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Prompt:  “Is it too soon to say that we’re fucked?”

Pairing: firefighter!Jensen x Reader

Requested: @atc74

You’re pacing frantically in front of the Austin Fire Station, doing your god damn best to not hyperventilate. The fact that you even made it here is a fucking miracle. You literally sat in your driveway for a good hour, stupidly turning the ignition on and off in your car.

Considering the predicament that you’re in, you appear to be quite pulled together. You’re even donning clean clothes and light makeup, a vast improvement over the last few days. So now you’re at your best friend Jensen’s place of employment, meeting him to spill the news that has you in such a tizzy.

“Hey, hun.” Jensen somehow appears out of fucking nowhere, the sound of his simple greeting startling you.

“We have a problem.” You blurt out, freezing when he tries to pull you in for a hug.

“Ok. What is it?” He responds casually, completely oblivious that his whole world is about to fucking implode. Poor bastard.

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BTS Reaction - You Moving In Their Lap

Request:  BTS reaction to you sitting on their lap and keep moving around and accidently (or not lol) turn them on (in public) 💕 i love your blog sm ahh

A/N: i felt extremely dirty writing this so you’re welcome

P.S: the scenario is the same for every member so i ain’t describing it every single damn time

P.P.S: i apologise in advance that this is super sloppy, i was really tired and wanted to upload for you guys <3

Kim Seokjin

You, Jin and all the other boys were sitting around a table cluttered with pizzas in a restaurant after the group’s dance rehearsal. “Come sit in my lap, jagi!” Jin would pat his thighs invitingly. After you plopped down in his lap, you’d swivel around to face Namjoon, your ass grinding against Jin’s bulge releasing a gasp from him. “Pass me a slice of pepperoni, Namjoon?” You’d ask. As you reach for the slice, your ass would slowly slide up Jin’s legs. He struggles to contain a groan, hands clenched around your waist, trying to constrain you to stay still. He’d whisper through gritted teeth:

“Y/N… Please, keep still.”

Y/N: What for?


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Kim Namjoon

You’d grind in Namjoon’s lap purposely just to drive him crazy. After looking at him with a sly smirk and lustful eyes, you’d move your hips up and down his legs, rubbing your behind against his erection. He’d immediately know what you were trying to do, heaving a large sigh, he’d take your cheeks (on your face) in his hands and yank your face towards his, muttering aggressively:

“I demand you stop tempting me to fuck you on top of this table in front of everyone.”

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Min Yoongi

He’d contort his face and a moan would linger his lips as you’d purposely bounce in his lap. He’d get so undeniably frustrated with you that he’d have to excuse himself to the bathroom and when he’d get back, you’d tilt your head and beam an innocent smile. He’d sit down beside you then cup his mouth around your ear and mumble:

“Just you wait until we get back. You’re going to pay for this.”

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Jung Hoseok

He’d try his hardest not to look phased by how you were unintentionally rubbing against his front, flashing a big smile. But each time you moved in his lap, his brows would scrunch and his mouth would start watering. As soon as you were all leaving, he’d pull you aside and say:

“The way you wiggled on my thighs gave me all sorts of ideas. I deserve a reward for how hard I contained myself.”

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Park Jimin

A whirlwind of thoughts would go through his head when he saw the way your ass popped out of your dress every time you’d stroke his dick gently when you’d reach out to grab a piece of pizza. After you knew what you were doing, you’d test him even more by teasingly twirling your tongue around the tip of the pepperoni topped delicacy while looking deeply into his eyes. He’d clench onto the sides of his chair, throwing his head back and release a sigh. 

“The things you do to me, Y/N. I can’t wait to get you alone.”

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Kim Taehyung

Tae wouldn’t be able to help himself, the second you’d start grinding in his lap. He’d pick you up, carelessly showing your ass to the whole restaurant and take you to the men’s bathroom. He’d slam you against the wall in a toilet stall, ripping your dress off, he’d gaze at you up and down in your lingerie and smirk, saying:

“I couldn’t resist you, baby. You could glance at me and I’d want to fuck you senselessly.”

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Jeon Jungkook

Even if it was just accidental, Jungkook would be furious that you’d even think to tease him like this in public. Unlike Taehyung, as much as he’d love to fuck you unconscious, he’d wait until you’d get home so he could make love to you properly.

“When we get home, I’m going to fuck you so hard as punishment for daring to play with me like that.”

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anon said : Bts reacting to you sitting on their lap smudging their faces calling them cute please :3 

Namjoon: He stayed still when you sat on his lap, his hands coming up to lightly hold onto your hips. He was confused, unsure of what you wanted… However, he could only laugh and his face broke out into a smile when you squished his cheeks together and called him cute. He felt his face heat up and he became unnaturally shy and flustered.

“Ahh, you’re cute to Y/N,” he stammered, his eyes trying to meet yours.

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Seokjin: He hadn’t been paying attention to the movie the two of you were watching and you could tell. His eyes were unfocused, his soft lips parted slightly. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself as you climbed onto his lap, his eyes immediately becoming focused again. You squished his cheeks together, planting a tiny kiss on his puckered mouth before pulling back, telling him you thought he was cute when he was unfocused like that. He shook his head slightly, trying to speak even though his face was still smushed between your hands. 

“You’re cute too you weirdo.”

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Yoongi: He tried to seem unamused when you plopped down on his lap after a long day. He didn’t say anything. His hands came up to rest on your thighs, soft and uncertain. In all honesty, he wasn’t sure what he wanted. Your hands ran through his hair before coming down to squish his cheeks. You mumbled something about him being a cute, hard working boyfriend, you lips placing a soft kiss on his forehead as you released his face. He simply smiled back, suddenly bashful. 

“I’m glad the most beautiful person in the world thinks that…”

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Hoseok: You sitting on his lap was nothing new. In fact, the two of you often cuddled like that with you straddling him, your head nuzzled into his neck, his hands wrapped tightly around you. This time, you didn’t stay for long. You simply sat down, squishing his cheeks together and murmuring out a soft “cute” before you told him your plans for the day. He nodded, listening. His face felt warm but it was with happiness, not embarrassment. You got off of him, gathering your things and heading for the door when he called after you.

