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Coming Back to You // Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer & Y/N’s reunion after she’s been away for a family emergency.

A/N: Just a small fluffy fic that demanded to be written. I hope you enjoy!

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“Look at him. He’s like a lost puppy,” JJ commented to Morgan as the two watched Spencer prepare himself coffee across the bullpen. His eyes kept wandering towards the two glass doors, waiting for your arrival that morning. Every time the doors slid open his head would jerk up, only to look away sadly when he realized it was just another agent that wasn’t you.

“He hasn’t seen his girl in two weeks. Of course the kid is going crazy,” Morgan replied with an amused chuckle. He’d had to deal with Spencer moping around after you had taken a few weeks off to deal with a personal family issue that had you flying out of state. Spencer’s mind was constantly wandering, and Morgan had caught him staring at photographs of you on more than one occasion. He hadn’t even attempted to hide them from him, his sadness too great to fear Morgan’s teasing.

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Alright, Drama time! What would the UT, UF, US and SF bros do if on Valentine's day their S/O's old ex boyfriend (who is a total snobby jerk), interrupts their date and wants(demands) to get back together and even chastises them for dating a monster.



He’s the most lowkey, passive aggressive shit in the world.
“hey [S/O’s name]’s ex-boyfriend, nice t’meet’cha. name’s sans, [S/O’s name]’s current boyfriend.”
“how’s your Valentine’s goin? well, uh, assumin you’re here, i’d say not so well…”
“oh here’s a dating tip: try not being a stalking asshole. i highly recommend, it got me this lovely human right here.”
“y’know, i think it really says something that a literal skeleton can keep this sweetheart longer than you. have you seen a urologist?”
“oh hey, where ya goin? i said you could join us.”


He outright tells the ex THAT IS NOT A VERY NICE THING TO SAY, PLEASE APOLOGISE FOR INTERRUPTING OUR ROMANTIC OUTING. Then he’ll try to explain in great detail why the ex should leave; this is a private activity, you are not respecting S/O’s decisions and space, you are adhering to exactly what not to do in the dating manual… perhaps you read it wrong? Please step in lest the situation escalate. 


He slings an arm around his S/O, obviously and exaggeratedly nuzzling their cheek. “hey darlin,” he says, loud enough for the ex to hear. Then he turns his attention to the pissy man-child, letting his sockets darken as he bares his teeth, “who’s this?” If that doesn’t make the ex wet his fuckin pants, he’ll actually summon a blaster, “for ya own safety, i’d really suggest ya run home to mommy.”


He stands up. He’s tall and intimidating. Need I say more?


He kindly and cheerfully suggests to the ex to apologise for harassing his S/O. If things escalate, he not so kindly but still cheerfully forces the ex to apologise for harassing his S/O.


“hey babe, you wanna get back with this guy?”
“Uh… No?”
“kay cool, you wanna continue with our date?”
“kay.” He says, holding them flush against his body. He kisses them right on the mouth, winking to the ex as he teleports away.


Oh boy, here we go. A fun edition of male posturing. He will actually literally challenge the ex to a duel for S/O’s heart. Valentine’s Day Date turned “Let’s Watch The Ex Get Humiliated Several Times Over”.


He sighs, looking tiredly over at the ex. “Do you fucking mind?” He says before teleporting the ex away to the first most inconvenient place he could think of: Middle Of The Fountain In The Park.


So guys this is my first ever fan fiction imagine about Jared Leto’s Joker. Please enjoy any comment will be greatly appreciated. Ps: I am doing more parts for this if you would want to read more :)


“What the hell happened Scorpio? Where is it?”Mr J Raged. He was furious. He was leaning on his desk arms folded, you could see through his half unbuttoned dark plum shirt that his define tattooed chest was rising and falling rapidly. “I’m sorry Mr J I don’t happened, the shipment didn’t arrive” Scorpio whimpered as he sat petrified in a chair in the middle of J’s office. “So tell me how you’re going fix this” J demanded as he swiftly moved and sat on Scorpio’s lap and slapped him in the face. I was sat at the back of the room on a newly covered black leather sofa concealing my slight grin at the unpredictable Clown Prince of crime. The Joker stares into Scorpio’s eyes until his face twitches jerking it to the side; a sign the voices in his head are racing. Scorpio is paralysed with fear trying to avoid his gaze, sweat racing down the back of his neck. The Joker peers over Scorpio’s shoulder. His hungry eyes glaring at me with that devilish grin. “ Or how you can make it up to me” His eyes scanning me a flash of lust crosses those crystal blue eyes. “Your assistant looks like something I could use to take my mind of this fiasco” I give no reaction as I see the slight flick of his tongue across his silver grill. “Please sir give me more time to investigate, not her” Scorpio cried. Mr J jumped to his feet of Scorpio’s lap and started walking back to his desk. “ You have 24 hours, the girl stays” he barks. He motions to his right hand man to take me.
BANG! – a gunshot rings out surprising J’s tank of a henchman to a halt. While Mr J was walking back to his desk no one noticed me pull a gun from the jacket which was lying on my lap. As Scorpios body slumps of the chair The Joker is taken aback as a glimmer of excitement hits his eyes. Queue dramatic entrance of the real scorpio. “ I was getting bored of waiting for you to do it” I childishly said as I got to my feet. J motioned to his man to leave, his stern face and large stature remained composed and completely ignored the now red splattered cream wall and the lifeless body on the floor. He stepped over the carnage and left the room. “My my what a mess, I’m going to have bring cleaning day forward” He laughed. Suddenly his smile disappeared from his face as he launched himself at me “You should not have done that babydoll” he snarled as he forced me up against the wall, his left hand gripped tightly around my neck my feet were off the floor. His strength was incredible considering his toned and slender frame. “Whatever your traitorous boss did he was the only person who knew where my shipment was” he growled in my face.
“ one problem… he .. was never.. the boss” I managed to say while struggling for breathe. He released his grip and before I could fall to the floor he turned and backhanded me across the face. I dropped to the floor caressing my neck and wiping the blood from my lip. I clambered up brushing my tight fitting white blouse and trousers down. I noticed he had broke a button on my favourite black waistcoat; what the hell!
“ hahahhah well isn’t this a beautiful and interesting twist” his laughed turning round with his hand covering his mouth. The huge grin tattooed on his hand made him look terrifying; the sound of his laugh was lunacy embodied.
I could see him taking me in through different eyes. I composed myself and picked the chair out of the pink brain matter and placed it closer to Joker’s desk at which he was now sat legs up. I could underneath his dark trousers he kept a knife strapped around his ankle as I took my seat. “ So this pretty little loony toon is the real Scorpio” he opened his arms wide and then clapped his hands. We sat in silence for a moment, my adrenaline was pumping; I could already feel the bruising round my neck. I thought my unveiling party was going as good as it can be when you’re dealing with such characters as The joker. He doesn’t play well with others; neither do I. I was brought out of my thoughts by J jumping out of his chair and started walking round the desk like a predator stalking prey. He stood in front of me; the smell of his cologne was intoxicating. He leaned over and nudged my head to the side and inhaled “ mmm you smell like strawberrys” he purred. “So tell me kitten what do I owe this pleasure of dealing with you directly. I hope you have more of an idea as to my missing shipment. There will have to be punishments if it’s not found sweetcheeks” he whispered in my ear as he was unbuttoning my blouse. I jolted up knocking him of balance. “The shipment is safe I have it” I could see the rage returning to his face. “I removed it because some of the men are compromised, I have them too” I confidently said as I walked over to him and grabbed the back of his hair and pulled lightly and whispered “Come and play” probably a bit to seductively. I let go and quickly turned around and starting walking off making damn sure he got a good view. As I stepped over my work giggling I heard the click of his gun. I don’t even turn around “ I’ll send the address in the morning” I confirm as I open the door and leave.


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Warning: Strong language.

Word Count: 930.

To say he was desperate would have been the biggest understatement. He was a complete mess.

He was breathing heavy, his hands tied to the headboard and his cock laying painfully hard against his hip. And you loved it.

You had already edged him three times, bringing him so close to finally coming undone, just to pull him back again and again.

“Please” he whimpered, his hips jerking up as you ran your hands along his thighs.

“You need to have patience” you said, a smirk on your lips as you looked at him.

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“So, that’s it…?” You snapped, jerking your arms out to the side. “You’re not going to turn the creep-factor down and quit stalking me?”

Pursuing…” Malcolm corrected as he took a step forward, being sure to flash one of his characteristic cocksure smiles as he moved closer. “And why would I walk away from the one person on this earth who challenges me?”

