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Split - Kai Scenario. Part 4

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family.

Word Count: 3145

A/n: I finally uploadeed!!!

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When you and Tae return from your work on Friday, he doesn’t even let you take off his jacket properly. He quickly gets rid of his shoes and runs off to somewhere in the house.

You know what he feels. Of course you know, don’t you feel the same too? Everything inside your body is shaking from nervousness or excitement or maybe anxiety, but this time you are determined to control yourself. You are a mother. You won’t let yourself act like a teenager again.

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a masterpost solely dedicated to notes and stuff part one: general stuff you should know

UPDATE: Part 2 is on! Check it out here!

Heyooo everyone!

Yeah I’m finally doing stuff hahaha :D I still have some masterpost requests pending, so I decided to make one of them. This one was requested by @information-learner, so I apologize for the long wait and here you go!

Note: I know there are other requests, but I still have to figure out what to put in there… sorry and stay tuned!

Okay, so as you know, notes (!!) are one of the most important things you do during your studies. There are many types of notes and methods of taking them and tbh, there is no right way to take them cause human everyone is different and has different needs and patterns of thinking yaaay i love differences okay let’s stop this weird intro and get into the actual masterpost *cough cough*

… oh and it will focus mostly on handwritten notes, but due to my recent experience with notes on laptop, I will mention that, too ^^

And it got quite long so consider this as part one of… right now it looks like three :D


Okay, so first of all. DON’T WRITE YOUR CLASS NOTES IN SENTENCES UNLESS IT’S A GIVEN DEFINITION. Never ever. And I’m gonna tell you why. Firstly, it’s too long. Straight up you’re wasting time with it and probably you’re gonna miss the next thing that your teacher says. And you don’t want that. So no. Secondly, as I said before, every person has a different thinking process. Which means that someone might think of and say a collocation of words that you would never use in any way. Which means that you write a sentence which might really confuse you in the future. So please do yourself a favor and write in bullet points.

Again, I’m emphasizing that I mean class notes. It actually is a good idea to come home, take out your notes and summarize them in sentences OF YOUR OWN aka how would you yourself say it. It is really a cool method to kinda develop your own thinking process, find out about phrases you are okay with using and also finding a way of explaining the thing by yourself and you develop a better understanding of the subject leading to actually thinking about it better and being able to analyze it. Which is great and let’s be real, this is gonna help you in your future studies, especially at uni.

The second thing I want to say is that you should choose a pen that you can write with comfortably. Writing a lot hurts, actually, but if you have a good pen, it won’t hurt that much. I know it’s quite difficult to find the perfect pen, but try everything, from the cheapest ballpoint pens to whatever ink pen or like anything, just make sure your hand won’t go crazy from hurting. And choose a notebook you like. Just to motivate yourself to actually write in it.

And lastly, colors. Brain needs them. I hugely recommend using colors in your notes, because let’s be real, colorless notes are dull and boring. Colors help you associate information and retain them better. But don’t overdo it. In general, it’s better to write your notes with a blue pen and use a maximum of three additional colors. Too much colors lead to confusion about what the hell is actually important on this page??? yeah okay. Anyway, this of course depends on the person, as there are people who need to use more colors in their notes. Generally speaking, you should have some kind of a color-coding system.

Okay this is getting really long so I decided to split it up and make a series! Wow :D so I’ll continue and I’ll add links to the rest of it so stay tuned everyone!!! 


Part 3: PAPER VS. LAPTOP? MATCH START! (coming soon)

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Countdown To You | Pt. 1

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Genre: Angst, fluff, maybe some smut in the future

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 3.4k

“Your soulmate clock is actually a countdown of how long your soulmate has left to live and holy shit you have to find your soulmate soon because your clock says you have three months left.” (source.)

A/N: Surprise!! :D A little present because I haven’t written and posted anything for a long time ;) I had this in my drafts for a while, and I decided to go on with it and post it because I love soulmate aus and especially ANGSTY soulmate aus. I think I will split up this fic into two or three parts. It won’t be a long one anyways. 

Partly inspired by this song. listen to it while reading this pls its an awesome song i love hyorin and hwarang dfjgkshkj

Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6

You hated the concept of a soulmate clock.

The bright, red numbers displayed on the soulmate clock right next to your bed drove you insane, and you wanted nothing else but smash the stupid, useless object against your wall. You’d do everything to get rid of that clock and not lay eyes on these bright, red numbers anymore.

Ofcourse, you already tried smashing the clock against the wall, and ofcourse, the object did not bulge one bit, as the countdown kept going, and going.

Okay, a correction. You actually didn’t necessarily ‘hate’ the concept of a soulmate clock, but you just thought it was completely useless to have a countdown clock of your soulmate, signaling how many time you still had left to meet your soulmate until… he or she would leave this world.

Yeah. A soulmate clock was basically a countdown of your soulmate’s life.

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Always Mine - Chapter 15


A/N: Here is the new chapter guys! I have decided to split episode 11 of season 7 up into two parts. One reason is because I thought where I ended would be a good lead up to the next chapter. So the next part will be posted probably Sunday since I am still having troubles with TSOSC. As always, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think!

“What the fuck do you mean she’s gone?”

Katherine’s head whipped towards the bathroom door when she heard Negan yell. She had been in the bathroom trying to make the dress she was wearing show less of her cleavage. Negan had woken her up, telling her to get ready for the day. Katherine wished Negan would just let her be alone for once but knew that wouldn’t happen anytime soon. So she reluctantly rolled out of bed and walked over to get a fresh set of clothes.

Negan however had other plans and threw her a spaghetti strap black dress that stopped mid thigh. She was pretty sure it was the same one she wore when her and Negan slept together for the first time since she agreed to be his wife.

She tried arguing, saying she was much more comfortable in her jeans but when she went over to her bags and opened them, she realized all her jeans and tee shirts were gone and replaced by black dresses and heels.

“Well fucking say something! When the fuck did she go missing?”

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Jaehyun Prince!AU Part 1

I was debating whether to write this with bullet prompts or scenario, but I obviously went with scenario. Decided to break this into two parts, just because I still have a lot of assignments to do, but I still want to post something. Part two will be up in two or three days. I know how this scenario will end, but still don’t have a solid plot for the second part, another reason why I decided to split it. The ending seems rushed I’m sorry u__u. In the meantime, enjoy! I had fun writing this and I hope you like it! Comments are much appreciated!

The Royal Sweetheart (886 words)

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I Have a Secret~Part 1 (James Potter)

A/N: I’ve had a really shitty day and I haven’t posted anything for three days so here you go. I hope you like it cause it made me feel better writing it. Also this was supposed to be a one-shot but once again it got kinda long so I decided to split it up. Gif’s not mine.

Summary: You have a crush on James and haven’t told anyone. You can’t take it anymore and finally tell one of your friends, Sirius. Unfortunately you forget that Sirius is basically James’ brother and they tell each other everything.

Pairing: James Potter x reader

Word Count: 1501

Warnings: Swearing, to many feelings

Other Parts: Part 2

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-Y/N P.O.V.-

I couldn’t tell you the exact day that I fell in love with James Potter. I could only tell you that it had been a long time ago. We were friends and I just thought there was no point in ruining a good friendship over some one sided feelings. There was no way that anyone could tell me that these feelings were mutual because literally everyone in the damn school knew that James only had eyes for Lily Evans. That could have been part of the reason that I fell for James. He was always so sweet and caring towards Lily and I was jealous as fuck because there was no decent reason in my mind that could explain why he wasn’t like that towards me. Every time he was around her he would get nervous, try to ask her out and get shot down. He was adorable when he was nervous. He would run his fingers through his hair and try his best to act cool although he always ended up in the most unnatural position ever. Sometimes when the marauders and I were hanging out in the common room, I wouldn’t be able to focus because all I could think about was getting up and going over to sit with James. I would imagine him putting his arm around me or pulling e into his lap so that could just be peaceful for a little while in front of the crackling fire.