“Be safe and have fun Y/N! I love you!”

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Jimin: Usually when you sat on his lap you wanted something. He giggled quietly when you sat down on his lap, bouncing his legs slightly. He waited patiently for you to tell him your demands but you simply smushed his cheeks together, telling him you thought he was cute and looking extra soft lately. He couldn’t help but blush and smile shyly, somehow unable to make eye contact with you.

“Thank you Y/N~”

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Taehyung: He stopped moving the second you sat on his lap, his face immediately heating up and a small giggle slipping through his lips. You scrunched up your face, shaking your head. Your hands came up to squish his cheeks in, his mouth still trying to form a smile…

“How are you always so cute?” you asked.

He simply let out an odd sounding laugh, pulling you closer to him.

“I should be asking you the same thing Y/N.”

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Jungkook: He turned beet red and became shy as hell when you sat down on his lap. He wasn’t sure if you wanted to cuddle… or if you wanted sex. So he simply sat still, staring straight ahead. You couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he looked, your original intention cast aside. You squished his cheeks together, making him blush slightly.

“Jeon Jungkook, you are way too cute. Did you know that?” you asked, releasing his face.

He pulled you closer to him, his chin resting on your shoulder.

“Hmm… I know.”

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something happened to you (jughead jones x reader)


pairing: jughead jones x reader

word count: 1579

request: could i request a riverdale scenario where jughead is in some dangerous situation (related to jason’s kiler perhaps (; ) and the reader is freaking out about it,, they find each other and maybe he got injured or something but everything is mostly ok aha,, something v v angsty but ends sweet and romantic and fluffy??? thank you so much haha i live for angst and danger and cuteness <3

You and Jughead knew you were close to catching Jason’s killer.

Unfortunately, someone else did too. And whoever else this person was, they were determined to make sure that you didn’t find out.

“What does it say, (Y/N)?” Jughead prodded you for the millionth time today, leaning against the locker door behind you.

You focused on re-arranging the notebooks in your locker, trying not to look Jughead in the eye. If you did, you knew he would probably easily coerce you into giving him answers. “Nothing. It doesn’t say anything.”

“(Y/N)… Why won’t you tell me?” Jughead grabbed your arm pulling you away from your locker and closing it with his other hand, making you look at him. He stared into your eyes intensely, and you tucked in your lips, willing yourself not to open them, and looked down at your shoes.

Jughead knew what you were doing, and brought a finger up under your chin, making you look up at him. “(Y/N)… is someone threatening you?”

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Request:Can you write a Bucky x reader, where reader has bought a new car and they decide to take a road trip with Steve and Sam, but a cop pulls them over and asks her some questions like ‘is this your car?’ assuming it was stolen, then asks Bucky and Steve if they’re safe and demands to check her car. It’s just basically a messy situation. @mazuru7

After years of saving and responsible decisions you finally had enough money to afford your dream car. The car you’d been drooling over since high school.  You went to the dealership with Steve and Bucky because it was common knowledge that dealerships try to pull less shit if you have a man with you. You weren’t taking any shit so you brought two men who beat people up for a living. Bucky put an arm over your shoulder as you waited for the guy to come back with paperwork and keys. You looked up at him absolutely giddy with anticipation for your new car. He smiled down at you; he knew how much this meant to you and he was proud you were finally getting the car your heart desired.

“This is it doll,” Bucky spoke.

“I know,” you grinned up at him, “We should go on a road trip this weekend and really see what this baby can do.”

“You really want to put a bunch of miles on your new car?” Steve questioned.

“Steve, your old guy is showing. Why buy a car if not to put miles on it? It’s not the miles it’s the driver, and I am gonna take good care of my baby.”

That weekend you loaded snacks into the backseat for a trip down to Virginia Beach. Bucky loaded up everything else, he had refused to do more than one trip so he was carrying an ungodly amount of bags.

“Well look at you Hercules,” you teased as he put things in the back of the car.

“ Are you sure you want to drive?” he asked, ignoring your teasing.

“Yes I’m sure, Bucky. You’re just itching to get behind the wheel and I ain’t gon’ let you.”

“Is that right?” he leaned down closer to you, getting in your face as if to really scrutinize your expression and decide if you meant what you said. However, as he got closer his gaze kept dropping down to your lips.

“That is right, Sergeant Barnes. You’re never ever gonna drive my baby. I love this car more than I love anything in this world.”

“You are such a brat,” he laughed, pulling you close to him by your waist and pressing his lips to yours. Reflexively, your hands went up to cradle his face, his stubble scratching the palm of your hand.

“Hey are you guys gonna suck face the entire trip?” Sam asked. Bucky’s grip on your waist tightened as he turned the both of you quickly and dipped you, continuing to kiss you passionately. You were smiling into the kiss, used to his antics to spite Sam. He was smiling too and as he broke the kiss he looked down at you with his usual gaze of love and admiration before pulling you back up.

“Alright love birds if you want to get to Virginia anytime soon we should be heading out,” Steve chided throwing the last bag in the car. You smile hurrying to the driver’s seat ready to start the journey. Bucky sat beside you  as a navigator, Steve and Sam were in the back. Steve was in charge of snacks while Sam had music. The three bickered back and forth often asking you to weigh in on their quarrels.

“But your dear boyfriend put nair in my shampoo!” Sam yelled.

“Oh my god, and he’s still alive?!” you exclaimed laughing.

“He did it before he left for a mission,” Sam explained.

“Well you couldn’t have been that upset, you didn’t do anything about it.”

“Yes he did,” Bucky interjected.

“Icy Hot in his underwear,” Sam responded triumphantly.

“Oh my god is that why you refused to have sex with me that one day?” you asked. Bucky only nodded. You glanced in the rearview mirror at Sam who looked more than satisfied with himself. Steve on the other hand looked like a tired mother of two at her wits end.

