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Can I share my honest opinion? Sometimes I think Harry & Louis have broken up. I love Louis but his life is a mess, people forget Harry is involved here too. Most of us would be unhappy being in a relationship with this kind of chaos all the time .I fully believe Harry would do anything for Louis but I also wouldn't be surprised if Harry has had enough too ? His well being also matters & I can imagine watching your partner fake a child this long would ruin even the strongest of relationships.💔

You’re always welcome to share your opinion!

I know a lot of people agree with you. It definitely hasn’t been an easy path for them, that’s for sure. From the beginning they’ve had to deal with way more bullshit than they probably ever imagined possible and yeah, this particular situation must be even MORE difficult. But it could be the case of wanting to fight HARDER for that person.

I’ll be the first person to admit that i don’t think their story is as fairytale perfect as a lot of others here will. I’m far too cynical for that. But I look at this past year, and I see the fact that they were often completely off the map for a big chunk of the year at the same time, and other big chunks when they were definitely in the same city. I also am one of the people that believes that Harry was going to be doing a lot more this year. I think Another Man was going to be a stepping stone to something but it didn’t happen and I personally think it’s because he decided to take the time to be there for Louis and his family instead.

Obviously it’s all up for interpretation. we’ll never know the full truth but that’s just how I see things.

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I think Stardew Valley is one of the best games for just... existing. Like, everyone I've talked to says it's their game to go to when they're feeling depressed and stuff. It definitely helps me. Does it do the same for you? Does it help to just escape into a nice little world for a while?

Absolutely. I love how simple and repetitive it can be at times which gives me something to focus on besides my overwhelming thoughts. I play it while watching Polygon videos that feature Griffin McElroy or listening to the Cool Games Inc. podcast. It’s enough stimuli to keep me distracted without overwhelming me. :)

ARIES, keep it together, and keep it clean. i know you can.
TAURUS,  i can see you eyeing the stars, so what are you waiting for? fear will only win if you wait. 
GEMINI,  you’re holding a dozen roses, so enjoy it while it lasts. change doesn’t happen overnight, but i admire your effort.
CANCER , i had a dream your wish came true, have faith in something. i love you to a limitless degree.
LEO, stay warm this winter and keep on growing. the soil will never be cold enough to stop you.
VIRGO, believe in yourself. we all do.
LIBRA, i’m glad you’ve made it so far.  it’ll only get it better from here.
SCORPIO, work hard but make sure to have some time for yourself. you are a gold champagne feeling, my definition of content.
SAGITTARIUS, dare to be yourself even when it’d be easier to hide. you are something to watch for.
CAPRICORN, square one isn’t a failure, but rather a chance. don’t waste it.
AQUARIUS, you’ll be the first person to breathe underwater if you get through this. hold on.
PISCES,  continue the drive, this highway doesn’t end for miles.  i’ll always be in the passenger seat, whenever you need me.

“I don’t think we have enough time for me to really talk about the lady to my right. I have learned the definition of grace by this one. I mean, for someone in her position to handle this whole thing so gracefully and so tastefully and she’s so kind. But not only that, I mean even just sitting at the table reads when she’s reading the script the first time, reading it out loud and I’m just watching her and I’m like ‘she’s so good.’ like, I’m just like ‘I think I’m doing an awful job but she’s so good!’. No, she is, she’s just, she’s.. you’re a lovely human being. And I just am so grateful that my little girls get to look up to somebody like you and she’s just inherently… good.”

- Chyler Leigh talking about Melissa Benoist

I’m kinda flipping my shit at this panel because freaking Celestia Ludenberg aka the Ultimate Gambler is on a card game LIT ON FIRE BY MONOKUMA

Are you in a comedy mood? Then I’ve got a Netflix recommendation for you! It’s a sitcom so there’s audience laugher and a lot of the jokes are a hit or miss for me, but imo there’s a breath of fresh in it in the way it centers around a Cuban family that struggles to find a balance between the contemporary (the potentially misogynistic side of the quinceanera) and the traditional (honor your family). One episode in and I don’t love it like I love other shows, but I definitely do like it. Plus, it reminds me enough of Jane The Virgin and Amy Santiago to make me want to see the rest.

