i deleted this accidentally oops



The footage is all rotoscoped (SMOOOOCH by Maya + kors k!) but the inking, the characters, and the sheep were all done by 13 year old me back in 2009!!!!! I’m so proud of it… like i’m about to tear up, I spent 3 months on this. It’s one of my very first animations, too! ;=;

I thought the file was lost forever when I accidentally deleted my youtube channel (oops) but I FOUND IT…………7 YEARS LATER…………..

Idk what else to say I’m just so happy to finally have it back. I love my babes… 

Warm Water — S.Coups

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A/N: so, this imagine was requested by an anon, but I accidentally deleted the ask in our inbox, oops! either way, here is the first requested smut imagine. I had fun writing this so to the person who requested this: I rly hope you enjoy it!

Plot: Seungcheol knew he was tired from practice, but he also knew he doesn’t like showering without his babygirl.

Word Count: 1,893 words
Content: daddy/babygirl kink, shower sex, cunnilingus, dirty talk, aftercare :-)

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I accidentally deleted @rooster-geek ‘s message saying they would HUG ME. Oops! I’m still gonna respond though. (When I say I ‘accidentally deleted it’ I mean that I somehow managed to fall over while sitting on my bed and fell on my computer keyboard and a lot of shit happened and now it’s gone).

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Sending all the virtual hugs right now! You are an absolute darling and deserve more hugs than I do!