“Is this what you deal with at work?” you asked him.

“Oh that and much more,”Steve sighed.

“I feel for you, Cap.” you turned your attention back to the ever-stretching highway while the men in your car continued to bicker about past pranks. You were an hour out from the beach when the police car behind you turned on its siren. You glanced down at the speedometer to see if you were speeding. You were not and there were no traffic laws broken, so that left you to wonder what the hell was going. You turned on your hazard lights and went over to the shoulder lane.

“Grab my insurance papers out of the glove box would you?” you asked Bucky, your voice dropped to a forced calm. He grabbed the papers while you pulled your wallet out of the arm rest and got your license. You had both easily accessible when the police officer walked up to your window.

“Good afternoon, officer,” you greeted forcing a smile on your face.

“Afternoon. Can I see your license and registration?”

You handed them over immediately. He scrutinized your papers then your face as if he expected the papers to be fraudulent.

“Do you know how fast you were going?”

“Yes I do, sir,” you nodded. He hummed glaring at you, you stared back with a deceptively friendly gaze.

“Would you get out of the car?” he asked.

“Why is she getting out of the car?” Bucky demanded, putting a hand on your wrist to stop you from getting out.

“There’s a search out for a car exactly like this. So I’m gonna say it again, Miss. Please step out of the car.”

You did as he said and stood out side of your car.

“Is this your vehicle ma’am?”

“Yes, sir, it is.”

He looked past you to the men in your car, “Are you guys okay?” he asked.

“We’re fine. I’d like my girlfriend to get back in the car, and for us to continue our drive.”

“I’m sorry I can’t do that. I’m gonna run her license number, be sure she is who she says she is,” he cut a side eye to you. You watched Bucky’s hand clench in a fist and he looked about ready to blow. You thought for sure he was going to get out of the car and make the situation even worse. In your worry for Bucky you’d stopped paying attention to the officer. He grabbed your arm and yanked you around to look at him.

“I will put you in jail, do you hear me?” he growled at you, and you wondered what part of the one sided conversation you had missed. Three doors seemed to open in the car simultaneously.

“Get your hands off of her!” Bucky yelled, and Sam put a hand on Bucky’s chest to keep him from doing something stupid. Unfortunately he couldn’t stop Steve who broke the officer’s grip on you.

“What’s your badge number, officer?” Steve spit out glaring at the man.

“Steve,”you warned. The officer pushed Steve back.

“There’s an APB out for this car model. No way she bought this car so which one of you does this belong to?”

“It’s hers!” Steve yelled back, surging forward to attack but you wedged yourself in between them.

“Hey, man,” Sam called out, “Everything’s good here just let us go,” Sam was preoccupied holding Bucky back. You looked back at the police officer hoping by some miracle he wouldn’t be too preoccupied by the color of you and Sam’s skin to listen. The officer glared at all of you and it occurred to you that these were superheroes.

“Steve, show him your Avenger’s ID,” you requested straining your neck to look up at him. He grabbed his wallet from his pocket and pulled the ID out. It was enough to make the officer begrudgingly walk away and get back in his car, not without throwing your license at you carelessly. You caught Steve again keeping him from attacking the officer. After the cop car drove away you let out breath out that you hadn’t been aware you were holding. You also let go of Steve and got back in the car. Everyone followed suit after a while and you continued the journey to the beach. There was silence for a long time in the car, you glanced over at Bucky. You could feel the anger radiating off of him as he silently seethed. You reached over and gave his knee a pat.

“It’s alright, Buck,” you murmured.

“It’s not alright,” he snapped.

“You’re right. But it wasn’t worth a fight.”

“Yes it was.”

“Are you gonna fight every time someone is an asshole to me?”

“Ideally,” he nodded. You laughed a little at that shaking your head.

“I’m sending a complaint,” Steve announced as he looked down at his phone, “I got his license plate number.”

You scoffed, “Come on we’re gonna have a great time at the beach. Don’t let one asshole ruin the mood.”

“What if we weren’t with you?” Bucky demanded.

“Well I’m glad you were,” you settled.

“But what if?” he insisted.

You sighed, dropping your happy bravado, “Who knows? At best, I’d be in jail, at worst I’d be…,” you paused letting the thought trail off, “ but I don’t want to think about that, kay? I already know what this life is like for me, I don’t need to live in fear too. Let’s just be grateful I wasn’t alone and that I had the best of the Avengers to look out for me.”

Bucky took a deep breath trying to quell his anger. You took his hand and rubbed soothing circles on the back of it with your thumb. There was another moment of silence but this time it was much more comfortable.

“You dumbasses were gonna fight a cop on the side of the highway,” Sam laughed breaking the silence and coaxing a rueful laugh from the rest of you. Soon enough most of the tension had passed, but Bucky kept you close the entire time you were at the beach. It occurred to you that he had really been scared for you, so you didn’t say anything. You just let him hold you.

~Mod Lillian

Stay Professional! Part 5

Work AU! Fluff and Angst: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Summary: Jungkook offers you a job as an apology for his rude behaviour and hopes to get to know a little more about you- despite the rough first encounter, he finds himself pondering and wondering about you. Is this much more than a just a professional relationship? 

A/N: This is going to be longer than usual because I having been updating! (My laptop is in a dodgy state so please bare with me for late updates. As always, thanks for reading!) 

“I was calling to let you know that I’m interested in the job offer.” 

Jungkook’s face brightened up despite his eye-bags heavy on his delicate features. “That’s great. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll call you as soon as I find a spot for you.” 

The sweet velvety voice that belonged to Jungkook was completely different to what you normally heard during your time at his company: his pleasing low and cool tones that surely charmed the entire office. His gentle chuckles were indescribably sexy yet it possessed a slight ring of innocence to it. You’d never thought that he would be so sweet- so suddenly reassuring and loving. It was completely different from what you originally thought of him- stuck up, stunning and selfish. Stunning was in-fact, still a fact. 

