i decided to start a thing

I started the Gay Plague

So in school, I sit at a table with all guys, not a problem. I’m told that I’m a “tomboy” so I easily get along with them. On a Friday, we had a substitute cause our teacher had to go to a meeting, and we decided to goof around cause “hey the asshole teacher isn’t here”. I started saying stuff that could really be gay when taken out of context and shoving my pointer fingers together. The Gay Shit if ya know what I mean. The other dudes at my table started making gay sexual innuendos and wiggling their eyebrows. Next thing you know the blonde boy at my table is dancing on a chair with his leg bended upwards and I got called a lesbian, which is right

So this kid, we’ll call him Davy-boy. He says “Wow you are super gay” and I’m like “Well shit you got a point” and then he’s like “When did we all become gay?” And I snap my finger and say “Taste the rainbow” and he’s like “YOU ARE THE RAINBOW”. So shit I turned everyone gay

Fun fact; I found out Davy-boy is actually questioning his sexuality. I actually made a fucking dude question his sexuality

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okay legit question: what do you think is the difference between aizawa's disdain for heroes that choose the spotlight as opposed to stain's ideals? what differentiates them?

Hiya Nonny!

I have a short answer for you, and a Very Long answer.

Short Answer is the obvious one: Aizawa doesn’t kill. He may dislike certain people, but he will not let it cloud his judgement, and he’s never gone out of the bounds of the law. If you check the Vigilantes spin-off, he even shows up in there as the stern and strict hero who is very much against that whole vigilante thing.
Stain, however, does kill. Rather a lot. It’s his whole thing. It’s how he makes his point.
This makes him a villain, and Aizawa a hero. But that’s probably too obvious of an answer. So let’s get into it.

The Long Answer.

I think, and I’m sorry for putting it like that, that you aren’t asking the right question when you say that Aizawa has a disdain for heroes that take the spotlight.
Aizawa’s best friend is Present Mic. You've… seen Present Mic. His superpower is that he’s loud and flashy. Aizawa is also on friendly terms with the likes Midnight and cooperates gladly with Lemillion and that dragon lady.
All big, flashy heroes.
So I don’t think it’s fair to say that Aizawa hates or feels scorn for heroes that like to be in the spotlight. No, what he hates, is the spotlight itself. Specifically, he doesn’t want that spotlight to be on him.
He’s an underground hero for a reason. His fighting style, his quirk, they require villains to either not see him coming, or to not know what he’s planning. The shadows are his best friend.
Going on late night tv to talk about his love life and his favourite food would legitimately put him and his work, his strategies, at risk.
Canonically, what he hates is not so much the heroes, but the Media.
The media’s job is, in part, to show things that don’t want to be seen, and you can assume that this is one of the reasons he has such a hard time with them. He’s an introvert being pushed in the middle of the dance floor. No one is gonna have a good time until he’s back in a corner next to the punch bowl.
But I digress.
Because it is true that he is shown to have issues with that most flashy hero of all: All Might.
The two do work together, but their relationship is strained. Why? That’s actually not too clear. Maybe their personalities clash. They are pretty opposing, even if they both have the same goals in mind (save the children,mostly).So that could be it. Maybe All Might took one too many arrests from Aizawa. Maybe Aizawa is just tired of every single kid in his class deciding on the dangerous path of a hero, because they look up to All Might.

Now let’s look at Stain.

Originally posted by kurodemon

Stain’s backstory is that he went to a ‘pay for your diploma’ type of hero school, and decided there that all heroes are fakes. He has a very… teenager type of background, but one he seems to have stuck with.
And because this is BnHA, where nothing is black and white, he has a legitimate point, even if he goes way beyond the correct way of bringing it across.
Heroes in this universe are public servants, but they’re also celebrities. Several of them make a Lot of Money doing things like commercials. And that situation is less than ideal. Because why do people decide they want to be a hero? For the fame and fortune? Or to help people?
The motivation thing is kind of a theme that runs through a lot of BnHA. That whole ‘all true heroes have found themselves running in to save someone before they could think about it’. It’s what got Midoriya chosen.
On the flip side, you could see Endeavour’s quest to be number one as a result of this celebrity culture. I personally believe that Endeavour is (or was at the start) truly in it to help people, but that the large, cocky, arrogant part of him just also wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. And if not him, then at least his offspring. This sort of thing legitimately causes suffering.

