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After forever, I put myself together and start drawing again. I’m not sure how it ended but I’m kinda okay with the final result. I decided to draw Viktor because that anime hit me pretty hard actually and it’s the main reason I want to draw again (about a few weeks ago I started lurking #yoi tags and I found lots of amazing blogs and artists that gave me the inspiration to begin with all this thing, I can name some of them: @viktyuri, @victuurii@blau678​, @katsudonqween, @fishnbacon, @sinran, @nikyforov, @gays-on-ice@thacmis, @randomsplashes, @roselph and dkasd I could be the entire day tbh: check those blog and follow because they are amazing like super cool art and techniques, I adore the way the styles change depending of the artist and they are all so beautiful).

I found a healthy and charming fandom and idk that gave me the will to use Tumblr once again (maybe I’m being too sensitive about the whole thing but I’m really happy something like this exists lol) after having a weird-not-so-cool-time with vkei fandoms but, anyway, really sorry about my poor english and all the typos and since I want to meet new people so we can wait together to Season 2, please don’t be shy I’ll be right here :’) !  


After Yuri wins the Grand Prix, he decides to retire with Victor. The skating world is, obviously, devastated that so soon after his sudden rise to the top he leaves, not to mention dragging Victor with him. But, they know they haven’t seen the last of them. Victor and Yuri suddenly post a photo of them on instagram, at the airport arriving in Russia. They’re standing in front of their luggage, holding hands and smiling. Everyone is curious at the nature of their relationship, but nothing further is said.

The next photo, is posted on Yuri’s instagram of Victor making breakfast in the kitchen. Again, this stirs up the rumors. What could Yuri be doing living with Victor? Shortly after, its announced that Victor will be taking over his old coach’s ice skating rink. This time they post a video of them doing a routine. It’s short and simple, but at the very end, they kiss. And the video blows up, but no statements are made.

The next photo is even more suggestive, Victor and Yuri are both cuddling up to each other shirtless in bed, Victor flashing one of his smiles and the caption tells us that they’re watching Yurio do his routine at a competition on their laptop. When they visit Yurio, his instagram ditches its usual aesthetic to rant and post about the lovesick couple.

A few months pass, and the couple moves out to Scandinavia. Nobody knows why, I mean sure they’ve sold the old rink in favor for a different one, but why? The next picture Victor posts is tame, but it shows so much. Yuri and Victor holding hands, both in suits in front of a flowered arch. They’re both wearing rings. Another few months past, with mundane everyday posts and even a few showing off their new jobs as coaches, but everything blows up again when Yuri posts a photo of what seems to be their new daughter.

Newt Scamander Headcanons

Pairing: Our Local Cinnamon Bun (a.k.a. Newton Artemis Fido Scamander) x Ravenclaw!Reader (Hogwarts!AU - they’re both still in school -)

A/N: Okay, so after a certain conversation I’ve had with @stormsjpeg I decided I couldn’t keep the headcanons inside of me for much longer and yes, that’s how these beauties were created.

In the series: Gryffindor!Reader x Newt || Slytherin!Reader x Newt || Hufflepuff!Reader x Newt;

Shameless self promo: @andreasunny @actualhufflepuff (there aren’t any plot spoilers, just character-name spoilers, but I understand if y’all wanna watch the movie first); @tomhollahd (two days ago you said you’ll watch the movie, I assumed it was okay? + you said it’s okay to tag you, dear God, I hope it’s alright) + Georgia I already tagged you;

Warnings: I hope I didn’t add any spoilers; it’s long (~1k words)

P.S.: My stupid ass deleted this post at 700 notes, rip

  • The two of you meet for the first time during a Charms class; he’s paired with you and he tries to tell you that you’re practicing the swish wrong, so you start an argument - because You Know Your Shit™, being a Ravenclaw and researching the subject like crazy helped you lots - and the teacher notices;
  • Then, you’re forced to walk until the front of the class and demonstrate the correct wand movement for that specific Charm, getting you a chuckle and ten house points from the teacher;
  • Now, the whole class is looking at you and all you do is smugly stare back into Newton Scamander’s amazed eyes;

