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Basic YouTube Etiquette

This is for all the assholes who seem to think they’re really Edgy™️ for being incredibly rude for no reason. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

- Don’t type, “First.” Not only does no one care, but it is also annoying to the creator. They value thought-provoking comments or critiques made by fans who care about their content. Seven thousand “First!” comments clutter up the feed and can prevent the creator from viewing these well-meaning comments.

- Don’t complain about ads. That’s how creators make their money. Before you start moaning about how greedy they are for wanting money, you have no idea of their financial position. They might have family issues, medical issues, or just basic life issues that they never bring to the public but still need the paycheck in order to work it out. No, I don’t care how big of a channel they are. You don’t. Know. Their personal life.

- Don’t demand content from creators. They aren’t your slaves. No, you don’t pay for them. Whilst I’m sure they appreciate the time you place into watching their videos, you are not their boss and are not in charge of the content they create. If they create content you dislike, certainly speak out, but be respectful. Don’t give a basic, “Hey! Your stuff is dumb now. :I Make more Let’s Plays!”

- Don’t say, “Your channel is dying.” I shouldn’t really need to explain myself here. They know. They probably know before anyone else if their channel is not doing well since they have access to all the information to their channel. Imagine if you were falling on hard times and someone said, “Wow, you’ve fallen onto hard times.” It’s inconsiderate, and making a joke out of it simply makes it worse.

- Don’t kick creators while they’re down. This irritates me more than the “First” commenters. It’s kicking a YouTuber when their channel is already dead. “Hey, remember when this channel was relevant?” “Lol, ur channel is so dead.” It’s laughing at someone who practically lost their job. You’re an asshole if you do it simply so you can appear cool and relevant because you know who’s successful and who is not.

Please be considerate. I’m not trying to silence those I disagree with. If you want to speak your mind, I encourage it. However, it is taken in a better light if you do it in a respectful manner.

An unbelievably cheesy drabble inspired from a Youtuber!Zayn AU posted by @zlanet


Liam whines into Zayn’s neck, limbs tangled beneath the heavy duvet draped over their bodies. He mumbles something against Zayn’s skin, but the headphones covering Zayn’s ears block out any sound Liam whispers.

Liam pokes him in the stomach, pushing onto his elbows as Zayn removes his headphones and rests them around his neck, eyebrows raised expectantly at Liam.

“Stop editing,” he mumbles, lips pushed into a pout that he kisses over Zayn’s chin. “I wanna sleep.”

“Me editing isn’t affecting your ability to sleep,” Zayn mutters back, dragging a hand through Liam’s hair. “I need to get this video done by tomorrow, s’ going up in the morning.”

Zayn returns his eyes briefly to the screen, a smile shifting over his lips at Liam’s pout as Zayn lists off the most annoying things about him. He knows his subscribers are going to go mad over ‘The Boyfriend Tag’ they filmed yesterday; comments have been left requesting the video on every form of his social media for months, now.

“Finish it in the morning,” Liam demands softly, before adding a quick “please” afterwards. “I wanna cuddle.”

Zayn snorts, grinning at how cute Liam is.

“Fine,” he eventually says, watching a smile immediately lift Liam’s lips. “Only because that pout could kill.”

Liam wrinkles his nose, reaching up to kiss Zayn. He waits patiently as Zayn saves the video and closes his laptop screen, placing it on the floor next to the bed and turning to Liam while yawning.

“Love you,” Liam whispers happily, momentarily cupping Zayn’s cheek with the palm of his hand as he kisses him again.

Zayn smiles sleepily, throwing his head down onto the pillow and pushing closer to Liam on the mattress.

“You know, a lot of people have been asking for me to do a ‘Boyfriend Does my Makeup’ video,” Zayn tells him, giggling as Liam raises an eyebrow.

“You want me to do your makeup?” He asks curiously, wrapping an arm around Zayn’s waist and pulling him impossibly closer. “I don’t even know what types of makeup there are.”

“We can google it,” Zayn suggests, “or ask Caroline. Only if you want, f’ course.”

Liam shrugs, tracing the knobs of Zayn’s spine with light fingertips.

“Sure,” he smiles, his hands trailing up Zayn’s neck and into the thick strands of hair at the back of his head. “Your subscribers love me.”

He’s joking, but Zayn know it’s true. Every vlog he puts up gets hundreds of comments about how adorable Liam is and how sweet they are together.

“/I/ love you,” Zayn remarks softly, uncaring of how cheesy he sounds.

“Cute,” Liam teases while nudging his nose against Zayn’s, kissing him gently with a hand cradling the back of his skull.

anonymous asked:

what do you think is the biggest reason why skam is on its last season?

I think that maybe the actors wanted to get paid more (or something money related) but Skam didn’t get any extra money for going viral, like the video clips with subtitles are posted on youtube sites of people who don’t work for Skam so Skam doesn’t get money for any of those views. All they get is recognition and popularity. And since so many people watch it now I can expect the cast to demand to get more money or the cast wanting to explore more outside of Norwegian. 4 seasons is a lot for local shows like this.

