i definitely annoyed the lady next to me by taking pictures the whole flight

Far Away - Luke

“So touring the world must be a dream come true for you boys, am I right?”
“It is. We’ve mentioned multiple times how grateful we are for being able to do all of this and it really is all thanks to our fans” Ashton says, eyes telling that the words come from his heart. All the other boys nod to show that they agree.
“Is there anything that you don’t like?”
“Uh, no, not really. We meet new people every single day and get to see all these places we never though we would” Michael says.
“And all this while doing something we love” Calum adds, earning another group of nods.
“So Luke” The interviewer says and makes him look up from his hands.
“You haven’t said much. I’m guessing out of all of you boys being away from home is the hardest for you?”
Luke bites his bottom lip and slowly nods.
“Is there someone special waiting for you there?”
Luke thinks for a moment. Every voice inside of him wants to say ‘yes’. He’s tired of keeping it as a secret. He’s tired of pretending like his heart doesn’t want to go home more than it wants to see the world. But he doesn’t get the chance to do so.
“No, Luke is just a momma’s boy. Aren’t you?” Calum says and when Luke’s eyes meet his he sees from the look on Calum’s face that he shouldn’t tell the truth. Not now.
“Yeah. I miss my mom a lot” He says and the audience behind the interviewer coo.
“That’s cute. So you’re not off the market then?”
“No. I’m single” Luke says and fakes a smile, wondering why two simple words felt like someone stabbed him on the chest.


“Is this thing even on?" 

You laugh as you watch Luke tap the camera on his laptop.

"Yeah, babe. It’s on”

Luke smiles and adjusts the screen before he leans back on the couch he’s sitting on. The internet connection wherever he is right now seems to be the worst ever but it’s better than nothing. The picture freezes every other minute but at least you get to hear his voice properly. You look at the clock on your wall and see it’s almost 3am. But you won’t mention that to Luke or he’ll insist you go to bed. 

“So how was your day?” Luke asks and you hear his ringtone go on. He doesn’t even check who the caller is before he mutes it. 

“It was okay. Not half as interesting as yours though I believe” You say and see Luke’s face drop. 

He hates when you say that and you know it. It makes him feel like you think that nothing that you do matters when to him it does. 

“Well I’m sure that’s not true. All I did was go from one interview to another” Luke casually says as if it was nothing special. 

“Oh yeah, I saw one on youtube from today. Momma’s boy, huh?” You chuckle.

Luke smiles but it fades away quickly. 

“I’m sorry”

You frown and try to think what would possibly make him apologize. 

“You’re sorry for what?”

Luke sighs and pulls the grey beanie on his head forward. 

“For saying that I was single" 

You listen to his words and then giggle, waiting for him to join you. But he doesn’t and you can see that he is dead serious. 

"Luke, why are you apologizing for that? We’ve talked about this earlier and I don’t mind that you haven’t made us public yet” You say with a smile on your face even though that was a lie. 

You do mind. It’s hard enough that your boyfriend has been away for 6 months but on top of that even though you’re currently on a holiday you haven’t been able to visit him because apparently some people from their crew think that it wouldn’t be good for the band if it turned out that Luke was taken. And you understand. Lie. You don’t understand. Michael has a girlfriend too and they don’t mind her visiting them and them being photographed on dates and holding hands and doing all that you wish you and Luke were doing at this very moment. 

“I know, it’s just…” Luke starts but even from the poor picture you see how he buries his face into his palms before he looks up again, eyes now red and watery. “It’s just hard" 

You can’t say anything as you watch him break down in front of your eyes, knowing that there’s nothing you can do about it. You squeeze your lips together and try to keep your own tears from escaping your eyes. 

"Luke, please don’t. You’re going to make me cry too” You silently say and quickly wipe the tear that escaped from the corner of your eye away. 

“I know it’s hard. Trust me, I do. Do you think it’s any easier for me?”

As much as you love to see and hear Luke, skyping usually does more harm than any good. Especially to him. Every time you can see he’s lost a little more happiness from his eyes. That’s why you always try your best to save your own tears until you press end the call. 

“I’m just so scared” Luke says, his voice cracking at the end. 

You know more than well what he means by that. You and Luke have successfully hidden your relationship from the public eye for 8 months. But out of all the 8 you’ve probably seen him for 4. And since for the first 2 Luke was God knows where when most people usually have that clingiest period of all you couldn’t take it and called it quits before you’d get too attached. That was until you realized you already were. And after realizing that you much rather wake up alone knowing that you can call Luke yours than wake up alone and know you can’t. 

