i decided to re watch the avengers today


You and Tony were out for dinner together at a pretty fancy restaurant. You hadn’t seen eachother for a couple of days so Tony decided to treat you. 

“Hello, what can I get you today?” The waitress asked. You both ordered and the waitress was about to walk away when she looked at Tony properly. “Oh my God. You’re Tony Stark!” Tony smiled at her and they spoke for a couple of minutes whilst you watched with a small smile on your face. He was so sweet. When they finished talking the waitress turned to you. “You’re a lucky woman. I’ll get your order right out.”

“Oh. No! We’re not dating.” Tony said but she had already walked away. You covered your mouth and laughed, a blush taking over your cheeks. You and Tony had been best friends since you were young children and you have had a crush on him ever since you were a teenager. You would never get over people thinking he’s your boyfriend. 

“One day we’ll be able to go out for dinner just the two of us to a nice, romantic restaurant and people won’t think that we’re dating.”