i decided to use that quote because that's when my heart started crying

Heartbreak Girl song Perference #3

A/N: (y/e/c)- your eyes colour, (y/n)- your name

His P.O.V


You call me up, its like a broken record, saying that your heart hurts, that you’ll never get over him getting over you, and you end you crying and I end up lying, cause I’m just a sucker for anything that you do.

“Cal I don’t know what to do, I saw him with Sophie, how can he move on when we broke-up a week ago?” she ranted as I sighed “ I just really though he love me Cal, I don’t even know what to do, I don’t think that I can ever love a guy as much as I love him, you know Cal?” she sobbed into the phone “shhh (y/n) please don’t cry, his not worth your tears” I sooth into the phone “ I know his not Cal but I can’t help it” she sobbed, why couldn’t I just say that she doesn’t need him? That I was here to hold her and tell her that I would love her more then any other person could, but I lie because I am a sucker for anything she does. “I think I am going to eat double my body weight in ice-cream tonight, while watching The Notebook or Pay It Forward, or any other sad movie” she sighed “want me to join you? that way you wont be alone” I asked “okay, I’ll have the movies and ice-cream” she laughes “I’ll be over in 10” I say as I end the call. Tonight is the night I am going to tell her that I am madly in love with her. I just have to figure out how I am going to do it. Screw it, I’ll just wing it.

I walk into (y/n)’s house not even bothering to knock, not like I ever do. Were that type of bestfriends that you just walk into each others house likes it our own, I mean I am here most of the time and the other times shes at my place so its like we live at each others house. “(y/n)!” I call out “I’m up here” she shouts back. I walk up the stairs and into her room, there were about 10 blankets all over her bed, and she was leaning up against her head bored on her bed. I chuckle as she takes another mouthfull of ice-cream “thats your 3rd tub, I see” looking at the other two empty tubs that are on the floor, and I giggle “shut up, you know you would to” she laughes and she pats the spot on the bed next to her and hands me a tub of ice-cream with a spoon. I slid under the covers next to her “so what movie are we watching?” I ask and she smirks, oh no this couldn’t be good, its going to be a really sad movie or one that we have seen a million times.

 “Pay It Forward because I need a sad and beautiful movie right now” I sigh “you know that one makes everyone cry right?” I ask “Duh, thats why were watching it” she replies “we might as well read The Fault In Out Starts because its just as sad as this movie” I say “Yeah I though about that but that means we have to read and that is too much effort and you know that I am lazy so were watching one of the saddest movies around” I pull her into me as the opening credits start, I wrap my arm around her body as she cuddles into my tall frame. I stare down at her “Why are you staring at me?” She asks, and I decide that it would be a good idea to quote The Fault In Our Stars right now “Because your beautiful” I state while she laughs “thats cute Cal, nice one on quoting The Fault In Our Stars” her piercing (y/e/c)’s staring into my brown ones. I lean in to kiss her, seeing if there is anything in her eyes, telling me to stop but all I can see is lust. I brush my lips against hers “you know I meant it when I said your beautiful” I state as I crash my lips against hers, to my surprise she kisses me back, the kiss was sweet yet passionate, I pull away staring down at her, that wasn’t my plan on telling her how I feel but it doesn’t matter. “I love you (y/n), please just go on one date with me?” I ask, she smiles “I’d love to Cal” I kiss her nose “good” I say as I pull her closer to me and watch this really sad movie that is going to make me cry in fount of (y/n) oh great.


I bite my tongue and I want to scream out, you can be with me now, but end up telling you want you want to hear, but your not ready and it’s so frustrating, he treats you so bad and I am so good to you it’s not fair.