  • Okay, so the two of you become friends and it’s just around the time Leta Lestrange’s experiments are becoming a bit shady - therefore, the connection between her and Newt is starting to grow thinner and thinner;
  • The two of you would start these silly competitions, since you’re both nerds to the extreme (thing that’s completely acceptable for you, but a bit out of the ordinary for a Hufflepuff - not that you mind in any way);
  • They go somewhere along the lines of: “I’ll bet you 50 Knuts that I’m going to read that book before you do.” or “I bet you 5 Sickles that even though you finished that book earlier, I’ll still score better than you on the exam!”;

  • The two of you practically live in the library;
  • You were best (like top of the class best) at Potions and Charms and he was best at History of Magic and Care Of Magical Creatures;
  • You were decidedly mediocre on Care of Magical Creatures but were amongst the top of your class at everything else; he was the same, only his weakness was Potions;
  • Every class you took turned into a race by the half of the semester; if you were both okay(which was terribly disappointing to you two) on a certain topic, you’d pull all-nighters only because of the stupid competitiveness;

  • Legitimately every single one of your fellow female Ravenclaws are 100% convinced that you and Newt are secretly dating;
  • It doesn’t help that you’re always with the other almost 24/7;
  • Despite the competitive spirit that always lingers between you, what unites you is knowledge and you’re often seen tutoring the other on different topics;
  • No matter what, he can’t get you to understand how magical creatures should be approached and you can’t get him to understand when he has to alter a potions recipe to optimize the results;

  • When he takes Muggle Studies you’re surprised, but decide to take his challenge on and start Study Of Ancient Runes, just because it’s more difficult;
  • Soon, though, the both of you find yourselves in more assignments than you can count and end up messing them all up;
  • You have a talk with the Headmaster and he bids the both of you to sort your classes out so you can manage them all properly;
  • Newt comes up with the idea of talking it over a cup of something, at Hogsmeade, and you agree; it was ages since you last went to Hogsmeade;

  • You spend maybe too much time preparing for the small escapade, all the while denying any accusations of you crushing on Newt; after all, it was the most ridiculous thing;
  • The exact same happens to Newt in his dorm and the boys are teasing his so much, because his poor, shy Hufflepuff soul is crushing on one of the most hot-headed, determined and stubborn Ravenclaw girls;
  • You finally finish, go have a drink and talk about classes, though that takes up little time; half an hour in and you’ve already decided which classes to drop;
  • So you change the topic and how have you not noticed how easy this conversation comes to you?;

  • Sooner than you realize, you’re laughing at a silly joke he said and the two of you are much closer than when you came in - and why are there butterflies in your stomach?;
  • You soon head out; at some point you start holding hands and the both of you are way more giddy than you’d admit;
  • At a certain moment, a shiver of excitement racks through you but Newt (that small cinnamon bun) mistakes it with a cold shiver (it was freezing outside), so he takes his coat off and passes it to you;
  • About halfway back home it starts snowing and now there’s dumb smiles plastered all over your faces;
  • You find yourselves unable to stop yourselves and you start playing with the snow;

  • You jump on Newt’s back and bring him tumbling down to the ground because that boy has so little strength but it’s more than okay;
  • Y’all would chase each other like little kids in the snow until he’d finally catch up to you and grab you by the waist and keep you close to him;
  • So now you’re trashing and kicking while he’s sort of hugging you from behind and it’s nice so you stop moving;
  • And you turn in his arms, now facing him and a snowflake falls on his nose and you giggle, your nose scrunching up as his eyes cross and he makes a funny face trying to look at the tip of his nose;
  • “Here, I got it.” You’d say and kiss him on the tip of his nose, your smile staying put;

  • Newt’s eyes would just flick in between your beautiful eyes and your lips as he’d smile at your childish happiness;
  • Then, with the most confidence he’s ever had he’d gently brush his lips against yours, cupping your face with one hand;
  • And as your heart flutters when he does that you finally realize what you should’ve months ago;
  • Yep, you’re head over heels in love with that boy and right now there’s nothing you can (or are willing to) do about it except for tug him closer and smile into the kiss;

In the A Very Hogwarts Love headcanon-series: Gryffindor!Reader x Newt || Slytherin!Reader x Newt || Hufflepuff!Reader x Newt;

A/N: Alright, so these headcanons are totally something I did not expect; they just came to me and I had to write them (let’s be real, though, I’ll probably delete them, soon, since they’re barely edited). Alright, I hope you enjoyed and remember that requests are open!

