i definitely do agree with the 'more emotionally dependent than they realize'

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Since you mentioned that Sansa is mostly like Ned in terms of personality, which i agree 100%, how do you think Ned and Sansa's relationship was like?

Ooh, interesting question. Well, at least on the surface, I think Sansa was one of his children Ned felt like he had to worry about the least. Robb would get a lot of attention as Ned’s heir, of course, and it’s also Ned’s job to train Bran and eventually Rickon as Northern lords ready to take over the running of Winterfell as a just-in-case policy, as Ned himself - also a younger son - was forced to do after his older brother’s death. (Which we see with Bran being required to attend that beheading way back when, for example.) Arya is the wild child, getting extra attention both because of her resemblance to Lyanna and in the general sense that ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease.’ And Jon is obviously a separate issue and gigantic can of worms all on his own.

So where does that leave Sansa? She’s a good girl, she’s pretty and smart and well-behaved, and she wants to be the thing she’s supposed to be: a lady. And because she’s a girl, her education is already the provenance of her mother, not her father; it’s Catelyn’s job to make sure Sansa knows what she needs to know about manners and graces and running a household and so on, not Ned’s - for one thing, he wouldn’t know where to start. And we see the effects of this on the current narrative, where Sansa is more likely to refer to her mother than her father as a role model - “I must be strong, like my lady mother” and etc. So I can see where some people might get the idea that these two had a relatively more distant relationship than Ned and his other kids.

But…am I going to stop there? Haha, of course not. Because like I said, Ned and Sansa also seem to have the most similar personalities of all the Starks. Here’s a GoT quote from one of the Bran sections to think about:

He [Ned] had a grim cast to his grey eyes this day, and he seemed not at all the man who would sit before the fire in the evening and talk softly of the age of heroes and the children of the forest.

This is interesting for a couple reasons. One is that we have Bran commenting on Ned’s apparent ability to slip in and out of different personalities depending on the role requiring of him - an ability that Sansa will soon need to develop. Another is that it gives us definite evidence that Ned, for all his supposedly grim and gloomy personality, also had an affection for songs and stories that even extending to telling them. And the other Stark with the most noted love of stories is, of course, Sansa. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if part of Sansa’s love for storytelling comes at least in part from memories of her father sharing these tales with her and her siblings.

Here’s another GoT Bran quote:

He had taken off Father’s face, Bran thought, and donned the face of Lord Stark of Winterfell.

Once again, this is Ned showing his ability to compartmentalize different parts of his personality in order to get the job done - the exact same ability that Sansa will come to develop (somewhat to excess) later in her life. She didn’t learn this trick from Catelyn; Cat was smart and tough and savvy but emotionally far healthier and less repressed than her husband, and never showed much evidence of Ned’s (probably trauma-acquired) neat trick of packing up his emotions and putting them away till later. Sansa develops this same trick mainly as a result of her own trauma, of course - but with the help, I would argue, of her father’s behavior to base it on. It’s honestly pretty impressive that despite everything she’s been through and all the intense repression and denial of feelings she’s been forced into, Sansa still hasn’t gone crazy - and part of that might be because she had a positive role model like Ned to show her that you can compartmentalize without losing yourself in the process. Sansa has always been very observant, and whether she realized it or not, I think she watched her father very closely and unconsciously picked up on a lot of his subtle coping mechanisms as a child.

As far as Ned himself, I don’t know that he ever fully realized how similar Sansa was to him - given her youth and gender, there weren’t a lot of chances for her to show it off, you know? But I would bet that Ned had at least a few moments of looking at his daughter and getting that dizzying sense of looking at his younger self - her stubborn insistence that Joffrey is her ‘one true love,’ for example, isn’t that far off from Ned’s own blind devotion to Robert and refusal to see his friend’s flaws when he was a young man.

