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continental drift

(#21 off the Super Sappy Prompts list: “I’m better when I’m with you.”)

It’s an experiment based on a hypothesis based on a coincidence. They’re sharing a room on a roadie, and Nursey has been stuck in a dry spell for a week and a half now. The words just haven’t been coming the way he wants them to, and he’s starting to feel dried out, like all the creative juices have been wrung out of him by school stress and lack of sleep. Maybe it’ll never come back. Maybe he’s just done. All washed up by the tender age of twenty.

He’s not even trying to write as he watches Dex from across the room, tracking his fidgets and expressions as he sits hunched over his laptop frowning at the screen. It’s been a while since he and Dex have been in the same room for an extended period of time – a fortnight, about. Dex has been on a project, and Nursey started isolating himself about when the drought hit. But it was nice to sit with him on the bus today, and it’s nice to dump his bag near the bed and just relax, hands behind his head, and drink in his presence. It feels like something he’s been missing for far too long.

Nursey’s not sure what it is that makes the words start coming back, but it’s like a cloudburst on a hot day – a few lines, scattered drops against a parched sidewalk, then all at once he’s drowning.

He writes for four hours that night. His poems are full of microchips and anger, all about the gray morality of man against the rigidity of binary code, and by one a.m., when he should really be getting his beauty rest for tomorrow’s game, he’s starting to formulate a theory.

The theory is that maybe being in Dex’s proximity jumpstarts his creativity. In a phrase, Dex inspires him.

So Nursey resolves to test it.

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anonymous asked:

Maybe a fic on how either Alex or Maggie gets badly hurt while working on some case and then the other hears about it and rushes to see her girlfriend and look after her and comfort her? Idk I like seeing them vulnerable and protective of each other ☺️

‘How quickly can you scramble your sister?’

There was something about her girlfriend’s tone on the phone that made Alex Danvers rise from her chair and her heart begin to thump. ‘Right this second, why?’

‘My car was hit by a truck…I can smell petrol and I can’t…ugh, I can’t move.’

Alex’s chest felt tighter as she jogged over to Winn, who looked up at her, puzzled. ‘Where are you?’

‘Corner of Lex and Williams Street.’

‘Winn, I need Kara at the corner of Lex and Williams Street right now.’

‘On it,’ he said, without hestitation, already dialling Kara’s number. ‘What’s happened?’

‘Maggie–.’ The words were hard to say, she didn’t want to say them out loud but, thankfully, Winn seemed to understand, not saying anymore when she froze, her mind starting to form some image straight out of some nightmare of her love, trapped in a car, covered in blood, hurt.

‘Al…Alex, you still there?’

Alex blinked, back to reality but still terrified, her voice shaky and her eyes beginning to fill with tears. ‘Yes, baby, yes. Winn’s calling her now.’

‘Good,’ Maggie wheezed.

‘How much pain are you in?’

‘A lot…my legs are trapped and my chest…sharp pains. Stabbing pains, it’s hard to…’

Breathe. She was struggling to breathe. ‘Stay with me. Tell me where exactly the pain is.’

‘Left…left side.’

‘Anywhere else?’ She asked, as Winn shot her a thumbs up, signalling that help was in flight and would be there in mere seconds.

‘Shoulder…my arm, I can’t…move it.’

Spleen, it was likely her spleen. ‘Kara’s on her way. Hold tight,’ she said, although with every pained gasp from her girlfriend, her composure was drastically crumbling, and her words were more of a plea than an instruction.

‘Al…I love you.’

‘I love you too but, don’t say it like that.’ Like she’d never get the chance to say it again. Alex’s tears began to fall and Winn rested a hand on Alex’s arm as those tears started to choke her. ‘Help is coming. Hold on. Baby, hold on.’ Silence. ‘Maggie, please, hold on.’ There was a thud and Alex yelled Maggie’s name down the phone until she realised it was the help landing.

Helpless, she sobbed as she listened to Kara crunch her way through metal and glass to get to Maggie, before her voice came through the line.

‘I’ve got her Alex.’

‘Is she okay?’

Kara dodged the question, saying only, ‘Get the med team ready.’

They took her into surgery immediately.

Her spleen was ruptured and her leg was shattered but, considering the mangled state of her squad car, it was miraculous that she got off so lightly.

Alex keyed the surgical team in on Maggie’s symptoms and they found the bleed and stabilised her swiftly. It didn’t stop Alex from pacing, though, and Kara had to sit her down before she wore out a path in the linoleum floors.

‘You saved her, Alex.’

Alex shook her head. ‘You pulled her from the car, you’re the hero.’

‘You kept her talking, you got her symptoms and you helped her. That sounds like a hero to me. I should know, I wear a cape for a living.’

Alex smiled. ‘Thanks, Kara. Though it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that she’s okay.’

‘That is the most important thing, definitely. But don’t downplay your role in this. You did something amazing under tough circumstances. That’s pretty incredible.’

It was but what was more incredible was seeing Maggie finally come to, after hours sat at her bedside, waiting and slowly going insane at the dull buzzing of machines. ‘Hey, pretty lady,’ Alex said with a tired, but relieved and happy smile. ‘How are you feeling?’

‘I…’ Maggie squinted. ‘Rough.’

‘Are you in any pain?’ Alex pushed herself out of her chair so she could stand over Maggie, so that Maggie didn’t try to sit up and so that Alex could kiss her girl’s forehead.

‘No pain…just rough.’

‘Like you’ve been hit by a truck?’

‘Exactly,’ Maggie said a small grin, that became wider as Alex ran fingers through her hair. ‘What’s the damage?’

‘Car – totalled. You – broken fibula, broken ribs and one less spleen.’ But alive. Thank god, she was alive.

‘I thought I felt lighter,’ Maggie deadpanned. ‘You…and Kara…you saved my life.’

‘Kara did all the leg work.’

As if expecting to find Kara hidden in a corner, Maggie’s tired eyes scanned the room. ‘Is she here?’

‘Not at the moment but she’s been coming in and out all night.’

Maggie nodded. ‘I know we don’t always see eye-to-eye but she’s a good kid.’

‘Stubborn but well-meaning, is the term we prefer to use.’

Another nod, then: ‘If I had waited for an ambulance, would I have died?’

‘Most likely, yes.’ Ruptured perhaps wasn’t the best term for it; Maggie’s spleen had essentially exploded due to the impact. With the time it would have taken to cut her free from the wreck, she wouldn’t have made it into the back of an ambulance, let alone a hospital.


‘Don’t think about it, baby. You’re alive, that’s all that matters.’

‘I know, I know,’ she mumbled, raising a hand to touch Alex’s cheek. ‘When you get bored of kicking ass…you should become a doctor.’

Alex frowned. ‘Hmm?’

‘C’mon, those questions you asked? I know where my spleen is–. Was…whoa…that’s weird to say…you diagnosed me over the phone didn’t you?’

‘It was a hunch.’

‘It was a good hunch.’

‘They did all the work, I–.’

‘Take some damn credit, Danvers. You saved my life. Geez.’ Maggie grimaced, closing her eyes, sinking into her pillow. ‘You don’t need a cape to be a hero.’

Suga Daddy: Part Two

Suga Daddy: Part 2

Word count: 6.9k

Genre: smut

Okay, I’m glad that some people liked this because I want to turn this into a series. This is pretty dirty so be warned. Anyway, on to the next part :)

part one

You were over at Taehyung’s, on the couch with him and Jimin watching a movie. Sadly, you weren’t paying too much attention to it because tomorrow you were trying out for a seniors dance showcase. It was a big deal for seniors, it was what they worked for all four years. This would be what they would perform for tons of people and entertainment scouters. Your school was known for helping dancers get jobs after this showcase at the end of the year.

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12. Harry Turns 23

a little happy birthday to the wonderful man that is Harry Styles. This is part 1. Part 2 should be out this weekend if all goes to plan, also be warned that there is some sexy stuff in this so if youre not comfortable reading it feel free to skip over it.

T x

EDIT: Part two is out. Its called ‘Cant Sleep’. There is also going to be a Part 3, although i cant tell you when thats going to be coming out”

It was early afternoon when you got the call from Gemma. You had been folding laundry and putting it away on a lazy Sunday. The flat had been empty with the exception of you for the entirety of the weekend as your flatmate, Nora, who you had known since starting at the same school aged 13, had been at home with her parents for the weekend, and Harry had been away in Los Angeles for the last week, and was returning tomorrow night.

Your phone rang the familiar ring tone and you stopped folding to answer it.


“Hi, (Y/N)! All good with you?” You heard an excitable voice through the line.

“Oh, yeah, yeah all good here! What about with you?”

“I’m good, I’m good. Listen, Mum, Robin and I are planning on a long weekend away in the Maldives, with Harry for his birthday. We’ve booked this gorgeous villa, on a private beach” You nodded to yourself as you listened to Gemma talk. “It’s going to be so good. Anyway, Mum was wondering, and I think we all know that Harry would love it too, if you wanted to come?”

