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Android Companion AU

Lucis is an advanced civilization, the crown city of Insomnia is self sustaining and generally safe, but the limited land with which to build on can barely fit the growing population. You are an independent adult who had landed a dream job in the heart of the city, your parents bid you farewell from their farmhouse just east of Lestallum, and now you are living alone in a very crowded, claustrophobic, and constantly noisy business district.

One day, you find an offer of comfort in your solitary life:

Model: NOCT-1.5 (limited number of units produced):

  • This model is the cutting-edge technology of all companions available in the market, the be-all end-all royalty of the trade. it is never advertised because very few people can afford it, but you’re a tech nerd and you’ve heard of the legends
  • It’s usually ridiculously expensive and waaaay out of your range, for some reason, this one is on sharp discount in your local computer shop
  • the clerk tells you it’s on a discount because it has been taken out of the box by a previous owner and returned, but is in top shape otherwise
  • it’s a small investment even after the price cut and you’re seriously trying to talk yourself out of it, but the more you look at the android behind the sheer plastic, the more you are entranced by the sharp features and slim design.
  • a part of you hungers to see what the eyes look like once turned on, and what kinds of apps and functions you can install on such a rare product
  • you take it home, and the moment you plug it- him in, bright piercing eyes glow red for three seconds, and then mellow out to a soft crystal blue

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Oh boy. This is it. The final stretch.

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Kalopsia (M)

» the belief that things appear more beautiful than they are.

Summary: Jungkook’s a photographer who has a knack for finding the beauty in the simple things.
Word Count: 10,623
Genre: Photographer!Jungkook + angst/smut/fluff 
Warnings: Mentions of death 
A/N: Based on this song. This is incredibly long, and I’m sorry.

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Regret - Part 3

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Genre: angst, fluff, slight smut

Pairing: Johnny x Reader, Taeyong x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you and you leave him. Almost a year later, he realizes that he hasn’t quite gotten over you and he tries to get you back.

You ended up calling Taeyong a few weeks later. As soon as the line began to ring, you wanted to hang up. What if he forgot all about you? What if he didn’t even remember your name? More importantly, what if he was already seeing someone? Maybe you should’ve texted him first, you thought, as it continued to ring in your ear.

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Voltron on Instagram headcanons

Because my friend and I sat down and made a bunch of them so here we go

• Allura is on stuco and she’s always posting pictures of the decorations for the next school dance
• she maintains a study account for everyone in her grade to use as reference
• she’s always doing super cool shit like waterskiing or skydiving on the weekends so her posts about them make everyone jealous
• she’s the one who has followers from every school in the district
• probably runs a photography account too
• her bio has something about the sports she does, her school, just basic information
• fashion queen, she runs an outfit of the day account

• coran is a mess of memes and selfies
• shirtless pictures and flexing pictures because he loves himself so much
• much ranting about his parents and the world in general conspiring against him
• he tries to learn to skateboard and fails the first time around, the video gets posted and gets thousands of likes

• shiro posts study pictures too
• he also pulls all these crazy do-not-try-this-at-home-kids stunts like making flame throwers out of aerosol cans and posts videos of them
• he’s the one who tries to teach coran to skateboard, has like two skateboarding pictures on Instagram
• he swims and posts pictures with his entire team
• also on stuco
• has “#shallura” in his bio (im sorry but I’m trash)
• he’s in band and he always live blogs their band concerts and field trips on his story
• everyone mainly just follows him for the pictures of his pet cat, she’s fluffy and gorgeous and she’s named sky and she’s dark stormy grey
• altogether doesn’t post too often

• Hunk definitely posts food recipes. I know we’re all fed up with hunk being characterized with just food but he definitely posts food recipes.
• he’s a complete computer science genius and posts homework help for his classmates too
• majority of his photos are of Lance hacking his account and spamming selfies
• has a shitty science pun as his bio
• he reviews Netflix shows with Lance

• Pidge is part of Instagram royalty; they’re queer, they hack, and they game
• they’ve got thousands of followers for their video game cheats and tips videos
• they meme with Lance a lot too, so Lance gets popularity on Instagram through them
• they post one picture of this giant stash of soda and chips captioned “gamer fuel”
• they post another one right after it of this exquisite gourmet salad captioned “hunk took my gamer fuel away and replaced it with a meal :(”
• they put playthroughs up on their story every day
• they talk shit about every single person in their school by using pseudonyms for them, and everyone guesses who they’re talking about in the comments. No one ever gets to find out if they’re right or not.

• Lance just flat out memes, he runs a spam account and a main account.
• he runs both a dc and a marvel fan account, even though he does like D.C. Better
• he writes movie reviews
• on his main account there’s a lot of selfies of him with girls, him with his friends, him with his family… he just loves people and everyone is always tagged
• has the most followers after Pidge. Like allura, he’s the one who people from all across the district follow.
• he swims with Shiro on the swim team, and bitches about practice every day
• attends every social event ever
• plays the piano because I personally love this headcanon, he posts a video of him attempting to play the death waltz and it goes practically viral
• he learned to skateboard from shiro and now he can’t get enough of it
• he posts pictures of Keith glaring at and/or flipping off the camera a LOT
• complains about homework all the time
• his bio is something about space, but he never really posts about it because it’s more of a private fascination that just makes him happy
• he loses his mind over fish and spams pictures of them whenever he has a chance to

• keith is following only Lance on Instagram because Lance made his account
• he has exactly one (1) picture on his Instagram. It’s of his feet up on the desk in front of him, crossed at the ankles, black and white filter, captioned “rebel”
• the first two comments are Lance, one says “first” and the second says “why are you like this”
• his bio reads “Lance is the best” but he deleted the app after Lance made him download it so now it’s just up there permanently and everyone thinks Lance and him are a thing
• it also has something about him running track and what school he goes to
• his profile pic is Lance with Keith’s face in the background, smiling, but it’s the only smiling picture of him on the internet because whenever Lance tries to take one he immediately glares at the camera

Mermaid Rescue and Rehab Inc.

Summary: Sadly, this isn’t the strangest phone call Pidge has ever gotten from Lance. The mermaid is new though.

Notes: This is all @eastofthemoon‘s fault. We were talking about Voltron AUs we haven’t done yet, and neither of us had done a mermaid AU or an AU with baby Shiro (although I’ve done all the other paladins as children in the Babes in Space series). So here it is, merbaby Shiro.

Pidge finally picked up her cell phone after the third time in five minutes Lance had tried to call. It was one in the morning, and she was right in the middle of a major coding project for her final, and she didn’t care how good Hunk’s pizza was, she wasn’t coming over.

