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Bunni Hair

This hair is another one of those things where I had a love hate relationship with EA’s double braids. So, I decided to completely revamp them, and add some bangs. Comes in @wildlyminiaturesandwich colors and EA colors. I fully intended on adding bows to these, but that did not work out as well as planned. I might try to work on them again and upload them as an add-on.

  • Teen - Elder
  • Base Game Compatible
  • NOT Hat Compatible

Download WMS Naturals + Unnaturals 

Download EA Palette

Download Merged

I typically don’t upload two images in one day but I’ll make an exception this time ‘cause I really like how this one came out. Finally a look of all of the youngsters that’s on the road trip with the Mane 6. This one is a direct follow-up to the previous one:


After lunch the gang decides to do a bit of shopping around before hitting the road again. But before they fully leave the diner, the CMC and Spike ask Pinkie Pie to take a picture of them with the caricatured statue of the legendary Hollywood actress, Marealyn Monroan. Instead of the usual photo though, the kids decide to get… creative. They’re superstars! Definitely a keeper. c:

Got a short written snippet for the image? Just let me know! C:

Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy the image! ^.^

It all points to you - pt.1

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader
Soulmate AU requested by anon.
One shot(x) or Chapter (x) pt.½ || (next part)
Word count:
Warnings: none
Fluff? Maybe a Tiny Speck of angst?
A/N: I’m tremendously sorry for all the tardiness!! University has started so it’s all gotten pretty hectic.. to make it to to you, I’ve decided this is gonna be a two chapter fic! The next chapter will be probably uploaded next week tho, as I have yet to finish it. Also, this isn’t some of my best work.. it really isn’t…so please bear with me. Sorry for any grammar/spelling errors!

The world seemed to work in odd, surprising ways. For every person existed another, tied together by an inconspicuous red string of fate. Those, no one could see, though they had no reason to. On each person’s wrist lay imprinted a compass, working restlessly all hour of every day of every year, hoping for the bearers’ attention to glance their way just at the right moment, just at the right second the string’s ends could intertwine.

At least half of the population was a result of this, of having been aware at the time their half crossed their path. They were, mostly, the married and the bearers of children.

Some say it destiny proven to be true. Yet in the back of most people’s minds flashed a thought very possible. That is, while they say that, one way or another, pairs will have more than one chance to meet, there are those who never stop wondering.

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Stood Up

As it has been requested repeatedly, I have decided to make a part two to Stood Up. This story got way more love then I thought it would receive and is one of my highest loved imagines so far! So thank you!. I wasn’t originally planning on uploading this today, but as it is my birthday tomorrow (February 17th) and I will be busy, I thought I would just post it instead of making you all wait another two days. So here you go!

Request: Archie/jughead: 14)“I promise that i’ll protect you". -Archie 17) “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.” - y/n31)“Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”-y/a18) “I think you’re worth much more than that.”- jughead 4)“You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”-jughead

REMEMBER, requests are closed! New requests will be deleted.

Requested by: anonymous.

Warnings: hurt/comfort.

Originally posted by noahsweetwne

“Y/N… I’m not sure how to tell you this… but-”

You turned, confused as you stared at the concerned looking Jughead. After your guys ‘date’ you’d started to hang out with him a bit more and eventually you guys had blossomed into an amazing friendship. Though, what Jughead had said that night was right, and after Archie apologized you’d accepted it and everything fell back to the way it was.

Only thing was now you had Jughead as a friend, a pretty great one at that. He hadn’t been happy when you told him you’d forgiven Archie, but he’d accepted it and told you to just be careful. 

Nothing had happened since. School started again and a new girl came in, Veronica Lodge, which had in turn allowed her to start hanging out with Archie, you, Betty and Kevin. She was nice enough and even though she had immediately mentioned her interest in Archie, you’d set her straight after telling her you two were actually dating. It didn’t take long for her to start rooting for you two, and was in turn one of the sweetest girls you’d met.

When you weren’t with her and Betty, you were with Archie and if you weren’t with Archie, you were with Jughead. 

It just happened to be one of those times where you were with Jughead, you two were sat in Pop’s, much like your guys date night. You were helping him with his novel that you were so specially the only one allowed to see. But you could tell easily something was on his mind and he was distracted from his writing. You hadn’t said anything, wanting to wait for him to tell you on his own.

“Yes, Juggie?” You answered, regarding him with careful eyes. He pursed his lips, shaking his head as he sighed in frustration. “Is everything okay?”

