i demand to know how you do not worship this guy

freedom of speech
but i still try to watch
my mouth so that
you’re not offended.
freedom is my soul
but we’ve given up nature
to be commercialized
if my soul is up for grabs
i guess my heart is next
if sex sells then my lips
must have a price tag
and if your breasts don’t
fit his fetish i guess
he’ll pay in order to be satisfied
with your body, oh the irony
and they say that nothing’s
wrong in a society where
jail and prison is just another
business that’ll grow as crime rates
don’t stop and as long as we keep buying
someone’s going to get locked up
and we’re not alone, yet
we’re powerless when
we work against each other
if racism is dead then
why was my mother called
a chink recently by a black kid
down the street? children
don’t grow up mean,
we learn subtle cues from our parents,
our role models. money isn’t evil,
but we can make it deadly.
play the beer ads with
the world’s most interesting man
drinking it, i’ll give up my livers.
design a new phone and a new watch,
my wallet, you can have it too
so i can keep up with my friends
and how much fun they’re having
while sharing it on facebook,
there’s nothing wrong with a little love,
but you’ve got to love yourself enough
to see problems in a system.
it’s not perfect, it’s not perfect,
but it must work, right?
and if debt is out of hand
while we have people living
on the streets, are we too screwed
to fix things? in one way or another,
we’ve already bombed ourselves
out of existence. it’s sad really.
supply my heart more chains
and i’ll demand for imprisonment.
less trees for birds to sing,
less forests for tigers to hunt,
less flowers for bees to pollinate,
we’re so far from this place.
we turned earth into a scary place,
and venting about society
won’t fix the pieces inside of me,
or you. i guess it starts with who
we’d want to be instead of who
society says that we should be
and everyone has their share
of problems, we can’t build a bridge
if we’re on fire. we can’t stop world hunger
if we’ve got children hungry within ourselves.
we have classes for world history,
but not a single fucking course
on how to love yourself.
it’s assumed. you were taught these things
at home. like everyone has a perfect home.
you show up to school on time everyday,
you must be stable, you must be okay.
so we have school shootings because
he wasn’t loved enough, a world filled
with constant struggles, we know more
about the Kardashians than we know
who we want to be when we grow up.
it’s sad really. what’s right or wrong
if it’s played in the songs? we’re still
growing, so i guess that’s worth noting.
and i pray that we never stop growing.
we must learn how to love the guy
who worships another god,
even if he’s black that doesn’t mean
that he’s after you, even if he’s white
it doesn’t mean that he’ll oppress you,
even if he’s asian it doesn’t mean
that you should assume he’s chinese,
even if he speaks spanish
it doesn’t mean that he’s a mexican.
it starts kinda small actually,
it starts with the children.
what are they watching nowadays?
what are they really doing on those ipads?
how much are we really teaching them
while we’re rushing to make coffee in a society that’s addicted to caffeine? i’m not better
than anyone, but i can see the problem
even if i wake up every morning
and do nothing about it. just because
we don’t talk about it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. oh it’s there. it’s not money.
it’s the people who regulates it.
it’s just business, right?
fuck it, we’ll just make more money out
of thin air. and then one day,
the money’s going to run out.
one day, people will stop using it.
one day, the richest people will become
poor too. one day, it’ll start all over.
and i pray, that one day.
if it does happen, we’ll be given
a second chance to not fuck things up.
if we’re lucky, we’ll learn how to love
even if it’s not worth loving.
maybe rape cases won’t be shrugged off.
maybe skin won’t matter as much
and gender won’t matter too.
maybe social constructs will be
less constraining once we notice it
enough times, confined by our
own self beliefs like as long as
it doesn’t hurt me, it doesn’t matter.
there is a certain kindness
that we lack as a whole,
have you seen roadkill lately?
numb to the sight.
once you’ve been told something
enough times, even lies
start to become the truth.
tell a child that he’s average
and won’t amount to much
and he’ll most likely grow up
feeling like he’s average and
won’t amount to much.
tell a child that he’s special
and unique and he might grow up
feeling special and unique everyday.
it really does start with you.
you can change the world
even if it means you’ll need
to change yourself first.
—  societal woes
Chaos in the Pantheon

((A/N: Here it is! Marvel/Avengers Greek Pantheon AU! I so hope you guys like it. It’s starting slow, so I’m sorry, but I do promise if you can stick with it, it gets better. I’m also pretty sleep deprived, so if it’s bad I’m sorry. 

Summary: There is war in the Pantheon. The people of Greece and the worlds beyond are suffering in chaos. The one who is believed may change this, is you. It is up to you to climb Mt. Olympus and to speak with the gods, demand in whatever way you can that the destruction below stop. 

But things are never that simple, and soon you find that there is more going on than meets the idea. With no warning you are thrust into a world of gods, monsters, and so much more. You must go head to head with those you have worshiped and decide how you may save your people. And above all… why you?”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader

Word Count: 2.5k 

Warnings: None))

Thunder boomed above your head as clouds darkened, the simple black sandals on your feet carrying you as fast as could be managed as you ran home. This would be the third storm this month, and the month itself was only half-over. For the time of year it was uncommon to have such chaos thrust into your world. Which would be fine, except your city was still reeling from the earthquake that toppled Ares’ temple. Those who weren’t picking up their homes or burying loved ones had taken to the temples, desperately making offerings and repairing statues.

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Ooooh, I saw a companions react to sole being a sub floating around,,, how about they react to fem!sole being a total dom. Like, tie them up and make them beg style

Cait: It was certainly different, having her hands restrained, unable to reach out to her lover, being left completely left at the mercy of Sole. Though despite being laid out naked on the bed with her hands and feet tied, leaving her vulnerable, she’d be lying if the thought of Sole having her way with her didn’t drive Cait crazy with lust. Sole’s teasing of the tied fighter almost sent Cait insane but she loved every second, every touch, soft and hard, begging Sole for more.

Curie: She had always been the more submissive of the pair, but being completely under Sole’s control and left so vulnerable and innocent, awaiting her lover, Curie imagined everything that Sole could do to her, and what she wanted Sole to do to her. She lay waiting with baited breath as she could feel Sole’s gentle caress sending shivers and bursts of pleasure all over her body. Replying to Sole’s every command and vocal gesture with a “yes ma’am”

Danse: His muscles tensed as he fought against the restraint the devious Sole had placed him in, leaving this hunk of a man exposed to what was now his mistress. “So you like taking orders?” Caressed Sole into the warriors ear, as she proceeded to gently run the tips of her fingers down the length of Danse’s body, every now and again a faint moan coming from the soldier as Sole turned him into her play thing for the duration of their time alone together

Deacon: “Deacon, lets play pretend. I’ll be the master and you be the good little servant that obeys my every wish” Sole had no problem sourcing some handcuffs from Deacon’s collection, setting about using them, restricting his hands to barely move behind his back as Sole had her way with the master of disguise. Every part of Deacon now belonged to Sole and she used this to her will, toying with whatever she liked, sending bursts of mixes of pleasure and pain all over Deacon’s vulnerable body. Turning Sole on like nothing before and allowing Deacon to become her plaything, begging for more of the pleasurable anguish she put upon him

Gage: Opposite to his usual standing. Gage now the puppet instead of the puppet master, Sole placing a gag in his mouth as to keep him quiet while she used him as her personal play thing for her enjoyment, and somewhat his. Breaking the tough guy persona, Sole successfully had this raider, obeying her every command, begging her permission to pleasure his mistress, to the exact way Sole wanted it.

Hancock: Not being a stranger to the kinkier things, feeling the restraints resist his struggle felt exhilarating to Hancock. Sole’s torment drove him wilder with lust for his mistress. Leaving the mayor not just begging but demanding for more of Sole’s deliciously torturous playing on his body 

MacCready: Mac knew Sole was quite confident, but this was different. She commanded him and he bent to her will. To the point she had him on his knees, with his arms wrapped around her legs like he was worshipping a goddess, which he was. The urge to pleasure his mistress consumed him entirely, resulting in the faint “please mistress” every now and again through baited breath as he felt the touch of his mistress all over his body

Nick: Being quite reserved, it was an alien sensation to be tied up and used for Sole’s pleasure, though he wasn’t complaining. Sole put Nick’s endless stamina to fine use as she found new uses for the prototype Synth and his components. Though the feeling of Sole’s touch against his own body made Nick’s wiring meltdown like no other, to the point Sole had him begging for them to come together as pleasure each other, deep into the night

Piper: She had never felt such and exuberant rush in all her life. The gentlest of touches from Sole’s fingertips ran like ecstasy through the muscles of a restrained and exposed Piper. Laying completely stripped and restrained she now becoming Sole’s personal play thing for the evening, a slave to Sole’s every dirty desire. Not to say she loved every moment and craved the ever growing lust of her lover to completely use her in only a way Sole could, leaving her to whisper in breaths of pleasure “thank you mistress”

Preston: “The only settlement I’m helping right now Preston is the one I see growing in your pants” Binding his hands and gagging him with her own underwear. Preston became helpless to the will of his mistress. His skin burned with desire every time he felt the heat of his mistress against it. The faint and muffled begging and pleading let Sole know her work was exemplary as this only grew as she continued to play with her tied up toy

X6-88: His instincts telling him everything was wrong, by this point, X6 was in no position to resist Sole’s wicked way. Her having tied him by his wrists and ankles to each of the bed posts. This formidable hunter now completely exposed to his lover and master, as she teased and tormented him throughout the night, having the proud warrior scream and beg for his master, all throughout the night until the break of dawn as Sole turned X6 into a creature of lust from her expertly wicked way

Maxson: Not everyday the leader of the Brotherhood allowed himself to be restrained, however Sole was the exception. Handcuffing the elder and proceeding to tease him until he could bare no longer. Pleading with Sole to pleasure him, to no longer tease and torment him with her lustful way. Sole’s elegance had Maxson begging her for more of what she so gladly provided, after all the night was young.

The Scarlet Letter

The first time he sees her, he’s just released from the doppelgänger program to be moonshot to Elpis, his clothes fresh and his face new and unused. He acts the “handsome asshole with bravado” part quite well, if he says so himself; the swagger looks just right on his fit figure, hands casually in his pockets like he owns the damn place.

But then he sees her.

The colorful lights of the bar caress her pale skin, bringing out her perfect curves; he can’t take his eyes off of the bar owner, her merciless chest, the tiny dress hugging her body, and that voluptuous smile gracing her gorgeous face.

He should be saying something, cracking a joke about how she’s Jack’s ex- or hell, complimenting her, even… But he’s simply speechless, so it’s no surprise that the only sound leaving him is a strangled gurgle. Nisha throws a glare in his way, tipping her hat low and approaching the bar; she rolls her eyes at Timothy’s dumbstruck expression and shares an amused look with Wilhelm before she dives in, peppering Moxxi’s ego with insults. Timothy shakes himself, shedding his reverie like one wakes up from sleep and he interrupts the kinky cowgirl, “Fuck off, Nish! If you’ll get nasty like that, go get yourself a drink and shut up.”

The way Nisha is looking at him speaks a thousand words, like “I’d snap your fucking head if I wasn’t so amused by your show of bravery.” or “You’re lucky you’re Jack’s doppelgänger or I would’ve torn your face off by now.”

The way Moxxi is looking at him, though… Her electric blue eyes shine with amusement and appreciation alike, the angry snarl directed towards Nisha now changed into a pleased little smile, reserved just for him. Looking at the bar owner, Timothy can feel his face burn up in crimson.

Gosh, he’s so embarrassed.

