet before”
84. “You knock me out I fall apart”
85. “I know I don’t deserve you”
86. “Just let me stay here by your side”
87. “Well I’ll be damned”
88. “Name a time and place”
89. “I can’t apologize but it’s true”
90. “Come back to bed”
91. “You let me make a difference”
92. “I’m running out of time”
93. “Now I’m the villain in your history”
94. “I was too young and blind to see”
95. “I stop wasting time on tears”
96. “I get to see them growing up”
97. “In their eyes I see you”
98. “Have I done enough”
99. “Oh I can’t wait to see you again”
100. “It’s only a matter of time”

loooollllll does anyone realize how much money we’re going to spend this year? give or take, we’ve got:

  • harry’s album: between $10-$70, depending on packages
  • harry’s merch: probably between $20-$60
  • harry’s tour: (roughly) $40 - $115
  • niall’s album: $15+ dollars, depending on packages
  • niall’s merch: again, probably between $20-$40ish
  • niall’s tour: $30/$40+
  • liam’s album: tba
  • liam’s merch: tba 
  • liam’s tour: tba
  • louis’s album: tba
  • louis’s merch: tba
  • louis’s tourdates: tba

EDIT: it’s come to my attention i didn’t include travel prices. perhaps i was trying to be merciful on us all, but. alas. so depending on method of transportation that could be anywhere from $30 (gas prices, if you live in an economically sound area) - $2/400+ (for plane/train tickets)

i mean… the deluxe edition of MITAM alone was $32 but i could buy like 48 copies of MITAM with the amount of money i am going to willingly give to 1D is going to steal from me so??? i don’t know what the point of this post is except that it was cheaper being a 1D stan than it is to be a solo!direction stan and we could easily spend $500-$1000+ on these losers*, so if 1D love me they will return asap thank you 

*i mean that in the most loving way possibly but seriously i’m poor what are you doing

Random Soda headcannons

-I oddly feel like he is fluent in Spanish

-like I can just imagine someone who doesn’t speak English very well or at all and he’s like “it’s okay guys I got this, ahem…Yo hablo Espoñol, como ayudarte?” (I speak Spanish, how can I help you?) and everyone is surprised by it but he treats it like they’ve known about it for years.

-He’s the biggest rights activist you’ll ever meet gay, transgender, black, purple, tree whoever you are he thinks you deserve to be happy

-you know he waited all night to download Adele’s album 25 when it first came out

-top tracks: All I Ask, Send My Love

-He def wears Adidas all stars like his life depends on it

-NOT the black striped ones tho because, and I’m quoting, “Those are basic and I am NOT basic I” clap. “AM,” another clap. “UNIQUE…” more clapping. “LiMiTeD eDiTiOn, bubu” he’s sassy like that.

-he won’t admit it but he gets his eyebrows done he started with threading them because tweezers took too much time but it hurt so much he teared up and the ladies were mean about it so he never went back.

-he went to get them waxed but the lady made them too thin and he cried about it for three days now he just buys at home kits and pretends to be on the phone with his girlfriend in the store while he looks for the right brand

-waffles over pancakes any day

-if he wasn’t working at the DX he’d either work in a bakery ‘trying’ all the samples instead of giving them out and kneading bread

-coming home with flour in his hair or all over him because the mixer speed was too high and he wasn’t paying attention.

-if not a bakery then surely somewhere trendy where he can flirt with girls all day and get payed for it

anonymous asked:

What Andys been wearing on Warped is pretty much what he's been wearing for all of Andy Black and his other shows. It's the whole aesthetic of the project, the album, his "persona". Why would he wear any different?

^^^& Like I mentioned before there are also a lot of bands/musicians that have a certain aesthetic for each album so he easily could change it [in the future] depending on what the next album is like (I’m not saying this will for sure happen but it is a common thing in the music industry). Like for instance Paramore just came out with a new record that has an 80s vibe to it so they (especially Hayley) have been wearing a lot of 80s inspired clothes on stage to fit with the album. -N


[!] ToppDogg’s Thanks To in their first full-length album ‘First Street’.