@lexanationuniverse asked for my opinion on the kids’ music tastes

Rose listens to classical music sometimes, and also alternative rock, mostly like what they had in the 90s/early 2000s. She likes Simple Plan, and Green Day. 

John says he doesn’t like pop, but isn’t aware that a lot of what he listens to is totally pop. He pulls a lot of his music collection from movie soundtracks, the really good shrek soundtracks being some of his favorites. 

Jade likes that weird kind of cheery music like The Front Bottoms and Noah and the Whale, that are definitely rock music, but a bit off from the normal stuff.

Dave listens to a lot of hiphop, rap, and electric sounding music, but as he gets older, it moves a little away from what his brother liked, and he starts to make softer songs than he had previously. They’re quite nice. 

Jane likes pop music, primarily. She liked early 2000s stuff, and what recent stuff played on the radio. Additionally, she likes a lot of soft pop, like Norah Jones and Natalie Merchant. It’s good to bake to. 

Roxy likes a lot of pop from different decades. She loves Madonna, Spears, Fergie, and ABBA. Also, she and Jane share a lot of music tastes, since she would take recs from Jane.  

Jake likes acoustic music, as it reminds him of his grandmother, who would play songs for him on her guitar. 

Dirk likes boopy stuff and rap. He also listened a lot to the soundtracks from his brother’s movies. 

We Were Married Last Christmas [Part 3 / 13]

In collaboration with @pleasecallmecaptain for December, we’ll be providing you with a daily drabble series from each of us. I’ll be posting on the odd days of December until Christmas day! 

Pairing: Bucky x OC!Reader

Warnings: Language.

Word Count: 900

A/N: I have seen all of your requests to be tagged, but this is a scheduled series and will post at the same time on the days designated :) x. T

>> Read Part Two | Read Yesterday’s Post <<

You woke up before your alarm and rubbed your eyes, groaning softly as you willed the bleariness from your sight. The floors were freezing when you decided to get up and a quick glance down the hall showed Bucky was awake too.

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*yorktown voice* we won !! we won !

(fjhgfdhfdfh) <– that’s my brain rn but lemme try and Type it out,


(honestly, thank you !! whooo, i’ve,, never really felt so supported in?? any fandom like i feel now ! ! and you’re all such sweethearts !!!!)

i love you !!! vv much !

anonymous asked:

Hi! I noticed in your tags you have Jaqueline's last name as Selezyka, when according to the credits of Zombies in the Snow it's actually Scieszka. Probably not a huge difference since it's still JS, but scieszka does mean "path" in Polish, so maybe it's a hidden reference? Hope you're having a good day, and thanks for all the work you do!

I’ve been tagging her as ‘Jacquelyn Seleszyka’ because I saw other people spelling her name like that, and I never really thought much of it. But after receiving this message, I decided to look into this further. I discovered some pretty interesting things:

This is from a set photo that was released last year. On the poster, you can clearly see that her name is ‘Jacquelyn Seieszka’.

This is a screencap from the third episode with the credits that you were talking about. Both her first and last names are spelled differently here than they are in the poster.

The Netflix subtitles spell her name ‘Jacquelyn’, just as it’s spelled on the Zombies in the Snow poster.

Since the subtitles use ‘Jacquelyn’, I think it’s pretty safe to say that her actual name is the name on the poster – Jacquelyn Seieszka. And now the question is this: why did they change the spelling of her name in the movie credits? To protect her identity somehow? To give us a hint that the spelling may be irrelevant because her name isn’t actually Jacquelyn at all? At this point, it’s hard to say. But after looking at the evidence, I’m going to change her tag to ‘Jacquelyn Seieszka’ – at least until we discover something new about this.