“Because I asked you to.” Came your heated snarl. “Look, it’s not that I don’t think you’re…” You paused and bit your lip, which ultimately demanded his full attention as he lifted an eyebrow and waited for you to finish that little thought you’ve been keeping to yourself ever since the Dark Archer walked into your lives. Oh, shit… What were you going to say again? Hot, mysterious, and looking like every one of your darkest fantasies all wrapped up in one pretty package. With a gulp and a flush running up your neck, you finally admitted, “Attractive. But I’m batting for Team Arrow right now and I’m not sure that would look good if I decided to just run off and grab milkshakes with you.”

Milkshakes…” Giving a brief snort and crossing his arms over his broad chest, he asked, “Milkshakes is what you think of when you picture our first date?”

Now glaring, you growled out, “We’re not going on a date.”

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*Imagine being Attracted to Malcolm Despite being a Member of Team Arrow*

Request: Will u pls pls do some malcolm merlyn/reader where he wants to court her but she works for team arrow so she doesnt want his attention? The team r protective of her. They r attracted to each other but she hates what he is n he wont leave her alone.

Eren's a good friend

This one’s for Rae. I threw this idea at her and like the lovely lady she is, she helped me fine tune it until it fit.

* * *

“Levi,” Eren called over the music, “Levi.” The ink haired man didn’t flinch, simply stared at his drink, expression blank. “Ackerman!”

“Huh?” Levi finally poked his head up. “What?” Eren’s brows furrowed together. “Spit it out, brat.”

“You’ve been acting off since you came back from the bathroom. What’s up?” Eren demanded.

“I got lost. You know I hate that,” Levi shrugged, looking around Trost’s newest rooftop bar. “Pretty up here, isn’t it? The stars are really visible tonight.”

“Don’t bullshit me,” Eren huffed, arms crossed over his chest. “Did something happen?”

“Would you drop it, Jaeg’?” Levi glared.

“Something did happen. What is it?” Eren leaned forward, eyes keen and brows raised.

“Nothing happened,” Levi insisted.

“Did too.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”

“Did – look, I’m not doing this with you,” Levi rolled his eyes and slammed back his whiskey.

“If you don’t tell me, I’m giving Hange the spare key you gave me,” Eren threatened. “They’ll be able to get in whenever they want.”

“You wouldn’t.” Levi narrowed his eyes, jaw dropping when Eren refused to back down. “I trusted you!”

“Not enough to tell me what’s wrong, apparently,” Eren grumbled petulantly.

Levi shot Jean a look that screamed help me. That weirdo was one of the few who could rein in Eren’s rampaging need to butt into his friends’ business. He was certain he heard Jean snort before shaking his head. He truly had no other choice.

“Remember that ex I told you about?”

Eren’s lip curled into a sneer. “The asshole who shall not be named.”

“He’s here,” Levi tilted his head to the douchiest loser at the bar, hand squeezing Eren’s arm when he tensed to jump up, “I ran into him right before I sat back down.” Levi grunted. “He started going off about how he’s ‘the best thing I ever had,’ and ‘good luck finding someone as into you as I was,’” Levi hissed through his teeth. “Like, the guy’s a dick, I haven’t dated anyone since him and I’m over his shit, I really am, but he just – ugh – he gets under my skin. I know I shouldn’t care what he says… I just wish I could throw something in his face to shut him the fuck up. It’s petty, I know–”

“But it’s understandable,” Eren interrupted.

Levi nodded. “Thanks. I feel a little better.”

“But not quite.” Eren pushed out of his chair and grabbed Levi’s hand. “Come on,” was the only warning he gave before Levi was being dragged away from their table.

“Eren,” Levi growled, voice hushed and panicked, “what do you think you’re doing?”

“You clearly need another drink,” Eren smiled brilliantly.

That angelic act did not fool Levi. “You better not do anything stupid,” he managed to spit out right before they got to the bar.

“Stupid?” Eren said a little too loudly before he pressed Levi’s back against the counter. “Levi, you are so funny!”

Levi tilted his head, what the hell was Eren talking about?

Eren smirked and cupped Levi’s face with those obnoxiously soft hands and crashed their mouths together.

The gasp Levi let out was just enough for Eren to lace their tongues together, hands leaving his face to pull him ever closer. Eren groaned into Levi’s mouth when he tangled his fingers in Eren’s hair.

Levi had never wondered much what it would be like to kiss Eren. He never expected his mouth to be gentle, or his hands to grasp him like he’s holding on for dear fucking life. He hadn’t thought that Eren would swallow every shallow breath he gave until his toes curled.

He hadn’t thought that kissing Eren would awaken feelings he hadn’t realized were there. He wouldn’t have guessed that something as casual as this was supposed to be would stir something in him so intimate it was almost terrifying. Levi gripped Eren’s hair tighter. It was only almost terrifying, after all.

Eren’s mouth became more demanding, coaxing small purrs out of Levi, and the tiniest whimper of, “Eren,” before Levi kissed him with renewed fervour.

Levi lost track of how long Eren had him pinned against the bar. He lost track of any sound that didn’t come out of Eren’s throat, every brush of air that wasn’t hot against his lips. Levi got lost in Eren.

Until Eren grabbed his ass and he jerked his arm backward, elbow shoving a pitcher of sangria to the floor.

“Hey!” The bartender snapped.

Eren and Levi yanked apart, faces flushed and chests heaving.

“Sorry!” Eren panted. “I’ll pay for that. And get my boyfriend a whiskey while you’re at it, please.”

Eren slapped a couple bills onto the bar counter and Levi chanced a gaze over his shoulder at his ex, smiling to himself when he found the man fuming into his cider.

He nuzzled his face into Eren’s neck, revelling in the ocean breeze that eternally clung to the man’s skin. “Huh,” he murmured.

“Levi, please,” Eren chuckled, “we shouldn’t get any more carried away.” Levi didn’t have to look at him to know he had a smug grin fixed on his face.

“Thank you.”

Eren could feel Levi’s smile against his neck. “I love you too.” And while Levi knew Eren said that for show, it spread warmth through his chest all the same.

Levi really wished he saw his ex boyfriend spit out his drink.

It was only when they were stumbling home did they mention the night’s events again.

“That was a rather… passionate kiss, Eren.”

The brunet was suddenly fascinated with the trees lining the sidewalk. “Had to make it convincing. Your ex… well he really hurt you, didn’t he? You haven’t said as much but I can tell. I couldn’t just sit back and let him gloat about that.”

“Still,” Levi slurred a little.

“You know I get carried away sometimes,” Eren insisted.

“Jean said you would say that,” Levi barely managed to suppress his grin when Eren stiffened. “Jean also said you’re full of shit and want to date me.”

Eren stared at the ground. “Levi, I… I…”

“Did you talk to Mikasa at all before we left?” It was Levi’s turn to look anywhere but at the man walking next to him. “Because I think she said something about me feeling the same way.”

“Levi…” Eren laughed softly.

“Laugh at me again and I’ll shove you in front of the next passing taxi, you shitty brat.”

They walked in silence for a few moments.

Eren coughed, “So will you…”

Levi rolled his eyes before threading his fingers through Eren’s. “Yes.”

Buy a Heart

Title: Buy a Heart
Author: blue
Prompt: paul lahote imagine based off buy a heart by nicki minaj

“I imprinted on you, Y/N.” The words were like a brick being thrown at you. You had been in love with him since you first met him in 3rd grade, but even then he was a jerk.

You wanted to trust him, but you knew you couldn’t. This was his game, “Well, I-I don’t want it. Take it back. Reverse it. Do something!” You had demanded and his eyes looked so sad.

“I can’t. It’s you, Y/N. I’m meant to be with you-” he walked and grabbed your face gently in his hot hands, “-You’re the one. You have been. Ever since 3rd grade.”

Your heart was beating quickly and out of rhythm, “Paul, I can’t… I can’t love you.” Oh god it was his eyes. It was his eyes that drew you in, that made you need him, that made you want to throw yourself into his arms.

“What’s the big deal? Embry told me how you felt, and I swear I’d never hurt you. I swear to god, Y/N. Just give me a chance.” He was moving his face closer and closer to yours and you shook your head with tears eyes.

“Just stop!” You cried out, “I can’t love you because I’m already in love with you! But I know how this goes, Paul! I fall even more in love with you then I-I catch you with someone else! That’s what always happens with you isn’t it?! You’re heartless.” He went to step closer but stopped when you flinched back.