My suggestion is watch an episode or two and see if it’s anything for you. ✌

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Hiya! I love you headcanons so far! Could you maybe do some for what Yuri P would be like as he gets older? I hope that's specific enough. What is post-puberty Yurio like? Does he mellow out at all? Does he become a new living legend? Does he become awkwardly tall all of a sudden?

-Definitely goes through a huge growth spurt which only ends at 185cm

-Starts teasing everyone and anyone who ever called him short

-That’ll show them!

-He does get a bit gentler (under the watchful guidance of his parents, Viktor and Yuuri), but the usual sass is still here

-It will never leave, let’s be honest

-Gets even better at skating

-Yeah, definitely the new living legend (Viktor is proud)

-But here’s the thing

-Once he meets (future) s/o, post-puberty Yuri is smitten

-He’s such a fool in love it’s ridiculous

-One ended up in third place during the SP when they came to watch because of how nervous he was

-Of course, he quickly went back to first at the FS, but it was a close call

-Someone help him please

I’ve been playing around with some Discworld cover/poster ideas, and this is what I’ve been doing with Men At Arms.

Here’s the others I’ve posted so far:

Guard! Guards!

Equal Rites

This is less finished than my G!G! image and probably even than my ER image. As with every cover/poster I’m working up, this image has been in my head for this book for ages, and as with everything, making it work is tricky. I’m trying to keep the Watch covers each to a limited palette and I like the brown/blue scheme - but it definitely still needs work to make the right elements stand out enough and still all hang together.


Of course it was charming to see them fight about you. Who could train with you, talk with you and mostly do everything with you but there was a point when enough was enough and you whistled as loud as you could to stop another stupid fight and get their attention.

“Guys I really like you all but I think I can decide for myself who I want by my side, okay?”

If the fighting hadn’t already been fun to watch, their expressions now definitely were.

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hope you like it

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Opinions please! I’ve been wanting to do more makeup tutorials but I haven’t been able to find a convenient set up. Did a quick test shot in this location tonight - Do you guys think this would work for makeup tutorials? Would it be clear enough? Would you be happy watching a tutorial from this angle? It’d definitely be much easier for me than anything else I’ve tried, but obviously it’s more important that you guys like it!💕✨

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"Hey, Soryu and Eisuke do look good together!"
  • Soryu: Oh no, no no nonononononono
  • Soryu: We're not a couple, okay? We're DEFINITELY not-
  • Eisuke: Excuse me
  • Soryu:
  • Eisuke: You seem pretty insulted by that.
  • Eisuke: What? Am I not good enough for you?
  • Soryu: Eisuke pls
  • Eisuke: BUT

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may i request bodhi cuddling ace!reader? headcanons or drabble, whatever you want, i just love bodhi so much and there is not enough about him on tumblr

Originally posted by assyrianjalebi

Okay, I definitely need to watch this movie

  • Since Bodhi is ace as well, he’s careful with what he do or how he holds you while cuddling you
  • He’s a bit awkward at first, as he doesn’t wanna make things weird between the two of you
  • But as time went by, both of you got more comfortable about it
  • So now, when he sleeps at your quarters, he gently wraps his arms around your body, with your head on his shoulder
  • You put one leg over his hips, and Bodhi sleeps with a tiny smile on his face, pressing his lips on your forehead
  • Sometimes, he can cuddle you from behind
  • He blushed a lot the first time he did it though
  • He wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to his chest
  • For Bodhi, there is nothing better than to sleep smelling the natural scent of your skin
  • But don’t get me wrong: he’s a cinnamon roll, of course he is the little spoon sometimes
  • You have absolutely no shame (and neither does he) to hug Bodhi, putting his head on your chest and let him sleep on your arms like he was a little baby
  • I mean, afterall cuddles with Bodhi are warm, cute and comfortable
  • With a lot of cute and soft kisses between you two
  • Random and lazy conversations while you’re sleepy
  • It’s the most cozy thing ever, and when you’re with him, it feels like he’s at home