The same culture also poses questions reminiscent of things Hollywood, politics and the music industry struggle with. Are heroes chosen for their talents, or for their pretty face? That is literally the issue Momo has in her intern arc.

So Stain has a point, but because he’s basically insane, he takes it too far.
His main victim in the story is the older Iida Tensei, and that guy (again, based on Vigilantes) is a cool dude, who puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork, and who is by all accounts a diligent, conscientious man. The guy is well known, but I don’t have the impression that he’s like… modeling or anything.
The original Ingenium is, in short, one of the Good Guys.
But he’s not Good Enough for Stain.
Because Stain is not just fighting corruption or vain heroes that take up too much of the spotlight, or that spend too much time making money on the side.
He basically wants every hero to be All Might. Utterly selfless, workaholic, no home life, dying for the cause. 
Few heroes are like that, because that is a very unhealthy situation. That’s the kind of stuff that leads to burn-out, and those alcoholic divorced cops in tropey crime dramas.
You know who’s like that? Midoriya. All Might. Mirio. Also, incidentally: Aizawa, the guy who does so much overtime that he sleeps in class and who comes to work still covered head to toe in bandages.
But I digress (again).
What Stain wants, is for Heroes to not only be incorruptible, but to be inhuman. He has an almost childish need for the idolized heroes of comics and tales. Not real people with a partner and kids and daily meals and human feelings and doubt and a sleep schedule.
He is, himself, spinning an unrealistic tale. One that catches on, by the way, because in his own blundering way, he has learned the power of imagery.  His PR is amazing, even if part of it is just that one clip of him ranting going viral.

Let’s talk about All Might and images

(yes, I know that wasn’t the question, but bear with me)
Now, the crux of all this, and really of pretty much everything in BnHA, is All Might.
Because he’s the one that started it. The ultimate hero, the one that kicked off Celebrity Hero Culture.
He did so knowingly, too. He set out to be the Symbol of Peace.
That’s the tale he spun. The PR campaign he started.
He needed the media for this. He embraced them and by doing so, probably kickstarted the idea that heroes need an Image.
All Might definitely knows the power of imagery: the smile, the catchphrase, that one youtube clip that keeps surfacing of him carrying like ten people at once.
It is real, he is actually like that, but it’s also a story. It is there to scare villains and reassure the populace.
It is, in a way, what made PR important for heroes. This, too, could be one of the reasons Aizawa is less of a fan of All Might: that guy just made the job of hero harder by adding all the media attention, and Aizawa would be happier if it wasn’t part of his daily life.

So where am I going with this?

Stain’s disdain of heroes in the spotlight is pronounced, but in a way it’s a cover for his very clear and very unsustainable want for ‘true heroes’. He uses it as an easily understandable (because with a grain of truth) argument for his philosophy that deems almost every hero unworthy.
On the other hand, Aizawa mostly hates the spotlight itself. His reasons for being kinda grumpy around All Might are mostly personal, and we haven’t really been given a full explanation of them.

Both of them, in part, rail against a wider culture of celebrity heroes, but because irony is the sweetest of all Horikoshi’s themes, the one that goes along with it the most, the one that uses imagery to his advantage, is Stain. He’s the one going viral with his philosophies.
The one that is closest to the ‘true hero’ that Stain is raving about, is then Aizawa, who just wants to be left alone with his sleeping bag and his cats.