“It’s different now. I’m different now.” He promised and you laughed dryly, furiously wiping your wet eyes.

“Go home, Paul. I’ll see you at school.” And that was it. He had came to you on Saturday night and you didn’t see him at all Sunday. Or Monday. Or Tuesday.

Then once he was absent on Wednesday you went to his house, got redirected to Emily Young’s house and went pounding on her door. An angry Sam Uley opened the door, about to tell at you until he recognized you. He let you in, pointing you to the couch.

“Get your ass up.” You commanded, he just looked at you, then back at the ceiling. “Hey! You hear me? I expected you to be upset but this is just pathetic, Paul! Stop brooding and look. at. me!” His eyes flickered to you and stayed.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes, “Fine. Do whatever. Who gives a fuck.” You threw his make up work on the coffee table and stormed out.

You sighed in relief when he showed up on Thursday, but you tensed when he came over to you, “Let me prove it to you.”

“What?” You sputtered nervously.

“Let me prove that I’m different now. That I’m not like that anymore.”

And he did.

Revenge is a dish best served with cheese.

I work at a specialty cheese shop that is swiftly expanding across the US like a wildfire. We’re a pretty chill group of people who enjoy cheese and feeding people cheese (you won’t know what you like until you eat it). Our customers for the most part are pleasant and easy to talk to until Raclette Lady.  

Raclette is a flavorful washed rind cheese that is traditionally melted and served with potatoes, gherkins, meats, and steamed vegetables (it also makes an amazing grilled cheese sandwich and macaroni). It’s easy to see why people love it so much it’s that awesome, however Raclette Lady isn’t awesome and shouldn’t be scraped over food people want to enjoy.  

Raclette Lady is a jerk.  

I first met Raclette Lady when she demanded that I mark down some perfectly good Raclette for no particular reason other than the fact that she demanded it. After explaining our mark down policy repeatedly and politely refusing, she told me I’m “full of shit”. My other coworkers were also accosted by Raclette Lady who demanded they mark down the cheese for her. She comes in every few days and makes demands.

We are so tired of her trying to bully us we’ve started pushing the Raclette sales so she doesn’t get any pieces that we’ve legitimately marked down (close to sell by date). Someone asking for a cheese to pair with salami? Raclette! Someone looking for a cheese for fondue? Raclette! (as well as the usual fondue cheeses).  

We’ve started a militant Raclette sample strategy where we do samples with pairings constantly to push the sales even further. Any Raclette that isn’t sold on markdown is bought by us so Raclette Lady doesn’t get a single piece.  

She has created a monster by being a rude bully. We’re doing everything in our selling power to ensure she doesn’t get a single tasty morsel of that cheese (and she hasn’t, so there!).  

Revenge has never tasted so cheesy.

all’s well

for jayne, who was feeling a little blue this past week :( i hope you feel better, lovely <3 i’m sorry it’s a bit late

quick jily + harry fun times, based on this post about james losing a sleeping harry because he wrapped him in the invisibility cloak


He jerks awake on the couch in a panic, spectacles hanging off one ear. “Whazzgon?”

Lily looks frantic, her cheeks a splotchy red. “I can’t find Harry!”

For a split second, he can’t do anything but imagine the worst. Wandered outside on his own. Mauled by the cat. Kidnapped by Death Eaters. No, kidnapped by Bathilda next door.

“What do you mean, you can’t find Harry?” James demands, and he hates how high his voice sounds. 

“I’ve looked everywhere, I swear to Merlin he’s not anywhere in the house!” Lily’s eyes are filling up with tears now, and James scrubs a wretched hand through his hair.

“When’s the last time you saw him?”

“He was napping with you,” she replies, voice breaking, and James freezes. Seeing his expression, she hastily adds, “I’m not saying it’s your fault, I’m just saying - do you remember anything, anything at all - “

“Lils,” he interrupts, dead quiet.

Her hands immediately stop wringing themselves. “James?”

“Lils, I need you to promise me you won’t do anything rash.”

Her eyes widen. “Why?” she demands in a whisper. “Oh God, James, where is he? What happened? What’s going on?”

“Just promise me.”

“James, I swear on Merlin’s saggy left - “

“I wrapped him in the Invisibility Cloak.”

Lily doesn’t move a muscle. “You did what?”

James doesn’t dare to move a muscle. “I was half-asleep and he seemed cold, so I picked up whatever was on the floor. I thought it was that ugly afghan Petunia sent us, I just threw it over him and fell back asleep. I swear I thought it was that horrible purple - “

“You did what?” she repeats, louder this time.

He winces. “Lily, darling - “

Don’t you dare, James Potter!” she shrieks, and James knows for certain that all hope is lost. “I thought my baby boy had been missing in this tiny house and impossible to find, all because of your stupid prankster Invisibility Cloak!” She picks up the pillow his head had been blissfully resting on, only a few minutes prior, and starts beating him with it. “You - fucking - wanker - “

“Ow - ouch, Lily, Merlin - LISTEN, this is an easy fix - ouch, Lily! Accio Invisibility Cloak!”

The silky fabric comes zooming out of the kitchen and hits him square in the face, which, honestly, he supposes he deserves. When they hurry over there, it’s to find Harry curled up in the cat’s bed, covered in ginger hairs and snoring slightly.

Lily scoops him up immediately, murmuring quiet words of comfort. James sags back against the countertop. 

“Well,” he says weakly, “all’s well that - “

She whirls on him. “I hope that sofa treated you well during your nap, because that’s where you’re sleeping for a week.”

Lily, sweetheart - “

“A week, Potter!” 

Imagine Crowley taking care of you after you hurt your ankle on a hunt.

“Ow!” You yelped as Crowley cleaned off the mud and dirt from your bruised and swelling ankle. “Easy, Crowley!”

“Darling, if you don’t get this cleaned and bandaged it will not get better,”

You sighed. “It’s just a sprain!”

“I don’t care. Now, be still so daddy can help,” he demanded as he finished up.

Pouting, you sat there with your arms crossed feeling vulnerable and whiny. Being hurt was never fun even if someone was there to tend to your every need to prevent you from walking on your hurt foot. Independent was one thing you made sure you were. You hated depending on people so this injury nearly drove you up the wall. Although…it was nice to see your king’s caring side.

“Are we done here- Ow!” You asked again as you jerked your hurt ankle back away from his hand.

He only grabbed your upper leg to pull it back down to him to finish wrapping the ace bandage before stacking up pillows and placing your foot on top. Biting cold buried into your skin as he gently placed an ice pack on the swelling area. “Now, you aren’t to move from this spot. If you need something you tell me.” You rolled your eyes as he sat down next to you, placing a kiss to your temple. “Understood, kitten?”

You nodded, the pain beginning to ease off as sleep began to creep up on you. With a yawn, you laid your head on his shoulder, falling into a light sleep as you did so

i missed supergirl and jane the virgin last night, have to catch them on demand later

i forgot to mention two weeks ago but THAT WAS VERY RUDE, JANE WRITERS, but also well executed and not advertised so well done, but also FUCK YOU, but also i love this show

as i said, when kara and mon el were having their dumb romantic thing and got interupted, i have literally never been happier to see mr myxlplyx

flash this week, grodd, earth two wells, jesse x wally, malfoy not being good with ppl, cisco being vibe, very solid

legends of tomorrow is formulaic and dumb and circular but also, sara is here to kiss all the girls in history and this show isn’t nearly as embarassed of itself as, say, abc’s disney’s marvel’s agents of s.h.i.e.l.d., so i’m still in

shield was really good tonight tho, they did the usual ‘hey, you stopped watching again so we did a good episode to sucker you back in’ gambit, but, i mean, daisy jemma yoyo may as the heroes for an arc? moar plz.

the expanse is so good, magicians is so good but still kind of obnoxious, riverdale is like a hundred times better than i would havr ever guessed, and this is us is very watchable, and i forget what else i’m into rn

oh yeah, star vs the forces of evil s2 is just killing it

also, the whole steven goes to space arc was a little rough but i liked it mostly, i hope all the rubies end up at the barn soon, charlene yi deserves the work

i am like two years behind being all caught up on adventure time, idk where i wanted the show to end up but it didnt go that way and i kind of lost interest

there are funko pop vinyls of lost now, and i want adult steven to be hurley

The hosts discuss their S/O's cheating ex

LOL oops forgot to open my ask box.. Can you tell I’m new to this? Anyway it’s open now for requests and any sort of questions :)

Hikaru - “You’re telling me this jerk cheated on you not once, but twice?” Hikaru demands, standing up abruptly from the table, causing his chair to to fall to the ground.
“I was young and I didn’t know what to do. I trusted him when he said it wouldn’t happen again after the first time but…”
You sigh. “I guess I was just too stupid to know better”.
Seeing how hurt you sounded in your tone of voice caused his frustration to rise even further. He let out a heavy sigh.
“That lowlife piece of trash… I ought to floor him the next time I see him,” he says in a uncharacteristically harsh voice.
“Hikaru…” you say, softly touching his arm.
The feeling of your gentle hands on his skin made all of his anger melt away.
Hikaru’s expression turns from that of an angry one to a caring one. He immediately wraps his arms around you.
“I’ll never hurt you like that, ______. I promise,” he says, holding you tighter.