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Safe For Now #7

Summary: Three years after you almost die from a werewolf attack, Peter Hale comes to you, tortured and bloodied, seeking a safe haven. What could possibly go wrong?
Characters in this chapter: Peter Hale, female reader, Scott McCall, Kate Argent, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Chris Argent
Characters mentioned: Gerard Argent, Allison Argent
Pairing: Chris Argent x reader, Peter Hale x reader , Past Derek Hale x reader, Derek Hale x Braeden
Word Count: 2,799
Warnings: Language, angst, torture, death. 
Author’s Note: This is my first time writing Peter, so if I get something wrong, I’m sorry. Miss the Beginning? GIF credit [x][x][x]

“Bullshit,” she sneered. “You’re hiding something, and I’m going to find out what it is. Even if it kills you.”

Kate turned the knife over, pressing the point of the serrated blade into the spot just below your sternum. Peter growled low in his throat and yanked as hard as he could on his restraints. Kate turned to the werewolf and smirked, sending him a wink as she gripped the handle tight, and pressed it slowly into your stomach, the wet squelch of your skin being cut into the last thing you heard before you screamed.

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“You’re in no shape to go,” Derek growled, glaring at Chris with cerulean eyes.

“Could say the same for you,” Chris argued, refusing to back down.

Scott gave a warning growl, low in his throat, rumbling through the room. “Enough arguing,” the teenager demanded. “We’re all going, and that’s final.”

“That’s right,” Stiles agreed before realizing what his best friend said. “Wait, what? I don’t… I don’t need to be there.”

Rolling his eyes, Scott assured his friend, “You can stay in the car.”

“I… I don’t see why I have to go,” Stiles countered, arms folded over his chest, glaring at Scott.

“Would you two shut up,” Chris snapped, huffing out a loud breath. “Shouldn’t take us long to get there. But we have to leave now. If you’re not going to help, leave your ass here”

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Second Chances // Part 11

Second Chances Masterlist

Words: 2032
Pairings: Bellamy x Reader; Murphy x Reader; Octavia x Reader
Warnings: Violence, inappropriateness, minor swearing
Episode: 1x11 The Calm + 1x12 We are Grounders Part 1

       It’s been two days since the virus and the bombing of the bridge which you heard about a day after it actually happened. You had recovered, for the most part, you still didn’t feel 100%, which resulted in the lack of eating. Every time you so much at looked at food, you felt like throwing up.

        Thankfully, Bellamy hadn’t noticed your lack of eating. He would throw a fit and shove food down your throat if he had too, he was protective like that. He always wanted the best for you, whether you liked it or not.

        You stayed near the dropship, but your attention snapped away from your task as you heard loud screaming and yelling. Racing towards the commotion the gasps were replaced with the crackling of fire as the shack with the food inside burned.

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lady-absenta  asked:

Hello! Could I ask for a scenario where Chrome/Ykhar/Miiko caughts the boys (+ Kero) making out with Gardianne on the hallway? My english isn't the best, sorry >.<

I’m so sorry, @lady-absenta! I didn’t mean for this to take so long. T.T

I added Ewelein cause I didn’t want to use Chrome, Miiko or Yhkar more than once, I hope that’s okay! Anyway, I hope you enjoy these scenarios, dear! 

Note: Maybe, kinda NSFW? Not enough to be put under the cut but I’d thought I’d warn you in any case. ^^

Edit: Decided to put this under the cut cause it was so long.

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Gotham Imagines (Jerome Valeska) { Daddy's Girl Pt. 1 }

You couldn’t be any more happier at this moment than you were in your life. The circus had finally rolled into town, it was honestly about time a little something happened in this town. Gotham wasn’t really known for its beautiful scenery, and generous neighbors.

As you approached the ticket booth you had noticed the young boy passing out tickets. His flaming red hair combed back neatly, and those eyes, his bright blue-green orbs. Those same eyes that locked with your own, causing your cheeks to heat up, and turn a bright shade of red. He smiled and tore another couple of tickets handing it to the last woman in line, before you stood right before him.

You watched as he rested his head on the palm of his hand, “How many today?” He inquired a dangerous glint in his eye.

You smiled back and responded quickly, “Uhm just one please.” He seemed rather shocked by your answer and you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Just one ticket? Nobody’s with you?” He asked giving you another skeptical look as he passed you your ticket, his thin fingers wrapping around your hand when you reached out to take your ticket.

His voice lowered to a husky whisper, “After the show meet me outside the tent.” He ordered, and all you did was simply nod agreeing to do so. He then returned to his friendly demeanor. “Enjoy the show, Miss.”

You smiled as you entered the tent, taking your seat. The man next to the right you was rather large not only in size, but in strength. The smell of smoke and alcohol radiating off him. You covered your nose to block the smell when you felt his eyes boring down onto you.

You slowly removed your hand placing it back in your lap, as you felt his hand slowly slide onto your thigh. You froze in your seat, and the man chuckled. “Forget the show.. why don’t we go have some fun, sweet cheeks.” You felt your stomach tighten as his other hand came down to grab your arm. “Let go..” you whispered not wanting to ruin the show for others.

The man however did not listen to you, and his grip around your arm tightened. He suddenly wrenched you from your seat pushing you down the isle. You wouldn’t have done anything this man wanted you to do, but you couldn’t risk loosing your life. As he dragged you from the tent you glanced over at the ticket booth, hoping that at least the boy could see you, but to your shock the boy was gone.

Now it was up to you to keep your own self safe. The man bright you behind a set of trailers and pushed you up against it the cool metal burning your skin in an uncomfortable way. He pinned your arms down and he leaned closer to your face, his rancid breathe fanning your face. You looked away disgusted, “Make any sounds.. and I’ll make sure you sound ever speak again.” He hissed into your ear.

Jerome had just finished locking up the booth, and as he came back he wasn’t really all that shocked to find his mother had already gone. Again with her recent sprees he had more time to himself. Though he didn’t seem to feel alone. He heard the hushed tone of two voices arguing a male and female. The argument suddenly piquing his interest he peeked around the trailer.