“Pidge, you have to help us!” Lance didn’t bother with a greeting, “we stole a mermaid!”

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Sleep tight (Christian Yu Scenario)

Request: Christian Yu scenario where you end up falling asleep in his work room while he’s editing a video. Please make it super fluffy - Anon 

A/N: Hi Hi!! My first Christian Scenario whaaat!! lol I hope it turned out alright! I tried to make it really really fluffy! Hope you like it dear anon and yay for first christian scenario!! :D (it turned out kinda short, forgive me please?) ~ Red

Genre: Fluff~

Word Count: 1,334

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how you get the boy - one

“You usually sleep with more than one girl at the same time?”

“What?” His face mirrored my shocked expression and he began shaking his head. “No, Jesus, no.”

read below // story page

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Writing by @moustachiopenguin :

If someone were to ask him about his first love, he would lie and say he’s forgotten.  He wouldn’t tell them about a boy named Kise Ryouta.  He wouldn’t share memories that make him smile and make him ache.  He’d pretend not to remember racing hearts and sweaty palms and stolen kisses.  There would be no stories about commuting between cities and missing trains home.  He’d have nothing to say about locked doors and flushed cheeks or bruised lips. 

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Missing 6

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing // Drinking // It’s going to be sad and angsty.
Don’t fall for the clarity, don’t fall for it. It will only destroy you later… Haha

Months after the split with you and Steve, you’re not as well off as you should be, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t make the right choice, right?

A/N: Mini series I am doing. Only around 500 words each, than I am adding Deleted Scenes from Steve’s POV with each part. 

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“Nat what do you mean you won’t be there?” You yell into the phone, you hear loud banging, Nat curses. “Is that gun fire?!” Your voice shocked, she was on a mission.

“I sent a replacement.” You hear a thump, and Nat panting.

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You Lied to Me

Request: Anonymous- “smutty or not ur choice Sherlock x reader where they play truth or dare and the reader is johns sister and catches her with Sherlock”

Warnings: None

Pronouns: She/her

Author’s note: It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for Sherlock, and it’s currently 1:30 a.m. It’s pretty terrible, but I hope you like it, anonymous friend!

     This was what happened when John left. You and Sherlock had nothing to do. What was he expecting? You loved your brother, you really did, but sometimes, he could be insufferable.

     Sherlock was lying on the couch, and you in John’s armchair, one night, contemplating life and various other useless topics. You had no idea what was going through Sherlock’s abnormal head, but you were finally working up the courage to do something with Sherlock you’d wanted to do for a long time. You were sure he would say no. He’d never condone something so pointless, but you wanted for so long to know what it would be like. Especially with him.

     Finally, you broke the silence. “Sherlock, will you play truth or dare with me?”

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anonymous asked:

UT/UF Sans sits next to a cute Crush on the bus who wears ear buds all the time. As time goes by, they end up passing little notes to each other, growing closer and closer. One day, Crush offers their earbuds to the skell to show what kind of music they're listening to. There's no music. Crush is deaf and wears earbuds to kind of hide it. (I was thinking about a video I saw years ago when I read the bus ask hhh)

Ok so I googled deaf girl earphones notes lol, and I think I found the video you were talking about. It’s this one: https://youtu.be/QyB_U9vn6Wk

if anyone is interested.

Also this turned into a small one shot

UT!Sans: The first time you two interact is the first day he’s on the bus. He’s not completely sure where his stop is and his phone is dead so he can’t google it. He turns to ask you but when he sees the earbuds he just gently taps on your shoulder so you’ll turn to him. He starts asking you the question when he realizes that you’re still wearing the earbuds. He gestures for you pen and notebook you’re holding and then quickly writes out the question on a blank page. When you write the answer he just thanks you and lets you be, you didn’t seem like you wanted to interact and he respects that.

Next day he sees you on the bus, sitting in the same exact spot. Because the bus is fairly crowded he figures he can get away with sitting next to you again. He is, conveniently enough, carrying a pen and pack of post it notes in his pockets. He plops down next to you and carefully sticks a post-it note on the back of the seat in front of you.

’’I hope you’re not too bus-y, just wanted to properly tank u for the help yesterday’’

…the puns are starting to sink in.

But he keeps at it. Placing the block of post-it notes between the two of you so you can both reach them. The rest of the bus journey is spent trying to come up with the corniest jokes about traffic and writing *groans* and ’’omg that one was so bad’’ in response to some of his worst ones. Examples include:

’’Yesterday was my first time taking the bus, I wanted a car but I couldn’t a ford one’’


’’But I can Harley wait ’til I  get my motorcycle license’’

After a few days the puns are slowly replaced with questions and a real conversation starts to build. Everything from books to movies to his brother and just general life on the surface and all of its struggles. By now both of you carry your own post it notes and pens and Sans finds himself skipping his stop to talk to you for just a little bit longer. He’s really starting to like you and your humor and he wishes he could talk to you without the post it notes.

When you offer him your earbuds after a few days he takes it as you opening up to him a little more. His stop is coming up soon but he still has a little time left. When he takes the earbuds and doesn’t hear the music he’s kind of confused before he looks up and sees your sad smile. Then he puts two and two together. You never reacted to people screaming in the back of the bus or loud noises outside. He hands you the earphones and smiles back. Then he starts signing. You never introduced yourself when you talked through the notes so that’s what he’s doing now. Before you have any time to react, the bus stops and this is as far as he can take it. He grabs a post it note and quickly scribbles something before hopping off.

’’Thanks for trusting me enough to show me your song. I’d love to talk through more efficient notes, though. Text me?’’

His number is written on the bottom.

UF!Sans: He’s been on the bus a few times before and he’s seen you around. This time he’s sitting next to you, though, and that’s a first. He’s kind of flustered which he hates, and he’s doing everything he can to not look at you. He notices a guy a few seats across from you two, and he won’t stop staring. That wouldn’t be so unusual if it was at Sans. But this creep just won’t stop staring at you. Then, the guy slowly brings his phone up and starts taking pictures. That’s the last straw. He doesn’t want to cause a commotion in public right now, he’s way too tired for that sh*t. Instead he opts for sending a death stare in the creep’s direction. It’s effective and the guy quickly puts down his phone and looks away. He gets off on the next stop.