The second time he sees her, the mood is much darker although the scenery is the same. The so-called betrayal of Moxxi, Lilith and Roland left behind long ago, the Vault of the Sentinel has been raided dry; Jack has received the accursed visions, engraved every little detail in the ever-scheming brain of his and dethroned Tassiter just a week ago. Claptrap’s done for, Athena has quit, a very-bored Aurelia following her not much later. That leaves Nisha, Wilhelm and Timothy to deal with Jack’s crazed shenanigans. Juuuuust lovely.

Wilhelm makes his way to the R&D department to let them work on his future robotic enhancements and Jack departs with Nisha for Pandora to take over Lynchwood.

Not before he leaves a gift for Timothy, however.

Thinking back, Timothy is certain that “gift” is for Jack rather than for him; after all, the doppelgänger was the one left screaming in pain on the floor with Jack looming over him with a manic smile on his lips and a brand in his hands.

The moment Jack abandons Timothy to have fun (A.K.A. wreak havoc on Pandora) with his new girlfriend, the doppelgänger abandons Helios to wander around Elpis aimlessly until his feet drag him into Moxxi’s bar, his clothes crumpled, the scar on his face new and hurting like a bitch.

Pulling his hood lower onto his offensive face, he makes his way to the bar and the absence of his usual polite-and-cheerful attitude immediately alarms the bar owner. She can’t look past the shadows of his hood, and it takes a good deal of coaxing to get his head up just an inch.

And then she sees it.

They end up in the backroom Moxxi uses as her lodging whenever she’s running the bar on Elpis, the woman shaking with fury as opposed to Timothy’s cold nonchalance and resignation. She demands answers, just like he expected her to do, barely able to contain her frustrated screams at Jack’s boldness. He’s just silent, sitting on the edge of Moxxi’s bed sized just for a queen like her, eyes looking at a spot in the wall and unseeing.

She eventually sits down next to him, rubbing soothing circles on his back and tries to get him to do something, to talk, to scream, to cry… she just wants him to stop bottling up his emotions so.

But he feels so, so embarrassed.

“It’s not your fault.” she murmurs, carding her long thin fingers through his disheveled hair and thinking how easily he revels in the gesture Jack hated so much. He was supposed to be a face like Jack’s and nothing more, but he’s a completely different human being under all the plastic surgery and training; she falls for him a little just by watching him there, the deep bass of the club providing background noise, albeit muffled. “You’re a wonderful person, and you deserve none of this.”

His head snaps up and he looks at her disbelievingly, “I do! I asked for all this when I signed up for this shit!”

She can understand how he feels, “You couldn’t have known. Don’t be embarrassed.” She knows, she knows, and that makes him feel all the worse. He ends up sliding off the bed onto the floor nevertheless, his aching face buried in her lap in hopes for alleviation her gentle hands could provide.

He leaves her and her bar after a while, eyes puffed up and sniffing, his hood back on his head as he heads out. He’ll have to return to Helios eventually, he has a tight schedule since Jack will be back soon, but he still has some time to clear his head. She knows it too, so Moxxi sees him off with a sad smile and a friendly advice, “Hubris is the downfall of a person, but humility is no better.”

The third time is the charm, and they see each other in conditions that are much different when they meet all these years later. Timothy is working for the CEO of the biggest company around, but it’s not Hyperion anymore. The guy who goes by the humble name of Rhys is a much better boss than Jack could even dream of becoming; and he knows how much Timothy has suffered in the hands of the said man, having housed him in his head in the form of a distorted AI. So it’s no surprise when Rhys sends Timothy to Moxxi with an offer: Come open up shop in Serenity, the city we built over Opportunity as Atlas, for a better future. Flashy, just like the young CEO himself, if you ask Timothy, but both men know it’ll make Moxxi interested; they’re asking her for her bar and her mechanic excellency alike, after all.

So, here he stands, in the middle of Moxxi’s bar up on Sanctuary with Brick and Mordecai sent to accompany him by Lilith; they still don’t trust him after all these years, and he can’t really blame them. He doesn’t mind their presence either, it keeps the curious residents of the floating city away from him; no questions about his face or voice dared to be asked. When he sees her, he’s as stupefied as he was all those years ago on Elpis; his clothes worn off from age and violence just like his face, but Moxxi seems unchanged as opposed to him with her lovely purple dress worshipping her curves and with her electric blue eyes.

She seems surprised to see him, because of all the years they remained apart without communication or because he’s brave enough to set foot in Lilith’s city, he does not know. He bets on both as he settles in a bar chair, the other vault hunters sitting on either side of him like menacing bouncers (who’s protecting who, and from whom at this point? He just doesn’t know). He orders a drink he knows he won’t touch, he’s not really into alcohol (Jack called him “a pansy” along with many other insulting slurs in the past for it); plus, the sight in front of him and the mission he’s on are much more interesting to him.

“Hey.” he greets her, still feeling a little tongue-tied after all these years. He gives her a genuine smile and offers his hands to her across the counter. Her surprise morphs into joy and she leans to put her hands in his, his order long forgotten. Brick and Mordecai make gagging sounds (especially Mordecai, glaring at him all the while he makes sure how much he hates the scene he’s witnessing. Right, Moxxi’s exes.), but Timothy and Moxxi simply end up giggling at the reaction.

She smiles at him and he can feel his soul being cleansed of his sins with that gesture alone. “It’s been so long.” she whispers and he nods, “What brings you here, Tim?”

“An offer, actually.” Moxxi raises a curious eyebrow and lets out an interested hum. “I work for Atlas now, and the CEO himself has a proposal. Gosh, don’t look at me like that, Moxxi; unlike the last one, this one isn’t a narcissistic asshole with a high killstreak.” That gets a laugh out of the three of them and Timothy counts that as a win. “He wants you to set up a bar in Serenity, he thinks it’ll be a good way to draw people to the city. If you’re interested in an Atlas city, it can’t be bad, right?” He smiles at her, quirking an eyebrow. “He also wants you to open a shop that’s similar to uh…” he coughs, embarrassed, “To Scooter’s.” The hands in his grasp tense for a moment, a look passing Moxxi’s eyes. “Rhys knew Scooter, says he was one helluva guy, talented and fun and all that.” He gives Moxxi’s hands an encouraging squeeze and the bar owner graces him with a proud smile.

“That’s Scooter, alright, that’s my son.” she replies, head held high and not a tear shed. She’s a strong woman, and Timothy knows he’s fallen hard for her yet again. She relaxes, looking into Timothy’s eyes, “That’s what your CEO wants. What do you want?”

The ex-doppelgänger smiles at her with a loving expression, “I just want you to be happy.” (“Booooooooooriiiiiiiing!” Brick moans in the background.)

But Moxxi gives him a matching smile, and he’s over the moon, “How about… We talk about this over dinner?”

Timothy sputters, along with the other vault hunters, “D-dinner?” Ah, there he is, the shy, polite guy she met all those years ago. She chuckles, “A big offer like that can’t be discussed over alcohol, can it? Plus, I really, really missed you.”

That deep, sultry tone, that voluptuous smile he came to associate with her, those electric blue eyes darkening with promises not said aloud… That does it for him, and he ends up feeling embarrassed once again, crimson dusting his cheeks like it did the moment they met all those years ago. “I-“ he clears his throat, ‘cause wow, it’s getting hot in here and his throat is perched, “I’d love that, Moxxi.”

Two weeks later, Moxxi sets up two shops in Serenity, enrapturing the residents easily with her bar and mechanic shop alike. She works awfully close to apartment complex Timothy resides in, but nobody makes a mention of it.

And if she ends up unofficially moving in with him eventually, sharing his food, his shower, his bed and his love, none of them is complaining.

 This request is great and you’re great, @torrarina!


Ben, you simpleminded twatwaffle, where do I start?

1. NO RELIGION needs to be debated.  They’re all equally valid.  Whether you think that level of validity is “They’re all bullshit,” “They all have some truth,” “That’s not what I believe but it’s real to them,” etc, is not important.  What’s important is that you realize that every.  single.  world.  religion.  is running on the same “facts” you have - a longstanding tradition, usually based on a book written centuries ago and translated a thousand times, written by some guy who claimed to have divine inspiration and everyone went with it. 

2. You cannot have an “honorable” or “intelligent” debate about something that cannot be proven if your only research is reading books by guys telling you what you’ve already made up your mind on.  You cannot pull up a study and say “Okay but this evidence says that THIS is the real way to be a Christian.”  You have nothing objective to fall back on, just interpretations of interpretations of translations. 

3. The best way to genuinely learn about a religion is not to read a book by someone biased against it.  It’s to go to a house or worship, engage in some educative activities and talk to the people there.  NOT with the mindset of gathering information to prove wrong, but to learn about their beliefs and why they have them.  This, of course, assumes a genuine interest in educating yourself rather than feeling smug about being right, which, Ben, I must admit, you don’t seem that interested in.  The Bible feels pretty strongly about that, though.  I mean, I’m sure you’ve read II Peter 1:5-8 more times than I have, but just in case you’ve forgotten:

For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith, goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love.  For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And I mean, all you want is for people to learn from all the smart-ass shit you claim to know better than them, right?  You’re educating people to lead them away from sin, not simply being smug about how you’re doing it right and they aren’t, correct?

4. Here’s the thing about Christianity, Ben.  Every single person who ascribes to it falls short, every single day.  Whether you consider yourself falling short of God’s hopes, expectations or demands, you are nevertheless disappointing him.  The Bible has a lot to say about arrogance, Ben, and it is the very height of arrogance to assume that you have knowledge of which sins offend God on a greater level than your own. 

Since you believe in salvation as reward for faith in Jesus rather than for good works, I’m going to assume you really enjoy the book of Romans.  So I’m going to flip over to Romans 12:3 for a sec.

For I say, through the grace given to me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God has dealt to every man the measure of faith.

In other words, Ben, get your head out of your ass and attempt to look at yourself objectively instead of getting so full of yourself.  Instead of comparing others to yourself and looking at how they fall short, instead perhaps wonder if you’re out of your depth and falling short of the ideals you have set for others.  The Bible talks pretty clearly about how quarreling, jealousy, anger, hostility, slander, gossip, conceit, and disorder (II Cor. 12:20) are common afflictions to befall ministers (that career path you claim an interest in).  Proverbs assures us that the arrogant will not go unpunished (16:5). If you looked at yourself truly objectively, with genuine self-awareness, would you like what you saw?  I wonder.  

Before you lecture (excuse me, “debate”) others about the shortcomings of Catholicism, your job is to examine yourself.  Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?  (Luke 6:41)  You know as well as I do that you sin daily.  You behave in a manner unbecoming to the Lord, whether you are prideful, or angry, or lustful, or lazy…but somehow is is the sins and shortcomings you yourself feel you do not commit that you find grievously offensive and in need of stamping out in others.  Why is that?  Why do you feel the need and desire to separate Christianity between those you feel are doing it wrong and those who are doing it as you are?  Why do you wish to create what amounts to religious civil war?  All fall short of Christ’s expectations, but rather than build a brotherhood in that, in rejoicing in Christ’s love and grace and sharing that with one another, your instinct is to call others out and say “He sinned worse than me!”

What, Ben, is Christlike in that? 

PS Go reread I Corinthians 13.  You quoted it at your own damn wedding. 

The King and I

I wasn’t going to do anything but here you go! A post-canon, domestic, Originals, fluffy, mini drabble for Klaroline Infinity Week. Hope you guys like it! Also, the whole Bonenzo thing never happened in this universe.

Six months post however long it takes…


“Well, good morning to you too, sunshine,” Kol drawled, raising his eyes from the New Orleans Advocate he was reading.