“Y/N… it’s about Archie…” 

You sighed, slightly expecting him to tell you again that you shouldn’t have forgiven him. But just by the look on his face you knew it was something else, and suddenly all annoyance left you and instead you became worried. Worried at the truth. “Jughead… what is it? What did he do? Is he okay?”

“He’s okay.” Jughead quickly confirmed, almost in anger. “He… oh god, Y/N. I really am sorry, but Archie’s been cheating on you.”

You blinked, unsure if you’d heard his words correctly. Archie had done a lot of things recently, terrible things but despite everything you’d never been suspicious of him for that. You couldn’t quite believe Jughead, so you scoffed, glaring slightly, but you could feel your eyes watering. “What are you- what are you going on about, Jughead? You’re joking right? With who?” The words slipped past your lips, no filter as you stared.

You tried to ignore the look on Jughead’s face that only helped make your heart beat faster. “Ms. Grundy.” Jughead whispered and you froze. 


“He’s cheating on you with Ms. Grundy.”

Your jaw fell open and without a thought, you pushed out of your seat and stormed out of Pop’s, slamming the door behind you. You didn’t want to believe Jughead. You couldn’t but something in the back of your head told you that he was telling the truth. Who had stood you up that night? Archie. Who had been there for you that night? Jughead. What reason would he have to lie to you?

“Y/N!” You heard Jughead but you ignored him, dead set on making your way.. where were you going? Archie’s. You needed to talk to him. 

“Y/N! Please stop!” A hand grabbed your forearm, effectively stopping you and turning you around. You didn’t fight, coming face to face with Jughead as you tried to hold in your tears. You stared at him, hurt and betrayed.

“Where are you going?” He asked, his voice soft.

“Archie’s. I need to talk to him.” You mumbled, trying to keep your voice calm. “Please, let me go. I need- I need to talk to him.”

“I’m not going to stop you.” Jughead reassured, now grabbing both sides of your arms. You barely thought of the fact that Jughead hated skin contact. “I’m going with you.”

You nodded, too upset to say anything and shortly you found yourself in front of Archie’s house. The lights were off, but you knew Archie and you knew he liked to go out for late night walks, so you sat on his porch, waiting. Jughead sat beside you, close enough for comfort but not touching. You’d stopped crying but you knew it’d only last a few minutes before Archie’d show up.

“Y/N…? Jughead?” Snapping your head up, you swallowed your fear at the sight of a sweaty and panting Archie. Standing up and not missing the way Jughead fell in step beside you, standing slightly behind you.

“What are you two doing here?” Archie asked, confused and concern lacing his voice.

“I-I…” You tried but fell short, feeling tears coming back. Immediately Archie took a step forward, concerned but Jughead stood in front of you. Glaring at Archie. Archie blinked, confused.

“What’s wrong? Y/N? Tell me, I promise that i’ll protect you" You scoffed, suddenly angry as you carefully stepped in front of Jughead. He regarded you with a concerned look but all you did was nod, reassuring him.

Archie stared desperately at you. 

“Archie… we’re through.” You said, confidence in your voice as you tried to hold down your tears. Archie’s shoulders slumped and his mouth opened and closed repeatedly. 

“Wha- why?”

“Archie.. I know you cheated on me.” You confessed, laughing bitterly at yourself. “Hell, maybe you still are. But we are through. I am tired of the lies, the cancelling, i’m tired of the sneaking. I tried. I tried to be understanding. I even forgave you when you stood me up! But not anymore!” Archie’s surprised and guilty face fell on Jughead, almost angrily before turning to you with soft eyes. 

“Y-Y/N… I’m-”

“I don’t want to hear it!” You interrupted, staring at Archie clearly upset. You wiped pathetically at your tears. “With Ms. Grundy? Really, Archie? You’re… that’s so wrong. It doesn’t matter though, you’re none of my business anymore.” 

You went to step around Archie, but his hand shot out to grab you, a little too aggressively. You gasped, before another hand shot out and pushed Archie back. You easily recognized the figure as Jughead. “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.” 

Archie dropped his hands, taking a respect step back and you let out a breath you hadn’t know you’d been holding. Huffing. Jughead turned to you, allowing you to walk in front of him as he glared at Archie. Archie looked as if he was about to cry and you almost felt yourself breaking but you shook your head.

“I am sorry. Y/N.” You stopped, your back facing Archie as you whispered;  “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.”

Later, you found yourself sobbing against Jughead’s chest as he hugged you. You sniffled, wiping your tears as you pushed from the hug, staring at the tear stains on his jacket in shame. “I’m sorry…” You whispered ashamed.