Imagine being Sonny’s sister and eloping with Jamie

(A/N: Dedicated to the Anon who requested this. Sorry for the wait and don’t you worry. There will be a part two to fulfil the rest of the details of your request. I felt bad for the wait you wait so I thought I would split it into two so you would have something. I wanted a whole imagine dedicated to there reactions to it all. Also I wanted to apologies if this isn’t the best. I’m slightly under the weather so I’m sorry if it’s a bit of a mess. I’ll get back to normal soon and make sure the next part is much better. Hope you enjoy regardless!)

Imagine being Sonny’s sister and eloping with Jamie

You’ve always thought that you were born into the wrong family.

You were more of a Reagan and Jamie was more of a Carisi. You never fit in much with your family but you did his and it was the same for Jamie, vice versa. Not that your families didn’t love you both and include you. It’s just that you were more like each others than your own. And it wasn’t just you and Jamie who thought it either. That ‘suggestion’ was the second most quoted phrase about and you and Jamie. To the point when you and Jamie were six Danny convinced you both that you had been switched at birth and you both ended up crying as you assumed it meant that you would have to leave your mommys.

The first one?

Have you finally admitted that you like each other yet?

You didn’t like it at first. You and your teenage rebellion hated that just because you and Jamie were best friends and had been that way since you both met when you were four, that everybody assumed that you liked each other. Secretly, in love, they would say. You used to get angry whenever your Mother or older brother and sisters would make a comment about it after you told  them about your day which inevitably included Jamie, he was your best friend. It annoyed you to the point that you would make throw up sounds and helplessly cringed.

That all changed though.

When you did fall in love with him.

After that you played it off causally, as if it didn’t bother you. Shying away to hide your evident blushing. You realised how fully and helplessly in love you were with your best friend Jamie Reagan when you were sixteen. After twelve years of friendship. You didn’t say anything. You didn’t want to lose having your best friend in your life on the extremely low chance that he felt the same way about you.

So, another twelve years later. You were both twenty-eight, still best friends, you were still in love with him and he still didn’t know.

You and Jamie have been inseparable since the day you met on the first day of kindergarten. You shared your crayons with each other. You both came from large families, were the youngest in those respective families and you both always felt different in comparison to the rest of them. Jamie was the only person that knew everything about you and vice versa. You’d seen each other through ever high and low of each others life.


Which, looking back on it. Could be the reason why they always teased you about him. Especially, your older brother, Sonny. Though, he says it is because that he knew that you were perfect for each other, a comment you secretly wished was true but adamantly denied. It was always worse when you were together. You were both basically apart of each others families which meant they weren’t phased by embracing you both about talking about your ‘secret but obvious’ love for each other. You tended to join in and mock yourself while Jamie tended to shy away and hiss, particularly at Danny.

It was easier to join and have everyone assume you’re only joking than pretend that you didn’t  like him at all. Up until this point it was a plan that was working just fine. Convincing everyone but yourself.

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If Walls Could Talk

Part 3: Chinese. Ice Cream. Shots.

Summary: Sober thoughts are drunk actions. 

Word Count: 2195

Pairing: Jensen x Nicole

Warnings: Drinking.

A/N: This is my entry for my own YouAU Challenge! It will be five parts total, and I’m having way too much fun writing this. Yet, here we are. Enjoy!


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Screenshots from SWIMMING IN DEBT | HunieCam Studio #2! :D

Well first Jack was broke and in debt in Tube Tycoon and now he is in HunieCam Studios. xD Those ladies and their high demanding pay checks I’m telling you!

Honestly I wasn’t expecting Jack to make another video of this game but I’m not complaining at all that he made another video of this game I really like watching him play this. ^_^ Actually I really want to buy this game for myself in all seriousness! Even though it is a weird game but I still think it looks really addictive and fun to play and plus I loved HuniePop and this just feels like a charming spin off game or spirtual sequal to that. :) If I had money to actually buy games right now I totally would. Haha! :D

Actually I have something else to post before I could go to sleep. This is not about me this time so you might wanna read. So, as some of you may know, I am easily terrified by horror stuff. But I never got so scared that I was like “nope nope nope fudge that” and went to do something completely different and let me tell you I know what being freaked out feels like. Now why did I tell you this? Because I remember Lachlan saying that when he watched a gameplay of Slender, he got so scared that he just unplugged his earphones, shut down his laptop, held the button to reboot it so the video wouldn’t even be on his browser. And only now it occured to me how freaking scared you have to be to have a reaction like that. Like, absolutely terrified. And yet he played FNaF, he played horror maps because of the demands of his fans. He was scared, we all know, but he still did it. I really feel like I didn’t appreciate him enough before realising this but now I really do.

kiyralynn: Monday: Chatted with Ben Rosenfield & Taissa Farmiga this afternoon. I am an admirer of both, Ben for his work in the film “Affluenza” and Taissa for her performances in “American Horror Story.” The two of them have amazing chemistry in their feature “Six Years” about first love, relationships, and hard choices which premiered at SXSW this year. A topic almost anyone can relate to in their early twenties. Their skills in this movie did not disappoint - I am now an even bigger fan of both (plus the soundtrack is killer too). “Six Years” will release on Netflix on September 8th or you can watch it now on Video On Demand. Go see it.


THIS IS A PSA!!! Go watch their videos. Go get their music. Go listen to their new album preview and get it when it drops. Even if you don’t have the money right now you can always go to k2n then support them on itunes later. I demand that you stop ignoring them and you start loving yourselves. They are a gift, a blessing, a potential savior of kpop! They exist and they are right here so just love them please!