i decided to watch this just cause i wanted to see him like this xd

My last headcanon has inspired me to want to make a random series of all the ridiculous situations Joker and Harley manage to cause on holidays lol

“Why Gotham can’t have nice things: 4th of July edition”

Batman: *sees fireworks coming from Joker and Harley’s place and decides to check it out*

*finds both of them laid back in lawn chairs with sunglasses watching their fireworks*

Batman: “What are you doing?

Harley: “Hiya Bats! Ya wanna come watch with us?

Batman: “No. Now tell me what you two have done.”

Harley: “C’mon, you’re no fun! Just like the guy that wouldn’t let us get our fireworks!’

Batman: “What guy?”

Joker: “Ah, yes. The shop owner! For some reason he decided we couldn’t partake in the holiday celebrations. I think we taught him how to have fun though. Didn’t we, Harl?”

Harley: “Sure did, Puddin’! Just look at how beautiful he looks up there!”

Batman: “Please…. Don’t tell me you put the shop owner in the fireworks…”

Joker: “Why of course we did! Took a little while to grind up the bones, but as you can see, it was worth it.”

Batman: *screaming internally*