And I hope you’re having a good day too!

And Shiba Makes Three

Summary: After moving to a big new house in Brighton, Dan and Phil decide it’s no better time to get a dog, and this rescue Shiba Inu seems perfect. But is Dan really up for the responsibility of caring for a dog?

Word Count: 3543

Genre: Fluff

Extra tags: Pets, comfort, domestic

Warnings: Slight swearing

Read on ao3

A/N: Being away from my own dog in college is making me really appreciate her on breaks and recently, I’ve become obsessed with the idea of Phan having a dog. I mean, come on, we all know it’s going to happen one day. And who doesn’t love a bit of domestic Phan? I hope you enjoy!

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Criminal Minds Appreciation Week: Day 3 - OTP

“Speaking of pretty boys, where’s Reid?”

You Chose Them

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

Characters: Y/n (MALE READER), Dean, Sam, Mary, Lisa and Ben (mentioned)

Pairing: No Pairing    Dean x Y/n (father-son relationship)

Warnings: Pure angst, abandonment, hatred, lotta swearing and degrading language, sadness, feeling unwanted, loneliness, just literally all sadness and angst everywhere. 

Word Count: 3270

Summary: Dean runs into Y/n after he disappeared almost five years ago. Mary and Sam decide to find out why he left his dad.

A/N: Ok, so I’ve had this idea for a while and decided time to write it. Became hella long, my apologies. Also, a lot of swearing and kinda talking trash about certain characters. If u like them two, well, nothing I can do. Just don’t hate on me, cos I can’t be asked with all that. Other than that, it’s purely angst, but I hope u liked it.

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53@supernatural-jackles @d-s-winchester @winchesterreid @teamfreewill-imagine @deanscherrypie@helvonasche @kaitlynnlovegood @notnaturalanahi @kittenofdoomage @wayward-mirage@riversong-sam @nerdflash @miss-miep @impala-dreamer @mypeopleskillsarerusty0203 @greek-geek481 @chelsea072498 @tttiiigggeeerrrsss @deals-with-demons @plaidstiel-wormstache @impalaimagining @deathtonormalcy56



The teenager turned around to see the man he once saw as his father stood there, his brother behind him, both shocked that they’d finally found y/n.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

Y/n rolled his eyes, not wanting to listen to Dean’s bullshit.

He began walking past them, figuring Dean and Sam would probably be able to take care of the bodies themselves.

“I don’t think so”.

Dean grabbed y/n’s arm before he could pass them, pulling him back.

“W-where have you been?” he asked, his voice filled with sadness and a little anger.

“None of your business, Dean”, he spat, brushing past them both and the woman who stood there, watching the scene in front of her, not understanding what was happening.

Once y/n had left the building, Mary stepped forward, looking at her eldest son, pain being the only thing she could see.

“Dean. Who was that?”

Dean couldn’t say a single word, the hatred in y/n’s voice when he said his name, called him Dean, for the first time since they’d met, was all he could hear.

“Dean”, Sam shook his brother, trying to get him to snap out of it, but Dean just couldn’t get it out of his mind.

What had he done to mess it up so bad, to make the one person he thought he’d always have by his side, hate him so much?

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Steve Rogers x Reader

SMUT 🔥 [ Red (My muse kisses your muse in the middle of a heated argument) ]  

I didn’t read the final form so if you see an error or something stupid, let me know and I’ll fix it. :)

Gifs are not mine. 

And sorry for looong wait. 

Tags: @isaidtobehave  @captainamericasbeautifulbutt  @morgan5113 @panic-angel3314 @kkshawty6 @imboredrn

After the Ultron fiasco, Tony Stark decided he needed to retrieve from the whole avenging thing. Thus the new avengers moved out from the tower and settled a base in their new facility in upstate New York.
As much as you respected Steve and his leading skills, he got on your nerves a little too much. Since you both joined the avengers all those years ago, there has been a thick tension between you two. No one could be sure if you wanted to murder each other or rip each other’s’ clothes off. Honestly, it was both sometimes.

