i dedicate this to you the roxy lalonde

Waiting for the End
Linkin Park

Artist Credits

After a rough start, lots of work, and various delays, we have here for your viewing pleasure a lyricstuck to remind you that we are all currently “waiting for the end”.  Thanks to the 50+ artists for your dedication and creativity, and to paperseverywhere for being the best co-mod I could ask for.  Let’s work to make the next one even better! 

~ toastyhat

Dat Dart Art

Hi Tumblr, this is a post dedicated to Dartty.

This person goes by Dart/Dartty/Dartanian.

There she is!

She has wonderful art, be it of Steven Universe, Adventure Time, South Park, lots of Homestuck and more. She’s really sweet and super nice. I can best describe her colorful art as cute




It’s also quite a bit is Shippy:

Dartty also teaches us life lessons:

And here’s Craig:

If you follow Dartty, there will be snakes on your dashboard… lot’s and lot’s of snakes.

You will believe that Snakes can be cute.

More Dart Art:

Thanks for being Wonderful Dart.