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Powerless (El Diablo x Reader) Part 2

A/N. So I decided to split part two in half, which means the fic will be 4 chapters instead of only three, so that’s some good news for you guys :) Also, this chapter takes place one year after the first part. I’m so glad you guys are liking this fic so much, you have no idea how much all the feedback means to me. Tags are at the bottom, everyone let me know if you want or don’t want to be tagged. There is a quick author’s note at the end of the fic. Alright, I think that’s it, enjoy!

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4

Word Count: + 4,000

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“I can’t be here.”

“You aren’t,” says Tony. He’s doing something on one of the holo-screens, Steve can’t really see what from where he’s laying, but if he had to guess, its probably cloaking their take-off. “No one knows where Captain America ran off to. He’s certainly wasn’t captured by ex-Hydra operatives, and I certainly didn’t just save him, because I wouldn’t just do that. The guy’s an asshole, and a fugitive and I’ve decided I don’t wanna get involved.”

Steve considers this, and then himself, or what parts he can make out–his vision keeps clouding with static, his head hurts, feels split open. He’s bleeding in too many places. He shouldn’t try sitting up. He considers it anyway, but he feels too heavy, he can’t get himself to move.

“He’s also not five foot three,” continues Tony, “so. You aren’t Captain America. Which means I think I can get away with hiding you for now. At least until we can get all this…fixed.” He’s looking at Steve now, seeing all the ways this is Wrong. 

Steve doesn’t mean to close his eyes for more than a few seconds, but just like that, he’s slipped under. He sleeps.

Lady in the Garden -- Chapter 3

Series: Fairy Tail/Doctor Who

Characters: Gajeel/Levy

Genre: Adventure/Angst

Summary: She was a falling star; an angel speaking in stardust dialects.  She was madness and wonder, and she asked him to come with her.

Note: Chapter three!  I initially thought I might make each adventure their owner chapter, but I decided to split this one in two.  I’m not as concerned with making the chapters for this story so long, as the whole thing is gonna be a kinda collection of stories, if it works how I planned it.  So here is the first part of their next adventure!  Also, I am not a historian.  This is why this story is taking me so long and if anyone is wondering, I am 100% basing the setting of this chapter on a mix of scenery from Skyrim and the Witcher, just so I had something to reference.  The third Witcher game, according to my searches, takes place around 1272.  The stories will be far more enjoyable if no one gets hung up on my historic shortcomings…  ANYWAY, I hope you enjoy the next installment, it didn’t quite turn out how I wanted but the next part should be fun to work with!

Ch. 1  Ch. 2

“So where did you say you wanted to go, Mr. Redfox?”  Levy called out over the humming and lurching of her ship.

Gajeel took several moments to answer, trying desperately not to hurl all over the grated floor in front of him.  “P-prove this damn thing is a time machine,” he swallowed heavily and took a deep breath,  “Take me back ten years.  Where you found me.”  

Levy puffed her cheeks, “All of time and space and you pick a decade in your own home town.”  With one hand she spun a dial, and with the other she flipped a lever, “But if you insist.”

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Always Mine - Chapter 5


A/N: Hey guys! So this chapter is the first half of season 7 episode 4 “Service.” Since the episode was longer, I decided to split it up into two chapters. So part 2 will be up on Sunday! 

Michonne walked up the stairs of her and Rick’s house, trying to find him. First she checked in Judith’s room but only saw the baby asleep in her crib. Silently shutting the door, she stepped back thinking of where to check next. She didn’t have to look for when she noticed the door of Katherine’s room was ajar.

Walking over, she pushed the door open and saw Rick standing in the middle of the room, a stuffed animal in his hand. Hearing the door open, he turned his head to see Michonne standing there. He lowered his gaze and looked at the stuffed animal in his hand.

“I gave this to her on her fifth birthday. I-I told her that whenever I was out working and she had the bear, I’d be with her.” Michonne listened silently, her eyes flicking down to the stuffed animal that was dressed like a Sheriff. She knew Rick was beating himself up over Negan taking Katherine. Walking over, she placed her hand on his shoulder.

“We’ll get her back.”

Rick didn’t answer her. Instead he just turned back around to stare out the window, the bear pressed against his chest. He had tried so hard to keep all three of his children safe. But now his eldest daughter had been taken by a new enemy. He had no clue where she was or if she was okay. All he could do was pray Katherine would be fine.

Like she sensed what he was thinking, Michonne squeezed his shoulder in comfort.

“Katherine is strong. She’ll be okay.” Rick didn’t answer her. They stood in silence for a few minutes. It was broken when a cry sounded from next door in Judith’s room.

“I’ll get her.”

“No, no. I’ll do it.” He handed Michonne the bear before heading out of the room. Michonne sighed and walked over, placing the bear on the bed and resting it against the pillows. Looking around the room one last time, she headed out.

Katherine stood in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror, a look of disgust on her face. It wasn’t her that she found disgusting, but what she was wearing. Negan had took it upon himself to pick out what she was wearing and she knew why he picked it. It closely resembled the outfit she wore on their very first date.

It was a spaghetti strap, floral print sundress. It stopped half way down her thighs. It was something she had would have normally worn on a hot day in the summer. But since the world turned, her style had changed. It wasn’t to safe to wear a dress all the time. How can you fight off walkers in a dress?

She had wanted to put up a fight and ask for jeans and a tee shirt but today they were going to Alexandria and she didn’t want to give Negan any reason not to let her go with them. She wanted to see her friends and family. She wanted to make sure Negan didn’t kill anyone else either.

Taking a deep breath, she picked the comb up Negan had given her and ran it through her long, brown hair to get all the knots out. She was almost done when she heard her bedroom door open and heavy footsteps come inside.

“You fucking done in there?”

Katherine sighed hearing Negan’s voice. She had almost wished it was someone else but knew that was stupid to think. Not only did he insist on locking her door when he left to prep his men for their trip to Alexandria, but he was the only one who had the key to get in.

When she didn’t answer him, Negan smirked and walked over to the bathroom door. Raising his fist, he knocked.

“Kitty Kat you done? Or do you need help drying off? Cause fuck, I will gladly volunteer to help.”

Katherine rolled her eyes, knowing he couldn’t see her. Setting the comb down, she took a few deep breaths. Reaching a shaky hand out, she opened the door and came face to face with a smirking Negan. He stood there, wearing jeans, his black boots, a gray tee shirt and his signature black leather jacket. Lucille was in his hand, hanging by his side.

She felt a shiver run down her spine when she saw him looking her over and the way his eyes darkened.

“Well fuck me sideways, Doll.” His tongue flicked out and wet his lips. “I certainly made the right fucking choice.” He couldn’t help but keep looking her over while a memory hit him.

Negan tapped his fingers against the steering wheel of his car as he watched the entrance of the hospital. It had been a couple days since he had kissed Katherine in the parking lot. Since then, he hadn’t seen her. He was trying to understand all these feelings he was suddenly having.

Lucille had been the love of his life for so long. But meeting Katherine, awoke something in him. Something that demanded she be his and only his.

He looked at the clock on the his car radio. He saw it was five after noon.

Alright Kitty Kat, it’s your fucking lunch break. Where the fuck are ya?”

He sa t there and watched for a few more minutes until he saw her. He nearly groaned at the sight of her. She was wearing a floral print sundress. She paired it with a pair of sandals and her brown hair was up in a high ponytail.

Fuck me.” He muttered, watching her as she walked to the row of cars in front of him. Quickly turning his car off, he pulled the keys out of the ignition and got out. Shutting his door, he made sure to lock it before running over to her.

Her back was to him so when he reached out to touch her shoulder, she jumped about half way off the ground.

Easy! Fuck, it’s just me.”