You were tolerating each other just fine until one day he assigned you to train with him.

You were a spectacular fighter and an assassin but he was an enhanced soldier! What the hell is he thinking? Is he going to kill me and cover it by ‘self-defense’ or something? Your mind raced with these irrational questions as you stormed into the gym where you knew Steve would be punching the life out of a sandbag.

His head turned your way when he heard you slam the doors open and prepared himself for the shitstorm you were about to give him.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?!” you fumed.

“(Y/N) calm down.”

“Oh I’m calm Rogers!” snapped right back.

“Are you aware that I’m a human?

Why in the hell would you assign me with you? So you can crush my bones?

Why can’t I keep training with Natasha?”

You quickly and loudly exclaimed, your hands on your hips and your face red with anger.

“I know you’re a wayward asshole but this is a little too much.”


“Your punches destroy those giant sandbags. What do you think they’re gonna do to me?”


“Don’t (Y/N) me Rogers!”

“(Y/N) listen to me for a second!” he tried to reason, as calm as he could but you were not shutting your mouth. He listened to your rants a few more moments with a clenched jaw and his arms crossed.

Finally he rolled his eyes, let out a growl out of frustration 

as he leaned forward to pull you towards him and kiss you, so he could shut you up.

You were shocked at first but you quickly returned the passionate, hard kiss. One of his hands went to the back of your head as the other went to your waist. You slammed you right hand on his chest as you took a breath and kissed him again, this time deepening the kiss.

He moaned into your mouth as your tongues battled for dominance. Your fingers curled on his shirt, holding tight like you don’t want to let him go. When his hand drifted south, to squeeze your ass, you broke the kiss with a gasp.

He looked at you with eyes so dark that you shivered. 

You could feel his hard on pressing against your thigh. You tilted your head up and smirked at him.

At an instant you were pressed against the gym wall with Steve holding your wrists above your head. You kissed harshly, all teeth and tongue as you pulled Steve closer with your legs wrapped around his waist. You could feel his painfully hard bulge against your clothed core but you bit back your moans. You weren’t going to give him the satisfaction.

You moved your hips to grind to him. He let out a whiny moan and let go off your wrists to take his shirt off. You took a long moment to appreciate the sight in front of you.

He leaned towards you again to capture your lips in a fevered kiss. You snaked your hand into his sweatpants and took his erection in your hand. His breath hitched as you pumped him slowly and he started kissing your neck. After a while you jumped off of him and dropped to your knees. Steve watched you as you pulled his pants down his legs. You wasted no time to take his fascinatingly big dick in your mouth. You took as much of him as you could, while holding eye contact with him. Then you let him out with a wet ‘pop’.

You swirled your tongue around the head as you wrapped your hand at the bottom of his shaft. You started bobbing your head while your hand pumps slowly, your other hand on his balls. Occasionally you took him deeper in your mouth and traced his veins with your tongue.

He tangled his hand in your hair started fucking your mouth, pushing deep.

Finally you felt him twitch in your mouth and his balls clenched. You took him as deep as you can and sucked.

“Fuck (Y/N)! I’m… AH!” he rambled before he shut his eyes close and spill his load down your throat.

You licked him clean and stood up. He was gasping for air. You looked him in the eye as you wiped your mouth with the back of your hand.

Steve let out a deep breath before he pulled you against him by the waist. And he kissed you. Less angry, but more passionate. The ache between your legs was unbearable by now. You moaned and rolled your hips. He got the message and walked you back until your legs hit the edge of the bench press and you sat down.

Steve dropped down to pull your pants and underwear down your legs as you discarded your shirt. He put one of your legs on his shoulder as you laid down, careful not to hit your head to the barbell.

Steve bit your inner thigh before he quickly went to lick your folds. You gasped and arched your back for the long-waited touch. Your breathing was fast and your skin was on fire. Your anger towards the soldier faded with each expert lap of his tongue on your clit.