“Someone obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” Rebekah contributed from her seat at the dining table, croissant in hand. Klaus was all about family but not this early in the morning, especially when he all he wanted was to find his lady love.

“I’d ask whether Caroline kicked you out of bed last night but given the walls around here are so thin, I know the answer to that question,” Kol smirked, knowingly.

“Yeah it’s the walls. Have I threatened to dagger you today?” Klaus seethed, knowing it was a threat he had every intention of carrying out. Today was no different.

“Not yet, but it’s only nine thirty.”

“Nice to see nothing ever changes around here,” Elijah yawned lazily as he walked into the kitchen looking decidedly less formal than usual and taking a carton of orange juice from the refrigerator. “The day Niklaus doesn’t threaten you I’ll be worried.”

“Someone suddenly thinks he’s a comedian and sans suit and tie, I’m shocked,” Kol quipped. “It must be because you’re suddenly getting laid after all these years. Tell me, what is the infamous Katherine Pierce like? I imagine she’d be an absolute tigress in bed, well that’s what I can tell so far from these thin walls.”

“Answer that question and I’ll white oak stake you both,” Katherine meowed, joining them in the kitchen. She looked absolutely flawless in a black satin nightgown her curled tresses sitting perfectly, even after just rolling out of bed which was another reason she and Elijah were perfect for each other. “But little Mikaelson is first.”

“Excuse me? Last time I checked I’m not the youngest.”

“Oh, I wasn’t talking about birth order,” she shot back without a beat, taking a sip of Elijah’s freshly poured juice.

“Just when i think I couldn’t ever like you Katherine you come out with one of those lines,” Rebekah chuckled.

“Hilarious,” Kol scowled. “Can’t a guy read his newspaper in peace?”

“Oh, you can read?”

“That’s it, I vote Katherine moves in permanently,” Rebekah announced. “If you keep insulting Kol like that then you are definitely worthy of being a part of this dysfunctional family,” Rebekah shared.

“Sounds like Rebekah thinks she finally has a friend,” Kol muttered.

“Well, at least I can borrow clothes from her unlike you who serves no purpose whatsoever.”

“Hang on, I never agreed to this clothes sharing arrangement,” Katherine growled possessively. “I don’t share, it’s not in my make-up.”

“Well, as fun as all this family bonding has been,” Klaus interrupted. “I’m looking for Caroline who also happens to be the only person not present right now. You know blonde, blue eyed and about yea tall,” he gestured.

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist,” Rebekah muttered. “Last time i saw her she was headed to the laundry.”

“But we have minions to do that sort of thing.”

“Try telling Caroline that, she’s like Vampire Barbie on steroids,” Kol offered. “Actually would you mind taking some of my clothes with you, they could really use some Forbes tender love and care, whatever fabric softener she uses is amazing.”

“My girlfriend is not here to serve you of all people and I’d rather save her from your dirty jocks,” Klaus demanded as he stalked from the room. This needed to stop now, it was bad enough he didn’t get to spend as much time with her as he could. She was always too busy trying to make everyone else happy.

“Remind her we have that dress fitting at Alyssandra’s Boutique on Royal Street for the ball this weekend,” Katherine shouted after him. Klaus rolled his eyes, of course there was a ball, he could barely remember a weekend where they just spent time together without the prying eyes of New Orleans society.

“And our board meeting for the Tulane Medical Centre benefit next month,” Rebekah added. Seriously, this was getting out of hand. Caroline was such a giving person, one of the many reasons he loved her but she didn’t need to go to such lengths. She was his Queen after all and Queens deserved to be adored and worshipped exactly how he felt towards the love of his life. He made his way towards the laundry trying to remember why he was looking for her after all those pesky, family interruptions.

What he wasn’t expecting as he barrelled inside was to see her taut backside housed in a cute pair of grey mini shorts as she watched the dryer intently, her blonde waves falling across her back. Klaus licked his lips excitedly. She may have only left his bed recently but he was ready for round nine, if his calculations were correct. He was insatiable when it came to her and it wasn’t unusual for him to lose count given their shared desire.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” he murmured trying to contain his burgeoning erection but it was difficult. She turned around those eyebrows raising curiously as she inspected his obvious arousal.

“You really can never get enough, Mikaelson.”

“Well, when it’s you what do you expect, love.”

“So, you came into the laundry just to ravage me senseless?” It hadn’t been his intention, in fact Klaus had something much more domestic on his mind but seeing her clad in those mini shorts and his white henley was causing havoc with his concentration. The top was far from being fitted but Klaus could make out her erect nipples straining against the fabric and all he wanted to do was suckle them with his waiting mouth.

“Well, now that you mention it, I actually came to find out where all my Henley’s had gone,” he said, moving closer so that he could snake his arms around her waist. “But now I see you’re the culprit.”

“What can I say, I love having a piece of you hugging me at all times especially when we’re apart,” she sighed. “It’s okay, there’s a few in the wash so you shouldn’t be without for too much longer.”

“So, what exactly should we do in the meantime?” Before she could reply he’d lifted her up effortlessly onto the washing machine just as it began to vibrate heavily through its final spin cycle.

“As much as I’m enjoying this spontaneity, it’s hardly private given we have the peanut gallery commenting on everything we do, including between the sheets.”

“Of course you heard that,” he mumbled, halting his assault on her neck briefly to turn on the nearby Fawcett to disguise their activities from his inquisitive, younger brother. “I’m sorry. You know I recall suggesting we dagger everyone and stow them away in the attic but you wouldn’t let me,” klaus complained. “Something about it being bad brotherly behaviour.”

“Plus, I know just how pissed they were the first time you did it and as the only non-Original in this place, I’d rather stay alive.”

“They wouldn’t dare,” he growled, known this much was true. “You are an Original and my Queen and they all know it. I don’t expect you to do any of these menial tasks, that’s why we have servants.”

“But it’s not the kind of person I am or ever will be, my mother taught me about being kind, compassionate and giving.”

“I know, love,” he grinned, pulling her closer and placing a sweet kiss on the tip of her nose. “That’s why I love you, but you don’t have to do this.”

“But I’m your Queen, you know how much I like to make a good impression,” she argued. “Plus this place could use a lot of cleaning up if you ask me.”

“Such a beautiful and stubborn perfectionist,” he teased. “Well, if that’s what you wish I won’t stop you, although doing Kol’s laundry has to end right now because that is just too weird for my liking. You know I might sound incredibly selfish right now but I just wish you’d spend all your time with me, my gorgeous Queen.”

“I’d gladly do that but Bonnie and Enzo are visiting next week,” she explained. Klaus groaned by way of response. “You forget that this is the perfect distraction for Kol and Rebekah.”

“Oh, I like what your wicked mind is envisioning,” he smirked, continuing his attack on her creamy neck whilst tugging on her mini shorts to gain easier access. “How about we plan a visit to Rome afterwards? It’s what I promised you after all.”

Reasons I ship Kyoutani x Yahaba and find their dynamic so compelling:

Starting off with the skin-deep, “obvious” reasons:

1) The classic “bad boy” meets “good boy” trope. From basic aesthetic to exterior personalities to voice (anime-wise), they embody this. Most people thought that these two couldn’t be any more different from each other.

2) …which is then subverted with our realization that the “bad boy” probably isn’t so bad after all and may be more of a softie inside, and that the “good boy” is a freakin’ firecracker on the inside. The latter is what makes this dynamic so compelling for me, tbh. Let’s face it, we know lots of tsundere characters. It’s prevalent in manga/anime, but it’s rarer to find characters, especially background/tertiary characters (at this point in the manga anyway) to have that inner spark that subverts classic generic/good guy expectations without going into yangire territory.

3) Show of hands! Who here wasn’t honestly surprised the first time they read chapter 141 or watched episode 23 when this seemingly generic Seijoh benchwarmer, goody-two-shoes looking kind of guy shoved the freakin’ Mad Dog against the wall and gave him a huge piece of his mind? Who here didn’t suddenly sit straight up and paid lots of attention to that scene? Who here didn’t feel excited or tense or in awe? And for those of you raising your hands, why y'all lying?

Those are my top “superficial, easy to understand reasons from the available manga material we have so far” bracket.

Delving deeper into it though, from reasons 4 to 15 with consideration to future possibilities, plus some extra stuff:

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. Obsessive Impulsive . 5

Full Summary: “‘I’ve been trying to find you alone for weeks, but you’ve been avoiding me.’  He clicked his tongue, as if scolding her.  'I tried approaching, but you always had someone with you to give me nasty words and looks.  They turned you against me, Miss Levy.’"

Pairings: Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: I strode for a darker fic again.  This is not for sensitive readers.  Violence, stalking, etc.  

Author’s Note: This is a very, very twisted gift for Bubbles, who has not been allowed to so much as read a single chapter.  This will update every other day.


Language, Gajeel!”

He glared grouchily at the woman beside him and she glared right back, plucking the cards from him - at least, she grabbed the cards that hadn’t gone all over the table they were seated at with Lily and Juvia. Juvia helped her get those that had flown and then handed them to the smaller blue-haired woman. “Thanks, Juvia,” she said honestly.

Juvia looked delighted. “Juvia is happy to help.”

Giggling, Levy shuffled the cards and then began to easily hand them out to the other three. “Okay,” she said. “Lily, you start.”

Lily smacked the first card he held down and Levy studied it before looking at Gajeel and uttering a sound low in her throat. He nodded and then set down one of his own.

Levy couldn’t say she was surprised with Gajeel’s line of thinking. He’d come up with this idea to teach her a few numbers. One to ten were in the form of playing cards and jokers were zeros. She appreciated his creativity in creating a game in which the people around her placed down cards and she repeated the numbers aloud in the Draconian language.

“Juvia,” Juvia said as she placed her own down before Levy and Levy made the sound, “was wondering, Levy. Who was that man who approached you when we were leaving the bookstore earlier?”

Levy made a face as Gajeel’s gaze snapped up to look at her. “That was Elroy. He’s…interested in me.”

“He came up to you again? How’d he even find you at the bookstore?” Lily demanded, putting a card down.

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Forbidden Fruit: Jaebum AU 

Part 2 Part 3

He breathes in a breath of fresh air as he wonders down the quiet street, late night in the usually bustling Seoul. It felt good to just be okay, not stressed, and not overworked, just okay. His father finally let him have the vacation he had be longing for, for the last a hundred years. And no, a hundred years isn’t some exaggeration, he had really been begging for the past hundred and 5 years to be exact. He had been running hell for that long, dealing with punishments, living with the scum that once roamed earth. In a way he was sort responsible for them, he was known as the famous ‘devil’. But he didn’t look like the twisted images they portrayed in the movies or books, he didn’t have horns, he didn’t have claws. He was handsome, seductive, the embodiment of temptation.

Suddenly, his stomach made a growling noise and cramped with pain. He had never felt such a feeling before. He looked around to find a surface to sit on, hoping it would subside his pain, and his eyes landed on a poster reading ‘hot noodles and meat meal set, half price’. The image of the noodles lit up. He wipes his mouth drool spills from it. He was hungry. Except for the need to feed off of pain and strife, he had never been hungry before. Even though he would’ve liked to ignore the feeling, he couldn’t, it was consuming his thoughts. He gets up on his feed and walks to the eatery.

“안녕하세요! (Hello) How may I help you?” A friendly looking middle age woman greets him.

“Food. Give me food.” He demands, aggressively. He feels his power seep into his fingertips and pour into his eyes. One snap of his fingers and total damnation.

The waitress cowers in fear. He then comes to the realisation that total damnation equalled hunger. Being nice and calm would equal food, a lot of food. He takes a deep breath, the smell of food tingles his senses.