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Head canon of Jumin kissing with each of male RFA members each time they start with the "does Jumin Han is gay" //ineedcomedybecauseDoesJuminHanIsGay

Comedy! Σ(°ロ°) I suck at writing this ajfjiguf.
Very ooc and very silly! I hope y'all get some kinda kick out of this though!


- Jumin let him come over for some IT work on his personal computer. Seven had managed to convince him that he definitely had to do it in person, with the right wifi, and definitely had to see Elly to do it all.

- But, Jumin didn’t fall for the trap completely. While Seven did get to come inside the sweet penthouse Jumin slept in, Elly was locked behind the doors of one of her personal play rooms.

- Frowning, Seven set to work, trying to take as long as possible to get as much free good food as he could.

- Since Jumin’s computer issue was an easy fix, he set to downloading a photo editor, and starting on a masterpiece of a background for Jumin.

- It didn’t take him too long, photos of his cat-mom friend everywhere online, and soon Seven had a wonderful edited photo of Jumin in the loving and erotic arms of another man.

- Snickering, he set it up as the background, calling over to Jumin that he was done.

- As he started packing up, he watched from the corner of his eye as Jumin froze, staring at the screen.

- “Luciel. What…what is this. What did you do.”

- “What?” He tried hiding his grin, failing miserably as Jumin squinted at him.

- “Fix this, now.”

- He laguhed, moving back to the computer to start fixing it.

- “Aww, I thought you might like it. You know, cause Jumin Han Does Ga-”

- He didn’t even get to finish as Jumin forced a kiss onto him. Albeit short, Seven found himself slowly blushing.

- “Will that get you to finally shut up about that rumor? Now fix my computer, please.”

- “….Do it again.”

- Jumin glared at him for a bit, before shooing him away.

- “Get out of my house.”


- Okay, maybe drinking just a biiit too much during the charity party was a bad idea.

- Now him and Seven were teasing Jumin and Yoosung.

- Yoosung because he was a lightweight, and Jumin because…Well, it’s Jumin.

- Thankfully, it was just the RFA there, having their own little after-party. Jaehee was even getting to relax a bit, her cheeks and little giggles showing just how much she had drank.

- Jumin, however, still didn’t know how to have any fun.

- As the teasing shifted to Yoosung not being able to get a girlfriend, and he started tearing up, they switched to Jumin.

- ”Cheer up, Yoosung, at least you’re not like Mr. Trust-fund here.”

- Jumin rolled his eyes as Yoosung questioned him.

- ”You know, being gay and all.”

- “This again,” Jumin sighed, as Yoosung finally stopped crying a bit. The poor drunk kid.

- ”Yeah, this again, you weirdo. The only pussy you like is that damn furball of yours.”

- With that, he was awarded a glare as Jumin got up from his seat.

- “Don’t get so huffy, dude, and learn to take a joke. If it even is one.”

- He went to take another sip from his glass, but Jumin strode over to him, yanked him up from his seat by his collar, and planted his lips harshly against his.

- Zen was in complete shock, plopping back on his seat as Jumin grabbed his coat.

-”W-What the fuck!”

-”Learn to take a joke, Zen.”


- Yoosung, wanting to be helpful, decided to help clean a mess Zen had accidentally, drunkenly, made during their after-party.

- The damage wasn’t too bad, but Seven had dragged Zen back to home, leaving him alone with Jumin while Jaehee was finishing off talk with some of the people they had done business with for the party catering.

- He was still feeling a bit buzzed from the two glasses of champagne he had, so as he and Jumin silently picked things up, he started asking questions he normally wouldn’t.

- “Jumin….Have you never had a girlfriend?”

- He stopped cleaning for a moment, giving Yoosung a small glance before clearing his throat and resuming his actions.

- “Once. For a couple of days, to try to make my father happy. She was a pain, so I put a stop to it quickly.”

- “Did…Did you guys kiss?”

-”….No. we didn’t do anything. She tried touching me, hugging, but I didn’t never let her.”

- “Why?”

- Jumin stopped cleaning, a subdued expression of confusion on his face.

-”I didn’t like her.”

- “Was it because of. You know…”

- “…Of what?”

- Yoosung lowered his voice a bit, even though. No one was around to hear.

- “Does Jumin Han is Gay?”

- Silence.

- Jumin just squinted at him a bit, as Yoosung slowly tried to figure out what he was trying to say.

- “You know, cause everyone is calling you gay.”

- “…Yes, Yoosung, I’m aware of this. How much did you drink?”

- “What is it like? Kissing a guy?”

- While talking, Yoosung had kept moving towards Jumin, wide eyed from curiosity as the other had a flash of annoyance cross his features.

- Jumin closed the gap, yanking Yoosung’s chin up and shoving their lips together, but as soon as the kiss started, Jumin had ended it.

- “You tell me, Yoosung.”

- (Later that night, once Yoosung had sobered up, he ended up crying about Jumin being his first kiss)

Sibling Rivalry

Originally posted by angiesrx78

i randomly got the idea of making up a brother for harry and gemma and decided i should write it and post it now since it’s harry’s birthday, i hope you enjoy x

“You ready?” Harry asked, loading the last suitcase into the back of his range rover.

“Yeah,” I nodded as I watched him close the trunk.

“Alright, let’s go.” He smiled, gesturing to the car.

Harry’s birthday was tomorrow and he and I were going to spend it with his family. It had been a while since we both had seen them, and we were all excited. Gemma even picked on Harry and said she was looking forward to seeing me more than she was to see him. Harry put his stuff in the car and then came to pick me up, and now we embarked on our about three and a half hour journey. We stopped to get some lunch, then went on our way.

After jamming to music and playing eye spy for a bit, which was Harry’s idea, we finally arrived at Anne and Robin’s house. We got out of the car and got our stuff, but before we could walk to the front door, Gemma bolted out if the house and hugged me tightly.

“I’ve missed you so much, (y/n). I’m so happy you’re here!” Gemma squealed.

Harry crossed his arms. “Glad to know you really do prefer my friends over me.”

Gemma rolled her eyes as she let go of me and hugged her brother. “I missed you too Harry, you know that.”

Gemma helped us bring in our stuff, Anne grinning at us as we walked in.

“Oh my goodness, (y/n), you just get more gorgeous by the day.” Anne said as she hugged me.

“I could say the same to you,” I complimented her as I hugged her back.

“Even Mum likes her more than me.” Harry all but whined.

Anne chuckled, walking over to Harry and hugging him. “Now, Harry, you know I love my children more than anything. (Y/n)’s just a really close second.”

Robin walked into the living room, looking nervous but trying to hide it. “Hello!”

“What’s going on Robin?” Harry questioned.

Robin sighed. “I know you expected it to just be the five of us, but your brother is coming as well.”

Harry’s confused look turned in to an angry one. “Since when was this planned?”

“Harry, don’t be like that,” Anne said almost sadly. “It was last minute, but Robert wants see you on your birthday just like we do.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure.”

“Wait, you guys have a brother?” I asked.

Gemma nodded. “Yeah, he’s the middle child and we haven’t really seen much of him lately. He didn’t even come here for Christmas, though he was supposed to.”

“He was in Ireland and couldn’t get a flight out here as they cancelled most of them because of the weather.” Anne explained.

“Likely story,” Harry mumbled.

Anne tapped his shoulder lightly with the back of her hand. “Enough, let’s be nice, yeah?”

Harry sighed. “Yes, Mum.”

A while after that, Anne and Gemma made lunch for everyone, insisting that Harry and I not help because we were guests. Though, she was a guest too, but I just did as she asked instead if bringing that up. Anne said we had about fifteen minutes until it would be ready, so Harry, Robin, and I sat in the living room watching tv. There was a knock at the door, and I could tell Harry was definitely not looking forward to seeing who was on the other side.

“Hello, Robert!” Robin said when he opened the door. “Come on in.”

When he came in I was in shock. He was really handsome. He had short brown hair, similar to Harry’s but a bit shorter as Harry’s had grown out some, and he had a bit of gel in it unlike Harry. Harry didn’t even look in his direction, but Robert looked over at us and smiled wide.

“Hello, baby brother!” Robert all but sang, causing Harry to cringe. Robert took off the sunglasses he had on,which were definitely unnecessary, and looked at me. “Who is this beautiful woman you have sitting next to you?”

Harry looked like he was getting more irritated by the second. “This is (y/n).”

“Ah, it is so nice to meet you,” Robert said as we shook hands. “How long have you known Harry? A couple months?”

“More like four years,” I corrected him.

Robert looked at Harry and I in shock. “Is that so? How is this the first time we’ve met?”

“Maybe because you’re never around, you–”

“Dinner is ready!” Gemma interrupted Harry. I laughed at her timing.

“Gemma! How are you, my gorgeous big sister?” Robert said as he hugged her.

“I’ve been great, and yourself?” She said politely.

“I’ve been well,” He nodded.

We all got some dinner and sat in the living room as we ate, making small talk.

“So, what have you been doing?” Gemma asked Robert.

“I’ve actually just finished up filming my second movie.” Robert said proudly.

“Of fucking course he has,” Harry muttered as he scowled.

“Really? In only a year? That’s lovely!” Anne said, hugging her son. “I’m so proud of you, Robby.”