It’s always harder for a parent to deal with the children that are most like them rather than the children least like them, and in my opinion that contributed somewhat to Ned’s difficulty in making Sansa understand him at that time (though honestly every adult in her life did a terrible job of explaining things to Sansa, he was far from alone). It’s rarely pleasant to have your own flaws reflected back at you from your offspring, and it’s pretty understandable that Ned struggled to get through to Sansa in that instance, considering how much he was still struggling to get past his own idealized version of Robert. So there was certainly room for conflict between the two of them as a result of their similarities, and if Ned had lived and Sansa had had a normal teenagerhood I’m sure this would have developed further, as it usually does in pretty much all families with a teenager.

But in the end? Ned was devoted to Sansa, just like he was to all his children, and Sansa adored Ned. It was a loving and healthy father-daughter relationship - and, like all the Stark relationships, pretty remarkable, given the extent of the dysfunction we’ve seen in the families of the other noble Houses. (Yikes, I’m going to tear up just writing this. You are missed, Ned.)

Sidenote: I drew from another online article when writing this, which is where I took my two book quotes from, but I have unfortunately misplaced the link; if I manage to find it again, I will add it here, and if not, apologies for the lack of citation.

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"Luke and Lorelai doesn't have a healthy relationship. I don't get why people like them so much," a recent post from starshollowconfessions says. Agree or disagree?

I think it depends on if you’re talking about original series or AYITL. And this is going to get fairly long, but in short … in the original series, their relationship wasn’t very healthy the further you got into season 6, with a lot of the damage being done in season 5. But in A Year in the Life, their overall relationship is a lot stronger.

And because I am clearly Hermione (or Rory), here’s a really long essay about the differences between their OS relationship and their communication issues in AYITL.

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As a present to all of you- in honor of Sebastian’s 34th birthday on the 13th of August 2016 - I wrote this fluffy piece. Enjoy, my loves, and don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday.

*Reader’s POV*

After a long day at Chantilly - one of New York’s Finest Restaurant, you arrived at the door of your apartment, exhausted and smelling like food. You worked as a waitress to support yourself, much to your boyfriend Sebastian’s dismay. It wasn’t that he thought your job was mediocre- he had the utmost respect for hospitality workers- it was because he was more than capable of supporting you. The two of you have had many heated arguments about the matter but it was an argument you’d always win; you were good at bringing the water works and Sebastian hated to see you cry. You felt bad for emotionally manipulating him but you knew you’d feel worst if you depended on his payroll to survive.

Normally people used their jobs to distract themselves from the absence of their loved ones but thanks to Sebastian’s constant disapproval of your job, you found yourself thinking of him every time you were at work. It didn’t hurt so much when he was in New York but it was definitely hurting now as he was in Ireland filming his latest project ‘We’ve Always Lived In The Castle’. The worst part of his absence was that it was smacked in August; the month of his birthday and yours.

You heaved a sigh and stuffed your dirty apron under your armpit so you could free your right hand to use the key to unlock your door. You hated the apartment when he wasn’t around; it was just too empty and lonely. You missed the way he’d cook you breakfast; eggs were his specialty. The way his cologne would linger after he’d left the apartment. The way he’d belt out songs in the shower even though you were banging on the door, begging him to hurry up so you could get ready for work; you personally thought it was a tactic so he could get you fired. You didn’t have just one particular thing you missed about Sebastian because you missed everything about him.

Your eyes narrowed when you realized your front door was actually unlocked. You slowly and quietly took out the key and hesitated entering in case you were being robbed. You thought about calling 911, or even Chris and Jenny who agreed to check in on you while Sebastian was out of the country, but decided it was too late to bother anyone with what could have been your own carelessness. You knew the security in the building was tight as it was one of the features Sebastian bragged about after convincing you to move from your old place in Brooklyn to his new place in the Upper West Side.

You entered the house, “I’m home,” awkwardly announcing your entrance as though it would scare away the possible robber. You scanned the apartment and closed the door after assessing that your anxiety had taken you hostage and there was nothing to worry about.