“Please, I would like some food please.” He says, standing back, forcing a smile.

The waitress indicates that he should follow her. She leads him to a table in the corner of the restaurant.

“What can I get you?” She asks.

He points to several items on the menu, ramyun, lamb skewers, samgyupsal and more. His mouth waters the more he looked at the menu.

It wasn’t long until his food came and he scoffed it down, chopsticks working in full effect, only taking breaks to breathe. He knew people were watching him, he heard the whispers, he guessed it was unacceptable for one man to eat that much. Then the meal came to an end and he was ready to go and find somewhere to lie down. It was all too much, being human wasn’t easy, if you weren’t hungry, you were tired, if you weren’t hot, you were cold. He picks up his jacket and walks towards the door. He was stopped by an elderly woman.

“Where are you going? You have to pay!” She raises her voice.

“Pay?” He scoffs, he didn’t understand the concept of money.

“Yes pay.” She says, blocking the door.

“Get out of my way, you stupid woman before I show you who I really am.” He threatens, once again feeling the power surge around his body.

Before he could release the power, a hand touches his shoulder.

“It’s okay, Ajumma, I’ll pay.” You say, you had a hard day and you didn’t really want to be dealing with the police when they would have to be called. Plus, it was a good deed, the guy obviously was starving, and a bonus was that he was hot. Like really good looking.

The Ajumma backed away and you handed some cash. He must’ve eaten a lot, the bill came up to a lot of money. You bow and walk out, giving small smile to the stranger.

Why did you do that? Did you worship Satan? Which wasn’t him, but a distant cousin. Maybe you knew who he was, you wanted to serve an angel, a dark one of that. He wonders. He jogs out after you.

“YA! You!” He shouts, stopping you in your tracks.

“Hey.” You say, ogling up at him. It skin seem to glow in the dark of night.

He steps closer to you and makes eye contact. A warm feeling travels through his body, as if he was being embraced. He felt connected to you and didn’t know why. He felt a strong need to be close to you, to be around you. He had never felt such warmth, only the heat from the flames in hell, he only the flicker of flames, he hadn’t none true light until he looked in your eyes.

“Hello!” You wave your hand in his face, he looked spaced out.

“Why did you do that?” He questions.

“What? Help you?”

“Yeah. Do you know who I am?” He grabs your arm.

You shake his hand from your arm.

“Who are you?” You ask, crossing your arms.

He looked shocked, as if you should know who he was.

“The devil.” He says.

You smile, he must be joking. When you see that he wasn’t smiling, you stopped.

“Are you serious?” You question.

“Yes, why would I lie?”

You were genuinely concerned for him.

“Do you have anywhere to stay?” You ask.

“Did you hear what I said?” He raises his voice.

“Yes, I’m choosing to ignore it. I read online that you shouldn’t take notice of delusions. It only makes worse.”” You say.

“I’m being serious!” He exclaims.

You slowly nod and place your hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay. Now, do you have anywhere to stay?” You ask him, trying to sound friendly.

He looks at you strangely, he didn’t know why you were helping him. He was a stranger. You couldn’t figure out why you were helping him either, you felt some sort of connection and bond, as if you’d known him your whole life.

“No I don’t. I just got here.” He answers, picking your hand up by your sleeve off his shoulder and dropping it down.

“Seoul?” You ask.

“No. Earth.” He corrects you.

Normally you wouldn’t invite a complete stranger with obvious mental issues into your home, but your moral compass and sensibility weren’t working.

“I have a spare room, you can stay with me until you get on your feet.”

He wasn’t in a place to decline, he needed a place to stay.

“Okay. T-thank you.” He chokes out, manners weren’t really something that came easily.

It was a lot in one day. He used to be able to feel other emotions, until his father banished him from the Holy Kingdom. He dared to demand freedom and individuality, he was an angel, not a slave. And the way in which he worked to get his freedom, resulted in sin after sin. The ultimate betrayal. So his father kicked him down to hell, and in that fall he lost all feeling, all happiness, and all peace.

You walked him back to your apartment, making small talk on the way.

“So… what is your actual name? Sure you say it’s the devil.  But I need to refer to you as something more normal… No offence.” You ask, looking ahead, to avoid his gaze.

He didn’t have a ‘normal’ name. What could he tell you? Lucifer? Beelzebub? He was in Korea, he spoke Korean and he looked Korean. He needed a Korean name. What’s that name he heard earlier that day? Jaehyun? Jaewon?


Hey guys, I wanted to try something new, tell me what you think of it. Should I continue?



Power Plays (Daddy/Kitten/Teacher). I don’t need to go to war over this. It’s nothing we don’t already know. XiuDaddy is real and he’d love for you to bring him out. I think that Minseok would be sweet but silent most of the time, but if you started getting whinny for some reason or throwing a bit of a fit. That’s when this kink would come out. He’d make the most of the situation where in you were already in your role due to anger or frustration. He’d love seeing you like this too! Like if you were getting upset because you couldn’t reach something. He’d watch you as his kink slowly melted over his warming body. “Do you want Daddy to get it for you?” He’d finally ask, his body ready to dominate yours.

Orgasm Control. Not denial. Control. Think about it! You under him, his hands hovering over your needy body. All he has to say is “come” and you will. So. Hard. Your body will bloom under him in the best of ways and he’d get off on seeing you come at his demand. Not to mention, the training will be the best time of your life!

Rough Sex With Gentle Aftercare. This can be a confusing kink at times but it’s really quite simple. Imagine XiuDaddy fucking you so hard and fast that by the time he’s done with you and already panting beside of you, you’re still whimpering. He’ll be all covered in sweat and your hips would sting in the best ways from where he held you down. Minseok would bring you into his hot arms and hold you. He would make a shushing noise to calm you and then give you a stuffy to hold onto while you both fall asleep. Sweet right?


PRAISE (Giving and Receiving). Lu would love when you tell him just how good he was making you feel. How he was meant to fuck you. Your praise would have him going crazy! He’d continue to fuck you even harder until the only thing that you could do was scream for him. Luhan would also like telling you how well you were taking him or how good you felt. He’d hum his compliments in your ear as you pushed harder against him in any way you could.

Confinement. Luhan would get off on you telling him your dirty little secrets. All your kinks and fantasies, every position you wanted him to put you in. But he wouldn’t give in just then and give you what you just told him you wanted. No. He’d wait a while and when you had forgotten the conversation. BAM! Kink NO. 8 coming to get you!

Loud Sex. Loud sex, I’m talking; you screaming, him grunting, the bed frame hitting the wall hard and if the neighbors try to knock on the wall y’all won’t be able to hear him. That’s how loud he’d want you, and he’d get off on the fact that he got you there. Especially if you were a girl who usually didn’t talk much.


Thigh Riding. The image of you whining while you rocked yourself harder and harder onto his thigh would satisfy Yifan quite easily. He would love the way you feel on him and every single time you tried to hide your face in his shoulder. Yifan would be holding your waist or thighs, pulling you faster and closer while your arms were wrapped around his neck. He’d smile when you came and shook over him, maybe even chuckle a bit.

Praise. Yifan would love to groan in your ear about how good you taste, or how tight you feel around him. He’d also love for you to praise him. Tell him how good he’s making you feel, or how bad you want to bite him, even how good the orgasm he gave you was. Yifan will make sure to reward your compliments every. time.

Biting. Just close your eyes and think of Yifan, his head thrown back, his eyes closed. Your teeth pushing into his shoulder and the most beautiful, sexy, deep moan comes from his throat as you bite down. His upper lip would pull up and his nose would scrunch at the painful pleasure. But also! If Yifan was being impatient and just really needed you, so he was pulling off all your clothes and then he sees a mark on your side or on your collarbone that HE LEFT YOU!!!! He would loose it and become even more rough. After admiring it first, of course!


What I mean to say is: Junmyun likes role play but a special kind of role play. These roles wouldn’t just be for a one time sexy thing. If he called you into the kitchen to ask if you had done something wrong and called himself Daddy he would expect for you to pull into it so his full, Inner Daddy could come out. Junmyun would search for the kinks, like if you were getting dressed and he said, “Where something nice for me, baby girl.” or “What about the dress Daddy got for our anniversary?” .

Distractions. I could see Junmyun being really into you distracting him. He would be working on something or reading and all it would take for him to throw away whatever he was doing, would be for you to whine at him. Tell him how needy you are and how badly you want him. Tell him all the ways you’ve pictured him taking you and how it’s made you all wet. Just wait. Four seconds maximum! You will be taken by him. 

Begging. The sound of your sweet little voice begging him to go harder or faster or just to let you come already would be heaven to Junmyuns ears. If you want Junmyun to be louder, beg him. Beg him for anything because those things that you say will have him grunting uncontrollably and girl. His groans and grunts will be so worth it!


Body Worship. Yixing would love to pamper you. Having you lay on the bed naked in just your bra and panties. He’d wonder your body slowly, leaving a trail of kisses and licks, maybe even bites. Complements would roll off his tongue along with all the things he wants and has thought about doing to you. Especially if he hasn’t gotten to see you in a long time. *wink face*

Moans. Your moans will be heaven to Yixing. Yixing is the type of person to do whatever his partner would want. Anything he could do to please you. He’d get off on the sounds you made because it means that he’s doing a good job at pleasing you. Yixing would love your sounds so much that he’d ignore room service when he hears the knocks on the door and giving you three or four orgasms just because he doesn’t want your pretty sounds to stop. 

Over Simulation. You come again and again. Once over his lips, twice over his fingers. Now Yixing’s looking down at your shivering body, his lip between his teeth, his groan still ringing through your ears…and then he moves back down. His lips traveling between your breasts and down to your extremely sensitive core once again. You could try to tell him that you couldn’t do anymore, but he won’t hear you. His lips would pull on your soft clit with a groan and your body would start searching for another orgasm.


Teasing (Receiving). If you were wearing one of his sweaters, with some high socks and really short shorts, maybe even just panties when the guys came over. It would tease the shit out of him! Beakhyuns insides would boil when you bent over, the desire to take you right now, right there would be one almost too strong. Beakhyun would be so turned on when you showed him just what he wanted, but just what he’d have to wait for. Post-Party sex with Beakhyun would be the best thing ever! He’d also love you teasing him with oral a LOT. And you know you would enjoy it too!

Attention. Beakhyun loves attention and will always want to be the center of yours. If you gave him a lot of attention, especially around other people, he’d eat it UP. The thought that you could be talking with Chanyeol or Junmyun but you stayed to sit on his lap (which would be another perfect way to tease him) and talk to him. Beakhyun would always let you know that you were the only one for him as well. No matter who else was in the room.

Cowgirl. Maybe you’re thinking, “what are you doing that’s a position not a kink”. WRONG! It is a kink for Beakhyun! He fucking loves when you ride him! With a bra, without a bra, it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re riding him real good and letting him touch you where ever he wants and you’re both moaning and groaning. That’s all he needs, imaging it would probably make him come.


PHONE SEX. Jongdae on the phone! Let me go! He would love the thought of calling you from a different time zone and demanding to know what you’re wearing for him. He’d call every night of he could. The thought of you dropping everything you were doing to touch yourself as he tells you where to pinch and when to curl your fingers would possess his thoughts. Just don’t get me started on his phone voice and how he would groan into the ear piece just to give you a harder time.

Teasing. Ohhhhhh yes. Jongdae would tease the shit out of you. Until your body was shaking and you’re begging him to let you come and then he’ll just continue. Jongdae would use his mouth, his fingers, toys, words, anything he could to tease you and let you know just how much he can do you and your poor little body.