Jughead shook his head, hesitantly letting his hand fall on your cheek so you were looking at him. “I’m pathetic.” You mumbled, shaking your head.

“I think you’re worth much more than that.” Jughead whispered. You stared up into his eyes, finding an emotion you’d never seen there before. And then suddenly his lips fell on yours and you were leaning against him as he pressed against you. You moaned into the kiss, allowing your hands to fall on his neck as he held your face.

When you pulled away, you were panting but smiling shyly up at Jughead who smirked back. “Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”

There ya guys go! Part 3?

On Your Knees
Sam Heughan
On Your Knees


The first time I watched this film, I didn’t know what to think. I was confused (easily done). But it’s been sitting in my drawer for months now, and I decided to take another peek. I like it. I really do. But it’s so sad.

Oh, and the soundbite??? Cuz this little bit made my legs quiver. Enjoy the three words 😈 I do have another with him swearing, but fuck me, if Tumblr doesn’t allow a second audio file.

And because it is such an amazing song, (and band). Here’s the ending song..(either Tumblr doesn’t allow more than one upload of audio or a link, or I haven’t figured out how to do it).



okay so i wrote another original song? (and ANOTHER ONE which is being uploaded to my main youtube in a few minutes)

once again, super thanks to ethan @crankgameplays for giving me more inspiration to write a song! this one’s not ABOUT ethan but it’s thanks to his playthrough on it that i decided to write one about Oxenfree because the game makes me emotional and it’s beautiful in every way and like i said before I CANNOT DRAW OR SHOW APPRECIATION FOR THINGS IN ANY OTHER WAY 

Various ways to store your notes

There are many ways one can take their notes. It all depends on what you are comfortable with. When I first joined the studyblr community I just looked at endless YouTube videos and Tumblr posts on how to study, how to take notes etc. I tried different methods and in this textpost I will give a brief rundown of all the various mediums through which you can store your notes.


Notebooks are great. You can get in so many different colors, styles and rules. I mean they can be really amazing. They are so many choices and storing them is easy. You don’t have to be on the top of the game to maintain them.


  1. Maintaining is easy
  2. Notes are consolidated
  3. Many different styles are available
  4. Carrying them individually is easy


  1. Editing untidy notes is difficult
  2. A separate notebook has to be maintained for each class
  3. Carrying many notebooks everyday is hard.

   Why do I like or not like them:

I don’t like them. I’m in highschool. I have 6 subjects and each subject I have everyday. My school doesn’t have lockers and I walk back from school. AND I have to carry these huge textbooks for each subject. Pretty self explanatory why I don’t like them.

   Good choice for people who:

  1. Don’t rewrite their notes
  2. Bad at organization
  3. Don’t need to edit their notes often
  4. Can carry only 3 notebooks everything. (Anymore and you can as well carry a mountain)


All loose leaf paper goes here. Decoration and organization freaks can and will have field days with them. Add, subtract and rewrite notes at your own free will. This thing is your baby and do whatever you want to do with it.


  1. Adding and rewriting notes is very easy
  2. Various tabs and inserts can be added with easy
  3. Multiple subject notes can be kept in one binder
  4. Can be used and re used until it falls apart


  1. You should be at the top of your organizing
  2. If all subject notes are kept in one binder then it can get very bulky.

  Why I like or don’t like them:

I like them. The reason I don’t like notebooks drove me try out binders. The binder system is not used at all at school level in India but I tried them out and go it helps me sooooo much. We really don’t get handouts and the only classes where I have to take consistent notes are Math and Accountancy. Most of the note taking is done at home with the help of various sources. Hence I have one1.5 inch binder which I carry to school for the Accountancy and Math classes and all my other notes are maintained in a 4″ binder. I do have separate 4″  binders for Accountancy and Math but I will explain this organizational method of mine in another text post.

  Good choice for people who:

  1. Don’t want to carry multiple notebooks.
  2. Regularly update previous notes
  3. Do mostly self studying
  4. Use various sources for note taking


Our live savers. In today’s day and age we students have lots of academic materials on our laptops. We carry them around everywhere and can upload our notes to the cloud. Editing, adding, subtracting notes is very easy here and for us, typing is also very fast. BUT if you use this method to keep your notes, make sure you print them out. Reading your notes straight from the laptop is bad bad bad.


Fast typing

  1. Adding notes is easiest in this form.
  2. We can upload them to the cloud.
  3. All the study material is in one place
  4. No need to spend money on various stationery. ( This is a major con for us studyblrs. Just saying)


  1. You need to print them out. Hence another chore.
  2. You need to print them out. Hence another expense.
  3. Storing these prints outs has to be done.
  4. If not uploaded to the cloud and you forget to save them… Yikes I will feel bad for you.

