i dedicate this to sophie

Guardian Angel (Laurel/Cisco; G)

Summary: Set during 1x19 of The Flash. Laurel pauses in her vigilante training with Nyssa to meet her newest friend, Cisco Ramon, with whom she ends up taking a photo with.

A/N: Full disclosure: I have never written Blackvibe before, and honestly it’s not hugely shippy, but hopefully you can read into it if you want to (ditto Black Assassin if that’s more your thing). But ever since watching that episode of The Flash, I have always wanted to write about exactly when Laurel and Cisco took that photo she hands him at the end of the episode. I hope you like it :)

This fic is dedicated to Sophie/@anonymous033, my smol friend who is celebrating Chinese New Year today :) (also, darling, I have something smutty in the works as a belated birthday gift, which I haven’t forgotten about, but hopefully you’ll like this too because I know you like this ship :D)

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The mugger the Black Canary is chasing in Pennytown finally concedes to Laurel’s well-placed punch, which hits him squarely on the jaw. While holstering her baton, Laurel lands another kick into his side for good measure before picking up the purse he stole that has fallen to the ground. It’s as she examines the contents, checking the valuables are still there, that Nyssa ziplines down from above, landing with catlike elegance beside Laurel.

“Well done,” Nyssa says, and Laurel grins, recognising the grudging approval in her trainer’s tone.

“Thank you. I’ll call this in, then, and after that –”

“We shall continue with your training,” Nyssa says, but Laurel shakes her head.

“Not yet. I’ve got to meet someone first.”

Nyssa raises her eyebrows. “And are you going to meet this someone in your current attire?”

“Yep,” Laurel replies, not even skipping a beat. Then, at Nyssa’s frown, she adds in explanation, “He already knows who I am.”

“And how does he know that?”

“Usually I’m the one asking too many questions,” Laurel quips, and Nyssa unexpectedly smiles. Encouraged, Laurel reaches out, tugging at Nyssa’s sleeve. “Come on. I’ll explain on the way.”

Minutes later, they’re in a quiet alleyway, waiting. The second there’s the slightest sound of movement from behind them, Nyssa whips out an arrow from her quiver and aims her bow at the newcomer.

Cisco Ramon immediately holds his hands up, looking so mortified that for a moment Laurel is tempted to laugh. She holds it in, though, instead gently pulling at Nyssa’s arm. Surprisingly Nyssa lets her, and it’s with less reluctance than Laurel expects that Nyssa returns her arrow to her quiver.

“Hey, Cisco,” Laurel says warmly. Cisco stays at a distance, however, and this time Laurel does laugh. “Hey, it’s okay. This is my friend, Nyssa. Nyssa, meet Cisco Ramon.”

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