“Thanks, Mum.” Robert smiled. “So, what have my siblings been up to, hm?”

“Well, I write articles for a site called The Debrief and I also write for Mtv and other websites too.” Gemma told him.

“That’s awesome, Gem! You’ve always been such a talented writer, I knew you’d go on to do great things.” Robert complimented. “And you, Harry?”

Harry completely ignored him, eating his food and acting as if his brother wasn’t even here.

“Uh, he’s finished up filming Dunkirk, and he did a cover and spread for Another Man Magazine, and he’s working on his solo music and stuff now.” I spoke for him.

“Ah, that’s nice.” Robert said. “And what are you? Are you his publicist?”

“Oh, no,” I laughed. “I’m just with him a lot. Plus, he helps me write songs because I’m a singer too.”

“Well isn’t he lucky? He gets to work with you.” Robert grinned at me.

“I’m not feeling well, I’m going to go lie down.” Harry told everyone as he got up from beside me, taking his plate to the kitchen then going upstairs.

When everyone was finished eating, Gemma and I decided to do the dishes, telling Anne to take a well deserved break.

“So, Gem, what’s up with Harry and Robert?” I asked her, taking the plate she just washed and drying it. “Harry seems like he despises him.”

“They’ve had this sibling rivalry ever since they were young. Whenever Harry did something, Robert had to one up him. And he do whatever it took to do it. As you could probably tell, he likes to charm his way around, and Harry hates how fake he sounds.” Gemma explained.

“Wow,” I sighed. “I literally had no clue about that. Or him, for that matter.”

Gemma nodded. “I’m not surprised, Harry never brings Robert up because of how much he dislikes him. That’s why he’s upset he’s here and keeping to himself. He’s probably afraid Robert’s going to take his spotlight on his birthday.”

“We won’t let that happen, right?” I wondered. “I mean, I wouldn’t want Harry’s day to be anything but amazing.”

“I feel the same way,” She agreed. “We’ll just have to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

Soon after, Gemma and I were finished and the dishes were put away. She made tea for us both, offering some to Anne and Robin, but they said they said they were going to bed. We sat and talked in the kitchen for a while, then right when Gemma said she was going to bed as well, Robert came in.

“You going to bed, Gem?” Robert asked her.

“Yeah, I’m tired from traveling and everything.” She told him.

“Alright, well goodnight,” He said as he hugged her.

“Goodnight,” She said back, going upstairs.

“So, what is a stunning girl like you doing hanging around with a guy like my brother?” He asked me, making me raise my eyebrows.

“Um, I’m not sure what you mean by that.” I lied.

He chuckled. “What I meant is, what do you see in him exactly?”

I gave him a look. “Excuse me?”

He sighed. “Look, all I’m trying to say is, if you’re trying to be with Harry then don’t bother. There are guys out there than can treat you much better than he can. Like me, for example.” I just stood there in shock. “Go out with me, and I’ll prove it to you.”

“Why the hell am I not surprised?”

I sighed in relief as Harry walked into the kitchen, a smug but angry look on his face.

“You know, (y/n) and I are actually together, but if we weren’t, there’s no chance in hell she’s do anything with you.” Harry slighted.

Robert laughed. “Really? Because she was about to agree to go on a date with me before you rudely interrupted us.”

“Cut the shit,” Harry spat. “I heard the whole thing, and she didn’t seem the least bit interested in you. And why would she be? You’re nothing but a dickhead that kisses ass to get what you want, and the only reason you try your damnedest to beat me at everything is because of how jealous you are of me.”

Robert scoffed. “Me? Jealous of you? Please, it’s you that’s jealous, Harry. You’ve always wanted what I had, ever since we were kids.”

“Really? Is that why you’re trying to flirt with my girlfriend? Because I want what you have?” Harry crossed his arms, waiting for Robert to reply.

“Look,” I spoke up. “Think we should all just go to bed, arguing isn’t going to solve anything.”

“No, actually, Robert was about to leave.” Harry countered.

Robert gave Harry a look. “And what makes you think I’m going to do that?”

“Because if you don’t we’ll have a big problem.” Robin said as he, Gemma, and Anne all came in. Robert looked at everyone in shock.

“I cannot believe you,” Anne said disappointingly. “How dare you treat Harry and (y/n) this way. You should be ashamed.”

Robert started to look sad, but then a slightly angry look appeared on his face. “And everyone wonders why I never come around anymore.”

“That’s your own damn fault and no one else’s,” Harry glared  at him. “Now, get your things and go.”

The next morning, I came downstairs and saw Harry helping Anne with breakfast, Gemma and Robin drinking coffee and talking. I quietly walked up behind Harry and hugged him.

“Happy birthday!” I cheered.

He laughed, turning around and hugging me properly. “Thanks, lovely.”

“So, um, I have a question.” I said.

“Shoot,” He grinned.

“Why did you say I was your girlfriend last night?” I watched as he started to blush.

“Oh, I just said that so he’d, uh, leave you alone.” He shrugged.

“Sure.” I drawled out.

“Why else would I have done it?” He messed with his hair.

“I don’t know,” I said putting my finger on my chin. “Maybe, because you like me?” Robin, Gemma, and Anne tried to hold in their laughter.

Harry hesitated. “Well what if I do?”

“Then, maybe we should do something about it. Like go on a date?” I proposed.

“Maybe I’d like that,” Harry beamed.

“Quit saying ‘maybe’, and just go out tonight.” Gemma insisted, earning laughs from everyone.

“I think we should listen to your sister.” I said as I put my arms around Harry, and him doing the same to me.

“I think so, too.” He winked.

if you want to request something feel free to do so, requests are always open x

Leaning on Yoongi

Posts: One

Pairing: Suga x Y/n

Genre: Drama, Romance

Word Count: 5,363

Synophis; Meeting Yoongi was something you didn’t really wanted but who would knew you needed him more than life itself.

Going to a fan meet for you sick sister wasn’t something you thought you’d ever do but here you were standing in line to meet your sister’s favorite K-pop group. They were named Bts or Bulletproof scouts or bangtan boys, yes You did know a thing or two about the guys but this was mainly because your sister had made you curious and you did like their song “spring day” a lot but you never had the desire to meet them in person. Your sister had bought a lot of gifts, which she wanted to give them, I had a full bag of stuff and on each item, she had put the name for the member.

The minute they came walking in the atmosphere changed into a nervous bunch of girls, which was funny and the girls were all yelling different things at the guys. This went on for a few minutes when we finally had to line up so the fan meet could begin and we were starting with J-Hope, you quickly pulled out the present that she labeled for him and when it was your turn you suddenly got really nervous but you did it anyway.

Hi, what’s your name?” It was such a basic question that you could only stare for a few second which made him smile. “Please don’t be nervous, you’re way too pretty to be nervous.” He was so nice that you finally told your name and quickly gave the gifts. “ thank you, do you have questions you want to ask?” You quickly nodded and got out the notes that your sister made. “My Sister wanted to ask you these questions.”

“Your sister, not you?” You shook your head “Ani, my sister was going to come but she is really sick and is staying at the hospital, so she asked me to come for her.” Jhope grabbed my hand and patted it. “That’s so sweet of you, I will definitely  answer all the questions.” You gave him the notes and he immediately started answering them and the staff took the gifts. “What is your sister’s name?” you told him and that’s when you saw that he was writing a little note to her, which made you smile. “It was nice to meet you,” he told you when you started to move to the next person, who happened to be Jimin, he had heard the story and stretched out his hand for the notes. You quickly gave him his gifts as well and as he was talking while he was writing the answers, you couldn’t help but fall a bit for this cute and handsome man.

Next was Jungkook, who was the maknae if you were correct, he was my sister’s favorite, so you had a bit more for him. She had forbidden you to call him oppa as you were two years older. “Jungkook you are my sister’s bias, so can I please take a picture of you for her?” your story went down the table so they all knew about it and without any hesitation he grabbed your phone and started taking selfies and eventually asked you to be in there as well, which you did of course. Taehyung was exactly the same and Jin even took your phone to record a message together with Rapmonster, it was really sweet of them to do that and you softened up for these handsome guys and understood why your sister was so crazy about them. The last one was Suga and he had been watching everything the entire thing even though he had been busy with other fans. If you had to choose a favorite amongst these guys it would definitely be him. Suga stretched out his hand and you started to give him a hand but he immediately asked for the phone, which you gave completely flustered.

He recorded a little message and even made a few selfies, which all looked too cute. He returned the phone and as you were thanking him, he finally grabbed your hand. “What does your sister have?” You were a bit startled that he asked you this but then again, you were surprised that the other guys didn’t ask about it. “She has leukemia,” you mumbled this because it wasn’t something you felt comfortable talking about, not because it was embarrassing but because it made you really sad because she was your baby sister and if anything you always wanted to protect her but you couldn’t.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” you tried to smile at him but your emotions were overwhelming you but there was no way you wanted to cry in front of him so you thanked him and stood up. You quickly walked away and put the bag with gifts in the security’s hands. The minute you were out of sight you leaned against the wall and tried to get your breathing back to normal, which wasn’t an easy thing when suddenly you heard footsteps approaching. You turned your back to the person and quickly wiped away the tears when the person forced you to turn around. It was no other then Suga himself, who was looking concerned but also a bit apologetic. He didn’t say anything and just pulled you in a hug, which was shocking, to say the least, but who were you to complain, it felt nice and safe in his embrace and part of you just wanted to stay there. He pulled away and raised his hand, only to wipe the lost tears on your face, he did this with so much tenderness, that you almost started to cry again.