Kaoru - When you first tell him, a strong expression of rage contorts his face. You see him clench his jaw tightly, and for a few long moments, he is completely silent. You consider saying something to break the silence, but decide against it, as he looks like he’s deep in thought. After a few more moments, Kaoru’s pursed lips suddenly break into a smug grin. “Kaoru?” you say, almost afraid to know what he’s thinking. “I wonder how that jerk face would like it if his school bag suddenly smelled of rotten cheese,” he says, laughing at his own brilliant prank. You shake your head, smiling at your ridiculous boyfriend and ask him what exactly that would accomplish. “Well, he’s going to start to smell really bad, and no girl is ever going to want that,” he explains with a devilish twinkle in his eye. “Not just girls either, no one’s going to want to be near him after that!” you retort. “And, knowing him and his… lack of intelligence, it’ll take him years to figure it out!” Kaoru adds. You both laugh. “See, _______? You don’t always have to solve problems with violence” Kaoru says brightly. 

 Mori - You and Mori are lying in bed together after deciding to spend the night as his place. It’s mostly you talking and telling stories about your childhood. Like always, Mori is happy just to listen to the sound of your voice. Eventually, you get around to telling him about your past relationship. He listens intently, hanging on to every word you say. You finish the story, and turn to your boyfriend, awaiting a response. He hummed thoughtfully. 

 “He was a fool,” he concluded. 

“Yeah, no kidding,” you retort. You study his face for a moment, trying to figure out how he’s feeling.

 “You’re not angry, are you?” you ask. 

“Yes, however there is comfort in knowing he spends many hours, lying alone, punishing himself for his poor choices, for mistreating you,” he explains Your eyes grow wide. “How would you know?” 

“I know, because anyone would feel that way if they lost you,“ 

Honey - “Waaaah, _____-chan I can’t believe someone would be so mean you you!” he cries, burying his face in your neck.

“It’s okay, Honey, I’m over it now. It happened a long time ago,” you explain.

“Well, I’m sorry I wasn’t there to comfort you when it happened.” he says sincerely. “We could have eaten cake together to feel better!” he says, clearing hinting at something.

“We can still eat cake if you want…” you say. “Yay! I was hoping you’d say that!” he says, taking your hand.

 Kyoya - Having done his research, Kyoya already knew a lot about your ex. One day during lunch break at school, he decides to bring up the unpleasant topic, just so he can know more. 

 “So that third year student of yours… Kenji Watanabe,” he begins. You cringe when you hear his name. 

 “I knew it,” Kyoya said with a newfound rage. “He mistreated you, didn’t he?” “How did you know…?” you ask.

 “Your face said it all, my dear,“ he replies. 

“If you’ll excuse me,” he says as he stands up and walks toward the door. “Where are you going?” you ask, despite already knowing the answer. 

“I have to take care of something,” he says coolly. 

“Just try not to hurt anyone, alright?” you respond. “I won’t hurt him,” Kyoya says, exiting the room. “Too much, that is,”. 

 Tamaki - Telling Tamaki was risky, as you are well aware he’s the type to overreact. You do anyway, deciding he should know. Hearing the pain in your voice was enough to bring him over the edge. He wiped the tears from his eyes. 

“Princess ______… I’m so sorry you had to go through that,” he begins.

“You know, I’ve never told anyone that before,” you say with sudden realization. “What really happened, I mean," 

Tamaki smiles. "You trust me that much?” he asks, almost in disbelief. “Of course I do,” you respond. 

“That… means a lot, ______” You smile in return.

 "I’ll never let you down, _____“ Tamaki says with a gentle kiss. 

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Bucky is so lucky, like, his man does it all! I can just imagine some guy saying something along the lines of 'good luck finding a gal/guy who'd do that for you, let alone enjoy it' and Bucky is just like wait do people not usually like sucking dick, taking dick, and orgasming five times in a row?

“That’s the stuff of dreams,” Dugan whistles.

“You’re damn right,” Jones sighs.

“What?” Bucky asks, and Dugan turns around the little dirty postcard for Bucky to see. 

“Huh,” he agrees.

“That don’t phase you?” Dugan demands. “Damn. You must get around.” 

“Or jerk it in the shower.” 

“Shut up,” Bucky mumbles, and shifts in his cot, looking back down to his book. “Seriously, what? Yeah, she’s a very beautiful lady.” 

“I’ve never been with a girl who wanted to do that.” 

“What, swallow?”

Jones and Dugan stare and Bucky in disbelief.

“What?” Bucky asks.

“No, suck it at all,” Jones explains. 

Bucky narrows his eyes. “What?” 

“You know, if you want a lady to – is he for real? Are you for real?” Dugan asks.

“He’s for real,” Jones affirms. 

“You mean you’ve never–?” 

“No, I have,” Dugan says. “And I know Jones has because he wouldn’t stop bragging about it back in Nice. But unless she’s a loose lady you’ve gotta be really nice, you’ve gotta take her out to dinner, you’ve gotta be sweet, you’ve gotta be engaged…” 

“No you don’t,” Bucky frowns. 

Dugan and Jones share wide-eyed looks. 

“You’re tellin’ us that you get this,” Jones says slowly, and points to the postcard, “On the regular?” 

“Hell yes,” Bucky says. 

There’s a moment of stunned silence. 

How?” Jones asks. 

“I don’t know, I ask?” Bucky says. He folds up his book. Watch the pronouns, Barnes. “She offers?” 

Blank stares. “She likes it,” Bucky tells them, equally slowly. “You know – she wants to?” 

“She wants to?” 

“What are you two, a couple of parrots? You heard me, she wants to. She likes it down her throat.” 

Jones coughs. “Jesus,” he says.

“She does,” Bucky insists. “She likes being on her knees, I don’t know.” 

“You married, Barnes?” Dugan squints.

Hah. “Nope,” Bucky says.

“You engaged?” 

“Nope,” Bucky pops the ‘p’, acting disinterested. “I just know how to take care of her right. She likes my dick, boys. It ain’t my fault.” 

Jones rolls his eyes. Dugan keeps squinting. “You never mentioned a girl before, how do we know you ain’t making it up?” 

Bucky says, “What, you wanna hear about her? You horny assholes.” 

Jones and Dugan exchange a look.

Fine,” Bucky says. “Her name’s Steph. Pretty little blonde thing, slip of nothing, ninety pounds soaking wet. Sweetest little tits you’ve ever seen. And a cute little ass to boot. As soon as I get home from work she can’t get her hands off me. One time she let me pick her up and fuck her right up against the door. About bit a chunk out of my neck trying not to scream.” 

“She let you?” 

“She loved it,” says Bucky, truthfully. “She likes getting spanked, too.” 

Dugan chokes on his own spit. Bucky bites down on his grin while Jones pounds him on the back. 

“Jesus, kid,” Dugan wheezes.

Bucky shrugs. “Speakin’ the truth.” He frowns. “She won’t wear the lacy things I buy her, though,” he says. “Gets spitting mad every time I ask.” 

“What a fucking tragedy,” says Dugan flatly. 

“His dick’s probably magic,” Jones says. “You know, witchcraft of some sort. Like a snake charmer.” 

“I got a big dick and she likes it,” Bucky admits, a little cocky now. “I’ll never fuckin’ know how she takes it all, though, I’ll be honest. She’s so goddamn little I’m always afraid I’ll break her in half.” That’s true, too. 

“Shut the fuck up, your dick is not that big,” Jones says. 

“Jones, this whole entire platoon has seen each other buck-ass naked,” Bucky says. “You both know just how big my dick is.” 

“It’s not like either of us ever really sat there staring at it, you vain motherfucker,” Dugan tells him. 

Bucky shrugs. “Well, she thinks it’s a good one.” 

Dugan squints at him. “Show us.” 