Why I like them or not like them:

I  like them, I have to take soooooo many notes for my business and economics classes. One of my chapters which I had wrote took over 20 A4 size pages. After that nightmare was over I decided to switch to typing my notes for these two classes and also for English. OH MY GOD, it has saved me so much time and editing and making them pretty is also not very difficult. I LOVE YOU EVERNOTE. MAY OUR RELATIONSHIP BE THIS AMAZING TILL THE TIME IM NOT DONE WITH MY MASTERS.

 Good for those who:

  1. Have lots to take notes
  2. Have a printer nearby
  3. Have internet access.
  4. Who are allowed to use their computer in the school premises

Well, this was the brief rundown for all the various ways you can store your notes. I hope this way helpful to you all. Do not hesitate to message me if you are still having difficulty in deciding which method to apply. Remember you can use different methods for different classes.

Best of luck and procrastinate on tumblr study hard

Intimate (Preview)

Reader X Jungkook

Warning: Angst/ smut (Sorry not sorry)

Status: On Going

This preview is the summary! ❤

Originally posted by jjks

You could see the disappointment in Jungkook’s eyes. He turned away from you and lowered his head, not saying a word. You knew that wasn’t what he wanted to hear. You bit the bottom of your lip, watching him kick the pebbles on the ground out of frustration. It was a cold and late night, you were in your room ready to sleep, until suddenly Jungkook called you out to talk. You hesitated on meeting him, but when you heard his soft voice, you couldn’t resist him, he was too alluring.

“Can we please talk?” He whimpered. 

Four simple words, enough to get you to come outside wearing just a big tee that stood just below your ass. You saw him waiting under the light post, hands in his pocket, and wearing his usual oversized sweater, hoodie over his head. He heard the sound of your footsteps and immediately looked up in your direction.

“Noona.” He smiled.

You smiled back and continued walking towards him. You began to notice little cuts and bruises on his face. You furrowed your eyebrows and touched his fresh scars.

“What happened to you Jungkook?” You asked.

He grabbed your wrist and pulled you close to him, placing his lips against yours. You could taste the sweetness of his chap-stick, he knew you couldn’t resist him, just as much as he couldn’t resist you. You pushed him away and stepped back, still worried at his wounds.

“Jungkook…I’m serious. What happened to you?”

“It’s nothing, noona. Don’t worry, I’m not here to talk about myself, I want to talk to you.”

He stepped closer to you and held your waist, looking into your eyes with such innocence and purity. He slowly stripped off his large sweater, flashing you a peak of his abs before pulling his shirt down. He handed you his pullover and grinned.

“I didn’t think it would be this cool, sorry. Use this.“

You grabbed onto the sweater and placed it over you, it was warm inside and smelled like him; vanilla and sweet. You didn’t even realize you were smelling it until he tilted his head and gave a soft chuckle. You quickly stopped and laughed, looking up at him; eyes gazing into each other’s.

Noona…” He said with a low voice.

You looked away from his stare. You could feel your palms sweating and heart racing, all because of that damn voice. Damn. You really loved it. 

“Look at me.”

He placed his thumb under your chin and shifted your head towards him. He caressed your cheek with the backside of his hand.

“Noona, I want more from you.” He pleaded.

I knew it. You knew that he wanted more than just sex, but you couldn’t give it to him. You were going to move to Seoul soon, and you couldn’t afford a messy breakup, especially with Jungkook, you cared about him too much. You pushed his hands away from you, you folded your arms and looked down at the ground, knowing that seeing his sorrowful eyes would make you fall into his trap. You pressed your lips together and sighed.

“It’s just too intimate for me.”

That’s it for this preview! I hope you guys look forward to this new series! I decided to upload another series because why not. Lol and random fact, I keep making the main character in both The Last One and here, older than Jungkook, even though I’m a year younger than him. Idk why tbh. As always, until next time! Xoxo ❤

Love is a Sickness

words: 7251
rating: angst with a happy ending
a/n: okay, i know that it’s a lengthy one shot, but i wrote this a while back and decided to upload it now cause i’ve been getting yongguk feels lately ;~; it’s really long, but i tried to rush some parts, so please excuse my writing if it sounds awful. it’s actually been a while since i last wrote.