“I shouldn’t have asked you, I’m really sorry.” You nodded but didn’t say anything because talking wasn’t your forte at this moment, as you were completely mesmerized by him. “I really didn’t want you to cry, so please stop, you’re way too pretty to cry like this.” he was talking really fast right now and it got a bit harder for me to understand.

“I won’t cry anymore, I promise.” you had to stop him from rambling like crazy. “Good.” we were still standing really close to each other and you finally had picked up the courage to look him in the eyes, boy was that a mistake because his eyes were staring intensely at you, this made you blush like crazy and of course he saw this, which made him smile. “Can I have your number?”


“So that I can call you sometime?” he knew this was weird as he never gave his number to fans. “Really?”

“Ye, I really would love to talk to you more often.” You took a deep breath and gave him your number, as he was putting it in his phone you couldn’t help but study him a bit. He was really handsome, the only object I would have was the fact that he was really slim, not that it was a problem but your type was someone who was built like Jungkook and Jimin. Suga didn’t have those muscles though but he did have a certain charm, which lured you in, which was definitely happening right now.

“Yoongi?” His manager looked around the corner to see where he was and the minute he spotted us, he gestured at Suga that he had to come back. “I have to go back but I promise I will call you.” you nodded whilst already thinking that he probably wouldn’t call you, as you were just a total nobody, you even worked at a cafe, when you didn;t have to go to college, just to save money to pay the bills for my sister’s stay at the hospital, whilst paying for my education. You wanted to become an artist and you actually was a trainee but due personal circumstances you had to stop as you had to take care of your sister, so now you majored in art and danced on the side if time allowed it.

The next few days were flying by. You worked a lot whilst doing homework, as you only had each other, you spend every free second in the hospital. “Unni, you should go out, I mean it’s Friday, don’t you want to spend time with your friends?”

“I’m perfectly fine sweetheart.” You smiled at her and as she looked up from her phone, I was a bit startled to see how pale she had become in just a matter of minutes. “Are you really okay?” she nodded but the minute she did that, she started to cough. “Doctor!” you yelled as you pressed the emergency button, they came running in and as they worked on my sister, you had to step out, so that they could do their job. This was getting worse and you really didn’t know how much time there was left. You let yourself slide down against the wall and just sat there waiting for the doctors to be done when your phone started buzzing. You took a look and saw a number you didn’t recognize. “Hello?”

“Hi, is this y/n?”

“Ye, why?”

“It’s Yoongi or Suga from bts, remember?” You vaguely remembered but this really wasn’t important right now.

“I do remember but I really don’t have time, I’m sorry.”  You hung up the phone because the last you needed now was a guy, it would be too much of a distraction. The doctors finally came walking out and they smiled assuring at you but you weren’t having it because you needed to know why her conditions were getting worse. “Excuse me?” The doctor turned around and you took a deep breath. “Why is my sister getting worse?”

“We know more by tomorrow, so please just take care of your sister and come talk to me tomorrow, okay.” This made you so angry because he looked so down at you, just because you weren’t rich.

You walked back in the room and saw that she was sleeping, which was a good thing and it gave you time to get something to eat. You quickly walked into a subway restaurant and ordered, when your phone rang again. It was again Suga’s number, you couldn’t ignore him again as you already had been way too rude to him, maybe if you explained the situation he would understand and just leave you alone because that’s all you wanted. “Hello?”

“Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not, I’m sorry for being so rude before but I was at the hospital.”

“Is your sister okay?”

“She is sleeping right now.”

“Ah okay.” There was a small pause before he continued, which didn’t feel awkward at all “Do you want to talk about?” You already answered yes before he could even finish his sentence because in order to end this before something could start you had to break it off. You told him where he could find you and within a few minutes, he walked in. He looked good, with his glasses and modern clothes, he looked like a university student and as his eyes found yours, you felt your heart skip a beat, this was probably going to be a lot harder than you had thought.

“Do you want something to drink?” you offered but he shook his head and sat down, he had a worried expression on his face and you assumed it was because you looked terrible, your hair was all over the place, this was something you knew. “You don’t look so good.” You shrugged and sipped your drink, he stared at you waiting patiently for you to start talking but how do you talk about something like this. It wasn’t like you knew him that well and most importantly, you really didn’t want to bother him with your messed up life. “Look I already told you my sister has leukemia right? Well it just got worse during this week and that’s why I really don’t have time for this.” you gestured between the two of you. “I’m flattered to be liked by a handsome guy like you but I really need to focus on my little sister, so please don’t call me anymore.”

You stood up but before you could walk away he grabbed your arm and pulled you back into your seat. “Yah, can I say something as well. I know you think you don’t need anyone but you’re mistaken, you need someone to support you as well and that’s exactly what I’m going to do as much as I can.”

“Why? I mean you don’t even know me.”

“I know more than you think. I now that you are trying to keep afloat, with your job and your school, whilst taking care of your little sister and then there is the problem with the hospital bills, so that’s why you need someone to take care of you.”

You got up and walked away without saying a word. “Who does he think he is?” you said out loud, this was a habit that you made as you were indeed a bit lonely. You got back in the room and closed the door, hoping he didn’t follow you because you wouldn’t be surprised as he was pretty sure of himself. When he didn’t show up you finally relaxed and started doing your homework, you were making drawings of your sister, which was going to be your final project, you were documenting her time in the hospital and the changes were shocking, the drawings showed how much worse she had become but for me it was a healing process, at least that was what one of the nurses had said.

You must have fallen asleep because you woke up to two people talking, one was your sister but the other was a bit hard to recognize. “Eonni(unni) are you awake? Look who is here.” You opened your eyes and stretched for a second when your eyes fell on the guy next to your sister. It was no other than Suga who was smiling at you “Good morning, did you sleep well?”

“What are you doing here?”

“Eonni(unni) Don’t talk to him like that, he is still older than you!”

“Really, she is younger?” he smiled at that and you already knew what was coming. “You should call me Oppa than.” You shook your head in denial, this was just not happening.

“Why are you here?”

“I told you I would take care of you right? So it was only normal that I would introduce myself to your sister.”

“Don’t you have a schedule?”

“Ani, we just finished our world tour, we have a month off.” You got up and walked out of the room to wash your face, this was a dream that was all, you kept telling yourself but the thing was, this dream kept repeating itself for at least a week. You fell asleep only to find Yoongi sitting next to your sister’s bed, happily joking around, he came in the early morning and left around 9 am only to return the next morning, this meant that he was busy but you got used to it and for your sister’s sake you said nothing about it and you had to admit that with him being there you had a few more hours for yourself.

It was late when Yoongi walked in and to my surprise he brought all the guys with him, they all smiled at you when they saw you sitting and your sister started to scream in excitement and she practically jumped into Jungkook’s arms, this made you smile but you worried immediately because she wasn’t allowed to get this excited not because you didn’t want to but it was for her own sake. “Jungkook, will you please put her back in bed.” he did what I asked, this made your sister angry, though, she didn’t say a thing but just pouted and before you could say a thing Yoongi scolded her. “Hae-Soo you know you have to keep calm and listen to your sister.”

This surprised you but you didn’t say anything about it, it make the members share a look of surprise but they decided to ignore it as they were talking to Hae-Soo. You were drawing the guys when the doctor came walking in, the guys stopped talking as if they felt something was wrong. “Miss y/n? Can you come with me please?” Your shoulders dropped when he ask you to come with him because that meant he couldn’t discuss it in front of others, which meant nothing good. To your surprise, Yoongi followed you out, which surprised the doctor. “I would like to talk to Miss Y/N in private.”

“Everything you have to say to her, you can tell it in front of me, so please continue.” this time you didn’t object as you had a bad feeling and if it was true then I could use the support. You followed him into his office and sat down when he offered. “Are you sure he can hear this as well?” the doctor asked again and you quickly nodded, wanted to get this over with. “I’m afraid I don’t have good news.” he stopped to see you were still okay. You were playing with your hands out nervousness until Yoongi grabbed them and held them in his, he gently squeezed to let you know he was there for you and this made you breathe a bit easier.  

“What do you mean?”

“Your sister’s condition has worsened tremendously, which means that the weeks she had been given are shortened to not more than three weeks.” You just stared at the doctor like he had two heads instead of one, why was he telling me that my sister just had three more weeks to live, what for nonsense was that? Without noticing it I had been squeezing the life out of Yoongi’s hands, I only noticed it when he pulled out one of his hands and put his arm around my shoulder. “Do you understand what I am telling you, miss?” You nodded slowly because if you would answer right now, you would scream like the world has ended.