First of all, I sincerely thank the fans who waited.
And to everyone who worked hard until this album was released, I am honestly grateful.
To my parents and grandmother, who are always dependable and cheering for me, thank you and I love you.
Thank you to Dongyeol-hyung and Yangjae Bros, please also take care of me in the future^^
Lastly, our Topp Dogg members.
Let’s continue to work together and promote this comeback happily. Topp Dogg fighting!


First and foremost, ToppKlass who waited for our comeback for a year! Thank you.
We’ll work hard to become Topp Dogg who won’t disappoint, as much as the support and love you have always given us.
ToppKlass, I love you.
It’s been 3 years since debut, to the Topp Dogg members by my side who have always given me strength, thank you.
And to the world’s most dependable Dad, my ideal type Mum as well as my cute and pretty little sister Sehee, thank you and I love you.
Lastly, to the entire Hunus staff, including President Lee Younghoon, who take care of us everyday and worked hard for this album, thank you so much.
I’ll continue to work hard.

-from the charming, manly, cute, sexy, beautiful, cool Topp Dogg’s leader P-Goon


To the Hunus Family who never runs out of good inspiration and words to give. Thank you so much.
Thank you to Dongsung-hyung, Hyosang-hyung and Taeyang-hyung for being with me; Lady Woo, President Kim, Mother Mihwa and my family members, thank you.
Marry, Kiko! Thank you for creating me, and I also thank Junmin(Balloon) and Pyopasol.
Also, thank you to Dana-noona. Our Sunae Pocha Family hyungs! Thank you.
Great Wizard King Susie-noona! Thank you for protecting me by my side whenever things get hard, I’ll master white magic!
Thank you to Paradise president Myungja-noona!(code-Uni)’s cool outfits and for helping me not lose my paradise!
Lastly, to ToppKeuls who waited for Topp Dogg. We have come back.
Thank you for waiting.
Everyone! There’s a paradise inside me, please go rest there whenever you want!
I want to know about your paradise!


Our ToppKlass, you have waited so long, right?
Sorry for making you wait like this all the time. We’ll show our cool image a lot through this album so please highly anticipate it, and once again I’m really thankful for our ToppKlass who waited, you’re very loveable.
And to the people who put a lot of care into the this album: Hunus, dance team leader, Director Kangho, MV director, and to my family in Kwangju as well as other people, I believe that we, Topp Dogg, exist because these people, and many others, always cheer for and support us.
We’ll continue to show cool images in the future! So please look forward to it.
I love you. Be happy!


Hello, I’m Topp Dogg’s Xero.
Suddenly, it’s been 3 years since we debuted and finally we were able to come back with our first full-length album after a year of hiatus. First of all, thank you to the fans who didn’t forget Topp Dogg and waited for us in the past year.
Thank you so much to our Hunus Family, who believed in Topp Dogg and became a reliable support for us.
Also to my family, Mum and Dad and Noona, who are sad together with me during sad times, are happy together with me during happy times, wait together with me, and always become a big strength for me. Lastly, to the Topp Dogg members who have been through thick and thin and sometimes quarrelled with each other despite having been together for a long time, you never minded how tired and difficult things were for you and I thank you so much for enduring everything well until now. We’ve worked hard gritting our teeth to become cool without envying anyone, so let’s become Topp Dogg who, like its name, reaches the top of the top. Fighting^^


ToppKlass, sorry for always making you wait
ToppKlass, thank you for always showing support
Thank you for being ToppKlass
Even after time passes and if we meet one day, somewhere, somehow, don’t forget how we are now and let’s greet each other well as we think back to our happy days together
You’re always the best for me!
I’ll always work hard so you can always remember me as the best for you
Let’s always be happy! I’ll always cheer for you too, ToppKlass. I love you