INFJ Pet Peeves, According to You Guys:

“‘I can’t hear her’ whenever I am made to say something in front of my class.” ~@hufflepunkswearflowercrownstoo

“HOVERING” ~@decafcosmiclatte

“That slightly offended/annoyed look my friends get on their face when I don’t want to hang out that makes me feel slightly guilty but 🤷🏾‍♀️“ ~@neurodivergentblackgirl

“When someone says they’ve figured me out, that they know all there is to know about me… um NO U DON’T!That’s like the number 1 way to piss me off, I haven’t even fully figured myself out yet!!!!! - infj 💛” ~@jukedz

“•when people talk over me •when i’m talking and the other person doesn’t make eye contact with me/is on their phone as i’m talking. •when someone invades my personal bubble •when someone touches my hair •i can’t stand people who are so touchy feely. like get the fuck off me. i hate hugs. i hate any physical contact with people i don’t feel close/attached to •when my body is v v tired but doesn’t allow me to sleep •when i confide in someone and they go tell someone else” ~@minmoonyoongi

“Loud people who talk over me and don’t listen. Like I barely talk anyways, but when I do you’re just being loud and obnoxious and I don’t get to speak 😑” ~@anxiouslydepressedintrovert

“When I’m doing something in a different way than someone wants and they tell me I’m wrong even though the results are accurate (like using a simplified formula, but since its not the cookie cutter formula, I’m somehow incorrect)” ~@the-one-true-nugget

“When my shoes get wet on a rainy day, and I can feel the wetness in the socks and shoes. So gross.” ~@sandylzy

“When im talking about a really personal topic i like and people pretend that they’re intrested and respond with ‘aha..yeah..ok..’” ~@sharkdrugs

“When I describe Myers Briggs to someone and explain my type(s) and they say, ‘yeah no offense, but I could tell you’re an extrovert.’” ~@intx-t

“When parents/friends/family force you to go out when you don’t want to.” ~@theshirkitten

“When someone continually engages me in conversation when I’m clearly occupied doing something. Like, I’d love to listen to what they have to say, just not when I’m off in my own thoughts.” ~@infp-introvert-things

“Just unnecessary small talk at like anytime (more specifically when I know I won’t ever see that person again like in the elevator or on the bus).” ~@witchysmallbattery

“Being talked over and seen as insignificant because I don’t constantly talk.” ~@kitisafirmspring

“When you wear headphones to prevent strangers from making small talk with you, and they STILL try to talk to you.” ~@tisinfj

“FREAKING SMALL TALK. Seriously tho, guys. If I have to awkwardly backflip my way through another unnecessary conversation this week, I’m moving to a remote forest somewhere in China and never coming back.” @mirkwoodminstrel

“Infj - when someone interrups me when I’m talking and starts talking instead of me. I’m like: ‘But I haven’t said what I wanted to say yet.’ 😕😐😔” @mypagethoughts

“The classic ‘why don’t you go talk to people?’ or ‘why are you so antisocial?’. This is literally one of my biggest pet peeves ever as an introvert, because I don’t choose to be like this, I just am 😑” ~@fangirl-alsomaybeahipster

“Being dependent on help from other people.” ~@screaming-possum 

“So comfortable around this one person that I seem to welcome everyone. So they start talking to me all at once and I’m just like… Nope… Standing there like a robot until they’re gone and I can be comfy again with this one human.“ ~@fraeulein-eszett 

“When people ask ‘how are you?’ and then get confused when I stop, think, and give a real answer. I hate small talk. Don’t ask a question if you don’t want a real response.” ~@secularsociety 

“When I have my headphones in my ears and someone decides to start a meaningless conversation.” ~@idontfeelathome

“When you are going out with a friend and a stranger occupies them, so you awkwardly stand silent besides them.” ~@holyshitthatsabigdick

“Participation grades in school. Jfc” ~@legenderi-esque  

“When there’s a silence and someone has to say: well, this is awkward” @username020

Lucifer Morningstar - ‘I don’t deserve to be loved’

Anonymous said:

No. 34 of prompts for Lucifer Morningstar “I don’t deserve to be loved”

Warning: Angst

Originally posted by feilcityqueen

Your P.O.V.