“What does this mean?” Yoongi asked this for you and you would be forever grateful for this. “It means that we are going to make her last few weeks as comfortable as possible and that she has to say goodbye.”

“Can she stay at home in her last few weeks?”

“She can, we’ll make sure there is a nurse available to help you at home.”

“Do we need to do something for her to be comfortable?”

“Just be there with her, make sure she knows she is loved.” Yoongi nodded and you knew they were waiting for you to say something but there were a million thoughts running through your mind right now. “Thank you doctor, can we sign her release documents?”

“Yes, I will tell the nurse to get one for you and again I’m really sorry.” Yoongi bowed and pulled me with him. When we were outside the office he didn’t stop to let me breathe, he pulled me into an empty room and closed the door. He turned towards you and just waited and that’s when everything happened at the same time, at first I started having trouble breathing, next thing you know you are in Yoongi’s arms, while he is trying to soothe you by whispering gentle words of encouragement. You were sobbing into his shirt but you couldn’t stop it. You were shaking and sweating at the same time, it was as if your entire world just vanished and Yoongi was the last thing that tried to pull you together. “Just let it out, I’m here.” he was saying this over and over again until I finally started to breathe normally again, you did have the hiccups and were still crying but it all slowed down after awhile. You couldn’t be like this in front of your baby sister, you had to be strong and as this slowly sank in you looked up to see a worried Yoongi looking back, You scared the shit out of him that was for sure but at least he didn’t run away. “Are you okay now?” he asked quietly and you nodded slowly and focussed on his eyes when he wiped away your tears, he even went as far as to kiss you gently on your forehead. “Let’s go.”

You got up and wobbled a bit, Yoongi noticed this and caught you. “Be careful Yagi.” You heard the word of endearment and even though you didn’t have time for it, it did feel nice. He intertwined his fingers with you and together you walked into the hospital room and when you looked at your sister’s face you knew she knew but she still tried to smile. “It’s going to okay Eonni(unni).” she tried to console you, which made it harder because she shouldn’t be the one who had to console someone.  “Let’s go home, okay?” she nodded and quickly climbed out of bed. Yoongi gave us the room so she could get dressed and you could pack her things when she suddenly put her arms around you. “Don’t be sad, it will be okay.” that made you cry again and this time you pulled her into your embrace and together you cried, knowing that this was the last time you could cry in front of her. After a while, you were finally done with packing and the three of you left the hospital.

The next few weeks were a hell as in pretending to be okay, whilst everything inside you screamed at the entire world. You smiled while you didn’t want to smile, you just wanted to curse at the world. Yoongi was a really big help, as he was around as much as he could, even when he had to do things with Bts he never failed to come by to check up on you. He often brought the other guys to keep your sister company, which gave you some time to let off steam and never did you know that Yoongi would be the one who was the one helping me let off some steam. It started the first day after you came home. It was so hard that when Yoongi came in with J-Hope and Jimin, that he immediately took you to your bedroom to just talk but it ended up with a passionate slash desperate kiss and he never once rejected you. The minute you kissed him you wanted to pull back but he put his arms around you and kissed you back, he was aggressive at first and even pulled at your lip, which made you moan, when that happened he softened the kiss and made you long for more when he finally pulled back. This was the start of more and eventually you ended up in bed with each other, this was during the night after you had cleaned up her blood, you were definitely desperate and that’s when Yoongi walked through the door.

That night you spend your time in Yoongi’s arms. He consoled you and made love to you slowly. You cried quietly when he was being gentle and he kissed your tears away, making you fall even deeper, it had been perfect and it was also the moment you realised that you loved Yoongi with all your heart, you knew that it just wasn’t the time to tell him because he probably thought you were only using him to help you get through a tough time.

After two weeks your baby sister began to sleep through entire days, which meant it was nearly at its end and it became harder and harder. You had taken care of everything and were just waiting at her bedside. Yoongi was there a lot, together with the members, it was like you had suddenly gained a family and you wouldn’t know what to do without them. You hadn’t said goodbye yet to her but you knew you had to before it was too late. “Miss, I think it’s time.” the nurse had been a quiet factor in your house and you were so thankful for her help. “Are you sure?”

“I am, I think that if you want to say goodbye, this will be the only chance left.” You had to gulp a few times before you turned to your sleeping sister and before saying a thing you took a deep breath and her hand in yours. “My baby sister, I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I will miss you so so much but just know it’s okay to go. Go see our parents and tell them I love them okay? I would have given my life for you if I could, you are my everything and you will never be out of my heart. Just know that your Eonni(unni) loves you and it’s okay, just rest now.” you crawled beside her and took her in your arms and as you laid like this you could still feel a faint heartbeat.

You opened your eyes and knew it was over, your sister had passed away, her heart wasn’t beating anymore and she was cold. You felt the first tears when they dropped on your hand which laid on her tiny chest. You didn’t know how long you lay like this but eventually, you were lifted from the bed. “NO, I DON’T WANT TO GO!” You were frantic right now and tried to get out of his hold. “I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE HER, LET GO OFF ME!” you yelled again but it was like everyone was deaf. They took her away in a funeral car whilst Yoongi held you back, you had calmed down after the nurse gave you a tranquilizer, it was as if you landed in your personal hell and all the sunshine had left. Yoongi took you to bed and just held you whilst you cried, he never once checked his phone, which meant he had informed the guys and Big Hit Entertainment and they were okay with him being here for you. When the day of the funeral broke, you just got dressed in traditional mourning clothes and you were surprised by all the people who came by paying their respect. Yoongi stayed by your side the entire time and the other guys were helping out. You weren’t sure how you survived the day but Yoongi gave you your space at a certain point, you knew it was late but he never made you leave. You stayed two days and at the day she got buried you had yourself back together and did everything you should. Yoongi held your hand and the other guys walked behind you.

After that day, life got back to normal and you didn’t see Yoongi that much as you had to focus on your job and college. You did miss him a lot but what could you do? He had his schedule and you also had your schedule. You were spending almost all your time in school, working on your project which was almost done and would be your last assignment before you graduated, it were a lot of paintings of your sister and her last few weeks but you also used old pictures, which meant you had an entire lifeline and as the last few months flew by you had graduated with the highest scores and you also got offered your own gallery.
This would be your chance to thank the guys for everything they did, especially Yoongi and maybe now was the time to confess to him. You made your agency send an invite to the guys and they had actually accepted it, which made you nervous but happy. When the day started, you made sure everything was as you wanted and as you walked through your gallery with your agent, you felt proud and sad at the same time because here you could look at your sister smiling, crying and being silly but knowing that she wasn’t here to see it herself, well it had a double feeling. “You should get ready.”

“I should right. I will be back in an hour.” you quickly pulled on a black cocktail dress and high heels. You already did your hair and it hung down your back in curls. Your makeup was natural and your jewelry existed out of a beautiful golden necklace, which had belonged to your sister and you wore earrings but that was all. Your manager texted you to let you know that it was time. You quickly made your way back to the gallery and you were actually nervous when you saw the line of people waiting to get in. You smiled when you saw the bts boys, the looked nice and curious. When my manager let everyone in, you stayed back until she introduced you, she let everyone look around and you could hear gasps. They were talking vividly about the artwork and you instantly knew it was a big success. It was time to introduce me and you just waited.

“Everyone, thank you so much for coming. I hope you enjoyed everything so far, this artist has just graduated college but as you can see she is really gifted and we were lucky that she signed to our company, let give a round of applause for the talented Y/N.” You quickly got out of the backroom and took the little stage. “Thank you all so much for the love. It’s an honor to be presented by these lovely people. These paintings are deeply woven into my heart, The little girl you see on each picture is my little sister, she died a few months ago and before she died, I decided that the best way to remember her is to put her in everlasting paintings. She was and still is my muse and inspiration that will never be forgotten. I learned a lot from her and this is my way to thank her for being there even though it was hard for her. As you can see it’s not only my sister that I painted but also the people around her and I want to thank the men of Bts for their support at the end. They have become a family and I know that my sister thought of you as her close brothers, so thank you so much for making her life just a little bit better. Thank you all again for coming tonight and I really wish you all the best life you can get, thank you.” you ended with a bow. Everyone clapped and even whistled after you ended your speech. You couldn’t stay inside though as you needed some air and without knowing it someone followed you onto the roof but the minute his arms pulled you in a hug, you knew.

“You were amazing Yagi.” he kissed you gently at your neck and you completely relaxed in his arms because he felt warm and it was like coming home from a long journey. “Do you think she is looking at us?” you couldn’t help but ask and you felt him nodding. “I think she is looking at you and she feels really proud of everything you have achieved.”



“Thank you.” he turned you around and with the setting sun, his eyes were even more beautiful and you felt lost in them. “Don’t ever thank me for this okay.” you nodded as he wiped away the strand of hair that the wind had blown on your face.

“I should have said this earlier but I was afraid that you thought it was because I was in pain but I love you.” he looked at me with a soft smile and when he lowered his head he mumbled against my lips “I know yagi.” and kissed you gently when he pulled away he turned you around so he could give you a back hug. It was beautiful to see the sun going down and as the last colors faded he kissed me again on my neck and quietly mumbled.