Sans still feels like he has to warn you though. He pokes your shoulder to get your attention and your head jerks up. He starts to speak when you gesture to the headphones. He wonders why you can’t just take them off but decides not to ask. Instead he picks up his phone and quickly writes a message in his notes telling you about the creep. He gives it to you and watches you read it before you start typing away on his phone. You tell him that you know the guy and that he’s not gonna do anything but you thank him for telling you and also making him stop. He just grunts and takes his phone back, turning away from you. He’s blushing and he doesn’t want you to see. He gets off on the earliest stop possible.

He sees you again a few days later. Still sat there with your earbuds in and looking out the window. There are not empty seats, and he’d rather sit beside someone who doesn’t look at him with distaste so he slips into the seat next to you. You look over and give him a small smile before turning forward again. He kind of wants to talk to you, but you’re still wearing your earbuds. So he picks up his phone and does the same thing as the other day, he writes you a small message in his phone’s notes.

’’what’re ya listening to kid?’

You smile down at his phone and raise and eyebrow at him and for a moment he feels kind of stupid and thinks about teleporting off the bus. But you just give a very quiet laugh as you type out something on his phone and then hand it back.

’’It’s a very special song, it’s part of me’’

Well that wasn’t what he had expected. Still, you weren’t rejecting his attempts at conversation. He hands you the phone again, asking if maybe he could hear it. You pause for a second seemingly re-reading it a couple times. Then you shake your head and give him back his phone with an answer.

’’I’m embarrassed by it :(’’

Just as he reads the note you squeeze yourself out of the seat and bolt towards the exit. Huh, he hadn’t even noticed it had stopped. Just as you’re about to jump out of the bus you stop and turn around. You give him a smal smile and a little wave and then you’re out. He can feel his soul brighten a little.

This time he doesn’t delete the notes you left in his phone.

It becomes a sort of routine. Every time you’re both on the bus you sit next to each other and talk through his phone. He knows you better now, and his crush on you is growing more and more. He knows a lot about you. Your favorite movies and books, your interests, your humor and what your family’s like. But he still doesn’t know why you refuse to take of your headphones and talk to him. He ignores it though, and tries to push down the tiny bit of insecurity he feels because of it. And then one day when you’re talking about one of the human and monster talk shows, you ask him something out of topic.

’’Can I have your number? It would be easier to text than to go on like this. And then we wouldn’t have to limit our talks to the bus :/’’

This is his chance

’’I’ll show you my number if you show me your song’’

You stare at the screen for a while and then look up at him with a pensive look. Then you reach up and take your earbuds out and then hand them to him. He lift them to where his ears would’ve been if he were human, which is where he hears the best. Still nothing. Sh*t, did he break them?

But when he looks back at you, still a little panicky because sh*t he just broke your headphones, you’re just smiling sadly. Then you sign something with your hands that he doesn’t understand. You must have noticed that he didn’t follow what you just signed because you pick up his phone and, while making sure that he can see what you were doing, you went into his contacts. You add a contact with your number and then name it ’’cool bus person’’

Then you go back into his phones notes where you have been having your conversation. You type for a while and then give him the phone. This time you’re not looking at him as he reads, instead you’re looking out over the bus.

’’I’m deaf and there never was a song. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to look at me like I’m different. You still owe me your number though’’

He can’t help but laugh as he goes into his contacts and starts typing a message to you. Only now does he realize that holy f you gave him your number. As he’s typing he doesn’t notice the bus slowing down and coming to a stop. His head jerks up as you tap him lightly on the shoulder and wave as you walk away. Before you jump off you turn to him and make a motion with your hands as if you were texting on a phone. He nods his head to you. You look relived and smile one more time before exiting the bus. As soon as the bus starts moving he continue with the message.

’’It doesn’t make you different in a bad way. Made me think I broke your headphones tho - Sans’’

Scattered thoughts

AN: I don’t even know what this is lol and clearly my thoughts are scattered 

Originally posted by mendesgif

Shawn Mendes is a danger zone and you wish you could go back and stop the storm from tearing you apart.

Peoples voices grew low when he walked by and the freshman girls squirmed and fanned their faces. He walked with his chest out and that smile. He never let it fall.

It wasn’t only because he sang in choir or played on the hockey team. It wasn’t only because he picked up girls in his Jeep and took them on dates that could only be described as a dream. It wasn’t only the way he played guitar, or the obsession with Harry Potter that he kept behind closed doors.

It was the way he laughed at your dumb jokes, and the way he grabbed your hand when you tried leaving that night. It was the smell of his skin and the box of your things he left on your doorstep. It was the letter in your mailbox apologizing for everything that went wrong.

It was the fact that you were in love with him, but you were too afraid to let him back in. Because he started talking to those girls again. He started working out more and taking any opportunity he had to post a shirtless picture. It was the winks you caught from across the hall, but they weren’t for you.

But he tried, right? He apologized. He wrote a damn letter pouring out his heart. He sent texts and left voicemails until he couldn’t leave anymore. When they stopped, you listened to every single one. And every single one made the pain in your heart radiate through your entire body.

He tried for weeks. He didn’t drive girls out to the water. His smile dropped and his guitar collected dust in the corner of his room. But he kept the pictures of you on his phone. Shawn tried not to look. He tried to delete them, but it never worked.

Maybe you made him a danger zone. You took away all the sweetness and replaced it with a tough shell that someone would have to break through. But it’s not fair to blame yourself. Hell, we all have walls. We all meet someone who leaves us damaged and distraught, wondering if we’ll recover.

We had our chance (Part 5)

Okay, so this is a direct continuation off Part 4, picking up where we last left off. Thank you for your support, I really appreciate every reblog, like and comment. Really, you all are the best! 

Part 1, Part 4, Masterlist, Requests, Askbox

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Summary: Love is like a puzzle, you have to find the right pieces to create the whole picture. But what happens when the pieces are incredibly small and easy to loose?

Warnings: This will contain angst. Not only angst, a little fluff as well, but the ride won’t really be an easy one. ALSO. This one might contain a little NSFW stuff. Nothing to bad, but yeah. You’ve been warned.

Wordcount: 2,631

Tags: @hopeandlovelastlonger (If more people wants a tag, then just tell me and I’d be happy to include you as well.)

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Would it be possible for you to do the rest of RFA + the other two of the minor trio for the suicide attempt HC? Thank you!

Okay, I need to find a better way to do this, it’s deleted for a second time, good God!

Of course I’ll do it!! I reread what I did, and wow am I heartless! But I’m so happy you liked it!!! I’m so happy you like any of my angst, or my any headcanons tbh!! So without further ado, let us begin!!!



