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stop trying to play this off as a joke or "take my feelings into consideration" if I were to private message you, you wouldn't even answer. You say you're so positive and you welcome anyone to talk to you but you'd rather talk to more popular blogs than anyone else. You're just like all the other "elite" blogs. You're not special.

Woah woah woah, okay.
If anyone has ever sent me a private message here on Tumblr, I have answered it in some way shape or form. I have never ignored any “hi"s or "hey, I hope I’m not bothering you!"s. Yes, I’m not good at making conversation so easily on here, but i have never purposely ignored ANYONE, let alone because of their type of blog or -god forbid-, their popularity. Many of the "more popular” blogs I haven’t even talked to privately before anyways(I’m just shy about talking to anybody, really). If anyone has ever sent me a private message and I have not answered, then I never recieved it. I have no problems talking to anyone, and if anything, id encourage sending messages. As well as that, I am not an “elite”. To me, elites don’t exist. We’re all on here -at least dnp blog wise- because we like Dan and Phil. Some blogs may have been here longer, or just have more followers because they’re funny or nice. There is nothing wrong with that, and I have never once thought that u shouldn’t talk to someone because of their follower count or what kind of blog they run. You can run whatever blog you want, because this is a democratized platform.
I’m sorry I made what you sent as a joke at first, but I seriously thought it was. I asked what was wrong because I am a human being and I am compassionate and I don’t want you to feel upset. If you don’t like my blog, unfollow me. The thing about these social media websites is that you can unfollow someone if you don’t want to see their content. You can even block me if you want, but you don’t need to send me hateful things.
Please, have a nice drink and listen to some of your favorite music, or watch a video you really like. I hope you have a better day.


I’m not at home so I won’t be able to do requests for a bit and I came up with this:

5 notes and I’ll sing the first part of Farmer Refuted
6-10 and I’ll sing the first part of You’ll Be Back
11-15 and I’ll sing the end of Satisfied
16-20 I’ll do all 3 but delete them after a day

I’m keeping it low because I’m pretty sure nobody really cares haha… You guys have 10 hrs! If by 2 there’s not enough for anything then I’ll delete this post… this is super narcissistic and self centered and I feel bad about it, so you don’t have to like it!

[c o m p l e t e]

@ the anon who asked if I was going to be reading ACOWAR (I accidentally deleted your message, sorry!) But to answer that question, YES. After spending 6 months studying the series and having inconclusive plot points to analyze fully you bet your ass I’m going to read it and DESTROY. IT.