“I love you too.”

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This sounds….familiar ;)

Edit: I just wanted to clarify: I’m not angry about this, nor am I trying to insinuate that EA stole my ideas or content. To be fair, the ideas of modelling and/or fashion designing have been part of the Sims games in almost every iteriation of the series, and I definitely looked at some of the previous games for inspiration when I was creating the Fashion Career.

I can’t definitively say if EA steals ideas from modders. One thing that immediately comes to mind is Zerbu and his mods, though; Zerbu had created a Politician career long before we had the official one in City Living. And I also remember seeing another EA survey about “following your kids to school” which came out at least a full year after Zerbu created the Go to School mod. Did EA copy him? Maybe. Or maybe it was just a coincidence.

All I’m willing to think is that perhaps I inpsired them to bring back a fashion-inspired career to TS4 after seeing how (moderately) popular my career has been, lol

If I feel anything negative at all about this, it’s just a bit sad that the career I spent so much time and love making could possibly be made redundant by official EA content. Nothing I mod in can compare to official content, with a team of paid developers and animators behind it.

But hey, this pack might never be made….and even if it is, you’ll at least have my free “version” to play with if you don’t feel like spending $15-20 bucks on EA’s pack ;)

Between Two Worlds

Cause it is valentines day I thought I would write this feysand fic and I hope you enjoy it!!!

“Here,” I threw Cassian my bowtie which Cassian has basically begged me to borrow saying that it complemented his eyes. I didn’t know what Cassian was going on about but I had too many things to worry about than Cassian’s colour choices. 

Nesta and Cassian had dinner plans tonight and I assumed Mor and Azriel did as well because it was Valentine’s day. Although I usually despised the romantic holiday because Cassian and Azriel were always busy with their significant others. this year was different. 

Feyre. I was going to take the risk. She had been a constant presence in my life ever since Nesta and Cassian got engaged but I had never dared the risk of asking her out until now. I was sick of this waiting and admiring from afar. I wanted to her to know how I felt. 

That she was the single most attractive woman I had ever seen. That she made me laugh in moments when I thought it was impossible. Every time we spoke, it felt as though she understood me in a way I didn’t think even Mor did. She was the one I couldn’t stop thinking about. The one I couldn’t stop dreaming about. And it was valentine’s day after all so I would take the risk. For someone like her, it could definitely be classified as a risk but if Cassian had the balls to ask Nesta then so could I.

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RFA+V+Saeran Reacts to MC’s Strange Music Tastes

AKA Mc has complete and utter shit taste in music and they must suffer along with her (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆ (This is so silly I’m so sorry)


- While you were cleaning, you had decided to put on your favorite musical (sans Zen) and wash the dishes.

- I mean, there wasn’t a lot, but it gave you an excuse for being so slow with them

- Of course, as cheesy as the musical was, you found yourself singing along the best you could, despite the language barriers

- And of course, while you were attempting to belt out both lines to the duet, Zen decided to come home

- At first he was extremely confused. Was that English? Did you know English? Why didn’t you ever mention that! That was so impressive!

- But once he notices you have no idea he’s there, and you’re singing your heart out, he slowly steps up behind you, peering at the….weird musical on your laptop.

- “Babe, if you wanted to sing a duet, you could have told me.”

- You jumped, having water and suds splash back at you, as Zen chuckled and apologizes.

- “Ah, sorry babe, I didn’t mean to scare you. What are you watching though?”

- With a very red (and soapy face) you explain your love of this musical’s soundtrack, even though it’s… Not on the great side.

- But the moment you admit its a favorite of yours, he’s talking about a movie night and that the two of you could probably watch it tonight.

- (God, Zen, Please no)

- Honestly, when the two of you did manage to watch it, he didn’t tease you too much for loving the songs due to how embarrassed you were

- I mean…He’s definitely sung worse.


- After a long and annoying workday, he often found it comforting to see you and Elizabeth 3rd bonding.

- But coming home to a speaker system blaring god awful noise, and Elizabeth 3rd in your arms as you rocked your hips in time with the music, was not exactly what he found comforting.

- After taking a moment to find the stereo remote and quickly turning it down, he took a deep breath before speaking.

- “Mc. What are you doing to Elizabeth 3rd.” His voice was so monotone you couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

- “I, uh, was just dancing with her to some music. She’s okay, see?”

- You turned to face him, showing how lazily Elizabeth 3rd was curled in your arms.

- It didn’t stop him from slowly taking her out of your grasp and holding her close.

- “That was music?”

- “Uhm….Yes…Electro kinda swing music.” Embarrassed already, you turned to go cut the stereo off completely, trying to avoid his gaze.

- Of course that didn’t stop his questions

- He went on and on. What was Electric Swing? Why did it sound like his phone was dropping a call with someone in an old records store? What was the weird slang?

- After spending around an hour showing him examples, why you were listening to it, explaining to him how he could use urban dictionary for most slang questions, he finally let the subject drop for a bit.

- “Do a lot of people listen to this type of music?”

- “Not really, I just have shit taste in music, honestly.”

- Catching on that you feel a bit embarrassed, he decided to clear his throat.

- “Well, I rather….Like it.” (He did not) “It’s….unique.”

- “Jumin, you don’t have to lie-”

- “No, no, teach me how to dance in tune with this. You were dancing with Elizabeth 3rd, and I will admit I was a bit jealous.”

- This dork. But… At least he was willing to at least pretend he liked it, and not tease you.


- So, Seven was busy working. Usually when he was in so deep into his work, you could literally say or do anything and he wouldn’t notice. And hey, you had listened to music before when he was like this. Why not listen to the one song that had been stuck in your head all day?

- You loaded up your playlist, took another look at him as you started up your music. When he didn’t react whatsoever, you popped up your internet browser and started to goof around offline, enjoying your music.

- You zoned out pretty quickly, not paying attention as it switched to a very perverse song, and Seven finally perking up from his own computer screen.”

- “….Mc, what are you listening to?”

- “Hm?” You refocused on the lyrics, recognizing one of your japanese songs playing. You cringed a bit, not realising the language change to hide from Seven, but, oh well. “It’s just a silly song.”

- “….A silly song about prostitutes?”

- You felt the color drain from your face. “You know what it was saying?”

- “You really think out of all the languages I’ve learned, japanese wouldn’t be on that list?” He smirked as you groaned and covered your face. “So, uh, were you in the mood? Were you wanting to try those things she was saying? Like makin-”

- “Don’tyoufuckingdare.”

- He busted out laughing, getting out of his computer chair to walk over and ruffle your hair. 

- “But I mean, seriously, are you in the mood because…”

- “…Okay, fine.”


- Okay, so Yoosung probably has the same amount of shit taste of music as you do. At least, that’s what you tell yourself as you finally bring over some of your games to play at his house.

- You told him you loved shooters, scary games, or just basically anything with a good story plot.

- But…You hadn’t told him about your love for a certain music game yet.

- Once you two were all settled in his room with gaming drinks and snacks, you let out a deep breath.

- “Yoosung….Please don’t judge me for this.”

- ???

- You turned on the game, a certain popular computer idol filling the screen in such a cute pose. You expected him to laugh at you, to wiggle around uncomfortably trying to figure out if you were a ‘real’ gamer or not.

- But he just let out a little chuckle.

- “Mc, why would I judge you for that? A lot of my friends play some of her games. They like her music, too! I guess that goes without saying…”

- You looked at him in shock. “What!?”

- “Yeah, I kinda wanted to play it too. Will you show me?”

- Oh my god, you loved this man.


- When you two closed the cafe down at night, you would start a playlist the two for you set up filled with your favorite chore songs and start cleaning. It helped speed things up, and helped the two of you have a few cute moments.

- She would hum along with some of Zen’s songs, or other songs from musicals. If you starting signing along, she would slowly join you, both of you giggling afterwards.

- It wasn’t often a song of yours popped up, mainly due to the fact you wanted to try and hear her sing as much as possible, but tonight one of your favorites popped on and you didn’t have the heart to skip it.

- So soon, as the slow music started playing, you steadily stopped sweeping, swaying side to side with the broom in your hand.

- Jaehee tried to hide her laugh as she watched, failing a bit. “Mc, what are you doing?”

- “I love this song soo much, it’s so relaxing.”

- She listened to the lyrics, some strange japanese tinted broken english, and was lucky she was able to understand it. Lingering affects of working with such a huge business, even though she hadn’t had to use english in a while.

- But you put your broom aside and held your arms out to her.

- “I know it’s silly, but dance with me, please? I’ve always wanted to dance with someone to this song.”

- Aaaaa, you were making her face so red.

- She walked over, letting you wrap your arms around her and sway to the music. Slowly she did the same, resting her head on yours and letting her shoulders drop a bit.

- Even though it was a strange song…. It was nice being able to do this with you, especially if it made you happy.


- Usually when he came home, he was used to you being somewhere in the living room, since it was connected to the front door. 

