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I feel like the entire The 100 fandom just needs a quicky reminder.

A lot of the characters on this show are supposed to be children!

This is easily forgotten because these characters are played by adults (which is a problem in media in and of itself but it’s the CW so what are you gonna do?). But it’s still important to remember:

Clarke is 18. Technically an adult but still very young to but running an entire group of people (that aren’t just other children). 

Octavia is 17 at most. 

Same goes for Jasper and Monty but I’d waver on the side of them being closer to 16. Same as Harper.

They are older teenagers capable of making their own decisions which means that they have to take responsibility for those decisions. It doesn’t excuse the shitty and problematic things that they do. 

What it does mean is that they are still learning. They are still growing into a whole person. They are going to make mistakes. Some of those mistakes, especially in these high stake situations, are going to have more intense consequences for them and others around them. But they are still in the process of learning who they are and the difference between right and wrong.

They are still learning.

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Do you think Shawn would be the harder, strict parent (who the kid(s) would be a bit afraid/hesitant to go to with a confession) or the soft, understanding parent (who melts in their hands a bit)?

This is another tough question. I don’t ever think Shawn’s kids word ever be afraid of him. But I do believe Shawn would be a mix of a strict parent and a soft parent depending on the situation.

I definitely do believe, that because he surely will be away for long periods of time, Shawn’s kids would be able to wrap him around their little finger sometimes. I think he would spoil his kids a lot. Firstly, because Shawn would love them unconditionally and wholeheartedly. He would want the world for them. Secondly, because being away a lot would also mean him missing out on stuff, even though he would try his hardest to be home as much as possible, I feel like if he ever felt a little guilty about it, he would buy them something, he knew they really wanted or really loved. Not like buy them off or anything, but buy them something, he knew they loved. It didn’t have to be expensive at all, it would only be because he knew they love that exact thing. Like it could literally just be buying their favourite candy, even if the mother said no to candy on a Monday. Or he would fly them out to him so they could spend some time together.

I feel like Shawn would also be the parent, the kids told everything and talked to when something was up (not that they wouldn’t do it with their mother as well), but I feel like Shawn’s kids would call him up late at night (if he was touring), because that’s usually when our hearts get heavy, and they would just rant our pour their hearts out to him. Sometimes, it’s easier to talk about the things that upsets us, with people that aren’t there in the exact moment with us. He would listen carefully, give advice and tell them to hold on because everything was going to be alright. And though he hadn’t seen the kids lately, he would tell them, they were always on his mind. I feel like Shawn would be the best at encoring and cheering his kids up.

On the other side, I think Shawn would be a strict parent in some scenarios as well. I believe he would be very overprotecting of them, maybe even a little paranoid. Saying things like “you can’t go now, it’s too late”, “It’s a no from me love, it has already gotten dark outside”, “You’re too young for that, hon. Sorry” and “I don’t feel comfortable letting you do that” while their mother would be a little less tense about it. There would be things, their mother allowed them to do when Shawn was gone, that he would never agree to, so I believe the kids and the mother would keep those things between them once in a while.

Shawn would be kind of rough on every new friend they made, because he wouldn’t want them to get used or anything like that. Shawn would want to make sure everyone in his kid’s life, were there for all the night reasons, not all the wrong once. Though he meant it with all the love in the world, he would surely piss off his kids once in a while. Especially when they became teenagers. That would be a returning fight once every third month.

Shawn would also have a zero tolerance for lying. Lying meant yelling, lectures and being grounded. Maybe the kids wouldn’t ever really understand why it was such a big deal for him, but they knew not to push those buttons, because Shawn would get furious if they ever lied to him.

I feel like Shawn would be the embarrassing parent as well. I mean, he is like the biggest dork ever and even though he grew up, the dork wouldn’t grow out of him. I even think he would find it rather amusing and entertaining, to make his kids feel a little embarrassed sometimes. Like in front of their friends, their new crush or something like that. He would kind of love teasing them like that, because even though they got a little embarrassed, he knew they somehow loved it as well.