“You don’t have to be. Just live your dream and keep a smile on your face because I’m not leaving you anymore” You say and end it with a smile. 

Finally Luke looks up from his hands that he’s been staring at the past minute to hide his tear stained cheeks. 

“I love-” Is all you heard until the picture of him disappears.

“Luke?” You say and try to click the screen in order to bring him back. 

Nothing happens. You sigh and slam the laptop shut before throwing it to the other side of the bed. Luke's side of the bed. As you look at the sheets that’ve lost his scent completely because of the washing machine you feel the daily tears burning in your eyes once again. 


The distance began to be too much. Not just for you, but for Luke as well. So with a little help from your and Luke’s parents, and Calum who came up with the idea, you got enough money to fly to LA. Needless to say the flight was exhausting. But it’s all worth it. 

Luke has no idea that you’re coming. And you know that whoever this person who told you and Luke not to make your relationship public is won’t be happy to see you. But as if you care. 

You pay for your taxi and after getting your luggage, and the change, you walk into the hotel. Outside of it was a group of fans, letting you know that this is definitely the right one. You walk to the reception and it seems like they were expecting you. 


You raise your eyes from your bag to the lady behind the desk. 

“Yeah, that’s me” You say and wonder how she knew your name. 

“Can I see your ID?” The lady asks while typing something on her computer. You give her what she asked for and she only take a quick look at it as if she already knew you’re actually you. 

“Here’s your hotel room key. The breakfast is from 7am to 10am. I believe you’ll share a room with Mr. Luke Hemmings. The room already has a king-sized bed but we’ll happily deliver an extra bed if that’s necessary” She says so mechanically that it feels like she’s reading all that from a note. 

“It’s not. Will I pay now or when I check out?” You ask as you slide the ID back to your wallet. 

“Your bill has already been paid by Mr. Hood. Enjoy your stay” The lady says and smiles before shouting 'next’. 

You gather your stuff and as you’re walking towards the elevator you’re not sure whether to slap or thank Calum for paying for your stay. 

You check the hotel room number from the card. 318. From the first number you suppose it’s on the 3rd floor. When the elevator starts to move you feel your heart race. After long 2 and a half months you’ll finally get to spend two whole weeks with him. The ride to the 3rd floor seems to take forever but finally the doors open. And for your surprise you’re greeted by Michael and his girlfriend Molly. 

“y/n?” They both say, exactly at the same time actually. 

“Hiya” You smile and take a little too long to get out of the elevator since the doors start to close. Michael stops them by pushing them back and Molly quickly pulls your luggage out. After all this you greet them both with hugs. 

“I didn’t know you were coming! You should’ve told me” Molly says and playfully slaps you on your arm. You two get along very well and calling her one of your closest friends nowadays is only logic. 

“I didn’t either. Did they finally give you a green light to come public?” Michael asks. 

“No. I don’t care though” You simply say. As much as you like both of them right now you just want to go see your boyfriend.

“Nor me. Luke’s been so down that I-”
“Mikey, y/n probably wants to go see him now”
Molly interrupts, making you laugh.

“Oh, right. We’re going out for a dinner. Care to join?” Michael asks. You hear how someone walks towards you and your heart jumps to your throat before you see it’s a woman. 

“Sounds great but i think we’ll just spend some time alone” You say, nothing sexual behind it. But of course that’s not what Michael thinks. 

“I see. Well don’t suck all the juices out of him. We still have an interview tonight” Michael smirks, earning a slap from his girlfriend and an annoyed, but still amused, eye roll from you. 

“i won’t” You laugh and wave goodbye to them before you walk towards the room 318. 

Just like the elevator ride, finding the right room feels like forever. But finally you stop behind the closed door. You’re not sure what to do. Should you knock or just go in? You choose the last option. 

You’re so nervous/excited as you open the door that you’re almost positive you’ll faint. When you walk in you hear the voice of Spongebob from the tv. Definitely the right room. 

There’s a wall blocking Luke’s view to the door so he has no idea you’re there. Not just because of the wall but because the volume of the tv is turned on so loud he didn’t even hear the  door open. 

You leave your bags to the entrance and walk towards Luke. You take a few seconds just to look at him intesively staring at the tv screen, the biggest smile immediately spreading across your face. 

“Did anyone order room service?" 