Katherine spun around, a hand resting on her racing heart. Her eyes widened and a blush covered her cheeks.

“Jesus Negan. You scared me.” She was actually a little shocked to see him. She hadn’t seen him since their kiss on Friday. That had been five days ago. Negan gave her his famous smirk.

My apologies, Doll. I’ve been fucking waiting for you.”

Katherine raised an eyebrow.

You have?”

Fuck yea I have. I was gonna see if you wanted to go get lunch or some shit with me?”

Katherine’s eyes widened. Was he asking her on a date? Biting her lip, she looked at him.

I don’t know.” Negan laughed and took a step forward.

Are you fucking playing hard to get, Doll?”

Katherine tried not to laugh. Instead she just shrugged. Negan grinned.

Come on, we made out in a fucking parking lot. Let me take you to lunch.” Kathrine blushed. She wanted to keep up the hard to get game. She had been waiting to see Negan since their kiss, so he could wait a few minutes for an answer.

I still don’t know.” Negan’s smirk dropped and he walked towards her. Katherine walked back until her back hit the trunk of her car. Negan placed his hands on either side of her, trapping her in. Katherine’s heart was racing when he bent down to whisper in her ear.

“I don’t like teases, Kitty Kat. Just say fucking yes already so we can go. I wouldn’t want you late getting back to those fucking little ankle biters.”

Katherine couldn’t help but feel desire shoot through her. Looking into his eyes, she slowly nodded her head.

Okay.” Negan grinned and pulled back, grabbing her hand and leading her over to his trunk.

Negan let out a groan, looking down at Katherine who was standing there, looking confused. Negan had just zoned out for a good five minutes. He lent his head to the side and grinned.

“Sorry ‘bout that Kitty Kat. Just remembering the first time I fucking saw you dressed like this. I swear I’d never gotten a fucking hard on so fast in my life.”

Katherine felt her cheeks blush deeply. She looked down at the ground while he laughed. Seeing her embarrasment, he bent down to whisper in her ear.

“Don’t be fucking embarrased, Doll. It’s one of my favorite fucking memories.” Katherine didn’t look at him, just keeping her gaze on the ground as he stood up to his full height. “Get your shoes on. We’re fucking leaving in five.”

He moved away from her and walked to the other side of the room. Katherine let out a deep breath and walked over to sit on her bed. Grabbing her combat boots, she pulled them on and tied them before standing up.  

She watched as Negan looked around the room. God only knows what he was looking for.

“Before we go, I should tell you the fucking rules.”

Katherine swallowed the lump in her throat.

“Rules?” Negan turned his head, a serious look on his face.

“Yea, fucking rules. You’re not allowed to leave my side. At all. Now I know it’ll probably be fucking emotional when you see all your little friends and your daddy, but you don’t fucking move an inch without my permission. Do you understand?”

Katherine swallowed hard and nodded.

“Good. I hope your fucking father follows rules as good as you. Let’s go.” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the room and down to the front of the building. He nudged her into the truck they’d be riding in. She got in and sat next to a heavy set man before Negan got in and sat on her right.

“Aright Fat Joseph, move out.”

Katherine’s heart clenched when they pulled up in front of Alexandria. The truck stopped and Negan turned to her.

“Let’s go see if daddy’s home.” He got out and pulled her along. “Stay.” He ordered, leaving her by the side of the truck. She turned around and looked as all his other men and some woman stepped out, their guns ready. She saw Dwight pulling Daryl out of a truck. She let out a sad sigh before turning back to watch Negan.

He raised Lucille and bashed her against the gate that kept her family and friends safe.

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“Little pig, little pig! Let. Me. In!”

As the gate slid open, Katherine felt her heart stop. Of course of everyone there, Spencer had to be the one to open it.

“Fuck,” she whispered. It would be just her luck to tell Negan Spencer was dead and then have him be the one to open the gate.

“Um, who are you?” She heard him ask. She shook her head. Spencer was cute but sometimes he could just be so dumb.

“Oh, you fucking better be jokin’. Negan, Lucille. I know I had to make a pretty strong impression.”

Katherine watched on as Spencer just stared at Negan. She saw Spencer’s eyes flicker over to her. Before he could do anything, she shook her head in a silent plea not to do anything.

“Don’t.” She mouthed, happy Negan couldn’t see her. She thought he was about to turn around when her father showed up. Negan grinned.

“Well, hello there.” Rick just stared at him. Negan’s grin dropped. “Do not make me have to fucking ask.” Rick swallowed and glared at him.

“You said a week.” He pulled the chain fence open. “You’re early.”

Negan smirked.

“I missed ya. And so did my fucking little Kitty Kat over there.” Negan turn to grin at Katherine. Rick followed his eyes, his heart stopping at seeing Katherine standing there. She looked as though she wanted to run for him as her eyes glistened with tears, but she didn’t move.

His eyes dropped slightly. He wanted so badly to run over and grab her so he could hide her from Negan. But he knew that was to dangerous.

He lifted his eyes when he heard a walker growling. Negan heard it to and looked back at him.

“Oh, Rick, come on out here. Watch this. I’m fucking calling it!”

Katherine watched as Negan swung Lucille and hit the walker right in the head once it was close enough. The walker fell to the ground, dead, while Negan laughed.

“Easy peasy lemom squeezy! Fuck, all right everybody. Let’s get fucking started. Big day.”

Rick didn’t look at him. Instead looking at all the men he had brought along. His eyes stopped once he hit Daryl.

“Hey, Rick, you see that? What I just fucking did? That is some service! Ain’t that some service Kitty Kat?” Katherine didn’t answer him as he continued talking. “I mean, we almost get fucking turned away at the gate. Who is that guy anyway? Do I get mad? Do I fucking throw a fit? Do I bash some ginger’s dome in? Nope. I just take care of one of those dead fuckers that could’ve kill one of y'all.” He grinned and bowed. “Service.”

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Katherine watched as he walked towards her father.

“Hold this.” Her eyes widened when he made Rick take Lucille. She knew he was playing a mental game with her father. Making her hold the weapon that had killed two of their friends. Negan stepped further into the front.

Originally posted by wdtfsklaine

“Hot diggity dog! This place is fucking magnificent! An embarrasment of riches, as they sat. Yes sit, I do believe you are gonna have plenty to offer up. Kitty Kat, get over here and fucking enjoy this with me.” He smirked at Rick before looking over at Katherine. She didn’t move at first but saw the look in Negan’s eyes, daring her to disobey. Her blue eyes flicked to her father’s before she slowly walked over to stand by Negan’s side.

Negan smirked and wrapped an arm around her shoulder’s. Rick didn’t look at them, afraid he’d lose his shit and go after Negan with the man’s own weapon. Instead he focused on Daryl.

“Daryl, hey-.”

“No.” Negan said sternly, letting Katherine go and walking over to stand between them. “Nope. He’s the fucking help. You don’t look at him, you don’t fucking talk to him, and I don’t make you chop anything off of him.”

Katherine watched as her father lowered his head slightly. Negan turned and walked closer to Rosita. Katherine couldn’t even imagine what she was going through having lost Abraham. She watched as Negan got right up close to her.

“Same goes for everyone.” He sang. “Right?”

Katherine and Rick watched on baited breath as Rosita just stared at Negan before walking away. Negan grinned and shook his hands.

“A lot of fucking suspense there. I don’t think she even knew how much.” He clapped his hands together. “All right, let’s get this show on the road. See what kind of fucking goodies you got in the cupboard.”

“We put aside hall the supplies.”

“No, Rick. No. You don’t decide what the fuck we take. I do. Arat.” Katherine watched as a young woman walked up, holding a gun.

“You heard the man. Move out!” All of Negan’s men started making their way into Alexandria. She watched as some of the people from the community watched on confused.

