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Okay okay we talk a lot about Roland/Isono being a father figure for Seto and/or Mokuba but

What about the other way around?

Because honestly I can’t imagine someone being that devoted unless they really really want to protect those kids at any cost. A 16-year-old and an 11-year-old who have too much danger surrounding them and too many people wanting to harm them because they got so much power.

He puts up with Extra McGee Seto’s weird behavior like throwing expensive ass gadgets at him instead of handing them over like a normal person without complaint, with regularly being put through about 30 near heart attacks at once, but also stays around for them even when Seto is no longer his boss, he takes his role as right hand man in the company seriously and keeps all the secrets, but also supports their passions (like ridiculously big Duel Monsters tournaments) in any way they ask. And of course he nearly collapses when Mokuba is in actual danger.

I’m sure he is some sort of father figure to them, but they most definitely are like his own children or nephews or god-children to him. He most likely is one of the very few people who knows their full history too and just wants to protect them.

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the good wife cs au? pretty please?

I was literally just watching this - so this is freaky but welcome because I had thinky thoughts watching the latest episodes so here we go. [P.S. I dedicate this to Col for her birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBY]



I never meant to fall for you but I

Was buried underneath and

All that I could see was white


“This isn’t right,” she gasps in a feeble attempt to get a grasp of the situation, even as his lips make a scorching path along the line of her jaw. Despite her protestations, she is still wrenching at the buttons of his dress shirt, tearing at them viciously when the fabric does not yield to her ministrations.

He pulls away just enough for his nose to graze hers, lips hovering open where he breathes against her mouth, “Does it feel wrong?” 

Her answer is instantaneous, punctuated by the sound of his jacket and shirt falling to the ground as she shoves both items unceremoniously from his shoulders, “No.” 

Capturing her lips again, he spins them around in a smooth maneuver towards the bed, never relinquishing his iron-tight grip on her waist. Each of his words voiced in the short intervals between kisses when he concludes, “Then it’s right.” And she can’t muster enough moral cohesion in her mind to disagree - because the only emotion currently potent enough to register, thrumming in her veins and pooling beneath her skin, is relief.

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Hello again (after eons yes, but hello all the same). So I understand that many people are disappointed in Series 3, and I was wondering if you could tell me some of the reasons why? I've been floating around in a cloud of happy and feels and I apparently haven't been paying much attention to different reactions. I would love to be enlightened if you wouldn't mind :)

Hoo boy.  You do ask the big ones, don’t you?  You sure you don’t want to ask about something easy, like if there is a God and why evil exists or anything?  No?  Okay.

Yeah, there’s a lot of people who are disappointed in S3.  But not everyone.  Actually, I suspect there are  more people who like S3 than didn’t, but as always, the unhappy are generally the loudest.  (Or, in the case of a fandom, the most popular.)  Seems to me the metas with the most hit counts are the critical ones.  

Now, if you read the metas, you can get a good sense of what people didn’t like: they didn’t like the character of Mary or the way she interacted with Sherlock/John, they didn’t like the way John’s character developed into an angry little man, they didn’t like Moriarty’s inclusion at the end.  They didn’t like the storytelling, they didn’t like the structure, they didn’t like the direction.  

All perfectly good reasons, well argued and documented and the rest.  (There’s a Sherlock Meta tag/community on both Tumblr and AO3, you can troll through them at your leisure; I’ve reblogged some of the more thinky ones here.)  

But I also think there’s something else at play in why people didn’t like it.  And I’ll warn you now - it’s probably not something to which any of us would readily admit.

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Ok, so your comment about that Blaine and communication post I wrote got me thinking about your fic in general, and now I'm wondering—when you think back to your earliest Glee fic, is there an aspect of how you characterized someone that's radically different from that character in canon now, as you understand them? Or a characterization that's "held up," if you will, through the seasons, if that makes sense?

Oh man, this is such a good and thinky question (appropriate, given your screenname), and all my good and thinky thoughts are dedicated to the paper I’m doing edits on today. But this is pretty much me-bait, so I’ll give it a stab and reserve the right to come back to it.

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