i declare this drawing to be awesome


It’s official: I’m obsessed with this ship =m=)

1. I was undecided if making Lefou declaring this monologue or Gaston ( about himself). The former won.🖒
2-4. Me and @gidankuroki decided that ( for now ) the best names for this 2 ladies are Jacotte e Lafolle💪🤡. Suggestions are welcomed 😉✌
5. Some modern au cuteness. You can’t tell me that Luke Evans sings Adele , and then expect me to not draw Gaston singing “when we were young"😭😭

Sorry for the shitty quality of the pics T.T)

Edit: ok, thanks to 2 awesome people I changed Lefou’s name to Lafolle. Sadly I can do nothing for the draw right now :(


So. “Casablanca Memories”. A Rei Hino Joint! Sure to win my heart. I mean, most of your work is done for you the second you say “A Rei Hino Joint”.

Only apparently not so much.

The rest under a cut, for those who would rather skip. It irritated me (SHE SAID MILDLY), and I’m not feeling especially charitable this evening. If you’d rather not hear any criticism of the manga, please skip past this post.

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  • Therapist: You need a mantra, something that will instantly pull you out of negative thoughts. You will have to practice it, of course, but it is important to smash them before they can settle in. It has to be short, maybe just three little words starting with “I am ... “. So, what would you like to use as your mantra?
  • Me: Maybe... I am valuable?
  • Therapist: That’s good! Wonderful. How does it feel to say it?
  • Me: Strange. Like I want to cry.
  • Therapist: Why is that?
  • Me: Because those words sound so unfamiliar coming from myself.
  • Therapist: That’s exactly why you have to use them. You need to tell yourself that you are valuable until the voices from the past disappear. Because you are valuable. You just need to convince your mind. And you will do it.

middle fingers are always a solution.

Last day, I was drawing and I suddently realized how lucky I was to have awesome friends. I suddently cried of happiness. I also realized that after 6 years of intense friendship, I never said to my best friend how much I loved her. So I randomly wrote her a message about how important she was for me, but since I’m terrible at expressing myself, my message sounded like a crappy love declaration and I felt so awkward about it <xD

please go follow my best friend. She’s @chinohoshi. She’s perfect and I love her very much.
Go follow my awesome friend @bad-neko-chan too please. She’s also a very close friend of mine. She’s my waifu and I love her too.


Please don’t forget to say to your friends that you love them, it’s important. We often forget since we’re always with them. Friends are precious.

Also don’t forget that whoever you are, there are people who care about you.

Please always keep that in mind.

(sorry for choosing these two, but I thought they were appropriate for this post. Don’t expect me to be original anyway. I will mostly post weeabootale here so yeah.)

hhhh I’m sorry for not posting a lot beside my answers… I won’t lie, I’m actually quite stressed of posting stuff… I’m very shy and scared to be cringy/annoying so I don’t dare to post…. ;w; I’m also sorry for not answering/doing the things where I’m tagged. I do see them and it really makes me happy. I just don’t dare to do them I’m sorry ;v;

ok I’ll try to be more open now here.

I said “try”.

I’m funny.

scruffysterek  asked:

For the Halloween Meme thing - Sterek and 1 or 17. I could use some sterek Halloween cuteness. P.S. I love your writing! I've read 'you can't dodge stiles stilinski,' 'Game on,' etc.. multiple times.. Thanks for sharing your fics!

“Okay,” Stiles sails into the kitchen with two mini pumpkins, pauses when his eyes fall to the table. Derek is meticulously explaining how to safely use the special plastic kid’s knives Stiles bagged back in July (you can never get Halloween stuff too early, or too cheap) to their wide eyed children. 

He’d sat awake last night, worrying about Will accidentally stabbing his own hand, or Gwen managing to stick the knife in her eye somehow. Stiles had grabbed the kit from under the bed, unwrapped the packaging and tested the knife out on his palm until Derek got the point; they really were harmless. 

“You can’t be too careful,” Derek had huffed. 

“You are such a worry wolf, oh my god. Those kids are like the most safety conscious ever. Remember when my dad gave them that lecture on not running in the hall in case the rug came loose? Gwen practically tip toes down it, now.” Stiles had tossed the kit aside, draped himself over Derek and run his fingers through his hair. Derek’s face had still been dubious and Stiles had kissed him, quick and reassuring. “You’ll be right there. I’ll be right there. If either of them so much as cry en garde you can throw the damn knives out the window.”

“They’re only five and six, Stiles.”

Stiles had pulled a face, “You wanna wait another year?”