Only to find that same girl he spoke to earlier; pinned down beneath a brute of a man as he violated her space. He honestly couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Hey!” He called out suddenly not really having to much control over his mind and speech at this point.

The man stopped and turned to face him. “What do you want little boy?” He asked gruffly glaring down at him as if he were nothing. You struggled to slip out of the mans grip as he was distracted though it was not working to well.

“I demand you let her go!” He puffed out his chest and pulled out a knife from his pocket, and the man broke out into a scurry tossing you to the ground. Quickly you scooped up your jacket and wrapped it around your shoulders. Jerome tossed the knife aside; immediately going to comfort you. “You alright?” He asked helping you stand. With a slow nod you let him help you stand back up.

“Come on… You can stay here for the night.” He told you pulling you along with him to his trailer. After you were comfortably seated on the couch he’d bright you a glass of water. “By the way I’m, Jerome Valeska, you?” He asked curiously and you blushed. “(Y/N)…” You responded, “Well..Miss (Y/N), you’re welcome to stay.” You nodded liking the idea.

“Yeah I’d like that actually…” You smiled at him, “Thank you.” You didn’t quite know it yet, but Jerome adored you, he couldn’t quite tell why, but something about you made him crazy. He wouldn’t have defended anyone else… he’s much to shy for that. He was determined to find out the cause and if that meant being around you he would do it.

Just what would happen to you. How would your father, Harvey, react to this?

anonymous asked:

Could I request the Sakamakis learning that their daughter has her first S/O?


Shu would be stunned to learn that his daughter has her first lover. He would brush off his daughter’s attempts to introduce her lover to him, and he may come off as a little cold but in reality, he just doesn’t want to believe that his little girl is all grown up now. It would take him years to open up to his daughter’s new s/o but until then, he’s going to refrain from supporting his daughter’s decision. It’s not like he wants her to be alone forever; he just wants to keep her at his side for a little longer.

“Don’t ask. I won’t agree to it anyway.”


Reiji would not accept the fact that his precious daughter is now with some other disgusting being. Initially, he would be furious about her decision to have a lover without his knowledge or approval. He’d probably argue and fight with her about it until his wife steps in and tells him to stop. After that, Reiji’s daughter’s relationship with Reiji will take on a strain until he properly holds a mature conversation with her to clear the air. He’ll have to give up on his original idea to arrange a marriage with someone suitable for his daughter.

“I only want the best for you. You shouldn’t lower your standards for anyone.”


Ayato would be extremely upset when he finds out, and he’ll throw a fit immediately. He’ll demand that his daughter break up with her lover or else she will face consequences and forever be bounded to the Sakamaki mansion. Of course, Ayato’s daughter would yell back and disobey her father’s commands, declaring that she will do whatever she wants. Angered by her words, Ayato would further unleash his frustration out on her, warning her that she will regret her words if she doesn’t give up on her lover.

“You better beg for Ore-sama’s forgiveness! Tch, you’re gonna need it!”


Kanato would not be happy to hear that his daughter now has a lover of her own. Shouldn’t she only pay attention to her parents? He would not forget this day, and he would vow to his daughter that if he ever met her significant other, he would create a way to scare them off or even kill them. He will never let her be in love with anyone else. After all, she is his dear doll, and it would take centuries for him to even consider her a full grown vampire lady. 

“Ne Teddy, don’t you think she’s better off without someone at her side? Me too.”


Laito would try to play off everything as though he was perfectly fine with his daughter’s decision to be with someone else. He’d want to meet this person though, and if he saw that this person was unfit to be with his daughter, you should expect him to exchange some nasty remarks at the dinner table when your daughter finally brings her lover home to meet you two. It won’t be easy for his daughter’s lover to please Laito, even though he’s a little more lenient than the rest of his brothers.

“Marriage? I think my little dove is far too valuable to be given away to someone like you.”


Subaru won’t care as much as his brothers, knowing that she was of age to have lovers now and that she would have to leave the nest soon. He asks that his daughter be treated correctly and kindly because she is the product of his love for his wife. He’s not afraid to fight for his daughter if she is mistreated by her lover though, so his daughter’s lover ought to be aware of this fact too. No one escapes from Subaru’s smash.

“I don’t care, do what you want. Just don’t forget your mother and I.”


When Kino finds out about this, he gets a little cheeky with his daughter, almost taunting her when he questions her choice. His daughter would beg him to give her lover a chance, but he won’t be easily persuaded by her. As a sadistic vampire, he is not hesitant in playing a few tricks and giving his daughter’s lover a few tests to prove their worth. He’s just a little worried that his daughter is being used for other purposes, so he’s very protective.

“Your lover will have to face a few trials first if they want to be with you!”


(Requested by Anon)

“I will rip you limb from limb!” Paul snarled at the vampire. You watched with wide eyes as your brother phased into his wolf form. Emmett didn’t seem to be nervous at all, in fact he looked excited at the thought of a fight. He winked at you and crouched low as the wolf ran for him. You took a step forward, fully intending to somehow break up the fight between two supernatural creatures.

Sam held you back with a stern look on his face. “This is not something that you should take part in. Your brother just needs to get this out of his system. This isn’t exactly something we were all hoping for.” He grumbled. You rolled your eyes. “Sam, they could hurt each other! Call him off! Do something!”

As much as you hated to admit it, your worry for Paul matched the worry you had for Emmett. You hadn’t known the vampire long, but his presence grew on you and you really didn’t want to see your brother rip him to shreds.

“Paul! Stand down!” Sam shouted in his alpha tone. Paul immediately froze and turned to growl at Sam for stopping him from attacking. You slipped out from Sam’s hold and ran over to Emmett, well aware that your brother’s eyes were on you.

“Are you okay?” You asked quietly. “YOU’RE ASKING THE LEECH IF HE’S OKAY?” You jumped and turned to face Paul, who was now in his human form. And he was pissed. “I… yes?” You shrank back from the glare he gave you. “This is not right. Y/N, get the hell away from him and let’s go home.” Your brother demanded.

