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hi i cannot do emojis haha but the favorite blogs one for the ask thingy

Hi anon :> This is rly hard because most of the blogs I follow are my favourite blogs ;; But off the top of my head:

@@@spooky-scary-skeletaeyong @kyujong @tutti-frutti-nct @hallowinwin @hanspooky @vamptaeyong @soft-kino @jenolanterns @jji-nyeong @hyungpaochicken @mark-o-lantern @neo-culture-technology-dream @doyoung @taeyomie @nctepdnim @satenism @dracaramel @boringperson @dracujae @okayjaehyun @jaehyun4u @haechansgf @kunkardashian @markleesa @mark-of-abaddon @kunxxxsol @darnzypie @17sehun @witchytokki @pumpkinydoyoung @pumpkunspice @txnct @heyplayboi @leocyn @breathingtaebreeze @iheartksoo @johnnysstation @iloveleejeno @neocitys

And andandand hdgfsjdhfd aaaaaa there are a lot more people and blogs that I love I can’t remember their urls rn ;; Anyway I love you all and I love you anon <3333 

I know it’s ace week but I’m having so much fun working on Arolin the Aro Wizard’s outfit! I really hope I have enough of it done for Halloween. I bought the hat (you’re gonna love it) and the hoodie came in the mail. I really want to start working on some potion bottles for the belt.

But don’t worry, I’ll definitely be doing something with Acebeard this week.

I was tagged by @spookyprincemagnusbane! :)

Rules are:
1. Answer the random 11 questions that are posted for you.
2. Create 11 new questions and tag 11 people. 

1. What is your go-to dish if you have to make something without a recipe? Stir fry!

2. What the last thing you watched, either movie or tv show, that you ended up enjoying way more than you thought you would? Probably Shadowhunters honestly? I started watching it bc everyone was talking about the kiss and I thought it would just be kinda cheesy and not that good but………obviously I kind of enjoyed it lmao                                                        

3. If you had a complete self-care day at home (face mask, clean sheets, ice cream, you name it), what would you do? Oh man okay I would definitely do a face mask (maybe mask of magnaminty from lush), and a hair mask (maybe avocado oil or coconut oil), I’d do my nails, have a smoothie, some (lots of) chocolate, light some scented candles, and watch Netflix or read all day 

4. Do you have a book that isn’t necessarily your favourite but which meant a lot to you at the time in your life that you read it? If yes, what book and why? Probably A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry! It’s not my FAVOURITE book but it was given to me by someone I really love and admire and it definitely meant a lot to me at the time :) 

5. What kind of music do you put on, if you have to clean the house/your room? Ooh it depends! Sometimes Little Mix, Troye Sivan, Beyonce, Twenty One Pilots, stuff like that 

6. What colours/which colour scheme do you like wearing the most? I really like dark blues and greys 

7. What’s your favourite cooking tool? Hmm does a milk frother count? I love my milk frother 

8. If you could have any haircut/colour and it would automatically suit you, which one would it be? Hmm I’ve had like every hair length (from buzz cut to really long) so I’ve kind of exhausted the possibilities there but for colour maybe silver/grey? It looks so good on other people but I don’t think I could pull if off 

9. What is your best concert experience and why? Don’t have to be your favourite band/artist. Oh my gosh definitely Twenty One Pilots!! They were playing in Edmonton two days before my 19th birthday and when I got the tickets there were only single seats left so I went on a solo birthday road trip to go see them and it was sooo fun. They’re so good live omggg and it was honestly super freeing to go alone 

10. What is your favourite movie genre? I really like action movies (but like good action movies ya feel? Like where the action is plot driven and there are actually women being badass too) 

11. How excited are you for Christmas? I’m pretty excited!! Mostly bc I’ll have some time off school and you know egg nog and christmas music and stuff. NOT excited for the cold weather though 

My 11 questions:

1. If you could live in any city in the world for a year, where would you live and why?    

2. If someone made a movie of your life, what song should play for the opening credits?

3. If you could, would you visit other planets?

4. Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what as?