“Show us your dick.” 

“You fucking son of a –” 

“Barnes,” says Jones. “Seriously.” 

Bucky looks between them and huffs a sigh. He jumps off his cot and stands in front of them and unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants and shoves them down and puts his hands on his hips.

“Jesus motherfucking Christ,” says Jones in flat shock. 

“Did you sell your motherfucking soul?” Dugan demands. 

“Nope,” Bucky says, and zips back up and collapses back on his cot.

“You are one lucky son of a bitch, Barnes,” Jones tells him. “I hope you know that.” 

“I’m certainly learning it,” Bucky says. 

resistance (vampire!jungkook)

Well, here you are, part 2 of transformation (of which I wrote spontaneously for swimmersdonthaveboobs who was in apparent need for vampire!jungkook  XD) due to popular demand, much to my surprise… Hope this doesn’t disappoint!!! *crosses fingers*
- Devi (o^∀^o)

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[Warning: Blood]


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Mommy Winchester (Part 11)

Winchester x reader

Warnings: Language, Violence

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13)

“Cail?” Dean demands. “CAIL!?”

“What’s going on?” Sam gasps, running to where he can hear Dean shouting into the phone, a frantic look overcoming his features.

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The Traitor

“Are you certain you do not wish me speak to your comrades myself? I don’t see how they could resist me.” Thor gave me a chastising look – one that told me exactly why he didn’t wish for me to speak to his comrades. I smiled. It was visibly an innocent smile yet, packed with silent innuendo. Thor’s dark expression instantly lightened and he smiled back. The moving metal room jerked to a halt and the doors opened, slowly.

“Remain here, until I signal that it is safe for you to enter.” Thor ordered before stepping into the chamber. I pouted petulantly before pressing my back to the wall. I felt a chill run down my spine in response to the cold metal that easily seeped through the thick velvet robe draped across my shoulders. Thor addressed his comrades as ‘Rogers’ and ‘Stark’ when the thumping of his boots finally came to a halt. “I must speak with you urgently.” He demanded, deliberately raising his voice for me to hear. There was a clinking of metal against glass which was undoubtedly the sound of him setting Mjölnir down.

Thor explained my predicament as pragmatically as he could, omitting any unnecessary details that would lead his comrades to believe his intentions anything but noble.

“No way! Since when did the tower become a safe house for rogue assassins?” A voice of protestation shot out and I hung my head. I had brought dishonour to Asgard and to Thor. Thor was having none of it. He continued advocate confidently on my behalf. I fidgeted with the gold tassel belt coiled around my waist, pulling it even tighter.

“Thor, you can understand Tony’s reservations about this, considering what happened the last time one of your people visited Earth.” Another voice – Rogers’ – reminded Thor. Thor cleared his throat roughly before assuring him that I posed no threat to the people of Midgard. I snorted, what could I possibly want with so puny a race? Suddenly, the doors opened again and I backed away. Had Thor opened them? The three men inside the chamber turned in the direction of the metal room. I took a few steps forward and peered into the impressive chamber. It was large and illuminated only by the rays of the sun. I stretched out a foot to enter the room, testing the surface before I stepped in.

“Comrades, allow me to introduce Lady Astrid of Asgard. She is the leader of the Valkyrie and Odin’s personal bounty hunter. She is the bravest maiden I know. Lady Astrid this is Tony Stark and Steven Rogers.” Thor was brimming with pride as he spoke, gesturing to each of us. He looked as if his whole world had just come together. I couldn’t help but look down at my feet and smile at the Asgardian prince’s kind words.

The Midgardians stared at me, with their mouths agape. They stood – shoulder to shoulder – in front of Thor. Steven could have easily passed as an Asgardian with his blonde hair, blue eyes and muscular physique. He directly contrasted Tony, who was considerably shorter and dark-haired. He also had a funny beard. I strolled towards them, keeping my fingers clasped together. Thor stepped forward and extended his hand to help me up the two small stairs separating us. I looked between the two Midgardians who were studying my appearance. Tony was the first to look away.

“No worries, buddy. She can stay.” He said before patting Thor’s bicep with the back of his hand. I beamed at Thor, giving him an ‘I told you so’ look. Tony returned to his cluttered workstation and began tinkering with an iron helmet.

“So what will you do now?” Steven questioned. Thor reached out for Mjölnir and when he caught it, his Midgardian vestments were replaced by his traditional armour.

“I must return to Asgard and reason with the Allfather. There is a far more serious threat looming and we cannot risk alienating great warriors like Astrid.” Thor resolved grimly. The noise of Stark welding his helmet was unbearable. Thor walked out onto the balcony to escape the noise. Steven and I followed him. “You have served the nine realms well for centuries, my lady. I promise to clear your name no matter the cost.” Thor took my hand in his and raised it to his lips to plant a soft kiss on my knuckles. “Please take good care of her.” Steven nodded. Thor raised Mjölnir and flew off with his red cape billowing behind him.

“Come on, I’ll show you around.” When I turned around and Steven had already re-entered the chamber. I gathered the train of my robe and ran after him. I let out a huge breath of relief when I joined him inside the metal box. He looked up at the roof and stuffed his hands inside the pocket of his dark jeans.

“You seem uncomfortable, Steven.” I observed in a soft voice. He was taken aback by my statement but I could not understand why. Did the people of Midgard avoid addressing issues that they deemed unpleasant?

“It’s just Steve.” He said curtly. I nodded in understanding and noticed him clench and unclench his jaw before striding out. He was busy pointing out the different chambers and their functions when we heard a low grunt. “Wait here for a minute.” Steve instructed before entering the training room. I waited in the doorway and watched as Steve approached the man pounding his fists into a punching bag. He had his sweat-drenched back to us. Every time his hand collided with bag his dark hair would brush against his cheeks and his broad shoulders would move squarely and gracefully. “Buck? You alright?” Steve asked as he removed a thin wire lodged in the man’s ear which made him turn around. He looked thoughtfully at Steve. I found my feet carrying me into the room, I couldn’t believe it. I never thought I’d see that face again. It was a face so tenderly divine and sad that it had been seared into my mind for over seventy years. He hadn’t aged a day. But how? He still looked so uncommon and so beautiful – too beautiful for a mortal man.

“Sergeant Barnes.” I blurted out and he raised his head, slowly until his eyes met mine. There was no recognition in them. I didn’t expect there to be any. He ran a hand through his hair but I couldn’t peel my eyes away from him. There was a violent sadness buried beneath those blue eyes. I had heard many stories of mortals falling in love with each other at first sight, but this was not something as childish and sentimental as that.

He was dressed plainly, yet perfectly in a pair black trousers and a long-sleeved t-shirt. There was something about the way he was so absorbed in his suffering and sorrow that enticed me. I was so bewildered by the mysterious of chance that I hadn’t realised Steve had addressed me.

“Astrid, I asked ‘how did you know that name?’” He repeated. I took one last look at his beautiful face before glancing away.

“I was there when Sergeant Barnes fell into the ravine. I was charged with the duty of transporting his soul to Valhalla where he would have been revered for his bravery but… I just couldn’t. Midgard needed more brave men like him. I paid heavily for my selfishness.” I rolled my shoulders and could still feel the emptiness between them. Shuffling my feet in pensive agitation, I felt a cold hand tighten around my throat and lift me off the ground.

“So this is your fault!” Sergeant Barnes growled at me. I gasped desperately as I tried to pry his hand off my neck. An instinctive reaction to my fingers meeting metal instead of flesh.

“Bucky, let her go!” Steve demanded before pulling me free from his steely hold. Bucky. It was a quaint name. It was diminutive and surely a nickname. I clutched my throat and sank to my knees in a coughing fit.

“Do you know what they did to me? The years of torture and pain and suffering?” Bucky came at me again but this time he curled his fingers into a fist and turned away at the last minute. He had tears in his eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at his metal arm. I had no idea what had become of him after those men had dragged him away. Steve helped me to my feet.

“What have you become?” I asked mortified, backing away from him. He kneaded his fist into his forehead before turning towards me. Steve stepped between us. “Had I known what they would do to you I would have granted you the sweet release of death.” I confessed. “This was a mistake. Thor should never have brought me here.” I declared before turning on my heel and storming out of the chamber.