Being the devil’s girlfriend most certainly wasn’t the easiest thing. Especially, when he was so charming he attracted not only every woman, but also every man in his way. Luckily, he swore to be faithful to me and I decided to trust him.

It was night and the club was closing. The bartenders and guards would finish off the party as Lucifer and I got up to the penthouse. The mood had been great until some stranger started a personal conversation about our relationship. The guy had said something about Lucifer’s past nightstands and made a rude comment about me. Lucifer was ready to beat the shit out of him but I stopped him. Of course, it hurt but I assured him it was alright. Lucifer had smiled, mumbled something and he had tried to forget it by partying with his friends.

I took off my heels and rubbed my sore feet as I sat on the soft couch. Lucifer poured himself a drink and he sat down on a barstool, facing me with his back. It hurt to see him like this, quiet and joyless. His smile was gone and he was just shutting everyone out. 

‘‘Lucy’‘ I sighed, making my way over to him. He didn’t even budge as I called out for him. Gently, I placed my hand on his back which wasn’t so smart. Lucifer stood up and turned around, almost like he didn’t want me to touch him. Our eyes met and I noticed he was on the verge of tears. This wasn’t normal..

‘‘Lucifer, what’s wrong?’‘ I asked him softly, hoping I wouldn’t scare him off. Lucifer was so vulnerable when it came to his emotions and he rarely opened up to anyone else than Linda. His eyes were the ones that spoke now, they were full of pain.

‘‘Y/N, just leave’‘ He sighed, not sounding like himself. His words made my heart hurt but I didn’t listen. ‘‘You don’t want me to’‘ I whispered, trying to gather some strength to go through with this situation. Lucifer tried to seem a little angrier by narrowing his eyes and clenching his jaw. 

‘‘Lucifer, let me in!’‘ I begged, attempting to get closer to him again. Honestly, this scared me. I was too focused on his pain to think about myself but I felt the ache in my chest. He backed away and put his glass on the counter. ‘‘Please, I love you’‘ I tried again and my voice cracked from the pain.

A tear rolled down my face and he noticed, looking at it until it fell down, probably soaking my clothes or the floor. ‘’I don’t deserve to be loved’’ He stated cruelly, filling me with disbelief. My lips parted and I almost gasped at his words. Inside, I was furious, broken and angry at whoever that made him think like this.

‘‘Lucifer, why would you say that?’‘ I cried out and ran my hand through my H/C hair in frustration. That’s when I noticed my hands were trembling. ‘‘My father has made it quite evident, Y/N. He’s just controlling everyone I care about and now he sent a stranger to tell me that I’m just a scam. You..You deserve someone better’‘ Lucifer finally spoke back to me. As I listened to his outburst, my heart crumbled in my chest. This didn’t feel real.

Lucifer stopped to catch his breath. That’s when he took a good at me, probably noticing how I could barely hold myself together. Every cell in my body was screaming at me to go and hug him until he’d feel better. But I was afraid. I was afraid he’d just push me away from him.

‘‘He’s not controlling me’‘ I whispered after a while, blinking away tears. Lucifer sighed and shut his eyes for a moment. I used that opportunity to walk over to my boyfriend. It took him by surprise as I wrapped my arms around his waist but this time, he didn’t push me away nor run off. He looked down at me silently until he decided to hug me back.

‘‘And you deserve to be loved, Lucifer. You’re a good man whether you believe me or not. Your past has nothing to say in our relationship now, okay? You’re here now and you never fail to make my day and I wish I could make you feel loved as well’‘ I tried to express my feelings for him as well as I could. He listened silently and nodded a few times.

My hands worked on his jacket and I took it off so he was just in a white button-up and his dark blue pants. Then I traced my fingers on his back where his wings would be. At first, he hated it when I touched his back but after we got to know each other, he found it comforting. 

‘‘I love you’‘ I reassured him and then dared to face him. Lucifer’s eyes were glossy but he managed to smile, small crinkles appearing beside his pretty eyes. He seemed thoughtful for a while. ‘’I love you too’’ He finally admitted which filled my body with relief.