5. What movie have you seen the most times?

6. If you could live in the world of any TV show for a week, which would you choose?

7. Favourite dessert?

8. What’s the weirdest dream you can remember?

9. What’s your favourite kind of weather?

10. Favourite music video? 

11. Best teacher you’ve ever had? Why?

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161022 Knowing Brother -Heechul & Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun came into the room and they kicked him back out lmao

Kyuhyun: I’ll dance for you guys
soogeun: kyuhyun-ah, just sing

Kyuhyun sang a song of buzz’s and kyunghoon said he was the best out of everyone that’s come to the show and sang/impersonated him so far

kyuhyun made a bad joke and heechul was just like “if you’re gonna be like this, give me my (radio star) seat back”

*They are calling kyu as ‘gura junior’

Kyu’s question: What do I do at least twice/thrice a week?
Hyungnim’s: /all look at each other giggle/
soogeun: you shouldnt do it too often

*Kyu: what do I definitely need to do 2~3 times in a week?
Kang Hodong: looking at your thighs - cycle?
Kyu: I dont exercise

The answer is eat ddeokbokki 😂

Kyu Q: What was the first thing Heechul said to me when we first met
Soogeun: You wanna date?

KH: This next Q is about Heechul
HC: ah this is why I’m uncomfortable when members come
KH: dont worry its not bad

Kyunghoon: answer- Don’t use my things!
Kyuhyun: That’s close!
Sangmin: Excuse me, that’s mine
KH: correct
HC: It was my mp3 player

KH: I was using it and I felt smth behind me, u know that feeling? I turned around and Heechul hyung was right behind me saying “that’s mine”

* Kyu: when i met heechul for the first time, what did he say to me for the first time?
one of the MC: lets date?
the answer is ‘thats mine’ and the thing was an mp3 player

KH: Nowadays Heechul is so nice, he’s takes care of everyone so well

Soogeun: How was he in the past?

KH: He just didn’t care about anything kyuhyun lost the last two games he suggested and now he says he’s relay a not blinking game with everyone and still win ide

Heechul: Kyuhyun-ah, if you lose, you leave radio star. If we lose, youngchul will leave knowing brother

Youngchul: WHY ME?!

Kyuhyun’s not blinked for freaking ages omg, didnt he do this once a really long time ago in SJ-M activities

hodong was the last one and kyu beat him so in the end kyuhyun didnt close his eyes for over 8 mins and beat 8 people

[8 minutes and 24 seconds]

Hodong slapped Kyuhyun quite hard then the subtitles showed “We apologize to all Suju fans all over the world” 😂

Kyu announced his upcoming album in November and his concert next weekend~~

(emzhaek, tinyyhae, teukables)

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p l e a s e consider doing something else for the VLD Stranger Things AU please

I have midterms this week so i’m probably not going to draw, but i’m feeling stranger things again, so i’ll definitely do something once all my tests and projects are over.  I was thinking of making an 80s style movie poster for the AU and actually put some time and effort into it.  I don’t think i could ever really break away from the stranger things au.  I also really want to get into making them some sweet 80′s rags lol

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Would you ever sing karaoke with Dean? 😘 (Guess whooo? No IP peeping either 😂)

Hell yes I would DEFINITELY do karaoke with Dean!! (And I don’t know how to do the IP checking if my life depended on it. I’m so bad at technology😂😂) and I’m going to go on a whim here…and say it’s either Kari or Steph…but I could be wrong…like everything else in my life😂🙈

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There's a rock climbing club at the college I'll be attending that I definitely want to join, do you think that's a good stepping stone up to caving? O:

so, it depends on how intense you want to get about caving, how fast!

great climbers actually don’t always make great cavers. the way you climb in a cave is really different–80% of the time you’re operating in a 3-dimensional area, using surfaces all around you (ceiling, wall, ledge/two walls/ceiling and two walls/etc). many of our movements use a lot of friction and are whole-body oriented rather than relying on grip strength; i have essentially nonfunctional hands/wrists/arms and i am able to do intermediate/fairly difficult caving if i’m smart about how i move. i would make a garbage climber, though. climbers often have bad habits for caving and will grab handholds that aren’t safe but would be if they were aboveground handholds (speleothems and stuff), and usually need practice to use their bodies differently.