I kept glancing over my shoulder, expecting Steve to follow me. I didn’t see where I was going and crashed into something or rather someone. She had dark auburn hair and her eyes glowed a shade of bright red as she rose to her feet. I felt a sharp pain split my skull but it quickly deflected it. She clutched her head and let out a loud scream. She felt the same pain I had felt. “You’re a telepath.” I detected. This surprised her. “You won’t be able to look inside my head I’m afraid… at least not easily.” She dusted the sleeves of her jacket and regarded my appearance. “I am Astrid, leader of the Valkyries and Odin’s personal bounty hunter…” I pursed my lips and pondered whether I could still use that title now that I was the one being hunted. I fidgeted with the necklace dangling from my neck. It was silver and shaped like a pair of wings with a blue jewel lodged in the heart of it. It was the only thing connecting me to who I was.

“I am Wanda.” She replied, pulling me out of my thoughts. She had a very distinctive accent. “Will you be joining us for dinner?” I furrowed my brows in confusion and didn’t answer for a long time. “Would you like a change of clothes? Something less conspicuous, perhaps?” I nodded slowly. My garments did seem to stand out among the Midgardians. “Follow me.” She waved before heading back in the direction from which she came. She led me into her sleeping quarters and I sat down on her bed while she rummaged through her closet.

“Thank you for your kindness.” I mumbled as she left a black pants much like her own and a red check shirt on the frame of the bed.

“I know a little something about being the odd one out.” She confessed as I woke off the bed to collect the articles. My eyes fell on a portrait displayed on her dresser. It was a picture of a handsome young man with silver hair with his arms wrapped around Wanda. He had a wide smile but his eyes had seen hardship. She noticed my interest. “That was my brother, Pietro. He was killed in battle last year.” She explained but I didn’t remember transporting him to Valhalla. He was probably taken to Fólkvangr. “He would have liked you.” I turned away from her and loosened the belt around my waist. The robe fell off my shoulders and pooled at my feet. Wanda looked away. I pulled the trousers up my legs. It hugged my legs tightly, accentuating each curve. “How did you get these?” I felt a pair of warm hands on my back and immediately flinched when they brushed against the jagged skin on my shoulder blades. She gasped when her fingers made contact with the mangled tissue and a vision flickered through her mind. I pulled away from her and covered my body. The shirt just managed to fit around my body but the buttons couldn’t be fastened all the way up. I twirled around.

“What do you think?” I asked Wanda before sitting down on the edge of the bed to tuck the trousers into my boots. I hadn’t noticed Wanda’s pitiful expression until I looked up at her again. “Look, what you saw… it was a long, long time ago. I don’t even feel the pain anymore.” I stood up and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Until today, right? Until you saw him again. I only managed to catch a few glimpses into your mind.” I let my hand fall to my side.

“Let’s just go to dinner.”


I could hear the carefree laughter of a woman as we approached the dining chamber. Wanda was a few steps ahead of me and pushed open the doors to reveal a group of people gathered around a table laden with succulent delicacies. I halted in the doorway, reluctant to impose. I surveyed the chamber and the occupants had not noticed mine or Wanda’s entrance. I looked found Bucky in the crowd. He sat quietly at the edge of the table next to Steve. I could not see his hands and presumed they were hidden underneath the table. Wanda noticed my uncertainty when she entered the room and I waited outside.

“Come on!” She urged but I shook my head. This got the attention of the others. Even Bucky looked up and frowned.

“I do not think it wise that I dine with you and your comrades. I will just go back to my room and wait for news from Thor.” I took a few steps into the hallway, out of sight. Wanda looked tired and hungry. “Continue without me.” I insisted when Steve appeared at the door.

“Nonsense. Thor told us to take care of you and that includes feeding you.” I gasped in horror at Steve’s scandalous words.

“I beg your pardon? I assure you, I have no difficulty nourishing myself, thank you very much.” I protested and Steve cracked a small smile before looking up at the ceiling as if appealing to a deity. The group let out a collective sigh of exasperation.

“Now there’s two of them.” A man with short hair chuckled before sitting down next to Stark and spooned a load of mashed potatoes onto his plate. Their reactions told me that my lack of human interaction had led me to entirely misinterpret Steve’s previous comment. Simply put, he was being hospitable. When I got a whiff of the delicious food laden on the dinner table, my stomach grumbled. “I suppose I could feast with you.”  Steve smiled and nodded in the direction of one of the vacant chairs.

I settled in between Wanda and a dishevelled-looking man in a white coat. He was jittery and unsettled by my appearance but made no comment, and neither did anyone else. Bucky was directly across from me, staring off into the distance. He didn’t acknowledge me in any way until we both reached for the same piece of bread.

As instinctively as one might react to touching a hot surface, I retracted my hand as soon as his fingers brushed against mine. I chuckled nervously and gestured for him to go first but he stubbornly waited until I had filled my plate before he did the same.

No one spoke while we ate. Everyone was enjoying their meal. The only sounds echoing around the dining hall was the clinking of metal cutlery on glass and every once in a while, someone slurping the last contents of their drink. Stark burped – startling the man next to him – and tossed a serviette over his empty plate. He leaned back in his chair and stretched his arm over the backrest of Steve’s chair.

“So, Xena, what’d you do to be banished from the kingdom?” He asked lightly. Everyone stopped chewing and set down their utensils. Even Bucky. I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye before dragging my attention back to Stark. I furrowed my brows,

“Xena? I do not understand.” To my relief, neither did Steve and Bucky. Stark followed his arms across his chest and rolled his eyes before probing into why I had been forced to leave Asgard again. There was no avoiding the question this time. I set down my fork and looked around the table. Everyone was interested in hearing the story of how the leader of the Valkyrie had fallen from grace. Some might argue when exactly that had happened because Odin knows that I had had a few close calls over the centuries. “I suppose if I want you to trust me, I should tell you the truth.” My statement was directed at Bucky more than anyone else. I wanted, no, needed him to trust me. “A few nights ago, there was a banquet at the palace. A great number of dignitaries from the nine realms had attended. As you know, I am – or rather was – Odin’s personal bounty-hunter and he had personally charged me with escorting the Dwarf King back to Vanaheim.” They didn’t fully understand what I was talking about but they dared not interrupt. “We had opted to use the back roads out of the citadel to avoid the boisterous festivities in the streets when a group of mercenaries attacked our convoy. There were too many of them.” I gulped, swallowing the lump at the back of my throat.

“So, you can’t go back home because you were unprepared for an attack?” A red-headed woman whose presence I hadn’t noticed until she spoke asked in confusion. I shook my head and went on with my story.

“When help finally did arrive, the mercenaries had vanished. They left no trace that they had been there. Odin’s guards found me standing amidst the carnage, my blade drawn and covered in blood. There were bodies everywhere. One of those bodies was the Dwarf King.” Audible gasps of horror circled around the table as I described the scene. “Centuries of loyalty to Odin and that was my reward. I was sentenced – without trial – to die. Not even Heimdall’s words could calm Odin. He has become quite paranoid after the whole thing with… Loki.” The name caught in my throat but thankfully, they didn’t notice.

“How did you escape?” The man next to Stark asked before pulling on his straw.

“A handful of warriors broke me out of my cell and alerted Thor. He is the only one who will be able to reason with the Allfather, calm the realms as they prepare for war and uncover the plot at hand.” My plate was almost untouched but I had lost my appetite. I awoke from my chair and emptied the contents into the garbage can.

“You and Thor must be very close, then.” Stark observed. I nodded slowly as I rinsed my hands and turned back to the table. Bucky kept his eyes on me as he removed his hand from under his chin. Steve – noticing Bucky’s rigidness – looked up at me and soon, so did everyone else. I stopped in my tracks and wondered what was going on.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over the table and I turned around slowly. There was a colossus, slobbering dragon towering over the room. Its mouth was lined with layers of sharp fangs and took up most of its face. Thick wads of slime dripped from its mouth onto the hardwood floors. My limbs were frozen at my side as I stared at this snarling, eyeless beast. Tiny wings protruded from back but they were not big enough to carry the dragon’s entire mass.

“Astrid?” Steve called as it lowered its head down to my height and blew a waft of bad breath onto my face. Still, I didn’t move. My heart raced as the worm raised its head again and hissed.

“Assssstrid…” It wriggled its fat body towards me. “…you know why I am here.” The serpent brought its face down again. Its white fangs were stained with patches of blood. “Come quietly and the Midgardians won’t get hurt.” The dragon nodded in the direction of the group. I hadn’t noticed that they had risen to their feet. The red-headed woman was cocking her gun and Bucky’s fingers were curled around one of the steak knives. I thought about their hospitality and their kindness and hung my head. “Good choice.” The dragon turned around and gestured for me to climb onto its scaly back. There were two lifeless bodies tucked behind its wings. It’s tail whipped across the floor, knocking against the side of the counter.