 ‘‘I can’t believe I found someone as ravishing as you, dear’‘ He breathed out, now sounding calmer than before. 

My body relaxed as I learned he was calmer. He noticed how I melted in his arms and he looked at me with a strange expression, almost like he realized something. I just smiled, holding him tighter as he thought about whatever it was he realized.

‘‘Are you sure dad’s not in your head?’‘ He tried to lighten up the mood after a while. Just to reassure him I was cool as well, I knocked my head gently. Then I was quiet for a second. ‘‘Yup, pretty sure no one’s there’‘ I replied softly, making him chuckle. It warmed my heart that he was feeling better.

‘‘How about we take a nice, long bath and then cuddle? I just really want to hold you’‘ I admitted and played with his buttons. Honestly, I would do anything to make Lucifer see how much I cared about him. ‘‘That sounds wonderful’‘ He whispered and then placed a kiss on the top of my head. That was my Lucifer.

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Jason todd x reader where they decide to drink alcohol, probably because of stress and jason says something like "ive always had a thing for you ever since i first saw you" and they start making out. I really like your writing! ❤

(thank you! i’m so sorry this isn’t exactly what you like ;-;)

“You know,” Jason begins softly, his words slightly slurred by the alcohol. You don’t notice the way he’s looking at you—softly, tenderly, almost as though you’re something precious, too busy downing your drink in silence, waiting for him to continue his words.

“I’ve always had a thing for you,” Jason continues, uttering the words just as softly as before. For a moment, you’re silent looking at him like he’s finally grown two heads. Jason merely stares back at you, the expression on his face unreadable.

“You know,” you begin after a moment, the corners of your lips curling up into a small smile. There’s a moment’s pause coming from you, almost as if to think about the words you’re going to say next before opening your mouth and continuing, allowing the words to fall softly out of your lips. “I’ve always liked you, too.”

Jason gives you a small smile in response, leaning his head forward and stopping only once when his face is inches away from yours. “So,” he begins, the smile still present on his lips even as he speaks. “What are we waiting for?” he continues, whispering the words against your lips, his breath warm against you.

You merely giggle at him in response, almost as though you’ve found his words amusing before leaning forward and finally closing the gap between the two of you, pressing your lips softly to his.

Luke Hemmings Imagine: Tenerife Sea

Dear Y/n

             I know this is my wedding speech so I am supposed to say something funny, then something meaningful, be horrible but in a joking way about the best men and then say something funny again, but lets face, I’m not funny and how am I supposed to say jokingly horrible about the idiots that are the best men because the only thing you can say about them are horrible, and thats not a joke. So after great deliberation of what I was going to say I decided to stick with just saying very meaningful and loving things about the most beautiful woman ever, you, my wife. 

So, I will start by saying, you look so wonderful in your dress and I love your hair like that. The way it falls on the side of your neck, down your shoulders and back. You’ve got that kind of look in your eyes, as if know one knows anything but us. Y/n, should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know its enough for me. Because all that you are, is all that I ever need. And I’m so in love. You look so beautiful in this light, and your eyes remind of the Tenerife sea. All of the voices that are surrounding us here, just fade out when you take a breath. 

I love you so much Y/n, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. To go on so many adventures. I’m so in love with everything you are and everything you will be and I am so glad you said yes to marrying me, this idiot, and also the rest of the boys because we are all one. So, I am going to stop rambling because I can see some people rolling their eyes, and Ash, Michael and Calum all taking the piss out of me because they want to read their speech. So to end, I’m not funny, my friends are dicks, but I love them, and I love you Y/n. Oh and also if I didn’t mention it before, you look so wonderful in your dress and I love your hair like that.  

So, yesterday I managed to accomplish a lot of work, and decided to give myself a break from drawing at all today, which I’m surprised that I have 0% guilt of doing. I gave myself the opportunity to catch up on some fanfics.