Bonding/Pinning. I’m counting these as one because with Jongdae everything can happen! Jongdae would thrive under the thought of pushing you onto the bed and bringing your hands above your head in one of his, the other one starting to roam your body as he whispers questions at your neck. You know what you should do?!?! You should find a way to bind yourself to the bed or sofa or coffee maker, it doesn’t matter. but tie yourself up and blindfold yourself and then wait for him to come home because that would be Jongdaes SHIT!


Voyeurism. As much as Chanyeol would love to tell you to touch yourself while he watched you and his eyes just got darker and darker with lust and desire, he’d love if he didn’t have to. If he were to walk in on you felling yourself up, he would absolutely get off on it. He’d stay quiet by the door, watching you as your fingers moved faster and your face scrunched in concentration, until he just couldn’t take it anymore. Chanyeol would always have to hold back the urges to touch you himself, but that struggle would turn him on even further.

Light Bondage. Just a blindfold, a simple scrap of cloth over your eyes could do so much to Chanyeol. The fact that he wouldn’t have to shift his gaze because he had been looking at you for too long, he could look at you for as long and however he wants to. Or maybe just one of your hand is tied up? Chanyeol would need one of your hands free so you could touch him and scratch him and pull his hair. He’d love that. But that one arm would assure him that he is in control and you’re not going anywhere with out him allowing it. You are his and you are staying with him. 

Biting/Scratching. The feeling of your nails against his skin would cause Chanyeol to release the most satisfied groans you’d ever hear. He’d love the feeling of your hands or teeth pushing hard into his flesh. Also, Chanyeol would love to scratch and bite you. His fingertips leaving their mark on your thighs and his teeth on your side or shoulder. You two would put aloe vera on each others battle wounds the next day and all Chanyeol would be able to think about would be giving you more of them.


Power Plays. Kyungsoo would like being in control even if you were on top. He’d hold your waist and push his own up and lead. He would lead you so well. Kyungsoo would get off on the fact that he was the power player in the relationship. He gets to call the shots. Kyugsoos power plays wouldn’t just be for the bedroom. He’s gonna expect you to carry out the fantasy in everyday life. That will make it more real for both of you. So when he calls and says “Come over, baby. I’ve got something planed for you.” Dig into the fantasy and let Kyungsoo take you the rest of the way.

Reactions. Your reactions will be very important for Kyungsoo. He’s not going to want you to be too loud. However, he will want you to enjoy yourself. Kyungsoo will love the image of you arching your back underneath him and scratching at his forearms, moaning his name. All of that will do so much to him and Kyungsoo will always make sure you mean every sound and movement you make.

Make Outs. His lips. On yours. For as long as he wants. Kyungsoo will make out with you every chance he gets! The feeling of your smaller lips on his would have his eyebrows pushing up, but even more than that. Exploring your mouth would never get old to him. Kyungsoo knows what he’s doing with your mouth and he would show you for hours. By the time he starts moving towards the bed room, your lips will be bright red and so swollen. His groans and your moans will fill each others mouths and it will just be the most beautiful thing!


Hair Pulling. His hand would twist in your hair and pull it back with a groan as he thrusts into you. Tao would love the whine he gained from pulling your hair as well as the control to shift you in any way he wants!

Strip Shows. If you slowly took off every single piece of clothing and let Tao watch, he’d fall in love with you all over again. He’d sit really pretty in his chair with his hand holding up his face and hiding just enough of his emotion. He’d watch you as you turned your back to him to hide the redness of your face. When you turn back his eye will be hungry and you will continue to strip for him until you are wearing nothing and then as you turn to walk away he will stand and come up behind of you…

Loud Sex. Tao is gonna want you to be loud for him in bed. The louder the better. It tells him he’s doing a good job and that you like it, you like him, he’s the one doing this to you, he’s gonna love that power. 


Whispers. Imagine dark, strong, sexy arms pulling you back against his toned chest. Jongins face coming to your neck with a groan. You hear as he parts his lips, your eyes already closed and your mouth already falling open. “Did you miss me?” His deep rough voice would push into your ears as he starts kissing your neck. His arms holding you firmly. Or maybe you’re just siting on the sofa, reading, when Jongin come over and kneels beside your head. “I’m going to get us a drink and then I’m going to my room. Be there. Naked.”

Sweat. Jongin would love the look of your body covered in sweet, sweet sweat. If he was watching you lay on the bed with your hands above your head and a vibrator plugged into you and you’re having your third orgasm. He’s not gonna let it end until he’s ready to come touch you and he’s not gonna be ready until you’re dripping. In every way. Or if you were under him, sweating as he put you into every possible position. If Jongin could see you drip with sweat it would make him crazy. He’d bare his teeth, growl, maybe even bite you. Don’t be surprised if Jongin takes you to a warmer room and then holds you under the covers while he fucks you senselessly until you can’t breathe anymore but he says you can’t get air until you come for him again.. Okay I just need this in my life.

Quietly Loud Sex. Like you guys are fucking like it’s part of the Olympics but y'all are in a simi-public place or another member is home. Those moans and groans that go right in the other persons face. Thats that shit I’m talking about! Jongin would love to see your face as you silently scream and all the scratching and biting that’ll happen to make up for it. Please sign me up.


Public Make Outs. Sehun wouldn’t care if anyone saw you two make out. If you were over to watch a movie and the other members were in the living room with you but he wanted to kiss you. He would. I mean full on, tongue down your throat, loud groaning, hands pulling you closer, you on your tiptoes kind of  kissing. He’s not going to hold back, if anything he’s going even harder. Depends on who it is in the room with you two but nonetheless, expect him to have you out of breath.

Dominance. Sehun is in charge. He tells you what to do and you do it. That gets Sehun feeling so damn good. But, I think you should play with him a bit. Falter, if you will. Say, Sehun tells you to take off your shirt, don’t do it right away. This will drive him mad, in the best way, and cause him to act. Of course, you being a good girl would be lovely and he would love how quickly you obeyed him. But if you tested him and gave him a moment to express how he was the Dom. I know he’d fucking love that shit!

Surfaces. If you ever see Sehun staring at wall or counter, don’t worry, he’s just thinking about fucking you against it. He’d walk up to a wall and pull his hand out of his pocket to run it over the surface and then he’d chuckle, either he has taken you against that wall before, or he’s about to.

You Don’t Belong With Him - Negan & Carl Grimes Imagine

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request: I adore your work💕 I was actually wondering if you could do a story(imagine?preference?) of reader X negan where the reader is like 17-18?and is apart of ricks group. The backstory would be like reader use to have feelings for Carl but Carl friend zone / rejected their feelings and now negan comes along and everytime he sees reader he would enjoy their company and tease the reader with sweet words and almost kisses and reader catches feelings, which makes Carl jealous af lol

a/n: everything italicized is a flashback from when the reader had a thing for carl

let me know what you think! my messages and inbox are always open, and i respond to everything :-)

word count: 1627

Alright, you can do this. You quickly walked up to the gates of Alexandria to greet Negan. This was something you thought you’d never have to deal with again. After meeting Rick when you were little, you always felt safe. Now… You were unsure. 

Alright, you can do this. You slowly walked up to Carl, unsure of how to address the subject. This was something you thought you’d ever have to deal with again. Boys. One boy in particular. You wanted to tell him how you’d felt for months, and you knew you had to do it soon. With the world’s current state of being, you didn’t have much time to tell him how you felt before something bad was bound to happen. 

“Hey, beautiful,” Negan said loudly from the opposite side of the gate. He leaned in and smirked at you, raising his eyebrows. 

“You talkin’ to me?” you snapped. “What’s your problem?” you asked sarcastically.

“Sure ain’t the view,” Negan sighed, rocking back on his heels. You stood confidently, not giving in to his manipulative mind games. You knew, though, that if Negan wanted you, he would take you. 

“In all seriousness, I want to talk to you about something,” Negan mumbled, his voice growing quieter so only you and a few other people could hear. Fear jolted throughout your body and limbs. Well, there went your confidence. 

“Hey, Carl?” you said quietly from behind him. He turned over his shoulder and smiled at you, brushing his hair out of his face.

“Oh, hey, (Y/N),” Carl said with a smile. “What’s up?”

You took a deep breath and adjusted your shoulders, remembering Maggie’s advice. Be confident; Boys can’t resist a girl who knows what she wants and takes it.

“I really just want to talk about something,” you muttered. Well, there went your confidence. 

“I barely know you! There’s no way in hell you’re just gonna kill my friends, steal our shit, then take me back with you as a goddamn trophy! I won’t let that bullshit happen. You can sure as hell count on that. Do you have any idea what you’d put me through? Did you really expect me to say yes to your offer? Screw off,” you yelled, leaving Negan shocked. 

“Look, (Y/N), we’ve known each other for a really long time–and I care for you a lot. I just… I don’t want what happened to my dad to happen to us, you know? When my mom died, you saw him. You know how much it tore him apart. And Jessie, too. I don’t want that for us. Maybe if things were different, we’d work. I just care about you too much to risk that. I’m sorry,” Carl said gently, placing his hand on your shoulder before walking away. 

“Well, here’s the deal. Either you come back with me, or I kill someone. Anyone of my choice, and at the moment… I’m thinking cowboy,” Negan snarled, pointing his gun at Carl. His eye caught yours, and your breathing sped up. Sure, he let you down when you confessed everything to him, but you still cared for him.

“Fine,” you groaned, giving in to his threat. If he had killed Carl because of your defiance, you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself. “I’ll go with you, but I won’t be happy about it.”

“Ah, doll, you just give me time, and you’ll change your mind about that,” Negan grumbled. 

You nodded, for you were suddenly unable to speak to the boy you had grown to love. You had never felt so broken in your life. Of all the things you’d been through, you’d think a teenage heartbreak would be nothing. You’d be wrong.

 When you arrived at the Sanctuary, you were treated with a tour of the whole place. It was magnificent, really, how he had built this community from the ground up and given people a place to stay. These people didn’t just respect him–They worshipped him. They kneeled before him, and anyone who walked at his side was untouchable. 

When you first met Rick, you were introduced to everybody in the small group they had. It was amazing, really, how he had brought strangers together and given them hope. These people weren’t just his friends–They respected him. You were the only other kid in the group. Naturally, you and Carl were drawn to each other. You always felt safest when you were by his side. You knew he would keep you safe from all harm. 

“So, are you just gonna screw me all the damn time? Is that why I’m here?” you asked annoyedly. You had been through it before; the sexually suggestive comments, the inappropriate touches, and the filthy things that had been said to and about you. 

“God, no. I’ve got my wives for that. You… I want to get to know you,” Negan admitted, sitting down across from you and offering you some fruit.

You stared at him in disbelief. “You’re joking, right? Come on, if you want to screw me just do it. I’m not gonna sit around a goddamn table and talk about the weather with you like we’re friends. I hate your guts. I’d kill you if I could. You know that.”

“I just want to talk, really. I mean it. I’m not gonna make any moves on you,” he chuckled. For a moment, you caught yourself admiring the glint in his eyes, but you snapped yourself out of it before your mind could wander too far. 

“I don’t have many women who go on runs with me. I’ve seen you in your group; You’re tough. You could be of use to me, and I could give you whatever you want, as long as you stay here. This is a one time offer. I want you to really think about it before you just say no. You could really benefit from this-”

“I’ll do it.” Your bluntness took Negan by surprise, but he was delighted. 

When you arrived in Alexandria a week later, you had already assisted him with a few other communities, including the Hilltop and the Kingdom. You had never heard of it before, but you were greeted by Morgan, who informed you that Carol was okay. That was really a relief for you. Carl ran up to you with open arms, but Negan pointed the head of Lucille at his chest.