“They’re just gonna seard the houses a bit, keep the process movin’.” Negan walked back over to Katherine and wrapped an arm around her waist. “All right. You gonna fucking show me around out not?”

Rick looked at him, then back to Katherine.


Rick looked back at him. He glared before leading the way.

“Damn sweetheart, now I know where that glare you used to give me all the time fucking came from.” Negan laughed and pulled her along as they followed her father.

They walked around Alexandria. Katherine watched as Negan’s men went in house after house, pulling everything they could out. Her thoughts traveled to her own house. Knowing her father, he had most likely made sure Judith wasn’t there. And that was a good thing. She didn’t want Negan to know about her. Her eyes widened when she noticed the men were taking mattress out.

“Why are you taking those?” She asked before she could think about it. Negan looked down at her and smirked.

“Because I fucking can, Doll. But if you’re good, maybe I’ll leave a few.”

Before she could say anything else, he turned his head to look back straight.

“You see this? This is the kind of thing that just tickles my fucking balls. Well, not the only thing.” He gave Katherine a lewd smirk. She couldn’t help but glare at him this time. She knew what he was trying to do. He was trying to rile her father up. And by the look on her father’s face, it was working.

“Oh relax, Doll. Jeez, I was just fucking messing around.” He pulled her tighter against him. “A little cooperation and everything is pleasant as punch. You see, we really are fucking reasonable people once you get to know us. Honest.” He said, once again speaking to Rick. As they walked, he came across a cooler sitting on the side walk.

“Ooh.” Unwrapping his arm from around Katherine, he walked over and opened it, pulling out a soda.

“Man,” he said, opening the top and taking a sip. “Ahh! Kitty Kat, want a taste?” Katherine shook her head, Negan shrugged and threw it on the ground. Katherine just barely held in a scoff. Did he really have to be such a dick?  

“Fuck I love this place!”

One of Negan’s men came up to him, holding a video camera.

“Negan. Somethin’ you might wana see.” He handed the camera over.

“Well, well, well. What do we fucking have here? I got my fingers crossed for a little freaky-deaky.”

Negan pushed play and Katherine heard her father’s voice. It was the video Deanna had taken when they all first arrived in Alexandria.

“Is that you, Rick, underneath all the fucking man-bush. Fuck, I would not have messed with that guy.” He held up the video camera to Rick’s face.

“But that’s not you anymore, is it?” Negan took the camera and pointed it at himself. “Nope. I really gotta shave this shit.” Katherin scowled as Negan turned the camera to her. “Don’t pout Kitty Kat. I’ll take this back with us. Imagine how much fucking fun we could have with it.”

Katherine shook her head. She was surprised to see how much her attitude had changed since they got here. But she was determined not to let him hurt or harass anyone other friends or family.

“No? Well that’s a fucking shame.” He shut the camera off and gave it back to the guy.

“What ever happened to that sick girl?” Now that Negan had mentioned it, Katherine couldn’t help but wonder where Maggie was. She had been praying they were able to get her to Hilltop in time. She had already lost Glenn. She didn’t deserve to lose her baby too. She listened on as Negan talked about how he was gonna ask Maggie to come back with him.

“But of course, I fucking got my Kitty Kat back.” He smirked at her. “Ya know Rick, I fucked a lot of people in my life. But your daughter was definitely one of my favorites.”

Rick glared at him, his hand tightening on Lucille. Negan noticed his glare.

“Careful. Careful how you’re fucking looking at me, Rick.”

“Dad,” she whispered. Rick turned his head and looked at his daughter. She shook her head.

“I’d listen to your fucking daughter, Rick. Wouldn’t want anyone else to get hurt.” Rick held Katherine’s gaze, his hand slowly unclenching from the wood of the bet. He turned back around and looked down at the ground.

“Atta boy Rick. So where is she? I would love to see her.”

“Do you care to pay your respects?”

Both Katherine and Negan jumped, Turning around, she saw Father Gabriel standing behind them.

“Ho-ly crap! You are fucking creepy as shit, sneaking up on me, wearin’ that collar and that freaky ass smile.”

Originally posted by misty-knight

Father Gabriel gave a tight smile.

“My apologies. I’m Father Gabriel.”

Negan kept a straight face as his words hit Katherine. Pay respects?

“No.” Her throat tightened and tears stung her eyes. She had lost yet another friend because of Negan and the terror he had caused that night.

“She didn’t make it?”

They followed the priest to the back of the church where there were three new graves. Katherine couldn’t help but let the tears fall from her eyes.

“Damn tragedy. That’s what this is.” Negan took a deep breath and looked down at Katherine. He wrapped his arm back around her and pulled her into his chest. “Fuck, I’m sorry Kitty Kat. At least her and the Asian are back together.”

Katherine snapped back at his words and glared at him as she wiped her eyes.

“This must really fucking suck for you guys. Number one? That was one me. No fucking choice there. Lessons had to be learned. But number two? That didn’t need to happen. Daryl, there, he forced my fucking hand.”

Katherine tuned the rest of what he was saying out. She didn’t want to hear it. The more she looked at the graves before her, the more she thought about Sherry’s words.

I did it to keep the person I loved, safe.”

Katherine understood why she did it. And the longer she looked at the graves, the more she thought about what she could do to keep her family and friends safe. She would do anything for them. Even if it meant having to become one of Negan’s wives or whatever he wanted.

A loud gunshot pulled her out of her thoughts. She immediately turned to look at Negan, who had a deadly glare on his face. 

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

He grabbed her wrist and immediately followed the sound. Her stopped in her chest when she realized it had come from their house.

That means it could have only been one person.



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Kids - 31 Days of Halloween

This is from my 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge.

Request:  Can you do a fluffy one with dean 40,59?

Prompt: 40. Your food is moving, why is your food moving?
59. There will be a lot of screaming tonight.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Cas (mentioned), Charlie (mentioned), John WInchester (mentioned).

Warnings: A bit too angsty, loads of fluff, daddy!dean feels, mentions of vomit and sickness.

Word count: 3,265

A/N: I tried to make it pure fluff, but I couldn’t help myself and added a bit of angst (maybe too much angst). Either way, who doesn’t like daddy Dean? I know I do, and I hope you enjoy it just as much.

Originally posted by amyriadoffandoms

For the past two weeks, things had gone a bit crazy in your body. Not only were you craving to eat all kinds of junk food, but you also had nausea and migraines and you felt bloated. You blamed all the Halloween candy you had eaten during the whole week.

Dean didn’t seem to notice. Mostly because he knew that you weren’t having your period but also because he was too focused on his case. A monster was feeding himself with kids. Sam had the theory that the monster could actually smell children, and babies and pregnant women!

“That bitch can actually smell the baby, even if it’s inside the mother.” Dean explained as he packed both his and your bag. You were all over the bed, moaning in pain but paying attention to Dean’s words. “Worse thing is that we don’t even know who he is or why he does that.”

“I thought Sam had been in town looking for clues.” You mumbled.

“He did but that son of a bitch is good at hiding. That’s why we’re all going.” Dean stated, you groaned in response. “At least Sam and I… No offense, sweetheart, but you look awful.”

“Dean.” You spoke, siting up. “I know I look awful, and I do feel like shit but there’s no way in hell that I’m letting you and Sam go by yourselves.”

“We’ve done this before, you know? We’ve hunted ever since…”

“Ever since you were little. I know, I know but now I’m here and I’m going with you.” Dean knew he couldn’t fight you on this one. You were a stubborn ass with an attitude, so he sighed in surrender.

“Fine, but if you feel like it’s too much or if you want to stay at the motel… I won’t blame you.” Dean said. You rolled your eyes and caught a glimpse of Dean’s half eaten food plate on his desk. It was moving.

“Dean?” You muttered.

“Yeah?” He replied, not looking at you.

