i definitely don't mean to be neglecting them!!

Neo Genesis Yearbook 2006
  • Reita: I want to get a dog.... But I guess I can't get them from those fish bait vending machines you talk about, right? But I don't think I can do it...I mean- Whenever I get back home after a tour I'm always out cold. I dont think I can take care of a dog.
  • Ruki: The word is 'neglect'. You'd probably end up sending the dog to your parent's house.
  • Reita: Lol no. I definitely won't neglect the band and our tours. I mean- I won't be at home for 24 hours so...
  • Kai: Are you saying that if the dog won't die in 24 hours, you'd keep it?
  • Uruha: Y'know, you can just bring the dog along with us during the tours.
  • Aoi: I don't think the hotels are going to let the dog in lol
  • Manager: Eh wait wait wait. Whose going to take care of the dog when you guys are on stage?
  • Uruha: Oh woow- won't it be super awesome if the dog can stay near the stage wings and see us perform? That would be soooo cuutee!!
  • Ruki: Lol, that would really get the crowd riled up!
  • [Translation by hakitarun.livejournal.com]