You winded your hand in through his hair and Steve looked up at you. He locked his gaze with you as he inserted 2 fingers inside you. While curled and pumped them, he could feel his dick harden again. He sucked harder on your clit as his fingers stroked you g-spot.

You came hard and fast, screaming his name as you tilted your head back. Your mouth was open and your legs were shaking as Steve licked what you had to offer. Then he stood and hovered over you. He aligned his member with you and pushed in.

You let out a long, loud moan as Steve hissed and panted. He braced himself by holding the barbell from above. 

His muscles contracted beautifully, bringing out his well sculpted body. You wrapped your legs around his waist and started tracing his abs and chest with your nails.

Steve was pumping in and out of you slowly because he knew you were still sensitive from your previous orgasm. But he couldn’t hold himself back any longer and his movements got harder. His knuckles were white from holding the bar tightly. Sweat covered his body, making him glisten in the light.

 You pushed yourself up slightly to kiss down his neck. You bit a mark on his collarbone. He braced himself on one hand as the other went to your back, to hold you to him. You lifted your left leg higher to take more of him. Steve pounded deep and fast and your moans filled the gym, echoing off the walls.

“Steve. OH Steve I’m gon.. Ah”

You couldn’t finish your words as your walls clenched around Steve’s shaft, an orgasm taking the both of you. Steve coated your walls with his cum as you screamed with pleasure.

After Steve pulled out, his legs gave out. He stumbled back and fell to the ground and he laid there to catch his breath.

After a while you laughed and said “If you assigned me for this kind of training, I’m in.”

He chuckled too but didn’t answer. You sat up on the edge of the bench to look at him. He was still laying on the ground, his chest heaving with each deep breath.

Originally posted by sherloques

“What, you getting sleepy Rogers?” you asked mockingly.

He smirked and stood up.

“Oh I can do this all day.”

Thoughts on Sinbad and the latest chapters

Okay so after talking with @murasakihime and @fluffyfloof and getting tagged in a post by @miyamanga ive decided to finally come out on the whole sinbad die posts/topic whatever. YAAAAAAaaaaaaaayyyyy lets get started,
Firstly i want to say this post is long and in no way meant to offend anyone whether you support magi’s most idiotic king or not.

Sinbad without a doubt is magi’s most complex character and the things his done to so many people can not be simply overlooked. He gave so many people a future and sacrificed so much for them. All your precious children i.e jafar, the eight generals even the main cast are where they are because of sinbad. And i feel like recently alot of people in the fandom are just looking at his actions and writing him off the book as a villain. Die a horrible death. Which is completely wrong. Please do not ignore sinbad’s past, his sufferings and his motives. You can not just look at a character’s actions and say that person is terrible without understanding what there trying to do and why there trying to do it.

From a very young age Sinbad has experienced terrible things. As a toddler he had to witness the physical and verbal abuse of his father on a daily basis. His family were always treated as outcasts and they were struggling to make ends meet. There was also obvious tension between his mother and father to remove the expatriate title from the household. After all this sinbad had to watch his father beaten by the very army that’s supposed to protect them and they even executed him. Shortly after that his mother falls grievously ill and he had to work everyday to make enough money to make sure she will say good morning the next day. This in within itself is more than any child should have to endure and witness and set sinbad on his journey to change the world.

And things didn’t get any better for the poor child. He ended up a slave years later. Physical and mentally tortured and after that experienced the war where he lost his country, home village and the comrades he traveled the world with. These people were the only family he had and they were torn away from him in horrible circumstances.

Now put yourself in all these scenarios. Would you not do what sinbad is doing?. Would you not go to any extent to protect the people you love so such a terrible fate never befalls them again?.

And i just want to also mention that sinbad has never moved forward from that day. No matter how you look at it. Sinbad is stuck in limbo, while he did rebuild sindria and all. The pain of that day has never left him. Up until the revelation of alma torran he has lived with a voice in his head and he even believed it was his younger self who was haunting him for his failures.