Finally, I mustered the courage to watch oji on Another Sky (yes, it took me a lil more than a week to do so). But I’m glad I decided to watch it now instead of watching it right after it was aired and uploaded. The feeling would be too raw then. Reading the tweets of those Japanese Hyphens who watched the show real time on twitter was kinda overwhelming. Everyone had their own thoughts and interpretations on the show, but I was relieved to know that majority of them were positive towards the future of the group. While oji shared his personal thoughts on the hardships he went through with the members throughout the years, some things he said had definitely put some fans at ease. In particular, this, “Everything we do now is for the return of the group.” Just this is enough to convince me that no matter how long it might take for them to come back, the time we spend waiting would be worthwhile. Whenever I start wondering and worrying about the future of KAT-TUN, I recall what Ueda said on 1st May in Tokyo Dome, “I’ll deliver on my promise! We will definitely come back!” And now with oji’s words, I’m 120% assured that we’ll def see a bigger and stronger KAT-TUN in the near future to come. Let’s all wait and see how far the boys have gone and matured during this period o(≧∇≦o)

It's that time again

The CW is in the midst of renewing shows, and I certainly don’t want season four to be the last of the 100. It’s a great show compared to a lot of others, and though it’s definitely made more than enough mistakes in multiple areas, I still don’t believe it should be cancelled. I love the cast. I really, really love the characters and the fact that, unlike a lot of characters, they’re human, and there’s a big emphasis on that. I love the overall plot of the show, as well, for the most part.

Whether you do it for the cast, the characters, the plot, or the show as a whole, help it get renewed. Here are some ways you can do so:

-WATCH LIVE, or if you can’t, record it on DVR. The CW doesn’t depend on live ratings as much as other networks, but they’re still important, so be sure to watch. Also, stream it on their website the next day, whether you actually watch it or not. If you want, put it in one tab and mute it, let it play in the background. They do pay attention to these ratings.

-if you see a media outlet post an article, interview, screenshot, sneak peak, etc. be sure to retweet/reblog/share the original post. Respond to the post and like it, open the article how ever many times you’d like, watch the video, comment on said article/video, give it a thumbs up.

-once the show is uploaded to netflix, be sure to watch it. believe it or not, netflix is does pay attention to how many people watch what. it helps.

-MOST IMPORTANTLY: USE TAGS. Whatever you post, tag with #the100. Whether it’s on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc, be sure to tag properly. Also, tag your ships, especially if it’s considered a fairly popular one. a lot of people are saying that internet buzz is what will make or break the show. it gathers, in my opinion, a fairly large amount of buzz online compared to other shows, which is a good thing. but to the best of my knowledge, they tend to judge internet buzz on items previously mentioned

no matter what, just be sure to watch it and post about it. even if your posts have nothing to with the show, use the tags. they’ll still count.

do your part in helping it get renewed

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Could we get a sneak peek to hold us over again :) you are a great writer!

Of course, my lovely. I promise you all, for definite, that the story will be up tomorrow night;

“Have you got all your pyjamas ready?” You questioned Asher, a nod nudging into your side from where he was sitting beside you on the sofa, snuggling further into your side to watch the remainder of a programme you’d seen on the telly more than enough times and agreed to leave on for his entertainment, “and your toothbrush?”

“Uh-huh,” he murmured, “daddy made me put it in my bag after I brushed my teeth after dinner.”

“Don’t wan’a have smelly breath, do you, hm? You can’t kiss all the girls then,” you teased playfully, tickling at his belly as he squealed and tried to escape the loose hold you had around him, “have you got your teddies? And your hairbrush? What about your shower stuff for the morning?”

“Uncle Ni has all of that at his house,” Asher explained, “he even has duckies and a funny shower hat that he lets me wear,” he giggled.

“Are you looking forward to seeing your uncle Niall tonight?”

“He promised to help me with my spelling and my maths and he plays guitar for me like daddy does sometimes, and, he lets me eat ice-cream and marshmallows before bed,” Asher grinned, licking his lips cheekily as he shuffled up on the sofa cushions and brought his bent knees to his chest, his bare feet pressed against the cushion beneath him, “don’t tell daddy though. He doesn’t let me have sweet things before bed.”

“I promise I won’t,” you grinned, watching as Asher held his small pinky finger out, wiggling it as an invitation for you to hook your own around his digit, “pinky promise I won’t tell your daddy, Asher,” you smiled, linking and curling your finger with him.