You felt a presence behind you as you worked to lock your front door. You shook the bad thoughts out of your head and mumbled to yourself, “stop overthinking things. Nothing bad happens-” you were cut off when you felt- what seemed like the tip of a gun- press into your lower back. “Don’t shoot me!”

“Hail Hydra,” a familiar male voice whispered in an almost seductive tone.

“Oh my-” You spun around and saw Sebastian in his Winter Soldier costume- minus the mask- trying hard not to laugh at your expression which was lost between fear, shock and excitement. “BUCKY!” You screamed and pounced on him, wrapping both arms and legs around him.

“It’s good to see you too, Y/N,” he chuckled softly, hugging you tightly. “God, I’ve missed you and your beautiful face.” He said as you leaned back in his arms, cupping his face in your hands so you could kiss him. “You taste like chocolate,” he hummed once you broke the kiss and pressed your forehead against his.

“Fondue,” you told him then gestured for him to lower you onto your feet. “What the hell are you doing here?” You laughed once you wrapped your head around the situation. “And what the hell were you thinking scaring me like that?”

“I wasn’t really thinking,” he admitted with a light laugh. “I got home like- three hours ago. At first I wanted to surprise you the old fashion way, in bed with nothing but a bouquet of roses.” He winked and you laughed. “But as the second hour came and went, I remembered how some nights you wouldn’t even make it to the bedroom so I came out and hid behind the couch with the roses. Then I drank two beers and the third hour arrived and The Winter Soldier called out to me and told me that this would be a much better idea.”

“You scared the shit out of me!” You slapped his arm.

“I was afraid you were going to whip out your self-defense skills and whoop my ass,” he admitted. “But now that I’ve seen your fight or flight skills, I’m afraid you’d freeze again and beg the intruder not to shoot.” He half joked, half said in a serious tone then grabbed you by the waist and pulled you into him. “I should really take you with me when I get out of the country so you don’t get yourself killed.”

“You should,” you smiled then met his lips for the kiss he was offering. “You didn’t answer my other question,” you mumbled against the kiss and he chuckled softly, breaking it so you could talk. “What are you doing here?”

“I didn’t want to spend my birthday without you,” he smiled. “Plus- I couldn’t miss yours so…I asked if they were willing to put filming on hold for a little while.” Your face asked for their reaction. “They weren’t particularly happy with my decision but you’re more important.”

“Seb!” You frowned. “What if you lost your job?!” He shrugged nonchalantly. “You really need to prioritize. We could have always celebrated later or I could’ve flown out there to meet you. I don’t like it when you’re so irr-”

He shut you up with a deep and passionate kiss.

“But I’m really glad you’re here,” you admitted with a satisfied hum.

“Me too,” he smiled and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Oh, and by the way.” His gaze darted onto my watch and I followed, realizing it was 12:05AM which meant that it was now the 13th of August and his 34th birthday. “I don’t want material things for my birthday this year.”

“Oh I see,” you bit back your smile because you knew perfectly what he was hinting at. “What do you want then?” You asked in a sultry voice then but your lower lip; a move that always turned him on.

He chuckled softly, lowering his gaze and displaying his pretty lashes. “I would like my present to begin in the bedroom,” he whispered into your ear. “Where we end up, I don’t care as long as you’re the person I wake up next to.”

“Done and done,” you grinned then crashed your lips into his.

im still writing anime metas and you cant stop me: Ushijima and Oikawa edition

Um, so, I got an anon asking about my feelings on Ushi/Oi and I ended up writing a huge meta on what i think of Ushijima and Oikawa and Haikyuu in general instead of answering the question? Oops.

A lot of times, Ushijima is put forth in the fandom as being predatory, obsessed, creepy, and in some cases even abusive and possessive. A lot of this has to do with his character, and people mistaking his stoic, logical, blunt, and socially awkward to a fault behavior as being somehow antagonistic. Yes, his character is put forth as a daunting, intimidating character, and yes he says some unsavory things, but to be perceived as malicious?

I’d really have to argue against that and say that there’s a lot more to be taken from his character.