My love for @buttsonthebeach‘s Body of Knowledge was no secret. I have fallen in love with Solas, Ellana and Ashara, have read the whole fic over and over again that I literally lost count. So today, I prepared myself to read the sequel of Body of Knowledge, Awakened.

And oh boy, did I binge-read the whole thing in a day.

Beach, I’ll start off by saying thank you so much for writing both Body of Knowledge and Awakened. They both made me laugh, both made me cry, made me think, made me wonder and it left me feeling bittersweet; just like I experienced in everything I loved and enjoyed, ending. I loved Ashara, I loved Lucius, I loved Claudia. I of course, loved Ellana and Solas a whole lot more. I find myself relating to Solas a lot in Chapter 23, which makes it hard for me to read from all the tears. And reading how the pain was resolved, somehow made me feel at peace.

You have a way with your writing in making your readers unconsciously interact with your characters. Like suddenly I’d mutter “I agree”, or “You said it, Ellana!”. I learned a lot about feelings and caring for another, intimate, sentimental things, unspoken words and languages between lovers, parents and friends and it made me appreciate the characters and their story even more; and it made me want. Want what, I’m not sure, but I guess I’ll find out in time. 

Simply said, after reading both fics, with everything emotionally, physically and mentally draining that happened to me recently, I felt a spark inside me, a warm spark that tells me to keep living. I might not be able to keep this mindset for long, but it’s something, and I’m holding it tight.

Again, thank you for writing them. I’m sorry this appreciation post turned sappy hahah but I’ve been feeling sappy for the past few days, so it’s kinda inevitable.

I look forward to read more of your work. ♥

In another needless piece of news, remember that thing I started working on a very long time ago about analyzing Disney characters from their original fairy tale versions and all throughout their subsequent Disney adaptations? To see how they’ve evolved through modern media? And that the first one was about the Evil Queen? And that I wasn’t sure if people were going to even read it on tumblr if I posted it as text instead of it being a video or something like that because I don’t think people would care to read that long of a text? I’ve decided that I will do my best to finish it for the 80th anniversary of Snow White on December. 

Ten Facts Game

“Oooook everyone, I think we all have to get to know each other a little more. That’s why I decided to start this game. Write ten facts about you and tag ten people!”

I was tagged by @jobanana7 @demisexualkatnisseverdeen and @que-sera-sera88 <3

  1. I have two cats.
  2. I’m lactose intolerant.
  3. My aunt is an Olympian.
  4. I have noble ancestors on my dad’s side of the family and we have a coast of arms.  
  5. I got sucked into bullet journaling a few months ago. It’s hella time consuming (saving time my ass) but also super relaxing.
  6. I’ve never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones (I’ve read the books tho) and I don’t like watching TV shows in general.
  7. I don’t like tea.
  8. I’m from Po(tato)land. I love everything that is a potato.
  9. I can play the piano and the drums a bit.
  10. My mom says that if I was born a male, she’d name me Joshua.

I tag @thegirlfromoverthepond @jajiparty @imaginatvytitle @joshmopolitan @papofglencoe @jennagill @smartalexy @madamemarquise @titaniasfics @mega-aulover @chele20035 @badnovels @eala-musings @arbyeatscheesebuns @kleeklutch @shesasurvivor

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im makin up my own fandom ask. if you could meet dan and phil from the past which year and what would you say? (they could each be from different years)

ooooooh i really like this question lol

ugh i want to meet like 19-year-old phil w his lil northern accent and his attempt at emo hair and i just want to thank him for deciding to take the leap of making a vid and putting it on youtube bc if he didn’t a lot of things in both his and dan’s life as well as my life wouldn’t have happend, yknow? id probs start crying and he’d just be so confused lol

and i would want to meet 2017!dan, i would awkwardly ask if i could feel his hair (I JUST WANT TO FEEL THE FLOOFINESS) and then i would also thank him for everything he’s been opening up about throughout this past year bc obvs it’s helped him, as he just seems a lot lighter and freer now that he’s been more open, but also bc it’s helped me and loads of peeps in the phandom out, yknow?

idk lol i’m a sentimental person i guess haha

send me a phandom ask!