Emmett rested his hand on your shoulder. “Listen, you need to calm down instead of yelling at her.” He growled out. Paul only shook more, his eyes focused on Emmett’s hand where it met your skin. “And you need to let go of my sister before I rip your goddamn arm off!” He snarled.

You winced and decided it was better to just go with your brother. You didn’t want this to escalate any more than it had already. Hopefully you could talk to Paul after he had calmed down.

You pulled away from Emmett and gave him a soft smile. “I’ll er… see you around Emmett.” You murmured. He frowned and looked between you and Paul. “Are you sure you want to go right now?” You found it funny how he worried for your safety when he was the biggest danger to you. “I’ll be fine. Promise.” With that you made your way to Paul’s side.

He scowled at Emmett and pulled you close to him with a grimace. “First thing you’re doing when you get home is taking a damn shower. Then we’ll talk.” He grumbled.


Oral Favors

Prompt: Giving Stefan head and recieving head.

Pairing: Stefan x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fingering oral, curse words


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amandasinedahl  asked:

Plsss write somthing jily where they just a few week until fall in love its on a break and lily its home and there is a family party but sudenly lillys mom call to lilly that a boy who has messy black hair ask for her. But its a fam. Party so youknow

Thanks for the prompt, hope this one shot is to your liking! ^_^

Just Smile and Mingle

Family parties were always an awkward ordeal – cosying and catching up with people you had little else in common besides blood.

But, Lily Evans thought wryly to herself, it certainly didn’t help being a witch and having to keep nearly everything about your life a secret from your Muggle relatives under the penalty of law.

It made her smile all the more fixed, her small talk all the more stilted, the lies covering up this whole other magical part of her life tasting foul on her tongue, necessary as they were.

At the moment, Lily was stuck answering her second cousin’s polite enquiries and hating every second.

Petunia, on the other hand, was positively glowing, pressed into her dear Vernon’s side, making rounds to introduce her boyfriend to everyone.

Lily escaped her second cousin’s clutches and rolled her eyes, but almost bumped right into her cousin’s wife – Violet? Vivian? Valerie? Something along those lines – and fixed an empty smile right back onto her face and said hi.

Their small back garden offered no hiding places, and Lily cast a longing look at the house. 

Where was her mother? She’d be out soon, Lily hoped. If she had to play hostess for much longer her head would explode. Petunia might’ve been right in her element but Lily so wasn’t.

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My Heart Bleeds For You-Part 3

“Three chapters in three days?” Yes. Simply because I have ideas. I just wanna warn you though it probably won’t always be like this.

Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

Chapter 3: Going to Hell

Song rec: Going to Hell by The Pretty Reckless

Word count: 1,623

Warnings: Swearing, violence (beating up a poor innocent punching bag, throwing glass to the floor)

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makingdoughnuts  asked:

Prompt: Stuck in an elevator together, and no this is not the time for a quick make-out. Maybe just a quickie. For Freezerburn.

Never written Freezerburn before, how’d I do?


“Ninth floor. Much too far to be quite honest, I’d rather not be stuck in here for that long.” Weiss huffed as Yang pressed the button for the ninth floor.

“I’m hurt!” Yang protested, pouting at her icy counterpart.

Weiss rolled her eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that, I despise all elevators, being with you is just an added inconvenience.” She quipped, placing her hands on her hips.

Yang mocked offence, before leaning back to rest against the mirror on the back wall on the elevator.

After a few moments a “clunk” sounded, and the elevator stopped dead. Yang raised an eyebrow, and Weiss, being as patient as she is, immediately started to bang her pale fists against the doors.

“Hello? Let me out! I demand you let me-”

“Us.” Yang interrupted, smirking.

Weiss turned to shoot an icy glare at Yang.

“Yang I swear to the Gods shut up!” The heiress demanded, stomping towards the brawler.

“Make me.” Yang dared, a suggestive smile creeping onto her strong features.

“Now is not the time for your… Faux flirtations!” Weiss protested, her cheeks betraying her as a pale blush spread across her face.

“Who says they’re fake?” The fighter challenged, looking down at Weiss, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Competitiveness ran in Schnee blood. That’s what Weiss used as an excuse to justify her next actions.

Before Yang could stop her (not that she would have wanted to) Weiss had pinned the surprised Yang against against the elevator door, kissing her fiercely. The blonde quickly reciprocated, spinning the two around and picking the heiress up.

Weiss wrapped her legs around Yang’s waist, and the two made out, steaming up the mirrored walls of the elevator.

It wasn’t until the shill beep of the doors opening did the two fly away from each other.

Weiss didn’t stop blushing till she was knee deep in a lecture from Doctor Oobleck.

Reminisce | Prologue

Park Jimin
“I found myself falling more in love with you as I grew older.” 
You and Jimin were childhood best friends until you had to move away. As years passed and you both aged, the separation between your friendship deepen and you never heard from him again. More than a decade passed and you suddenly stumble upon the man who you never stopped thinking about. 
Word Count: 1,088


i got insp by a movie i watched during my spanish 3 class hehehohoho i think this is my early christmas present for yall? i hope you like it !!

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

You and Jimin were practically inseparable since birth. Your parents were really close friends and your families lived in the same neighborhood. You both attended the same schools and were the best of friends, even though he was two years older than you. He stuck by you even when the boys in his grade would bully him about hanging out with a girl.

There was a mutual trust and sense of loyalty. You were always there for him. You attended his little league baseball games with his parents and you were there when he had to get stitches on his eye. Him vise-versa. He was there when you still believed that monsters lived underneath your bed and when your parents were getting a divorce, which was the event that changed your lives. 

The worse day of your entire 9-year-old life was when your mom sat you down and told you that she no longer loved your dad. Love was something you would not understand because you were too young, but you knew. You felt it when you were with Jimin, at least, that’s what you thought you felt. 