“I think I love him Luke” my heart shatters, why couldn’t she mean that about me, I have been with her thorugh everything, and she says that she thinks that she loves him, what about what he does to her? How he beats her nearly every day, and she says that she loves him? She says that he doesn’t mean it he is just drunk, that he loves her, you know what being drunk is no fucking excuse and she knows that, so why does she always run back to him? He treats her so bad, and I am so good to her its just not fair! I love her why can’t she see that? She is so oblivous to my feeling for her! “(y/n) what about everything that he does to you? Don’t tell me that you love it when you get beaten everynight” her face goes white “he doesn’t beat me everynight” she whipers “(y/n) you and I both know that, that is a lie, you don’t think I don’t notice that you put more make-up on to cover them up? That you never show your arms or legs? I not stupid! I know what he does to you!” I shout, her face looked so fragile “But h-” “ ‘loves you’ I know you’ve told me” I finish her sentance putting quotation marks around loves you. “ He doesn’t love you (y/n), someone who bashers their partner doesn’t love them, his just using you” I say as I walk out the door to my car and drive off.

I go into the closest night club, I just want to forget about (y/n) for a little while. I go to the bar and get a vodka, thats when I see him. (y/b/f/n). He had another girl pinned to the wall, kissing her roughly, before I knew what I was doing I was standing behind him, “so this is what you do everynigh, while my bestfriend and your girlfriend is back at home, dreading when you come home drunk and beat her” I state, her turns around “Oh Luke, well done you have figured what I do, would you like a medal?” he chuckles, the girl is looking uncomfortable under his arm “why are you still with (y/n)? Huh? All you do it treat her like shit? Why are you still with her then?” I asked, I was angry, he was cheating on my bestfriend, and I happened to love her, “why not be with her? She’s hot, I can’t have any other guy going after her, and I already have her wraped around my finger so she wont leave me, I got her to think that I love her so she fell in love with me.” As if right on queue (y/n) walked straight up to him “you wish you had me wraped around your finger, oh and you left your phone at my place and there was a text saying when you would be here so I came here to give it to you, and by the way its over between us, you fucking asshole” she spat as she stormed off.

 I chaced after her “(y/n)!” she turned around “oh hey Luke, whats up?” I could see the tears threatining to spill from her eyes. “are you okay?” I asked, concered about her “yeah, yeah I’m fine, its not like I didn’t know that he was cheating on me, it was kinda obvious if you think about it, I just wished I broke up with him sooner, but you know I was scared” she was rambling  she looked cute when she rambled, her plulm lips looked so kissable right now. No Luke stop thinking like that, she doesn’t love you the way you love her. She ran a hand through her hair, she did that when she didn’t know what else to do, “Luke, you still here or?” she asked chucking “yeah I’m still here” she just giggled at me “what were you thinking about?” she asked “how much I love you” I replied with out even thinking, I froze mentally kicking myself once I relised what I said, she was forzen not moving, way to go Luke you ruined everything. She smiled “what?” I asked “funny, I was just thinking the same thing” she replied and before I knew what I was doing my lips attached to hers.


When the phone call finally ends, you say call you tomorrow at 10, and I am stuck in the friend zone, again and again.

“Thanks Ash” she says “I’ll call you tomorrow at 10?” she askes “yeah okay, just don’t think about it okay?” I ask “I’ll try, bye” the line goes silent “I love you” I say even though she hung up. Ashton you need to tell her how you feel, no more bullshiting your self, no more pain, if she dosen’t feel the same then get over it, at least let her know. Why can’t I tell her? What am I scared of? Rejection.

I knok on her door. Today was the day I was going to tell her how I really feel. She opened the door, I took in her apperience, red puffy eyes, with dark bages underthem, hair in a messy bun, all I wanted to do right now was hug and kiss her and tell her that its okay, that I am right here, that I am the one for her. “Hey Ash” she looked supised to see me but she stood to the side and let me in, I shoved my hands in my pokets and ran a hand through my hair, something I did when I was increadably nervous, “whats wrong Ash?” she asked as she raised her left eyebrow. “(y/n) I need to tell you something and if I don’t tell you  now I may never tell you, so here goes nothing” I take a deep breath wondering what she will say and if I will lose my bestfriend “I can’t keep pretending that the felings I have for you aren’t real, I have been by your side through every break-up that you have had, it hurts so much to think that all you think of me is your bestfriend, for years I have tried to act like it didn’t hurt, but it does, all I want is to hold you and tell you everything is going to be okay and that I would never hurt you, but whats the point when all I am to you is a friend” I ramble on looking at the ground, I can’t look into her eyes, I don’t want to know what she is going to say 

