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The circumstances of Momo.

Frankly, I’m surprised that they manage to put so much Momo content in this one episode when in the manga, it felt more like his crappy situation at home was revealed to us in tiny hints and implications over the course of several chapters.

At least, that’s how I recall it. Maybe my memory’s wrong but there certainly was more of a gradual, built-up feeling of sympathy for Momo than how it was done in the anime, which was like “Suddenly, exposition!”.

Especially this part.

Momo’s (horrid) mother doesn’t make her threatening appearance until a later arc. Granted, it’s just her voice over the phone but the effect is still there, you know what I mean? And I’m definitely sure the effect didn’t kick in this early.

Now I can’t help but think that they don’t intend to do more than one cour. Since they might be trying to squeeze in as much manga plot as they can into 12 episodes before probably going for an original ending.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing if they don’t screw up the writing too badly, considering this is a shoujo work. Better have some conclusion for the anime than leave it hanging, not knowing if a sequel will ever get green-lit b/c of whatever reason.

Anyways, back on topic, it’s pretty obvious why Momo is trying avoid Nino, despite wanting to see her so badly.

Since he decided to take on the responsibility of paying back his parents’ debt by using his songs to earn money, he doesn’t think he’s worthy of her anymore.

Not like when they were children together, when Momo could write his songs freely and only for the sake of the girl he loved. Back then, everything was still pure and innocent. Everything was clean.

Now all the songs he intended for Nino to sing has been dirtied. They’ve been sold to the music industry for cash.

This is not how Momo wanted it to be. Even if Nino didn’t care and wanted to sing his songs anyway, Momo can’t let her, who’s still “pure” in his eyes, come into contact with something so beneath her. Momo thinks that the way he is now, he is beneath her.

And that’s only half of the misery.

Momo also has to make sure that his mother never comes anywhere close to Nino because who knows what that woman would do? Someone who feels no shame in using their own child to resolve their debt would not hesitate to hurt those important to him to keep him under her thumb.

And that’s why Momo is suffering so much. He’s not just going through one kind of grief. He’s going through several. His mom, his issues with himself…

…and his true feelings.

Feelings of wanting to see Nino, to be with Nino.

Like Yuzu, he’s also in conflict with himself. He wants to protect Nino, wants to do what’s best for her sake, wants to protect her.

Even if that means being cruel to her to keep her away and feeling like shit afterwards.

Because even if he’s determined to do anything to keep her out of harm’s way, it’s not like he can just stop being in love with her. You can’t just expect the heart to not want what it wants.

And that’s just sad because what Momo wants is the same as what he needs right now.

And that’s not for Nino to be his lover or girlfriend but just for Nino to be by his side to support him through his problems. Which he can’t allow because of the reasons mentioned above.

As the saying goes, it’s complicated.

And it’s going to get a lot more complicated now that somebody has “taken” Nino away. This is going to make Momo want to fight to get her back.

I can only imagine how the anime will deal with this, if they’re diverging from manga canon. But I hope it’ll at least be conclusive.

And happy conclusive. Or at least something I can be satisfied with.


Summary: You had always viewed Kai in a certain way, but it changed one night when he was seen in a different light. Based on Starlight by Taylor Swift.

Member: Kai x Reader

Type: Fluff

Length: 1,722 words

When I was younger, I went through a T. Swift phase, so I couldn’t resist writing about this. And to use Kai- this was a win/win situation for me (: I hope you enjoy it!

-Admin Gray

Originally posted by daenso

“How about ice-skating?” You offered up, the blood rushing to your head as you hung off the bed. Kai stared over at you with bored eyes, flicking at your nose until you shooed his hand away. He sighed at your words, throwing his head back to stare up at the ceiling. Humming in thought, he mulled over your suggestion for only a moment before he shook his head in rejection. You smacked your lips in argument, sitting up and turning to face him. 

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Practicing some digital painting! Definitely not my usual style, but I was going through looking at some spells for my Sorc’s next level up and wanted to doodle them for dramatic effect.

Seres is a Sorceress of the Protean bloodline. She has appears to be a young human girl (with a human template,) but is distinctly not human (as indicated by her perpetual swirling hair and black blood.) However, she has absolutely no recollection of her past from before the campaign start.

This has provided interesting roleplaying challenges for sure. I didn’t even know what languages she understood OOC until they were spoken in-game, for example.

Anyway, I desperately needed practice with digital painting and decided to play around.


Ooh man, you know, I’ve only ever played one Kirby game, and that would be Kirby Superstar Ultra. Yeah… I need to work on that. XD

But my favorite characters, based on that game, (and mostly design-wise, I like some of those Kirby character designs) would have to be TAC and Mirror Kirby. TAC because, while he’s got a kind of annoying ability and is also one of the most irritating enemies (in my opinion), he has a really cool design and is fun to play as in Helper to Hero because he can basically become insubstantial or something and, while he can’t move, he can’t be attacked either. It’s useful.

and Mirror Kirby just has a fun design (even though it’s the same as Beam Kirby, but the color scheme is better for Mirror and man I should have just colored this) and is also enjoyable to use while playing the game. I like the sound effects and the skating and the way the attacks look.

Alright guys, these are really fun so if you feel like it SEND ME MORE FANDOMS AND I WILL DRAW MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS FROM THEM 8D

Avatar!Gray and my thoughts on him

This is (hopefully) the last post I’ll be doing on Gray in a while since I’m putting all my thoughts together in this post. Something about the current Gray really bugs me, and at this moment, I have more questions than I have answers.

1. Gray’s body language

Avatar!Gray says that Fairy Tail doesn’t exist inside him anymore, and he asks Natsu and Lucy to stop pretending that they’re his friends. He gives off a rather cold and uncaring expression in most of the panels, but there are moments where his body language seems to suggest that he still cares.

Take this panel where Lucy is hurt for example:

Gray is standing towards the back, away from Lucy. His eyes are closed, his head down and his right hand clenched. That is not the kind of body language you’d expect from someone who doesn’t care. He looks like he’d rather not have to see the pain Lucy is going through. It looks like he’s holding himself back; keeping his emotions in check. Surely he’d have no problem standing close to her and looking at her if he really didn’t care?

And why did he not attack Lucy in the first place? It was Mary who used her Black Magic on Lucy, and Jerome who pointed his sword at her. Why did Gray not do anything? Wouldn’t him hurting Lucy help to prove to the rest of Avatar that he really doesn’t care about Fairy Tail anymore?

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