“No,” Derek had sighed, slipped his fingers under Stiles’ shirt and stroked them almost unconsciously up and down his sides. “They’ve been looking forward to it.”

“In fairness,” Stiles had smirked, “Either we teach them, or Allison does.”

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anonymous asked:

Emma breaks her arm falling out of a tree to save a cat because that's the most important police work she's had going on all week and lets Baby Brother Neal draw on the cast. Regina borrows a red marker and draws a heart.

Thanks for the prompt :)

“Here you go bud,” Emma says handing Neal a bunch of marker pens. Her brother grins before prodding gently at her cast, “Hurt?” 

Emma shrugs, “At the time but it’s alright now, I’ve just go to let it heal up.” 

“Yes, lots of rest and no climbing in trees,” Regina says looking at Emma with a worried frown. 

Emma smiles up at her before reaching out with her good hand to squeeze Regina’s softly, “Hey, I’m fine.” 

“I know,” Regina replies with a sigh, “You still scared me.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not climbing any trees anytime soon,” Emma promises before looking down to see Neal scribbling random patterns over the cast, “And I’m going to have an awesome cast, right Neal?” 

He nods furiously before looking at Regina, “Draw, Aunty ‘Gina.” 

“Yeah go on Aunty Gina,” Emma encourages. 

Regina smiles at her before grabbing a red marker and drawing a heart and writing their initials in the middle. “All done,” she declares. Emma looks down and sees the heart before grinning at her girlfriend. She leans over to kiss her softly as she says, “I love you too.” 

Stranger In A Really Strange Land (Ch. 1)

Summary: “ It all started when Cloud decided to pick up One Last, Quick Delivery on the outskirts of Edge, and then snowballed in surreality from there.”

(AU/multiple worlds)

So, one of @modeoheim ‘s fics, from which I drew surprisingly heavy inspiration for this, is why this exists. Therefore I declare this to be in a newly-named genre: Tobific. ;) 

I should note that after discussing it with her, it isn’t actually in the continuity of any of her fics (because I agree that said fic is fab and needs no add-ons), but it does draw inspiration from one of them. Which one? I’m tempted to say “read all of them and see if you can figure it out!” because honestly you should read all of them anyway, because Tobi is awesome, but in actuality, you’d never be able to guess so that’s terribly mean; it was actually inspired by Put a Little Love into my Lonely Soulnot that you can in any way actually tell from this, of course, especially at this point, but hey, credit is due where credit is due.

Also, you don’t need to actually read “Put a Little Love” before reading this, don’t worry. But you know, fic rec if you haven’t! ;)

Also, if you’re not fond of reading fic on tumblr, I’ll be posting it to AO3 a bit later; there’s a link to my AO3 on my blog and I’ll mention it in a reblog when it goes up.

It all started when Cloud decided to pick up One Last, Quick Delivery on the outskirts of Edge, and then snowballed in surreality from there.

It hadn’t even been a long delivery, or a difficult one; it was from a print shop on one edge of, well, Edge, to an Item shop in a newer but somewhat rougher part of town – not one he normally spent much time in, but hey, it was close by, so he figured it was quick, easy money. Bonus: he could pretty much do it on the way home. Hell, he’d be back in time for a late lunch.

And it would have been all of that – quick, easy, undistracting – if it hadn’t been for what turned out to be at the end of that trip.

He would never regret making it, though.

It started out pretty smoothly. He got there in time to pick up the package and drop it off as scheduled, and traffic was no worse than usual for that time of day. He was basically on autopilot most of the way there, and by the time he’d arrived at the destination for the good-sized box on the back end of his bike, his mind was already looking ahead, to that late lunch with Tifa and the kids.

The bell jangled on the door as he walked into the nondescript little hole in the wall of a shop – though, as he knew, that meant nothing in regards to the quality of the merchandise. He had found some amazing things in the most cobbled-together of places.

An employee called out from the back, “be right with you!”, and he hummed a noncommittal response, more interested in the prominent materia rack.

He was a touch surprised that they still had such a big display; it had gotten a lot less popular these days, thanks to the association with Shinra and mako processing. As Shinra had gotten as far out of the materia-making business as they had from all other Lifestream-meddling things, and as there were plenty of naturally-formed materia in the wild, there really wasn’t any reason for it, he felt. But then, he had always liked using the things, so he was probably not the most unbiased person to ask on that.

He scanned the rack for anything interesting. But he had a pretty sizable collection – most of them Mastered – so there wasn’t really anything worth getting. He was just sparing a faint smirk at the thought of bringing Yuffie here – the look on her face with that much materia in the room, heh – when the employee walked out from the back room, and the whole Planet seemed to come to a standstill.

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