Thank you very much to Hunus Entertainment’s President Lee Younghoon, Director Hwang, Director Jo, Director Shim, Manager Lee Dongjoo, Chief Ahn Changmo, Sangyeop-hyung, Taeyong-hyung, Noyoung-hyung, Taewoong-hyung, and all other staff who made the release of this album possible. Jihoon-hyung, Jinkwan-hyung and Seungwan-hyung who are like my own brothers, Soyeon-noona and Paula who are always in my heart, Chief Han Joohee, Susie-noona who always take care of us well, G-swaggerz Beom-hyung and MOTF members who have the same thrilling dreams as me, as well as Leader Sangjoon who always cherish us!!
And Teacher Sanghyuk, DEEZ PD, Yuni-noona and Earlgulsun Hepburn Style who teach us many things, thank you.
And my family members, I love you~ Our Topp Dogg members, you were always working hard, fighting!!!
Lastly, to our ToppKlass! Thank you.
I’ll become Topp Dogg’s positive and passionate B-Joo who can pay you back with good music!! Hehe


A new album has been released after another year.
Our ToppKlasses… must have waited since last year’s The Beat album for so long until your throats hurt..
I was always thankful, but was also sorry about the fact that we couldn’t meet often. I’ll always show a good image!
Our fans who were waiting, thank you and I love you.


My beloved family and group members,
and our ToppKlass who waited patiently for a year!
I’m sending my gratitude to everyone who has been by my side.
I love you :)

Trans: Topp Dogg Intl

Home - Hoseok

Okay, I was on a writing spree and I got the next part of my Jhope angst series done. The next part shall be the last and final part so look forward to that. I really like the ending here. As always, I didn’t really proofread.

Here are the previous parts. Be sure to give those a read.

1 LeaveLeft

You weren’t expecting it when your body was forced out of the way. You squeaked in surprised as you stumbled. You were about to comment when Hoseok moved past you. His jaw was clenched, his hands were in fists, and he had a murderous glare in his eyes. Your brother scurried out of the way with his hands up.

“Hoseok. Wait.” You called out, but he was past listening to you. “Hoseok, calm down.” You followed after him, your hands reached out to grab his arm. “He’s just a coworker!” He stopped walking and his glare turned to you, making you gulped as you tried to avoid looking at him.

His hands were on your chin as he forced you to meet his stare. “So you mean it’s not the Brad who is all over your instagram?”

“H-Hoseok,” you hesitated to answer.

“That’s what I thought.” His dropped his hand and continued to stomp his way into the living room.


Brad stood by the doorway, making awkward conversation with your mom. He looked up at smiled at you. He quickly turned confused when he noticed Hoseok stalking towards him.

“You Brad?” Hoseok asked.


“Hoseok. Stop it!”

But it was too late. Hoseok fist flew into Brad’s face. Your mother gasped as she quickly moved away from the fight.

“Hoseok!” you yelled but it was falling onto deaf ears. “Please!”

Hoseok was holding Brad by the shirt as his fist collided again with his face. “Hoseok! Stop it! I’m sorry! Just stop! Please!”

He finally dropped Brad, causing Brad to stumble backwards landing on the ground. “What the hell is your problem?” Brad shouted as he stood up.

“My problem is you!” Hoseok yelled back. “Stay away from my girl.”

You didn’t expect Hoseok to fight, but you were utterly shocked when Brad threw a punch back. Your jaw dropped and tears fell from your eyes as you began to panic. Your brother finally got in the middle to break them up as your mother was asking you for answers. It was so much chaos. It was so overwhelming, you couldn’t do anything but stand there - paralyzed.

But when you saw the first drop of blood, you finally lost it.

“STOP IT!” You shrieked, everyone froze. Your mother had her hand over her chest as you had scared her. You brother raised his hands as he stepped away from the two fighting boys.

Hoseok winced as your fingers rubbed antibiotic cream on his busted lip. “That stings,” he complained.

He was sitting on the edge of your bed as you stood in between your legs. “I’m sorry,” you responded back sarcastically. “It’s not something I can’t stop.” You walked away to put the cream back in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom down the hall. Before you could even make it to the door he was talking again.

Hoseok shook his head. “It didn’t hurt as bad as when I found out you were leaving.” You froze in your tracks and your body tensed. You stared down at the ground as you tried to fight back tears.

“Can we not do this right now?”