He even still has dreams of the war, Sinbad has always carried a very heavy burden and he has never tried to share that burden with anyone and now its crushing him. To add to that the fact he can see fate makes the whole matter worse because sinbad must’ve felt just like David did. He feels isolated, alone and there is no denying sinbad took comfort in david’s presence.

Even though i dislike it myself what sinbad is doing in the current timeline is understandable for someone in his position. Idk how many took notice. But read closely and you’ll begin to notice every chapter sinbad grows more tired and afraid.

He is concerned, he is terrified of war breaking out again. He doesn’t want to see it again and he doesn’t want to lose the people he loves most. Now some people will say “yea but he brainwashed the whole world and his gonna kill everyone even his friends himself”.

And to that i say “yea but you know thinking 1000 years into the future is not just a sinbad thing, titus did it too you know, he was worried for both the now and future….. and how is that any different to when ugo sent everyone from alma torran to the new world, and lets not forget when he sentenced the djinn to an eternal life of solitude in the ruins of their former home?. Why did no one complain then? Was it because the Djinn agreed to it? The djinn agreed to the matter because it was solomon’s will, and it was because it would protect the world. But is that what they themselves truly desired?

Alma Torran was barren and to ensure the survival of the people ugo moved everyone to the new world and erased the history of alma torran from their minds. I’m sorry but that is also a form of brainwashing. Erasing from the minds of everyone an entire chunk of history that could’ve potentially stopped the outbreak of war in the first place had everyone known. Yet i dont see anyone complaining about that.

Sinbad is doing the exact same thing ugo did except his keeping everything in tact. The people of the world continue to remember the events of the world. They continue to live their own lives freely with the added addition of a shared hope that will unite the world. His returning everyone to a greater place. A utopia where war will never break out again. Where families will once again be reunited.

Now to all those people who wish death upon sinbad i just want you to rethink sinbad’s position and understand where his coming from. Also people who are asking for jafar to kill sinbad. I refuse to believe that would ever happen. We had an omake that clearly showed jafar refuses to bring harm to sinbad. infact why would jafar kill him? Jafar has been with sinbad the longest. He has seen sinbad at his highest and lowest. The two of them are so close and their bond and loyalty to each other is unbreakable. If Jafar, actually if anyone kills sinbad then nothing has changed from Alma Torran. History has once again repeated itself, the great king once again falls and the world will return to a state of chaos. Not to mention it will be a complete betrayal to sinbad and everything his sacrificed for the sake of others.

I think the world owes sinbad a debt and its time for that debt to be repayed. Instead of him always running around saving people, its time for the people to stand up and help him and to remove the burden his shouldering.

To put an end to this long post. Sinbad does not want to be the enemy, nor is he trying to be an antagonist. He is only doing what his heart believes will stop the repeat of all those terrible events he has had to experience. Solomon’s world is riddled with failure and error. The whole magi system is itself a failure and sinbad is only trying to piece everything back together to create a utopia

A Difficult Decision

First of all, I just want to say how much I appreciate each and every one of my followers.  You guys are so amazing!  I’ve gotten nothing but love from you all since I started this blog.

With that being said, I wanted to let you know that I have decided to do away with the Tag List.  This was a really hard decision to make and I’ve been going back and forth about this for a few months now.  I’m posting four fics a week, and the tag list takes so long to do.  I wouldn’t consider doing this but I do have a Posting Schedule, I update the Masterlist almost daily, and I do Timezone Reblogs for all of my fics.  

27 Dresses is already in the queue with the tags, but the other three series will no longer have tags after tomorrow. Each of my current series has its own separate Masterlist with the dates that each new part will be posted.

Thank you all for understanding and I look forward your feedback!

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Mob falls asleep at the office (been a long day) and Reigen decides to give him a blanket and close the shop sooner 

(thank you @animesoundsfun for the request and the very nice comment!!! I tried the new settings for my brush in this and really hope it works haha) 

also hey Im taking requests

So like literally a year ago I started writing a fic based on this ask and I found it in my google docs again last week and decided to try and finish it.

Here it is on AO3

“Yeah, mom. Alright. Love you too. Bye.”