  • • You felt bad about leaving him
    • You thought about it for a minute, about stopping what could only be considered madness
    • But the pill vial felt so comforting in you hand, so you continued your quest
    • It was getting harder, and you knew it
    • You wondered whether he did
    • Yoosung was coming home from work
    • Excited to tell you about his latest hassle with a flamboyant lady who was obsessed with her pet skunk he fidgeted on the packed subway, happy he found a seat
    • But all thoughts were quickly abandoned when he got a call from Luciel that his fiancee was in the hospital, hooked up to a respirator, barely breathing
    • He jumped off the train on the closest stop and ran the last three blocks to the hospital
    • You were fazed out when he got there, and he was devastated
    • Your skin was slightly yellower than normal, being hooked up on sedatives, and the respirator was gone, replaced with an oxygen tank
    • “She was critical for a bit, but she should be fine now. Keep an eye on her. She needs someone now, like no other.”
    • You had chronic depression
    • Yoosung was despondent, how could he not have known?
    • The one person he loved more than ever, the person who lit up his life, who encouraged him to go to vet school
    • When you finally were cleared for visiting hours when you woke up he ran in there before the rest of the RFA could react
    • When you saw him you looked away
    • He thought he’d done something wrong, but when he saw your shoulders shaking softly and quickly he understood
    • Smushing you into a huge bear hug he allowed you to shed your tears
    • “I’m, I’m scared. I want it to end, I don’t want to have to keep comparing myself, to be dissatisfied!”
    • He listened as you poured your heart out
    • When the doctors came back they prescribed you medication and a weekly therapist, despite your protest
    • You agreed, although only after talking to Yoosung
    • “Fine, but only for you.”
    • He was thrilled
    • Slowly you started to get better, slowly you started to smile more
    • And with that he did as well
    • On the last day of the meds you two went out for ice cream
    • You stared at the stars and he listened to you talk about the celestial plane
    • When you were done you leaned in a kissed him
    • “Thank you.”
    • “No, thank you my angel, where would I be with you gone?”


  • You never meant it to end that way
  • Never meant it to end with a gun to your head
  • But it was too hard
  • Someone was taking away the joys of your life
  • Making your own life a living Hell
  • Blasphemous pictures posted all over the internet
  • Constant streams of “MC is a f*ggot”
  • All because of the one picture you posted of you and Jaehee
  • And now here you were
  • With a gun to your head
  • You close your eyes, and lace your finger on the trigger
  • Jaehee was working late at the coffee shop, trying to make you a special brew
  • She’d noticed you being very tired and melancholic lately
  • And Baehee knew what was best for you when it came to coffee
  • She was so wrapped up in her work she didn’t notice the ambulance pass by
  • Only when Jumin called and told her that someone had gotten there just in time she was horrified
  • The cup crashed on the floor, utterly forgotten
  • Seven, had been there to pick up something form Jaehee, and had tried to disarm MC
  • Unfortunately MC was shot in the arm
  • Jaehee was crying, anger and grief streaming down her face
  • She knew something was wrong
  • But she had assumed nothing was wrong
  • What kind of fool?!
  • When she arrived at the hospital Seven showed her the cyberbullying
  • Now she understood
  • With the help of Luciel by the time you’d woken up she had managed to sue him, and ruined his life
  • But that could wait
  • When the door opened she rushed in, and squeezed you hard
  • You were both crying
  • “Jaehee, help me! I can’t deal.”
  • “I’m sorry for not noticing! I’m so sorry!”
  • The RFA just watched
  • She gave you kisses all over your cheeks
  • And vowed to make sure you were never harassed again
  • You smiled, you trusted your girlfriend with all you life


  • His constant pushing of you away was really getting to you
  • Instead of days, of a week, it had lasted months
  • You were miserable
  • Since you hardly ever saw anyone else
  • They forced solitude was frying you mentally
  • And it drove you to sneak out of the house at night
  • At first it was a just a walk to clear your head
  • But soon you understood what you were doing on this chilly night
  • Standing at the end of a bridge, one that you had dreamed of standing next to Saeyoung with, you looked own once more into the water
  • The dark water was a comfort, something that you could look at and know what was going to happen
  • Unlike what was happening in that god damned apartment
  • You were thankful that police didn’t think about putting a fence on the quaint stone bridge
  • Not like it would’ve mattered anyway
  • You would’ve tried anyway
  • Putting your bag on the ground you looked into the messenger one more time
  • Typing some vague note into it you sighed
  • At least it would snap the man you loved out of his melancholy
  • Not that it mattered to you anymore
  • You took a deep breath, and got ready to jump
  • Saeyoung wondered where the heck you were
  • He had tracked your phone, but you were just standing by a bridge
  • Although it seemed suspicious he wasn’t too worried
  • You’d come back soon
  • He felt like shit, sighing and a turning towards his laptop
  • When the messenger went off for the first time he ignored it
  • But it kept going off
  • And eventually Jumin called
  • “What’s up, how’s my darling Elly?” He asked nonchalantly
  • Jumin didn’t reply, instead he sighed
  • “Promise not to do anything rash.”
  • Saeyoung smirked, intrigued, what did Jumin do?
  • “God 707 promises.”
  • Jumin let off another long sigh before breaking the news.
  • “MC was at that bridge near the outskirts of town, you know near the parks? And well, Zen was walking by and saw, saw MC standing on the ledge. He managed to drag her out, since the fall wasn’t enough to kill her, but she was a concussion and a few broken bones. Luciel?”
  • Saeyoung was already sprinting to his car
  • When he got there the rest of the RFA was talking, wondering why MC did it. But Saeyoung knew, he was sure, and the guilt was eating at him.
  • You were released for visiting, and Saeyoung pushed forward
  • When you saw him your face darkened
  • You went to turn around but he hugged you anyway
  • You were confused
  • Was this the real Seven? Was the one in the chat? The one at the apartment?
  • But when you felt the tears through the hospital gown you knew who the real Seven was
  • So you carefully turned around and looked at the red head
  • And laying back down you smiled
  • A week later when you were back at the apartment Saeyoung was putting on his jacket the evening you arrived
  • Your face darkened, old memories flaring up
  • “Where are you going?” You asked, trying to stay relaxed
  • “For a walk, it’s beautiful out. Care to join me?”
  • You looked up, your face full of hope
  • And with that you wheeled right up to him and gave him a huge hug
  • There was nothing else he wanted in the world at that moment