- I mean it’s not like he absolutely needed your help, but it was always sweet walking up and hearing you hop off the couch to hug him and subtly try to guide him where he needed to go

- Instead, he was greeted by some solemn sounding music coming from the bedroom. After a bit of of navigating, he made it in, the music nearly blasting.

- As the crescendo lowered, he spoke up a bit.

- “Mc?”

- “I’m laying on the bed.”

- He nodded, finding a spot where the bed didn’t dip too much and sat down, happy he managed to sit beside you but a safe distance.

- He listened to the music pick up again, a male voice sounding low and grief stricken. Due to being overseas and picking up some english, he recognized some words, but not all.

- “Mc, what is this?”

- “It’s like…A novel, but an album? Each song tells a continuous story, but it’s so… I don’t know. Sad, but good?”

- “Are you feeling okay?”

- “…A bit. I don’t know.”

-  He took off his glasses, placing them in his shirt pocket and carefully laying down. Once his hand found yours, he managed to pull you to him, encouraging you to snuggle up.

- “Do you want me to listen to this with you?”

- “…Yeah.”

- He didn’t understand the lyrics fully, or why you were wanting to listen to something sad, but he just kissed your forehead and let you zone out to the music.

- Later on, when he found out that album helped you become more creative, he was wanting you to explain and translate a bit of it for him on the off chance it would inspire him as well.


- You were a bit ashamed of your music tastes around him, especially since he wasn’t afraid to tell you if something you liked was ridiculous or not (to him, at least), but he managed to find out anyway.

- You were just picking up a bit since the two of you still lived with Seven and the house was horrible, and you were humming along with your music blasting from your headphones. Since it was loud, and you were more focused on cleaning in time with the music, you didn’t notice Saeran had been trying to talk to you.

- Until he yanked out your earbud.

- You yelped, even though it didn’t hurt too much, and turned to scold at him, but he spoke before you could.

- “How many times do I have to tell you to let him clean up his own mess? He won’t learn otherwise,” He paused for a moment, hearing the music coming from the earbud in his hand. “What kind of emo shit is this?”

- You frowned, yanking the earbud back away from him. “Don’t try to act like you don’t listen to this kind of music!”

- “I did when I was younger, and now I’m an adult, Mc. Something you’re apparently not.”

- Ooooho! That jerk. You cut off your mp3, bringing out your phone instead.

- “Don’t try to hide it!”

- “I’m not hiding anything, Mc.”

- Your fingers typed away on your phone, searching for a song you knew he couldn’t argue against.

- “…What are you doing?”

- You smiled as you found good audio of the song, pressing play and turning the volume up. He looked confused, until a certain G note rang out, and he instantly looked furious.

- “Don’t you play that shit, cut it off. “

- “Nope~!”

- “Mc, I swear to fucking god-”

- The vocals started, and you sang along with them, causing him to start stomping out of the room. But, you followed him anyway, making him yell at you more.

- “I will ruin your phone if you keep this up!”

- “Apologize, then I’ll cut it off!”

- The only thing stopping your argument was Seven coming home, and him even laughing at your music choices.

- You just couldn’t win with either of them.

NCT 127 + Ten reaction to you being very confident


Anon: Hi! I looooove your account, could you please do a nct127/nctu reaction to you being really confident? I always see insecure ones but I wanna bit of positivity

I agree with you - there’s not enough positivity on the internet these days, which is a shame… hope you like this.❣️❣️Also thank you for 2.7K!💓🌟🌟I’m literally so thankful and I didn’t think this blog would get this big so quickly like ????? I’ve only had this blog like 5 months why do y'all follow this shit lol


Originally posted by taeiloves

I don’t think he’d think much of it in general. He’d like you for being you, and whether that meant you were also confident, then great! If you were confident, it wouldn’t necessarily be something he noticed or attracted him in the first place - it was just an added bonus. Subconsciously, he’d become more confident and open himself, your confidence brushing off onto him. That’d also be something he liked about you - the fact that without either of you realising, you had helped him become a better person. 


Originally posted by taeyongd

Johnny would be attracted to more confident people in the first place; he’s probably not great with words and comforting someone who could be self conscious. Anyway, he’d be very proud of you and your confidence; he’d always watch you in awe and smile widely whenever you stood up for yourself or picked yourself back up. He had never met someone as strong as you before, and for that he was proud of you. 


Originally posted by tybeoji

When you first met, Taeyong would be a little awkward around you, not knowing what to say or do without embarrassing himself or making you think that he was an idiot. You’d notice this quickly and would react quickly and smoothly too, making sure he was relaxed and happy around you and that you didn’t come across too strong. He’d end up really loving this trait of yours; it’d really help him with his own confidence and would always go to for a quick pick-me-up or advice. Even the other members would notice this subtle change in him. 


Originally posted by taebreez

In a relationship, Yuta would find anything you did hot or attractive whether you whether really confident or not. But this would be an attribute he’d definitely like in you. He’d find it very striking and impressive and he’d love watching the faces of others watching you in awe sometimes, since they too were impressed by your confidence. Expect a lot of compliments from Yuta too. Even though he’d know that you were already very confident, he’d love showering you with compliments and affection, liking to think that some of your confidence did come from him too. 


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

You two would get on just fine. I don’t see him blatantly noticing this trait of yours, nor would he change himself like some of the other members. Doyoung is very confident himself and would match someone with the same amount of confidence perfectly; it’d mean that neither one of you overshadowed the other and you could easily get along and support each other. He would eventually notice this trait of yours, when he overheard you giving a pep talk to the younger members and supporting them - just as he does too. 


Originally posted by nakamotens

Ten would sometimes get a little shy and awkward around you. He’d be used to being the one overflowing with confidence and radiance so it’d startle him a bit when he met you. If you ever complemented him or gave him some advice, he’d get a little shy and awkward, the feeling of being supported in that way, being unfamiliar to him. Any of your words would easily make him blush and get all fluffy, a side that not many people would have the honour of seeing. 


Originally posted by visualjaehyun

He’d absolute love showing you off to other people. Like the other members, he’d initially be surprised meeting someone like you - it can be a rare encounter meeting someone with such a bright and big personality. He wouldn’t show you off in a way to intimidate or ruin other people’s confidence though, no. He’d do it knowing that you would help other people and could inspire other girls and guys to gain some confidence. He’d be in total admiration of you and would want to get as much confidence you eventually. 


Originally posted by yutaejpg

I see WinWin getting a little shy around you sometimes. He would probably felt a little insecure and self-conscious around you, knowing that you were a strong person who literally did not care about other people’s insults whereas he could get upset over it. He’d really rely on you for advice and help though; he’d need you to reassure him that you wouldn’t leave him for someone else more confident than him and would just help him with his confidence in general. 


Originally posted by nct-marklee

At first, Mark would be intimidated by your big personality. Not often, had he met someone who had so much charisma and confidence so he wouldn’t know how to approach you or speak with you. But, very quickly, you two would ease in conversation and Mark would naturally be able to get on with you. As long as you were able to maintain a relaxed and calm atmosphere and weren’t overly confident to the extent where he thought of you as arrogant, you two wouldn’t have any problems. 


Originally posted by haenyan

Your confidence would basically boost his own ego. He’d absolutely love your bright and happy side, and it’d definitely help him build up his own confidence knowing he had someone like you beside him. Although he wouldn’t speak of it, he’d admire how you always helped other people, including other members of NCT, with their own confidence and would support them as much as you could. He wouldn’t be jealous, but would be very proud of you and thankful for your existence.

With the World Watching

Malec, all human au fic for @jigthejiggetyjigger & @dilhowlter1991 <3

Alec isn’t really paying attention when Lydia throws the bouquet. He’d been cornered by one of John’s friends who’s freaking that the saying that ‘one wedding begets another’ is coming true all around them and now no man is safe. It was lucky that he looked up when he did, seeking an escape route because it meant he saw the bouquet sailing clean over the heads of the women who’d been rounded up to participate in the bizarre ritual. It’s more reflex than conscious thought that makes him pluck it out of the air moments before it would have smashed the other guy in the face. A reflex he sincerely regrets when he finds himself literally standing in a spotlight. There’s a moment of silence before what feels like all hell breaks loose.

“See! See! Look what I told you!” the man next to him says sounding like he’s about to explode.

Then there’s the wolf-whistles, the excited whispers of the gossipmongerers, the squeals of disappointment and surprise, laughter and applause - all of which increases in volume as an apologetic looking Lydia makes her way over to him.

“Glad to see you haven’t lost your touch, Lightwood,” Lydia’s eyes are dancing with amusement even though she is trying to look consoling.

“Yeah, unlike you who definitely miscalculated the trajectory,” Alec shot back snarkily, thrusting the bouquet towards her, “let’s try not to make it third time’s the charm, alright?”  

But instead of taking the wretched flowers Lydia steps back out of reach, smirking at him, “all’s fair in love and war, Lightwood. You caught it, you keep it.”

“Come off it, Lydia, you and I both know I only did it to save whats-his-name from death by an anvil disguised as a bunch of flowers. Now take it back and let someone who actually - actually wants…” Alec’s voice trails off, the words sticking in his throat as he realises the person who’s just joined them is holding the garter-carrying-football that John had thrown earlier.