“She’s not going anywhere!” An unlikely voice shouted. I peered over my shoulder and saw a steak knife hurtling towards the dragon. When the blade pierced the back of its neck, the dragon let out a bellowing screech and turned around. It moved so swiftly, that its tail slammed into my stomach and knocked me across the room. Stark’s glass table shattered under the weight of my body when I landed on top of it. The dragon growled at the Bucky whose metal arm was clenched into a fist. It took two steps to the left, turning its body around completely. It huffed in a deep breath and as if in anticipation of what was to come next, Steve kicked the table into the air to shield himself and the others from the stream of poisonous liquid squirting at them.

The red-head fired a couple bullets at the dragon, distracting it while the others made a break for it. The dragon stalked towards her in heavy footsteps and a long forked tongue sloshed inside its mouth as it prepared to spray another load of venom around the room. The red-head was quivering as she back up against the wall. The dragon raised a talon into the air but before it could strike Steve threw his shield at it. The dragon snarled and crawled towards Steve as the red-head scrambled towards the cowering man in the white coat. My eyes were deceiving me. It almost looked like his skin was tinged with specks of green. She led him out of the room as the short-haired man whose name was Clint kicked off the counter and dislodged Steve’s shield from the dragon’s throat.

“CAP!” He shouted, tossing the shield back at him. Steve caught it just in time to block the dragon’s swipe at him but it wasn’t enough to stop him plunging through the glass pane behind him. Stark ran up the dragon’s back and pulled the steak knife out of its neck. One of its scales fell off, exposing a piece of flesh. Before Stark could thrust the knife back into it, he was thrown across the room. He groaned his pain as his back collided with the wall. The dragon turned its attention back towards me.

“WANDA, NOW!” Clint shouted as she waved her hands into the air and wisps of red smoke escaped her fingertips. The smoke seeped into the dragon’s head and it looked around at her. Wanda was groaning as she tried to control the dragon for as long as possible. Bucky ran up the dragon’s back and began pounding his metal fist into its back. The dragon was howling in pain. My eyes fell on the knife again and I crawled towards it.

“BUCKY!” I tossed the knife to him and he caught it with his free hand and stabbed the unprotected flesh. The wailing stopped as the dragon writhed uncontrollably. Bucky clung to its neck to stop himself from sliding off. Without warning, the dragon collapsed onto the floor in a heavy thud, crushing everything underneath it. Bucky rolled off the dragon. He was breathing heavily as he climbed to his feet again. He walked over to where I was kneeling. My shirt was ripped at the sides and pieces of broken shards jutted out of my hip. He held out a hand to help me to my feet. I winced and clutched my side as he pulled me to my feet. The others joined us shortly. Steve was holding his shoulder and grimacing while Stark was nursing a head wound. I looked around at their faces. They didn’t look mad at me.

“Astrid, what was that?” Steve asked, referring to the dragon.

“That was Níðhöggr. A monster who feeds on the corpses of those who have committed adultery, murder and oath-breaking. It was sent here for me.” Stark let out an exaggerated sigh of relief.

“Whew, you had me going there for a moment, princess.” He chuckled. Steve gave him a warning glare. “What?” Stark shrugged nonchalantly. The group studied the dragon’s fallen carcass thoughtfully. “Guys…” Stark bemused. “…we just killed a dragon! How awesome is that?” He grinned excitedly and the group began to chatter among themselves. Bucky remained silent.

“Not to impose on your victory, Stark but Bucky killed the dragon.” I reminded everyone. For the first time, Bucky smiled at me. It was a small gracious smile but a smile nonetheless. The red-head who Clint referred to as Natasha and the cowering man – Bruce – reappeared. Bruce did not look green anymore. They both had a few brooms in their hands and began passing them around. Unanimous groans circled around the room.

Whilst they grumbled and complained about having to tidy up the mess, I took the opportunity to sneak out. I tiptoed into the hallway when a voice spoke suddenly,

“Where are you going?” I hadn’t noticed Bucky following me out of the room. I breathed deeply and turned around.

“They found me here. I need to go or more creatures, a lot more dangerous creatures are going to start showing up…” I began to explain and Bucky stepped towards me, away from the door so the others couldn’t hear him.

“…and when they come I will kill them too.” He said valiantly. I couldn’t help but smile shyly. I was right all those years ago. Sergeant Barnes was a brave man. “Look, you’re safer here with us, here with me.”

“Oh? Only a couple hours ago, you were the one trying to kill me.” I joked which made him smile, again.

“Yeah… force of habit, doll.” He walked alongside me, carefully escorting me to my chamber. “You should take care of that.” He said when we stopped outside me door. My confused expression made him chuckle and he gestured to my hip. It didn’t even hurt anymore. “Anyway, I’ll see you around, Astrid.” He winked before heading back down the way he came, presumably to help with the clean-up.

I smiled to myself as I entered my chamber with thoughts of Bucky on my mind. My smile faded when I saw a figure sitting on the edge of my bed.

“Oh, love… you can at least pretend to be happy to see me.” Loki smirked as he rose to his full height. He glided across the room and enveloped me in his arms. “You are never short of suitors wherever you go, are you?” I inhaled his scent sharply and rested my head on his chest.

“God. I missed you so much, Loki!” I sighed, hugging him tightly. He chuckled before pulling away from the hug. He didn’t let go off me.

“I know, love but we had to make that witless oaf Thor and his companions believe it and might I say you have done a marvelous job at winning them over.” He kissed the top of my forehead and I bit my lip.

“Are you sure this is necessary, my king?” I asked softly, looking up at him.

“Don’t tell me you actually fancy that metal-armed buffoon!” Loki laughed cruelly and I flinched. He didn’t know about Bucky. He waved his long fingers and the illusion of the glass pieces in my side disappeared. “I promise you, my queen, when this is over you will be greatly rewarded for your sacrifice. You will rule the nine realms by my side for the rest of our lives like it was meant to be.” I buried my face in Loki’s chest again and sighed in exasperation,

“If you say so, my king.”

A/N: Okay, so it’s been a while since I uploaded a story. I have been tinkering around with this idea for a while. Can you please let me know what you think?

I’d like to add, in light of recent conversations going around Tumblr, that is it perfectly all right to blog about what you don’t like. If you don’t understand a ship, or a character, or a show, and you want to post about it, feel free. Because in the end, it’s your blog and you can post whatever you want. 


Don’t tag it. Don’t tag your anti-ship stuff with the ship name. Don’t tag your character hate with the character name. Tag it anti ~ship~ or ~character~ hate. Let people who like the thing like it. 

And people who like something–as long as those who don’t aren’t being mean about it, leave them alone. This goes for morally grey characters, too. If you’re fascinated by their complexity, that’s cool. But if other fans of the show or movie or book find them less redeemable than you do… that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the character, or that they need to read the books again. It means they view the character differently than you do, and that needs to be okay. 

A Different Kind of Cruelty (p.5)

Chapter Five

Title: A Different Kind of Cruelty (p.5)

Pairing: PanxReader

Warnings: cursing, minor torture, little kissing scene

Summary: This isn’t your average sweet damsel in distress that Peter seems to get stuck with. This is a kick-ass tale of pirates and fairies, punching guys, hitting jerks, and all around Neverland style adventure.


The crazy woman is tied to a tree with magical vines. Felix had explained to you how they worked, but it all just went over your head.

“What do we do with her?” you ask, nudging the unconscious girl with your foot.

“I have an idea.” Michael dumps a bucket of water on her, stunning her awake.

“Where am I?” she demands, shaking the water off. No one answers her, and she asks again. “I said, where am I?”

“Good for you,” you reply. “You have demonstrated a basic grasp of the English language.”

“You’re that girl. The stupid one that trusts Pan.” She spits on the ground.

“First of all, I’m not stupid,” you say, hands placed firmly on your hips. “Second, who said I trust Pan? And third, at least I’m civilized enough to not be rude. You attacked me, lady.”

Felix has a surprised look on his face, like he’s taken aback by your outburst. Well, you’re tired of being underestimated. This crazy bitch can take her opinion and shove it.

“I attacked you to get your attention.” She sits up a bit straighter, and you finally take in her get-up. Dressed all in green. Blonde. Doesn’t that sound a bit like a character you know?

“Wait. Are you supposed to be Tinker Bell?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” the fairy demands. “Of course I’m Tinker Bell!”