“Hands to yourself, cowboy,” he demanded. Carl was furious. You could tell. His mouth shut and he deeply and quickly exhaled clenching his fists at his sides. 

To your surprise, Negan came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, placing his head on your shoulder. Your shoulders awkwardly hunched to avoid his touch, but Negan didn’t seem to notice. 

“I think it’s time to go,” he whispered. You sadly smiled at Carl, then followed Negan into the truck. He drove alone with you in one of the smaller cars. 

“So,” he began, his voice being the only audible sound other than the rocking of the tires beneath you, “What’s up with you and cowboy?”

You shook your head, fiddling with a bracelet on your wrist. “Nothing’s up.”

“Come on, darlin’. You really expect me to believe he just came runnin’ up to ya’ because you’re buddies. Did ya’?” Negan taunted. When you remained silent, his voice softened. “Tell me.”

You exhaled deeply before allowing him into your past. “I loved him. I really did. We were young, but I know I loved him. I’ve known him since we were little kids, and his dad saved my life countless times. He’s a good guy–Rick. Go easy on him. Anyways, Carl didn’t feel the same way, and we just kinda… drifted apart. Of course we still talked occasionally. How couldn’t we? We were neighbors in Alexandria. Rick almost had me move in with them.”

Negan’s eyes darted between you and the road ahead of him. It was obvious he actually cared about what you had to say. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

The next week, when you went to visit Alexandria, Negan let you call the shots. He said he ‘just wasn’t feeling up to it.’ You knew better. You were helping everyone load up the trucks when you felt his firm grip on your shoulder. He spun you around so you were facing him and placed his face an inch away from yours. 

“Cowboy’s been keepin’ an eye on you,” he whispered. You didn’t know what was taking over you, but you began to lean into him. Before you could kiss him, he stopped you. “Save it for later, sweetheart.”

When you returned to your work, you noticed the old sheriff’s hat perched upon Carl’s head. You smiled at him, but he just frowned at you. 

“You don’t belong with him,” he said boldly, stepping closer to you. 

“Carl, cut it out. He’s gonna get mad if he sees you talking to me,” you warned. 

“Well, Cowboy. If she doesn’t belong with me, then who does she belong with? You?” Negan was back behind you, this time, his hands were placed on your shoulder and your hip. You stiffened under his grip, but he squeezed you lightly, reassuring you into easing up. 

“I’m sorry, Carl. We have to get going,” you muttered, turning away from him and climbing into the truck. On your way out, Negan grabbed Carl’s hat and tossed it on the ground behind him. 

“Oops,” he shrugged, and joined you in the car. 

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piasa1  asked:

Headcannon: Please do the first 6 guys for the Fem oral. I would be highly interested in seeing what they do! Love your writing!

tbh I was gonna wait a while to do this request but–

–as you can see there’s some high demand for giving a lady some head lmFAO

But for piasa1, thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the content so far and hope this suffices just as well ; v ; 


  • Generally? Someone who’s bite matches his bark, so he’s actually as good as he brags to be, even though you hate to admit it. He’s all about the senses–with taste likely being his favorite–so anything he can do with his mouth, he’s damn well about to do. The nice part is how easily you fall apart whenever he does it.
  • Technique? Is pretty sensual about it and likely starts from your stomach, to your inner thighs, and then to the main course. Expect it to be a little lavish and slow-building in a good, anticipating way; this is where he likes to take care of you, and it’s actually a little sweet. Will definitely make you cum more than once for this one.
  • Visual? Something like this.

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I decided to combine these two requests because they are extremely similar. thANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE FOLLOWERS I DON’T DESERVE IT

707 / Saeyoung / Luciel Choi

  • this guy would obviously be the first to know - not by your choice, but from the stalking background check he did when you joined the rfa´
  • he’d treat you with more carefulness than he did the other members, not just by the fact that he liked you, but because of your age, sometimes even refraining himself from telling certain jokes because he doesn’t want to fully corrupt you
  • sometimes he’d go for a really dirty joke and just sTOP midway through and stare at you wide-eyed like oH GOD MC I’M SORRY I FORGOT YOU’RE YOUNG
  • “I act older than you”
  • you have to constantly remind him that 4 years is not that much and that it does not make you a baby and NO, you don’t need to eat like 8 meals a day, stop it saeyoung
  • don’t get me wrong, your age had many up sides to it when it came to your relationship
  • he’d cuddle a LOT with you every time you two were together after a long day in school, and he’d always buy you sweets when you had exams
  • he’d pay extra care to anything you needed because he’d feel like he had to protect you from all harm ever
  • he’s actually a good teacher when you need it and for some reason he knows like 10 languages bruh wtf 
  • and he’s insanely good at math too and science and whAT CAN’T HE DO
  • but
  • oh god, bUT
  • he’s.a jealous.little.shit.
  • you’d have school projects, or even just casual outings after school with your friends, and he’d get so jelly
  • not to mention how he feels about those handsome jocks that go to your school
  • but back to the point - whenever you’re out with male friends, he’d call you a lot
  • and by call you I mean spam you,
  • “jagiya, all men are wolves!!! trust our zen’s wise words!! be back before the moon appears or they might jump on you!!”
  • “I’m not 6, saeyoung” 
  • but he’d only say that because he loves you and he’d never try to be too much prying or demanding, but he sure would have a hard time working
  • poor saeran has to handle him


  • “Assistant Kang, is this legal?”
  • he is used to seeing his father date women far younger than him, but seeing that happen to him is slightly weird
  • he’d get over the shock soon after, when you kiss him passionately and remind him that age is only a number and that it changes nothing about your feelings
  • lots of help for your exams because somehow for some reason he knows a lot of languages like saeyoung
  • you mentioned you wanted chocolate cake?? you’ll have three on your bed when you get home from school
  • he’d trust you and wouldn’t bother you like saeyoung, but he’d get stressed whenever you were out for a little too late at night
  • you’d get a text message from Jaehee complaining that he made her change his whole schedule after lunch
  • turns out he’d want to spend it with you and give you a giant speech about how you’re young and shouldn’t be out so late at night, that he loves you and gets worried every time you wake up with a hangover
  • you’d be pissed off at first because hEY he’s not your dad, and you’re not as young as he’s making you out to be
  • and then you get self-conscious because ??? is he trying to change you into a more fitting girlfriend of the company’s heir ??? 
  • but he kisses your worries away and whispers that you’ll always be perfect for him, it’s just that he doesn’t want you to make yourself so vulnerable
  • you spend the night cuddling because jumin han has a soft spot too and that’s called MC
  • he’s so glad that your parents actually approved of him, because an 18 year old dating a 27 year old would make most parents go insane
  • you all have diner together a lot


  • “babe, can I kiss you?”
  • yes this boy actually asks for permission, probably because you’re in your bedroom and the living room is just right by the corner and your DAD is in there
  • he is so scared of your parents oh god
  • the difference isn’t much at all, but he’s a broke college student and your parents are doubtful that he’ll go anywhere in life with his low grades and gaming addiction
  • so he usually sneaks kisses when they’re not looking with a lot of fear
  • he’ll know your struggles regarding being a student, you two will study together a lot
  • sometimes in his room and he ends up on top of you somehow and you wonder how he got from being so shy to heavily making out with you on the bed
  • still, you act way older than him
  • his mom loves you because of that and things you’re sO cute she just wants to keep you forever
  • still, even if you’re the best cook, cleaner and student out of too, he’s still the most protective one
  • if you’re going out (unless it’s girls only) he’d make sure to accompany you, just to make sure everything’s alright and no one abuses you 
  • his gaze would turn so cold whenever anyone actually touches you
  • he’s always such a playful guy and he always seems so distracted that you didn’t even know he could ever have that stare
  • lots of eating instant ramen for lunch because somehow you both forgot to bring a solid lunch to school, and now you’re meeting at some random convenience store


  • he’ll show you off to evERYONE
  • this is not even a joke, he’ll take you eVERYWHERE 
  • you’d never be insecure because of your age around him, this guy worships every inch of you 24/7 
  • when you told him he’d just legit love you even more because you can call him OPPA and we all know he has a kink for this word 
  • he’d sometimes be a little excessive like saeyoung and try to do some stuff like feeding you himself, as if you didn’t have a perfectly good hand
  • he’d rush over and freak out
  • he’ll straight up just want to take you to the hospital, even if the cut is barely bleeding
  • it’s just because he loves you a lot okay 
  • bridal style carrying you everywhere
  • piggy back rides in the middle of the street just because you made a comment about how your feet hurt
  • some surprisingly good back massages whenever you’re stressed that he learned when he was starting his career
  • somehow it ended up with you two making out idk man
  • your entire family loves him because he’s so charismatic and treats you just like a princess
  • actually, you feel like a qUEEN when you’re with him
  • zen will protect u from everything and you’re sure of that
Must Love Kids

Daddy Roman Request: Could I request something where Reader has a little boy and is afraid to let Roman and him meet n when she finally does Roman loves him and wants to call him his daddy? - requested by @m-a-t-91

DISCLAIMER: I hate doing these, but this is so necessary lol. This request is super long, it’s taken me so long to write it because it just didn’t work being short and all. So I let nature take it’s course. And here it is, all 6,111 words. Brew your tea, coffee, whatever, relax and…I hope you enjoy lol!


I vowed to myself that I’d never introduce my son to any man in my life unless I was sure things were serious between us. I was aware that the chances of that were very slim - eye of the needle slim. Men generally weren’t fond of women with kids by another man; than it is the other way around. I think woman are more tolerating? Or am I stereotyping and generalising? Well, I speak from my experience in dating because as soon as I mention I have a kid; it’s adios amigo. Have a nice life.

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50% OFF sentence starters

Because this show is hysterical. Send me one to see how my muse reacts. Feel free to alter pronouns and the like.