“That pain was nowhere near as close to when I found out you weren’t returning.” The bed springs squeaked as he stood up. You could hear his footsteps as he walked up behind you.

“Why are you doing this to me?” You spun around to face him. “Why did you come here? To make me miserable? I was finally moving on!” You pushed back.


“Just stop it, Hoseok.” You interrupted. “Just..just go home. Forget about me.”

“Why are you throwing away our relationship?” he asked. “Was it because I was never home? Because I’ll practice less often if it meant I got to come home to you. I’ll throw away my whole career for you.” He sat back down on your bed and buried his head in his hands.

“Don’t do that.”

“Then what do you want from me? What will it take for you to come back?” He looked up at you and his eyes were red and glossy. He looked broken. It was then that you noticed the dark bags under his eyes and he seemed thinner than usual. “Do you know how much I miss holding you while we slept?” You opened your mouth to speak but the words got caught in your throat. “I can’t live without you. You’re my whole world. Please, babe, please.” By the end he was full on sobbing. He raised his hands to reach towards you but seemed to have changed his mind midway as he drops them at his side.

You grabbed his face, your thumbs wiped away his tears. His eyes were wide with hope as he looked up at you. “Please don’t cry,” you whispered. “If you cry, I’m going to cry.” Your voice cracked at the end as tears fell down your face.

His arms wrapped around your face as he pulled you close and cried into your shirt. You closed your eyes as you arms wrapped around his shoulders.

“Oh my gosh, Brad face is fucked up,” one of your coworkers comments as she hands you a cup of coffee. “He looks like an 18 wheeler just drove over his face.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” Her eyes went wide as she turns around to see Brad had walked up behind her.

“Oh my gosh Brad. I’m sorry-”

“Save it.” He interrupted. “I need to speak to you.” He glances over her shoulder at you.

You chewed nervously on your bottom lip as he leads you into his office. He takes a seat behind his desk as you stood awkwardly at the door. “Aren’t you going to sit?” He asks as he motions to the seat in front of him.

You inwardly groan as you hesitantly took a seat.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you had a boyfriend?” he asked, his arms were folded over his chest.

“It’s complicated,” you answered. You are were focused on your hands.

“Is he always that violent?” He sounded accusing and that caused you to look up at him in confusion.


“Is he abusive?” Brad continued. “You should report him. I have a friend who is a cop. I could call him for you.”

“No.” You surprised yourself with how much conviction your voice had. “Hoseok isn’t abusive. He’s nothing but loving and caring.” You sighed. “Brad, look, I’m sorry for everything. I shouldn’t had lead you on like that. You didn’t deserve that.”

“So you’re still with him?”

“It’s complicated.”

Hoseok spent his days helping your mother around the house. He helped her with laundry, he vacuumed the floors, he mowed the lawn, he washed the cars. You didn’t know how you felt about him still being here. Surely he has to have some kind of responsibilities back in Korea. And whenever you asked about it, he said his only responsibility was getting you to take him back.

You woke up one morning to a ringing sound. Your hand blindly searched for the phone. You finally found the guilty device just as it had stopped ringing. You let out a sigh of relief as you fidgeted to get comfortable again. However, the ringing started back up. You let out a groan as you answered the phone without paying attention.

“Hello?” you voice was hoarse.

“Y/N?” The deep voice cause your body to jolt awake. You sat up right.

“Namjoon, hello…” You squeezed your eyes shut as you anticipated getting chewed out.

“Oh good. Maybe you can talk some sense into him.” You weren’t expecting the deep chuckle.


“He hasn’t been answering our calls. He left right before we were going to release teaser for our new albums. Y/N, can you convince to at least call us?”

The sound of your bedroom door opening and closing caused you to jump. Hoseok eyed you as he grabbed the phone. “Namjoon?” he scoffed as he ended the call. “Why were you talking to him?”

“He called…”

“I can see that.”

Your relationship with Hoseok was always on edge. There was so much tension between you guys and not the good kind. You’re genuinely surprised that one of you haven’t suffocated the other in there sleep.