“I thought you and Pan were supposed to be friends.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, he’s not exactly what he’s supposed to be.”

True. He’s a hell of a lot hotter.

Felix steps up, brandishing his club. “Enough chit chat. Why did you need Y/N’s attention?”

“She’s the first girl on Neverland for a long time,” Tinker Bell says. “I was interested. Why is she here?”

Felix hits her across the face with the back of his hand. “You don’t ask questions.”

“Alright, alright. Point taken.”

“Are you trying to kidnap her?”

“What?” Both Tinker Bell and you are confused by the question you’ve already been kidnapped once.

Felix’s serious expression doesn’t falter. “Are you?”

“No.” Tinker Bell repositions herself for comfort. “But now I’m considering it.”

You kick her swiftly in the shin. “Don’t even think about it.”

Tinker Bell laughs. “Darling, that didn’t even hurt.”


Felix grabs your arm and pulls you to the side while Michael hits her a few times. “Leave this to us, okay?”

“I need to learn how to fight.”

“And you will. You’re training with both me an Pan now.” Chuckling a little, he adds, “Pan won’t let you be a wimp much longer.”

“Yeah, but-”

He puts up his hand, stopping your protests. “You started today.”

“It’s embarrassing!” Youwave my arms in frustration. “Any of the younger boys could hit harder than I could!”

He doesn’t argue. “Just… go back to camp.”

You don’t want to follow his instructions, but you also don’t want to be embarrassed anymore. You leave, feeling a bit shameful. You’re so weak.

“Peter!” you scream into the emptiness. A few Lost Boys watch you, and they have that look that says this bitch is crazy.

Good. Then they’ll be at least a little bit afraid of you.


“I heard you the first time, love.” You whirl around to find the boy king leaning nonchalantly against a tree. That seems to be the only position you ever find him in. “I was trying to ignore you.


“The screaming made it a bit hard.”

You cross your arms. “Good.” That smirk lights up his face, making his eyes dance with sparkles.

“You need something?”

Squaring up, you say, “You’re going to teach me how to fight.”

“Didn’t we already have this conversation?”

This time you aren’t going to punch his stomach for hours. You’re going to hurt him. You run at him, and your anger makes you more aware of his movement. He dodges to the right and you move with him. You almost hear his arm moving through the air towards your gut before you see it, and roll to the left. You bring up your leg and swing it toward his stomach.

He catches your ankle, but that annoyed look is gone. He’s enjoying himself. At least someone is.

Honestly, his mood makes you angrier. But you don’t try to calm down. You use that anger to rip your foot away and punch him in the face.

A little drop of blood trickles down Peter’s chin. “I hit you,” you mutter in awe. “I drew blood.”

He wipes it away with the back of his hand, but for once he doesn’t look mad about it. “You did.” Peter’s eyes meet yours, and that crazy light is still there. It’s an interesting look, but also a bit scary. He could do- would do- anything with that twinkle. “Again.”

You practice for another set of hours. He gets more hits in than you do, but you get in a few. And you don’t get hit nearly as much as you did before.

Felix and Peter both practice with you on an almost daily basis. The bruises and sores multiply, but you don’t care. It’s the cost of survival.

In a matter of weeks, you’re fighting against some of the Lost Boys- and winning. You still haven’t gotten the best of Felix or Peter, but you’re getting there.

You feel good about today. You stir awake smiling. The other Lost Boys sleeping in your tent haven’t woken yet, so you’re careful not to disturb them as you leave.

Most of the boys must have crashed late last night, because no one is around the campfire. There’s usually a few up at all times.

The assigned guards, Michael and Ryan, are passed out at their posts. The guards never sleep.

That’s when you start to worry.

“Peter?” you call out in a harsh whisper. “Felix?” You look into each tent to find all the boys still asleep. “Peter!” Frantically, you look into the tent Felix sleeps in. He’s still snoring. “Felix, wake up!”

Shaking him doesn’t work. Water in his face doesn’t work. You don’t know what to do. No one will wake up, and Peter is missing.

You try yelling his name a few more times, but he doesn’t magically appear like usual. You don’t know what to do. In your frustration, you scream.

Really loudly.

You feel some kind of expulsion of energy, and you’re left immediately exhausted. You fall onto your knees.

Suddenly, Felix is leaning over you. “Y/N?”

“What happened?”

His look of concern worries you. “You… you just used magic.”


“Magic.” Peter’s voice echoes from his usual tree-leaning posture.

“Oh, thanks for showing up when I needed you,” you say sarcastically, trying to sound as angry as you can when you’re this tired.

“No problem. Get her up.” Felix does so without hesitation, his arms wrapped carefully around you. “Hold her tightly, okay?”

His tone makes you nervous. “Why?”

Peter meets your eyes, and he smirks, like he’s enjoying this. “It’s going to hurt.”

He grabs your arm and a white light flashes in your eyes. You hear someone screaming, and it takes you half a minute to realize it’s you. The pain echoes through your body, and you can’t process anything else.

Suddenly, you can’t feel anything. You’re floating through space.

You’re in the middle of a jungle that looks like a much younger Neverland. You’re running, and you can’t stop. You don’t remember why. You just can’t.


That’s not your name. You… you think.


You continue to run. He’s catching up. The man who called you the wrong name. He’s behind you.

All of a sudden he’s not. He’s standing in your way, and it’s impossible not to stop. You run into him, and you both topple to the ground.

“What the hell?” you mutter. You’re lying on top of him, your breasts pressing down on his chest. Awkward.

“It’s just me.”

You realize with a start that this boy isn’t the danger you thought was behind him. It’s Peter. “But he was behind me.”

“He?” His voice has a certain softness to it you’ve never heard from him. His eyes are less intense than usual.

“I don't… I don't…”

“It’s okay, Jane,” he mutters with a laugh, and his hand moves carefully to your hip. He hugs you to his body. It’s not awkward like you would have expected. It feels natural, like something the two of you do every day. “There’s no one chasing you. I would know.” He smirks at you, but all of his actions are soft.

That’s when he does the most stunning thing.

He kisses you.

And it is the most phenomenal kiss you’ve ever experienced.

It’s not because he’s a good kisser (which he is) but more because it feels right. Like in his arms with your lips together is where you belong. Out of nowhere, Peter bites your lip, making you gasp. You feel his smirk against your lips as he explores your mouth with his tongue.

In revenge you bite down on his tongue. Not hard enough to hurt, just enough to shock him.

“Playing hard to get, Jane?”

“That’s because I am.” As if out of instinct you pull yourself into some kind of energy, and reappear ten feet away. That must be the kind of magic Peter uses.

Peter’s face fades away and you find yourself back in the middle of camp, pain once again coursing through your veins. “Y/N?” Felix calls. His face hovers over yours. You feel where Peter grips your arm, and his eyes are glassy.

He suddenly releases your arm and back away, falling on the ground. He’s terrified. By the look in his eyes, you know he saw the same thing you did. He saw it all.

You can’t look at him without feeling his lips again.

“Tie her up.” Peter’s voice is steely, and his eyes are bright with fury anger. “Now!”

A few Lost Boys grab you. You try to fight them, try to call upon the energy you accessed in the flash of memory, but you can’t. They have you tied to a tree next to Tinker Bell. “So weak,” she mutters. “I warned you not to trust him.”

You almost spit in her direction. “Peter, what’s going on?” He ignores you. “Who’s Jane?”

His hand is on your throat, just above your chest in a second. “Don’t you dare say her name.”

“Who is she?” His threatening placement of his hand doesn’t scare me into silence. “Why does she look like me?”

He stares at you for a moment, then disappears in an instant.

Felix watches you. “How do you know her name?”

“I saw… I saw…”

He interrupts you. “Just don’t mention her in front of Peter.”

Originally posted by itachi86

Then the boys all disappear, just not in the same way. They flee the camp, into the woods, leaving you alone with your questions.

“This show doesn’t have a lot of diversity in its cast” - criticism

“The writing for this show tends to sacrifice consistency for the sake of drama” - criticism

“I don’t like this show” - personal opinion

“This show sucks” - personal (potentially insulting)  opinion

“The writers of this show suck” - personal (potentially insulting) opinion

“You, the show’s writer/creator, are a jerk and you suck” - insult

“I want this show to be cancelled, cancel it!” - a demand to deprive hundreds or thousands of people of their jobs and a source of income

Seriously what is going on lately? People making rude demands of writers to write more and of artists to art more.


If you want content tailored to you and on your schedule create it yourself or commission someone. If you can’t or won’t do that, then just leave everyone else alone.