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The Worst Strategy Guide Ever Made
Pop quiz: does the name “PlayOnline” make your blood boil, or at least cause one of your eyes to start twitching? No? Lucky you. If it does, you might be familiar with the worst strategy guide in video game history.
By Jason Schreier

The best Final Fantasy game had the worst, most useless strategy guide ever. Go figure.

I can’t get over Until Dawn.

I’ve seen like…more than five people’s play through now and every time it’s interesting because everybody does it differently so it’s just, so interesting to watch it over and over again.

But I’m absolutely heart broken by the game as well.

Especially about Josh.  

Spoilers ahead, and this is like really really REALLY long.

I feel absolutely bad and heart broken about Josh’s two endings…He doesn’t deserve that really. From the evidence found by Sam, the breakdown in the shed with Mike and Chris and also from the chapters where you play as him you can seriously seeing him having severe mental issues before and especially after his sisters’ death. Probably depression and schizophrenia and psychosis all mixed together or something, and the side effect of his meds probably made him so sick he went off his meds and started being so unstable that he came up a twisted plan to terrorize his friends (Though he never planned on killing them, the Wendigos was clearly something that nobody knew was coming and it wasn’t his fault that Wendigos were hunting his friends while he thought he was just “pranking” them.)

To me a part of him probably really doesn’t want to do it in his heart, as Dr. Hill represented his conscience and the part of him that wanted himself to stop, but the voices and hallucinations of his sisters blaming him for not being able to help made him felt so guilty and driven him to do what he did.

I believe he really didn’t want to do all of this because we see the scenes when he was alone with his hallucinations and he was crying, screaming and pleading “you can’t tell me what to do anymore.” meaning the voices and hallucinations that were the withdrawal side effects of not taking meds/schizophrenia/psychosis/whatever has driven him mad and kinda made him to force himself to do it to revenge his sisters.

He probably hates himself more than his friends for not able to be there when his sisters needed him the most, for passing out drunk when his sisters was in distress, and the only why he could think of to cope with it, was to blame his friends and plan that twisted prank idea as a revenge. (which again was probably the result of his meds not working/not taking his meds anymore and having severe withdrawal side effects/schizophrenia/psychosis/whatever it is and as a result made him insane and more unstable.)

Even though he put his friends through shit and probably crossed the line but he still didn’t deserve either of his two endings. He was probably the one who had suffered the most during the entire year after Hannah and Beth’s disappearance since they were his whole world and was so close due to their parents being busy and not able to spend much time with him. Plus he wasn’t getting the proper help he needed and was said to be really suicidal in the files Sam found. The files Sam can find is just…you can just see how broken this poor guy had became.

I just feel really sympathetic for him and want a more better ending for him. He’s been through a lot of things that can drive a person insane. And the way he speaks after he had his psychotic episode and after you see what’s actually been going on in his head, he’s all scared and remorseful and apologetic and again at the edge of breaking down again, well he did break down again I think. It’s just……sad. And I just hoped that someone could just hug him and tell him it’s gonna be okay. What he needed from the very beginning. Support and love from his friends. ( And it really seems like apart from Sam and Chris everybody else probably just went their separate ways and I’m sure they didn’t really check on him. Plus even if Sam and Chris checked on him he probably hid his condition from them for them to not worry but it just got worse because he didn’t reach out and refused any help/ thought that meds just doesn’t help him at all and was useless.)

I’m also heart broken about the Sam/Josh relationship…to me they had a special connection and Sam even said that in her interview. They certainly had some chemistry going on between them and that possibility of them being together was shattered by the only two endings of Josh. It’s just heart breaking.

Chris is definitely the nice cool nerdy guy, a cinnamon roll too pure. Especially when he insisted to go back for Josh. It really warmed my heart that even though Josh put him through a lot of shit he still went back and tried to save his best friend.

I’m glad when Chris and Ashley gets along and she seems really nice because I haven’t seen her having a bad relationship with Chris and end up killing him by not letting him in. So I like her and she’s like a pure cinnamon roll to me as well, and her relationship with Chris is just absolutely adorable.

But just, I can’t get over Josh’s two fate. He doesn’t really deserve that. I wish there was a ending where he can be saved and can finally get the proper help and support from his friends after they’ve seen how severe his mental condition was. I know for sure at least Chris and Sam will stick with him and look out for him if he had survived/not turned.

Just…I hope they can release a special DLC or something for either Sam and Chris to go back to find him. Or more tragically, a DLC where after Sam and Chris finds out that two rangers went missing when they searched the mines, they figured it must be Josh who had turned into a wendigo and was determined to return and kill him to end his suffering. (Due to the fact I think being turned into a Wendigo is a fate way worse than dying.)