Contains manga spoilers. 

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On Characterization and Character Development in Relationships (featuring Jumin Han)

In which I rant about the Mystic Messenger fandom a little, writing, and some of my experience as the mun of @cr-international-official.

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just  a few quick thoughts on chapter 122

so i feel like nobody has yet talked about the significance of that ending interaction between hak and yona. well… there has been in the sense of fangirling and making jokes about what yona said because “haha in English that sounds dirty” but i want to look at it from a more character development standpoint.

in the beginning of the series hak would occasionally push Yona’s boundaries on her comfort zone in pursuit of his own interest until she finally stood up to him and told him to stop. now true to his word, hak has not once done any more of his unwanted “pranks” as she calls them. with the only exception being when he hugged her after the water tribe arc, but that was more to comfort her rather than for selfish reasons.

ok now lets jump to 122. in @pandaflavouredcookies translation they note that what yona actually said was not if she could touch hak, but if hak would touch her. (dont get any dirty thoughts now it doesnt mean the same thing in Japanese ok its quite innocent). now this is significant because not only is she giving hak permission to be affectionate with her, which she had previously asked him not to do, but she is also initiating physical affection (in her own way) for the first time. now you could argue that she did hug him after the water tribe arc and i will agree that it was the first time she reciprocated affection from hak but she didnt initiate that instance. yona is taking an initiative, a first step in being physically affectionate with hak, which i think is a big deal in both romantic and general character development. this is also the first real interaction between the two since she realized her feelings for hak in chapter 110 which could mean that this is her taking the first steps in changing the dynamics of their relationship. i feel like this is also a big step for her in terms of character development as she is taking the lead in initiating this conversation. this arc has done a lot to show how far yona has come on her emotional journey, from telling hak how she cares for him, with giving him the necklace, to discussing her feelings on soowon with lili, to being very intuitive in gathering information while being a slave, to understanding that it would be unwise to jump back into the fight and agreed with jeaha to wait by the sidelines. she has really become an emotional strong, confident, independent and wise woman and i feel like this is the time in which she is now ready to now be there beside hak, in a different way than just friends. and this arc also focused how much hak has matured emotionally as well in being able to depend/trust on others,  and trust in yona to keep herself alive and safe while he was not there to protect her. he is also now ready to treat yona as more than just something that needs to be protected and instead as more of an equal. 

so while i doubt the next few chapters will have a confession or that theyll get together all of a sudden i feel that this arc has created a definite shift in how hak and yonas relationship will now proceed in the coming arcs

i really enjoyed this story arc and im really looking forward to seeing how these two characters grow.

When and why Ymir will return to SnK

Warning: Spoilers for the entirety of the manga up until chapter 63! 

I notice that the majority of us wonder “when will Ymir come back?!”, and no one has actually thought further than that. No one has stopped to think how Ymir will come back, or why. So I did, and I’ve realized a few things.

For one, Ymir definitely won’t suddenly decide that she misses her waifu, turn back and return. Definitely not. On top of the wall with Reiner and Bertholdt, she admitted to being tired. She agreed to be their prize for when they return, therefore she is accepting her fate. It is unrealistic to think that Ymir would just turn around and go back to comfort Historia. I’m sure we all want her to, but that probably won’t happen. What might happen, however, to get our two characters back together, might not really please the masses.

We have to consider this: Ymir stole her titan power, right? She expects punishment for it. She even says so. But, it has been some 60+ years since then. Either she’ll return and face no consequences, which is unlikely, or she’ll return and stand trial. What happens then is one of two things.

One, she’s executed/imprisoned. Ymir has already decided to turn herself in, so she’d accept this harsh truth. She’s tired of running from her crimes.

Two, they strike up a deal with her. In exchange for her life, Ymir is to return to the walls. This is especially essential, because who is Ymir super close to? Historia Reiss. Who is Historia Reiss? Soon to be the new Queen. They might ask her to return to kill Historia, kidnap her, or do whatever the shifters had been sent to do. Ymir would definitely accept the deal. I mean, it’s her life. She values her life.