Bahorel tried not to be upset as he hung up the phone. The Bahorel family was scattered over the globe, so usually between all of them they had enough frequent flier miles to get home for Christmas, but that summer had been a huge reunion with nearly the whole family flying back to Oahu, and no one had caught the lack of available flights until it was too late. For the first year ever, he would not be going home for Christmas.

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Powerless (El Diablo x Reader) Part 2

A/N. So I decided to split part two in half, which means the fic will be 4 chapters instead of only three, so that’s some good news for you guys :) Also, this chapter takes place one year after the first part. I’m so glad you guys are liking this fic so much, you have no idea how much all the feedback means to me. Tags are at the bottom, everyone let me know if you want or don’t want to be tagged. There is a quick author’s note at the end of the fic. Alright, I think that’s it, enjoy!

Part 1

EDIT! Part 3

Word Count: + 4,000

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Frustration - Rated: E

Summary: Noah can’t handle Ginny. She finds someone who can.

I decided to post it, after all that :) Thanks to everyone who talked me through my minor freak out about this fic. I think it came out way better than it could have. It’s technically a day late for Sinning Sunday, so is this Moaning Monday?

If you’re squeamish about infidelity, fair warning. There is technically no infidelity in this fic, as Ginny and Noah are not exclusive, but it’s a close call. I also had to tag Ginny/Noah because I got weirdly graphic about their sex life. Don’t worry, Bawson endgame. Obviously.

The first time Ginny had sex with Noah, it was…nice.

Okay, maybe she’s not being fair. It had its moments. The whole night had its moments. From Eliot’s awkward goodbye, Ginny felt herself becoming more and more interested in this billionaire video game mogul. The kiss on the street had been sweet, light, and she’d fallen into it the way she knew she was supposed to. Noah did all the right things, said all the right things, and she was attracted to that. Attracted to him. And when someone does and says all the right things, the right thing to do is to take him back to your hotel room.

And that had felt right too. She was actually grinning as they kissed and fell into her bed, which was exactly what Ginny had always wanted. She wanted a man she could laugh with, smile with, and Noah was checking all her boxes. Sex was supposed to be fun, and this was fun, so she took the next logical step.

And that was fun too.

He helped slide her clothes off like a man who knew what he was doing, and when his hands ran along the skin of her stomach, she could feel goosebumps rising in their wake. His button down got caught as she tried to pull it off, and it sent them both into comfortable laughter, only dying down when his lips attached to her neck and started kissing down her body. Ginny was into it, her body responding, and she knew this was an objectively good sexual experience.

But it was the first time, so there were little things off about their interaction. Noah’s mouth on her neck – usually a pretty strong erogenous zone for Ginny – was so light she actually had to bite back a giggle. When that same mouth found it’s way between her legs (score one for Noah), she tried to guide him to where and how she wanted it, but the slow, soft licks of his tongue just couldn’t get her where she wanted to go. “Faster” and “harder” were met with miniscule responses, until she finally just pulled him up and slid a condom into his hand.

Things got a little better after that, her hips canted upwards and rolling into him, his cock (slightly above average, nothing to write home about) sliding deep into her in a slow, deliberate rhythm. It wasn’t perfect, not exactly what she wanted, but Ginny still came – a pleasant, warm feeling spreading into her stomach as Noah found his release as well.

He held her after, and slept in her bed, and all Ginny could think was how nice the night had felt. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but first times were never perfect, right? The next time would be better.

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Writing Prompts #3 : Imagine Your OTP

Person A and Person B is currently fighting off some bad guys. Person A recieved a wound and thus, cornered by the enemy. In this situation, Person A decided to shout for help from Person B, which is rare in Person B’s opinion. Since Person A is the “not-trusting-anyone” type.

After the fight :

Person A : Hey, thanks for saving me out there.

Person B : No problem! I, u-uhh… actually, thank you for calling out to me back there. Y'know … for trusting me–

Person A : Huh? Obviously.

Person B : *blushes* (!!!)

Person A : I trust you more than I trust myself, so don’t you ever doubt me, ok?

Person B : *still blushing*

Person B : O-Ok …