i deleted my drama blog lol

So since I’m kinda back...

Can you guys like/reblog if you post the following:

  • Yifan
  • EXO
  • GIRLGROUPS/female soloists (A LOT OF THEM A LOT!!!)
  • Dramas (jpn, kor, thai, twn, cn…, everything lol)
  • Photography

I had an huge hiatus and I been here for almost 8 years already… So its really hard to delete this blog or stop coming by.. can my (still) mutuals help me out too?

there was a lot of internet-meets-real-life drama because my ex-girlfriend from when i was 15 (who apparently hates me which is news to me) told my current girlfriend that i like abused her when i dated her because she said she didn’t want me to date anyone else (wow lol), my girlfriend chose to believe me over my ex, my tumblr was being read by everyone involved, so i deleted it and wow what a weight off my shoulders. it feels good to not be under the microscope of several thousand internet feminists/porn blogs lol

also i started my new job as a Cabinetmaker’s Apprentice (!!!) and holy shit it’s awesome and i’m having so much fun at work even though my commute is an hour. and my relationship with my girlfriend is going so well im so excited to be with her

amandaz123  asked:

What's going on with Mather and Ocpaa????

im kinda done with talking about it, i dont feel like any of the anons im getting are adding anything new or constructive and im not here to crap all over a studio i like with many dancers i love, so sorry im not really answering them guys. shannon has since deleted the post and posted something explaining that. if you want to see the original post because you missed the drama you can scroll down to last night and find a screen shot of it on my blog lol!

anonymous asked:

wht did flore and sadboydall do?? ive never heard of them being bad before and i googled receipts for them nothing popped up..


heres my tag for floredoodler 

here’s essa’s

heres some lesbophobic shit he drew

here’s some lesbophobic shit he’s said

drew toriel skinny wtf???

i sent floredoodler an ask way back in the when when he was drawing pewey and told him it was lesbophobic and he literally mocked me and sicced his followers on me lol. also he had a whole fuckin nsfw blog (enciowhy) full of pewey, incest, bestiality, and porn of child characters like um..

the person who made his callout deleted it bc of harassment bc apparently minors who are harming others shouldn’t be called tf out lol

anyways i hate both of them and i hate u too if u put their pathetic ass art on my dash lmfao