  • You had tried to keep your mental issues on the down-low after you met V
  • You felt like he needed someone perfect to take care of him, and you wanted him to think you were the one to do that, to bring back his happiness
  • At first it work, the time-consuming job of taking care and being there for him filling up silences
  • But as he started to improve you could feeling yourself slipping back
  • And a month after he got the surgery you knew you were back to where you were before
  • He spent lots of time talking to the RFA, and even more looking through old photographs, most being of him and Rika
  • And it killed you
  • That snake, though gone, was still poisoning you from the inside out
  • And you knew she had defeated you
  • You were alone, unable to think straight, and sure of one thing
  • Your time had come
  • To rejoin your family
  • You were sure of that if nothing else, you missed your brother, who had died of cancer when he was twelve, and you parents, who both died in a car crash
  • With the rest of your family quite distant this was the only option
  • So one day you prepared
  • You said goodbye to the one you loved, the one who no longer needed you
  • “Parting is such sweet sorrow…”
  • You snorted a bit at that thought
  • Taking the tram down to the beach you looked out at the sea
  • It was grey out, and raining, so the beach was deserted, excepting you
  • Who else would see you?
  • It was the perfect time
  • Looking back once more you dipped your feet in
  • Then ankles, then knees,
  • You were almost at your waist now
  • Looking at sky you whispered; “I’ll be with you soon Oliver.”
  • V was looking at the clock, wondering where you were
  • He missed you, it had been hours!
  • He was fidgeting with the flower you’d left on the counter
  • You hadn’t even hugged him, which saddened him
  • The ringing of the telephone snapped him out of his thoughts
  • It was Seven
  • “Hey Luciel. What is it?”
  • “Listen V, this is going to hurt. But you have to know-”
  • He told V everything, that Jaehee, for her break, was walking down the beach and saw you
  • You had screamed bloody murder, yelling; “DON’T MAKE ME GO BACK, LET ME GO HOME!”
  • V’s eyes began to water, the idea that death was home to you broke something inside, something you had been repairing
  • Luciel picked him up, and they sped towards the hospital
  • V was crying silently the whole time, not even bothering to bring his sunglasses, his piercing eyes shaded red
  • When he got there the rest ran up to him
  • Jaehee was crying, a scratch on her face, Jumin’s face was darkened
  • V looked towards you, but your eyes were closed
  • “She’s sedated, she tried to kill herself again. They’re going to have to a get a psychologist in there before we can go in.”
  • V shook his head, “How long?” He whispered silently
  • Jaehee just shook her head
  • A half an hour later a woman in a suit rushed in
  • V’s face was pressed into the glass, taking whole scene in, so happy he could see you
  • He wanted to be the first one in
  • Seven’s hand was on his shoulder, but he barely noticed other than a small smile of appreciation
  • He watched at you slowly opened your eyes in response to something the psychologist said
  • She talked to you for a bit a you nodded
  • Then you spoke, softly, and slowly
  • Looking around you continued
  • The psychologist replied
  • Still turning your head you eyes found his
  • And V’s heart stopped
  • There were tears in your eyes, and you reached out a hand
  • Turning back towards the psychologist the dialogue continued for a long half hour
  • Finally visiting was cleared
  • He rushed in and hugged you
  • And you hugged him back, tears in your eyes
  • He was also sobbing, whispering apologies in your ear, you apologizing back
  • It took a week and a half, but it was a quieter week, you didn’t try anything again
  • When you got back to the apartment a therapist still visited weekly
  • The day you got back you and V talked about everything
  • You cried again, and V cuddled you, murmuring words of comfort into your ear
  • He vowed to take care of you, like you did him, be your family
  • He felt guilty about not realizing it, but you assured him you didn’t care
  • You wanted to stop living in the past
  • The future was just ahead of you
  • And you wanted to spend it with him
  • He smiled at that
  • “Me too.”


  • You worked in media controlling and such for a company
  • And recently you were getting a lot of personal threats for articles you’d written, and things you’d said
  • You ignored it, but it began to build up in your inbox
  • So you had to clean it out
  • You couldn’t help reading some
  • Vanderwood had found you crying that day
  • You assured them that you were fine, it was nothing you couldn’t deal
  • They smiled; “You’re so strong.” And gave you a quick kiss on the forehead
  • Those words had been spinning around in your head for a while
  • Never going away, it was driving you nuts
  • So you snuck out one evening; it was 22:00, and picked a tree
  • There was a rope in your bag, and you were prepared
  • Tying yourself up you wondered when it started
  • The hate that was bombarding you had been there for a while
  • That comment had just been the straw that broke the camel’s back you guessed
  • The rope was tied and you were ready
  • You knew it would hurt
  • But hopefully it was far up enough
  • It wouldn’t be long
  • You took a breath
  • Vanderwood was agitated
  • Where were you?
  • Angry that you had left your phone at home they sat down
  • The only thing to do was wait
  • It was almost 24:00, and they were about to go out and look, when Jumin called him
  • Saeyoung had found you and cut you loose
  • You were at the hospital, hooked up to oxygen
  • Vanderwood was already out the door by the time he said that
  • When they arrived there the RFA was already inside
  • Everyone kind of hushed up when they entered the room
  • They ran over to you
  • And you were crying
  • Flashing back to when they had found you like that they hugged you tightly
  • Tears were foreign to Vanderwood
  • Yet there they were, sobbing
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • “Because you said I was strong, but I’m not.”
  • They looked at you incredulously
  • Then gave you a kiss on the forehead
  • “You are strong. Stronger than I could ever be.”
  • You smiled and hugged him tighter
  • “I’m the weak one, I couldn’t have survived if you had gone to the other side.”

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Back Together (Donatello)

A continuation of the Breakup Prompt.


    You were one of the lucky few who had managed to land a job within six months of graduating. Though it was not exactly in your field for now, the more you worked your way up, the closer to your goal you would be. Even better, the job was located back in New York. After a month and a half, you finally felt settled in your new but familiar home. There was just one thing that lingered over you: how to tell your mutant ex that you were back.


     The light radiating from the computer screens reflected off his glasses; for the first time, the light felt too bright, making Donatello remove the spectacles from his face. His hand began to massage his face and the bridge of his snout as he continued to process what he just read. Doubt crawled through his nerves but his rational thinking brought his fingers back to life. Within minutes he was running multiple scans over the message, making sure they were sent from the correct address and that the writing patterns matched yours. Everything came back positive, proving that you had indeed sent him the note.

     Hey Donatello!

     I graduated a couple of months ago (finally) and you wouldn’t believe it. I actually managed to land a job! But it gets even better: the job is in New York! I’m already moved into my new apartment.