But what Ymir does after returning to the walls is fully up to her. Either she goes through with it, or she betrays those that sent her there (which is likely) to do whatever the hell she wants. She would probably then need to find Historia, because that’s the one person she would want to see or even possibly protect. And that is when she’ll walk into the massive shit-field that the walls has become, and the crap that Historia has been tossed into. This might be vital, because at this point, Historia might have been made to do something terrible by her father. She might have gone past the point of return, and the only person that could bring her back is Ymir.

Since Isayama is not going out of his way to say anything about Ymir, whether they’ve returned to where they come from or not, gives me this sense that she’s his playing card. Isayama might just be waiting for the right moment to thrust Ymir back into the story, to either worsen the situation, or remedy it. If he wasn’t going to do that, Isayama would have detailed the trip back, and emphasized the fact that she won’t return. But he didn’t. He’s said absolutely nothing about it and we have no idea where Ymir is.

Now, for when she’ll return: It all depends on how long it takes them to return. I have this strange feeling that Ymir will show up soon in canon, because the arc we’re dealing with is still about Historia. And something terrible is about to happen. More than likely she is about to be given the titan power to consume Eren and gain his powers. Historia might go crazy, she might rampage or even eat her own father too. We can’t know, because she’s emotionally unstable as heck. This would be an opportune time for Ymir to show her freckled ass. For all we know, Ymir might already be back in the walls, silently watching as things unfold. When Historia inevitably goes batshit crazy, she’ll be pushed to reveal herself and act quickly, to stop Historia.

In the end, if my theory is correct and Historia is turned and goes crazy, the only thing that could possibly stop her is either death, or Ymir. I doubt Isayama would want to kill Historia off when he still has one card left to play.

If anyone has similar theories, I’d love to hear them! Not a lot of us theorize about Ymir, which is terrible. 

This ship is cannon, but is it a sinking ship?

So all jokes and my obsessive fangirl love aside, Viktor and Yuri definitely have a thing going on. They have a very strong mutual interest (dare I say love) In the span of 3 episodes (in terms of cannon universe less than 2 weeks), Yuri goes from being mildly uncomfortable from Viktor’s physical contact, to initiating it by the third episode.

Originally posted by accidentalmarshmellow

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half a 4A finale meta (yes, it's very belated)

(Disclaimer: this is a HALF FINISHED meta from the 4A finale. I really do wish I’d had the inspiration to finish this closer to the finale, but by the time I got my mojo back, I felt like the window of opportunity had passed. This meta covers mainly the dealing of Hook’s heart, Regina, and Emma as character analyses.

And tho this is a couple months old, I think my points are still pretty relevant moving forward into 4B.

Anyway, while I work on the meta for 4x13, I thought you guys may be interested in reading what I wrote. Again, sorry it was never finished. Alas, we move on. Enjoy!)


I’ve kind of been on a mild hiatus thus far this season, just because I’ve been going through a lot of changes (graduating college, life stuff) and I’m still trying to find the balance. So I’ve definitely been pulled back, but even I’ve noticed that the general consensus thought that the episode was fairly underwhelming.

That said—I also think that people tend to look at episodes with ship-tunnel-vision.

Meaning, I think fandoms are far more invested in relationships than they are the individual character arcs. This isn’t a criticism; it’s just an observation. Romance intrigues us—so many of the great classics are largely centered around a love story, and this show in particular is based off the tropes that started them all. It’s understandable that we’d, as fans, place a lot of value on romantic payoff on a show about fairytales.

And most of the time, OUAT delivers. I mean, you’d be hard scrapped to find another show that handles its love stories with so much care and reflection. I’m the first to admit it can be kind of campy and soapy, but I let so much slide because I really feel like there’s so much heart in these characters.

But because this is a show based on the slogan of true love being the most powerful magic of all, we sometimes set unrealistic expectations of these characters and the relationships they’re in.

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