“What do you mean they are divorcing? They love each other.” 11 year-old Jimin paced around his toy cluttered room, frustrated. You sat on his floor, with your knees drawn to your chest, against his bed. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, can you write imagine where's Y/N is Murphy's little sister, and secretly being a couple with Monty? Then, Murphy will know about it, and try to kill Monty? I am sorry for my bad english.

My Brother is Crazy (Monty x Reader)

A\N: Your english is great!! Thanks for the request, I hope you like it :) xox

Originally posted by ghostofanidiot

Originally posted by knightofthefandom

You eyed your older brother suspiciously as he looked to be in a heated discussion with Jasper. This had been going on for a few minutes and you could only imagine what nonsense Murphy was spitting out at poor Jasper. Finally, you decided to intervene, “What’s going on?” you yell over their shouts.

“Y\N, sister, just the person I wanted to see.” Murphy smiles but you’re familiar with the kind of smile he’s giving you. Your brother is pissed.

“Oh shit.” You breath out, expecting the worst thing to come out of his mouth next. Your eyes dart to Jasper who gives you a look of warning as if you should run now while you can.

“I’ve heard some things about you and Monty.” Murphy raises his eyebrows and you feel your stomach drop. You feel as though you can’t even utter a single word as Murphy looks at you expectantly. 

“What things?” You question in shock, your eyes wide and jaw clenched. Murphy scoffs.

“He’s your boyfriend.” Murphy states casually but there’s an underlying tone of dismay. You eye him for a second, registering his words before you reply.

“No, he’s my friend. Who told you that?” You question, trying to act normal and as if you hadn’t been dating Monty Green for five months now. You knew Murphy was eventually going to find out one way or another but you just wish you were the one who told him. You give Jasper a little glare, knowing it must have been him who couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Jas just gives an apologetic smile.

“You’re my little sister, I know when you’re lying.” Murphy replies, his eyes burning holes into yours and you hold your breath before sighing loudly, “Where is he?” your brother yells as he looks around. You follow his gaze which lands directly at Monty’s face.

“Please don’t kill him.” You beg in a joking manner but you know how your brother is when he’s mad. As Murphy begins pacing towards your boyfriend, you follow on his heel, tugging at his shirt for him to stop whatever he’s thinking about doing. Monty’s eyes widen and he stays nervously still as we approach him. 

“Murphy, I can explain it’s-” Before Monty can finish, Murphy is holding his by the collar of his jacket. 

“It’s my fucking sister, that’s what it is!” Murphy yells in his face, his cheeks flushed red with anger. Monty squeezes his eyes shut, “Huh?” Murphy yells. 

“Murphy!” You yell and he snaps his head towards you along with other people who have stopped their daily routine to watch this go down, “Let him go.” You demand, trying to act like you’re not scared of your older brother. Murphy lets go of Monty roughly, pushing him to the ground and you immediately rush over to him, “Are you okay?” You ask him with worry written all over your features.

“I’m alright, Y\N.” Monty whispers back as he looks in your eyes. Even in a situation like this one, Monty still gives you a reassuring smile which you return. Letting out a long, shaky breath you turn back to Murphy who’s watching on in an angered state. You look back at your boyfriend and gently place your hands on his, helping him stand upright, “Thank you, babe.” He states fondly and you smile at him.

“Y\N, come here. Now.” Murphy orders you and you stand still, not moving or giving an answer. Murphy pauses but then rolls his eyes, “Monty, you’re not going to see her anymore. End of story.”

“The hell, I’m not.” Monty replies back as he takes a step forward. Murphy glances at you and you gulp. 

“Please,” You beg, looking to him as you stand in front of Monty, “I love him.” You add in truth, feeling a small tear form in the corner of your eye. 

“You do?” You hear Monty whisper as he squeezes your hand. You turn your head to look at his shocked expression.

“Yeah,” you let out a small laugh, “Like it’s not obvious.” You smile and you notice Monty looking at you so softly.

“I love you too.” He replies, still seeming to be in shock, “I would never do anything to hurt her. Ever.” He speaks up, looking to your brother, “I know how precious she is.” 

“I know you won’t hurt her,” Murphy pauses in between his sentence as he takes a step forward, “because if you do, you won’t live long enough to regret it.” 

“Yes, sir.” Monty replies with wide eyes and you look at Murphy with a smile.

“What?” He snaps at you but you keep grinning at your beloved brother before you run up to him and embrace him in a big hug that has him stumbling backwards, “Alright, alright. Just make sure I’m the first person you come to if he hurts you.” Murphy hugs you back, glaring at Monty. 

The Flaw Of Belief pt.2 (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: Y/N’s haunted by everyone around her, and Bucky discovers he might just be the biggest ghost creaking through her halls.

Word Count - 1454

Warnings - Low self esteem I guess?? maybe some strong language?? it’s also kind of shit???

A/N - I really am not happy with this part but I knew this would happen, it was necessary to progress to chapters to come, and I am excited to write future parts!! (。◕‿‿◕。)

Part One. Part Two. Part Four. Part Five. Part Six. Part Seven.

You wished you’d never tried to find him.

No. That’s not true.

Nothing he said would ever cause you to wish him into the hands of HYDRA once again.

But you never wanted this. You were probably foolish for idolising a man lost in time, being disappointed when the man that return was not the same man from the 40’s, but that’s just what you were.




You really tried to not let Bucky’s words get to you, but you found passing your mirror more and more difficult with each lap you paced around your room. His harsh words creeping into your head and settling there, like westerners into native tribe land: unwanted and all the more dangerous.

You paused in front of the mirror, and a demon stared back at you. She didn’t smile, she sneered. You didn’t like how she looked at you, looking at you in contempt. You saw her thighs, her stomach, her arms. She lost all confidence as soon as you focused on them. There, in the mirror, stood a demon, ashamed of what they are.

You’d never be like Natasha. She was skinny, angular, conventionally pretty. She could flip through the air, she walked silently through the night, she could seduce a target. She had abilities you couldn’t even dream of. You looked at the demon in the mirror. She was small, she was almost childlike in a way.