For anyone who hasn’t heard yet: in a canadian university an assistent professor called Lindsay Sheppard has been told that she commited transphobia by daring to play 5 minutes of an interview between Jordan Peterson and another professor. Thankfully she recorded the conversation so we can all hear the bullshit the professor who called her transphobic spouted. Here’s a link to the full conversation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MeeNDLqbBg&feature=youtu.be

Honestly the things that are being said here are scary! Lindsay defended herself by saying that she was neutral, both views were expressed in the video to which the professor said “that’s the problem” And he even compared Peterson to Hitler.

I have a few things to say about this, starting with: How the hell does a guy who think that there should be no debate whatsoever become a university professor? How the hell did he get hired for such a job, even in high school my teachers said that as professionals they shouldn’t express their political issues and leave it up to us to decide, which is how it should be! Otherwise it’s brainwashing. You don’t decide for anyone else how they should think, that’s entirely up to them!

Second of all, if you are so afraid of the other side even being given exposure it’s because you know deep down that your opinion can’t stand up to scrutiny, so maybe it’s time to rethink your opinions.

and third of all, this is why I can’t stand SJW’s, they’re cowardly, patronising assholes who enjoy putting people down, don’t give a fuck about the causes they claim to fight for and ultimately cause way more harm to those causes than good (ok they cause no good but whatever…)

*loses Steve in a store*

Dustin: don’t worry I got this guys

Dustin: *uses hand as microphone* “oh Steve’s hair? Yea he uses-”

Steve: u little shit I will disown u right now

ocean gem

About Gabriel Reyes..

“It all started when my mother received the news.. I was just a kid and couldn’t understand at first why she burst into tears when two men in uniforms delivered her a letter. That day she found out that my father was killed by a bomb on the battlefield. Of course, I didn’t find out rightaway, because she didn’t want me to suffer as much, but news started to spread and got to my ears when I engaged in a fight with some kids outside. They mocked me with it.” He stopped, looking to his side, visualizing the whole scene, trying to wash it away with a frown.

“I was confused, scared.. Angry. Because I didn’t know any sooner and went straight to our home, shouting at my mother about what I’ve heard. She bursted into tears and showed me the letter… However, since then, things started to go down. My grandparents from my father’s side never liked me and my mother and have been against us ever since he decided to marry her. The others were long gone.. And my mother… Well, due to sadness and stress that she will have to handle everything alone, put her heart on a tray, so I found myself being pushed by circumstances, from a young age, to work for both of us.”

“However, I was always a troublemaker and my mom even had to drag me out of fights few times, face covered in blood. I knew this would give me a hard time in the neighborhood to find a job that could pay for our food and monthly expenses.” He scratched a bit beneath his beanie, adjusting it right after, visibly still lost in thoughts. “Of course, a bad reputation attracts all sorts of attention, and it wasn’t long after I reached my teens, until a gang made me an offer. It was tempting, but my father always fought for the better in this world, and I felt like I would betray him if I joined them.”

“But when I came of age I decided to enroll since my mother’s medication became more and more expensive and all the jobs I found weren’t paying enough to sustain it all. I did it for her and I am sure she understood this, but the price of it could’ve been so big with just a single misstep.” He finally raised his head and looked at Jesse. His eyes were wet and smile was bitter. “Of course, she became proud of me and my progress, always bursting into tears whenever I came home and told me how much I start to look alike my father. Unfortunately, she passed away long before Overwatch was even on paper as idea or in someone’s head.”

Jesse placed his hand over Reyes’s arm, giving him a apologetic look.

“We’ve both been through some rough stuff in our early days..” McCree finally said, to which the other man just responded with a small nod.

“Which is why we must fight on. For those who decided to believe in us.”

A little something I had on mind and decided to write down. I apologize for the eventual mistakes, but it’s really late and can’t really focus much anymore.

“Hey, vampires! Was all that human blood you drank today tasty? Sure hope so…because that was your last supper.”



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