“You told me that you didn’t have any responsibilities to take of-”

“I told you that you were my top priority.” His arms were crossed and his eyes were narrow.

“You can’t just leave your group hanging!” you yelled. “They are depending on you! You have thousands of fans waiting for an album.”

Hoseok shrugged. “They can wait longer.”

“Hoseok, why are you even here?” You spit out. You immediately regret it when you see Hoseok go slack. He looked as if you had slapped him across the face. “I didn’t mean it that way,” you groaned as you squeezed your eyes shut. “I mean, why are you still trying? What if it takes years, or if it just never happens at all?”

When you didn’t hear any answer, you looked up to see if he even was standing there. He was, but he was silent.

“It’s time for you to go home, Hoseok.”

“I am home,” he argued.

“Your home is in Korea.”

“You are my home.” He joined you on the bed and grabbed your hands in his. “As cheesy as that sounds, you are my home. I feel the safest when I’m wrapped in your arms. I feel the most comfortable when it’s just me and you and we can be ourselves.”

You sighed. “Hoseok-”

“Ask me.” He demanded, he squeezed your hands.

“What?” You were confused. He was talking about where - or who - his home was and now he was telling you to ask him something.

“Every time you asked me, and I didn’t answer it was because I felt ashamed. Ashamed because I thought the answer would be so obvious, I thought you would be able to just feel it off of me, I thought that I showed you how I felt. But you didn’t know which meant that I must have been doing something wrong,” Hoseok took a deep breath. “But if you ask me right now, I’ll tell you.”

You lips were shaking as you formed the question. “Do you love me?”

“Yes. I do. I love you with my whole being. I can’t live without you. You are my whole world, stars, and universe.” He stopped as you let out a sob as you cried into his chest. “Why are you crying? Please stop crying because of me. I already caused so many tears and it breaks my heart to see you like this.” He kissed the top of your head.

Rapper Vic Mensa Gets Candid About His Struggle With Mental Health

Rapper Vic Mensa’s debut album, The Autobiography, out today, documents his lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression. Here, he talks candidly to InStyle.com about mental illness and the stigma surrounding it.

Mental health issues run in my family. I’ve been seeing therapists and psychiatrists since I was 15 years old. When I started taking psychoactive substances, it made it so much easier for me to slip into a dark place. I fell deeper into a depressive and suicidal mindset. Once I started experimenting with drugs, it became a dependence that I felt was necessary for me to be creative, but in actuality, it was the opposite—it was stifling my creativity and restricting my honesty and taking me everywhere but where I needed to be.

I wanted to be candid and transparent about my struggles in this album because, for me, that was the beginning of the healing process. To be real in the music was a way for me to come to terms with the things I was feeling and to examine the contributing factors. We all carry around our childhood and our past in the behaviors and thought patterns of our present. This was my way of trying to erase my own shame and, in the process, open up the conversation and encourage other people to challenge their issues and confront them.

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The Autobiography

A post shared by ROCKSTAR.VIC (@vicmensa) on Jul 13, 2017 at 12:55pm PDT

There’s a song on [the album] called “Memories On 47th St.,” where I talk about seeing drugs being sold outside of my window at a young age. I talk about being ostracized in school, labeled problematic, and getting harassed by police officers and undervalued by teachers. I talk about seeing a close friend shooting up heroin and waving the needle at me. You take a genetic predisposition for mental issues and add a culture of violence, systemic racism, and access to drugs, and you may find yourself in a bit of trouble. When you have all of these contributing pressures pushing and pulling you in so many different directions, it can put you down a violent, self-destructive path. It can be manically excessive.

I was on a downward spiral [over the past few years]. I wasn’t being good to people, and I definitely wasn’t being good in relationships. At a certain point, things came to a head with my girlfriend, Alexandra, and she was able to look past things I had done when I opened up to her about how I constantly felt suicidal. Barely five minutes went by during any day that I didn’t feel like killing myself. She immediately got me help. That selfless act really hit home for me. I stopped doing drugs and started working really closely with a therapist. Then all the music just started pouring out of me.