Alec swallows roughly as he sees glittery dark purple nail polish and bold rings adorning the fingers of the strong, capable hands holding it. He knows those hands, has admired their elegance in motion when he talks. Tamping down the swirling rush of panic Alec lifts his eyes to meet deep, dark brown eyes he knows so well.  

“Magnus,” his name comes out sounding breathless even to his own ears and Alec can feel the blush staining his cheeks.

“You’re not going to turn me down with the whole world watching are you, Alexander?” Magnus asked, holding out his hand.

(read PART TWO now)

kerfundlesnachle  asked:

Y'all everyone loves Sidon (so do I he's good shite) but where is the love for Bazz?????? 1)helpful 2)captain of the guard 3)doesn't send u to fight a fuckin lynel 4) childhood friend!!! Why is there no 💗💗💗

*Cracks knuckles* Yes. Here we go boys.

-Definitely the friend who would cover for you if you did something stupid, even if he tried to stop you before

-Sparred with Link a bunch, probably the only one to ever get close to defeating him
~Totally beat him once in private, though he never said anything to anyone

-The guy who sees you being flirted with and knows you hate it so he comes in and saves you

-Was definitely the person Mipha asked for advice on Link
~Found it hilarious how oblivious he was, at least until Mipha died and he realized Link had no clue she loved him

-Was the one who comforted Sidon while he grieved

-Also the one who told him that Mipha was in love with Link

-After Link came back, he never once mentioned anything that might upset Link not to remember when they hang out

In conclusion, ten out of ten, would die for you. *Blue

I’ll Come Back For You | Cassian Andor

Title: I’ll Come Back For You
Author: Clara
Character: Cassian Andor
Warnings: angsty, implied character death
Prompt: @fandomiteen: “the reader and him haven t seen each other in a while and then they randomly meet on Jeddha right before the attack?”

|  masterlist  |  ask/request |

Originally posted by fandomsarecoolilikequiteafew

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baekwitsuga  asked:

Since your writing is so amazing, and i love the last scenario you wrote for me, please can you write me one with BTS's rap monster with an orgasm denial and overstimulation kink? Maybe i misbehaved and daddy's going to punish his little girl by making her hold off then giving her lots of orgasms at once? I'm a kinky little shit sorry

omg thank you this was really sweet, and don’t apologise for being a kinky little shit :< why do you think i have this blog, huh? This one was definitely fun though, 1,751 words!! Namjoon must really get me going. I’m really sorry this took so long but thank you for the request and I really hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it xx

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title: i see the light
summary: lying with you half awake / stumbling over what to say / oh, anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day (happy birthday @pineapple-fangirl <3 klance modern au? well au without space so idk also title from “one day like this” by elbow)

Lance scrunched his face up when he felt sunlight streaming in through the window, tickling the tip of his nose. With some effort, he managed to open his tired eyes and let his mind wake up with him.

His blurred vision came into focus, and he traced his boyfriend’s sleeping face with his gaze. A sleepy, gentle smile spread across his face and he pulled her hand out from beneath the blanket, letting his fingers graze Keith’s soft cheeks.

He trailed his fingers down Keith’s jawline, then up into his smooth locks of dark hair, tangling his fingers into it. He hummed, running his hands through Keith’s hair, Keith’s soft breaths ticking his lips.

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Monsta X reaction to some guys hitting on you while walking down the street

Shownu: Shownu is honest to god too much of a sweetheart to outright yell at the guys or violently confront them. He would just wrap a reassuring arm around your shoulder or maybe make you walk slightly in front of him so that he is covering you.

“Just keep walking baby”

Originally posted by allbout-starshiplanet

Wonho: Hoseok seems like harmless cutie but I feel like when it comes down to protecting his significant other he would be anything but passive.

“Those fuckers, I’m going to bash their faces in” 

“Babe, let’s just leave”

You would have to kind of drag him away from the group of rude guys.

Originally posted by wonhontology

Jooheon: Joohoney definitely has his more aggressive side. He would go up to the guy and get up in his face. Honestly, you would be kind of scared for the guy as you have never seen your boyfriend that angry.

“What the fuck did you just say to my girl?”

Originally posted by baptg

Kihyun: I feel like his reaction would depend heavily on how rude the guys are being. Like if it’s just some petty catcalling he would bring you closer and flip the group of guys off. But if it’s really excessive, to the point where you are highly uncomfortable, he would definitely try and fight them.

“Come on babygirl, let’s cross the street”

Originally posted by wonhobe

Minhyuk: Minhyuk only looks soft. I feel as though because of his sunshine personality a lot of people don’t see him as threatening but if a group of guys is shouting disgusting things at you as you walk down the street before you know Minhyuk is clutching the front of one of their shirts cursing him out.

“Bitch what the fuck did you just say to my woman?”

“Minhyuk calm down let’s just go”

“Go, after what he said to you? hell no”

Originally posted by gifsmonstax

Hyungwon: is lowkey threatening and intimidating as fuck. He wouldn’t even have to get in anyone’s face. Like one side eye from him and all of the guys would be looking elsewhere.

“That’s what I fucking thought” he’d say, shaking his head in disgust as the group of guys looked away in fear.

Originally posted by 24k

Changkyun: He doesn’t seem like the confrontational type and honestly you wouldn’t want him reacting to those guys anyway. He would simply interlock his fingers with your and guide you away from the situation.

“God those guys are assholes”

“it’s okay, I have the most amazing guy protecting me”

“They’re still assholes”

Originally posted by garisanee

-Admin Jen

I feel so bad! college is getting worse and worse each semester as far as work load and difficulty of classes which is why I have been on such a long hiatus/ Plus I am rushing this semester so I’m even busier between class, work, and Greek life events. Please forgive me (T_T). I will do my best to post more often!

Credit to gif owners! thank you for making great gifs!

Okay, seriously though. That episode left me with two very important questions:

1) Where the FUCK did the stripper pole come from?


do you guys think it’s better to tell someone you have a crush on them even though you know they don’t feel the same way?

I shouldn’t say I know. She’s a bit of tough nut (read: bitch, but in a good way. That definitely did not come out right. Oh well, she’ll never see this) so maybe I’m just making assumptions, but what if you have a really really really good feeling that confessing to them would do nothing but make things awkward?

Do you still tell them?

I’ve been on the receiving end of the whole confession bullshit, and I hate it. Puts you on the spot, and no matter what you say your relationship with the person is inherently changed, good or bad. It’s really hard to bounce back from telling someone you have feelings for them.

Argh, but I want to! My heart starts to race when I think about her, and when I start, I can’t stop thinking about her. I feel like we could be super awesome together, but there’s no way for me to know unless I just ask.

*blrghlBlrgh* I’m such a chickenshit, man.

Exo Reacting to their S/O being dominant.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Xiumin - Xiumin wouldn’t care that you liked to be dominant. He enjoyed being the dominant as much as you did, but he’d let you take the reigns sometimes. There was no denying how good looked when you had power.

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Luhan - Even though Luhan claims to be ‘manly’ and would try to be the dominant one, he’d almost always end up letting you be the dom, because this kid is a definite sub.

Originally posted by dawnlus

Kris - “Haha jagi. I don’t think so.” He’d tell you when you tried to take control. Kris liked to have all the power, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t enjoy seeing on top every once and awhile.

Originally posted by qrishan

Suho - Suho is a very traditional person, so he’d want to be the dominant one when it comes to anything in your relationship, but there was something so undeniably attractive when you took charge and he’d have no choice but to let you. Even it annoyed him.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Lay - He wouldn’t mind if you were dominant or not, as long as he got to take charge every once in awhile. If anything, he’d straight up tell you who the dominant was that night.

Originally posted by princeyiixing

Baekhyun - Baekhyun would turn it into a game. He’d mess with you by letting you take charge, and then out of nowhere taking over himself, waiting to see your reaction and if you’d take control again.

Originally posted by osehu

Chen - Chen wouldn’t mind being the sub, and he’d probably end up being dominated most of the time. He didn’t care who was in charge as long as he got to have sexy time with you.

Originally posted by luhansguardian

Chanyeol - Chanyeol wouldn’t really know how to respond whenever you decided to be the dom. He’d blush and he wouldn’t know where to look, let alone where to touch, without realizing that he literally gave you full control over him.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

D.O - D.O would be so awkward whenever it came to your sex life. He wouldn’t deny anything if you wanted to try it out, but he’d quickly tell you if he didn’t like it.

Originally posted by kyvngsoo

Tao - Tao would be a hundred percent on board with you being a dom. He’d love the way you looked, the little fire in your eyes as you took control. He would absolutely love it, and never once complain about it.

Originally posted by shinylightblue

Kai - Kai wouldn’t find it to be a big deal. Both of you were very adventurous when it came to your sex life, and as long as you both got to be the dom sometimes, he wouldn’t care. 

Originally posted by kaibility

Sehun - Sehun would love it. He’d enjoy watching as you took control, and had no complaints whatsoever. He’d just sit back with a smug little smirk gracing his lips and enjoy the show.

Originally posted by kaisoh

- Admin H