     I’d really like it if you would stop by tonight at 10 pm. I’ve got a picture attached of the place; I circled which one is my balcony. Oh, and the actual address is on the picture too in case that’s better.

     I understand if you don’t want to come over; I just wanted to talk to you about a couple of things. At the very least, I thought you had a right to know I was back in town.

     Hope I see you tonight.

     His eyes ran over the words multiple times, still in disbelief that you had bothered to contact him. During your three year absence he had kept tabs on your social media pages. Not once did he contact you, no matter how distressing some of your statuses had been; but you had asked him not to leave an electronic trail for anyone to follow and he had respected that.

     During your first summer break, you made a post that left Donatello heart broken. You began a relationship with a human boy, and even though it only lasted a couple of months, it still left the mutant turtle in a state of sorrow. You had moved on, and so quickly too. Once his grief was replaced with anger, he dug up every piece of dirt he could on this boy. Unfortunately the college kid had no criminal record, but he did have a rather questionable search history.

     “Damn it. Damn it. Damn it,” he chewed on his nails as he stared at the screen displaying the dirt he had dug up.

     For weeks he debated whether he should leak the sensitive information online for you to see. It might not have been any of his business, but you should at least have a right to know your new boyfriend had quite a long list of fetishes. Most of them were ones Donatello knew you wouldn’t be into. The only upside would be that the boy would be publicly shamed and you might even break up with him.

     Luckily for the strange boy, Leonardo intervened before Donatello could submit anything. “What are you doing Donnie?” The blue-clad ninja had asked with crossed arms.

     Donatello jumped at the sound of his brother’s voice and he quickly turned the screen off, hoping he hadn’t seen any of it. “N-nothing! Just uh, keeping track of police scanners. Nothing interesting yet though. I’ll be sure to uh, keep you posted,” he tried to act like he was busy, hoping his brother would leave.
Leonardo shook his head and sauntered over to the wall of monitors, turning on the one he had just switched off. His cool blue eyes scanned over the list, “So this is what you found out about the guy?”

     Surprise made Donatello turn to face him quickly. “H-how do you know?”
He looked down at him with a sympathetic smile and nodded at the screens. “You’ve been leaving your work open lately.”

     An aggravated groan rumbled in Donatello’s throat and he thumped a fist against his forehead. Of course. He had been so flustered with the news of your new boyfriend that he wasn’t keeping the right things hidden from his brothers. He was surprised that Michelangelo hadn’t said anything yet, but perhaps Raphael had threatened him enough to keep his mouth shut.

     “Listen Donnie,” Leonardo started, walking over to where he was sitting. “I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you, but you can’t hold on to this. Not anymore.”

     He knew his older brother was right, he always was. But his heart still screamed for you; and his mind still conjured thoughts of your gorgeous smile and your beautiful eyes. Just the thought of someone else experiencing your beauty made his blood boil.

     “You don’t think I know that?” Donatello snapped but took a deep breath as soon as the words had left him. It wasn’t Leonardo’s fault, he reminded himself. Once he had regained his composure he continued, “I just…wasn’t expecting them to move on so fast.”

     Leonardo frowned and looked at the screen, trying to decide what words would be best to use. “I don’t think any of us did,” he admitted. “But if this will make them happy, wouldn’t you want that?”

     The purple-clad turtle took his glasses off to wipe at his misty eyes. “Of course. I just thought it’d be me making them happy…” He clenched his jaw and tried to swallow down the lump in his throat. A hand squeezed his shoulder comfortingly and he patted at it.

     “I know Donnie,” Leonardo said quietly. “I know how much they meant to you. But if you still have any love for them, you won’t reveal that boy’s secrets.”

     The endearment he was feeling for his brother quickly disappeared. It wasn’t the advice he was looking for, but his older brother was right. You were simply living your life. Who was he to decide who you should or shouldn’t date? After all, you had made it very clear that you and the giant mutant turtle were done.

     Donatello did not notice his brother leave until he tried to thank him. When he returned his attention to his set-up, his eyes focused on the light-up USB you had given him before your departure. Just looking at the multi-colored plastic turtle sent him in a fury he had never felt before. He snatched it out of the port and threw it as hard as he could. He heard the plastic make impact with something soft before it landed on the concrete floor.

     Tears began to trickle down his face and the lump in his throat refused to budge. Sniffles turned to sobs and the mutant buried his face into his palms, finally letting out all of his jealousy and grief. After he could not cry any longer, he sat silently in his chair; his eyes never leaving the monitor that showed the boy’s secrets. Never before had his fingers felt so heavy as he reached forward to delete the information. He let out a shaky breath and leaned back, closing his eyes as he tried to empty out his mind.

     Minutes passed and he finally opened his eyes, rolling his head to look at the tower that once housed the turtle-shaped USB. He missed the little light and got up to look for the device, hoping it had not shattered on impact. Luckily for him, it was still intact and he plugged it back into the computer, watching as the plastic turtle slowly changed colors.

     After that he stayed off of your pages for months; it wasn’t until curiosity got the best of him that he checked your page again. This time, he saw that you and the other human had broken up. He had never felt so relieved to see a relationship fail before and you had not picked up anymore relationships after that.

     But even that bittersweet victory did not stop his emotions from battling each other when it came to you. There were nights where he would weep at the memory of you and long for the warmth of your body against his. Then there were days where he would recall every argument you two had and he would loathe you. For two years he tried to balance his feelings, requesting extra help from Splinter on particularly bad days. Eventually he was able to come to the calming conclusion that although he still had feelings for you, if you had moved on then it was out of his control. He just wished he could find someone else to move on with.

    All of those emotions he thought he had under control suddenly ran rampant after reading your message. He had always taken pride in his rational way of handling things, but when it came to you his heart took full control and kicked his mind to the curb. He couldn’t decide if he was angry or ecstatic that you had contacted him. When he couldn’t calm himself he turned off the computers and began to meditate.

     He took a deep breath in. Then released a long exhale. Another inhale, another exhale.

     The process went on until he was finally calm enough to use his mind properly and examine the situation. On the one hand, it would be terrifying to go; the meeting could lead to more heartbreak after all. But it did sound like you wanted to talk in the note, so this could be his chance to get some closure on a few things. In the end, it would be much better for him, emotionally, if he visited you.

     Donatello made sure to download the picture you had attached in the note and prepared himself for tonight.


     This meeting you arranged with Donatello was your chance to get back with him. It had been your intention the moment you accepted the job in New York. There had been better opportunities offered to you; better benefits, a nice retirement plan, and a few of them were in cheap living areas too. But none of them had him.