“Don’t call me crazy but uh… Your food is moving. Why is your food moving?” Dean automatically snapped his head towards his plate, afraid that it was some kind of threat, but he only found out his half eaten sandwich and his French fries still.

“Baby, it isn’t moving…” Dean stated, “Are you sure you want to come with us?”


The bodies were shredded to pieces. It was truly a horrifying picture; the kids were unrecognizable, and the mothers had their bellies completely destroyed… Not only did it make you cry, but it also made you throw up your breakfast, and that was something that had never happened before.

Dean was starting to worry about your health, and he tried his best to send you back home; Offering to drive you himself and then come back. But then again, you were stubborn and weren’t willing to go back. After all, hunting was also your life and your job.

Sam and Dean were taking special care of you. They weren’t certain what was going on but they sure as hell weren’t going to let you suffer in silence. You were scared that so much attention heading your way would interfere with the case.

“I’m fine guys, I just… I had never seen something like that.” You insisted. Sam and Dean rolled their eyes at the same time; sometimes, their brotherhood was that strong they did the same things at the same time.

“(Y/N) you’ve seen worse.” Sam argued.

“I mean, generally speaking yes but…” your mind was thinking quicker than ever, “I’m a woman, and I have a maternal instinct and seeing those kids and those girls like that… It different than seeing an old man.” Sam and Dean tried to hide it, but you noticed how the mention of maternity made them cringe. “I’m just saying… It’s part of my nature and I feel related to those girls and I felt sad for those kids and that’s it.”

The boys didn’t argue anymore. Both men decided to focus back on the case and kept going.

The whole night, they investigated. Dean sent you to sleep but every couple hours you’d wake up to check up on them. The pain was still there, but it was a lot less, so you didn’t complain at all.

The next day, the three of you interrogated every human being in town. Sam and Dean split up to cover up more area, interrogating people in their houses; you, on the other hand, went to every establishment and public building, interrogating every employee.

Yes, you were still feeling a little bad, but your moral duty with mankind and children was bigger than the pain itself. After a few hours, your mind was off from it.

“So tell me, have you seen any neighbour coming out of their houses at uncommon hours or…?” You were interrogating an old lady that worked at the ice cream shop.

“Oh no, miss… Everything’s normal around here.” She gave you a tender smile. “Can I ask you something?” You furrowed your eyebrows. It was a bit unusual.

“Sure.” Your alert mode turned on.

“Have you been feeding yourself correctly?” She asked. You tilted your head in confusion.

“Excuse me?” The old lady laughed like it was the most stupid question ever.

“Yes, dear.” She said, “Have you been feeding yourself correctly? That baby isn’t going to grow on his own.” You almost choked on your own spit.

“I don’t have a baby, ma’am.” You mumbled.

“Yes you do. It’s a boy, actually.” She had a smile on her face, making you cringe.

“You must be mistaken, I don’t…” You couldn’t finish the sentence. Dean and you were always careful, always using protection, sometimes double; there was no way that you were pregnant.

“I’m never wrong, dear… I guess you could say I smell babies.” The lady shrugged her shoulders. You became pale and thanked her for her time before speed walking your ass out from that store.


“The ice cream granny? Are you sure?” Dean asked. You nodded your head.

“She told me she smells babies.” You explained.

“It makes sense, the kids and mothers went to that same place the night they got killed.” Sam added, showing the evidence to Dean.

“So, we have her… Let’s finish this.” Dean finished.

“I… actually, I would like to stay here if you don’t mind.” You immediately spoke. Dean analysed you before nodding.

“Sure. Whatever you want, babe.” He smiled at you, “I’ll get Baby ready.” And with that said, the older hunter went out of the room.

“So, (Y/N), how did you find out it was her?” Sam asked without looking up from his computer. “I mean, the media didn’t specify babies on the victim list…”

“You know I, uh… I’m good at interrogation and that…” You stuttered, looking down at your fidgeting hands. Sam lifted his gaze from his laptop.

“Why did she tell you she smells babies?” Sam continued, “I can’t imagine any scenario where that statement fits.” You didn’t answer, you just lifted your gaze to meet with his, silently giving him the news. “Oh no, please tell me you’re not…” You bit your lip, and that was the only answer Sam needed. “We need to take you out of here.” Sam rushed to say.

“Sam, I can take care of myself.” You replied, “Besides… If Dean finds out… I…”

“You worry about Dean? (Y/N/N), he’ll love the news. Right now we have to keep you and that baby safe. You visited her store today, which means she will most likely attack you tonight and…” Sam’s words were fast, he was worried.

“Do you really think he’ll like it?” You interrupted, hushing Sam.

“Of course… He loves you, (Y/N), and he’ll love that baby. I promise.” Sam’s voice turned soft and soothing.

“It’s a boy, you know?” A tear streamed down your cheek. Sam got up from his seat and sat next to you at the edge of the bed. He wrapped an arm around you and pulled you closer to him. Your head was resting on his chest.

“Dean will be the greatest father in the world, I’m sure of that… He did a pretty decent job taking care of me… And he was just a kid, so I guess now that he’s grown up he’ll…” Dean walked back into the room, interrupting Sam.

“Hands off my girl, Sammy.” Dean joked. Sam pulled away and his brother could finally see that you were in fact crying. “What’s wrong?” He asked, kneeling in front of you.

“They’re happy tears, I promise.” You said.

“Happy tears? Good but uh… Why?” His green eyes looked worried. You were his girl, his life partner and he had promised himself to never let you cry; not a single tear would spill from your eyes on his watch.

“Dean, I’m…” The window broke with a loud crash.

A huge, white dog-like creature landed on the closest bed to the window. It was like nothing they had ever seen before. The dog walked closer to you, Dean made you stand up and placed himself in front of you as a protective barrier. Meanwhile, Sam started searching for his gun, trying not to call the attention.

The dog tilted its head, staring directly at Dean. Suddenly, it started transforming into, yes, the old lady from the ice cream shop.

“I’m guessing you’re the father.” She laughed, Dean looked confused as hell. “Standing in front of them won’t do any help, dear. I’d recommend you to move, I’m only here for the baby.”

“There are no babies here, bitch.” Dean grumbled.

“That tongue… I’m making a big favour to that kid by eating it, rather than letting a vulgar man like you raise him.” The old lady spoke cockily. “Move, boy. Or else, I promise you there will be a lot of screaming tonight.

“Look, granny, there are no babies here.” The old lady alternated her gaze between Dean and you before a huge grin spread across her face.

“She hasn’t told you yet, has she?” She laughed. Dean turned a little to look at you.

“What is she talking about?” Dean whispered.

“Dean, I was going to tell you before she…” You cried, but the granny interrupted.

“Shut up girl! It’s too late now. You might as well not tell him the news, since he won’t ever get to meet his baby.” The granny’s voice had turned deeper and crueller.

“My baby? What is she…? Oh no, are you…?” Dean’s eyes were watery at the thought.

“Yes… A boy.” You tried to smile, but failed. Dean smirked a little and nodded.

“I will keep you and my son safe from this bitch.” He turned around to face the old lady, only to find out that she had transformed back into the white creature.

Her fangs were showing, she was drooling and she looked fierce. Sam was nowhere to be seen, presumably looking for a proper weapon, and Dean had nothing to defend his girlfriend and baby form the monster.

In a matter of seconds, the monster was already on Dean. The hunter was on the floor, trying to fight her. She was biting and scratching and Dean was barely holding on. He had never faced a monster like her before, and he definitely didn’t have enough strength; so when the monster managed to break his clavicle, Dean knew that he was lost.

However, the monster didn’t want Dean. She moved over to (Y/N) who had her back pressed against the wall and her hands covering her belly protectively.

“It won’t work, you know it.” The monster hissed.

(Y/N) was crying. She needed to take care of her child, but she had no weapons and the baby had her too weak to fight. A feeling of impotency took over (Y/N) body.

The monster was already sniffing her.