You’d never compare to Wanda. Wanda radiated power, her very being emanated strength. You looked away from the sad being in the mirror, and got changed, avoiding the mirror at all costs whilst you were bare and vulnerable. Walking down the hall, you saw many familiar faces.

Sam, Nat, Bruce, Tony. Each one smiled and acknowledged you, like you were somewhat worthy of their time, like you had a purpose to be roaming these halls. You didn’t. You wore a false smile. 

And sliding through the doors of the gym, you were relieved to find that the smile slipped off, like sandcastles before the tide inevitably destroys it. You sighed slightly.

Did you really want to do this?

Did you want to work hard, just to prove him wrong?

But if you needed to change to prove him wrong, wouldn’t that prove him right

Didn’t you both know he was right already? So what would be the point of this? Did you really need to?

You, in your naïveté, had thought the answer would have been no.

As you wrapped your hands in bandages, your mind wandered back to all the times you’d been disregarded. You begged it not to, but your mind seemed determined to enjoy your torture. You started punching the bag.

When Sam asked for your opinion, only to ask Nat and take hers.


When you were taken off missions because Wanda’s powers were ‘better suited’ than yours.


When Nat came along on your supposed solo mission, because she could seduce a mark.


When they threw Wanda a party for an evasive manoeuvre that you performed.


When you walked into the party, and all eyes were on Nat and Wanda.


You paused breathless, and realised your hands were bleeding through the bandages. You frowned at your hands and pulled the bandages off, walking over to the treadmill.

You don’t remember how long you ran. You don’t remember how fast you ran. All you remembered was every single time you were overlooked, dismissed, ignored, rejected, underestimated. Your bones suddenly seemed a little too heavy, your exhaustion and distraction causing you to fall face first on the treadmill, the fast pace grazing your face as it throws you across the room and into the wall with a sickening smack.

Your anger wasn’t necessarily at the treadmill. Your anger actually came from not being as skinny as Nat. You’d tried, you’d fallen, you felt embarrassed for yourself, that you couldn’t even do it, and that you even tried in the first place.

You stood up, your knees weak and hands shaking, rage and sorrow streaking your face like a disgusting masterpiece. You raised your hand, crushing the treadmill with ease. They wanted you I be as strong as Wanda? You would be. You willed all the metal to rise up into the air, all the gym equipment, floating in the air like silver clouds. They circled you, getting faster and faster as you realised you’d started to cry.

This wasn’t fair.

You must admit, you lost control of your emotions. You let out a sob, and all of the pipes in the walls snapped, like they were simply cobwebs hidden in the walls.Water sprayed through the room, soaking you, making it difficult to catch your breath, soaking your hair, your clothes, tiny droplets resting on your face.

The metal creaked around you, all the while still spinning and spinning. You let out another pathetic sob, and the metal started to morph, to bend and stretch and contort into hideous faces, all surrounding you, teasing you.

A hand touched your wrist, gently lowering the shaking, outstretched hand back down to your side. All the metal clanged to the ground, and your knees gave out. But before you could hit the floor once again, the same pair of hands caught you. You looked up and saw beautiful, sky blue eyes. And your immediate instinct was to run. But the hands wrapped around your waist stopped you.

“Let me go, Bucky.” You demanded, trying to turn your face away. You didn’t want him to see how weak he’d made you. 

“What the fuck were you doing!?”

“Why would you care?” You accused in a harsh tone. You were both sat down now, you chest pressed to his back. You didn’t want to admit it was comfortable after he’d made you feel to uncomfortable just being yourself.

“You’re crying, I don’t know, I just do.” Bucky spoke quietly.

“I’m fine.”

“Your hands are bleeding.”

“I’m fine.” You gritted.

“You look like you’re going to pass out.”

“I’m fine.”

“I’ve never seen your powers that intense.”

“I’m fine! Goddamnit Barnes, leave me alone!” You exclaimed, trying to escape his arms, to no avail.

“Why would you push yourself like that? You could’ve gotten hurt Y/N!” His voice full of unspoken rage.

“Because I have to be like them!” You shouted, closing your eyes.

“Like who?” Bucky said incredulously.

“Like Nat! Like Wanda!”

“Why would you ever need to be like them?” Bucky queried, confused.

“You should know, you said so yourself. I’m not like them. Nat’s beautiful, she’s slim, she’s sexy, she’s agile, she’s everything I’m not. Wanda is so powerful, she has a use, a purpose in the team. I’m the opposite of all that, I don’t belong. Like you said, 'I’m the Avenger that doesn’t make sense.’” You mocked his voice from earlier, that voice that echoed around your skull.

Bucky gulped. Did he really say all of that? He didn’t mean it. He didn’t realise how much it would hurt you. You usually threw back a witty insult, or smacked him upside the head, and it was fine. So what had changed?

“I, I-I’m sorry.” He mumbled.

“It doesn’t matter.” You whispered, pushing off the floor. A strong metal arm wrapped itself around your waist again, and you slumped back to the floor in exhaustion, your eyes closing, because of how tired you were, and because you didn’t want him to see your tears. Hair tickled your ears and you jumped, a heavy weight resting on the crown of your head. He leant his chin on you as he brought your body closer to his.

“You shouldn’t listen to me, I’m an old man. I don’t even know how to make coffee with Stark’s futuristic coffee robot, what makes you think I’d recognise an intelligent, powerful, beautiful woman if I saw one?”

“We hate each other.”

Bucky paused. “That doesn’t mean you should ever listen to anything I say.” Bucky concluded.

“Thanks Buck.” You whispered. You stayed there for a moment more, relaxing into his chest, basking in his body heat, before you realised what you were doing. You stood up abruptly, glancing at Bucky, giving him a small smile, and walking out of the gym. Bucky remained on the gym floor, looking at the wreckage you’d made.

How could you not be powerful? You’d manipulated all this metal with the strength of your mind. He looked at the faces you’d created, now lay abandoned on the floor, and his blood ran cold.






And the biggest one, himself.

All of them laughing, their face contorted into sickening smiles, each one taunting her.

Bucky thinks about that a lot now.

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