The sudden voice of someone else in his room nearly makes Luke fall off the bed. He looks at you and you’ve never seen anyone’s eyes as wide as his are now. "Holy shit…” He mumbles and jumps up from the bed so quickly that he almost trips on his own feet. 

He wraps his arms around you and buries his face in the crook of your neck. You didn’t think you’d react as strongly as you do when Luke mumbles 'I love you’ over and over again against your skin and you actually let out a tear mixed laugh. 

“Please tell me this isn’t just another dream” Luke says when he breaks away from the hug. 

“It’s not” You smile and stare directly into his eyes as if they’re the sweetest drug. 

“But… How?” Luke stutters, still unable to find the words to say. 

“I couldn’t stand being away from you anymore. You’ve been far away for far too long and Calum told me this would be good for both of us” You say and intertwine your fingers with his. 

“This was Calum’s idea?” Luke asks surprisedly and you nod. “Well I own him a big thank you" 

You smile and Luke rests his forehead against yours. The way your eyes are locked with his makes your heart flutter.  

"I hope you won’t get in throuble for this. If you do tell them that I’ll promise to stay away from the cameras” You say, 

You wish you and Luke could walk around just like Michael and Molly and not have to hide your relationship. But if hiding is what it takes for you to be together then you’re willing to do that, 

“No. You don’t have to do that. Michael told me he’s going out for dinner with Molly and guess what? If he has the right to show off his girlfriend then I do too”

When you hear those words your heart fills with happiness. You get on your tiptoes and kiss him. The moment your lips meet his your knees feel weak. 

“If they do get pictures of us it’ll cause chaos” Luke says. 

You know he’s right and just like Molly, you’ll get a lot of hate at first. But you’d withstand all of hell just to hold his hand so it doesn’t matter. 

“But I’ll promise to protect you from it all” Luke whispers in your ear, making you even more eager to show your love to the world. 

“So how was it?” Molly asks when you sit next to her on the bed in her and Michael’s room. 

“Very well actually. A few people got pictures of us and I tried to let go of Luke’s hand but he wouldn’t let me” You say and eat some popcorn from the bowl Molly’s holding. 

“Aww” She says and smiles before the intro of the show they’re being interviewed on starts. You didn’t know it was going to be live, but when Luke told you it would he made you promise to watch it. When the show starts you both pay your whole attention to it. 

At first they make them play some ridiculous underwear games. You can see the regret of putting that word into the song from Ashton’s face. This, fan questions and couple songs later the part you knew would but then again thought wouldn’t, comes. 

“So Luke” The other interviewer says and makes him look at her. “Please don’t take this the wrong way but you seem to be extremely happy today. Any particular reason for that?" 

"I do? Well I just had a great day so I guess that’s why” Luke says and casually shrugs. 

“Really? Could this be the reason for your mood by any chance?” The other interviewer, a man, says. And when he does a picture of you and Luke appears on the screen behind them. 

Your heart begins to race. Your face is on national tv! A quick mention would’ve been just fine but a picture is a little too much. 

Luke opens his mouth to speak but can’t say anything over the noise the audience is making with all the claps and cheers. Luke’s whole face turns red and he starts to laugh. And just as Molly elbows you on your side Michael does the same to Luke. Ashton and Calum join the audience and it goes on for so long that the woman has to ask them to calm down. 

“So?” The man says and Luke laughs one more time before he answers. 

“Um, yeah. That’s my girlfriend y/n. She flew over here today to surprise me” Luke says and keeps a smile on his face. 

“Your girlfriend? I’m sure this will cause some drama, huh?”
“I mean, yeah. I guess. That’s actually the reason we didn’t want anyone to know about us earlier” Luke says, even though the decision wasn’t exactly yours.

“Earlier? Are you saying that this has been going on for long?”

“Yeah” Luke says proudly. “We’ve been together for 8 months and I don’t want to hide her anymore. I don’t want people to ask me why I’m miserable and then I’m forced to lie because they think I’m single. But I am not and now you know" 

The conversation has now completely turned to your and Luke’s relationship and you’re watching him talk about it with the happiest look on his face. It matches the one on yours actually. 

"Well there you have it world. Luke Hemmings is a happily taken man” The woman says and get’s a round of applause from the audience. 

They obviously want to move on to the next subject but Luke wants to add one more thing. 

“I’m in love with her. She’s my sunshine and I don’t care what anyone has to say” He starts, everyone in the room getting quiet to hear what else he wants to let out.

“Like she told to me earlier. I’ve been far away for far too long"