You were only seven when you met nine year old Bang Yongguk. He was quiet, timid, and shy. Although he was only nine, he was quite smart for his age - already learning about the real world and who to trust. You guessed that was expected since he was the heir to his father’s company.

Your families were close with one another, so you grew up with the boy. You had learn how to admire him as the two of you got older. And that admiration had turned into something called love - something that you could’ve never imagined yourself feeling for him.

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cuddleroyu  asked:

This can be public: Who are your fave Horror and/or True Crime story Youtubers?

Well, I included quite a few of them in this list:


If we’re talking only about true stories (not creepypasta), I do quite enjoy Scare Theater and his fantastic debunking and analysis videos of urban legends and other Youtube channels.  ReignBotHorror was another fantastic channel for similar content, but she has sadly decided to end her channel (her videos will remain, but she will no longer be uploading).

Be Busta, Lazy Masquerade, Let’s Read!, and Corpse Husband are who I listen to the most often for scary true story narrations.

There are a lot of channels that have some great lists going over creepy territory, like Planet Dolan (they’ve become more focused on animation as of late, but they’ve made some great creepy lists in the past), Slapped Ham, Lutch Green, and Top10Archive.

Once you find one or two channels with good content, you’ll find more in Youtube’s recommendations.  I just hope that these channels don’t become as dramatically affected by Youtube’s changing policies as others.

Sweet Things - Barry Allen Imagine

A/N: I wrote this one last night, but I don’t know how I feel about it. I kind of like, but at the same time I don’t. I decided to upload it either way, shitty or not, but please tell me if you enjoyed it. I have a few imagines in the works right now. I’ll probably upload another one tonight. I combined two different prompts, because I felt the second one would be too depressing on it’s own. Hope you enjoy :) 

Prompt 1: Imagine the child of Person A and Person B coming back to the past from the future to prevent something that would result in the death of A and B. Bonus: A and B are not together when their future child meets them

Prompt 2: Person B lying scared and dying in a collapsing/burning structure. Despite being held back multiple times, Person A runs into the chaotic area, fatally injuring themselves and falling next to Person B. A dying Person A cradles a very angry Person B, whispering that they would never let them be alone before the building falls on them both. 

*(Y/S/N): Your son’s name

(Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Barry and (Y/N)’s son)

[Part 2]

(Y/N) could feel a pair of eyes burning a hole through the side of her face. It made her uncomfortable, but she had a feeling she knew what it was about. She set her pen down, lifted up her bowl of cereal and turned to look at Caitlin, who looked like she wanted to say something.

“What?” (Y/N) questioned Caitlin, snapping her out of the trance state she was in. Caitlin tapped her fingers along the desk, contemplating whether she should tell her or not. (Y/N) put a spoonful of cereal in her mouth and waited.

“I still can’t believe you slept with Barry,” Caitlin blurted, not giving (Y/N) enough time to prepare.

(Y/N)’s eyes widened mid bite causing her to almost choke on her cereal, but she couldn’t resist answering. “Oh my god, Cait! That was like a month ago,” (Y/N)’s mouth was full, but she covered it with her hand.

“I know, I know. But still, isn’t it weird seeing him everyday?” Caitlin wasn’t asking to patronize her, she was sincerely worried about (Y/N). “I mean your… your eating your weight in cereal!”

(Y/N) gasped in an offended manner, “I’ll have you know, this is good cereal. Plus, it was only one night, it’s not like we’re in love or anything,” she put another spoonful in her mouth, and smiled at Caitlin, who promptly rolled her eyes. “Your eyes tell a different story,” Caitlin turned away, but could see (Y/N), from the corner of her eye, look down as her face turned red.

(Y/N) wasn’t in love with Barry… Or was she?… No, she and Barry were just friends and they only slept together because they were both in a vulnerable state after the whole Reverse Flash incident. (Y/N) had to clarify to Caitlin that things between her and Barry were purely platonic.

But before (Y/N) could say anything else, Barry and Cisco walked in. “(Y/N), isn’t that like your fifth bowl of cereal?” Cisco pointed at the bowl and narrowed his eyes at (Y/N). She dropped her spoon in the bowl, and stood up to face Cisco. “Third. And what is it with you and Caitlin and me eating cereal! Leave me be!” Cisco and Caitlin laughed, “God, (Y/N), so dramatic.” (Y/N) tried to be serious, but she couldn’t resist laughing at Cisco’s smug face. “Shut up,” she giggled and pushed Cisco playfully before turning around to hug Barry, “Hey, Bare. You gonna say something about me eating cereal too?”