Unaware to the fact that Harry was stood behind you, watching and listening in awe, you leant forward and pressed a kiss to Asher’s forehead. Leaving a lipstick print behind, contrasting against his tanned complexion, that resembled your mark of love towards him.

And with a swipe of your thumb, and a disgruntled sound leaving Ashers lips, you discarded the residue left behind. And Harry found this as his cue to interrupt and join in with the love that was being spread.

“Won’t tell daddy what?” Harry hummed, leaning on the doorframe belonging to the entrance from the hallway by the front door to the living room, a smile on his lips as he watched the adoring scene play out in front of him, “what are you hidin’ from me, Bugger?”

“Nothin’,” the small boy squeaked out in response, blushing softly as he rolled forward and buried his face into your shoulder, “nothin’, daddy.”

“I’ll ask (Y/N) what you told her,” Harry warned playfully, stepping foot upon the carpet and walking closer towards the sofa, “gon’a tell me?”

“(Y/N) won’t tell you, daddy. She pinky promised,” Asher smiled against your skin, nudging his cheek upon your shoulder, allowing his green eyes to stare at the identical ones that belonged to his father.

“She pinky promised, huh?”

He knelt down in front of sofa and squeezed Asher’s knee as he kept his face pressed to your shoulder. His warm breath flushing your skin as he inhaled and exhaled deeply, giggling softly when Harry’s fingers brushed up his legs and tickled at his weakened spots.

“Uh-huh,” Asher smiled, bringing his knees closer to his chest, “ tha’ means she won’t tell you anythin’.”

. xxx


“I don’t know what the hell just-I mean, I had no idea-”

“Hey!” Wally started, grabbing your bicep and jerking you forward hard enough to snap you out of your chaotic disarray of thoughts. “It’s okay…”

“I just…” You stammered, shaking your head and pointing to the metal beam you’d wrapped around the two drag-racing thugs who’d tried jumping both you and Wally. “I didn’t know I could do that.”

“Neither did I.” He said, giving you a bright smile. “I’m not complaining though… That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”


“There’s definitely nothing better than watching your girlfriend manipulate metal like it’s a stick of rubber.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine discovering you are a meta-human after saving Wally*

Request: Imagine being Wallys girlfriend and you both find out your a meta-human when you save him?

The gods are not necessarily kind, by our definitions of what it means to be kind. They may not be “nice” by our reckonings. The gods are not required to obey human social norms.


They are wise, and benevolent, and loving, and they stand firmly for those of us who need them. They are on the side of the right, even when they are unkind. They do not have to be “nice.” 

The gods are just.

And it is for this reason that I can assure you, with no doubt in my heart, with no hesitation in my mind, that the gods are not standing with the cops. They are not “protecting the national guard” from protesters, or “watching over” police officers in riot gear. They are not siding with an army of racists, carrying out extrajudicial executions at will on bloody streets. They are not abandoning the protesters.

The gods are just. They are watching over those who most need them - they are watching over the families left behind in the wake of yet another trigger-happy racist cop, the brave front-lines unarmed protesters, the voices rising and demanding justice. The gods do not uphold human laws. The gods demand justice.


from what litlle i know about kinesthetics or meiosis or meowrials or whatever

this has to do with intrpersonal relationships. some true love??? some hate??? i guess?

but it makes perfect sense that karkat knows all about it

he’s watched enough cheesy romcoms to know exactly the textbook definitions and basic actings these things take


Jeff Winger Appreciation Week, Day 1: the moment you started liking Jeff Winger
Spanish 101: Community + text posts (8/?)

Oooooh nooooo…Jeff Winger isn’t just smart and sarcastic, HE’S A GIANT GOOFY DORK. And he has dimples. Lexi, I am in so much trouble. [x]

I clearly remember a moment when I first watched Spanish 101 when I thought, IF ONLY I’D WATCHED ONE MORE EPISODE IN 2009. I watched the pilot when it aired and didn’t much care for the asshole main character. If I’d watched just one more episode I would’ve seen Jeff doing this ridiculous presentation for Pierce—Jeff finding enough sympathy and kindness in himself to make an idiot of himself in front of the class for PIERCE HAWTHORNE—and I definitely would have kept watching.