“Stay away from her!” Dean shouted, trying to get up, fighting against the pain, to save her.

“I’m sorry, Dean.” (Y/N) mouthed. Dean shook his head, not wanting to see the love of his life and his unborn son die.

The monster showed its fangs again. It got closer to her, opening her big mouth, ready to take a bite.

“No! No! Sam!” Dean started calling his brother, desperation taking over him.

A loud bang filled the air. The monster fell on its knees and transformed back into the granny. Another bang and she was dead.

(Y/N) breathed out, finally feeling safe. Sam was outside, he had run towards the Impala to get the same gun they used for werewolves and shot, taking advantage of the broken window.

Dean looked over at his brother.

“Nice timing, bitch.” Dean said sarcastically, yet relieved.

“I saved my nephew’s ass, jerk.” Sam replied in the same tone. Dean looked back at (Y/N) who was drawing circles on her belly as she tried to calm herself down.

“You okay, sweetheart?” Dean asked. She lifted her gaze and nodded. “How’s… How’s the baby?” Dean struggled to say the words. Not because he didn’t want to have a baby, but because he was scared that said baby was hurt.

“He’s fine, don’t worry.” She gave him a calming smirk and Dean nodded.

A few minutes later, the police appeared, along with the firemen and the ambulance. The brothers told the cops that the old lady was a serial killer that tried to take your baby away; they also said that the gun they used was hers and, somehow, they managed to keep it.

Meanwhile, a paramedic was taking care of you and your child. He had given you a blanket and was checking yours and the baby’s vitals. Once he was done, Dean walked over to you.

“I was so worried.” Dean hugged you with one arm, pressing your head to his chest. His free arm was casted; apparently, his clavicle wasn’t the only broken bone.

“Me too.” You whispered.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I could’ve driven you back to the bunker and…” Dean shook his head, looking down at you.

“I found out today… That bitch told me…” You muttered.

“Yeah, but you could’ve told me… I would’ve been back just in time to…” You pressed one finger over his lips.

“I know, but I was scared.” Dean sighed, “ I thought you’d be… I don’t know… This life, you always say how bad it is and your childhood was… I figured you didn’t want to have a son and…” Dean pressed his lips to yours.

“My childhood was crappy, yeah… But only because I didn’t have my mom and my dad suck at single parenting… But I’m not my dad, and the baby will have you… I’m full of crap, but I promise I will be the best father I can.” Dean promised, tears spilling from his eyes.

“Oh, Dean… I’m sorry.” You whined, throwing your arms around him.

“It’s fine, babe… Everything’s fine… We’re fine, and the baby is fine.” Dean whispered, stroking your hair with his hand as you cried on his chest.


Sam drove the car back home. Dean decided to cuddle with you on the backseat.

“What about Audi?” Dean joked again.

“Dean, we’re not naming our baby like a car!” You laughed and Sam and he did too.

“North West?” Dean continued.

“That’s already a thing and No.” You giggled.

“What about South West?” Sam joked from the driver’s seat.

“Sammy know what’s up!” Dean cheered and high fived his brother.

“Noooo!” You laughed.

The whole trip, the Winchesters suggested the most horrific names they could come up with, making you laugh your lungs out. They were secretly making you laugh in order to shake the shock off, calming you down. It wasn’t healthy for the baby to have a nervous mom.

It also made the drive faster. Sooner than you expected, Sam parked outside the bunker and helped his brother and you out. Sam said good night and locked himself in his room.

Dean and you were already settled in bed of your shared room, cuddling and sharing an intimacy moment.

“But, real talk, maybe we should name him Sam.” Dean suggested, “I mean, he saved our baby’s ass tonight and…”

“Yeah, I like that.” You interrupted. Dean gave you a tender smile.

“I honestly can’t wait for him.” He confessed. A childish glimpse shined through his eyes, making your heart melt.

“Me neither… Although, I wish to have gotten the news in a different way, you know?” Dean nodded.

“Me too… But that doesn’t matter; we’re going to be a family.” Dean caressed your cheek with his hand.

“A kick ass family.” You replied.

“I bet he be as smart as you and Sam.” Dean whispered.

“And he will be as handsome as you, that’s for sure.” You replied, making Dean blush fifty shades of red. “Aww, you’re blushing!” You mocked.

“No I’m not, shut up.” Dean defended himself, a smile threatening to spread on his lips.

“Yes you are, and you look so cuteee.” You chanted, making Dean even redder.

“I’m not.” He said, burying his face on the crook of your neck.

“Yes you are.” You insisted. Dean stayed silent for a minute.

“Fine, I am. Don’t tell anyone.” He sighed.

“Your secret is safe with me, babe.” You promised. Dean finally looked up at you. His cheeks were still red and his eyes were sparkly.

“Do you mind if I…? Can I…?” Dean wasn’t sure how to ask, but you understood.

“Yes.” You whispered. Dean’s smile grew wider as he shifted to rest his head next to your belly.

“Hi baby.” You heard him whisper. “It’s me, De… Dad.” A tear left your eye. You could feel how much in love Dean was, how happy he was. “I will always take care of you, I promise… You will grow here with me and your mom, and stupid Uncle Sam and Aunt Charlie… Cas will be here too and he’ll take care of you when I can’t…” Dean started talking to the baby, an action that eventually turned into a habit. You raked your fingers through his hair and encouraged him to keep talking. His voice created a soothing effect on you and your child.

“He likes it…” You muttered. Dean looked at you happily.

“Really? How do you know?” He asked.

“I can feel it.” You smiled and Dean did too. He looked back at your belly and gave it a small kiss.

“I love you…” He whispered and then looked back up at you. “I love you, (Y/N)” His eyes were watery with happy tears, which he didn’t try to hold back.

“I love you too, Dean.”


Until the baby was born, Dean would tell him every night different stories. He’d talk about how spoiled he would be, and why he should always pay attention to Uncle Sam’s lesson and how good (Y/N) food was, etc. Dean was embellished with his son, and every little move he made.

Once little Sam was born, Dean made sure to do everything his father never did. Not only by trying his best to give the kid a normal life, taking him to a kindergarten in the nearest town and keeping him away from the monsters; but also by being sensitive and comprehensive, something that John never was.

Life was good. He was with the girl of his dreams, he had an amazing rebellious son, his brother was perfectly fine… Dean was finally able to have the family he always dreamed of.

What happens now? || part 2

Note: Please go read part one first💕

I decided to split this into three parts because it was going to be way to long if I fit it all in here! Anyways super sorry for the long wait and enjoy!

**Recap** one year ago you gave birth to twins, a boy named Elijah James and girl named Victoria Rose. You decided it was best not to tell Justin just yet. You knew he didn’t love you so what more for your kids. been taking care of them as a single parent and to say everything has been going okay.

2 years later…

“Sweetie, please open up” you say gently as you place the spoon infront of your one year old daughter, Victoria. She simply stares at the spoon not opening her mouth. You let out a defeated sigh before placing the spoon down. You look to your left to see your son, Elijah sleeping peacefully in his crib. Just as you were about to try another attempt to feed Victoria your phone rings.

“Ky, whats up?” You say picking up as you continue to feed Elizabeth.
“Well…..” She says slowly, before she even continued you already knew where this was going. “I’m having this party, and I really need you here…” she says. Every time Kylie has a party, you were the first person on the invitation list. Considering that you’re a mother now, your first priority were your kids not parties.

You sigh once more before answering. “Kylie you know I can’t do parties right now I have two kids-”

“I know but please I can’t have a party if my best friend isn’t there…” She pleads, and you could tell she was pouting. You pause hesitantly looking at both of your children before letting out a sigh for the third time. It was a stressful day and you couldn’t help being a party pooper. You pause for a few more seconds as you tried to think about the pros and cons.

