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Your Daily Hiatus Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 103]

So many quotes here are so sad. And I get them, I definitely do, but there are so many good sides to these characteristics that people leave out. For example, I take criticism very personally and one disapproving glance can set my heart sinking, but on the other hand, a simple thank you will make my day. Yes, I pay more attention to others than they do to me, but that just allows me to see what makes them the happiest - which makes me happy too.
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excuse me when did this happen

but seriously, thank you so damn much! im so fuckin happy about this, and bc of that im gonna be accepting fic prompts and requests again! so pls, send me some things to write, and ill do my very best to fill them with probably some drabbles or maybe ficlets. 

im accepting sfw and nsfw stuff, and pretty much any polygrumps ship (though i do have the most experience with egobang, obviously), so knock yourself out OuO

Suddenly Swarming

Me: wow that episode hit me really emotionally let’s try and express those feelings somehow into something personal


Me: …or I could channel it into my muse who has the worst coping skills and always avoids problems until they consume him 

Me: c:

I’m doing an overhaul on my inquisitor on this playthrough(…..no I’ve technically never finished any playthroughs in the 6 months I’ve been into DA but uh maybe this time??)

anyway, his name is Avery and he’s a trans knight enchanter elf mage and he’s gonna romance cass!

vintagemichelle91  asked:

Quick question...would you ever consider writing an imagine for Bobby? I recently saw that Company gif-set of him going at it with the blond girl and I thought....a Bobby imagine would be a good one...a smutty one 😉

I would (and will) definitely do a Bobby imagine sometime soon! Company is one of my top three favorite musicals that Raúl has done! And those gifs murdered me along with the best kiss I’ve ever seen gifed…

it ruins me a little more every time. i think about this kiss too often

@katevbishobs replied to your post “Please don’t write autistic headcanons when you’re not autistic, it…”

I’m on the autistic spectrum and I thought it looked fine… It just seemed like he would be high functioning. I have the sensory problem with sound and I would rather people didn’t pay attention to me like at all……. I think as long as you do your research really well and know what you’re talking about and have good intentions about what you’re making then it’s fine.

Thanks for weighing in!

I definitely agree about doing research–those HCs probably took me the longest to write out of any I did, if you consider the couple of hours I spent reading beforehand. But like, it was interesting and I definitely feel like, outside of writing entirely, it’s just… good… as… general life knowledge? To have spent some time reading about and thinking about experiences that are quite different (and tbh sometimes p similar) to my own? Anyway, yeah.

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Do you think you could write a fic (with some saphael in it, wink wink) about like Simon eventually getting mad and confronting clary and everyone else about how they treat downworlders? Cuz I know like towards the beginning especially they seemed to kind of ignore the fact that Simon was a vampire but then treat other vampires like monsters

Heyyyyyy this is right up my alley, I’m always down for lecturing Shadowhunters on how badly they treat Downworlders. I’ll definitely do this!!!

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I liked your latest story about Tony using BARF to try to come up with SOME way to stop him and Steve from fighting. I can definitely see Tony doing that trying to figure out what he did wrong, and frustrated he would be at being unable to find a simple thing!

Really that story was about making the choices other people would have thought he would have made. Those are not the choices Tony would have made himself. Tony in that story thinks that the other Avengers see him as the bad guy so he goes into BARF and makes bad guy choices, or at the very least, ones he would have made before he became Iron Man. So he lies to Sam and doesn’t go alone to meet Steve, he makes FRIDAY to monitor everyone like a new Project Insight/Ultron hybrid like Wanda is afraid of, he lets his ego at not being needed get in the way of helping his friends like Natasha accuses him, he uses all his friends’ weaknesses against them in the airport battle like Scott implies, and then he alters everything to the way he thinks the future should be because of Clint’s accusation of being a futurist.

I mean ultimately a lot of the choices end up working out for Tony, but he’s not happy with what he had to do to get there, that’s why he doesn’t keep the memories (besides the fact that it would be really fucking confusing if someone ever tried to talk to him about it). So it’s not really Tony trying to figure out what he did wrong as Tony trying to see what others see in him.

When I would hear people say that you stop doing the things you love as you grow up, I used to think they were wrong. But recently, I’ve wondered. Ten years back, when I was in school, I definitely used to do more. Read more, write more, draw more, paint more - I suppose, I used to create more.

Writing has been such a natural extension of myself that I wouldn’t be able to stop it, even if I tried. And I wouldn’t ever try. Writing gives me a warm glow all the way from the inside.

I’ve decided, though, to go back to the person I used to be. The one who created more, always more.

A recent holiday amidst the mountains has inspired me to create my own, illustrated travel journal. It’s going to take a very long time, of course, but I’m excited to be posting bits of my work as I progress! 💕

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I kno you've said TLY is your favorite from HM.. but what do u think of The Blackest Day? It's my absolute favorite from the album.. I kno u love UV so i always think you'd love TBD but I haven't seen your thoughts on it. Any?

I definitely do love it. What I wrote about it when it first came out - 

The Blackest Day

Sort of this dark/ trippy song. Lana’s voice has this great reverb and it slays my entire life. When she sings “In all the wrong places, oh my God” and the harp/ mandolin sound along with her voice.. It’s actual heaven.  This song reminds me of the Ultraviolence album. The bridge with her layered vocals sucks you in with how hypnotizing it is! One of my top songs from the album.

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Can you do a headcanon about Peter Parker dating a plus size girl ? I just found your blog and I already love it !

I can definitely do this! We need more stories and representation of plus size people, and I love this request <3