“Ash, shut up” I look up my eyes going wide, as she chuckles “do you know how long I have wanted you to say that to me?” I just stand there in shock, did she really just say that? Did she really want me as much as I want her? “What!?” I asked I shouted like a little girl while she laughed at me “your adorable when your excited you know that right?” she asked and I stopped and took two long strides so I was standing inches away from her, our noses almost touching, you could hear our hearts hammering, “I think I have waited too long to do this” I say as we both leant into the kiss, it was soft yet passiontent I could hear the fire-works going off in my mind, we both pulled away, trying to catch our breaths. “(y/n)?” I ask “yeah Ash?” she askes as she looks up “will you please go on a date with me?” I ask slightly nerovus that she might not want to go out with me “I’d love to” she says “really?” I ask and she chuckels “I wouldn’t want to go on a date with anyone else” she states “I’ll pick you up at 7pm tonight, is that okay with you?” I ask “yeah thats fine with me” she smiles “see you at 7 (y/n)” I say as I walk out “see you Ash” I kiss her cheek and walk off to my car.

“Ashton” I hear as I open the door, I see three males running to me “what did she say?”  “are you going on a date with her?” they were all shouting questions at me. “guys guys stop, one question at a time, gosh” I laughed “what did she say?” Luke askes more excied then what I was, and I am the one going on a date with her “I asked her on a date and she said yes” I excitedly shout, all the boys shouting with me “I knew she liked you Ash” Cal says as he pats my  back and walks back to the t.v, now all I had to do is try and find a place to take her for our first date, and this date neded to be perfect.


Sometimes I am so close to confession, I gotta get it through your head, you belong with me instead.

“I saw him in the shops today” (y/n) said, her voice craking slightly “he was with another girl, they were practly sucking each other’s faces off in the middle of the shop, like can they not? I mean they were in the middle of a busy shopping center not at home, they can do whatever they want at home but in public really.” She snorted “but I mean it’s okay because I am over him” she stated “I think I found someone else but the thing is, I don’t think he feels the same way about me” she sighed “why wouldn’t he?” I asked. How could you not be in love with this girl, she’s beautiful, smart, funny everything you want in a girl “why would he though?” she asked, she never thought highly about herself, there was always something wrong with her body, but the thing is there was nothing wrong with her body, but in my eyes she was perfect, she had no flaws, but to her everything was a flaw and it destored me, her not liking anything about her body. 

“How could he not? I am pretty sure that everyone wants you to love them” or maybe just me but lets not tell her that, I’m meant to be her best friend and nothing more, but it’s hard not to fall in love with her, I know I wasn’t meant to, but she made it so hard not to and before I knew it, I was fucking in love with my best friend and it sucks, because they don’t love you back, you get this glimmer of hope that they might just love you, but then boom you get friend zoned and it hurts like hell, I am pretty sure every time she brings up a guy, my heart breaks even more, if thats possible because she brings up a guy everyday. 

“I highy doubt that every guy wants me to love him” she states, “agree to disagree” I respond “whatever you say Mikey” she laughes “so whos this guy that you have a crush on?” I askes, as any bestfrined would “well, his sweet, smart, funny, caring, we have known each other for a while, uhm” her eyes lit up just speaking about him, I couldn’t help but find myself getting jealous wishing that she was talking about me, but who I am kidding I am just her bestfriend and I will be nothing more to her “do you actually know him or do you just stalk him?” I ask chuckling, that guy is really lucky to have her love. “Don’t be mean” she pouts “were frineds so no I don’t stalk him you loser, but I wish we were more, you know?” she asks “yeah I know, I wish I could be more then firneds with a girl but thats never going to happen because I know for a fact that she doesn’t feel the same way about me” I sigh “but we were talking about you so whats this guys name and do I know him?” I ask “yeah you know him” she respones “oo whats his name?” I ask, theres something in me that wished I never asked this question, I know him, his probably going to be one of my band mates, they all get along with her really well and she gets on with them.