Trigger Warnings: So many violence/death/suicide mentions, drug references, some NSFW references

  • “I always thought swimming was kinda like doing somebody. You dive in, flop around a bit, and you either get booed or somebody gives you a medal. And then I found out swimming isn’t like that at all.”
  • “If you die, I get fired. And I like this job. People don’t ask questions here.”
  • “Everyone step away from the brain!”
  • “Aren’t you that kid that started that doomsday cult?”
  • “Are you upset? …Oh, who am I kidding, you’re always upset.”
  • “Nah, man, we didn’t go to prison, we went to holding. There’s a biiiiiig difference…”
  • “You’re gonna need a new back door.”
  • “They said they won’t let me back into sewing club, because apparently when I threaten someone with sewing needs, it’s deemed ‘inappropriate’ and I ‘have to leave.’”
  • “You’re so cute when you never shut up.”
  • “I’m not the Team Mom!”
  • “I have a daughter, somewhere. Doesn’t mean anything.”
  • “Five star hotel. Royalty, bitches!”
  • “I choose the greatest sport of all time: Gay Chicken.”
  • “So I’m in the backseat crying, [name] says we’ve gotta return the panda to the zoo, and then the brakes go out! Luckily, I still made it in time for my Pilates class.”
  • “Okay, [name]. Time to kill yourself.”
  • “Not me this time. This time, it’s 100% goofy, contrived fate.”
  • “This doesn’t seem like the time for polka renditions of Ke$ha songs.”
  • “You’re like our mom! The Team Mom.”
  • “What’s up, sluts?! Guess who just got outta prison?”
  • “You can’t spell ‘sass’ without ‘ass,’ and you’re being one.”
  • “He’s so hot but so crazy! Which makes him even more hot!”
  • “That boy ain’t right.”
  • “Oh my God, is he dead?! Why did you put him in the car?!”
  • “I love you, but please… shut up.”
  • “[Name] forced me to wear this. Don’t say anything.”
  • “No. No, you’re dead. I killed you.”
  • “Now, if you excuse me, I have to go spray-paint Illuminati symbols on my ex-wife’s house. She thinks I don’t know she’s involved, but I know. THE WORLD MUST KNOW.”
  • “Aren’t you that kid that was drinking a can of Raid through a bendy straw?”
  • “Homeboy looks like Shark Week. I ain’t messing with that.”
  • “Boom. Done. Advice over. Let’s go get shitfaced.”
  • “Is it weird for me to think he looks good in that swimsuit? I mean… really good. It’s totally not weird, right?”
  • “It feels like forever since you drowned [name] in the deep end and tried to burn down the swim club.”
  • “What did we say about voodoo? It’s only for cheap revenge and shrinking heads.”
  • “You say ‘you people’ like you’re not part of the family. Got some news for you: you’re already on the Christmas card.”
  • “Reports of my demise were, uh… greatly exaggerated.”
  • “Look, [name] is swimming his gay little heart for you.”
  • “[Name] tried to get me to vandalize a police station again. Can I get a ride home?”
  • “Good thing I wore my Heelies…”
  • “My parole officer says I need more extracurriculars.”
  • “Wonder if that stuff I hid is still here. …Nah, cops probably took it.”
  • “I think I hate him. Or love him. Whatever.”
  • “Hands are part of your arms! …This is why we don’t talk anymore.”
  • “Did you invite him to that weird nightclub where all the dancers are wearing gas masks?”
  • “This reminds me of prison!”
  • “You do exhibit rather… motherly behavior.”
  • “I know you can hear me down in Hell, you stupid jerk.”
  • “You’ll stay. Like it or not, you’re just like us.”
  • “They’re just too dumb to die.”
  • “We’re gonna go with dark magic today. We’ll call you if we need voodoo.”
  • “Yes, yes, we all demand blood.”
  • “Wait, I’m not done staring!”
  • “You still hang out in abandoned buildings?”
  • “I thought I was Zeus! …I WAS Zeus.”
  • “I can’t get you into the men’s locker room again.”
  • “[Name] and [name]?  Dead? Let me tell you something. Those two are literally impossible to kill. To prove a theory, I one time tried to just straight-up shoot ‘em with a real-ass gun. The bullet missed, ricocheted off a frying pan on the wall, and broke open a cabinet full of bottles, which I then tripped on and fell over. Hurt my pride more than anything…”
  • “[Name], I know you can’t read.”
  • “Yeah, I’ve seen that guy before. Cats go into his house, but… cats don’t come out of his house…”
  • “Back off, I called dibs like five years ago.”
  • “Bitch, you gonna be mine.”
  • “Look, I already visited the local church, mosque, synagogue, Satanic temple, Scientology center, Kingdom Hall, and I tweeted at Kanye. Just covering all the bases.”
  • “Didn’t we make a pact to stop her from doing this weeb shit?”
  • “I think that guard you killed had a family!”
  • “Why is your first suggestion always to break into [name]’s house?”
  • “Please call the police, because I look so good in this, it should be against the law. …Please don’t actually call the police, though, I WILL incriminate all of you.”
  • “You know what, this rescue mission doesn’t need your sass.”
  • “He’s probably in the shower, you know, washing the failure out.”
  • “One of you shot the [name] that can READ.”
  • “That was not a clown, that was my Juggalo friend. But your fear WAS warranted, he’s the one that set the pinata on fire.”
  • “It’s not just some simple task, like riding a bicycle, or cracking an egg, or committing premeditated murder.”
  • “This is getting ridiculous. We need a tutor or something.”
  • “Ten bucks says he dies.”
  • “Do not be alarmed. I am about to be hilarious.”
  • “You know what else is fun? Killing your best friend.”
  • “It may be hard to believe, but recently, I lost the ability to read.”
  • “I gotta go… not… talk to you to anymore.”
  • “Ohhhh… six-two, shark teeth, cries when you call him bitchbaby?”
  • “You took the fall for me, and I said ‘thank you.’”
  • “[Name], if I do die, there’s something I want you to do for me. I want a sweet-ass Viking funeral.”
  • “Your arrest record is extensive. And amateur.”
  • “I feel like you’re running out of solid shark references to call me.”
  • “Fuck it. Let’s do this.”
  • “You invited a party clown! I’m afraid of clowns!”
  • “I have to Tumblr this!”
  • “I thought this show was about drugs or something.”
  • “Oh, no… I got another flashback boner.”
  • “Let’s spend more nights in abandoned lighthouses.”
  • “Metaphorical? More like metaHORRIBLE! …ZING!”
  • “Yeah, I know, inner turmoil, identity crisis, whatever.”
  • “Ha, your ass just got Looney Tune’d.”
  • “I was just rooting around in the garbage at this boy’s house, and I found this!”
  • “Let’s just skip all the fluff and get to the part where we’re shirtless.”
  • “Were you having a goldfish-drinking contest? Because my record is eleven before I barf.”
  • “[Name], go to my house, open the third desk drawer, and burn everything inside! But hold your breath while you do it!”
  • “Thanks for the life lesson, ‘Boy Meets World.’ How’s YOUR repressed love life doing?”
  • “Was macing us really necessary AFTER you remembered who we were?”
  • “[Name], find your chill, my dude.”
  • “We’re gonna be date–LATE.”
  • “There were 398 votes for you. THERE’S FIVE OF US.”
  • “Did [name] just fall down the stairs wearing stilts?”
  • “I had advice from a person who literally doesn’t know what they’re doing at any time of day.”
  • “If you’re here to do your unsettling demon voice, it is not appreciated at this moment.”
  • “‘And then Crowley handcuffed Dean to the chair, roughly straddling his–’ WHOA! Okay! Let’s just, uh… let’s put that one in the backpack for safekeeping.”
  • “Man, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning. Forty-five minutes ago is ‘way back’ for me.”
  • “I’m some stealing some chem equipment for some stuff, and I don’t want you small-time hoods messing that up.”
  • “You know what plausible deniability means, kid?”
  • “So anyway, I regain consciousness, there’s cops everywhere, [name]’s covered in blood, got an ice pick… heh-heh, it was kind of a weird Tuesday!”
  • “She’s a witch! Push her in the pool!”
  • “Look, dude, I don’t know what to tell you. I showed up late, you killed all these people, you started calling me ‘thrall,’ and all I know is that I’m missing pizza night for whatever this is.”
  • “Is this a regular flashback or a sexy flashback?”
  • “It wasn’t a dream! We got arrested for trespassing! WE WENT TO JAIL!”
  • “You have to worry about your safe-cracker, your ground control, your spotter, your bag man, your getaway – any of them could be farm-fresh, or worse… undercover.”
  • “How many guys you pair up on the way here?”
  • “A guy with emotional issues who swims away his problems? Lady, that’s the whole team. You’re going to have to be more specific.”
  • “I’m just saying… is it illegal if I’m in my OWN pool?”
  • “I need a soda. Or therapy. Probably both.”
  • “We erected several statues of you, as requested, but, uh, people aren’t really worshiping them. They’re just sorta… taking selfies in front of them…”
  • “Look at that majestic-ass motherfucker. Like a dolphin or some shit. A dolphin with legs. And arms. And a jetpack.”
  • “Now get back to it before you learn a lesson in urban post-war torture practices!”
  • “I broke in again.”
  • “If you continue your attempts at flirting, I will be forced to take drastic measures.”
  • “I went to jail! I learned things. Terrible things…”
  • “[Name] said we were gonna get baked and watch ‘Game of Thrones.’ I wanna see some tits.”
  • “I spent six months in a correctional facility! I stabbed a girl in the yard!”
  • “Bitch, don’t even fucking think about it.”
  • “[Name] was up all last night, jerking it to real porn like a weirdo.”
  • “You put five marijuana cigarettes in your mouth and refused to answer to us unless we called you ‘King Kush.’”
  • “Shut up, shut up, shut up! Shhhh! I smell boys being gay!”
  • “I see my reputation as a mastermind and entrepreneur precedes me.”
  • “Can’t prove nothing if they’re all dead.”
  • “I spent hours of research and studying. Minus that hour I had to spend calming down [name] after we watched The Notebook.”
  • “Come on, you can do me! It! It. You can do IT.”
  • “If I get out of this chair, I guarantee you’ll end up in one with wheels.”
  • “You guys ever wonder if we’ll meet someone normal?”
  • “We solved the curse of the island, and realized that the real ax-murderer was love all along.”
  • “Excuse me, I am trying to scream my feelings into your mouth.”
  • “Now we owe [name] a favor. That is NOT a position you want to be in.”
  • “That wasn’t hot. It was just fucking weird.”
  • “[Name]’s faster than she looks. And she tore through that chain fence like it was tinfoil!”
  • “This is it. This is the year I get my penis back from that dolphin who stole it.”
  • “So there’s me and [name], doing 80 in a 35, he goes right through the police blockade, I tell him to stop, he tells me there was something in the trunk… it was pretty much the best birthday ever.”
  • “I take boxing lessons at the Y. It started because K-pop concert security is tougher than it looks, but I just got hooked on the feeling of crushing someone’s face in with a solid right cross.”
  • “The election didn’t even matter that much; you cheated anyway.”
  • “I learned to swim the old-fashioned way. When I was five, my dad took me out to a lake and tossed me right out into the water. Making it to shore was easy. Getting out of the sack was hard, though…”
  • “Come on, [name], I put a LOT of money on you. Possibly against my better judgement.”
  • “I feel like I should argue this, but the potential for implied sexual antics is far too appealing.”
  • “That’s how they do it in Australia. And prison.”
  • “We’re all here ‘cause we’re not welcome anywhere else.”
  • “My baby can take it and dish it out! I am so turned on right now, I’m about half-mast.”
  • “He’s not my boyfriend. We were officially engaged in the fall. I’m thinking a spring wedding.”
  • “[Name], why are you getting naked?”
  • “Then you just take out your trusty lockpick, and you’re in!”
  • “Is there more to life than obsessing over two boys kissing?”
  • “This place just keeps getting dumber…”
  • “[Name], I love you, but you’re dumb as hell.”
  • “I’m not arrogant. I’m just that good.”
  • “I’m not taking care of your raccoon again!”
  • “I have to go scream confusing, end of the world ramblings at people under the freeway.”
  • “I’ll be on it like [name] on a centerfold spread.”
  • “Whatever. I did my time.”
  • “Still doing that weird demon thing to him?”
  • “Bed? But what about possible ax-murderers?”
  • “No! Stop! Don’t play the intro over me, that’s rude!”
  • “I’d do anything to you, [name]. FOR you!”
  • “Shut up, you’re high as balls!”
  • “Here I thought [name] was the craziest person you knew.”
  • “Just jerk it to hentai like a normal person.”
  • “I’ve got mace! The good shit, the kind they use on bears!”
  • “Did my sister send you here in an attempt to get us to emotionally reconnect?”
  • “You know how they say ‘sticks and stones may break my bones?’ Yeah, that’s not just a phrase…”
  • “Does anyone wanna hear my tragic backstory?”
  • “…You broke out, didn’t you?”
  • “I had a dream like this, once. You surprisingly had more clothes on, though, at least at the start.”
  • “Alright, so I didn’t wanna have to do this right at the start, but I represent a certain mutual acquaintance. One [name].”
  • “Hey, we try not to get this part of the gym wet, so whatever you’re doing is gonna have to stop.”
  • “You can’t have sex with your neighbor’s above-ground backyard pool.”
  • “Bodies… so hot. Brains… so dumb.”
  • “Well, piss in my asshole, I’m out like fifteen hundred bucks…”
  • “Aren’t you that guy that drowned a kid? And burned down that building? And sells Whip-Its under the bleachers?”
  • “Let me help you out of that swimsuit–POOL! The… the pool.”
  • “I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me how to swim. Or how to fuck Dean Winchester.”
  • “[Name]? Are you home? It’s me, [name]. …Okay, I’m gonna break in!”
  • “Only God to judge.”
  • “We’ve been banned from every pool in the area.”
  • “He’s delicate. Like a flower. Or a snitch’s collarbone.”
  • “So [name] pulls out a gun and decides to hold up the liquor store. He tells me to restrain the clerk, the clerk pulls out a gun and we’ve got a Mexican standoff! But anyway, how was your summer break?”
  • “Oh, no. He’s hot when he’s sad.”
  • “How many bodies you think would fit in here? I’m gonna say ‘a lot.’ Looks like a lot.”
  • “[Name], if I do die, there’s something I need you to do for me… bury me with my swimsuits.”
  • “Some stuff happened. I don’t want to talk about it. Shut up!”
  • “Yeah, sure, don’t listen to craaazy old [name], because that one time he stole a Zamboni and joyrode it around town and tried to take it through a McDonald’s drive through, and then they wouldn’t serve him, so he drove it into the front of the McDonald’s, and they called the cops and then there was a Mexican standoff!
  • “We went white-water rafting, and he pushed me right out! I hit so many rocks…”
  • “I bought stilts.”
  • “Maybe next time, don’t get disqualified by throwing GRENADES AT THE OTHER SWIMMERS.”
  • “Don’t patronize me! I’m not [name]!”
  • “Why do we even care about losing? We’ve never cared about that kind of stuff.”
  • “You’re all probably getting nervous, and that’s normal. You really don’t stand a chance here, so I really can’t blame you.”
Savages (4)