Barry laughed, “No, actually, I think I know what I’m gonna buy for Christm-” Barry was interrupted by a sudden gust of wind and a loud crash in the room where Barry’s treadmill was. Everybody stared at each other in fear, and (Y/N) was the first to speak up, “What the hell was that?” Barry looked at (Y/N), and sped past everyone into the room. A few seconds passed before he came back out with a teenage boy. (Y/N) gave Barry a questioning look, “Another speedster?” Barry shrugged, and the boy had yet to say anything.

“Sit him down,” (Y/N) sighed, rolling out a chair and pushing it towards Barry and the boy. The boy sat down and looked up at Barry and (Y/N), who was still eating her cereal, “Mom? Dad?”

(Y/N) looked at Barry, confused, “Excuse me?” Barry scoffed, “(Y/N), you never told me we had a son!” She smirked and smacked his arm, “Don’t be stupid,” she looked back down at the boy, “What’s your name, kid?”


“OK, (Y/S/N), what are you doing here?” Barry pushed (Y/N) behind him in a protective way. She sat back down, finishing her cereal, and watched the interaction between Barry and the boy.

“God, Dad, still protective as always.”

(Y/N) burst into laughter, and Barry frowned at her, “Yeah, Dad, why you gotta be so protective?”

“And you, Mom, stop eating so much cereal, that’s why I was so big when I was born.” (Y/N) stopped laughing, her mouth hanging open in shock.

“Ok, ok, what is this ‘Mom and Dad’ crap? I’m only, like, six years older than you. And what is it with everyone and me eating cereal, dammit.” Barry was laughing silently behind Cisco, and (Y/N) glared at him.

“I’m your kid- well, future kid- and I traveled back through the timestream to warn the both of you-”

“Warn them about what?” Cisco chimed in, not letting the boy finish.

The boy smiled, “Same old Cisco. About something that my mom and dad will do sixteen years from now that results in their death.” This caught (Y/N)’s attention. She stood up quickly from where she was sitting, and sped walked to where the boy sat.

“You said what? Death?… You said I was your mom?” The boy nodded. “And Barry your dad?” Again, the boy nodded. She eyed Barry, who seemed just as interested, and raised her eyebrow at the boy, “When were you born, kid?”

The boy thought, “Well, seeing as you’re eating so much cereal right now, I’d say I traveled back to when you were pregnant with me, and since this year is about to end and you’re not showing yet… next year… from now, of course.” (Y/N) went cold, all color draining from her face. She shook her head at his statement.

Barry watched (Y/N) as she was starting to panic and he turned back to the boy, “Kid, watch your words, is what you’re saying true? Are we really your parents?”

He nodded and stuck out an arm, “Aunt Cait said you probably wouldn’t believe me, so she told me to tell you guys to do a DNA test.”

Caitlin’s eyes widened, “Aunt Cait? Me?”

“Yeah, you. After my parents died, you took me in. Then two years later, helped convince me to come back here.” Everybody stared at him, and (Y/N) groaned.

“What happened to us?”

The boy huffed, “It was bad. Aunt Cait and Cisco always said you died a death you guys weren’t meant to. And the worst part was you didn’t die as The Flash, you died as (Y/N) and Barry Allen.”

“(Y/N) Allen… are you saying we’re married in the future?” Barry blushed at the thought of him and (Y/N), the girl he was in love with, married and with children.

(Y/N) inhaled deeply and furrowed her eyebrows, “But the newspaper. It said Iris West-Allen. I thought you were destined to marry her-”

“Some things are predetermined, yes, but things can change. Nothing is written in stone, you always told me that.” The boy raised his eyebrow, and smiled at her.

“Whoa. He just did the eyebrow thing like you (Y/N).” Cisco seemed amused by this whole situation.

(Y/N) shot daggers at Cisco, who immediately stopped laughing and became serious again.

“Kid, how did it happen?”

“Well, knowing dad, he heard screams coming from a burning building and sped past everyone to save whoever it was, but unfortunately he got pinned down by debris, and mom, stubborn as always, ran into the building to help him,” the boy exhaled deeply and continued. “Both of you realized that there was nothing you could do to save dad. He couldn’t use his arms to fan out the fire, he couldn’t use his speed to free himself, and mom got injured when she was running in the building and she didn’t want to leave Dad, so she laid down next to him. You guys spent your last moments together before the building came down on both of you.”

Barry looked down, and (Y/N) stepped closer to him. The thought of her loving Barry so much that she would die for him made her heart beat so fast she thought it was going to rip through her chest. Barry looked at her and smiled, then looked back at the boy, “Maybe if I did it differently. What hallways did I go through? I’ll go through different ones this ti-.”