additionally, gear is fairly different and the way we think about falling is different. climbers generally use dynamic rope, because they expect to fall and dynamic rope allows that to happen safely. we use static rope to climb on because we try never to fall, and frogging up a dynamic rope is a goddamn nightmare. also, static rope is stronger and the sheath is more abrasion resistant, which is a necessity in American caving, which uses Indestructible Rope Technique. climbing harnesses are comfier than caving harnesses and there’s much less focus on technical rope maneuvers like changeovers, rebelays, j-hangs, and knot passing. 

with all of that said, climbing makes you stronger and gives you great upper body strength, and can help you learn to work through stress and solve problems in ways that i think are probably really transferable to caving. in particular if you are scared of heights (as i very much am), working through that will help you when you’re caving. if you can tolerate small spaces and heights, you have an advantage over many new cavers. there is some gear crossover, especially with helmets, and climbing shoes can be useful in very dry, technical caves (one in particular in my area is a popular spot to go barefoot or use climbing shoes). 

also, it’s not a guarantee that the climbing club will know cave locations or be qualified to lead trips, but no one is more likely to be able to hook you up with cavers in the area. in general there tends to be overlap between cavers, climbers, backpackers, hikers, and trackers, or at least some knowledge of who to go talk to. cavers are secretive, partially for safety reasons and partially because of how the culture is, so you usually need to get involved with an organization to learn anything about where caves are or how to go in them.

here’s a way to find grottoes of the NSS. if there’s one close to you and you can attend a couple meetings, you can probably go on cave trips. i can’t guarantee the competency of whichever one you join–my club is one of the most reputable of all nss grottoes, with an excellent reputation for producing competent cavers–but there will be at least a few people around who really know what they’re doing, and if you don’t want to get super intense about it, well, it’s easy to just go on a few trips!

for people looking to train in caving (mostly you need to train for vertical! for horizontal, you just need a helmet, two lights, and a trip leader), the best solution is to find a grotto with a good training program. many don’t have them, so a Gold Standard sort of thing (to know what to learn) are the ncrc requirements for various levels of their training program. it’s possible to be a very good caver and not know all that stuff, though. for vertical, the Wittenburg University Speleological Society has a great four-stage vertical training checklist. as far as actually learning the stuff, google is your friend, but this book (available free online) is a pretty comprehensive vertical resource.

to start with vertical try learning some or all of the necessary knots and in general just doing as much research as you can, some basic knowledge about gear and processes will save you from looking like a bumbling idiot (me) when you first start.

that’s probably way more info than you wanted but as @winebrightruby can attest, i never shut up about caving once you get me started. hopefully some of it is helpful. also (this goes for everyone) if you ever wanna PM me and talk about caving, I can try to help you find events and groups in your area, or just geek out about gear and stuff :)

there comes a time in every young scientist’s life when you have to decide Academia Or Industry? and I definitely do not want to be a PI but every time i read phrases like “fast results at the speed of business” another horcrux splits off of my soul

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Tries to help him and when eventually Nico wants to give up, Will helps him out because I would love happy ending? Like at least 50% happy ending? I will love you forever if you write it (2) please 💕

I can definitely do a Breathe Me fic, but I won’t have Nico self harming. I have this thing where I refuse to have him self harm ever. I just hate putting Nico in that situation after everything he’s been through in the books. As for everything else yes I can do that. Is this your Xmas present request?


movie dates! i love how all of these pairings have completely different dynamics, it’s ridiculous and beautiful

Appreciation post for Lance’s shoulders

So we all know that Shiro is the dorito of the paladins, but may I draw your attention to exhibit B: Lance

His shoulders!! So broad!! His chest!! So masculine!! How does he hide all of that under his hoodie??

Those are shoulders you could stand on, shoulders built for a fireman’s lift, shoulders to break down doors with

They look good in the suit too. Also he has a nice broad back

Petition to end the myth of skinny noodle Lance in favour of canon holy shit wow Lance

ok but what if kenma grew his hair out?  like can we make kenma with ridiculously long hair a thing please