“Where on earth am I going to find a babysitter then?” You say as Kylie squeals. “Who cares, just bring them!” She says, causing you to chuckle. This girl…you thought to yourself.

“Kylie I’m not bringing my children-” you begin to say but Kylie immediately cuts you off. “Love you! See you AND the kids there!” She says before hanging up. Your mouth drops open, she did not just do that you thought to yourself.

Well… I guess the kids and I are going to a party.
3 hours later…

You and the kids arrived at Kylie’s place an hour go. You were so nervous thinking of how people were going to react about the whole babies situation. To be honest you weren’t ready for the questions they were going to ask especially the ones about their father. Gladly, you were able to make it through the night so far even though you were the centre of attention. You tried your best to dodge the father questions, and without question they all went with it.

At the moment you were now sitting with Kylie and other guests while they played with Victoria and Elijah. You smiled as you watched your children play.

You decided to get a drink, you stood up and just as you were searching for the kitchen you spot a fimiliar face….Justin. You freeze, before quickly walking towards Kylie.

“Kylie! What the hell is he doing here?” You whisper angrily, Kylie looks at you confused before giving Elijah to another guest. You quickly grab her hand before pointing in the direction where Justin was.

“Y/N, I swear I had no idea he was coming…” Kylie says shocked, Tyga walks over and looks at the both of you confused.
“Then who invited Justin?” You say frustrated.
“Shit…Y/N I’m so sorry…” tyga says causing both of you to look at him confused. “I kind of invited Justin.” He says shyly, placing his hand on the back of his back.

“Tyga!” Kylie yells hitting his arm.
You shake your head. “No, it’s okay…I’m sorry.” You sigh as you run your fingers through your hair. “I guess I’m still not ready to see him, but I mean I can’t keep this in forever right?” You say looking at the both of them. Kylie places a hand on your shoulder.

At this point you weren’t quite sure what to do.
You tried your best to avoid Justin as possible, and made sure your kids didn’t run into him.

Just as you were carrying Victoria, Elijah begins to run away from you. “Eli, where are you going?” You smile, you quickly run after him with Victoria in one arm. You giggle as he tumbles onto the floor giggling. Just as you were about to swoop him up, Justin was standing right infront of him.

“Y/N?” He says shocked looking at you before looking at Elijah then at Victoria.

Oh shit….

Part 3 will be done this week!

Accidentally on Purpose Falling For You

Accidentally on Purpose Falling For You | After being set up on a blind date neither boy was prepared for, Dan and Phil come up with a plan to get back at their friends; Pretend to date, and then have the ugliest break up imaginable. The problem? They hadn’t expected to fall for each other. | Phan | Mature | Co-Written With notanannoyingfangirl​ | 11,409 Words

This part: 4,554 Words

Part 2: Here

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

Keep reading

Your Deck is Three Decks! A New System for Reading Cards

We tend to approach a standard, 78-card Tarot deck as if it was a unified whole, but that’s not quite accurate. The deck actually three entirely separate systems: The Major Arcana (or Trumps), the Minor Arcana, and the Court cards. Each group has its own purpose, its own numerologic and/or symbolic logic. Although they handily intersect at key points – especially thanks to the associations with astrology and qabalah which have been tacked on in more recent centuries – I now have misgivings about whether it’s useful for readers or querents to lump them all together in one pile.

After many years of reading cards as well as writing about them, I can’t really endorse that method any longer, especially as a starting point for beginners who really want to learn how the cards work. But I do offer a solution, or at least some experiments which may help you refine your own Tarot practice.

Here is a quick breakdown of the deck’s three components:

Trumps: 22 cards, which tell the story of the evolution of consciousness as it passes through a series of distinct phases.  Easily broken down into 3 sets of 7 (with the Fool, as card number 0, left over to encompass both the beginning and the end of this process) or into 2 sets of 11. 

Court Cards: 16 figures characterizing the four classical elements as they intermingle with each other, presenting a portrait of the spirit’s journey as it descends into matter and/or ascends to enlightenment. Cards can be sorted either by suit or by rank, 4 sets of 4.

Minor Arcana:
40 cards which represent the aftermath of the spirit’s descent into matter. These reflect situations, patterns, and tendencies here in the earthly realm. Cards can be sorted by suit or by number, either 4 sets of 10, or 10 sets of 4.

I’m aware that some people choose to read only with the Trumps; I’ve even heard of some only using the Minor and Court cards. Until recently my pride helped me see these options as cop-outs, preferred by those who can’t be bothered to memorize a whole deck’s worth of cards, or who refuse to engage with the deck on its own terms. I’ve always assumed my readings would benefit from considering the greatest number of possible outcomes. 

My snobbery hasn’t paid off, however. While a querent – especially one with a very limited exposure to Tarot – may be mildly impressed by a reader’s ability to wrest bits of meaning out of total chaos, I’ve found that querents tend to be most astounded when the chaos of their own life is shown to follow an underlying pattern. All the work a reader performs in order to piece together coherent messages from entirely random combinations of cards is usually lost on the querent. Or worse: they see you sweating, and begin to doubt your observations.

The more one learns about the deck’s three components, the less likely it seems that a fully-shuffled deck will sneeze out a useful, readable spread of cards. Aside from the clammy comfort of “tradition,” there seems to be no inherent advantage to shuffling all three components together – but I do see a couple of serious drawbacks. First, it makes the natural beauty and wisdom of each of these well-organized system unnecessarily obscure and difficult to incorporate into a reading. (The randomness also makes it more difficult for the querent to learn anything about Tarot itself as a result of their reading.)

Second, it forces the reader to rely on specious connections between cards from different systems, groping for continuity or homogeneity where it may not actually exist.  As a reader you should definitely have a nimble mind and lots of card knowledge at your fingertips, but you shouldn’t have to work so hard to deliver messages which are already woven into the very fabric of the Tarot itself. 

After careful analysis, I’ve decided that the reading process that’s commonly taught and used is deeply flawed. Whereas in the past I saw splitting up the deck as a rejection of the divination process “on its own terms,” I now see that these terms have yet to be considered and taken seriously as part of an elegant system with its own underlying rhythm, and I’d like to work on fixing that.

So, here’s a technique I welcome you to try out.

1.  Divide your deck into the three separate components outlined above: Trumps, Court Cards, Minor Cards. Arrange each little deck’s cards in order so that you can re-acquaint yourself with each as its own complete system.  Apologize to them for mixing them up and forcing them to coexist with others not of their kind. Now stack the decks in the order I’ve listed, Trumps on top. Put the deck in its box and marvel at how capable and organized you feel.

2.  Okay, now take the cards out again. Divide the deck into its three components, and line them up before you. Shuffle each of them separately. This is your new utility belt, and each tool has its own purpose.

3. Let the Major Arcana deck provide the backbone of your readings. All the initial cards for the reading should be chosen from this deck.

4. Over the course of your reading, you may need to elaborate on an idea, to characterize or personify it. You may wonder how to approach it, or set it in motion. In this specific case, you may draw a card from your deck of Court cards. Even better, draw two of them, and discuss with your querent the pros and cons of each to decide which is the proper way to proceed.

5. Draw (sparingly) from the Minor Arcana deck for speculation or comments on incidental details related to the question.

I believe this three-decked technique drastically improves the quality of readings in several ways:

1. It presents each component as its own understandable and useful system with its own contribution to make. Querents may respond to one part of your deck more than they do to the others, and now you have extra insights into how to communicate with them.

2. It allows the reader to use the tarot the way one learns it, one component at a time.  This will result in smoother continuity, recollection of details, and interpretive skillfulness.  Look forward to less guessing!

3. It presents a flexible informational hierarchy by which both reader and querent can easily prioritize the input they receive.

4. Relying on the Major cards to occupy each of the key positions guarantees that the overall picture will be richly laden with personal significance, leaving no awkward gaps in the reading.