     Your first year of college had been terrifying; your family tried to make you feel at ease, but the new environment and stress of the assignments were not the problem. You missed the giant mutant turtle more than you thought you would have. There were nights where you just sat in your room and hugged your pillow, wishing you could hear him talk about whatever new device he had created or geek out with him over your hobbies. Sleeping had proven to be difficult as well, for no matter how many blankets you threw on your bed it always felt so cold.

     When your final grades had come back, you noticed they were not as great as you had wanted them to be. You knew the problem too; you missed Donatello and it was prohibiting you from focusing on school work. That was when you had the idea to start another relationship with someone.

     You had figured the companionship would at least ease your mind enough to get through tough projects and study nights. That was why you had gotten with the boy during your first summer break; however, your plan had backfired. Instead of getting over Donatello, you did nothing but compare the boy to your New York lover. This distraction was not nearly as tall, muscular, or smart as the mutant ninja. He did not get your jokes or your quirks; and he especially did not understand how reading in the same room counted as ‘hanging out’.

     Never in a hundred years did you ever think you would have more in common with a teenage mutant ninja turtle instead of another human being. It was then that you realized no one could ever replace the intelligent reptile and you broke up with your summer fling after only a couple of months of dating. Luckily the break up was as smooth as break ups get and you were finally given time to cope with your grief.

     During your sophomore year, you finally had a breakthrough: You were always going to miss him, but if you managed to do well in college then you were more likely to go back to New York and be reunited with him. It was that little hope that drove you to do so well in your classes. It had been hard, and there were nights where you stared at a wall for hours after having a breakdown and wondered if you actually could do all of this. All you had to do was think about that goofy smile of his and gave yourself a pep-talk before you finally went back to the grind.

     All of your hard work had paid off and here you were, in your very own New York apartment. It was small, of course, and you could hear the neighbors if they ever decided to raise their voices, but it was yours. The only thing missing was Donatello.

     As the time grew closer to ten, your body began to shake and your heart raced in a combination of nervousness and excitement. Multiple scenarios ran through your head, some good and some bad. You truly hoped he would still care about you at least, but it would be devastating if he hated you. After all, all of your hard work had been for this moment. If he turned you down, even to be friends, you weren’t sure what you would do.

     The tapping noise startled you out of your thoughts and made you snap your attention to the balcony window. Just the sight of his lean silhouette made your heart race and your legs weak. You made sure to take careful steps, afraid you would trip and fall if you went too fast.

     “Hey!” You greeted him in a shaky voice once you opened the window. Your cheeks began to burn from how hard you were smiling.

     Just the sight of you again made his emotions run wild; his heart raced with love and his gut twisted in grief once he recalled your ex. “H-hi,” He started.

     You leaned against the frame, trying to cut through the awkwardness. “So…how have you been?”

    He wanted nothing more than to release all of his grief and anger out on you the moment the question left your lips. It was so bad it made his stomach burn; but instead he took in a deep breath and spoke as calmly as he could. “I-I’ve been alright. Fighting bad guys, making firewalls. The usual.”

     He saw you frown when he mentioned firewalls and he mentally smacked himself. That had been his primary argument to use against you when you had broken the news to him three years ago. He thought if he could make an impenetrable firewall for you and your family, then the two of you could at least sustain a long-distance relationship without alerting any enemies.

     Despite how he had initially felt when he saw you, he still felt guilty when the pain crossed your face. He smiled weakly and nodded, “So uh, can I come in? Might suck if someone sees me hanging out back here.” He chuckled nervously.

     “Oh! Y-yeah,” You stepped aside and let him in, closing the window behind him.“Do you want some tea?” You offered, already making your way to the kitchen. You figured a beverage would be a good way to ease the tension in the air.

     “Sure,” He watched as you began to heat up the stove and fill the kettle with water. Every move you made he took in as his mind tried to decide if this was a dream. For a moment, all of his negativity was washed away and all he could feel were butterflies in his stomach. He sat down on the bar stool and leaned forward, his brown eyes darting as they followed every movement and jerk your limbs made. None of his dreams could compare to what he saw now. Your hair was the perfect length, your skin was the perfect shade, and your eyes shimmered perfectly, and your smile…

     Words could not compare just how wonderful it was to see you smile at him again.

     The screeching kettle jarred him out of his thoughts and made him sit up straight. He watched you pour the boiling water into two mugs. There was a big smile on your face as you handed him his cup, making him look down to see what it was. The mug started off black, but as the heat began to engulf its curved walls, tetris blocks began to appear. He smiled as memories of the two of you playing the retro game filled his mind.

     “I’m surprised you still have this,” He held it up by the handle, not daring to take a sip yet.

     You shrugged and leaned against the other side of the bar. “Of course I do. It’s my favorite mug,” you smiled, remembering how delighted he had been to see your reaction when you finally saw the blocks show up for the first time. Donatello had given it to you on your birthday and you did your best to use it every chance you could.

     There was not a moment to lose, however. The reason why you invited him over crossed your mind and you figured it was now or never. After all, more small talk could come later after the two of you worked out your relationship.

     “Donnie, you know I invited you here for a reason,” you started a little hesitantly at first, but gained confidence after every word. “And I’m just going to say it. I want to get back together.”

     Any trace of frustration he had was replaced with concern and doubt. Of course he wanted to accept your offer, but the only thing that made him hesitate was your ex. Even though it had been a short-lived relationship, you still had had a taste of a normal life with a normal boyfriend. The two of you no doubt had gone to see a movie, eaten dinner in a public place, and stroll about the world freely. No matter how much he wished, Donatello would never be able to give you a fraction of that life. That was why he hesitated. He was terrified that later on, you would long for that experience again; the only experience he could never give you. And if you were to end it again, he wasn’t sure how it may affect him. This first breakup had been devastating for him and he didn’t want to go through that again.

     As much as he wanted to say 'yes’, he stopped himself. “Are…you sure?” He asked.

     The question made you frown in confusion. “Of course! I love you Donatello,” you reached forward and touched his hand with a smile.

     The answer made him tense. He could feel his heart clench at the words. For three years he wanted nothing more than to hear you utter them again. But there was a sour taste in his mouth as doubt began to crawl around his mind. When he heard those words, all he could think about was the other boy you had met, and he wondered if you ever told him the same thing.

     “You’re positive?” He pressed again.

     At the second question you could feel your heart drop. Why wasn’t he accepting your proposal? Did he really hate you? The possibility made your body shake nervously, making you lick your lips. “Yes! I am.”