I also think Shawn would be the one always giving lectures and life advice. Some the kids wanted to hear, some they didn’t want to hear at all. Because of everything Shawn had tried and been through, experienced and learned in such a young age, he would literally turn everything into a fucking lecture. Good once and bad once. Some about how you should always follow your dreams and work hard for them, if you believe they are right. Some about how the world can be a cruel place and how you can get used so easily if you don’t watch out for yourself. I can imagine how the kid might say something as a joke, but then Shawn would turn it into a really meaningful speech and his kid would literally just sit there, praying that he would be done soon, literally just thinking “This wasn’t what I signed up for dad. It was a fucking joke. Calm the fuck down”. 

Shawn is going to be a great dad. I think that’s all I can say. I just know he is.

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Heyyy I'm sorry if you don't do these things but,,,, if you ever have time maybe could you write some more killugon with Ging involved?? Your writing it to good!!

No, its okay!!! I definitely do these things haha

I’m actually not too confident with my Ging but I tried my best ^^; I hope this is okay!

This is canon universe still, the boys are 18 here! This takes place a few days after the last part of this story. Previous parts of the ‘Gon and Killua deal with an intrusive Ging Freecss’ saga: one & two

It was supposed to be a peaceful evening, just him and Killua spending the night out exploring Whale Island like they used to when they were younger- just two kids with stars in their eyes and no understanding of things like spiders and ants and separations that left holes the size of canyons in the center of their chests.

Gon had wanted to go because there was going to be a meteor shower, and it was the first really clear night since they’d arrived here. Killua hadn’t said why he’d agreed to come along besides the undeniable fact that he would follow Gon everywhere and anywhere in the world.

But Gon knew the truth: Killua wanted to get away from Ging for a few hours. And Gon honestly didn’t blame him.

Ging wasn’t…as horrible as Gon had been worried he might be upon meeting Gon’s most important person. But he wasn’t exactly making the visit easy either with the snide remarks and suggestive commentary that left both Killua and Aunt Mito shrieking.

So a change of scenery and some distance would have done some good. If not for Ging somehow magically popping out of the underbrush behind Gon and Killua’s makeshift camp halfway through the night.

“Oh.” Ging straightened as Gon gaped at his father. “Ah. Its you two…”

“Oh, god,” Killua groaned and pressed the heels of his hands to his eyes. His head was currently resting in Gon’s lap, starlight hair pushed off his forehead in a way that was just begging Gon to play with the silky strands.

“Please,” Killua begged. “Please, Gon, tell me I’m hallucinating and that’s not your father over there.”

Gon winced. “I, uh, can’t tell you that, unless I’m hallucinating, too. And I don’t think I am.”

“Then push him off the cliff.”

Ging snorted. “I’m taking it I’m not exactly wanted here?”

“No shit!” Killua spat out and Gon curled his hands in Killua’s hair to keep him from hurling himself at Ging. “Leave! How the hell did you even find us?!”

“If you think you know Whale Island better than I do, you’ve got another thing coming, kid. This place isn’t exactly a secret.”

Then, to Gon’s shock, Ging began to make his way over to their campfire. Gon watched as the older man dropped gracelessly onto the cold ground opposite them, folding his arms and legs immediatley. The disgruntled expression on his face told Gon that Ging would rather be anywhere than here.

So, why was he?

“This is a good place for star gazing,” Ging said in the tense silence.

“…that’s why we came here,” Gon said awkwardly. Killua hadn’t moved an inch away from his current position- Killua was kind of weird in the sense that he wouldn’t get embarrassed around people that irritated him, like Ging- and his thin lips were pressed together tightly. It was obvious he wasn’t going to acknowledge Ging’s presence from here on out.

Gon wasn’t too upset by that. It meant he could keep running his fingers through Killua’s incredibly soft locks without Killua voicing a word of protest. He liked it best when Killua was like this: pliant, easy, subdued. And the pink hue on Killua’s cheeks was more than enough to fill Gon’s chest with a bursting warmth.

Ging didn’t comment on their current pose. Instead, he just said, “Did you know that I used to bring Mito up here?”

Gon blinked. “You did?”

Ging nodded. He squinted up at the sky, saying, “She used to make a big fuss about it, too. She didn’t like going out at night. But she always stopped complaining the second she saw the view.”