The boy shook his head furiously, “That’s not the point. They only found two bodies in the rubble, yours and hers. There was no one else, they tricked you! You died for nothing! Left me, Cisco, and Caitlin alone!” (Y/S/N) was starting to tear up, but he wiped it away. “All I’m saying is that sixteen years from today, when you guys are coming back home from your dinner date, DO NOT go in that burning building.”

Once the last syllable left the boy’s mouth, he stood up and kissed (Y/N) on the top of her head then sped past everyone, through the timestream once again, leaving everyone speechless.

(Y/N) scoffed and cocked her head to the side slightly, “I don’t know if I believe him or not.”

“Well there is one way to be certain,” Caitlin smirked, looking at (Y/N).

After almost half an hour of Caitlin trying to convince her, (Y/N) finally agreed to an ultrasound. She was laying down on the bed, while Barry and Cisco stood next to her. Caitlin put the cold gel on her stomach, causing her to flinch a little. When Caitlin turned on the monitor, everybody gasped at the sight.

“Holy shit. He was telling the truth.” (Y/N)’s eyes brightened up, but she couldn’t lie; she was terrified.

“You mean that little dot right there…” Barry leaned closer to the monitor, pointing. Cisco slapped his back, and chortled, “Yep. That’s your kid.”

Barry laughed, and looked down at (Y/N), “You sure he’s mine? I mean-”

She slapped his shoulder , “Don’t be stupid. You’re the only one I’ve slept with in the last six months.”

Everyone laughed and looked back at the monitor, “That’s (Y/S/N).” But then (Y/N) suddenly went cold. Barry noticed her unexpected change in mood, and put his hand on her cheek, “What’s wrong? Are you OK?”

“He’s… He’s a fucking speedster,” She looked up at Barry, eyes wide. Barry was confused as to why this scared her, so (Y/N) clarified, “He’s a speedster Bare, do you imagine what it’s going to be like when he starts walking?” Barry let out a breathy laugh, and kissed (Y/N)’s forehead, “It’ll be fine, we’ll teach him.”

“From what I could tell, you raised him well (Y/N),” Caitlin smiled at her and Barry. Cisco came up from behind and agreed with her, “I’m sure you guys are gonna be great parents.”  

I was thinking I could write out the second prompt like elaborate on what happened that day and how it played out before their kid went back in time to warn them. Let me know if you guys think this is a good idea :) - Zyaliy

There was another contest on my deviantart page started about a few days ago, same thing as last time, people requested sprite edits of different Undertale AUs, Unfortunately this one does not contain A Mettatale type AU but since you people like seeing things like this I decided to upload it anyway.

 Hope you all enjoy it and if any of you would like to make some requests to finish this list, (since unlike my last list, there wasn’t enough posts made in order to finish it), please feel free to do so, it would be greatly appreciated.

Shoutout to all the other AUs which were requested in the competition

I hit 2,000! And talk about future gifts

I built Ben and Wei’s future house boat, it’s the first one that I’ve ever made in game. At first I didn’t like it but then after laying it out and decorating it, I’ve decided that I like it. You guys might not see it until tomorrow, I’m also thinking of building a better house as a gift because I hit 2,000 recently! I’m so happy and grateful so I’ll be building a house and maybe uploading another sim. Now to just make a home for Emma when she ages. :P

Uploading tonight!

I know it’s been, literally AGES since I’ve posted, it just seems to be one thing after another 😒👎🏻 However, it seems I have finally gotten a break, and I will be uploading tonight!! I have a few stories that need a little tweaking before posting, please let me know what you’d like to see posted tonight!

Thor x Reader
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Normally I am one too lazy to type out rants when a particular subject is exploding in my mind, however this complete douchebag is the exception.

Yes everyone. It’s this piece of trash.

Look, I dislike Nash but not to a level that I want him to die. More to a level where i want him removed from the internet so he isn’t able to further the corruption he has left behind.

This dude literally pisses me off so much that just hearing his name wants me want to punch a wall. 

And what I can’t stand more is when his fans defend him.


Let’s start with the infamous video that started it all. “What Guys Look For In Girls”

This MOFO spends 9 minutes ranting about what makes girls “acceptable” to date and expresses an extreme disgust women’s in body hair. To top it off, he slut shames his audience and then proceeds to say that the most beautiful thing to be is yourself. Um, Trash Grier you basically just contradicted that statement with 9 minutes of stupidity.