Bucky&Steve x reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, stress, threesome(s), graphic male-female and male-male sexual acts

(The dates)

Savages (1) Savages (2) Savages (3)

Originally posted by enochianess

Summary: As a high-end fashion designer you’re living an extensively comfortable life. When your relationship of six years ends, you’re not too happy to see your newly-ex on the arm of another woman directly after; which is part of the reason you don’t mind running in to two men, who seem to have some exciting plans with you. As a woman who always gets what she wants, you immediately recognise men who are used to that exact same thing, and you’re more than happy to be the one to put them in their place.

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i think i found myself a cheerleader // act one

klance || high school au || sfw || 14,000 words

“I am trying to figure out these VSEPR exercises,” Keith sighs. Loudly. “You know, like—”

“Like valence-shell electron-pair repulsion theory?” Lance finishes for him.

Keith stares.

Lance bats his eyelashes and chews on his bubblegum, blowing a large bubble and snapping it right in front of Keith’s face. “What?” he says. “Like it’s hard.”

(or, the fic in which antisocial loner Keith seeks chemistry tutoring from resident airhead cheerleader Lance. Who, actually, isn’t that much of an airhead as it turns out.)

thank you for taking the time to read my fic! i’m really excited to write it and it’s a really fun ride, so enjoy!

>> READ ON AO3 <<

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anonymous asked:

You're an amazing writer! Your kink headcanon was deliciously scandalous!haha. I was wondering if you could continue the kink headcanon with the rest of the lords? Please? And thank you!

Why, thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed those–they were pretty fun to write o v o Since I did Yukimura, Masamune, and Kojuro here, I’ll gladly give you the rest of the lords in this post!

Are you ready for more Sin because that’s where we’RE HEADED


  • This guy thinks he’s hot shit, so he’s generally going to be dominate with his partner, especially in the beginning. He likes giving orders and not quite giving you everything you want immediately–he wants you begging for it and writhing underneath him first.
  • On that note, he really just tends to get off on his partner being completely obedient and at his mercy. He likes to tell them how to pleasure him and watch as they do their utmost to follow his directions as perfectly as possible. He, uh, might even fancy giving rewards for… good behavior.
  • Likes being tied up, but likely never bothers to let you know that until you muster up the guts to straddle him and push him down yourself. He suggests it nonchalantly, though his eyes are lit up in excitement–”Oh, and why don’t you bind me by the wrists while you’re at it? Or does your boldness only stop here?”
  • Super into biting and nipping all over–if you let him linger too long, he’ll definitely leave hickeys in places you have a hard time hiding. It’s his way of showing off.
  • He’d kill anyone who learned of this, but he absolutely melts if you whisper sweet nothings in his ear. Loves to hear how much you adore him and how special he is too you–it’s a weakness he’ll deny every time, but he turns to putty in your hands.

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wizardesslover  asked:

lords reaction in love traingle- how they express their jealousyyy specially lord kojuro

Hmmm hmmm hmmm, fun deliciousssss. Fufufufufu, let’s do this! I think their reaction would differ and largely depends on who their love rival is. So these are just a generalization. That said, a lot of these are based on canon in the game:

Nobunaga will whisk you away if he could afford the time, bringing you with him in one of his seemingly random adventurous trips, to get you away from Mitsuhide (or Hideyoshi, or Inuchiyo). He’ll be an absolute spoiled brat on the way, always demanding to be fed with dessert and such. At night he’ll spoil you senseless, coaxing moans and screams that could be heard by the whole castle and deliberately leaving kiss marks and other telltale of what goes down between the sheets in some very, very obvious places. Then smugly smirks all day long and will absolutely brag about it to anyone who would care to listen. 

Mitsuhide will bottle it up. Since his love rival is most likely be Nobunaga. At one event, after drinking, he confesses to you how much this jealousy torments him since he feels that no matter how good or perfect he is, Nobu is always more charismatic, exciting and a step ahead of him in warfare (this is canon). This will translate into him being an absolute beast in bed (yay?) and ahem, the Honnouji incident, of course… we all know how that will go down. With other love rivals, like Kenshin for instance, in one of the event stories, he’ll be icily diplomatic but firm in establishing you as his (even when you are still known as Yahiko).

Yukimura will outright say that he is jealous. But it will take some time (because pure child is rather dense in that department) for him to actually realize that this thing that’s been bothering him inside whenever he sees Saizo or Shingen tease you, is indeed jealousy. Unless it hit him square in the face, like what happened in the current event, when he saw you fell on Kikujiro. He’ll drag you into a corner and kiss you breathless. Jealousy has a good side effect on him, it completely dissolves his timidity and tendency to nosebleed, making him bolder and more physical. So much win!

Saizo will never say anything. He’ll have the most epic internal battle with the green-eyed monster but he will never show it outright. He’ll just look like dead fish on the outside. He cherishes your feelings for him and is selfish enough to covet it but at the same time, He knows that you would have an easier life if you just fall for Yukimura instead, (or any other regular samurai really) thank god that cinnamon roll is dense. He’ll accept fewer jobs that would take him away from you though, if he can afford to do so. If he couldn’t he’ll assign Hanzo or a murder of crows to shadow you. 

Masamune will react to his jealousy before he actually realizes that he is jealous. Like offering to take Kojuro’s place to teach you swordplay because he doesn’t like the way he puts his arms around you, or kick Shigezane out of his study when he brings that illustrated dirty porn love guide to show you. Then he’ll make plans to spend some time just with you, either with a trip or a whole day experimenting in the kitchen. You will realize that he is jealous, but the word jealous will not cross his mind but he will instead, ask you to stay with him and spend your time with him and him only. 

Kojuro will be absolutely aware that he is jealous and is a little bit mortified to feel such petty feelings (he’s older, he should know better!). If his love rival is Masamune, he’ll be absolutely crushed too - there’s that guilty feeling, and his loyalty will compel him to give you up for Masamune, especially when it is so rare for his kuudere lord to be taken up to a woman ( I wrote a Kojuro jealousy fic, it’s currently on hold though). He will discuss his feelings with you, and make it clear that you have choices and that he will respect it. You will have to convince him that he is the one and only for you, upon which he will carry you home to his messy bedroom and body worship you for three days straight. In a more kinky headcanon, I think Kojuro will be open to a threesome polyamory relationship with Masamune ;) May I recommend a filthy hot porn excellent smut fic of this? Read Twice as Nice by the uber-talented @midorikaze

Inuchiyo will have a hard time to contain his jealousy, ooohhh boy. We know how he could be when he’s drunk and jealous. On a lighter note, he’ll switch his detective mode on and find out everything about his love rival and then judge for himself if this person is worthy of being your love interest and his love rival. He does this with Saizo in one of the story events, in Tenka, he challenges Yukimura to a riverside spar, also, remember when punched a hole in the wall to Hideyoshi’s room so he can watch over you? Other times he will get drunk (like when Mitsuhide presents himself to our mum) Puppy can turn into a beast, yes, but puppy also wants you to be happy. You just have to tell Puppy that he is #1 and he’ll be the happiest overgrown puppy in the universe. 

Hideyoshi will be extra, extra, extra nice and attentive, or extra, extra, extra mischievous, showering you with gifts and or pranks, to the point that you realize something is not quite right. When you insists on questioning him, he will eventually confess that he is indeed jealous, but he feels like he doesn’t have the right to ask you not to pay attention to other guys, which of course will compel you to do just that. 

Ieyasu will hide his jealousy with more barbed words, sarcasm and snarks, and it will feel like an interrogation. He’ll fish for answers and reactions like asking you “Toramatsu is cute, isn’t he?” or to Toramatsu “Would you like to bed her?” which will be absolutely terrifying (this is kinda canon, though, he did fish for Toramatsu’s feelings for you). But they’ll be just words. Ieyasu tries not to dwell on it beyond words because he realizes that it’s petty and he has no time to deal with it. He’ll monopolize your time though, ordering you to do menial works in his study like grinding herbs or mending his old clothes, just to spend some more time with you and keep you away from other potential suitors. When he’s comfortable, he’ll let it slip that he’s jealous and proceed to fall asleep on your lap. Hahaha, there will be a jealous Ieyasu somewhere in the future chapters of my Ieyasu fic, find the first chapters here and here.    

Mitsunari will recognize that he is jealous and will absolutely hate himself for feeling that way, like why does this girl cause so much unnecessary feels inside? It’s bad enough that Hideyoshi does this to him in a semi-regular basis. Since he can’t deal with it, he’ll be extra roasty and horrible to the point where he makes you cry. Upon which he’ll feel even more miserable. The he’ll either do something nice and apologize or he’ll switch to Saki, and Saki can do something nice and apologize and explain that Mitsuntsun is a jealous jealous jealous tsundere.   

Shingen is old mature enough to find it funny that he should feel jealous at all. But the fact that he feels it at all tells him that his feelings for you is deeper than he realizes. He’s confident enough that his sexual prowess skill as a lover is enough for you but at some point he’ll talk to you about it and ask you if you change your mind and want someone younger. I get the feeling that if he finds his woman’s thought stray, he’ll blame himself because that means he didn’t do a good job of being her man. He did this in one of Tenka’s event where he invited Kojuro to stay in Kai and he expressed his interest in you. But of course you’ll stick with him, and after confirming that he’ll take you to his room and make sure you couldn’t walk straight the next day. 

Kenshin - jealousy, what jealousy? He would probably only be jelly if you’re having trysts with other guys without inviting him - life is too short. He trusts your standard and taste and doesn’t mind sharing. The more the merrier, right? But at the end of the night, he wants you to come home with him and share your sleep only with him.