I’ve attached a sample spread of my own design above which I’ve found to be very well suited to this technique.  Here are the instructions, listed by card position:

Card 1:  Significator.  Now that your main deck is only 22 cards, I propose that you let your querent flip through them and look for an image that they strongly relate to in the situation they’re inquiring about.  Now you have an instant icebreaker: you get to ask why the card stood out to them, learning how they see themself in this situation. (If nothing sticks out to them, let them select from the Court deck instead.  If, on the other hand, two or three cards seem equally appropriate to them, then you get to have an even deeper conversation with your querent about which card is most appropriate. I wound up allowing one querent to keep both cards as a dual significator because his own interpretation was so insightful).

Card 2 & 3:  These should be drawn blindly from your Trumps deck. In this spread, the first three cards represent the process or cycle that the querent is currently in the middle of.  Think thesis -> antithesis -> synthesis, repeating over and over  Hence the cards on either side of the significator represent the two other parts of the querent’s natural cycle, which if left unchecked will basically perpetuate itself even after it has outgrown its usefulness. There are lots of interesting directions this conversation can go as the two of you map out the querent’s process and assess where its weak points are.

Card 4: This card precedes and/or feeds the querent’s process.  It either set the wheel in motion, or keeps it turning.

Card 5:  This is an outcome card.  It proposes a vital evolution or interruption in the querent’s process. It may point to where their process naturally leads, or it may even end up replacing one of the first three cards, creating a more harmonious or more challenging system.

All of these cards present opportunities for elaboration via the two other decks, but only if necessary – for example, if something is unclear. The final number of cards on the table is really up to you and your querent.

Let me know if this bears any fruit, or if you have any feedback. I’ll be doing more readings myself and practicing avidly to see whether I can improve this system further.

Thanks for reading!

– The Management

anonymous asked:

Ahh!! I loved your soulmates Hcs. How about some teacher ones where they're the two teachers everyone ships and they can be oblivious to it or something?

Omg yes (and also thank you!)
(I didn’t know which school level you were thinking, so I decided to do them all, split into three parts - based on the American school system)

Kindergarten/Elementary School (honestly more kindergarten au than elementary but oh well)
Teacher Au 1/3

-When Ethan first shows up there as a student teacher, the school makes him sort of? Learn how real life teaching and interaction with young children works by letting him sit in on Tyler’s class
-Once he gets his degree to be a proper teacher, he decides to actually apply to the school because he really enjoyed his time there and all of the children were charming
-The school remembers how well he and Tyler clicked during his training so they put him in as a sort of co-teacher, this allows more kids to be grouped together in a class
-They’re a great team, balancing each other out, as Tyler’s good at being serious when it’s needed and Ethan is good at bringing a fun spin to everything
-Tyler’s more geared towards the academic aspects of teaching, Eth tries focusing on creativity
-The kids love both of them because everyone always laughs a lot in there and it feels sort of like family
-Ethan’s the one that convinces Tyler to let them get a class pet and they use it to lowkey teach responsibility to the kids
-During holidays, they both go all out on decorating the classroom
-They always act really cute together since there’s such a huge layer of domesticity during the class times, especially when Ethan sometimes falls asleep during nap time and Ty goes around, placing blankets over everyone
-Ethan watching out for all the kids with allergies (they have one of those “this is a nut free classroom” signs) and he always carries a tiny first aid kit around for emergencies
-Tyler comforts the kids who have been rejected by their first crushes
-The kids already think that they’re dating/married because Tythan sort of reminds them of the relationship their parents have
-The kids tell their parents that “Mr. Nestor and Mr. Scheid are in love!!” and the boys are constantly baffled by the many comments they receive about it during PTA meetings
-Sometimes a homophobic parent will give them an earful about it and remove their child from the class and this makes Ethan very sad while Tyler does his best to calmly explain that they aren’t actually dating and emphasize the importance of being open-minded
-Tyler and Ethan cleaning up the Valentine’s Day mess after school has ended and Tyler just kind of. hands him this huge heart thing full of chocolate because tbh he’s a total sap (and he’s made 100% sure that it’s never been in contact with peanuts, other tree nuts, etc) and there’s a note attached basically telling Eth that he really likes him and asking if Ethan would want to be his boyfriend
-Of course Eth says yes!!
-They decide to not really tell the kids since all of them already think that tythan is a thing
-The kids thinking it’s really cute when they hold hands at field trips sometimes and Tyler brings in flowers for Eth like every week, Eth puts them in vases around the room
-Like ten years later, the original kids are in high school at this point
-The entire school system is like yup they’re getting married (and there’s all this buzz about whether they’ll be allowed to still teach a class together since there’s rules about that) and even the high school knows
-They all show up at the wedding like “we fucking knew it”
-Tyler and Ethan are allowed to keep teaching together and every year, the kids are like yes these are the best teachers

Can’t Let Go - Part One

A/N: @runningmancompilations requested “a GD fic where the OC screws up badly and has to make up to him. you can decide the genre, i would prefer angst but it’s up to you.”  

I was going to do this as a one-shot but this part alone is over 5000 words so I’m splitting it into three.

This is as angsty as I can make it (which isn’t very, my stupid brain wants me to put jokes in everywhere but I restrained myself as best I could), so I hope it’s what you wanted!

It had never made sense - you and G-Dragon.  He was the king of his world, a fashion icon, rapper, songwriter…and you were just…you.  

When he first started showing interest in you, you resisted as long as possible.  What would Kwon Jiyong, someone who’d dated models and was friends with superstars like himself, want with you?  But he was persistent, and so adorably awkward, and never made you feel like you were less important or interesting than him.  So you gave in.

From the very beginning it was unlike any relationship you’d had before.  He couldn’t take you to dinner and a movie like a normal person, so you spent a lot of time at his apartment, watching tv, eating takeout - or cooking too-ambitious meals together which more often than not ended up with you both giving up in despair and eating ramen instead - and talking.

The first time he kissed you, at the end of your second date, you finally understood what people meant when they said the earth stood still. It felt like the whole world froze into place around you for that one perfect moment when his lips touched yours.

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opal-bee  asked:

This may be a dumb question, and I'm sure you've covered this before, but... How did you come up with the names for your hives? Thanks!

Not a dumb question at all!
It was actually a moment of sheer boredom on my part when I was contemplating life and the English language and such things.
I wondered to myself, “why do they call queen bees ‘queens’?” And thus I decided from then on to keep track of the hives I would not use codes or numbers, but name the queens and colonies so that I can keep track of queen lineage and where they came from~
For instance, the line of queen Strong has propagated to three colonies now; Uveara, Llorynth, and Casaverde. (Casaverde is a new emergency split I made from Uveara.)

The names are all based on traits that the queens and colonies show, or based on where they came from. Just to bear honor to heritage and humble beginnings.
The Least I Can Do

Requested by Anonymous: Hi! Can I request a StevexBuckyxreader smut? Maybe 1940sStucky. No plot in particular, thank you for considering!! I love your writing!

Author’s Note: I know that I have to do a Part Three to ‘Boys Are So Stupid’, but I had a sudden motivation last night to write this. So ta-da!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 2400+

I decided to split it into two parts. Hope you don’t mind.

Originally posted by ilivetoavenge

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Wednesday, June 7th. 2017 - 2.5 miles (4km)

First pic: before
Second pic: after and totally drenched in rain.

I didn’t even want to go running today but since it’s global running day and it’s supposed to not stop raining for the rest of the week I decided to go for a short run. Glad I did, because I ran some pretty nice splits and my fastest km in weeks.

Also, I usually run uphill a huge part of my last km. Three or even just two month ago my usual pace was about 7:10 to 7:20 m/km for that part of my run, because for northern Germany it’s really going uphill (and everybody else would probably laugh at me). Anyway, today I ran that part with a pace of 6:45. So YES, progress is everywhere. I am so happy.