“Did you explore Whale Island a lot with Aunt Mito?” Gon asked as he continued to play with Killua’s hair. He could feel his friend slowly relaxing under his touch and Gon couldn’t help the gentle smile that tugged at his lips. Killua’s eyes were closed, so he couldn’t see the look on Gon’s face, but that was okay.

Just being with Killua again was enough. And the fact that they were dating- that Killua belonged to him, that Killua had still chosen Gon after everything that happened, that Killua loved him- made everything ten times better.

“Nah, not too much,” Gon heard Ging said distantly in the background. “She was younger than me. That made it hard for her to do some of the things I would go after. Plus, I was stronger so I went off on my own most of the time. Still, she was pretty upset when I left.”

“Well, duh,” Killua spoke up suddenly, startling the other two. “Saying goodbye to someone you care about is never easy. How did you think she’d react?!”

Ging leaned back on his hands. “I never thought much about it, to be honest.”

“How could you not think about that?!” Killua snapped and Gon’s heart twisted. He knew what goodbye Killua was thinking about, and it wasn’t Ging’s departure with Aunt Mito.

“I just didn’t,” Ging said flatly. “I don’t think about stuff like that. I have myself and what I want to do in life; Mito has her own life, too. We’re different people with different priorities. That doesn’t mean I never thought about her, though.”

Killua seethed quietly. He looked like he was about to say more but Gon pressed his hand over Killua’s fist before he could open his mouth.

Blue eyes met brown. Gon shook his head slightly and Killua deflated with an annoyed huff.

“You’re crazy,” Killua said to Ging. “You do know that, right?”

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be a Freecss,” Ging shot back.

Gon laughed out loud at that as Killua scowled. Trust Ging to be brutally honest.

They spent the rest of the night like that, exchanging banter and random facts about their lives. Ging told them several stories of his and Mito’s adventures while Killua complained about some inconveniences during his travels with Alluka around the world. Gon didn’t say much for the most part. He simply listened to the grin in Killua’s voice, the obnoxious lilt in Ging’s, and kept brushing his hands through Killua’s fluffy locks.

He didn’t remember falling asleep. But when he woke up, eyes bleary from hours-long rest and muscles sore from sitting up all night, Ging was gone.

“Where did he go?” Gon asked as Killua crouched next to the spot where Ging had sat just hours earlier.

“Dunno…oh, wait. There’s a note.”


Gon lurched to his feet and scrambled over to Killua. 

Together, they read the words written in scrawly handwriting:

Its been fun. See you two soon.

“There’s no signature,” Gon said. 

“Well its not like there’s any doubt who left it, you know?” Killua stretched his arms over his head with a yawn. Gon had to tear his gaze away from the tiny strip of white skin that appeared above Killua’s waistband as Killua’s shirt rode up. “And its Ging we’re talking about, here. Out of all the crap he’s pulled, leaving Whale Island in the middle of the night isn’t the weirdest.”

Gon grinned, cheeks warm from his blush. “True. Last night was fun, though.”

Killua shrugged but Gon could still see the hidden smile in the corner of his mouth. “I guess it wasn’t too bad.”

Happiness bubbled up inside of Gon. He was glad. Killua hadn’t hated Ging in the end, and Ging hadn’t hated Killua. Not that it would’ve mattered much, because he wasn’t going to part from Killua’s side any time soon, but still. It was nice to know that his whole family knew each other now.

“Ready to head back?” Gon asked and held out his hand.

Killua’s eyes softened. He wrapped his fingers around Gon’s and squeezed them lightly.

“Yeah. Let’s go. Maybe your aunt will have lunch made by the time we get back.”

And off they went.

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-He would kiss your stomach all of the time

-Like you guys would just be laying in bed, watching Netflix and then suddenly he’d lean his head down to kiss right above your belly button

-And his stubble would tickle you and you’d tell him to stop but he’d just run his face in even more until you basically beg him to stop

-If anyone ever said anything about your weight he would literally get so pissed and almost kill them

-Mark and Ethan would have to hold him back because he would want to punch that person in the face until their nose fell off of their face

-But once he finally calmed down he’d go over to you and wrap his arms around you, peppering little kisses on your face in the process

-He’d always know when you were feeling insecure because you would get really distant

-And when you do that he would do anything in his power to crush those stupid insecurities 

-He’d set up a bubble bath with candles lit everywhere like in one of those cheesy romance movies

-There would be so many bubbles that they’re overflowing, like there are bubbles pouring over the side of the bath tub

-And you would both get in the tub and Tyler would make a beard out of the bubbles

You want receipts? Here you go.