     There was a long silence and he narrowed his eyes at you. “And you’re sure you want to do this again? With me?”

     You finally pulled away from him and scoffed, getting aggravated. “Yes, Donnie! That’s why I’m asking you! Why are you asking that?”

     “Because you already know what a normal relationship is like!” He finally snapped. The moment the words left his mouth he winced, regretting it when he saw your expression.

     You stared at him in a mixture of skepticism and betrayal. “And what’s that supposed to mean?” You asked, wondering if you even wanted the answer.
He shifted uncomfortably in his seat before admitting his crime. “I know because…I saw it on your social page.”

     “You were stalking me?” You asked in disbelief.

     “I wanted to make sure you were doing okay!” He defended himself before huffing. “And apparently you were.”

     The words stabbed you like a knife, making the tears roll down your face. “I only dated him because I missed you!”

     He rolled his eyes and shook his head. “See, that’s not fair. You can move on and try to forget, but I can’t!” The tears shimmered brightly, even behind his glasses. “You have billions of people you can pick from to help you, but I’m forced to deal with your ghost.” He sniffled and yanked his glasses off, tossing them onto the counter. “I missed you so much! And you moved on so quickly…” He covered his eyes and swallowed back the sobs. “Did I mean anything to you? Ever?” He managed to get out, not daring to look at you.

     Never before had your gut contorted so painfully as you listened to his words and watched him break down. You didn’t think about how the relationship would look to him. Although the two of you had already separated when you started dating the boy, and therefore technically making it none of Donatello’s business, you still felt guilty. “D-Donatello,” You whimpered, wiping the tears from your cheek as you continued. “My grades dropped the first year because I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

     His sniffling began to die down as you spoke and he finally began to listen.
“I missed you so much it affected my work!” Your heart raced as you explained, hoping he would understand. “I thought…I just needed someone around and I would feel better. But it just got worse.” Your shoulders began to droop and your eyes lowered in shame. “I never felt anything for him ever because he wasn’t you.” You grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “I’ve always loved you Donatello. You’re the reason I’m back here. You’re the reason I graduated and why I worked my ass off to get good grades. So yes, you meant more than just something to me. You mean everything to me.”

     Your words began to soothe his aching heart and he slowly lifted his head. He stared at you, his mask stained with tears and eyes red. “I can’t give you a normal life,” He admitted with a quivering voice. “Whatever you were able to do with him, I could never try to do with you,” he shrugged his shoulders.

     “All of the things I could do with you, I couldn’t do with him,” You told him, your thumb rubbing his hand. “He never wanted to read with me. He didn’t like our favorite shows. And he didn’t know the difference between 'their’, 'there’, and 'they’re’.” You chuckled a little, hoping the giant mutant would crack a smile.

     He snorted and shook his head. “Well…you always knew how to pick really crappy boyfriends,” He finally joked and managed a weak smile.

     Your heart raced when you saw him lift his other hand to place on top of yours. “If anyone’s crappy it’s me,” You returned the smile and sighed. “I’m so sorry Donatello.”

     “It’s okay.” At the words he felt a weight lift off his shoulders. Finally, he had gotten his closure and his stomach began to untie itself. “It’s okay.”

     Hearing those words sent relief throughout your body and the stabbing guilt began to dissipate. Your hand snaked out of his grip so you could wipe the tears off his skin. Your eyes locked the moment you began to caress his cheek and time seemed to stop, if only for a second. Very slowly the two of you inched forward, stopping only until your lips brushed against each other. It was a gentle kiss, but it was enough to let him know you were his, and he was yours.

     Immediately you began to cry, the last of your guilt spilling out as tears and choked sobs. You pushed your palms against your eyes in a poor attempt to stop the tears but it seemed useless. Instantly, Donatello got out of his seat and walked around the bar to be at your side.

     He wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly as you cried into his hard body. “It’s okay,” he said comfortingly as he rested his cheek on top of your head.

     “I’m s-so -suh-sorry…!” You said between sobs.

     “I know,” he said, holding back his own tears. “I’m sorry too.”

     Finally you finished crying and pulled away. He walked away only to bring back a box of tissues. You happily took a couple to clean your face off and took deep breaths to calm yourself down.

     “Better?” He asked, putting a hand on your shoulder.

     You nodded and looked up at him with a smile. “I am now that you’re here,” even though you knew it was a cheesy line, it was the truth. The smile that appeared on the turtle’s face made you hug him before placing a long kiss on his lips.

     At the feeling of your intimate gesture his hands grabbed your waist to hold you gently in place. When the two of you finally parted he nodded. “So this is okay? You and me that is?” He asked, wanting to make sure you were certain about this one last time.

     The smile on your face grew and your heart raced. “Always,” you nodded. “I missed you too much Donnie. I won’t leave you like that ever again.”

     The little promise made, washed away any remaining doubt he had about your intentions. He wrapped an arm around you and lead you to the living room. “C'mon. We got a lot of catching up to do.”

     You followed him, feeling as if you were on cloud nine. “Yeah we do.”

Wonwoo: Cute size

Anon said: “helloooo if its not too difficult for you can i request a boyfriend!wonwoo scenario where oc knit him a scarf and he lets oc put it on for him but she’s too small and struggles abit and he didnt help on purpose and and and then after that!!!! when oc wanna kiss him but he’s too tall and he just teases her and oc can only stand there and give him that puppy eyes and say please :-(( i need fluffy wonwoo now Hhahahhaha”

Word count: 1,604

Summary: For Wonwoo, your height was something beautiful.

Genre: F L U F F

A/N: SDKCNKSDCN I’M DYING HELP WHY WONWOO GOTTA BE LIKE THIS (?) Hope you like it! ^^ I think it’s kind of short but since you wanted it to be ultra fluffy I made it like that c: Also the end, I didn’t knew how to end it but hopefully y’all will like it ^^ 

 -Admin Haruna (& admin Syrup editing, thank u so much!)

You stared out of your window. The snow was slowly gathering on the table that was in your garden and the tree’s leaves had now been replaced with the soft snow. You sighed happily; the scenery was amazing and you didn’t even have to leave your house. 

While you were all comfy in your room, you were finishing the scarf you had been knitting for your boyfriend since some weeks ago; you were planning to give it to him as a Christmas present so you had been working hard on it. You sipped on your hot chocolate and with one more movement of your fingers and hands, the scarf was finished. You turned it around, looking for any flaws on it, but it was perfect.

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