“Promise me you won’t freak out or anything okay?” she askes “I promise” she takes a deap breath “well you said you won’t freak out so here goes nothing” she sighs “uhm well his name is uhm heisyoupleasedon’tgetmadorfreakout” she rushers, I freeze, did she really just say that she loves me? Is this actually happening, I have been waiting for this day for my entire life, “Mikey, please say something” she asks she was scared, I could tell. I lean in to kiss her she was taken back by my actions, but she kissed back, it was a prefect kiss, fire works going off in my head, I pull away and look into her eyes, “I have been waiting for you to say that for years” I confess, she smiles “I never knew that you felt the same way, I’m glad that I told you” I smile and kiss her nose “I’m glad you told me too because I never would have told you because I am a wuss” be both chuckle. This will be one of the best days of my life.

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This is why it hurts.

This is why Teen Wolf is different.

I’ve been in many other fandoms. Harry Potter, Charmed, Naruto, Merlin, Heroes, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Narnia, etc, etc. They’ve all been THAT ONE THING for me at some point. That one fandom that I was extremely passionate about, that made me cry and laugh and read fanfiction until three in the morning and that made me almost fail at exams because I rewatched favorite episodes and searched for fanart and read and wrote fanfiction instead of studying. In all those fandoms I had ships that were my absolute OTPs.

All those fandoms made me happy in their own way. It was always a little sad that none of my (slash) ships were canon, but it was never really a problem. Why? Because nobody ever hinted at it. It was all fanon. There was UST and there were looks and touches and quotes that gave much room for interpretation - and that was the beauty of it - but nobody ever promised more. No real hope meant no disappointment. I had great shows/books/movies and fan creations to make it perfect.

Then there was Teen Wolf. A show I liked that erased everything that had been there before and made my heart burn like it hadn’t since my Harry Potter days, and I was super happy for quite some time. The plot was nice, the characters were amazing and that one ship that made me watch in the first place was better than any ships I had before. Sterek. Undenieable chemistry, hilarious banter, great scenes, gigantic potential - perfection, created accidentally. It started out like all the other ships - (Drarry was perfect too! Seto/Yami was perfect. Pyro/Iceman was perfect.) But then Jeff Davis decided that it’s a great idea to jump on the Sterek train and pretend for a while that the rails we were riding on wouldn’t eventually end in the middle of nowhere.

He, and everyone else, decided to use our love for this ship, to hint at possible canon future worlds, to exploit the Sterek fans at every opportunity for marketing reasons, because he knew we loved it and he could.

He gave me false hope, and that’s why I can’t just let go now. That’s why I can’t happily watch an episode and then read a fanfiction about it with a Sterek twist. That’s why I, instead, can’t watch season 4 at all anymore, because I know it will upset and anger me instead of bringing me joy, and why I can’t enjoy fanfiction as much as I should. I was always fine with knowing that canon is canon and fanon is fanon. It only started hurting when they decided to pretend it’s the same for a little while. When they made us prove over and over again just how much we love Sterek - just to take it away piece by piece and give us less scenes every season. You think I’m wrong? Even the freaking actors are wondering what the fuck is up with that. Dylan said in an interview that he noticed how much the fans liked the Sterek scenes and it surprises him that he basically never works with Hoechlin anymore. There was little Sterek in 3A, there was almost no Sterek in 3B and there supposedly will be no Sterek in Season 4.

It’s all just fucking mean. It’s like showing a little child a super tasty ice cream and asking if it wants some and then not even eating it yourself but throwing it away while the kid watches. Because that’s what Jeff is doing. He is throwing away something wonderful and amazing.

I just wish they had never pushed it this far, if this is what it was supposed to lead to all along: Derek screwing with strangers of which 2 out of 3 turn out to be evil, and Stiles fucking a mentally unstable substitute character while being severely psychologically traumatized himself.

Congratulations, Jeff Davis.
This is how you successfully ruin not only a great creative creation but also fan’s inspiration, passion and love.
Hope the money you make out of this is worth it.