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I feel like mental health is so stigmatized because people don’t want to be labeled as crazy. You can talk about any type of sickness or wellness except your brain because it’s considered different from maintaining your health in other ways. We know we gotta go to the gym to be in shape, but nobody tells us that going to therapy will help you stay in shape mentally. Trying to guide, direct, and understand your thought processes can help you master them the same way that shooting jump shots can help you win a basketball game.

The conversation about mental health needs to happen because there are a lot of people struggling right now that are being exploited and pitted against each other. Republican, Democrat, urban, rural, white, black, Muslim, non-Muslim, American, Mexican. Everybody is being led to believe that they are each others’ enemies and the reason for each others’ problems, and that’s just a ploy people in power use to keep us from addressing the real root of our problems.

VIDEO: Chance the Rapper Models Joe Fresh Goods’s Thank You Obama Line

I don’t have all of the answers—I just have a voice and a platform. I’m just trying to give a realistic perspective and open up the dialogue from which I believe solutions can come. I’m not running for president, I’m just telling my truth and hoping that it can help people along the way.

As told to Claire Stern.

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Idk if I wanna get the 2016 memories package. Like I've spent so much money on their albums and I almost have all of them but idk if I wanna spend money on just one huge thing. My laptop is kind of broken so it doesnt play CD's but I'm gonna get a new one for my graduation in a year so I'd be able to watch the dvds then? Idk 🤷 but thanks for going out of your way to upload the dvds and BV2 💕💕💕💕

well it would depend on the laptop u get bc i just got a new mac os and it doesnt come with a cd drive, and i think a lot of new laptops are like that nowadays. but also, u can do what u want w ur money ofc but u shouldnt waste ur money on the package when the main part is the dvd and that gets spoiled and uploaded anyway :P

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Yeah I think even though Calvin was a huge part of her life for over a year since then she's gone through so much, I suppose it depends when she finished writing but I don't think we'll get nearly as many songs about him now as we would have if she released it say- last year. I can see maybe 3-4 songs if it's like a 16 track album. I guess also it depends what time of theme she's going for..

I also think that she did most of the writing for this album looooonggg past Calvin.

anonymous asked:

Especially if it's a written interview couldn't they just read a few previous ones and write the basic info at the beginning and ask the boys new questions? Anyway, if you got the chance to interview Matt and Alex for the new record, what would you ask them?

Yeah, I imagine that those guys interview lots of other musicians, but I think it would be considerate to keep up with the basics or at least watch a couple interviews (that last what, 7 minutes tops?) so the talk won’t be boring and repetitive for both the band and the audience :/ I hope it doesn’t happen as much in this upcoming album.

Still in this topic, it would obviously depend on how many interviews they’ve given before, but assuming it would be one of the first ones I’d probably want to know about Alex’s songwriting, how and where the rehearsals and recording took place, how they planned the concept of the new album, if they got the result they were hoping for, if the longer time separated affected somehow the way they made music together, how they feel about the new album compared to their previous works, if they tried new instruments or if they had any new influences; if they had collaborations (and to talk a little about them), how Alex’s experience with TLSP and Matt’s experience with Iggy Pop made them grow as musicians, maybe a brief review on how it was for Alex to produce Savior’s album, if the pressure of the fans and the press got in the way of producing the new record, the places they were expecting to visit while on tour….

So many questions, so many things I’d like to know I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to cover everything hehe

Chaotic's Visual Guide to Imposition Stages

I get asked a lot what imposition LOOKS like (more than mind’s projection but also with halucinatory imposition), and it’s so hard to explain at first and I’ve seen someone else give a guide of what it looks like for them, but it wasn’t complete, or it didn’t feel complete to my experiences.

I’d like to point out in no way is this stating that this is exactly the stages imposition goes through, your system might go through different stages at different times, or skip some altogether. This is more for people who ask me, “So what was x like when you were working on it?”

Jump cut for length (and image size):

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Haha so, are u gonna buy the latest merch? Summer package? I dont think i will buy thou :/

Depends on how much money I have left when I get back from Holiday!! I want to, I want to buy a lot! But I’m also waiting on their new comeback + albums so… yeah decisions 👀😅

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I love these kind of things so why not

Rules: always post the rules, answer the questions given to you, write 10 questions of your own, tag 10 people. 

