i demand publication

Here we go, again!

Since you’re going to be so much of a pussy to block me before I can respond to you, @stormpilotsons

Did anyone fucking ask you, lol? You’re going to get critique on a public MULTI-media website. That’s what you get when you post art. Fusion is like a new being with combined aspects. Look at Sugilite. She’s totally new, except for combined aspects, maybe facial traits. It’s like how a child looks versus their parents features. It clearly isn’t meant to be creative because the hair is the same, and the outfits are only layered. I never said that their art wasn’t beautiful, but apparently from your words, they didn’t ask for opinions, let alone a critique, which you will get. Grow up. And the fact that you stay around my blog, and choose to then argue with me on it is pitiful.

If you do not like it, you can get off of it, or better yet, block me, because I want nothing to do with another hypocritical and pitiful ‘sjw’.

I have less than forty followers, so you think people wouldn’t care what I think, but you always have some dumb ass writing you up.

News flash. I don’t care. After this I will disengage. Because it doesn’t take a genius to know how good, yet how bad Tumblr can also be. And from your opinion, that might be because of me. From mine, it’s tons of overreacting hypocrites.

I have seen you hovering around my blog, and if you really want to show me up, and you know, be an adult and grow up, ignore me and just unfollow, or better yet, leave me the hell alone like I would want in the first place. Lmao. Knowing you, and everyone else, you’re clearly just going to state your opinion again, and then posting tags like people like your banter.

I repeat. I do not care. It was criticism, and it was not rude, at that. Maybe slightly disrespectful, but I didn’t mean for it to be like that.