“Naruhina is abusive”

She stalked him and left him lonely and sad when she could have been there for him. Enough said. He was hurting, she could have stopped it, she didn’t.

“Naruhina is toxic”

Hinata’s entire life revolves around Naruto. Every appearance of hers in the manga revolves around Naruto. That’s unhealthy. That’s toxic.

“Naruto doesn’t even like Hinata.”

If he liked her, pretty sure this would have made him happy. You can’t pull the “this is part 1!!!” card bc:

He still didn’t want to spend time with her bitch ass 8 years later.

“Naruto’s so miserable around her”

“Hinata’s a bad mom/hates her kids”

Her 12 year old son was about to risk death and who did she care about? Naruto-kun.

“Naruto is cheating on her with Sasuke or Sakura”

Don’t have receipts for cheating, but I definitely do have receipts that showcase that he cares for them way more than he’ll ever care for Hinata.

The fact that he was gonna ditch his family to be with Sasuke should say it all,

also, where in the manga do you have this? and by manga i mean manga, not fillers.

try and refute this :-)

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I'm Jewish and I want to get "Dam Yehudi Nakam" (Jewish blood will be avenged) with the lil fantasy that when I die I'll come back as a Golem to protect children and punch Nazis (obv not really. I do not mess with Kabbala). I definitely do not want to get the actual Hebrew tattooed on me for obvious reasons. I want to get it down my spine. I don't know how to orient that or what script. I'm assuming it'd look pretty dumb to have it horizontal and have to turn your head to read it.

Quick pedantic note: golem are created entities imbued with life through the power of the rabbi creating them and some sort of holy power–traditionally by writing “truth” or “אמת” or a similar magical formula. If you come back, you’ll probably be a dybbuk or an ibbur, both of whom are spirits who possess people! Possibly you will possess a Nazi and make them punch themselves in the face! :D

(If you, like me, are a nerd for such things,  Joshua Trachtenberg’s Jewish Magic and Superstition is available for free online– there’s a lot there for the magically-minded Jew!)

But, on to your actual question:
This is a composition issue. If you want the phrase in a straight line down your back, you’ll probably have to rotate it 90 degrees because of the way we naturally read English. You can consider centering the phrase at the base of your neck either on one line, or each word on it’s own line, leading into a graphic element down your spine.

Look into the tattoo artists you’re interested in and focus on the design elements you’re specifically interested in (probably balanced composition and smooth or creative lettering).

If you have a vague idea of the type of fonts you want but nothing concrete, I had a lot of fun with My Fonts. Enter the text and think about out what typographic styles work best with your ideas– then take those ideas to your tattooer.

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You should definitely paint the Chocobros voices, they sound like they look awesome. (That sentence amuses me slightly, given the context)

I’m definitely gonna do it! I have the day off tomorrow and I’m gonna dedicate the whole day for painting pretty much. I just got off work so I’m about to start sketching some things and work on the knitted/crocheted commissions I’ve gotten so far. <3 

Hey, guys. I still get your requests. But as i said earlier, i’m а little busy right now, studies are killing me.😫 So i’m really sorry for the delay. Be patient, please. I will definitely do all your requests, i promise. Well, thank you for understanding all this. 😊😊 i love you, guys!!! see you 😙


A messy little comic where Yuri takes a chance (finally)

Part 8 / Part 1

That’s all for now fam. Hope you liked my dumb little comic ❤︎


long-haired boys (*´♡`*)

why do i gotta ask for people to let this 30 yr old man live his 30 yr old life. like. drink a beer phil. call dan a cheeky fucking cunt when he’s being an idiot phil. make a disgusting sex joke that’s so bad it’s funny phil. live ur life. do it for me babe. im sorry people still treat you like a 15 year old scene kid who wants to fuck a plant.