1. Movie or tv show adaptation?

It really depends on the series but probably tv show adaptions just because they have more time to develop the story and characters.

2. Last song you listened to?

I Don’t Know Why by Imagine Dragons. I love their new album so much!

3. What you wanted to grow up to be as a kid?

I wanted and still want to be some type of artist. The dream is still real…lol 

4. Favourite book quote?

Just one?! I’ll go with my most recent one.

“Fiction is truth, even if it is not fact. If you believe only in facts and forget stories, your brain will live, but your heart will die.”
― Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows

5. Most relatable book character?

Cath from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

6. Favourite book/story/poem you had to read for school?

Honestly, I don’t really like anything we read for school but if I had to choose, I would say Macbeth was the most entertaining.

7. Favourite colour for book cover?

Black and white with a pop of colour

8. Favourite band/artist?

Overall = Imagine Dragons   Recently = Ruelle

9. Immortal or mortal?

Mortal. Outliving all my loved ones would be sad

10. Is English your first language?


My Questions:

1. A song that’s stuck in your head

2. Top 3 book crushes

3. If you could only read 1 author for the rest of your life, who would it be?

4. Day or Night?

5. Favourite ship?

6. Favourite childhood book/story

7. How many languages do you speak?

8. Standalone or Series?

9. Do you eat while you read?

10. Why did you create this blog?

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I always thought those "Aquabats" guys were from some kids' show. Now that I'm reading about them it seems like some real gimmicky novelty music. Are they actually good musically? Is it something worth looking into?

Friend! My dearest, sweetest friend. I am so glad you asked. Let me tell you about the best band in the world.

The Aquabats predate the Super Show, as a band, by almost two decades. They started out as Orange County ska punk, but over the last ten years or so have settled comfortably into more of a synthpunk sound - less horns, more keys, basically.

Throughout their history, the Aquabats have portrayed themselves as brave defenders of humankind, with all current and former members having a superhero identity and powers to match. So sure, “novelty” is reasonable to describe them; but they also possess tremendous depth, which one might not expect from the matching-rashguards-and-goggles superhero look.

External image

Now, on the topic of whether they’re worth checking out - listen. The Aquabats sing songs about fighting monsters and eating pizza and being aggressively positive. Listening to the Aquabats feels like hanging out with friends. It’s a musical joyride. It’s a high-five between two moving cars. It’s getting tackled by big dogs that think they are small dogs.

I got into them about ten months ago, after @lastdriveonthelosthighway took me to see them in Baltimore; and I swear to you, anon, my life is ACTUALLY better for having them in it. (I like to joke that the Aquabats cured my depression. Obviously, it doesn’t work that way, but feeling like I have cool superhero friends at my side has helped my outlook tremendously.)


  • The Cat With Two Heads! - was the song where they ~clicked~ for me. Cats, mad science, ska. “It turned into a nightmare, so lock your doors; hide your hot dogs; this cat’s upset.”
  • Fashion Zombies! - marked an evolution in their sound. Still very silly. “These creatures are just victims: dressed in expensive fashions to look like they crawled out of coffins!”
  • The Legend Is True - all I really have to say about this one is that when they perform it, their frontman, the MC Bat Commander, VERY SPECIFICALLY addresses the crowd on the line “You are the Legend! The Legend Is True!”

If any of the gems above speak to you, I recommend moving on to albums, starting with “The Fury of The Aquabats!” (which is more ska) or “Charge!!” (which is more synthpunk), depending on which sounds better to you. (And hey! The Aquabats Super Show is actually 1000% excellent if you like campy fun in the style of Adam West Batman. Like any good “kid’s show,” it’s kid-friendly as opposed to kid-oriented.)

External image


You never know what life might throw at you.


They say that there are 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I think that when you lose something or someone you never expected to lose, the same 5 stages hit you – gradually at first, then all at once. Break-ups, no matter how long you’ve been together, take time to overcome.

