i demand tears during this reunion

Don’t think about Bellamy and Clarke separating in s4 to try and find a solution to the “end-of-the-world” pt.2 

Don’t think about the nightly, if not hourly radio conversations they have to hear each other’s voices again check-in with the each other

Don’t think about there not being any danger, but one of their radios dies and the other having an absolute panic attack

Don’t think about the reunion that would have them colliding together in the Hug to end all Hugs

Don’t think about one of them whispering “you’re alive!” into the other’e ear during this year-long hug while the other just hugs them back and says “well duh”

Don’t think about the inevitable kiss that would follow because the moment, in all of its blazing glory, absolutely demands it 

Let me talk Namjin for second. I was watching Bon Voyage and when Namjoon needs to leave because he lost his passport, Jin looks absolutely devastated. Boy was THIS close to crying (and I’m pretty sure he did after they finished filming). And then when they were at the airport, that eye contact EVEN THOUGH NAMJOON WAS WEARING SUNGLASSES (to hide how sad he actually was that fake smile was just bad Namjoon it broke my heart a little). I swear they NEEDED to hug and give each other a kiss but no they were filming. And Jin just looked like he had his own personal storm cloud over his head after that. He perked up a bit but even so the following episodes he looked sad. And I swear like 90% he was tearing up during Namjoon’s little video message to them. UGH… my Namjin heart..♥

Please tell me someone wrote about their reunion when they returned to Korea. I need it to be a thing.