Then he apologizes for the video by not.apologizing. No instead he defends himself, stating that he wanted girls with those attributes to feel good about themselves and that his main message was for girl to be themselves. THAT’S NOT A PROPER APOLOGY YOU BUTTHOLE. A proper apology would to accept that you are wrong, promise that you’ll never do it again and move on from this. But of course, your Jupiter-sized ego can’t handle that.

The fans that defend him always sAY stupid crap like “But he was young and didn’t know better!”


I know this video was uploaded a million light years ago, but the fact he hasn’t properly apologized to this day, still pisses me off.

Does the kid realize how much subscribers he has? From what I know; A TON. His influence reaches millions yet he decides to upload uneducated  crap like this is disgusting.

And then there’s this.

Nash uploaded another infamous video, a “Vine” it is called, basically informing his audience that homosexuals are the only ones affected by HIV/AIDS.


Nash the trash hole proceeds to yell “FAGS!” Into the camera with his stupid-ass voice and then the 6-second video of ultimate homophobia and stupidity is done.


Nash the trash hole basically just told the world that Homosexuals are the ones susceptible  to contract HIV/AIDS. Not only was he offensive and derogatory, he was also extremely WRONG. He was spreading a dangerous message to his audience that wasn’t EVEN TRUE.


Some homosexuals have been bullied their whole lives, being called the offensive term “fag”. AND IT PISSES ME OFF THAT YOU DECIDE TO DO THIS AND SPREAD THIS WORD TO ENDS OF THE GLOBE BECAUSE YOU WERE AGAIN, TOO STUPID TO REALIZE YOU WERE WRONG.

Look Nash, you may not accept gay marriage but guess what? NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPREAD YOUR MESSAGE OF HATE TO THE REST OF THE GODDAMN WORLD.

This, I will give you credit for. Finally you have admitted your mistakes. However, I would probably accept it better if you actually made an apology video. Writing down a bunch of words does not give much significance as much as a video of you ACTUALLY SAYING THE WORDS AND MEANING IT would. 

And then the last:

So not only is the kid a misogynistic, Homophobic asshole, he’s a misogynistic, homophobic, RACIST asshole.

Another quality added to the list of why Nash grier is the Biggest Asshole on the internet.

I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND RACISM. I, as a Person Of Colour, absolutely detest racism, especially white ignorance.

Look, I understand that ever since 9/11, America has been cautious of Muslim people. and when I say “cautious” I mean racially prejudiced against Muslim people.

It disgusts me that Americans have not realized that the vast majority of Muslim people ARE NOT TERRORISTS. Yet still to this day, Muslim people face racism, specifically from Nash Grier.

THIS NASHHOLE decides to tweet that his “biggest fear” are Muslim people. Seriously?

As if Muslim people don’t face racism on a regular basis, now this butthole has to tweet his racial prejudice. Excuse me, Trash Grier, for your information, many Muslim people are very nice people. UNLIKE YOU ,THE BIGGEST DICKHOLE ON THIS ENTIRE PLANET. IF YOU HAVE EVEN A SINGLE BRAIN CELL YOU WOULD REALIZE THAT NOT ALL MUSLIM PEOPLE ARE TERRORISTS! But of course, because your empty head does not have the capability to receive education, you decide to tweet racist crap like this. 

Honestly, Nash Grier is what is WRONG with this world. Notice how he is a straight, white male? He fits into all three categories of the most privileged one could be. That’s why he thinks he could get away with spouting this shit.

It disgusts me that he has millions of adoring fans, even with these remarks. Honestly, i’m concerned for society if this is what many people look up to.

I think that Nash should get off the internet. He is influencing the world for worse and we already have so much bad shit going on in this world. A racist, misogynistic, homophobic asshole like this shouldn’t be reaching millions across the globe if he is going to continue spreading this shit to his audience.

AND NO NASH FANS, the fact that he’ s “cute” (i just barfed in my mouth) is not a redeeming quality at all.

I’m not saying to hate Nash but rather to STOP DEFENDING HIM FOR CHANNING TATUM’S SAKE.

Because you have to realize that as much as you adore your idol, if he’s spouting shit like this, it’s WRONG.

Hate me all you want, I don’t care. If you’re too blind to see that Nash is a horrible person, that’s your problem not mine.

You know maybe if you shut your mouth and stop saying crap, this wouldn’t happen!

I would respect Nash if he ever actually genuinely apologized for all of this shit he has corrupted the internet with. Until he does, all I say is “Get this Nashhole off the internet, so he doesn’t cause even more damage than he already has.”