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  • LAURA BROWN: Swimming with sharks is not only scary, it's a big metaphor. How did you learn to swim with the sharks of life?
  • RIHANNA: I try my best to avoid the sharks of life, but I have had my share of experiences with them, and in those cases I just have to handle them accordingly. But I do not swim with sharks … sharks swim with sharks.
  • LB: Did you watch Jaws as a kid? Did it scare you or thrill you?
  • R: Both! It freaked me out because I was a beach baby, so every time a new Jaws came out I would take months off from the beach or just sit on the sand. If I happened to get in the water, my dad would hum the theme music, and I was right back out of it. But that was really my fault because I was obsessed with Jaws. Steven Spielberg was my childhood hero.
  • LB: Would you say you're adventurous? What is the greatest adventure you've been on, and what would you like to do?
  • R: Greatest adventure? Are you kidding me? I just did a photo shoot in the midst of sharks. It's going to be pretty hard to beat that.
  • LB: You are fearless with your style, but in what ways are you fearless in life?
  • R: I think I'm like most people—we fear the unknown and the things that have yet to come to pass, which are the very things that don't deserve to be feared. When you give God complete control, it's very hard not to be fearless.
  • LB: Being famous for a decade now, you would have had to develop a thick skin. In what ways are you tough, and in what ways are you sensitive?
  • R: This skin has been developing since my first day at school. It didn't happen after fame; I couldn't survive fame if I didn't already have it. So sometimes the toughest thing in life is to be vulnerable. I'm not generally a sensitive person, but I tend to be more sensitive toward others and what they're going through. I don't know if that's the healthiest thing, but it's the truth.
  • LB: You're about to release a new album. How ambitious are you, having achieved so much? Are you competitive at all?
  • R: I am very ambitious! It's ridiculous how much I want to put on my plate, which is already full. I am sensitive to what my team is going through. Actually I'm lying. They get no sympathy … we love what we do!
  • LB: You've been killing it stylewise. Do you have to psych yourself up for a daring red-carpet look or do you just go for it?
  • R: The way I dress depends on how I feel. I never have to psych myself up. Usually it just feels like it works.
  • LB: What has been your favorite red-carpet look ever?
  • R: My favorite red-carpet looks are usually the ones I get to help design: the Adam Selman Swarovski crystal dress at the CFDAs, the Stella McCartney all-white dress at the Met Gala, and the Adam Selman white jersey dress from the VMAs. But the red Azzedine Alaïa at the Grammys is also one of my favorites.
  • LB: Whose style would you like to steal for a day?
  • R: Zac Posen and his sick custom suits … and the hair.
  • LB: Is there a line, fashionwise, that you would never cross—something you would never wear?
  • R: I don't like to commit to those kind of rules. You never know.
  • LB: How much maintenance does your style take—hair, nails, fittings, et cetera?
  • R: At times a lot of maintenance, and at times none. I have a job that requires quite a lot of glam, and I have a great team that helps me with that. But sometimes, like when I'm in the studio or on vacation, there's little to no maintenance.
  • LB: What was behind your return to Instagram? Did you miss it? How much does connecting with your fans daily mean to you?
  • R: I … like … pictures! And that's the bottom line.
  • LB: How do you feel about censorship on social media? Should the nipple be truly free?
  • R: The C-word?!!! I don't even know how to spell that.
  • LB: What makes a BadGal in 2015?
  • R: You're about to find out.
  • LB: What do you want to achieve this year, in life and in love?
  • R: The same goal I set every year—to be happy.
  • LB: Who is your most unexpected friend?
  • R: I have friends from rock stars to Rastas; I don't even know what an unexpected friend is at this point.
  • LB: Do you make new friends easily?
  • R: No.
  • LB: What is a perfect day for you?
  • R: The day I wake up without cellulite? Now that would be the perfect day.
  • LB: What is your guilty pleasure?
  • R: Reality TV. I can't get enough of it.
  • LB: Finally, how do you eat goddamn pasta every day and still look like that?
  • R: You mean how I got my cellulite?